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Aaron Rodgers is immune to beating the 49ers.

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1 hour ago, Your Mom said:

How dare you! We bodied those fools! It was glorious! 

The strongest evidence of body was how close Matt Nagy held Andy Dalton's body and thanking him vehemently for helping him win today. 

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I’ve already accepted that Judge is back, unfortunately.

Still pretty sure Gettleman will be “retiring” even if the Giants eked out the 7th seed somehow.  But his replacement will just be another internal hire or someone with Pats ties that want to keep Judge.

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Just now, damshow said:

I have no idea how this team is 8-3.

Well crap I was hoping you'd be able to tell me because I can't figure it out either

I'll take the 8-3 but we're a bad 8-3 team

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11 hours ago, Slogger said:

Well crap I was hoping you'd be able to tell me because I can't figure it out either

I'll take the 8-3 but we're a bad 8-3 team

Just one part of the team playing well and completely bailing out the other part. 

The team needs to have a serious look at the offensive play calling as it's not setting anyone up for success. That their best plays seem to come when something either goes wrong on defense or Lamar makes something happen with his mobility is an indictment on Greg Roman. Their responses to blitzes has not been good so far, and Lamar is zeroing in on one target (usually Andrews) and trying to force something. Two of his interceptions last night were completely on him trying to get it to Andrews when he probably shouldn't have (one was poor play design that brought Bateman too close to Andrews and then there was that one interception that was just a terrible throw). Defenses have picked up on this and want the Ravens to beat them with passes to the outside or underneath to WRs like Duvernay and Watkins. All stuff that slowly moves the ball and stalls drives if it's not caught or defended well.

But, on the other hand, the defense has been doing the lord's work the last few weeks. Tyus Bowser is emerging as a star. Odafe Oweh is a terror for opposing offenses. Moving Queen over to weak side LB strengthened a lot of their weaknesses in covering TEs. They're still prone to big plays but their DBs are decimated. If they can keep getting to the QB without blitzing they can keep the Ravens in games.

But as mentioned overall my biggest concern is what has been known about Greg Roman for years. He doesn't adapt well situationally. He designs a great offense but won't deviate in the game. Bringing in Tee Martin and Keith Williams to help the WRs get into places where they're open was big. But defenses have picked up on that, and knowing WRs take that extra half second to get open have blitzed more and more and it's clearly affecting where Jackson is looking on plays. His best target is Andrews so he's going to force things to him. 

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1 hour ago, Lineker said:



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