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  1. Thanks i am going to finish off what i have in the database already, then will add more feds
  2. Updated the front post with this. United Kingdom North - All Star Wrestling (ASW) - regional - FutureShock Wrestling (FSW) - small - Grand Pro Wrestling (GPW) - small - New Generation Wrestling (NGW) - small - Preston City Wrestling (PCW) - small Central - ATTACK! Pro Wrestling (ATTACK!) - small - K-Star Wrestling (KSW) - small - Triple X Wrestling (TXW) - small South - 4 Front Wrestling (4FW) - small - Bellatrix (BW) - local - Channel Island Wrestling (CIW) - local - DOA Wrestling (DOA) - local - Herts And Essex Wrestling (HEW) - small - International Pro Wrestling:
  3. That would be a great help....if you could add as much info into a blank tew13 database or even just on here if its easier that would be great thanks.
  4. Updated opening post with list of promotions included for beta release.
  5. Good point....Damn thats true i should just add them back as closed.it would be pretty easy to open them up again then...I should edit the first page of this as a couple listed may be closed or inactive a long time like Amp wrestling and as you said Eve .
  6. I deleted EVE as they dont seem to have done anything since 2013 that i can find.i will indeed post promotion logos if i need any done...thank you thewho87 that would be a big help...obviously Ricky Knight, Sweet Saraya and Michael Mann are owners bookers of WAW and Bellatrix and someone on these boards is owner of DOA but its all the road agents, referees, announcers, colour guys and managers that are hard to find...Is there a reason that no mods i have downloaded ever have WAW as a promotion, it is kinda odd....thank you Atticus Naitch
  7. Thanks i have been testing with some generic staff members for some smaller promotions...And have also given some long contracts with very low wages as the real small feds go out of business quickly....I have looked at Brittania Wrestling Promotions and they are an interesting fed....Fierce Females i added sometime ago.....I will certainly do some research on the other feds you listed, thank you....I am planning on releasing a beta with 30 feds to start with...8 of which are in europe....
  8. I am still working on this.It is going slow but have been testing lately....It is very difficult to find announcers, colour guys, referees and road agents.Plus owners and especially bookers of companies...One big problem has been Channel Island Wrestling, who go out of business within the first year.I am not sure if it is because they have no staff members set so they sign announcers colour guy and road agents or because they are touring and run too many shows to pay for...
  9. The background is called KyKy and if you download Captain Charismas pics in his mod thread they are in there I believe...Thewho87 has made hundreds of them he has a photobucket account with them on it.
  10. Thank you so much for all the CIW info...And all the other info you have given....International workers that work UK and Europe will be in the mod...I think a few world of sport wrestlers are already in...
  11. Yes London school of wrestling is already in I need to add Lucha Britania though
  12. Seconded Seriously, though, I can probably help out with some bits and pieces on this. For training schools/dojos, off the top of my head, Lucha Britannia is connected to the London School Of Lucha Libre, run by Greg/Darren Burridge. Some info on Channel Island Wrestling and ill add them.....Lucha Britannia is on the list and thank you I will add London school of lucha libre as a dojo.
  13. I am going to finish one promotion at a time....I will look to finish the promotions that I can find info on pretty easy first...some of the list might be cut depending on how much I can find out.....the big concerns are not the wrestlers it is everyone else involved i.e.referee, announcers, colour guys, bookers, owners road agents etc....the game will generate these to fill the gaps but I am not keen on that idea.....
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