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Found 18 results

  1. A curse has befallen our fantasy football landscape! The players on our team are no longer safe, seemingly being picked off one by one to serve a nefarious purpose: Helping some blood sucking freak win the championship! Can we rally together to rise up and defeat this menace? Maybe but like...kinda want to win that title for myself, ya know. So how about we all just do our own thing and hope for the best? What could wrong? Welcome to the inaugural EWBFF Vampire League. Since it's so new and shiny it made sense to use the first name to honor one sparkly boi, Edward Cullen. Let's go ov
  2. 17 years of this shit! But has it gotten old yet? Nope! In fact this league proves to be full of surprises. Take last season for example; during a pandemic I thought gee, I'd better expand IR because players might be getting held out due to Covid. And @livid said to himself "Hey, what if took advantage of that and just put like the whole league on my roster. Just all of them. That free agent you want? Mine. Guy I would have had to drop to get him? Also still mine." Then Livid drove his IR Party Bus straight to a championship, running over LL and whatever players he was able to hold
  3. Welcome back, miscreants. HC is too busy practicing "medicine" and "contributing to society in a positive way" to keep track of the draft so I'll be doing it this year. Remember that time I won this league? Best season ever. Last year fantasy football survived the pandemic, and @snowbirdtook home the title, beating the aforementioned Dr. Football in the championship game. Long may she reign. This year's theme is wrestlers who played in the NFL and the B League's mascot is Baron Corbin because I thought that would be funny. And it is, look at his pudgy baby face and terrible chinstrap.
  4. Somehow we're just a bit more than a week away from our typical draft day. Time, am I right fellas? Here is where we indicate our continued interest in playing fantasy football again. The A League is now old enough to see an R Rated movie without its parents. To celebrate everyone gets to say fuck at least once, use it wisely! The B-League will surely resume again, proud little entity that it is. @HC do your thing man. This is also where we discuss changes to rules and rosters and such. Like the Covid related rules SOME PEOPLE abused to win championships by rostering half the
  5. A plague is upon us! With that in mind, it was an easy choice for naming rights this year, we decided to go with the men who have been plagues to fan bases for years. Also, the men most likely to do something to stupidly endanger our fair season. Or, the men who are stupidly pushing to have a dangerous season in the first place. It's bad all around! Just like Mike Brown's ownership of the Bengals. Cheap, poorly run and stupidly nepotistic, Brown's Bengals haven't done anything of note in the past 20 years besides piss of Carson Palmer and knock the Ravens out of the playoff once. And in
  6. EWBFF Dean Spanos League Greetings friends! Like Frosty the Snowman, I have returned after my annual hiatus now that the season is upon us. Welcome back to another year of the B-League. As usual, it's nice to see most everyone come back. This will be my 7th year running this league and my 8th participating with you all, and it means quite a bit to me to come back to stomp you jabronies every year. (insert reminder that I am the only 3 time league champ). I don't quite have the free time I used to due to med school, so I will keep this intro pretty bare bones. Our league name gimmick
  7. 😷 Hello it is I, fantasy football grand poobah and champion of the B League, here to announce that yes we’re gonna do the fantasy football drafts this year, even though the season will probably turn out to be a disaster. As usual, I make this thread to get everyone confirmed to be participating again, and ask for suggestions on changes people think we should make. That’s pretty important this year as odds are things are gonna get weird, so I welcome suggestions. I’ll start with a suggestion to the members of the B League; git gud n00bz lol THE CHAMP IS HERE But I digress, shou
  8. EWBFF HUE JACKSON LEAGUE 2K19 Hey guys! That time of the year again. I don't have time atm to write up my usual detailed recap, but everyone should remember A) I won the league last season (third time) and B) Berober's team name is now HC's Bitches for this season! Although, if he defeats me in a game, I shall release him of his obligation. 😛 As for our avatar, I really don't need a picture. We all know Hue Jackson was booty juice as a coach. Quick Notes (cheaply pasted from last year's thread)- Draft will last 15 rounds (We are dropping a bench s
  9. ALL HAIL MAXX, KING OF THE FANTASY LEAGUE. Ahem. Welcome friends, to the 15th season of the EWBFF A-League. This year's theme is terrible coaching and we've gone with the best of the worst, and son of one of the best Don Shula, David Shula. He lost 50 games faster than any other head coach, and was ran out of the league entirely, and forced to instead take over running the Shula family steakhouses. Lets really dive into the theme this year and have whoever comes in last go eat a meal at the worst reviewed steakhouse in their city. Or get a job at Sizzler. Anyways, we have accomplish
  10. Roster Spots 2 QBs 1 WR 1 RB 3 WR/RB/TE 1 K 1 Def 5 bench spots Round 1 1. Cloudy- Devwah Whaley, RB, Arkansas 2. DMN- Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin 3. Maxx- Jalen Hurts, QB, Oklahoma 4. Lowerdeck- Travis Etinne, RB, Clemson 5. Srar- Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama 6. Plubby- Kellen Mond, QB, Texas A&M 7. Livid- Eno Benjamin, RB, ASU 8. damshow- Justin Fields, QB, Some Ohio State University Round 2 1. damshow- Rondale Moore, WR, Purdue 2. Livid- Bryce Perkins, QB, Virginia 3. Plubby- Tylan Wallace, WR, Oklahoma State 4.
  11. Sup losers? Its almost August which means it’s time to get this show on the road again. HC, the Brain Supreme, will be running the B-League again, so whoomp, there that is. This is the thread where you all confirm you are interested in joining us yet again. Its also to discuss rules and scoring and roster changes. Is it time to finally rejigger this and reduce QB TDs to only 5 points? Probably not. I am toying with the idea of removing the TE spot entirely and just including it as part of the flex spot. My reasoning is that there are barely 12 TEs worthy of a fantasy roster
  12. Here we are roaring back for yet another season. The A-League party continues on without end, so why not honor a famous football party boy? Unlike Leinart, we never have to graduate, beer funnels for everyone, forever! Last year Lowerdeck's Based Gods based godded the based god and won the based god and now everything is a based god until someone unseats him. Srar finished second, so very close to an unprecedented 4th championship. And damshow finished 3rd, which might be his best ever finish? Good job damshow, build on it! This year we shrunk the rosters a bit so that free agency is
  13. It's our 13th season, so I went with the biggest player to ever wear #13, The Pillsbury Throwboy, Jared Lorenzen as our league namesake this year. Midget has left us, thus a choice spot as Srar's rival has opened up, someone should jump on that and enjoy the thrashing that come as a result. League villain Plubby won the title last year, shame on all of you. Let's hope for a better result this season, shall we? Someone take Kellen Moore and make him cry. Comp Picks 1. Lineker- Brian Hoyer, QB, 49ers 2. Srar- Dustin Hopkins, K, Redskins 3. Dragsy- JJ Nelson, WR, Cardinals
  14. Apparently we're going with degenerate alcoholics as the theme this year. Welcome to Season 12 of the EWBFF "A" League. Apparently the A stands for Aw hell no Srar won again!? As once again the first lady of the league trounced us once again, making her third straight championship game appearance and winning back to back titles. Its also her 3rd championship in the last five seasons, firmly establishing the only dynasty we've ever seen here. Oh the wonders of league history, which you can now view for yourself on the main page of the league, in the League Members section, under the All T
  15. WELCOME TO SEASON 11 Our namesake for this year is fantastic flame-out Charles Rogers. You guys remember the games he did play before we learned his collar bones were made of glass? He was pretty awesome, but it couldn't save him from becoming another Matt Millen bust. Anyways, here we go again. Our grand experiment in three leagues has come to an end (GREAT WORK HEADCHEESE) and we've brought Dragsy back into the fold, along with Livid and Dan. Plubby has also smack talked his way into the league, and will now have to face the music. Since we're doing 12 teams this league, rosters req
  16. Ten years in the making! EWB's premier fantasy football league is back for season 10! It contains 7 fine, experienced individuals, and also DYSI. We said a sad farewell to former league memebers Dragsy and Dan, who are off to help establish the International League as more prestigious than the one Headcheese is running. It sounds like they're already doing fine work. You're roster will consist of the following: (REMINDER: We're starting 2 QBs this year) Round 1 1. Midget - Peyton Manning, QB, Broncos 2. LL- Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings 3. Srar- Jamaal Charles, RB, Chiefs 4. DYSI-
  17. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Welcome to Season 9 of the EWB Fantasy Football League. This year's leagues are named after bust running backs, as you can tell. Round 1 1. Livid - Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings 2. DMN - Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers 3. Maxx - Drew Brees, QB, Saints 4. Lowerdeck- Peyton Manning, QB, Broncos 5. Rocksta- Cam Newton, QB, Panthers 6. kbusch- Tom Brady, QB, Patriots 7. LL- Eli Manning, QB, Giants 8. Damshow- Calvin Johnson, WR, Lions 9. Dragsy- Ray Rice, RB, Ravens 10. Srar- Doug Martin, RB, Buccaneers 11. Midget- Matt Ryan, QB, Falcons 1
  18. Round 1 1. Mystikz- Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay 2. LL- Tom Brady, QB, New England 3. DYSI- Matthew Stafford, QB, Detroit 4. Maxx- Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans 5. Rocksta- LeSean McCoy, RB, Philadelphia 6. Damshow- Ray Rice, RB, Baltimore 7. TCO- Michael Vick, QB, Philadelphia Eagles 8. DMN- Cam Newton, QB, Carolina 9. Berober- Arian Foster, RB, Houston 10. HTTK- Calvin Johnson, WR, Detroit 11. JStarr- Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona 12. Dragsy- Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants Round 2 1. Dragsy- Matt Forte, RB, Chicago 2. JStarr- Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, Jacksonville 3. HTTK- A
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