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2021 MLB Season / 21-22 Offseason Thread

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There were two outs...all they had to do was step on first base 

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Incredible that less than 5 full years after the end of the World Series that ended the 108-year curse basically the entire team is gone. I've never seen that before in sports. Almost all of those guys have free dinners for life in Chicago and none of them play there anymore. I assumed one of them would become the David Ortiz and just be there for so many ups and downs.

I think in a few years it'll look smart for the Cubs to have had their sell off when they did but seeing the entire core of your favorite team basically depart in a matter of days has to suck.

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Baez openly said in an interview a few days ago that he wanted to play with Lindor someday, and Lindor apparently recommended Baez directly to Steve Cohen.  Cohen will have to open up his enormous wallet in November of course but I'd say the odds are high that's the middle infield duo in Queens for a long time.

Not getting a pitcher today (well, minus Trevor Williams as a throw in who is terrible this year) is a big risk though.  Essentially all of their eggs are now in the basket of hoping deGrom and Carrasco can stay on the mound the rest of the way.  Any setback in the pitching department and I don't see this team making it to October baseball.

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Cubs got the Giants' #9 and #30 prospect for Bryant.  Both total nothing prospects as far as I can tell, feel like the comp pick would've given them a similar or better prospect at that point.

Probably should've just kept him and given Cubs fans ANY reason to watch/go to Wrigley the rest of the season.

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2 hours ago, Krabby said:

I've heard this is a good return for the twins, know anything @Mx. Canadian Destroyer ?

Yeah, lots of Jays fans think this was an overpay but I see it as a good return for a guy with another year of control at a decent price.

Martin looks great, though not a ton of power so far. His defense might need some work but he'll be fine. He was pretty much blocked at any position in the Jays system.

Woods-Richardson seemed on the verge of a breakout. Lots of talk that he'd be coming up this year. Great arm with good stuff. 

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3 hours ago, Buschie Kay said:

Essentially all of their eggs are now in the basket of hoping deGrom and Carrasco can stay on the mound the rest of the way.  Any setback in the pitching department and I don't see this team making it to October baseball.

Well that was fun while it lasted.  2.5 hours after the deadline passed which saw the Mets add no pitching, GM Zack Scott announces deGrom has elbow inflammation and will not throw for two more weeks.  Given he’ll have to go through rehab, soonest he can possibly return now is September.

I know you can’t replace deGrom and maybe the available starters weren’t great, but they could have at least grabbed a couple of useful low cost relievers to help cover that the bullpen is gonna be taxed even more next month.

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@Buschie Kay must be losing his fucking mind. Mets don't trade for a starter and 2 hours after the deadline they announce deGrom is shut down for another 2 weeks and then 3 hours after the trade deadline Carrasco gives up a HR on his very first pitch as a Met.

You can't make this shit up. Only the Mets. Unreal.

😆 Looks like we posted about this at the exact same time.

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Not a single clutch hitter to be found on this Mets team and for as good of a player Baez is overall, he’s another free swinger in a lineup already filled with them.

Since being 10 games over .500 and with a commanding division lead, they have gone 18-22 and their lead has been cut in half. Being in first place for 90 days is more of a product of being in a terrible division than anything else.  They are not a particularly good ball club.

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So the Red Sox needed a 1B and pitching.  They got Schwarber - either to play 1B or move Marwin Gonzalez there.  Then a couple of relievers, one who coughs up homers and the other I never heard of but they moved Chavis to get him.

I really would have liked a starter to get Garrett Richards the fuck out of Boston.  But that never happened.  And all those Rizzo to Boston rumors sting worse knowing he went to the Yanks.

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I keep seeing a lot of negativity about the Berrios trade, but I think it was actually really good for the team. Martin wasn't going to be playing major league ball for the Jays any time soon and has cooled off this season. Woods-Richardson has electric stuff, and he's got a great personality and work ethic, but he's had a rough year down at Double A and has fallen down the pitching prospect depth chart.

Berrios, we may only have for this season and next, but who is to say that he doesn't end up sticking around beyond that? Culture goes a long way, and this isn't the Toronto Blue Jays of the 2000's. Players want to play for this team and with this core. If the franchise feels like the money is worthwhile to be spent, they'll spend it. If Berrios works out and sticks around, this looks so much better in hindsight. If Berrios helps us get into the playoffs this year OR next and then leaves? I still think it's a win. We've gotta bridge the gap between the Ryu's and the Pearson's. Berrios is a legitimate ace caliber starter that will provide exactly that, at the very least.

It's a good deal.

The Jays are a much better team now than they were a month ago, and it's all about the pitching. It would have been nice to add an experienced catcher like Gomes, but if it would have cost us an MLB player, I am happy they didn't pull the trigger.

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The Mets are not signing Rocker.

Wow.  I just assumed they’d agree to a lesser deal since Rocker would have no real leverage re-entering the draft next year.  For them to just pull the offer entirely and roll the pick to next year is very telling.

They must feel his elbow is absolutely wrecked.  Some reporters are saying they have concerns over his shoulder too, which might be even worse.

It’s not a total loss for the Mets as they’ll get the #11 pick next year in addition to their regular pick.  But still, in the span of two days they traded away their 2020 first round pick and now didn’t sign their 2021 first rounder.  Not a great look.

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