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Found 9 results

  1. I've been playing @Fat Frog's 2001 scenario for a while on EWR, reviving WCW. I'm now in late 2003. This scenario came with spreadsheets to use for WWF, WCW, XPW, and NWA. Title histories, etc. Anyway, I want to revive the WCW Hardcore Title and would love a nice WCW Hardcore title banner similar for the spreadsheets used for the other WCW titles. If you need more info, I'm happy to provide.
  2. Long ago, I used to play a game called Promotion Wars (anyone remember that one)... I have since moved on to EWR. There was a PW scenario called, "Legends Scenario" where the best of the best of WWF(E), WCW, and ECW from different eras were on each company's roster. I would love to see that in EWR. Can anyone make that happen? http://promotionwarsreborn.proboards.com/thread/4/legends-scenario-v1 This is what I'm referring to.
  3. Can anyone keep the transparency properties this image has while making the border white and the red letters black? I can't seem to figure out how to do that. Thanks much!
  4. I am working on a scenario where I insert WCW (and perhaps ECW) into the CornellVerse. I'd be using the actual title and show/PPV names but the CornellVerse talent. Thinking of setting WCW as an International company to start, so it's where it was when it was winning the Monday Night Wars. ECW would be a smaller, probably US East Coast regional company. I thought up a few options and I think the following would be smart as I set things up: 1. Insert all titles, shows/PPVs into the editor so they're there before starting a game with the promotion. 2. Nominate an appropriate founder for each promotion and set a (recent) founding date. 3. Set up the Power Plant and House of Hardcore as dojos with an appropriate trainer and training focus. I also thought of what I should do once I start a game using one of these promotions: 1. Raid other promotions for popular, quality talent. 2. Request working agreements with 1 or 2 other promotions. 3. Request developmental agreements or create developmental territories. QESTIONS: 1. Should I set up the TV and PPV carrier arrangements in the editor or make the user earn them? 2. Should I set ECW's titles with a 'Hardcore' focus since it was a hardcore promotion? 3. Can anyone list a few really worthwhile, obtainable talent that fit in and should be signed by either promotion? 4. Can anyone list any talent a user playing with either promotion should try to avoid at all costs? Any suggestions or alternative input on the above?
  5. Here is a mod that I just created. It uses Paige Turner's February 2016 EWR data (with minor tweaks) and uses the Ultimate Fed Warfare concept. There are three promotions: WWE, WCW, and ECW. Each promotion has only three unsackable non-wrestlers with creative control, one prime time show on WWE Network, and four championships. To make things more challenging, I suggest advancing one day before doing anything to let the other promotions make some signings. Then on each day after, only sign the same amount of workers and staff that each of the other promotions do. This keeps things more interesting and fair. Hope you enjoy playing it! WWE Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H RAW (Monday) WWE World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, Divas, and Tag Team WCW Eric Bishchoff, Sting, Ric Flair Nitro (Wednesday) WCW World Heavyweight, United States, Women's, and Tag Team ECW Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar, Tommy Dreamer ECW TV (Friday) ECW Title, Television, Women's, and Tag Team LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4lrnup4qeisp3fk/Ultimate WWE Warfare.zip?dl=0
  6. Hey everyone! I'm doing a separate rebooking of WCW 2000 at a site off the board (wcw2000redo.wordpress.com) and came up with a new idea for a PPV. "WCW Risk vs. Reward" Basically, the premise is that if someone wants a title shot, they have to risk something (example: $10,000 vs. US Championship) Anyway, if someone could use the last WCW logo and make up some kind of logo giving the PPV a "Vegas" theme, such as a blackjack or craps table with the logo and Risk vs. Reward. Thanks!
  7. DAv

    Diary Requests

    Looking for some posters for PPV's as I get to writing them, so thought I'd start with this one: Type - PPV poster for 'WCW: Souled Out' Text - Date is 20th January, 2008. Nothing special in the text is needed Font - Nothing specific Image- A shot of Chris Jericho (Circa 2008), with the WCW World Championship over his shoulder and standing over a ring. Colors - Up to you Size - PPV poster size. Sidenotes - Be as creative with it as you want.
  8. And so it begins. Another new adventure into the EWR MASTERS scenario timeline. August 1996 is complete. April 1997 was completed a few months ago. Now I would like to move on to your next moment in time… November, 1997. Yes, oh yes, what a month this was. Of course, the events which took place on the night of November 9th, 1997 have forever lived on in infamy. The Montreal Screwjob is perhaps still to this day, the most controversial happenstance to take place during a live show. It is truly one of those rare moments where Kayfabe seceded to the reality of what was taking place backstage. Where Vince McMahon screwed Bret Hart, or if you so please, Bret Hart screwed Bret Hart. No matter what your opinions on the matter, there is no doubt the landscape of professional wrestling changed dramatically on November 9th, making the month of November the next logical stop on our passing through the times. But do not forget what is coming in just a month from November 1997. Arguably one of WCW’s biggest blunders on their biggest night in the company’s history. Starrcade 1997. It’s been almost an entire year since Sting has stepped foot in a WCW ring with wrestling as the intention. Since then, the New World Order has revolutionized professional wrestling forever, and WCW has never been the same. But the first glimpses of their beloved hero has turned into attack after attack against the nWo, as Sting appears to be the only man who can challenge the “immortal” ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan and recapture the WCW World Heavyweight championship. Don't forget, the WWF Attitude Era is right around the corner... Will you lead the WWF into your version of the Attitude Era? Will you save WCW from their own demise? Will you lead ECW to the national stage? Or will you find a different path? Plenty of work to be done. Not much time for me to do it. But I will try my best!
  9. JAMERVERSE This is an alternative universe scenario for TEW 2013. The starting point was May 1996 - the infamous Curtain Call incident. In real life Kevin Nash and Scott Hall moved to WCW where they founded the New World Order, whereas in this scenario Nash and Hall are joined by Shawn Michaels and Paul Levesque and the Kliq become the dominant force in World Championship Wrestling. What follows is the rise and rise of WCW whilst the WWF would plummet to new depths. The struggles of the WWF would force Vince McMahon to take a lengthy sabbatical over the turn of the Millennium and leave control of his company to the only two people he could trust - Shane and Stephanie McMahon. As the WWF - which would later be rebranded the WWE - struggled, Vince made his return to running the company as he launched a new offensive to try and take down WCW. At the current day WCW and WWE are locked in a fierce battle. For the first time in two decades many in the industry believe that Vince McMahon has finally took his promotion to the number one position whilst others argue that Eric Bischoff's WCW reigns supreme. Elsewhere Hulk Hogan's World Wrestling Allstars has gained in popularity whilst there is no love loss between the three companies described as the Kings of the Indies - Extreme Championship Wrestling, Chicago Championship Wrestling and Ring of Honour. The Jarrett's helped oversee the resurgence of the National Wrestling Alliance throughout the 2000's, and the NWA has big name promotions in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom under their umbrella. Over the coming weeks this thread will be updated with profiles of wrestlers, promotions and major incidents. These can be requested, however not all will appear. Also this post will be updated with information relating to the database and is due to be added. The initial release is likely to exclude locations and angles however these will be included for full release. The database currently stands at: • Wrestlers - 1200 • Relationships - 324 • Titles - 27 • Title Lineage - 364 • Companies - 17 • Company Relationships - 4 • Teams - 5 • Events - 30 • Alliances - 1 • Dojos - 1 • Moves - 43 • Move Sets - 16 • Media Group - 1 Also if anyone has idea's/suggestions etc feel free to drop them in here
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