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  1. Couldn't live in a world without the Conference of Champions. 💙
  2. 'Must have struck a chord, a minorrrrr' Don't stop, but he's already dead.
  3. Kendrick baited Drake with 616, Drake walked right into that shit. 'I can predict your angles', and he already had this shit ready. Unless Drake really doesn't have more kids I think dude is done. KDot is too much for that man and his ghostwriters. Toronto ain't been down this bad since LeBron left Cleveland. I haven't been this excited for rap beef since the mid-90s. We haven't reached Pac/Biggie levels, but we're at least at Cube/NWA levels already. J. Cole made the right choice. EDIT: When I say Drake is done, I don't mean as an artist or anything, but, man, like, he doesn't have the lyrical ability to fuck with Kenny, and I don't think there's near as much dirt on him as there is on Drake just based on how they live their lives. 2024 is officially the Year of the Hater, tho.
  4. AHHH, I fucked up and put the wrong draft in and can't fix it! My last other save was in 1995 when I made a separate one so I could play as expansion Toronto...
  5. I've been doing a Lakers sim where I started with the 83-84 team (just starting the 96-97 season now), went to three straight Finals (so five straight total, including the two before the game starts), lost all three to the Celtics. Magic won three straight MVPs in those years as well. Jordan went to the Clippers, they went to the Finals the year after those three, lost to the Celtics, then we went back and lost to the Knicks. We haven't been back since. I've kept it pretty realistic, working with my low draft picks because we're usually a solid team, got guys like Rod Strickland, Hot Rod Williams, Michael Curry, solid roleplayers. I ended up trading James Worthy in the early 90s because he didn't want to re-sign, which brought us back Mitch Ritchmond, who I then traded when he didn't want to re-sign for a draft pick that ended up turning into Jalen Rose (I used my own that season for Juwan Howard). I swung one BIG trade, though, sent Joe Barry Carroll (my starting C) and 5 first round picks (three in 1992, my 1994 and 1995) to Minnesota for the first overall and drafted Shaq. I then started setting up by trading guys I wasn't going to re-sign for 1996 lottery tickets, and it paid off with the first overall, so right now we've got a starting line-up of 37 year old Magic Johnson, Rod Strickland, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, and Shaq, with rookie Kobe as the sixth man and Michael Curry as our defensive stopper. We've kept Pat Riley as the coach the entire time, and I don't think we've missed the playoffs once, even if we haven't won any titles, but I've had fun with the roster. Magic also wants to re-sign instead of retire, so I might be able to get a couple years of Magic/Kobe/Shaq which, man, that would be fun to watch. Oh, and Dr. J is our head assistant. We've also had Rick Adelman and Rudy Tomjanovich as assistants at different points. EDIT: I guess with the way this game has gone, I should probably start loading up on lottery tickets for 2003, yeah? EDIT 2: WE FINALLY WON A TITLE!
  6. I don't think we're going to be bad this year, and I don't think that's the plan, tbh. We'd have to try really hard to be worse than Denver based on roster alone, and I don't think we'll be worse than the Chargers, either. The defense was solid after Pierce took over last year, and Minshew is enough of an upgrade to AOC that the Raiders will probably be around .500 at worst. I'm not sure where they go for a QB after next season, none of the prospects really excite me. Saw reports that he's going to sign so it can be auctioned off for St. Jude's, which is pretty cool.
  7. It was completely unnecessary and tone-deaf, and it doesn't do much to make Tony's detractors look wrong. I already said my piece in The Ring where it probably belongs, anyway. Really loving the Raider's draft thus far. I wouldn't be surprised if Bowers turns out to be the best player in the draft, he has that type of talent, and JPJ should slot right in at guard before moving to center in a few years when Andre James contract is up. Now, if the Raiders can keep drafting well in the later rounds like they have the last few years, things could really come together.
  8. Finally upgraded to 2k24, and settled on a Jordan era (1991) Lakers team. Magic is out with HIV, but he's on the roster, so I might have him return next season, we'll see. Just started, so I don't have much to say yet, but, man, having the 'NBA on NBC' music for the quarter and half music of games really hits different. Brings back a lot of memories of watching 90s basketball.
  9. Whatever it is, they should keep doing it. They may never beat the Las Vegas Raiders. Sorry @Meacon Keaton, I still love you. Bowers and Meyer is absolutely going to terrorize defenses.
  10. Nah, I still get to laugh at Denver's, even with Bo Nix. Man, we should probably go defense, but Brock Bowers and Michael Mayer two TE sets sound fun.
  11. They're giving Reggie Bush his Heisman back. I might be a (an? That sounds weird) UCLA fan, but it's a long time coming, shouldn't have taken it away in the first place.
  12. I'm just going to say it, I'm tired of playing the fucking Oilers in the playoffs.
  13. The Dallas Cowboys have already moved from ALL IN to ALL OUT.
  14. BRB, gonna go re-enact the plot of Celtic Pride with Nikola Jokić.
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