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23px-Flag_of_Argentina.svg.png ARGENTINA
22px-Flag_of_Bolivia_%28state%29.svg.png BOLIVIA
23px-Flag_of_Uruguay.svg.png URUGUAY
23px-Flag_of_Chile.svg.png CHILE
23px-Flag_of_Paraguay.svg.png PARAGUAY

22px-Flag_of_Brazil.svg.png BRAZIL (hosts)
23px-Flag_of_Colombia.svg.png COLOMBIA
23px-Flag_of_Venezuela_%28state%29.svg.p VENEZUELA
23px-Flag_of_Ecuador.svg.png ECUADOR
23px-Flag_of_Peru_%28state%29.svg.png PERU


Matchday 1 13th–14th June
Matchday 2 17th–18th June
Matchday 3 20th–21st June
Matchday 4 23rd–24th June
Matchday 5 27th–28th June


2021 Copa América squads


  • Following the withdrawals of Qatar and Australia, the schedule was shortened. The top four teams of each group will advance to the quarter-finals.
  • The tournament runs 13th June – 10th July.
  • The UK broadcasting rights are held by the BBC; I believe that the plan is for matches to be shown via the iPlayer.
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2 hours ago, Colly said:

So are we just ignoring this until the end of the pointless group stage?

Don't you want to see who qualifies 4th in group B between Venezuela and Peru?

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3 hours ago, Colly said:

So are we just ignoring this until the end of the pointless group stage?

I think we'll be saying this about every major international tournament soon.

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8 minutes ago, Malenko said:

I'm not so sure Venezuela won't qualify. They have in the last 2 copa Americas.

I'll be watching all of it anyway, because that's the kind of person I am. :shifty:

It's nice since Copa matches more or less start once Euro matches end. In the US I can basically watch 10 hours of matches as part of a normal day.

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Brazil 3-0 Venezuela. Could have scored another to be fair.

Venezuela apparently lost more than the 5 outfield players they had announced to covid as they only had 14 outfield players for this. Apparently teams are allowed to replace any player affected by covid. Venezuela's new batch of players will arrive in time for the next game.

Bolivia apparently will also have to replace 3 players with covid.


Colombia beat Ecuador 1-0. Ecuador were in possession for most of this, but didn't create much. Colombia scored n one of the very few times they did something. The second half was even worse. Colombia barely left their area but Ecuador again, couldn't do much with the ball, however, they did get a couple of chances near the end and wasted both. Lucky 3 points for Colombia, which may as well be enough to go through. They could probably do even less in the next few matches and still qualify.



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You thought you wouldn't have to watch the group stages but Argentina are already bottling their first game by drawing 1-1 with Chile after giving away a ridiculous penalty.

Messi had an absolutely brilliant free kick, though, but the best moment so far was the video tribute for Maradona.


Edited by Benjamin
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Amazing how many chances they missed. Could have easily won it 3-1.

As for the other match, the one that actually ended 3-1, it wasn't more because they didn't try hard enough. It was an embarassment.  Bolivia actually 1-0 ahead at the half but had a player sent-off right before half time.

Bolivia had a lucky break to be leading with a penalty kick 9 minutes into the match, the first time they tried something, while Paraguay missed many chances before (yes, before) and after the goal, but in the second half 10 vs 11 was way too much for Bolivia. It ended 3-1 but it could have been really ugly for them.

By far the worst south american team atm.


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Chilean mother. First time he played for them. When he joined the team it was only his second time in Chile, first since he was 1 year old.

He played the last 15 minutes or so, ran a bit and got about half a dozen touches, in case anyone was wondering.

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Just now, FLiam said:

Wonder if he even speaks Spanish.

“I have been learning keywords. They also provided me with the basic football words, and my understanding with my teammates has been very good,” he explained.

“I have also spoken a lot with Sebastián Vegas, because I was with him the first night, and he also speaks very good English, but, in general, I have got along well with everyone.”

I'll go out on a limb and say no.

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My brother played a game where my dad lives in Galicia, said you could pretty much get away with aqui.

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After getting a lucky win vs Ecuador, this time Colombia didn't manage to score a single goal against Venezuela B. 0-0 was the final score, despite the fact Venezuela barely ever left their area. 

Brazil got another easy W, 4-0. Peru was the victim this time.

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That was also the winning goal. 1-0 was the final score. Chile are obviously better than Bolivia but apart from Brazil everyone's following the euros strategy of getting one goal wins.

Argentina beat Uruguay 1-0 with a header from Guido Rodriguez after a cross from Leo Messi. First half had  a couple more chances for Argentina but they just scored that one goal. Uruguay had the ball for most of the second half while Argentina waited, but they couldn't do anything with it and so it ended 1-0.


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Ecuador wasn't able to beat Venezuela who got an equalizer n the 91st minute. 2-2 final score. Ecuador needs to get points somewhere else otherwise Venezuela B will be going through instead. This also happens because Peru managed to beat Colombia 2-1 thanks to a Yerry Mina Own goal. Every game in this group is going to be tight - except for Brazil, this will be a walk in the park to them.

The other group is going to be less exciting because Bolivia is leagues below everyone else in South America at the moment and being placed in a group with Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay won't help.

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Hey. It's me again with the copa America update no one asked for. :P


Argentina kept their strategy of scoring early and waiting the rest of the match, leaving possession to their opponents. This time, the victim was Paraguay. Also of note, Messi tied Mascherano for most caps in Argentina. He should be the leader by the time the group stages end, even if they decide to rest him at some point. He's still looking for that elusive title with the NT.


Uruguay dominated vs Chile. They tried to score vs Argentina too, but they're lacking accuracy in front of the goal, so far. This time they managed a point vs Chile, but only thanks to an own goal. Arturo Vidal of all people. 1-1 was the final score and that one Chilean from Stoke couldn't score this time around. He's still on their starting eleven though.

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      The Copa América Centenario is a celebration of the centenary of CONMEBOL and the Copa América, and is to be the first Copa América hosted outside of South America.
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      Is anybody interested in it? Starts tomorrow night here in England. Any of the Americans here know why the US squad is weaker than their Gold Cup squad despite the Copa America being more prestigious and with harder competition? Can't quite work it out, unless they're all feeling a bit jaded. They're in the hardest group too, so they're gonna be really up against it.
      As you've all come to expect, here's a plug for the fantasy league going on BS about it. It's quite an interesting idea, and so I hope a few of you will check it out and sign up. Won't require any maintenance either, so once you've picked your squad you canjust sit back and relax.
    • By edcq
      anyone watching it?

      Colombia is beating Venezuela 1-0 in the opener so far.

      The tournament is taking place in my home country, Peru so I'm hoping they can do something with the home-team advantage. I'm also hoping that Jefferson Farfan kid plays well, he reminds me of Rooney. Young and talented. Brazil are favorites to take the whole thing, but Argentina isn't too far off.

      So anyone else keeping track of this? It's on the spanish channel.
    • By Lineker
      GROUP A
       BRAZIL (hosts)
      GROUP B
      GROUP C
      The winners and runners-up of each group and the two best third-placed teams among all groups advance to the quarter-finals. The tournament runs 14th June – 7th July. The UK broadcasting rights are held by Premier Sports. ---
      2019 Copa América squads
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