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  1. I finally got this ready to go after seeing AEW All Out in theaters and getting Taco Bell on the way home. Just know if you did not watch AEW All Out or saw results, there are a few spoilers in the rosters and title picture. There were quite a few renames due to what workers are now going by. Just to save a headache, among these renames is the Mistico situation. For those of you who do not know, Caristico (the original Mistico and Sin Cara) is back to going to Mistico as the former replacement Mistico left CMLL like the rest of his family did (Dragon Lee, Rush and Bestia.) He is set to go
  2. So here is the update for September, most of this month has been going through and updating some stats, still got 2,000+ more to go though, added and renamed a few workers (full list in the editor), beyond that updated EVE and PWG based on their shows last months, since Defy was one of the promotions suggested for addition last year and they have started running shows again, they will be added next month. The graphics pack will be updated soon, I've just upgraded my laptop and need to work out a new image editor so I'm currently cumping back and forth just creating pics.
  3. So here is the update for August, bit of a basic update this month, the main changes being updating OTT and PWG with their return show rosters, EVE has a bare bones roster since they have their return booked this month. Along with that I've closed down All Star Wrestling, Capital City Championship Combat, Combat Zone Wrestling, Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling, Fight Club Pro, Smash Wrestling and The Crash, this is down to them not running shows since pre pandemic, I'm open to adding them back when they run shows, just doesn't seem logical to keep them active if their not running shows.
  4. Well I'm late by nearly an entire day, but here it is. I had more adds than I expected, largely due to the AAW tag team champions and the ECWA Women's Super-8. Super-Light: https://www.mediafire.com/file/qo2b55jauk5bfip/August_2021_Super_Light.zip/file Light: https://www.mediafire.com/file/oh9sj7mg02ctjkh/August_2021_Light.zip/file Full: https://www.mediafire.com/file/p07p5b3n9w1u2wk/August_2021_Full.zip/file This month I was also able to add a new feature that I have not yet, an updated alter ego. This includes names used from the last decade (2010 and on), Southpaw Region
  5. Just finished the third volume of Gideon Falls, which continues to be a totally engaging and mind-bending read. It's one of the most visual comics I've ever read, very much a volume that was about atmosphere over narrative, Jeff Lemire has me gripped. Also used some time in Lockdown to jump back on Marvel Unlimited and just finished binging House of X / Powers of X, which I thought was great. I've always loved the X-Men and was keen to dive into something of this size and ambition and was left really impressed and fulfilled by its scope. Think I might stick with it and try and read a bun
  6. It's a real sport, please don't discriminate against these heroic, hard-working marbles. The 2020 Marble League got underway last Sunday, with the next round, the Halfpipe, happening tomorrow. Here are the videos so far for anyone who wants to catch up: Just to note about SPOILERS: hide any information about past Marble Leagues, Marbula Ones & Es, and the Marble Rallies behind the tag for a couple of weeks in case anyone wants to catch up. I'll paste in links for all the other events shortly.
  7. So here is the update for July, this month was planned to just be updating missing worker pictures from the pack, however I got distracted by updating stats and updated over 4K+ of them, which is around half the database, so not much more has been done beyond that and the usual updated for the month so I may have missed a few things. There will be an update for the graphics and workers this month, however I need more time to sort them out, they should be ready by the weekend at some point, I'll announce when there available for download.
  8. Well look who is on time with an update for once in a while... There are no updated pics folder this month. There was only a few new workers added this month, mostly WWE developmental adds, one developmental prospect and a few Nightmare Factory trainees I've seen enough of. The only error I know about is Sonjay not working for AEW just yet because I forgot to do it before I posted it. Super-Lite: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ytto5g5qzz7h3jk/July_Super_Light.zip/file Lite: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8ti356i3t8hu405/July_Lite.zip/file Full: https://www.mediafire.co
  9. Didn't see this posted anywhere. Seeing has how I've never seen UFC before, this has grabbed my attention. I'll definitely check out the first couple of shows.
  10. So here is the update for June, first off there is a new active promotions, with the addition of New Japan Wrestling of America, along with that I've updated the rosters of the few UK promotions who started running again, I waited a bit till they had run enough shows to base rosters from, I'll look into some other promotions to drag them up to date. There is a big update with the graphics and you will need to use the new pack for company logos to work, I've moved to using full promotion names over initials due to an increase of logos in the pack of simi
  11. Well, I kept my promise, it is up by Friday for me (MST/PDT). I really wanted to get it done tonight so I don't have to worry about getting home from work, finish packing for a well needed and well earned vacation, sleeping and getting ready for the morning flight from Phoenix to Orlando... About 70 workers were added or in some cases re-added due to being former WWE staff who have become wrestlers again or planning to or retired wrestlers who returned. Also due to TheWho's recent updates on pictures, there are well over 200 pictures in the updated pic folder whether it is updated or foun
  12. So here is the update for May, not much this month, been trying to get through my picture backlog, so most of the changes has been what's been recommended. I did have a tidy up of business skills although that was nothing too major, mostly rounding numbers and setting a better style preference. One issue I'm having is with the logos, I'm getting some clashes with multiple promotions using the same initials, so I'm going to look into a better set of filenames, I'm looking at using longer names than their initials, but I won't update the database and pack till their all checked to be working.
  13. Sorry that I am a couple of days late. This was due to a big update on pictures. Both new from TheWho's pack and also the various renames. Like last month I have a super light (just data), light (data with new pics and updated pics) and full (has pics, data, banners and logos.) A heads up, the AAA Rey de Reyes updates aren't in here. For the recent WWE releases: If they had a previous indy name, i went with that. If they didn't previously work the indies, I went with their real name. Peyton Royce at this point is the only one to go under a new name entirely so far. May Super Li
  14. So here is the update for April, there is going to be a pre and post WrestleMania update, the main difference between the two being the changes of WrestleMania and any errors pointed out in between. The main update this month is that I've gone through and given some stats a bit of a tweek, don't get too excited, it's mostly brining a few people out of the general stat pool as well as tiding those in it a bit, the primaty focus was tidying up those over 50 in primary skills but that then rolled into doing the rest. My inital plan was to work on adding worker but I've pushed that back to work on
  15. Here is the Super Lite edition of the EWR update for April. I will look to have Full and Lite up tomorrow, if not Friday. (I got a new computer and am working on dragging over my EWR pics over.) I only added one worker this month. April Super Light: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6ymhc7szxltu6kl/April_2021_Super_Lite.zip/file April Lite: https://www.mediafire.com/file/jrk53ggvegzmtgh/April_2021_Light.zip/file April Full: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rx5yfgwfjpgmms2/April_2021_Full.zip/file WrestleMania Super Light: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4ahsotximfmjikq/WrestleMan
  16. So here is the update for March, few bits of bigs news this month, firstly I've added a few attributes for some workers, not everyone has been done but a good chunk has, roughly somewhere between 1/3 and 1/4. Along with that there has been a change up in active Canadian promotions, I've retired Northern Championship Wrestling (NCW), and replaced them with International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS) and North Shore Pro Wrestling (NSPW), DEFY is still on my list of promotions to add but their not running and I wont add them till they do. Now for the real biggie, to prep for those promotion changes I
  17. Well here we go. I hope this goes over better than the explosions during the Exploding Barbedwire Deathmatch. All the females from the AEW Women's Eliminator is on the roster for this month. If they are not there for when I do the May update, they will NOT be on the roster. Evil Uno for now is the leader of the Dark Order this is since I cannot really add Brodie Jr. who has become the new leader. I had minimal adds for this month with only Bad Bunny, Karissa Rivera, Madi Wrenkowski and Sledge. I am not adding Shaq since I got burned with the Tyson add... Black Taurus is in
  18. I have re-added several wrestlers who have been on AEW Dynamite or AEW Dark who I knew were previously in. I also added anyone removed who was in the Rumble matches. I also added the Indian talent from Superstar Showdown Full: https://www.mediafire.com/file/l3rw5irefocpxr4/February+Full.zip/file Lite: https://www.mediafire.com/file/gfbigdhu56v6j6v/February_Lite.zip/file How to successfully import data.
  19. So here is the update for February, the big news this month is that I have gone through every worker who had experience and have set their experience (number of matches they have had) on a scale of 0.2 exp per match, after planning on using a different formula, it was pointed out that that was closer to the in game set up so made sence. I used cagematch.net and wrestlingdata.com as the main sources, any wrestler not on these sites will have 0 experience. Along with that I have done a load of updated name changes, a few additions, as well as moving a few duplicate Chikara gimmicks from workers
  20. So here is the update for January, one of the key updates this month has been with worker experience, this is a stat that's based on the amount of matches a worker has had, Idol was able to provide a handy formula (number of matches times 0.4), this translates to 3 matches for 1 experience up to 250 matches for 100 experience. I've been working from the top down and tidied up a few at the bottom, the conversion set people at every 10 points and I've updated everyone except for most of those rated at 20, 30 and 40, it's just going to take time to sort them all out. After that I'm going to look
  21. Here is the update. Ace Steel, Alan Stone, Bear Fukuda, Bobby Dempsey, Bryce Donovan (the former Chase Donovan that Bill Demott drove out of NXT), Bret Hart, Christian York, Hailey Hatred, Hannibal, Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Rave, Josette Bynum, Jushin Liger, Kevin Nash, Kimberly Maddox, Manabu Nakanishi, Mick Foley, Nemesis, Pegasso, Scott Hall, Shadow Jackson, Shaggy 2 Dope, Steve Austin, Taeler Hendrix, Taiyo Kea, The Bruiser, The Godfather, The Great Khali, The King of the Yukon, The Rock, Tony Omega, Truth Martini and Violent J Out of these, only Martini, Nash and Steel has been added as s
  22. Winter Has Arrived and with it a new EWR 4-2 update. I have added several second generation personalities into the game who have become parts of the wrestling sphere. This would be Aliyah Mysterio, Colten Gunn and Hook. AEW is up to date through Winter Is Coming. WWE's newest singees are under WWE deals and under their existing names. A few more AEW jobbers are in but they will not be in AEW in game unless they are consistent AEW jobbers or have won on Dark. I have also added a number of the WWN Grindhouse wrestlers into the game. Lowlife Louie and Danny Demanto
  23. So here is the update for December, the big update this month is with the broadcasters, I've gone through and tweeked a few things and expanded and added a few new broadcasters, for Europe and Oceania I have added the broadcast country name into the title, along with expanding European broadcasters into all regions. Had a few personal issue this month so havent got round to finishing the logos which is why there is not an updated logo pack this month, I'm going to try and go all out and get the graphics and workers sorted for January. I've addeda few new workers this month, all listed in the e
  24. Well here it is. Bound For Glory happened, we lived through Hell in a Cell, Halloween has passed, Thanksgiving is almost here for Americans, Black Friday deals are starting, radio stations are getting ready for Christmas music, it is now the proper time to watch Nightmare Before Christmas, Full Gear is this Saturday, the SurViVor Seriesss is weeks away and a NEWWWWWW EWR update is ready. Once again, this update is done in both Lite and Full. I also included pic changes similar to Bill's old updates for changes in pic updates. WWE rosters are up-to-date, please note injured wrestlers
  25. So here is the update for November, I think the main big change this month will be the new angle pack, I say new, it's more of a tidy of the updated default pack but I've expanded it in some areas and added in some logical angles that were missing, its still a work in progress but the main core should be there, please suggest any types of missing angles and I'll look into expanding them. I've updated the WWE brands, anyone not drafted has been set to no brand, there has been a few additions, mostly from AEW Dark, and Benjamin Carter is in the mod, had been for some time under the name CJ Storm
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