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Found 10 results

  1. I thought it would be appropriate to start this thread because the season starts one month from now (on 12 September) and because we have also found out that the fixtures will be announced on 21 August. We don’t know much at this stage, but I think it is safe to say that each team will play 38 games, coming up against each of the other 19 teams once at home and once away. There will of course be the standard 26 December game and exhaustive festive run, because tradition > common sense. Apart from when it comes to introducing VAR, of course. I hope all your teams exceed expect
  2. Regarding that line about us - I imagine that we will be refused that by the Premier League and we'll end up on the road for the first four games - which is fine. Predictions! Some seemingly obvious, some bold and unlikely to actually happen... Top 4 - Man City, Spurs, Man Utd, Liverpool. In a lot of ways I see it being a re-run of last season at the top. Emery improves Arsenal but they still fall short of cracking back into the CL spots. Chelsea struggle due to being so delayed with everything this summer (Conte's prolonged goodbye, unknown futures of Hazard and Courtoi
  3. Fixtures for the new Premier League season will be released at 9am tomorrow morning, so let's make some predictions for the new season which will probably look stupid in six months or so: Spurs will only scrape top-4 due to the Wembley effect. Pep's Man City will struggle again due to Ederson failing to settle. Arsenal to finish 6th. Huddersfield and Brighton will survive. Newcastle will be relegated with a different manager in place by Christmas. Watford will be relegated. Bournemouth will finish above Southampton. Bilic or Puel will be the first manager t
  4. Fixtures for the new Premier League season will be released tomorrow morning, so let's make some bold predictions for the new season ahead: Leicester will only manage a top-ten finish. Chelsea will only make the Europe League spots at best. Top 4 of Man City, Man Utd, Spurs and Arsenal. In what order I have no idea. Liverpool will just miss out towards the very end of the season. Watford to continue to struggle under a new manager, particularly if one of Deeney or Ighalo leave, and get relegated. Bournemouth build on last season and do well again. Hull to straigh
  5. The Premier League has announced a decision not have a title sponsor from season 2016/2017. The move reflects the organisation's desire to mirror major American sports leagues like the NBA and NFL in presenting a 'clean' brand. Having been sponsored by Barclays since 2004, in 2016 the competition will be known simply as 'The Premier League'. Predictions which will probably almost all turn out incorrect! Chelsea will win the league Man Utd second, Arsenal and City to squabble over third and fourth Rodgers to be sacked before the season ends Spurs to be better but ultimately fall short of the
  6. Since the season is over, may as well start this now. In before Lineker.
  7. Well, this season is going to be the most unpredictable for years. No Fergie! Man Utd have a new manager in David Moyes. Chelsea have reappointed the Special Happy One, Jose Mourinho. Manuel Pellegrini is all but confirmed as Man City manager. Roberto Martinez is at the helm of Everton. Arsenal are promising to actually spend big this summer, and we will be snapping at their heels again, provided we actually buy smartly. Newcastle and Aston Villa surely can't be as bad as they were last season. Liverpool are seemingly on the rise. Moneybags Cardiff will look to spend big, one would
  8. With the fixtures being announced a week today, a lot of transfer activity already taking place, and new managers almost all in their new hotseats, what do you expect from this season? I can see Chelsea chasing Man City all the way to the wire with their new signings, and a good manager in di Matteo in place. City will always be up there - where can they actually strengthen this summer though. Centre half? Kagawa is a top signing for Man Utd. But they will need to improve on last season. Hernandez must have a better this season than last so it will be interesting to how Fergie keeps him, R
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