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  1. Here is the update for September, first off I finished up the pop levels from last month, have not expanded on it much yet but that's going to be an ongoing plan now. Not many additions this month (LIST HERE), mostly adding people needed for promotions or big debuts, on top of that two new promotions have been added as closed promotions at the moment, Nacion Lucha Libre and National Wrestling Alliance. Other than that it has been the typical updates for the month. I'm going to try and get an updated picture pack out at some point this month or for October, I've just got to get through my pictu
  2. Here is the September 2019 update. This wasn't as big as other updates but that is because I tried taking care of some of the issues with wages. Here we go. Lite: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vjo8nlwc3ymg5ru/September_Lite.zip/file Full: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vav1cwupgf3blmj/September_Full.zip/file
  3. Here is the update for August, the main change this month has been with pop, specifically changing from my old habit of 15% as a base level and going down to 10%, while also changing things up so that more people pop up in the search option at a "Regional Level", not many for the whole region but for specific areas there should be more in there. The only downside it I went through everything except active workers based in America, some have been updated but not all, the plan is for this month to finish them off and to do some tweaks to pop working on current rosters. I was going to do a pictur
  4. This is coming out WAY later than I wanted. Personal life issues (besides yesterday, my last four days were Hell)... Anywho, so starting with this update I'm looking to release a lite zip and a full zip. The lite zip will be just updated data, pics, logos and banners (new looks, new designs and over all new.) The full zip will be the data and all files I have for pics, logos and banners relevant to the update for that month. NOTE: I am going by any July updates so no TripleMania edits in these files. Yes, I know quite a few workers are missing pics, if any of you can find them, this would help
  5. Here is the update for July, been a bit busy with other things so this is more of a basic update than usual, updated everything from last months threads, the only big change this month is I've gone through WWE and NXT's pop levels and rejigged them a little, other than that just the usual changes, and I might have missed a couple things. Enjoy Database: July 2019 Graphics: July 2019 Workers: January 2019 Graphics DLC: DLC 1 (October 2017) Graphics DLC contains loading screens and pictures of non wrestlers cut on the same background used
  6. Sorry for the delay my work schedule changed. https://www.mediafire.com/file/315kuwj6338pzrw/July_2019.zip/file For August I'm looking to add ECCW ans WWC back into the game and NLL down the road.
  7. With the success of TEW 2013 June Update, I have further developed the database for this July update.Database: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ux1f3i...July+2019+.rarGraphics: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7lgfjw...+Graphics+.rar*Improved graphics have been added. I have refined and corrected the WWE roster, with relationships and personalities added to create a more realistic experience. MLW has been added to the game, alongside its current events, titles, stables, teams and roster. NXT UK and NXT have both had major improvements. Fixings stats and personalities that were missing from the June
  8. Here is the update for June, first off there is the promotion switch with Lucha Underground being closed down and making All Elite Wrestling active. Next up, a minor update but I've expanded the name generation list, it was basically future proofing the database for TEW20 by adding/expanding names for the Indian market. Beyond that it's just been the typical updates and changes suggested in the threads, a couple workers have been added (list HERE) but nothing groundbreaking, if it was posted in the May thread and not in the database I have it in a notepad (mostly moves and stat changes).
  9. It is early but here is the June 2019 update for EWR. original & full: https://www.mediafire.com/file/9kfevdh5e15cq7j/June_2019.zip/file SuperShowdown: https://www.mediafire.com/file/aic7kdpitib619l/SuperShowdown.zip/file
  10. Here is the update for May, most of this has been updating WWE post WrestleMania and the shake up, haven't done much additions but have added a few new workers (list HERE). Other than that it's just the typical updates and changes you would expect and if it was posted in the threads. Also a heads up for June, I'm going to be closing down Lucha Underground and replacing them with All Elite Wrestling. Enjoy Database: May 2019 Graphics: May 2019 Workers: January 2019 Graphics DLC: DLC 1 (October 2017) Graphics DLC contains loading screens a
  11. Here is the May Update. I apologize for the delay on it. I'm likely to fix the birthmonths over the summer since I am not sure of my summer work. I work in education during the school year and my summer job prospects is currently in flux. https://www.mediafire.com/file/dl17qad6e8j8u1p/May_2019.zip/file
  12. Here is the update for April, going to release a pre-WrestleMania version now and a post-WrestleMania after next weekend with the changes from WWE and NXT, everything else will be January 1st. This month has mostly been the typical updating, I have added a few new workers (full list HERE), mostly as I was working on the BritWres mod for a bit, but it was mostly adding people missing for titles and such. Anything I've missed out if it's pointed out before the post-WrestleMania update will be included in that. Enjoy Database: April 2019 (P
  13. OK so I am only posting the More Than Mania version of the April update and I'll instead remove the promotions for a Superstar Shake-Up update. Rosters reflect Mania events and I'll revert them in the Superstar Shake-Up update. Enjoy. https://www.mediafire.com/file/4296kc9eb9rz2h7/April_2019.zip/file
  14. Here is the update for March, no major changes this month, I have added a closed All Elite Wrestling due to repeated requests, they won't be active until they run shows though. Other than that it's mostly been the typical updates and changes for the month, there have been some new workers added (full list HERE), but nothing much beyond that. There is probably stuff I've missed so just post it in the thread and I'll fix it for next month. Enjoy Database: March 2019 Graphics: March 2019 Workers: January 2019 Graphics DLC: DLC 1 (Oct
  15. https://www.mediafire.com/file/8ncbdc223d15yb0/March_2019.zip/file In April's update I am looking to add WOW! and also do a More than Mania Update. I'm looking to bring in Stardom, DDT, wXw and WrestleCon for the one month.
  16. Here is the update for February, first off you can thank most of this months changes to @Y2JFan111 and his many posts in last months thread. Beyond that I've added around 2000 more worker names into the generator and added a few new workers to fill gaps and for the BritWres mod (full list HERE). Other than that it's been the typical updates for the month. Enjoy Database: February 2019 Graphics: February 2019 Workers: January 2019 Graphics DLC: DLC 1 (October 2017) Graphics DLC contains loading screens and pictures of non wrestlers cut on
  17. Here it is. I am looking to add WOW for March and readded a few workers in this update for the game. Also I am looking for pics of BattleArts, WMF and World Japan (OK maybe Wrestle-1) https://www.mediafire.com/file/wtowomd8wfkvdge/February_2019_(2).zip/file
  18. OK I FINALLY got this done. Updated a LOT of birthdays, added quite a few workers, removed a few promotions due to lack of running or updates. Original: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4t2f4emc546rxci/January_2019.zip/file All Elite Booster: https://www.mediafire.com/file/fe5i8o21s5a18fd/All_Elite.zip/file A few notes: First off, I have The Bucks and Cody in New Japan for now as of 1/1/19, this will likely change but for NOW they are in NJPW US Second off, If with any of the adds I do not have the right stats, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know. I will not get butt hurt
  19. Here is the update for January, the only big change this month is that I've updated the worker picture names both in the database and in the new picture pack, my old picture pack will no longer be compatable with the new database. There are not many new additions this month (full list HERE), most of my focus this month was sorting out the pictures. Other than that it's been the typical updates for the month, I might have missed a couple of things due to losing a couple of weeks due to Christmas and being ill but that's what these threads are for. Enjoy
  20. Here is the update for December, main news this month is that I have updated all rosters for active promotions, all rosters are based off current rosters and main shows from September excluding a few one off imports. To go along with this there has been a lot of additions (full list HERE) to fill in the gaps. Other than that it's just been the typical updates for the month. Key news for next month is that there is going to be an update to the worker picture pack, both in terms of new pictures as well as filenames, as I plan to finally move over to the builtin filename setup to make it eas
  21. Alright, it is that time of the month again. Here is the latest update of EWR. Next month I'm looking to remove Championship Wrestling or at least HEAVILY edit it for January. If anyone has input, I'm all ears. GCW has been added. For the January update I'm looking to re-organize the titles and events in the game by promotions. https://www.mediafire.com/file/9rpvehup1zwye0t/December_2018.zip/file
  22. Here is the update for November, only a couple of key changes this month, firstly I've gone through and updated alter egos, for the most part it's been moving a few from being locked to promotions to being open for all along with updating the main accounts with their most used names. Along with that I've started cleaning up rosters, so far I've updated the rosters for EVOLVE, Impact, Lucha Underground, NJPW, NXT, NXT:UK, PWG, Progress, Shimmer, Shine & WWE and will be continuing over the next couple of months. Along with this I've been setting their contracts gimmick rating and status to a
  23. Well it is update time again. Here is the Update for November. I will be adding Game Changer Wrestling in December however I added a number of guys from it. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ops06sqf7itym93/November_2018.zip/file Edit: I fixed some title issues, some MLW departs and added Game Changer from the talents I currently have (and moved Louie Ramos to production) https://www.mediafire.com/file/9bd8cpke1pj6n18/Post_Crown_Jewel.zip/file
  24. I apologize that I took so long to fix this. The last two nights I was dead tired. I did however fix one issue that is from October. http://www.mediafire.com/file/rb54i6ri4v55m4g/October 2018.zip As mentioned earlier, I am looking to have a number of updates, adds and maybe a promotion to be added too for the November update. I'll have some time in two weeks to do that pretty good.
  25. Here is the update for October, there are two key updates this month, the first is with tag teams, after finding out that a team set to "none" is considered a default setting, I've set teams from inactive promotions and inactive/incomplete teams from active feds to "none" this should make things easier in the long run although you may have to add some teams back into promotions if you run them but this set up should make that easier, I'm going to look through each fed and add in missing teams over time. Along with this I removed a lot of the stable/faction teams with no experience, this mostly
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