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Memento Mori: Medieval Images of Death - Medievalists.net

A medieval themed mafia game! Sign-up. It's gonna be fun. I'm going to try out a couple of new things.

Looking for 16 players but can move forward with a few more or a few less.

  1. DFF
  2. Azazel
  3. Ruki
  4. Jericode
  5. Jam
  6. nihilist
  7. Forky
  8. Tigerstyle
  9. Srar
  10. Essa
  11. Commander Sheepard
  12. DNB
  13. kurgan
  14. Naitch
  15. Benjamin
  16. Marcos
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Yes please :) 

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I'm in.  Love this part of history, and love AD+D.

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I've run out of jobs to apply for so I've got more free time again. Also its history-based and that's my thing (even if it's a little earlier than my main interests). Count me in.

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