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Jesus christ we've missed it

And thus I now have a PS5.

Interested in the property but don't like playing online? It's the reason I never even looked at Friday The 13th (same developer, ironically) until they patched in some single player stuff. The new Al

40 minutes ago, Ruki Returns said:

I tried to protect the loop... took awhile to find a game. I died in 2 minutes. 

Damn. I need this game. I might get it when I have my week off in October. 

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20 hours ago, Ruki Returns said:

Oh man... I had a player invade my world. Thank goodness I had my headset on as I was able to hear her sneaking up on me! Killed each other at the exact same time. Thankfully I still had a life left.

You died? GOOD. 

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10 minutes ago, Your Mom said:

People can invade your game? That sounds awful :( 


8 minutes ago, Liam said:

I'm assuming you can switch that off?

Not invasion in general, but it doesn't have to be a real person.

At the start of the game, for the first time it's an AI. It isn't all knowing, it doesn't "know" where you are and you can avoid it - that is one thing I learned. There are conditions where she will spawn (only in places where you can do an assassination) and it isn't terribly frequent. After that you can decide - if you want it to stay AI, be open to anyone or only open to friends.

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2 hours ago, Your Mom said:

Oh! The lady assassin who is after you can be played by real people if you want? That's kinda neat. I would never have that happen but it's neat in theory :P 

I just ruined someone's day doing that. I felt bad until I got my trophy.

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