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I have been working on a few Scenarios for EWR, and would like to share them. My scenarios are influenced by the ones that @Jingle Bell Rocky have released in the past. The stats are from @mkpunk monthly releases. I will be taking requests for scenarios, if there are ones people would like to see in the future.

WWE Universe- Brand Supremacy

https://mega.nz/#!cmRXHKbZ (Decryption Key: Nx9w4PopXfX0QcAS6NW0-z6uKCFHBl4N4I8r9rQ9hPE)


WWE is the only promotion around, but it has been split into 6 different entities: Raw, Smackdown, NXT, NXT UK, 205 Live, Performance Center. All the workers and staff in the game are people that are signed to the WWE, so it is your job to make the star, no indy wrestlers are in-game.

Global Warfare- 7 Deadly Sins

https://mega.nz/#!YuJTSQIQ (Decryption Key: 63t2kXQ8WRQ0ZPvV-d2KI9_is2TcxIyflGlOOZlg7HQ)


In this scenario, there are seven different Global companies all trying to prove who is the best. WWE (owned by Vince McMahon), AEW (owned by Tony Khan), TNA (owned by Don Callis), ROH (owned by Joe Koff), WCW (owned by Eric Bischoff), ECW (owned by Paul Heyman), MLW (owned by Court Bauer) *all owners have 100 Talent and Backstage stats with Unsackable and Booker attributes. Nobody has a contract (besides a few unsackable deals), so it is up to you to build your dream rosters!

  • Every company is at the same level with the same amount of money (50% Public Image and $40000000 starting money) Risk, Production, Advertising, and Merchandising are all the same with 66, 100, 100, 100 apiece.)
  • All companies have a developmental territory (NXT, Oriental Wrestling Entertainment, Ohio Valley Wrestling, Future of Honor, NWA Wildside, House of Hardcore, & Pro Wrestling NOAH)
  • All companies have a superb level Training camp (WWE Performance Center, One Fall Power Factory, BCW School, ROH Dojo, WCW Powerplant, Extreme Rising, & MLW School)
  • Each Company has 5 Championships (World 85 image, Tag Team 75 image, Cruiserweight 70 image, Midcard 80 image, & Womens 72 image). The titles are:
    • WWE: WWE World Heavyweight, WWE World Tag Team, WWE Cruiserweight, WWE Intercontinental, WWE Womens
    • AEW: AEW World, AEW World Tag Team, AEW Junior Heavyweight, AEW Television, AEW Women's World
    • TNA: TNA World Heavyweight, TNA World Tag Team, TNA X-Division, TNA Grand, TNA Knockouts
    • ROH: ROH World Heavyweight, ROH World Tag Team, ROH Pure, ROH World Television, ROH Women of Honor
    • WCW: WCW World Heavyweight, WCW World Tag Team, WCW Cruiserweight, WCW United States, WCW Womens
    • ECW: ECW World Heavyweight, ECW World Tag Team, ECW FTW, ECW World Television, ECW Womens
    • MLW: MLW Wolrd Heavyweight, MLW World Tag Team, MLW World Middleweight, MLW National Openweight, MLW Womens World
  • Each company has two Prime Time TV Shows (on on Monday and one on Friday) Each TV Network that the shows are on have been given the same stats, to make for a level playing field. The TV Shows are:
    • WWE: Raw (USA Network) (Monday), Smackdown (FOX) (Friday)
    • AEW: Dynamite (TNT) (Monday), Dark (TBS) (Friday)
    • TNA: iMPACT! (AXS TV) (Monday), Xplosion (POP) (Friday)
    • ROH: Honor (MTV) (Monday), Honor Club (MTV2) (Friday)
    • WCW: Nitro (FX) (Monday), Thunder (Paramount Network) (Friday)
    • ECW: Hardcore TV (SyFy) (Monday), Extreme (El Rey Network) (Friday)
    • MLW: Fusion (beIN) (Monday), Underground TV (Pursuit)
  • Each company has twelve monthly pay-per-view events. The events are:
    • WWE: Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Fastlane, WrestleMania, Money in the Bank, Stomping Grounds, Extreme Rules, SummerSlam, Clash of Champions, Hell in a cell, Survivor Series, TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs.
    • AEW: Bash at the Beach, Revolution, Change the World, Casino Royale, Double or Nothing, Fyter Fest, Fight for the Fallen, All Out, Buy In, Blood and Guts, Ful Gear, ALL IN.
    • TNA: Hard To Kill, Homecoming, United We Stand, Redemption, Rebellion, Digital Destruction, Slammiversary, Unbreakable, Victory Road, Bound For Glory, Turning Point, No Surrender.
    • ROH: Honor Reigns Supreme, Bound By Honor, Anniversary Show, G1 Supercard, War Of The Worlds, Best In The World, Manhattan Mayhem, Honor For All, Death Before Dishonor, Honor United, Unauthorized, Final Battle.
    • WCW: Souled Out, SuperBrawl, Greed, Spring Stampede, Slamboree, Great American Bash, Uncensored, New Blood Rising, Fall Brawl, Halloween Havoc, Mayhem, Starrcade.
    • ECW: Guilty As Charged, Crossing The Line, Living Dangerously, Barely Legal, Hardcore Heaven, Wrestlepalooza, Heat Wave, Born To Be Wild, UltraClash, Anarchy Rulz, November To Remember, Massacure on 34th Street.
    • MLW: Zero Hour, SuperFight, Intimidation Games, Rise Of The Renegades, Battle Riot, Fury Road, Kings of Colosseum, War Chamber, Never Say Never, Blood and Thunder, Opera Cup, Dream Arena

WWE Universe- Brand Supremacy (Feb. 2020 Update)



Updated WWE Universe Scenario with up to date rosters, alignments, finishers, title changes, and staff members)


*Keep in mind, I tried to be as realistic as possible, with my scenarios. But they are fantasy scenarios.

I am taking requests, so please feel free to comment below on what you would like to see.


MCU: Marvel Cinematic Universe arrives in EWR! Filled with many of your favorite heroes (and villains)

Rise of the 80s: Its the battle between Southpaw Regional Wrestling and Impact Provincial Wrestling Federation


Each time I release a new scenario, I will be updating this first post. Have Fun!

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I love both ideas, tbh. The first one is specially nice, as it is something like what we dream Universe Mode could be.

I will try both, the second with some modifications (I prefer to start at National level at these kind of scenarios + different names, title values and such - maybe add one or two more feds to the mix).

Suggestions... hm... it would take a lot of work, but something like 7 Deadly Sins but with regional sized feds (PWG, CZW, EVOLVE, DG-USA, Beyond Wrestling, GCW and NWA, per example) and worker overness downgrades (max. 60/65 overall). In fact, I might try that, if you don't

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Alright guys, a little update:

I am currently working on a Marvel Cinematic Universe mod. It will be filled with heroes and villains  (past, present, & future).

I will be including heroes and villains from all MCU movies, and some from Marvel TV Shows (Netflix shows, Runaways, Cloak/Dagger, etc.)

This is a big task so it will involve a lot of work. I will keep you all updated on the progress

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1 hour ago, Cero Miedo said:

Alright guys, a little update:

I am currently working on a Marvel Cinematic Universe mod. It will be filled with heroes and villains  (past, present, & future).

I will be including heroes and villains from all MCU movies, and some from Marvel TV Shows (Netflix shows, Runaways, Cloak/Dagger, etc.)

This is a big task so it will involve a lot of work. I will keep you all updated on the progress

Considering I’ve not touched mine for several months, this could be a smart play 😂

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