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Found 8 results

  1. The fixtures for the new season are released at 9am tomorrow morning, so there is no better time to start the new EFL thread! If you support an EFL team, what are your hopes for the campaign? Who do you want to see your team playing first up? Are you just glad your team still exists after the last year!?
  2. The EFL has confirmed the dates for this season's competitions, with 11-13 midweek league fixtures. Fixture list will be announced next Friday. Gonna be a strange old season. We have lost Leeds, WBA, Fulham and, unfortunately due to financial problems Bury and Macclesfield. In come Watford, Bournemouth, Norwich, Barrow and Harrogate! EFL fans, what are your hopes for your team this season? Do you even have any considering all that's going on in the world?
  3. Fixtures are released on Thursday, somehow the season begins in less than seven weeks. What are everyone's hopes for the season ahead? I think Rovers can build on making the Play Offs last season (a penalty kick away from Wembley!) but we've lost a lot of players already and our two best remaining assets - Marquis and Whiteman - are in high demand with the former almost certainly going to be sold. So it's all a bit up in the air at the moment. Also, welcome back to this thread @MDK with Leyton Orient promoted, albeit with tragic circumstances after the death of manager Justin Edinburgh. @Liam will also be back due to Fulham's relegation from the Premier League, which more than makes up for all the Villa fans we've lost to the PL thread!
  4. Full fixtures for all three divisions of the EFL will be announced Thursday, 21st June. But, that gives us a whole week to try and attempt to somewhat predict the clusterfuck that is the Championship (and League's One and Two, of course)! I have no idea what is going to happen at Villa - but for their sake's I hope they somehow manage to pull their shit together and get back to the Premier League, where they should be. Forest seem to be trying to do a Wolves this season, so it's also promotion or bust for them as well it seems. I'm also going to predict Ipswich having a sneaky good season under Paul Hurst as well.
  5. This is a @MDK-free zone --- So, a total crap-shoot as always in trying to pick who may be able to pull off a promotion campaign. Let's say Fulham, Leeds and Nottingham Forest. That would be rather good.
  6. This thread is suddenly going to be much busier this year . For whoever it was asking for it, here is a link to the overall retained lists in the Football League. Elsewhere, Dr. Xia has passed the fit-and-proper persons test and is the new Aston Villa owner.persons test and is the new owner of Aston Villa.
  7. The announcement of the revamped tournament sort of flew under the radar as in typical FA incompetent fashion, they announced it on the opening day of Euro 2016. The tournament has now been restructured to feature 64 teams, the 48 teams from League One and Two and 16 U21 teams from teams with Category One academies, which are: Arsenal Chelsea Everton Leicester Liverpool Man City Middlesborough Newcastle Southampton Stoke City Sunderland Swansea Spurs WBA West Ham TBC (since Man Utd declined to participate) These teams will have to play six U21 players in their teams throughout the tournament. Group Stage rules Sixteen groups of 4 teams will be organised on a regionalised basis. All groups will include one invited club and at least one club from each of Leagues One and Two. All clubs will play each other once, either home or away. Invited clubs will play one home game at the club's first team stadium. Clubs will be awarded 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. In the event of a drawn game (after 90 minutes), a penalty shootout will be held with the winning team earning an additional point. The top two teams will progress to the Knockout Stage. I've been saying for years that the League Cup should have been U21 or U23 for PL teams for years, so I'm quite interested to see how this format works out and whether it opens up any opportunities for academy players to force their way into first team contention.
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