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  1. I am sorry I missed last month. Work was crazy in August and still largely is. I added a number of AJPW and NOAH guys not in the game. NJPW US is all talents who are on NJPW Strong and champions. Ren Narita and Sterling Logan are exceptions since they are both training in the dojo as far as I know. All stables will remain with every worker regardless of if they are featured on Strong or not. PWG has been removed from the game since they were largely inactive in 2019 and have not run any 2020 shows with no plans to run at the moment. I left Retribution's real names as alter egos.
  2. It's a real sport, please don't discriminate against these heroic, hard-working marbles. The 2020 Marble League got underway last Sunday, with the next round, the Halfpipe, happening tomorrow. Here are the videos so far for anyone who wants to catch up: Just to note about SPOILERS: hide any information about past Marble Leagues, Marbula Ones & Es, and the Marble Rallies behind the tag for a couple of weeks in case anyone wants to catch up. I'll paste in links for all the other events shortly.
  3. Per popular demand, UFC now has its own news and discussion thread for those who don't want to sift through information on foreign and smaller companies. A few tidbits to start us off: -Gray Maynard is tired of beating people he's expected to beat, and has called out the winner of the Florian/Gomi fight on the 31st. -Frank "Nutso" Mir claims that Shane Carwin is a more dangerous opponent than Brock Lesnar...but says he'll beat Carwin. -Charles Oliviera is the newest UFC signing Plus we're still not sure what's up with Randy, Chuck, Tito and Rich.
  4. So here is the update for October, the only big change this month is AEW has had a pop boost, their still small but their clode to medium, but their now ranked as 3rd in the world, beyond that just the usual changes and updates for the month and anything suggested in the threads. There have been a couple of new additions (Marcus Everett & Will Hobbs), I've also added a few things to India (broadcasters and promotions) even though I still have them closed off, for them to be active I'll need to fully flesh out the regions workers. Other than that the main update this mon
  5. So here is the update for September, another that's just the database but hopefully next month I'll be debuting a new logo pack to go along with the mod, it's just a pig to hunt down old pics. Anyway main update this month is tag teams, I've gone through and overhauled ALL the tag experiences, I used the old formula of one match together equals one tag experience and multi-person tag matches equals 1/2 a tag experience. I did kind of get distracted rebuilding the new graphics pack so not much was changed beyond the typical changes for the month, there were a few new additions (Candy Lee, Danie
  6. So here is the update for August, main change this month has been closing down Evolve, since by all reports they got sold to WWE at the beginning of the month, I moved Gabe over to NXT, I'm going to look at replacing Evolve with DEFY, although I may hold off making new promotions active till promotions start getting active again. It's also been a month since asking for some views on gimmicks for promotions I don't fully follow (click here for the list of promotions ), sor for next month I'm going to fill all missing gimmicks with something to cut down errors, if anyone follows these promotions
  7. intended for this to be bigger then real life got in the way and delayed a few days. Gotta love the new normal... https://www.mediafire.com/file/co6gxwxl1920o0m/August+Lite+(2).zip/file How to succesfully import data.
  8. This month's update is only lite since it is mostly birthdate updates. https://www.mediafire.com/file/8ti356i3t8hu405/July_Lite.zip/file How to succesfully import data. By folder: Select the folders you wish to copy from the export folder. Right click and select copy. Go into your EWR42 folder. Right click and select paste. When asked to update existing files, check yes. By file: Select all the files you want. Right click and select copy Go into your EWR4-2 folder. Go into the sub-folder you are transfering over (DATA for data, PICS for worker and staff pi
  9. So here is the update for July, after last month now most of the big companies have their gimmicks set up in contracts, there are still some missing, mostly for lower level promotions that I don't follow too much so if you can help, this is a list of promotions I need gimmicks for. Then there has been all the fun and games going on the past month, firstly Chikara is now closed down, I know there has been a change in management with Progress, but until they start running shows again because right now we don't know what's going on and who's doing what. Then there is the allegations, I've added s
  10. So here is the first major update from me for TEW 2020 starting in June, a couple of big changes over the beta version, firstly the venues and locations has been completely overhauled, tidied up and expanded, venues were then copied and then turned into locations, rounding up capacities to the next round number for every 5,000, from 5,000 to 100,000, with the highest capacity representing the highest possible capacity venue for that location. Secondly the match types has been overhauled and expanded and is around doubled in size, after going through what was already there I then started a quic
  11. A lot of changes in this update. Thanks to HPXSpectrum, I have a huge update of Joshi talents. I also have added a number of AEW jobber wrestlers and Mike Tyson. A number of talents were moved to staff namely Davey Richards, Kris Wolf, Larry Dallas, Misaki Ohata and Takashi Iizuka. I added Shahid Khan as AEW's owner and make Tony a writer. The Nightmare Factory is their training facility. The only trainers I have for it are Ray Lloyd and Carolyn Cullari. Going forward EWR updates will coincide with major events (at least until MLW and RoH run regularly.) The schedule being: July: R
  12. https://www.mediafire.com/file/9c5tqgb1y3srh4d/April.zip/file
  13. Here is the update for April, and will be my final update for TEW2016, due to all the things going on not a lot happened this month and I havent been updating much due to waiting on TEW2020, only worker addition this month is Rob Gronkowski, other than that just updating things that have been posted and doing the title changes for March and WrestleMania. Since this is my last real world mod for TEW2016, if anyone wishes to continue updating this feel free, all I ask is that you credit me and the the original source of the mod. I have added a poll to this to ask about the future of my
  14. I will post updates based on Evolve and AEW Revolution tonight. https://www.mediafire.com/file/zwcjyhd0fp8z5ci/March_Lite.zip/file
  15. Here is the update for March, bit of a slow month so just the usual updates this time round, not much to shout about. Although saying that I'm going to confirm that I'll be releasing a post WrestleMania April update next month, since TEW2020 has been mentioned to be our around April if it's released in March I'll be getting the April update out and will then be moving over to TEW2020 and then likely taking a month out to work on converting and cleaning it up. So as usual any problems or updates just post them. Enjoy Database: March 2020
  16. How to succesfully import data. By folder: Select the folders you wish to copy from the export folder. Right click and select copy. Go into your EWR42 folder. Right click and select paste. When asked to update existing files, check yes. By file: Select all the files you want. Right click and select copy Go into your EWR4-2 folder. Go into the sub-folder you are transfering over (DATA for data, PICS for worker and staff pictures, etc.) Right click and select paste. When asked to update existing files, check yes. I would STRONGLY advise NOT to do it for a sav
  17. Here is the update for February, big change this month has to do with Japan, coming from the recent changes with DDT and NOAH they are now in an alliance based on their owning company (CyberAgent), I have also changed NJPW's alliance in the same way due to their recent acquisition and use of Stardom talent, all logos for these are included in the pack along with updated titles for WWE and Impact. There have been some new additions this month (full list HERE), only missing one of the new NXT:UK signees as well as a couple interesting names. Other than that it's just the usual updated and change
  18. Predominantly for the TV show. I guess if y'all want to discuss the movie and comics in here too I'm down with that. I liked that first episode, though man, it's going for a lot.
  19. Here is the update for January, the big stuff this month has mostly been sorting out AEW's roster, wanted to give their TV time before axing people and then adding in a few workers (full list HERE), I've still got some pics to add workers for but a lack of info makes it a little harder, mostly the new Chikara wrestlers. Adding to that I'd advise that you use the new graphics pack this month, I've completely overhauled the pack removing the underscores instead of spaces as a prep for TEW2020. Other than that it's been the usual stuff for the month, updating title changes and stuff, most stuff p
  20. Lite: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8sl3tbrrgaak4ft/January_Lite.zip/file Full: https://www.mediafire.com/file/krgxsr187jsu9wt/January_Full.zip/file How to Replace Data (so please don't ask again in this thread) Notes for EWR 2020 updates: Shimmer and RISE has merged in the game. Joey Kaos Munoz will be a staff under the name Joey Munoz as of February. He is a trainer since he runs the Santino Bros school. Only worked a handful of matches since 2016. I am debating removing The CRASH. Like most lucha libre rosters, it is fairly fluid and it honestly is a little
  21. I only have the full update this month. Here we go... https://www.mediafire.com/file/yz9k0wmrttkffpf/December.zip/file
  22. Here is the update for December, nothing much big happened this month, just the usual updates and additions, there has been some new workers added (full list HERE). For next month I'm going to go through and clean up the AEW's roster, I wanted to hold off until they got into a rhythm and I'll go through and sort out exclusive and non-exclusive contracts. As usual if there is anything thing forgotten or any changes feel free to post in the threads or in the discord. New pics of the WWE belts are included in the graphics packs and next month I'm going to tackle my picture backlog to get a new wo
  23. Here is the update for November, had some personal business this month so this is a basic update, the National Wrestling Alliance is an active promotion now, all their titles are still under their alliance, this is to allow the option to revive the alliance and all titles are still available. To add to that Southside Wrestling Entertainment has been closed down. There has not been many additions, mostly those mentioned and those new to WWE (full list HERE), there is no news if Velasquez andd Fury are done post Crown Jewel but they both are on PPA deals that end in a month. Other than that it's
  24. I am not doing a November update. I had a busy and trying month. I'll be back for December with a pretty good one. Please make suggestions here for the December update here.
  25. Here is the update for October, most of the updates this month has been changes posted in the threads, there was a few new workers added (full list HERE), but other than that it was just the typical updates of the month. My main work this month was going through my backlog and getting the picture pack sorted for this month. I will admit I didn't get through all the changes last month. mostly @Y2JFan111's lifestyle changes, mostly since I tend to put all the changes in the last few days and there was a lot of them to get through, should all be in by next month though. Enjoy
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