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Hey everyone!

I've had this database idea for a while, but I thought it was too dumb to do, but I wanted to get your opinion on it.

The database's name would be called the "Stock Universe" or something like that & it would be made up of fictional characters like the CornellVerse except instead of computer generated character portraits they would be the faces of stock photo actors or A.I. generated faces like from thispersondoesnotexist.com.

I think it would also be interesting if it was a community thing where you could post some of your favorite stock images or write a biographies for characters a that would be put in the database.


hOyHyCQ.jpgCyrus Alexander (Alex) Oakley, was born on June 12, 1973 in Madison, Wisconsin. As a child Alex was heavily in influenced by the over the top wrestling action of the 80's and dreamed of being a star like the ones he watched on television, but due to lifelong severe asthma problems Alex was never able to grace the ring as a performer, but after graduating Bluewood College in 95' he began training to be a referee at the Bulldog Wrestling Academy in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Alex worked for several wrestling promotions throughout the 00's & early 2010's before starting his own wrestling promotion "Split Decision Wrestling" in 2017.



They don't have to be as serious as that, but I would like to hear what you think.

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2 hours ago, KJE said:

I had this idea as well and had a bunch of different faces. I cut it, though, when there were no black people generated. 

I had that problem too & that's why I thought I'd add stock images as well to help fill some of the holes that A.I. generation couldn't. 

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Here's some logos I made along with their bios.

YXBunxu.jpgSplit Decision Wrestling was founded in 2017 by American referee & promoter Alex Oakley. SDW runs shows mostly in the Great Lakes regions, but has been known to also hold shows in the Great White North & Big Apple from time to time. Though only being open for a short time, SDW has gained a great reputation for having an easy to work with staff & a small but passionate fan base.




gj1VOcQ.jpgOpened in 1987 by "Beautiful Bulldog" Bret Burton, the Bulldog Wrestling Academy has become the go to place in the Great Lakes area to start your wrestling journey. Some of the BWA's most well known graduates being "Blackout" Jerome Mack, "Highflying" Hayden Winton, & the Indy Icon Hack O'Lantern.




RoEirOr.jpgBloodline Pro Wrestling was created in 1998 by legendary U.K. wrestler Marlin Wisdom as a promotion to help showcase his sons Max & Troy Wisdom. BPW now works along side Marlin's wrestling school the "Wisdom Wrestling Academy" to help young trainees get their feet wet much like his sons two decades ago. 




wsOGH8i.jpgLocated in the south of England is the Wisdom Wrestling Academy, run by British wrestling legend "Magic" Marlin Wisdom. WWA began in Wisdom's backyard as a training ground for his sons, but has grown into one of the U.K's hottest training spots. Marlin continues to instill "Magic" into his trainees with varying levels of success. Martin also uses his promotion "Bloodline Pro Wrestling" to showcase his students and help them get a feel for working in front of a crowd.   

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The Wisdom wrestling family.

vp5kI0P.jpgMarlin Aylmer Ward was born on April 5, 1954 in Portsmouth, England. Son of a carpenter, Marlin began his wrestling journey as a member of his schools wrestling team, but following graduation when he couldn't find work he began working as a member of the ring crew for the late great William "The Bear" Johnson & his promotion "Bear Knuckle Wrestling." Johnson started to take interest in Ward when he saw the speed that he could put up a ring & how he always had a smile on his face. Johnson would take Ward under his wing & would personally train him. It was during this training that Ward turned into Wisdom, a nickname he received from The Bear because of his alleged hard time pronouncing the word. "Magic" wouldn't accompany Marlin's name until bestowed to him by longtime wrestling announcer Bob Bradford in a match against then British Heavyweight Champion Joep Dick. Magic would go on to be a 4-time British Heavyweight Champion before retiring in 1999.

sb1fGAY.jpgTerry Issac Ward was born on August 23, 1979 in Durham, England. The oldest son of "Magic" Marlin Wisdom, Terry began training under his father to be a wrestler in 1998 & would make his in ring debut in 2000 under the ring name "Troy Wisdom." Unlike his father Troy never really found major success in the squared circle, mostly working as a mid-card & tag team wrestler. Troy announced his retirement in 2018, but has came out of retirement in sporadic for his father's promotion "Bloodline Pro Wrestling."



MQasrmH.jpgMarcus Marlin Ward was born on September 2, 1983 in Durham, England. The youngest son of "Magic" Marlin Wisdom, Marcus would begin training to be a wrestler under his dad along with his brother Terry in 1998. Undersized, Marcus was originally announced as "Little Magic" Marcus Wisdom for his first couple of years & seemed to face the fate as his brother of being an undercarder, but that changed when Marcus took his talents to Japan. Marcus would wrestle for several promotions in Japan before finding a foothold in "Fighting Intensity Revenge Entertainment!" (FIRE!). Where the head booker of FIRE! Shin'ichi Shinsuke would give Marcus his new gimmick as the devilish "Black Magic" Max Wisdom. Since then Max has been on of FIRE!'s biggest draws, though injuries & age is starting to catch up with him.

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