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9 minutes ago, MadJack said:

Who is a 'big' player and not really wanted at their club? I could see some proper panic money being thrown around now...


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Score more goals than they do.

Fucking hell Mad Jack anyone would think Lamela started a football club in Miami the way you keep banging on about him.

I know some football fans are biased to the point of comedy, but this is one of the biggest displays of spouting pure bollocks I've seen in a while, so fair play for that at least😂

Posted Images

Adrian farting about with the ball giving Villa an absolute gift. 

Clearly flapping it under the pressure of the POWERSHIFT on Merseyside

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5 minutes ago, Tigerstyle said:

Shit goes full circle, all the Leeds fans fucked off to United in the early 90’s right?

More a generational thing, I don't think there were Leeds fans who became scum fans, it was more kids growing up in West Yorkshire picked them. Although saying that, that probably affected the liverpool fanbase more than ours, there's definitely a disproportionate amount of Liverpool fans in their late 30s and 40s compared to my age.

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Villa deserve this. We've started building momentum but we just keep getting done on the counter. Gomez was poor there letting Watkins cut inside so easily. 


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Salah pulled one back. Good bit of play down the left and a bit of a lapse from Villa. 

Then McGinn smashes it for a deflected goal. 

Gonna be one of them games...

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This is embarrassing. Literally getting done by the same move over and over and we deserve to be getting smashed

Null and void the season. 

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3 minutes ago, Tigerstyle said:

Aston Villa have made less than 100 passes with less than 65% accuracy and have scored three goals. What even is football

They've had another 2 or 3 chances on top of the 4 they've scored. 4-1 might be a tad flattering but they've been better than Liverpool. 

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