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Game vs. Yukmouth.

Guest BacknBlackHoez

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Guest BacknBlackHoez

Well on Friday afternoon Game came out with a diss to Yukmouth.

[The Game]

No more Bleek and Buddens, I was hoping for silence

'til the lil sleeping beauty went and woke the giant

this lil bitch from Da Luniz want beef, he lying

So I called E40 and tried to cease the violence

I got niggaz on the Island for putting in stainless work

And vaseline on their palms, getting ready to +Bang+ a +Smurf+ (You lil bitch!!)

I hear 'em screaming in Compton, sounds like my bitch cummin'

You wasn't never fuckin' with G-Unit, quit frontin'

b'fore Domination be leased, likely to a big woman

With a nine on the back, I'ma catch that bitch runnin'

Shut a 40 in his throat, now nigga spit somethin'!

And get lost boy, go visit your big cousin

I got fish to fry, throw a line in the pacific

With cocaine on the hook, for this looney ass nigga (Fuck you)

You a bitch, how you call yourself The Ice Cream man

When Master P took your name, and your ice cream van (haha!)

Name 500 million, that's your homie though

Took your manhood, gave that shit to Lil Romeo

This nigga 5 foot 2, talking that big shit

You +Got 5 on it+ ?, that money went to Chris Hicks (broke bitch!)

Tryin'a diss Too $hort for doin' this pimp shit

Nigga you been gettin' fucked, swallowing big dicks

Pac knew he was a pussy, that's why he ran South

Signed to Rap-a-lot, they never put his ass out

Hid behind Lil J, all of a sudden you thugged out

Ran back to the Bay, sleepin' on wannabe (?) cuz couch

How you drop 5 albums, and don't own 1 house !?

Get the boss to call me, Banks and Buck out (G-G-G-Unit)

It's G-Unit bitch, let me show you what blood 'bout

When my blood pressure rise, I bring the bloods out

Put the barrel on his neck, blow his guts out

*Gun blasts* Now that's what you call a Yuk-mouth


Yeah, you little faggot ass bitch

I hear you nigga, on the motherfucking internet with that little faggot ass footage nigga

Lil bitch ass nigga Domination nigga, I'll put braids in your hair motherfucker

See how you like it when this motherfuckin 50 cal nigga, blow your motherfucking brains out nigga

I'll braid your hair you lil bitch, back to you nigga

Nigga got fake dreads, you fuckin faker, motherfuckin faggot ass nigga

Yeah I see you in the club nigga, asked you if you got beef with G-Unit

You ain't said shit nigga!

"That ain't me man, that was C-Bo maaan, it's Regime, Regime man, Bay area, Bay area"

Man, I'll beat the shit out ya, you fuckin lil punk

And when I catch you, you'll need Dr.Dre to get my motherfuckin G6 out of your ass, you bitch, faggot ass nigga

And don't try to turn the Bay against me nigga, I got niggas in your town, that'll fuck you up

Valleho, Philmo', San Fransisco, Sac-Town, Oakland, Compton's most nigga

Edited by BacknBlackHoez
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