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Love to have 19 players, but can scale down!!!

  1.  @Marcos
  2. @Forky
  3. @mrroboto488
  4. @Jam
  5. @DFF
  6. @nihilist
  7. @Gongsun Zan
  8. @RPS
  9. @Azazel
  10. @Gazz
  11. @NaiTEOL de la reversión
  12. @C-MIL
  13. @Essa
  14. @CLDY
  15. @Your Mom
  16. @Hook


Thurs morning edit:  I have a PM to a couple of guys, I should get this out this afternoon or tomorrow morning.  Appreciate @Your Mom and @Hook for stepping in.

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Yes please

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Oh, I am down to play. I thought I had said yes. 

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2 hours ago, Naitch said:

I would love to sign up but don't feel like I could commit myself fully right now.

Totally understand.  Thanks for responding.  If you change your mind...

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6 hours ago, Essa said:

If you need someone I'll play but no guarantee I'll be active on weekends. 

I can work with that.  If it gets too much, lemme know.

12 hours ago, C-MIL said:

I'll go if you need somebody.

You were the MVP last time!!!!

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One last desperate attempt:

@Mx. Canadian Destroyer @Ruki Returns @JMarushin  @Your Mom @DMN @DNB @Cymbols  @Tigerstyle @Maxx @DYSI @How The Cloud Stole Christ 


Will get the rest send out before the weekend.

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18 minutes ago, Your Mom said:

I'll play as long as you guys don't make fun of me for not knowing history stuff

Jesus, if that was a prerequisite then I'd be out as well. I remember when I used to know stuff :shifty:

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