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Found 18 results

  1. Thank You to iDOL who has helped this become a much more vast Directory. Please feel free to let me know if you find any faults or know of great ways to update the site. Also Mod/Graphic makers, please let me know if you want your mods Featured
  2. Picture Pack Preview (Updated) https://ibb.co/0ZHfS4d Download (Updated) https://www.sendspace.com/file/g690zo
  3. I have decided to work on a January 2009 mod based off of a November 2009 mod I have in my possession. Im mostly looking for people to help as well as beta tester until we can get this near enough perfect. Picture Pack - Bit jerky mostly a master pack Data 0.1 - WWE Roster corrected Data 0.2 - WWE Completed with titles and contract pictures Data 0.3 - Fixed Agers, added commentary chemistry Data 0.4 - Added More storylines Currently 72 active companies out of 105. Title history will take the longest time to do.
  4. I'm curious if there is a mod for tew 2016 where you can play as current day nxt?
  5. I was wondering for a scenario with both superheroes and anime heroes. I know of some that were mentioned but for some reason the data doesn't work on my computer. It's just an idea though
  6. Can anyone create me different versions of the WWF One Night Only (U.K. PPV) logo with the Canadian, Australian, Mexican, Europe and Japanese Flags instead of the Union Jack?
  7. I was wondering if anyone could make this, i remember seeing something like this before but it was about 13 years ago and was wondering if anyone could do it. I would do it myself but i am not sure how to make my own mods for either tew or ewr. If anyone could do this i would be very grateful and it would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. So, one of my New Year's Resolutions is to step away from the computer and EWR/TEW a lot more - especially with a baby on the way and with so much to do in preparing for that. So, before I do I've decided to go through my troves of finished/unreleased and in progress projects that will never be finished, and release them here for anyone to use as they see fit. There are scenarios, Logo packs, Graphics, Worker Images and even Skins that I'll be posting in here so check back. TEW 2013 Scenario - 2000 "Pyro and Ballyhoo" This is an updated version of NWAvsWWF's January 2000 scenario that I updated for Vince Russo that he used on his short lived Let's Play TEW youtube series. It's not perfect, but WCW and WWF should be complete. It also has a custom picture pack and logo set. Download Links: Data GFX, PICS, LOGOS iDOL's Custom EWR Logos (Fantasy, Japan and Real World) This logo packs includes custom logos for all of EWR's fantasy promotions, Japanese feds and the promotions included in the latest LEAN EWR data. I believe they should link up perfectly if you place them in your logos folder, but you may need to go into the editor for a couple of the real world logos. Download Links: Logos iDOL's EWR 2K16 Skin This custom skin for EWR is based on the look of the graphics for WWE's 2K game series. Download Links: Skin iDOL'S EWR 2K16 Load Screen Pack 1 This Load Screen Pack comes with the following workers: Alex Bliss, Asuka, Charlotte, Paige, Sasha Banks, Nikki Bella, Bayley, Brie Bella, Becky Lynch and Naomi. Download Links: Screens iDOL's Organic Worker Images (EWR or TEW) 518 worker images - covers WWE, NXT, TNA and ROH. Good for replacing outdated images in Bill's pack. Download Links: Workers iDOL's Organic Worker Images 2009 (EWR or TEW) 505 images for an abandoned 2009 project I was working on. Includes the majority of the WWE roster with agers for a few of the workers. Download Links: Workers ROH on COMET Show Banners Here are some ROH on COMET show banners I created for a diary that never got off the ground. Feel free to use them if you like. nGo Worker Cuts (From Magazine Scans) Pack #1 Here is a pack of cuts using the nGo/Organic style. Download Links: Workers 2000 + Grunge Picture Pack This is a 170 image pack I started for a 2000 mod that never fully got underway. There is a Photoshop Template included if anyone likes it enough to make more images. Download Links: Workers Check back as more content gets added to this post...
  9. This is a for all those who are looking for worker pics with titles. I have a lot of them and have made a lot of them. Enjoy
  10. I am working on a scenario where I insert WCW (and perhaps ECW) into the CornellVerse. I'd be using the actual title and show/PPV names but the CornellVerse talent. Thinking of setting WCW as an International company to start, so it's where it was when it was winning the Monday Night Wars. ECW would be a smaller, probably US East Coast regional company. I thought up a few options and I think the following would be smart as I set things up: 1. Insert all titles, shows/PPVs into the editor so they're there before starting a game with the promotion. 2. Nominate an appropriate founder for each promotion and set a (recent) founding date. 3. Set up the Power Plant and House of Hardcore as dojos with an appropriate trainer and training focus. I also thought of what I should do once I start a game using one of these promotions: 1. Raid other promotions for popular, quality talent. 2. Request working agreements with 1 or 2 other promotions. 3. Request developmental agreements or create developmental territories. QESTIONS: 1. Should I set up the TV and PPV carrier arrangements in the editor or make the user earn them? 2. Should I set ECW's titles with a 'Hardcore' focus since it was a hardcore promotion? 3. Can anyone list a few really worthwhile, obtainable talent that fit in and should be signed by either promotion? 4. Can anyone list any talent a user playing with either promotion should try to avoid at all costs? Any suggestions or alternative input on the above?
  11. Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling announced the first group of talent for their roster today. The announcement can be found at the following link: http://globalforcewrestling.com/reveal/ Former WWE and TNA talent is on the list, and some will debut at the first taping on July 24th in Las Vegas. Now that GFW is taking shape, those of us who play EWR and TEW can look forward to it being included in monthly data updates.
  12. Hello everyone. I'm new but a long time player of TEW 2013. I recently started a modded 2015 TNA game and have gotten tired of using the following skins over and over again Default Evanescent Iceisle Red&Black Since its a new TNA game, and a WWE 2k15 custom skin was just released on the GDS website, could someone please make me a skin that has TNA written all over it. (Not literally) I saw this as a suggestion thread so I figured why not? My apologies is this is supposed to be posted on Grey Dog this is just the first place I thought of since I usually download my mods here. Anyways thanks to anyone who can help. Take care. Dave
  13. I would like to request a TEW 2013 mod any time within 07-09. I have recently saw a 2004 mod so surely there wouldnt be much work done from there but im not the kind of person that can do these mod. Thank you anyone that can help and im sorry if this request seems a bit rude I'm just trying to help out a friend!
  14. JAMERVERSE This is an alternative universe scenario for TEW 2013. The starting point was May 1996 - the infamous Curtain Call incident. In real life Kevin Nash and Scott Hall moved to WCW where they founded the New World Order, whereas in this scenario Nash and Hall are joined by Shawn Michaels and Paul Levesque and the Kliq become the dominant force in World Championship Wrestling. What follows is the rise and rise of WCW whilst the WWF would plummet to new depths. The struggles of the WWF would force Vince McMahon to take a lengthy sabbatical over the turn of the Millennium and leave control of his company to the only two people he could trust - Shane and Stephanie McMahon. As the WWF - which would later be rebranded the WWE - struggled, Vince made his return to running the company as he launched a new offensive to try and take down WCW. At the current day WCW and WWE are locked in a fierce battle. For the first time in two decades many in the industry believe that Vince McMahon has finally took his promotion to the number one position whilst others argue that Eric Bischoff's WCW reigns supreme. Elsewhere Hulk Hogan's World Wrestling Allstars has gained in popularity whilst there is no love loss between the three companies described as the Kings of the Indies - Extreme Championship Wrestling, Chicago Championship Wrestling and Ring of Honour. The Jarrett's helped oversee the resurgence of the National Wrestling Alliance throughout the 2000's, and the NWA has big name promotions in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom under their umbrella. Over the coming weeks this thread will be updated with profiles of wrestlers, promotions and major incidents. These can be requested, however not all will appear. Also this post will be updated with information relating to the database and is due to be added. The initial release is likely to exclude locations and angles however these will be included for full release. The database currently stands at: • Wrestlers - 1200 • Relationships - 324 • Titles - 27 • Title Lineage - 364 • Companies - 17 • Company Relationships - 4 • Teams - 5 • Events - 30 • Alliances - 1 • Dojos - 1 • Moves - 43 • Move Sets - 16 • Media Group - 1 Also if anyone has idea's/suggestions etc feel free to drop them in here
  15. About The Author My name is dpoolez. I post sporadically on these boards but i dont think I do enough to where most regular posters know me. I started lurking around here in the late 2000's, but I've been playing Adam Ryland games since 2005. It all started with the first Wrestling Spirit Demo that I downloaded. I sucked at it lol, but IIRC I made a personal amateur mod featuring all of the e-fed characters and feds on the 1UP.com community that I was apart of from 2005-2008. Around 2007 I got EWR and instantly got hooked, again modding a RW database to include 1UP.com's efed characters. I got TEW2008 around 2009, mainly playing RW mods until I got hooked into the CornellVerse when I got TEW2010 a year later. Everything else is history i guess. Development Of The PooleVerse I've been trying to make a mod for the modern TEWs since TEW2010. I quit my original mod and got started with this current one sometime in 2012. I developed it further here and there on 2010 until I upgraded the mod to 2013. Put in some more work sporadically until sometime this summer where I may have gotten the most work done. As of writing I just finished all of the title histories and active company bios. The mod is currently being uploaded on sendspace and is at 25% uploaded right now. I'll update this post with the link to the beta when it's finished. Goal Of The PooleVerse While I did work hard on this mod and I dont want it to suck, I'm not trying to have the biggest mod out in terms of workers, companies, etc. on day 1. My goal is to use the final version of this mod as the foundation of bigger, better versions of The PooleVerse in the future, similar to how the CornellVerse has developed into what it currently is. With that being said, all criticism of the mod are welcome. Whatever I can do to make this mod the best that I can, I am willing to do. Current Status Of The PooleVerse Right now, all workers have renders, thanks to the work from people like IER, MJStark, etc. who's work I was allowed to use for The PooleVerse. Most of the active promotions have logos, but there's still 2 active promotions and 6 yet to open promotions without logos or banners. I have no title belt renders. As for worker renders for the future, I welcome any and all render artists to help me furthur develop this mod in any way, shape, or form. You can either post here or PM me if you want to help me with this mod in any way. Credits, Special Thanks, etc. I give special thanks and credit to Adam Ryland, ThatChizzle, Kamchatka, MJStark, i_effin_rule, James0, fullmetal, SockPuppet, Shinsuke, iDOL, Rated R Superstar and RayW for any worker renders, logos, banners, angles, injuries, and any other work that I have used from them to create The PooleVerse. Also special thanks to Derek B for his mod making guide. God bless you all. Freeware Status, Mod Permissions, etc. This mod is officially freeware. You can take this mod and make your own add-ons, non-canon alternate universes, etc. All I ask is credit if you use the mod. BETA DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ey6a7f Just copy and paste the URL to your address bar and download the file. The beta file comes with the database and the pics for the mod. Backstory to The PooleVerse will be in the next post.
  16. Edited and updated from TEW 2010 for TEW 2013 By Basmat01 Base used from Genadi's 2001 "End Of An Era" mod Data: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6ruznr Pic Pack: Please use the Genadi 2001 "End Of An Era" Pic Pack from TEW 2010 Please save and paste in logos folder: Please post any mistakes, errors or anything that you think will help improve the data Please anything to do with worker stats PLEASE pm me only
  17. It's good to see the hard work you pun in your mods, but i have (and a lot of people) a few problems with your mod. It has a lot of issues and i would like to know why don't you adress the major problems of it, most of them making it have really long load times. So, i'm not bashing you, just trying to discuss the subject constructively.
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