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EWR July 2021 Update

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Well look who is on time with an update for once in a while...

There are no updated pics folder this month. There was only a few new workers added this month, mostly WWE developmental adds, one developmental prospect and a few Nightmare Factory trainees I've seen enough of.

The only error I know about is Sonjay not working for AEW just yet because I forgot to do it before I posted it.

Super-Lite: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ytto5g5qzz7h3jk/July_Super_Light.zip/file

Lite: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8ti356i3t8hu405/July_Lite.zip/file

Full: https://www.mediafire.com/file/czgo8tcu7dasfdk/July_Full.zip/file

How do I successfully import data?


You can do this by one of two ways, by copying the folder itself or the files.

By folder:
Select the folders you wish to copy from the export folder.
Right click and select copy.
Go into your EWR4-2 folder.
Right click and select paste.
When asked to update existing files, check yes.

By file:
Select all the files you want.
Right click and select copy
Go into your EWR4-2 folder.
Go into the sub-folder you are transferring over (DATA for data, PICS for worker and staff pictures, etc.)
Right click and select paste.
When asked to update existing files, check yes.

I would STRONGLY advise NOT to move the data files for a save file! Doing this can ruin morale for workers and mess with your title picture.

Also, I would do by file for updated pics, unless you do the full update

What is a full, light or super light update?


I post three updates each month, a Super Light, a Light and a Full update.

The Super Light update is just the DATA folder update for the new month. It is the smallest of the files and perfect if you update PICs, LOGOs and BANNERs yourself.

The Light update is the DATA folder update for the new month with PICs files. PICs for new adds (not workers who become staff or staff who become workers) are in the PIC folder. If I found updated PICs of workers or PICs of workers whom I haven't gotten a PIC of previously, it is in the Updated PICs folder. If a promotion changes its logo or has a new banner, I include a LOGO or BANNER folder.

The Full update is the DATA folder updated for the new month with everything. This is suggested for new users of EWR. This has every PIC of a worker or staff in the PIC folder. Every logo of a promotion in game whether playable or Japanese touring commitment in the PIC folder. It also includes a banner for every playable promotion in the game in the BANNER folder. The folders and files are in regardless of updates or not.

Included with every update is a pic update txt file. In the pic update, it shows for workers and staff with existing pic files, what their pic file path is in the new month's data.

You uploaded the files after the beginning of the month/I just found it and we are in the current month, why do I start in the next month? And how can I fix this?


EWR plays off of your computer's clock. Most Windows computers now run on internet calendars that have your time already set for you by default. When you play EWR, it goes by your computer's calendar. If it says June and you are starting a game with the June data, you will actually start your game in July, not June.

If you want to start a game in the actual month of the data update:
First, you want to make sure your computer's calendar is manual and not automatic. Automatic is your default calendar for most modern Windows versions. If you keep it automatic, you'll start in the next month. Depending on your version, this maybe different to turn off so I would Google the steps for your particular Windows OS.
Second, once your computer calendar is in manual, set your calendar back to the appropriate month. If you are using the current data, set your calendar back to sometime last month. If you are doing a classic update or a what if for a specific period, set it to the preferred period. Say for a WWF Invasion data starting in June 2001, you set to May 2001.
Third, create a new game as normal.
Finally, once the new game is running, you can set the computer calendar back to the present by manual or automatic.

What are these weird Japanese touring promotions that I never heard of?


The Japanese touring promotions are set by 12 promotions in Japan at the time of EWR 4-2's release in mid-2003. These are set by different stats or ticked boxes. For instance, a worker with shooting ability ticked, could get signed to BattlArts or PRIDE. Of the 12 promotions listed, only All Japan (AJPW), Big Japan (BJPW), FMW (now FMW and FMW-E), Michinoku Pro, New Japan (NJPW), NOAH, Toryumon (Dragon Gate) and Zero1 still exist. The rest cannot be edited or removed since Ryland lost the source coding and moved on from freeware to software in the TEW series. I use WMF as DDT but most are not used for other promotions. Since there is no Joshi touring promotions, Joshi wrestlers are fully "free agents" in the game.

Why is worker X not added to WWE? Why is worker Y not renamed to worker Z? Why is worker A not WWE Cruiserweight Champion? Why is the WWE 24/7 title holder not current?


I go by what happens in the month most times. Unless I say it is based around a specific PPV event (namely WrestleMania) or draft, the update is intended to reflect the wrestling landscape as of the end of the month. If WWE releases people on the first, it will be reflected in the next month's update, even if I am late in posting it. If you wish to change it after you download it, be my guest. I just try to make it true to the game.

In the specific case of the WWE 24/7 title, half the time it changes hand so often that we forget who actually is the current champ.

Why is worker T marked as male, they are transgender.


A few workers in the game namely Nyla Rose and Edith Surreal are trans wrestlers. Nyla is female because she wrestles females exclusively. Edith however is male since Edith wrestles both men and women. Due to the game being made in a time when male workers complained about putting female workers over, if Edith who identifies as female was booked over a male wrestler, the male wrestler would complain about putting over a female. Should Edith win a Women's title, this would change it, but for simplicity, Edith is "male" for the game to cause less issues. The game was built during a time of binary genders (despite having Mexican exoticos) and due to the source code being lost, there is no way to fix it so that a male worker will gladly put over a female. This is not me being a bigot, but playing to an arcane freeware game.


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When it comes to events for NWA I'm keeping the anniversary show for October and using EmPowerrr for the August event.

Due to the vacuum in the WWE PPV schedule with Hell in a Cell being in June this year I'm putting it as an NXT Takeover

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On 18/07/2021 at 17:49, MackenAintEasy said:

I am having a issue with Julia Hart's Pic causing the game to crash and giving the message "Runtime Error 481 Invalid Picture". Anyone else having this issue?

The pic I got was taken from a Png transfered to a JPG I think.

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On 26/07/2021 at 13:56, Bunkhouse Buck said:

Rename Hermit Crab to King Crab

Rename Cajun Crawdad to CC Boost

Rename JoSue Ibanaz to Kamen MK

Rename Xavier Faraday to Athrun Amada

Add the Tagteam The Outfielders( Boomer Hatfield and Molly McCoy), Experience 15 or 20

Rename ZERO to Maximilian ZERO



I'm working on an alter ego update and actually caught most of these, not the Xavier Faraday rename...

I removed Super Porky and a part of me died today...

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