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    • By Cymbols
      So the Woman's World Cup starts tomorrow, with hosts Canada facing China. Anyone else going to be watching?

      I'm supporting Sweden personally, them and Canada.
    • By Lineker

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    • By ChrisSteeleAteMyHamster
      We've got a month until the World Cup! So exciting!

      Anyway for some reason the BBC suddenly posted news about Japan's squad because Shunsuke Nakamura (the ex-Celtic player) has been recalled.
      However the best news is that Kawaguchi is back in the squad as third choice goalie! He's a total legend. A chirpy little Japanese shot stopping legend:

      My local team is Nagoya Grampus and we've got two players in the squad but one is Tulio who hasn't had the best couple of years.

      Is Jesus (Kennedy) in the Australian squad? He's Nagoya's big lanky striker who looks useless for 89 minutes and then bundles in a header in the last minute pretty much every game.

      Anyway, Japan are annoying me because their style at ANY kind of football is to try to dribble the ball into the net (a bit like Arsenal but less successful) instead of one person just deciding to let rip from around the box. If they actually shot from 16-25 yards from time to time they'd actually be pretty decent.
    • By Baddar
      We have an England thread, but not a general one, so here it is.

      Norn Iron are 1-0 down against Russia with around 25mins to play.

      Wales vs. Belgium is on Sky Sports later, and Holland-Turkey can be watched on ESPN.

      Fully expecting a comfortable Belgium win this evening. Can't see Wales handling them.

      Scotland play Serbia, and Rep Ire vs. Kazakhstan is currently goal-less.
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