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Paul O'Grady has passed away


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Legendary British TV personality Paul O'Grady has passed away. Probably my earliest introduction to drag acts, O'Grady's Lily Savage and later O'Grady as themself have been both an outrageous and also understated icon of British TV for decades. Hopefully now they're with Buster across the rainbow bridge :(

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38 minutes ago, Lineker said:

He also did some amaziong work with Battersea, making the lives of so many animals much, much better.

No joke. My first thought when I heard the news was "at least he's with Buster again now". Absolute bloody icon.

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Yeah Paul O’Grady was great. A warm funny guy but also someone that properly acted for the causes he claimed to support compared to the shallow commitments of so many others in the media. I liked him a lot and it’s a sad and unexpected loss.

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Loved Paul O'Grady. You always had a laugh if he was either as himself or Lily. He highlighted a lot of what the LGBT community was going through at the time, and was an icon in the drag community before it was more accepted as it is today. He was fabulous. From Presenting, to Chat shows and stand up. 

You always got a sense of warmth, compassion from him and his humour. He's been a mainstay I guess since my childhood. So it was sad to hear the news. 

He did so much work for animals, and kept a lot on a farm he lived at.

He just recently spoke about another pet he had lost. I hope he is with Buster again. Such a lovely human, and did so much for many charities. I'm sure Cilla Black was there with open arms and Buster. That's what I will like to think of. 

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