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Diego Maradona Has Passed Away

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Brilliant player, one of the best to have ever played and you could argue that he is the best. 

He had his well documented issues which will have had some sort of impact into his unfortunate passing.  

A larger than life character both on/off the pitch. 

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3 minutes ago, metalman said:


I've heard people talk about cheating England out of a World Cup Final place before. The incident happened in a quarter-final and there's no guarantee that England would have won in extra time anyway. At least it's not as bad as the claim that Cristiano Ronaldo cost England the World Cup in 2006, though.

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Very sad news. If you love football, you will love watching Maradona play. Obviously he was before my time but whenever I have watched old matches and clips, the way he just glides around the field and scores outrageous goals is brilliant.

His rise ended Pele's claim as the undisputed best ever and paved the way for the modern GOAT, Lionel Messi. I'm sure he will always be spoken of in the highest terms alongside those two.

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The reason why I got interested in the sport as a kid and decided to join a team. That was it. I wanted to play like him and never understood why so many people disliked him.

I meant at the time, obviously. I know why he's a controversial figure. At the time, though, I was just a kid, and he was this genius who did whatever he wanted with the ball.

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1 hour ago, Lineker said:


The story between Maradona and Napoli is an interesting one. Many tears will be shed in Naples the next few days.

I tend to focus on his other goal that day against what was a really good England team. He looks like a pro among amateurs, a disturbing level of control. He always played like he could see a few seconds into the future. I've heard people say it's because of his cocaine abuse, but he played like this before the drugs. If anything, the drugs (and drinking) would have probably hindered his fitness and focus. Makes you wonder how good he would have been in today's game.

Despite his crazy lifestyle, he will always be a legendary bar-setter in the history of football.

RIP God.

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