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I was like "this game feels big enough that it's dominating the last couple pages of General Gaming and that's before people have gotten deep enough into it to start discussing story stuff, someone sh

Maybe if they spent a bit less time implementing a penis length setting to make 12 year olds laugh they could have created a marginally less shitty game.

Did they patch out the shitty storyline and unlikeable characters?

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6 hours ago, ChrisSteeleAteMyHamster said:

I never had that problem in my copy. :P

I mean, the arc villain of the River Ward storyline is pretty unlikable tbf...

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3 hours ago, OctoberRaven said:

I mean, the arc villain of the River Ward storyline is pretty unlikable tbf...

Though he's supposed to be unlikeable. 😂 I always give villains or side characters a pass when it comes to being unlikeable!

As a father I found that storyline, especially reading the laptop and understanding what had happened, deeply unpleasant...but not in a "this game sucks" way. More a "ok, I'm emotionally invested, we get this kid back at ANY cost" way.

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3 hours ago, ChrisSteeleAteMyHamster said:

Though he's supposed to be unlikeable.


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I was really up for this but I held off playing for so long cos of all the issues. I finally finished Ghost Of Tsushima so thought, the latest patch was supposed to have improved tonnes of stuff so why not give it a go?

Completed the tutorial missions at the start, go out into the city itself for the first time, see my first gunfight aaaaaand game crashes. I dunno, it looks good and is interesting so far, but I still have no clue how the cyberdeck/breaching/hacking whatever is supposed to work or what the best set up would be. I assume its not possible to get every skill? Like, if I focus on one area I'll be fine, but it kind of feels like I really need to know exactly what sort of build I wanna go for? Theres a load to take in.

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I went very much for hacker (levelled that up to 20 while my next highest was still 9!) with some gun skills and crafting. I poured all of my perks into it too so have most perks when hacking into people. I then got a very strong chip and built up my Cyberdeck. It's insanely overpowered now (but I love that I can hack a camera, move around a base through cameras and kill or knock out everyone before just wandering in to do what I need).

HOWEVER, it's VERY tough early on as the hacks aren't all that strong to start with. In gunfights I was doing a lot of hiding, backing away etc. It's better now but I felt one or two shots from death for quite a long time. I liked that though.

My friend went big on the Mantis claws, getting close and dirty with them, with some specific hacking. So we had two different experiences and both were fun. I agree that you should kind of decide on a build and pout 3/4ths of your perks etc into that build, with a couple of other stats that give you a little breadth - so now I can one shot kill with sniper rifles and can craft and upgrade my armour and weapons.

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I went street sam style myself in my first run, and I also had the early difficulty Chris had in gunfights. As I progressed I basically became a person-shaped tank armed with an uzi, a pistol, and a machete.... but usually not needing more than the uzi. I also had a pretty badass cyberdeck and was capable of solving problems by mind-controlling people into mass suicide.

Basically, think of the quickhacks as the game's version of magic. Your RAM is mana, and your quickhack deck is your spell slots.

My next playthrough will likely be more of a roguish type with crafting as a secondary focus.

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