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  1. Attractiveness is a valid and meaningful attribute to wrestlers in my opinion. For example, straight female fans will evaluate male wrestlers on the same basis as any straight male will evaluate a females level of "hotness", attractiveness as the game calls it. Dolph Ziggler's "attractiveness" is a factor in his gimmick for an obvious example (though many will disagree about whether or not Ziggler is "hot"), even Randy Orton (disagree again) whose cheering sections are notably more high pitched than Daniel Bryan's (goatface) for example. I think that different looks work with different gimmick
  2. I'm looking for a place where arsenic 4.5 is available, most of the links I have found online have been dead.
  3. go to hell. all of you. No Animal House? you make me sick. John Belushi is by far the funniest man ive ever seen, allthough Will Ferell rivals him at times, see anchorman too. but Blue Brothers 1 with John was hillarious too. And id have to say the original Revenge of the Nerds was funny too. anyways Animal House watch it. Basketball was allright, with the guys who make Southpark, if u like southpark ull like Basketball. and only if u hate south park you wont not enjoy this movie at times. theres so many good movies out there that are funny. Essa has a point you could connect to that one
  4. in soccer, or footbal I used to strike but i can only dribble and not shoot verywell, plus i am crazy, so one year my coach made me play D and mark a guy. I pissed him off so much, i started clapping the carwash beat and then he joined in.and then the ref told me to stop(n), so i jiust whistled it too him, and then i got to play stopper which is like sweeper but i play behind the mid and infront of the rest of the D so i just go crazy after loose balls and slide tackle at peoples genetals all though i always get warned. so thats where i play in soccer/football. but i play other sports like ho
  5. i had troubles with pitfall i could never figure out the controls,my dad was boss at it as he used to be an atari gamer so tryed to show me, i dont think i ever got to level three though, mario three was quite the bitch or atleast annoyingbut i dont play my old school games that much unless its for kickswhen a friends over and wants to play the original mortal kombat so we go retro...im trying to remember this gameits called like street fighter but its not street fighter, agh u walked around a stret and killed random people and then there was a boss and it was hard, i dont recallever beati
  6. *que voice crack* MOOOOOOORRRRTTTTTTAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL KKOOOOMMMMMMMBBAAAAAATTT!*techno ensues* mortal kombat owns u and your life. and who ever said the game play had no depth look at the recent versions. evey one has three fighting styles to use, weaponry is aloud to be used. i never expected that much when i played deadly alliance after trading my sims game for it. i was used to the regular x,y,a,b for the ole snes(wish i play on occaision when my MK buddy comes over). but i was really pissed when they killed lui kang. and then in deception o was only good with raiden quanchi and shang sun
  7. ive envountered a problem with the editor and cant solve it so ill type it up and ask for ssolutions if u have any:),i created a band with six mebers and it says there writing frequency is 600% so my game wont start, im wondering how to solve this
  8. I didnt much like Turok a very generic game with a simple story i thought, im also wondering how i missed recommending mario tennis as i love that game. and world tour isnt that bad if u ask me its pretty good, especially with the depth of winning all thoose titles.
  9. My favourite finish of all time came in wcw revenge. My friend and i were team i think he was eric bishoff and i was la parka so he was kicking a way and punching because we had no clue how to tag, so eventually the other partner came in and i punched him from the ropes as my friend was finishing the other guy, he turned i headbutted him in the gut and did a sunset flip just as my friend started pinning it was like we both got the three it was awesome.
  10. Banjo Kazooie was teh shit id reccomend very little wrestling games before 2000 as they all blew but i liked wcw revenge. id also recomend Star Fox 64, and Cruis'n'world if u like racing games
  11. i used to buy nintendo power but only for a few games, then i realised i could just buy like guidebooks so i did so then i just stopped that all together, however i do have a nintenodo power from the mid 90's featuring an article about emmit smith foot ball snes(y)
  12. it looks cool but sounds quite, wrong i have yet to catch the video but ill keep my eye open for anything slutty
  13. NHL 2002 i have 2005 and have dropped my system twice while playing the game, now every once in a while it skrews up but once you get past the opening credits you should be fine. but i have never played ESPN 2K5 cuz i never really liked sports games other then EA games only hockey game i liked other then the 'NHL' series was 'NHL Hitz' ahh how i loved that game...i wish theyd make a new version, and where in the hell is rick campenelli in this game?
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