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  1. Happy Birthday fellow TNA fan

    1. NJTNAFan


      wow thank you so much!

  2. as always, thanks for your hard work, you do a great job and i just think it needs to be said more. on the other hand I hate when we have to do these posts, but Pasion Kristal passed away on June 2nd, so he will have to be removed in next month's update
  3. i'd keep Lita, she appears regularly for WWE post pay-per-view shows i'd also keep Shane Helms, as he is back fulltime as a "producer" (aka Road Agent)
  4. i checked pic pack update #37 and didnt see him, so could some cut VSK on kyky for me, PLEASE and THANK YOU
  5. as always, thank you for the quick update!!! Just a few updates on the Impact Wrestling roster, the following talent are no longer apart of the promotion and have confirmed on social media that they are done Adam Thornstowe Ken Shamrock Luster the Legend Melissa Santos Nevaeh Swoggle
  6. Thank you for the update! just a few thoughts ... Howard Finkel is still listed on the staff after his passing in April 2020 Ray Lyn and Dylan Bostic got a divorce and she has been dating Sam Adonis for almost two years
  7. Could anyone place cut this newer Impact Wrestling pictures to kyky, PLEASE and THANK YOU! (its been forever, i hope i did this right) i totally dont think i did this right
  8. I was a lil shocked you removed Ethan Page from Impact, although his contract may be coming to an end there is nothing confirming he has left the promotion.
  9. Saieve Al Sabah demanded and was granted his release from MLW on July 4, 2020 after finding out the promotion's COO, Mister Saint Laurent, had ties to convicted sex offender Chasyn Rance and his Team Vision Dojo wrestling school.
  10. 2020 .. so why the hell not LOL https://wrestlingheadlines.com/wwe-reportedly-purchases-evolve-new-wrestlers-being-signed-wwe-picks-up-video-libraries-gabe-sapolskys-indie-career-ends-more/
  11. behavior should be lowered to almost ZERO, sexual abuse/bullying is a major offense IMO ... for someone like Tessa who was fired for some diva like actions, id lower her attitude/behavior. if you want, when you get a chance we can go wrestler by wrestler, and give our opinions/thoughts
  12. looks like its gonna be one of those days (AGAIN) ..... WWE removed Ligero's profile from their website Impact Wrestling released a statement on their website that he will not appear on any programming moving forward and like i said he was removed from the roster page
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