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Favourite jokes/one-liners in TV/film?


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While I very much appreciate that humour is contextual and a lot of the best probably require that context to understand, but I wanted to have a topic for your favourite jokes, one liners etc etc from television and film. That favourite doesn't always equal best is one of the better things about a topic like this, as different things tickle different people.

This was the reason behind the topic. I watched Scrubs again recently and I don't know why, but I love the 'silverware in the pancake drawer' line.

This little exchange goes through my head more often than it probably should.

A bit on the longer side than the others, this cold open is amazing and replicated many times by my wife and I.

So yeah, what are yours?

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Can't find it on YouTube, but from The Young Ones:

Captain: Aged, toothless, and bent old crone!
Crone: 'Ow'd yer know me name?
Captain: We wish to engage you as ship's cook and concubine.
Crone: Oh yeah? What's a concubine then?
Captain: It's a small, spiky-haired mammal.
Crone: No, that's a hedgehog.
Captain: Oh. Well in that case, we wish to engage you as ship's cook and hedgehog.

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I AM going to go Simpsons. I can't find a clip of it though.


Season 7, episode 23. The Simpsons are having a BBQ at their house. Homer stands up at the head of the garden table and states:

"If I could just say a few words....I'd be a better public speaker."

Bart starts laughing but everyone else doesn't respond at all.

That made me laugh so much the first time I watched it and I still find it very funny now.

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