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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everybody I was working on a scenario I made a thread about like end of last year and I've finally finished just about all of it. Big shout out to @maurosdelca for all of the logos and graphics ! Without further ado... THE GAGNEVERSE (APRIL, 1st 1997) HANDBOOK: TOP 6 PROMOTIONS OVERVIEW: WWF: NWA: AWA: USWA: ECW: THE REST OF THE INDIES (13):
  2. I know i started a tpoc on this back in the spring so if its spamming could a mod merge the old topic with this one... was dealing with a lot of personal issues in my life but I have finally finished the anticipated GagneVerse scenario... big shouts to @maurosdelca for the work on the logos... edited a lot of bugs such as salary and staffing issues.. also renamed a lot of the "TV Director #1" staff memebers into real people... also put a generic pack to fill in for the staff members pictures and stuff.. but without further ado...... LINK: THE GAGNEVERSE COMPLETED SCENARIO LINK ! THE GAGNEVERSE (APRIL, 1st 1997) HANDBOOK: TOP 5 PROMOTIONAL OVERVIEW: WWF: NWA: AWA: USWA: ECW: WHATS GOING ON IN THE INDUSTRY?: Special credits to MASTER'S April 1997 mode which was the base for this scenario, the Wrestling at War and iDomination scenarios for influencing this as well, hope you guys enjoy, will also release a version without the start up "UWN" promotion in it. Cheers and thanks for the patience !
  3. And so it begins. Another new adventure into the EWR MASTERS scenario timeline. August 1996 is complete. April 1997 was completed a few months ago. Now I would like to move on to your next moment in time… November, 1997. Yes, oh yes, what a month this was. Of course, the events which took place on the night of November 9th, 1997 have forever lived on in infamy. The Montreal Screwjob is perhaps still to this day, the most controversial happenstance to take place during a live show. It is truly one of those rare moments where Kayfabe seceded to the reality of what was taking place backstage. Where Vince McMahon screwed Bret Hart, or if you so please, Bret Hart screwed Bret Hart. No matter what your opinions on the matter, there is no doubt the landscape of professional wrestling changed dramatically on November 9th, making the month of November the next logical stop on our passing through the times. But do not forget what is coming in just a month from November 1997. Arguably one of WCW’s biggest blunders on their biggest night in the company’s history. Starrcade 1997. It’s been almost an entire year since Sting has stepped foot in a WCW ring with wrestling as the intention. Since then, the New World Order has revolutionized professional wrestling forever, and WCW has never been the same. But the first glimpses of their beloved hero has turned into attack after attack against the nWo, as Sting appears to be the only man who can challenge the “immortal” ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan and recapture the WCW World Heavyweight championship. Don't forget, the WWF Attitude Era is right around the corner... Will you lead the WWF into your version of the Attitude Era? Will you save WCW from their own demise? Will you lead ECW to the national stage? Or will you find a different path? Plenty of work to be done. Not much time for me to do it. But I will try my best!
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