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  1. as an italian i was pleased when we'd signed Maccarone, but the guys done nothing in England, i've said time and tiem again hoqwever, sending us through to the Semies (and now Finals) withthe winning goals has earned his 8.12m fee, but i dont think his actually plaing style has lived upto that yet, and i wouldnt be surprised if he left to go back to Italy again.
  2. GreyDogSoftware.com have 3 new screens up of Adam Ryland's new sim WreSpi 2. Pro History World Fixtures Title Screen I have to admit, although it's a little dark, it is looking fantastic! ----------------------------------------- Also, GDS have announced that until 21st April you can get 10% off WreSpi 1. Credit: Grey Dog Software
  3. i agree on the consistency thing, i was still in awe of the fact we managed to win when i posted that. i do think though that had we performed throughout this season like we have done in Europe, we could have been in the top 8, if not 6 by now. And yeah, i'll probably get flamed for saying top 6, but meh, i don't care
  4. The Hasselbaink goal was crazy good. Loved it. Weird actually how Boro can play so well and then some other matches suck so bad. They have had little to no consistency this season. Its weird cos with that sort of performance week in week out, i reckon they would have that 4th Champions League place right about now.
  5. could always bring in calum davenport or tom huddlestone from spurs, both get transfer listed during the first season
  6. having compiled it, you cant actually do anything, it doesnt allow you to go further than inputting your name as there is an error in coding, if i was advabnced enough at VB id have an attempt at fixing it up.
  7. How could you possibly tell whether a game is any good within 4 minutes? Especially a management sim. I've never played CM5 because I stuck with Si but it can't have been that bad that by the time you'd loaded a game up you tossed it.
  8. Championship Manager 5, pre-ordered it due to having a website dedicated to the game, got it at 9am, installed by 9:20, uninstalled by 9:24am. such a rubbish game that i never touched again!
  9. PW Man 2006 is the sequel to 2005,. but, 2005 never, nor will ever be released apparently, as a frequent visitor to SMS forums, its (2006) expected to be finished in about 4 months apparently. the reason there will never be a 2005 is because whilst working on 06 he found that it was easier to continue with 06 due to certain features he was implementing. there's screenshots available and it seems the game is near completion just the data to be used needs completing
  10. aamsaf

    WCW Nitro

    cheers for the advice guys, i'll look for IYH as well can anyone recommend me some good free wrestling games by any chance? preferably ones where i would be actually wrestling in them rather than like wrespi or booking them? cheers again for the advice and any other recommendations given. aamsaf
  11. Apparently this was a great game on the PC, and i was wondering, given it's age, if there is a freeware version of this? The reason i ask if there's a freeware version is because GTA and other rockstar games are available free due to their age, and i wondered if it's developers had done the same. Any help is greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance for any. aamsaf
  12. wont let us view it because it's a hotlink
  13. aamsaf


    best bit shock master falling and then losing the mask, losing all crowd cheers
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