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General Television Thread 2022

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I maintain a huge problem with the TV series after GOT surpassed the books is they had an outline of everything that would happen, likely stuck to a fair bit of it, but they had no ability to properly write "character went from doing A to doing B".


Cersei's entire shtick was she would do anything for her children and then without a ton of build just decided that she'd be the catalyst in Tommen's suicide. I know it turned a ton of people off from the show because of how out of character it felt. But it's pretty clear they could have with ease shown that deep inside she would do anything for her children because it was what kept her closest to Jaime. But they were a bit bad with nuance those TV show writers.

You get the worst form of it with Daenerys torching King's Landing, which infuriated everyone especially all the people who named their kids after her despite being urged not to by people who read the books and knew where there was smoke there was fire. All the good things she did as a leader were because people wanted her to be a great leader but all she truly wanted was revenge for the treatment of her family. And it is something that should've slowly been brought to the fore, but they gave her exactly one scene where you see the anger rising and then one more where she kills thousands of innocent people because they're worn out from war and don't really care who rules over them.

Got a little ranty but since I doubt we'll ever see these major plot points told better (among others) since GRRM won't ever finish the books I get a bit passionate. The TV writers treated it like a soap opera where the twists happen to keep you watching as opposed to making a ton of sense.

I'm interested in the prequel but of all the possible options for a story to tell it was low on my list. 

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that's last year's btw. this year's airs in march iirc and put me down for the "ugh jonathan ross is in this? fineeee, whatever" camp

Cloudy the minute this actually happens and goes live you @ me - OK?

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