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Found 7 results

  1. Didn't see this posted anywhere. Seeing has how I've never seen UFC before, this has grabbed my attention. I'll definitely check out the first couple of shows.
  2. NB: As of 3/15/10, use this thread for news and discussion of MMA that isn't UFC - Strikeforce, WEC, Japan, and so on. ------------- This news broke out earlier in the week.
  3. New game will come out March 15th in the states and two days later in Europe. Roster hass been announced a couple days ago. It's massive. Source: GameSpot.com
  4. UFC PREDICTION LEAGUE - SEASON 3 Previously, on the UFC Prediction League: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y43FolFlY78 After the end of Season 1, battle lines were drawn and pride was put on the line to see who would emerge triumphant as the winner of Season 2. HeadCheese, the winner of Season 1, looked to show that not much had changed in the one month break, but a misstep in the middle of the season ultimately cost him the title. It was then a three way battle between Perfecshaun, a veteran of Season 1 who had a very mediocre start to his predicting career, JHS, the league's lone
  5. UFC Pick 'Em Okay, this is nice and simple, whenever there's a UFC card on, you pick one fighter from the main card who you think will win, if you're right, the streak continues, if you lose, you can start over, let's see who can get the longest streak going. Latest Card: Current Streaks 8. Rich 5. Perfecshaun 3: WalkerWGZ 2. Gazz 1. EddieG; SRN; Summers Longest Streaks 8. Rich 7. Larz; Drock007 6. Thrilla 5. Gazz; JohnnyPerfect 4. PerfecShaun 3. Summers; WalkerWGZ; Cymru 2. Numbahs; ZJ Penn; Dang117; EddieG 1. I_Like_EWR; Headcheese; Cuntface
  6. UFC PREDICTION LEAGUE - SEASON 2 Previously, on the UFC Prediction League: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcCSVWH-qcE In Season 1 of the UFC Prediction League, HeadCheese emerged triumphant, fending off the challenges of the likes of Gazz, JohnnyPerfect and Disturbed. Latecomers JHS and Drock007 battled it out to not finish last, with Srar emerging triumphant after Drock did not predict the last event, and things have been so much different at the top had Jasonmufc not missed predicting two of the cards, abstaining from predicting the Bellator card and no-showing the TUF 18 event.
  7. UFC PREDICTION LEAGUE - SEASON 1 So as Eddie's Pick 'Em is on the rocks (can't wait till he or HeadCheese brings it back), I wanted to see if EWB would be willing to try out a UFC Prediction League. This league will be kind of similar to what Scott McFly used to for WWE PPVs. However, instead of predicting the whole card, we would only predict a few selected fights (5 for Fight Nights and 6-7 for PPVs / Fox cards). This is because not everyone (me included) are familiar with every fighter, therefore making it harder sometimes to predict. The fights selected will usually be the ones wit
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