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Thought it worth starting the new season thread seeing as trading starts tomorrow and the draft (with a Timberwolves #1 pick, I swear if we use it on Lamelo Ball I'll be very angry, I'm not sure he can spell "team" let alone understand the concept of being part of one) on Wednesday.

Speaking of trades and their rumours, here's a Woj dump.



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Jazz legend Mark Eaton has passed away at the young age of 64.

Always a great day when a super team fails.

Chris Paul has been traded to the Suns.

Not a strong return for OKC but they're stockpiling future picks to rebuild with. It's possible the Houston picks work out extremely well for them. I wouldn't trust a 2022 Suns pick to be more than in the high teens.

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I get it from both sides, but I don't know how well Booker and Paul will play together. Booker seems more suited to having a point guard that always looks to pass first, rather then a Chris Paul type.

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Just now, damshow said:

All of those guys are in turn flippable or maybe steady roster guys during a rebuild.

I can definitely see someone like Kelly Oubre sticking around.

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I can definitely see a few teams making a move for Rubio if the Thunder aren't planning on keeping him around long-term. He's a pure playmaker and a very good defender, although his scoring has never panned out enough to really become the star he was touted to being, he can be an extremely useful piece for any team looking to going deep in the playoffs.

Kinda like Calderon was, but with much better defensive skills.

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Bruce Brown should thrive on the Nets. He'll basically be defending 1-3 for us and be our best defender in the process. 


Musa was a project that never really panned out but maybe he'll get more run in Detroit and turn out to be something worth wild - but his shot was nonexistent aside from playing in the G League. 

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1 hour ago, Your Mom said:

What could the Nets even send to the Rockets for Harden? Like draft picks? I don't understand how that would work. I don't want draft picks from a team that's going to be good especially in Basketball

LeVert probably. And some picks. Houston will probably want to replenish their picks in 2023-2026 and Brooklyn figures to drop off sometime around then due to age. LeVert can then look really good in a featured role in Houston and be flipped for more picks.

Just now, Maxx said:

It’s far more likely Philly swings a deal for him with Ben Simmons as the centerpiece 

But, yes, this is the trade that's likely to happen.

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You only trade those picks away if you're certain by making this move you are getting Giannis to stick around. It's a good, win-now trade for Milwaukee. They don't need picks if Giannis stays since they can fill out the bench with veteran free agents.

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Yeah. I mean it's basically what the Lakers payed for Anthony Davis. And Jrue is no Anthony Davis. 

The Bucks also sent Donte DiVincenzo over to the Kings for Bogdan Bogdanovich.

But I agree that if they keep Giannis this team could be incredibly scary. It's just a huge roll of the dice to take on a guy that could potentially leave as early as next season. 

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    • By Pooker
      Draft is tonight. Rumors are that the top 3 picks are set in stone.
      Number one team in the regular season last year, my Utah Jazz, are rumored to be very active in trade talks and will look like a totally different team.
      Free agency opens up next year. Expect to see Kawhi Leonard turn everybody down and Kyle Lowry to leave the Raptors.
    • By Pooker
      With free agency set to begin tomorrow, I think it's time to start a new topic.
      Kemba Walker is expected to sign with the Boston Celtics. So much for giving the Hornets a homedown discount.
      Nikola Mirotic is expected to sign with Barcelona of the Euroleague. Did not see that one coming.
      Warriors are going to give Klay Thompson a max contract, while Durant is taking meetings with the Knicks, Clippers, and Warriors.
      Kawhi Leonard is also meeting with the Clippers, along with the Lakers and the Raptors.
      Kyrie Irving is trying to get something done with the Nets.
      Derrick Favors is going to open up free agency taking calls from whoever, although the Jazz have until July 6th to guarantee his contract or make him an unrestricted free agent. The Jazz are expected to meet with Bobby Portis in LA tomorrow. I'm sure the talks there will decide what we do with Favors.
      Bunch of other rumors out there too but that covers a lot of them, I think. Should be a fun summer.
    • By Pooker
      Figured since the first big move of the off season just happened and with the draft tomorrow, it would be ok to start a new season thread. 
      The Hornets have agreed to trade Dwight Howard to the Nets for Timothy Mozgov. 
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      Couldn't find a thread for this coming season, so.
      I need help. It appears the League Pass option where I could pay relatively little and choose any 8 games a month is gone (boooo). And I don't want to pay £25 a month. So the £15 option is to pick a single team. Thing is I've never really settled on a team to follow/support. So I need to choose a team that's going to be an entertaining watch this year, plenty of exciting/close games. I'd also rather not watch the top few teams spend half the season dominating their opponents.
      So who would people advise I consider?
      I've thought about the Thunder but not a huge fan of Westbrook, same for the Rockets and Harden. I thought about the Bucks but Giannis doesn't reason enough on his own. Hell, I've considered LAL for the freakin' circus show of it all this year but I just can't.
      So who EWB? Who? Please help. Who's going to be a fun team to watch this year?
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      Kyrie Irving is the standard edition cover star, DeMar DeRozan is the Canadian edition cover star and Shaq is on the standard and gold Legend editions.
      Screenshots of PG, Isaiah and DeRozan
      MyGM and MyLeague news from Senior Producer
      MyLeague is my favorite mode in the 2K games, so adding a story + G-League and new CBA stuff like supermax deals has me pretty hyped.
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