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Lonestar State Wrestling: Farfetched? Yes!


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What if what you perceived as truth, was in fact something else?

And what if that something else was what you actually formed into reality?

Welcome to what is an alternative reality... An obscure reality...

user posted image

There I am. Twirling around paper balls in my dead end job of God knows what I do nowadays. The guy in the background is my buddy, Rick. My name? Sean Walker. Just a Joe Everybody with a wife, no kids, and a passion for sports. I like to get home and lay back to watch some Football, Baseball, Basketball... Anything. Anything, but if there is a sport I love overall... it would have to be Wrestling. See, me and Rick, we're big big fans of the squared circle. We have been since we were kids. We grew up as Hulkamaniacs, degenerated into the nWo Nation, and have been stapled as Evolutionists in the past months.

I see myself as just another wrestling fan... However, that's not how my loved ones view me. They say I have a gift. They say I have a gem inside me to allows me to view wrestling coherently and have bright ideas on the sport. All my buddies have told me I should go on job searches for writing opportunities in the business, but I take it as it comes. Although, I have the right credentials due to my past history in Journalism and such, I figure it's just my friends wanting easy access into backstage areas and such everytime I come back here to Texas if I ever do get the job. So, obviously I push that idea aside and just continue with my normal, boring life.

However, lately, something unexpected has been going on. I know this may sound harsh, but I have FINALLY realized my wife truly cares about me. Here's the thing... Any other wife would just say "pish-posh" to the idea of someone going for the dream of anything involving pro-wrestling... but ... for some reason... my wife has started to encourage it. Now, I know many wives are actually wrestling fans, but it's extremely rare that one would actually push you to get a job with the company in any sense. She figures that she sees me sulking at a regular basis when I come home and sometimes even when watching the sports I love so... But not with wrestling. No. She notices how my eyes beam when I see the action unfold on my television set. It's the weirdest thing having your wife push you to do a job you actuall might love and are good at... The thought kind of scares me...

And now that you know the prologue, I think it's time to begin telling my story. It all started on a crisp, and breezy morning on October 1, 2004...

[The story will continue in the next post...]

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[san Antonio, Texas - October 1, 2004]

...I was working hard... well... rather hardly working when I decided to begin speaking with Rick after various missed attemps at tossing the paper balls into the trash can.

Sean: Hey, Rick...?

Rick: Yeah, dude?

Sean: Can I talk to you about something?

Rick: Hey, you know you can talk to me about anything, man.

I sat upright to look at Rick.

Sean: Well, I have a problem.

Rick: That's what I'm here for.

Sean: ...A wife problem.

Rick: OOOKAY! You know what? I don't think I should get involved in th--

Sean: No! Hey, man! Listen! It's nothing like that.

Rick: A-alriiight... So what's it like?

Sean: Well, you know how you and all the guys are always pushing me to get on Monster Dot Com or something and pick up a writing job with the WWE whenever available? Well, sh--

Rick: You can stop right there! I know exactly what the problem is! You've finally come around and right when you're about to sign up for it, your wife butts in and says she doesn't agree with this career path, when it's CLEARLY your decision that YOU WANT TO MAKE! Am I right?

Sean: Well... no...

Rick: What? What'd I miss?

Sean: Actually... it's kind of the opposite?

Rick: Kind of?

Sean: Okay... It IS the opposite. But I mean I...

Rick: WAIT! Your WIFE is telling you to take a dream job... and... YOU DON'T WANT TO TAKE IT?!

Sean: That's how I understand it.

Rick gave me a long look of disbelief that made me quite uncomfortable like if I did something wrong or something, but snapped out of it in time before I broke. He slammed his palms on the desk and shot up storming in my direction.

Rick: You are CRAZY! Do you have any idea what you're doing?!

Sean: Yeah, making my own decisions like you say I should...

Rick: NO! You're throwing away a once in a lifetime opportunity. Your wife is telling you to take a job that you KNOW you'd love and you dont want to take it?! What are you afraid of, Sean?!

Sean: I'm not afraid of anything.

Rick: That's the biggest lie you've ever told, Sean.

Sean: No way, there was that one time with the thong and...

Rick: That's not the point! Fact is, you have nothing to be afraid of... Yet, you choose to be afraid and then toss out something that may never come your way again? How smart is that?


Rick: FAIL?! Failure isn't an option, Sean. You've got raw talent for this stuff. There is no possible way you can fail.

Sean: But even then, don't you find it weird that she's actually going for this? I mean it's not normal.

Rick: That is why you take it! In fact, pack your things!

Sean: Wait, what?

Rick: Well, I was going to wait to tell you after we left, but I've taken it upon myself to give both of us the rest of the day off.

Sean: WHY?!

Rick: Well, since you're so freakin' persistent I'll tell you, even though I was waiting until we at least got out of this hell hole. In my pocket I hold two items that can possibly get your foot in the door. What in God's name can two pocket-sized items do to help you, you may ask?

As Rick reached into his pocket I waited anxiously and puzzled to see what, in fact, were these valuable items. And that's when he pulled out two ticket stubs.


The news sprung into my head and once it processed a celebration blew up inside. I didn't even care that it wasn't really anything to get my foot in the door, I was going to Smackdown!

Sean: Rick... That's why I love you man!

I shot up off my seat and followed him out the building cause it's time to get ready for some live action! The question on whether I should try and pursue the job still hovered inside my head, but seemingly as I got ready to leave for the arena it kept fading away slowly. I was getting more excited by the second and FINALLY the door bell rang...

[story continues in next post...]

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As I rushed to the door while slipping on my Olympic Hero shirt, I could feel the rush of blood inside. I opened the door and Rick stood there, arms raised, howling at the sky and sporting his Undertaker shirt. We gave each other a double high five and I slid out of the door and jumped into the car with him as we sped off towards the arena. The conversation in the car was kind of interesting.

Rick: So, have you thought about it?

Sean: About what?

Rick: The job, dude!

Sean: Aw, come on, Rick. Don't ruin my buzz by bringing that up.

Rick: Listen to me. Tonight, you get your foot in the door.

Sean: What the hell are you talking about? How do you expect me to just go up to management as a fan requesting a job.

Rick: Impressing them. DUH!

Sean: You are quite the moron sometimes, Rick.

We both laughed it off and were kind of quiet on the rest of the way to the arena as we focused on how great the night was going to be. We were kind of let down as we made our way inside the building as we got to see no wrestlers outside, but were still extremely pumped as we went to find our seats. We sat about four rows up and right in the center shot of the hard camera. With a hot opener in Charlie Haas and Rico against The Bashams the show got off to a great start. I found myself loving everything about the first hour, ESPECIALLY the Main Event of the first our featuring Home State Hero, Eddie Guerrero, against Booker T, another Home State Hero. Why they didn't save it for the Main Event of the night is beyond me, but it was a hot hot match with Eddie picking up the victory and the United States Title. For some odd reason, I began to feel sick after the match.

It wasn't until about ten minutes into the next hour that I felt horrible and told Rick that I would take a cab home. He was a bit skeptical as to why, but wished me well and a safe trip and that he'll fill me in later on what I missed. I departed then and began the grueling walk to the outside of the building. It was a pain that I couldn't even describe. It was just so immense that I began to walk faster so that I can quickly signal for the cab and finally sit down once again. The bad thing? I think I took a wrong turn at a corridor and ended up in the superstars' parking lot! How I managed this, I have no clue, but it happened. As I looked around I wondered where the exit was because, like an idiot, I closed the door behind me and it can only be opened from the inside. So, I went on a painful journey through a sea of cars when I heard a disturbance at a nearby distance. It sounded like loud chattering between multiple people. Out of natural curiousity, I followed the noise as best as possible. I turned a corner to see EDDIE GUERRERO HIMSELF! He was pointing at the US Title and the men he was arguing with? Well, what looked like Head Writer, David Lagana, the former "Brother Love" Bruce Prichard, and finally, the big man himself, Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon. I proceeded a bit closer to hear better, but still far from their sight. It seemed that they were trying to have Eddie Guerrero reconsider something when all of a sudden he tossed the US Title at McMahon!

Eddie: WELL, YOU CAN SHOVE IT, VINCE! I've had enough of the mistreatment you give me! I've stressed over you! I've hurt over you! I've given you my soul and this is how you repay me?! SCREW IT! I'm glad my contract is running out tonight 'CAUSE I'M GONE! Maybe if you realized that you need to run business more traditionally, this wouldn't have happened! I also hope all those misguided men back there realize what I'm doing is what they need to do and walk out on your sorry ass! Take your damn contract and shove it!

Vince looked on in utter shock. Apparently giving him the US Title was a last ditch effort to have Eddie renew his contract, but after all the maltreatment he just was too miserable to keep working for a man like VKM. Eddie stormed off after spitting at the ground Vince was standing on while Vince shook his head and turned to his Road Agent and Writer discussing something. I, of course, followed Eddie as he went to his car. By this time, the pain had frozen and I was more intent on following a seemingly angry Eddie Guerrero. I knew it might not end well if I were to talk to him at all, but something inside me pushed me towards him. He was about to enter his car, and I didn't want to say anything, but I just blurted it out!

Sean: E-Eddie!

He looked around and finally found me a few yards away. He looked angry, but then smiled for whatever reason.

Eddie: HEEEEEEEY, MAN! How'd you get back here?!

Sean: Uhh... me?

Eddie: Yeah, you! Who else is around here?!

Sean: Uhh... Well, I took a wrong turn and ended up here.

I felt petrified, but moved over to him anyway. It was like if a force was shoving me towards him.

Sean: So, I uhh... I saw what happened. Is everything alright?

Eddie: Let me tell you this. I haven't felt this good in YEARS!

Sean: But... but you just quit...

Eddie: That's exactly it! I quit a job I hated! Back in WCW I got sick of wrestling... And now here in WWE I got sick of wrestling. I'm sick of it! It's time to do a job I know I'll be good at. A job that is going to show McMahon just how you truly run a wrestling company!

Sean: SERIOUSLY?! You got the money for that?! What are you gonna name it?! Where are you gonna base it?!

Eddie: WHOOOOOOOOA! Calm down, holmes! I still gotta work out the paperwork and stuff, man! But I'll tell you one thing, we're gonna dominate Texas, baby!

Sean: That is AWESOME, Eddie! Umm... I kinda feel weird asking this, but... You see I've been told by many of my peers that I have some great booking and writing skills when it comes to wrestling...

I don't know why I was about to ask this as the fear of getting rejected loomed over me like death over a centurian... But I did...

Sean: ...And was thinking of applying here, but since I am a tremendous fan of yours I figure this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and ask if YOU would hire me as your booker and writer.

Eddie: Wow, kid... You're putting me in a tough spot here, man. Tell you what. Leave me your info, and I promise I'll get back to you whether you get the job or not. I'd like to see what you're made of.


Eddie: As a heart attack...

I couldn't believe it! All I was thinking was how great an opportunity this is as I patted myself down for a piece of paper and a pen. Eddie took out a pad and pencil from his car and handed it to me after realizing I really wouldn't be carrying any of the such on me and I wrote down any information he would need to contact me. I gave it back to him, obviously shaking and he gave me a smirk.

Eddie: Have a good one, umm...

Sean: Uhh... Sean! Sean Walker!

Eddie: Sean. Alright, Sean. Take care, man.

Eddie stepped in his car and sped off as I stood there looking on in disbelief. It was the greatest day of my life. And if my wife is reading my thoughts, second greatest day of my life. ;) However, all of a sudden the sharp pains came back in massive form! So much so, that I fell to my knees holding my midsection. Then all of a sudden my head began to pound and a loud ringing and rumbling feeling was felt. I covered my ears and screamed as the world around me shook. I began to bleed a bit from my nose and mouth as a white light consumed me. I opened my eyes and...

[story continued in the next post...]

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Thanks for the kind words guys...

The light shined brightly. As my eyes began to adjust, a black figure was seen off in a bit of a distance, but no environment was to be seen. The whole area was a pure white. The black figure creeped closer and a man was clearly visible after a few seconds. I stood up and got face to face with him, then began to look around to see if I can make out anything that has happened or if anything was around me. All I saw was white. No floors... No Walls... Nothing but white and the man in front of me. Ever seen the Matrix? Yeah, that's not what he looks like. In fact, he looked just like any other guy. Just a normal guy in a suit. He looked seriously at me as I returned the favor and after what seemingly was forever, cracked a smirk.

Suit: Sean.

Sean: What? How'd you know my name? Where am I?

Suit: That's not important, what is important is what is about to happen.

Sean: What? What the hell are you talking about? I'm supposed to be passed out from a horrible pain on the ground of a parking lot, not in a poor man's heaven!

Suit: Sean, listen to me. I want you to listen to me closely. I am your muse.

Sean: My... muse?

Suit: That's right. I'm your guiding spirit... your inspiration.

Sean: I'm aware of what muse means.

Suit: Well, good that takes a good half hour out of this little discussion.

Sean: What I don't get is how I'm able to see yo... OOOH! I know what this is! I passed out and this is just all an illusion. Now I got it.

Suit: Will thinking that make you feel more comfortable?

Sean: Sure, why not?

Suit: Well, good. That makes my job a little easier. First of all, I'm sorry for causing you such pain, it's the only way we can do this right.

Sean: Hey, that's no problem. I'm fine now.

Suit: Good. The query you have about your whereabouts are simple. You are nowhere. You are actually fast forwarding through time.

Sean: Say what? Fast forwarding through time? I'm traveling in time?

Suit: You could put it that way. The time it takes for me to explain to you what's going on may only seem like minutes here but in the real world, it's actually an accumulation of months.

Sean: Oh, really? And how do you make this happen?

Suit: Through reality.

Sean: Reality? What does reality have to do with anything?

Suit: Whatever you perceive is reality. If you wanted this place to be a mountain top it will become so. It's not so much beaty, as reality is in the eye of the beholder.

Sean: What if I wanted this place to be my house and I can, you know, go home?

Suit: No, I'd rather make it an office.

The Muse snapped his fingers and the whiteness of the room turned into just that, an office. I looked around wondering what was going on now.

Sean: Why an office?

Suit: Well, you remember "a few minutes ago" when Eddie told you he would get back to you?


Suit: Actually, he didn't.

Sean: WHAT?! God... I knew this would happen.

Suit: But what if I told you I changed that?

Sean: What? What are you talking about? Ah... Who cares? This is just a dream anyway.

Suit: It's very much not a dream. This is your office, Mr. Walker.

Sean: Yeah, right.

Suit: Glad you agree! The wrestling world has taken a big turn in the right direction, Sean. Eddie Guerrero has started a company that everyone seems to love, THANKS TO YOU!

Sean: Why me? He's the one who had the idea and made it himself?

Suit: But you are in charge of the booking. The fans love it!

Sean: They... They do?

Suit: It's your booking that's putting the fans in the seats. Your approach on wrestling is what they look for. Your friends told you that you had a talent and you've been proving it for the past six months.

Sean: Six months? That's how much we've "gone in time"?

Suit: Well, no. See, you're smart enough to know that a business can't start the day after you get a phone call. It took Eddie over three months to hold the first show in January 29, 2005.

Sean: This is a very oddly specific dream.

Suit: Sean, this isn't a dream. This is very much your reality. This is how you perceive your office to a tee.

Sean: That... that's true...

Suit: This is your dream job and you're finally having fun! You're loving what you're doing! Realize that I have made this possible for you.

Sean: But... But how? Why? This is just too much to take in...

Suit: Accept it. All you need to know is in that file on the desk. From roster to storylines to champions... everything. All you gotta do is read the contents of those files and you should be set.

Sean: How much is my life affected by all this?

Suit: Your life is not affected at all. It's just life if you never passed out in the parking lot and just caught a cab home after meeting Eddie. Everyone is joyous that you got a new job, but otherwise nothing else has happened. Nothing else of note, of course. Just live life like you would if it was October 2, 2004. The only BIG change, is the wrestling world.

Sean: Uhh... How so?

Suit: Well, there's a lot going on and theres a pamphlet I have left you in the bottom left side of your desk in the drawer there that will tell you exactly what's going on, from how the IWA: Mid-South is the biggest company in the wrestling world and how WWE is just another indy company.

Sean: Are you kidding me?

Suit: Afraid I'm not. There is always going to be a consequence to an action. This is the consequence to you getting your dream job. Now, you alternating wrestling as we know it, you better handle this right.

Sean: I... I will. I promise...

Suit: I'll be watching you...

The Muse was about to go when he said...

Suit: Oh, and remember, reality is what you make it...

And with that he snapped his fingers and vanished into thin air. I looked around completely befuddled on what to do next. I turned towards my desk and glared over to the folder lying there on the cold surface of my great wooden desk. Somehow, this felt right. As I began to approach the folder the door of my office was suddenly opened.

Assistant: MR. WALKER!

Obviously startled I made a complete 180 degree turn to face the door. I stared at the young woman who bumrushed my door, but she spoke too quickly for me to make a thought.

Assistant: What are you doing, Mr. Walker?

Sean: Oh, I was just uhh...

Assistant: Nevermind, come on! We need you for briefing!

Sean: Okay, I'll be right there.. umm..

Assistant: Jane? Jane Ross? Remember? Your assistant?

Sean: OH! Right! Sorry about that, Ms. Ross.

Assistant: It's alright, now come on!

Jane took a few steps and then grabbed my arm and dragged me to the briefing room. Inside... I smiled... This is what I'm getting myself into... And I love it!

[Next Up: Information About The Company And Such]

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Hello, Sean. Chances are you're reading this now, and I'd like to be the first to congratulate you on your new job. Below is everything you need to know about what's going on in your company...


Based out of Texas and run by Eddie Guerrero, Lonestar State Wrestling takes the best wrestling from the southern United States (with some exceptions) and brings you action every month. It has been around since January of 2005 and has risen up into the top 5 wrestling companies in existence right now just through sheer popularity and hard work.


user posted image

"Latino Machismo" Eddie Guerrero (Face)

Eddie Guerrero, owner of LSW, has vouched to fight his way to the LSW title, and that he has since the beginning. It has only been recently that he has been stapled as one of the Top 4 Contenders of the title. He's been the most popular wrestler overall since the beginning.

user posted image

Roderick Strong (Face)

The Master Of The Backbreaker is known as the first LSW Champion having held it for the first two months until initially dropping it to the current champion, Mike Barton. He hasn't let down anyone with a performance yet and is still a top contender to get the title right back around his waist.

user posted image

Masada (Heel)

When you get caught with the Masadamizer, don't think about getting up 'cause it'll be impossible. The last non-champion of the Top 4 Contenders, Masada has made an impact since signing with LSW and has kept his name towards the top of the card. He's one of the more hated men in the company.

user posted image

"The Threat" Mike Barton (LSW Heavyweight Champion) (Heel)

Rounding off the Top 4 Contenders is the current champion, Mike Barton. Calling himself the threat, Mike Barton is the most despised man in LSW and has been on a mean streak since the very beginning. Claiming he was never given anything in his life he says he's determined to take matters into his own hands, and that he has. Conquering the ranks to finally destroy Roderick Strong for the title he has kept his position up there already pinning down one of the Top 4 Contenders (Strong).


user posted image

"Legit" Orlando Jordan (Face)

While not really making his presence felt at the top, he has still been a standout for the midcard as he has mainly helped Gabriel in his fight against the Steeles and lately Azrael. He has considered himself as the only legitimate competitor in LSW and is one of the most loved men in the company.

user posted image

Petey Williams (Heel)

Since his signing for the second show, Petey Williams has been turning heads with his crisp style. Of his five matches, he has won all of them. So, the only undefeated man in LSW, he has reassured everyone that he is definitely focusing on breaking into the Top 4 Contenders.

user posted image

Dallas (Heel)

Dallas is a standout, not because of his win-loss record or how much he is hated, but how dominant he is in the ring. He's been part of LSW since the beginning and has been an awesome sight to see as he picks apart his opponents in the ring. It would be no surprise to see him as one of the Top 4 soon.

user posted image

John Walters (Face)

The final standout has been the man that has raised his stock by wrestling for LSW once leaving the Northeastern United States. Not a single downer from this young man and his track record shows he's possibly the highest one on the list of people breaking into the Top 4. His only loss was against current champion, Mike Barton.

OTHER ROSTER (Face = Blue, Heel = Red)

"Straight Up" Mike Batts

Billy Fives


Jason Cross

Jimmy Rave

Joey Ryan

Mike Sullivan


Phoenix Star


Sedrick strong

Tony Kozina

"Texas Rebel" Todd Sexton

Adam Pearce

Andy Douglas


Billy Kim

Bruce Steele

Danny Daniels

David Babylon

Jared Steele


Rod Steel

Shawn Daivari


user posted imageuser posted image

Terry Taylor (Announcer) & Ron Niemi (Color)

The voices for LSW tapes, Terry Taylor and Ron Niemi bring to you a great mix of old school face/heel commentary from two of the better charimatics out there.

Referee: Mark Johnson

The former WCW Referee has made LSW his home away from home and has officiated every match in LSW since it's inception.


The main storyline going on right now is how Mike Barton considers himself a true threat to anyone that walks in his path. He has manhandled every superstar he could before, during, and after a match and has done so with such tenacity to get him the title by force, no matter how much the fans hate him for it. He is the hunter rather than the hunted like any other champion would.

And there is just another realy storyline going on in which Gabriel has been trying to fend off bullying from The Steeles (Bruce and Jared) even calling for assitance from former partner Azrael, who turned on him and began to bully him as well. His only ally is "Legit" Orlando Jordan and in a submarginal level, Joey Ryan.


Our next shows are in...

Dallas, July 23, 2005

Fredericksburg, August 20, 2005

Austin, September 24, 2005

Amarillo, October 15, 2005

Ft. Worth, November 19, 2005

Houston, Dember 17, 2005

**Muse Note: We run house shows weekly all over the US for added popularity. It was a great idea from the mind of Eddie Guerrero, not yours, Sean, so get over youself. ;)


The following are the Top 10 Companies In The World, Their Owner, And Their Top Star:

1. IWA:MS - Shane Douglas; Mark Calloway

2. NWA:TNA - Hulk Hogan; Brock Lesnar

3. LSW - Eddie Guerrero; Mike Barton

4. IWC - Linda McMahon; Mick Foley

5. NWA:FL - Ricky Steamboat; Yoshihiro Tajiri

6. PWG - Paul Heyman; Chris Harris

7. IWS - Jeff Jarrett; The Sandman

8. ECWA - Terry Funk; Matt Morgan

9. FLI - Bret Hart; AJ Styles

10. BCW - Danny Davis; Perry Saturn


The rest of the list...

11. ROH - Eric Bischoff; Ken Shamrock

12. WWE - Randy Savage; Aaron Stevens

13. CWA - Vince McMahon; Shane McMahon

14. Osaka Pro - Ultimo Dragon; Minoru Tanaka

15. Legend Pro Wrestling (Change From Ladies Legend Pro Wrestling) - Super Delfin; Tiger Mask IV

16. AJW - Chigusa Nagayo; Aja Kong

17. CHIKARA - Antonio Pena; Chris Hamrick

18. CZW - Raven; Wifebeater

19. M's Style - Jushin Liger; Kazushi Miyamoto

20. JD - Genichiru Tenryu; Daisuke Ikeda

21. NJPW - Mitsuharu Misawa; Masanobu Fuchi

22. NOAH - Shiro Koshinaka; Yushi Ishikawa

23. AJPW - Satoshi Kojima; Superstar Steve

24. NEO - Juguar Yokota; Lioness Asuka

25. JWP - Kyoko Inoue; Yuki Miyazaki

26. FWA - Christopher Daniels; Tutsami Fujinami

**Muse Note: As you can see the wrestling world has truly shifted in such a way that it is hardly recognizable anymore. The wrestlers themeselves have not changed at all in popularity, but their workplace has mixed around all over the place in spots where you would never have thought of seeing them.

[Next Up: SHOW PREVIEW!!!]

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***NOTE: I made a bit of an error while writing the backstory that I was in too deep to correct. Fact is, I've ran 7 shows since the company opened. I did alter company info to match the 6 month timing (i.e. Petey Williams was undefeated until this 7th show and on the schedule of shows the first show is the 7th show), and please forgive me if any other info just doesn't match. So, I'll set up this Preview with the intentions that this is the 8th show set up after the Four Corners Of Hell Match from the Four Corners Of Hell show.***

It was a hot night in Dallas for the biggest card to date when LSW presented The Four Corners Of Hell, headlined by the Top 4 Contenders in an Elimination Four Corners Match. "The Threat" Mike Barton retained his title when he finally eliminated Eddie Guerrero, but belt assisted. Eddie Guerrero was said to be steaming backstage, while Strong and Masada kept their cools knowing they were still part of the Top 4 Contenders, but may lose the spot at anytime if they don't do anything about it. On August 20, 2005 the action is going to be red hot when A Hero Rises in LSW when we tear up Fredericksburg! The matches are as follows...

GABRIEL vs AZRAEL - The former partners are now at a each others throats and can't wait to get their hands on each other. Tonight is their chance...

ONYX vs ANDY DOUGLAS - The debut of Onyx has been the word around LSW for the past couple of shows as a deal has finally been reached to bring him in from the big city of New York. Douglas is mighty defenseful of the south and plans on taking it out on the new guy.

"LEGIT" ORLANDO JORDAN vs ADAM PEARCE - Pearce has been the only one to defeat Petey Williams. Pearce has made it his mission now to beat on anyone who has been remotely on a role, and his next targer is the Legit Athlete himself. Will Jordan adjust more to singles wrestling rather than tag team wrestling as he has been doing recently?


JOHN WALTERS vs MASADA - It has been said that Walters will be the future of LSW already and even though Masada was able to keep his spot last month, it looks like he's being threatened for it by The Tornado.

PETEY WILLIAMS vs TONY KOZINA - Speaking of Tornados, Tony Kozina will be in action against the man who blames him for the loss last month, and rightfully so. It was actually Kozina that was pinned by Pearce, and Williams didn't like it. These two lock up in what is sure to be a spectacle.


JASON CROSS vs "THE THREAT" MIKE BARTON © - Barton is taking on any challenge outside the Top 4 this month to further prove how much of a threat he is when he can destroy anyone he wants whenever he wants. Should be solid as Jason Cross is another talent that is pushing his weight around very heftly.


Tickets are $10 for Adults and $8 for Teens. Children are free, but be aware, some of the content on the show is not suitable for those under the age of thirteen (13). Children under said age are not admitted unless accompanied by an adult of eighteen (18) years or older with written consent from the parental guardian.


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  • 3 weeks later...

I am sorry for the lateness of this show, it always happens to me that when I start doing a diary thinking I'm in the clear time-wise, it gets me busy once more. I should be able to continue on a more regular pace, however, after this.

*NOTE: As you may already have realized, this diary is being done using Chaos Mode in TEW. Just giving a heads up.*

A backstage area is shown and as the camera pans out, Terry Taylor and Ron Niemi are  sitting on stools next to a television set with the LSW Logo on it.

Taylor: Welcome to all of you once again as we bring you the eighth DVD  in the LSW set, A Hero Rises. Tonight, we have some great action for you tonight, wouldn't you  agree, Ron?

Niemi: Hey, man! You know I'm always up for the hot, hot, OH SO HOT LSW  ACTION!

Taylor: That's always great to hear! Now, for all of you new to LSW  DVDs, I am Terry Taylor and this is my partner Ron Niemi. We'll be bringing you the matches from  our latest show, in this case it is "A Hero Rises", and doing play-by-play as the action  commences.

Niemi: Aren't you lucky?! Getting to hear my voice for almost three  hours!

Taylor: I'm sure they're whiping their drool off as we speak, Ron.

Niemi: Can't blame them for loving me.

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A Hero Rises

A montage of past shows is shown to the theme song of LSW, "Wait" by Earshot, that shows  various action shots by the likes of Guerrero, Masada, Walters, Gabriel, and others ending with a  shot of Mike Barton raising the title over a fallen Roderick Strong.


Niemi: What do we got first, Dr. Feel Good?

Taylor: Chuckling to himself... I can never get used to you  calling me that. Anyway, up first we got two former partners going at it when Gabriel challenges  Azrael to a match after a tag match that reunited them turned sour and Azrael became a turncoat  once again, aligning himself with The Steeles. Now, Gabriel can never forgive Azrael for putting  him through the same mysery as before, and this time he won't stand around while Azrael gets all  the glory.

Niemi: You could've just said, "This... is personal!"

Taylor: It doesn't have the same feel to it, though.

Niemi: And you still made all the viewers fall asleep. Good job.

Gabriel vs Azrael

Out first was Gabriel to a great resounding response as he has become a real cult favorite here in  Texas, wrestling for LSW since day one. He played the crowd a bit, but then turned his attention  to the entranceway determined to beat his now-foe. Speaking of which, out he came to a  surprisingly huge heel reaction from the crowd. Azrael sucked in all the jeers, and once he got  into the ring he was unable to play to the crowd at all as he was attacked by Gabriel.

The bell took its toll and Gabriel began by hammering away at Azrael with all he's got. An irish  whip would cause Az to return and drop from a spinning wheel kick. This continued for quite the  while as it looked like Az could get no momentum going at all due to the sheer determination held  by Gabriel.

Just when it seemed that Az would never see the light of getting in any action, a headscissors  finally took down the swifty Gabriel and let Az begin his own array of high flying moves to wear  out both guys.

Gabriel, of course, just HAD to get the momentum back to get the crowd right back into it. This  part of the match saw so many crossbodies that you'd think somone was about to be crucified...  OOOOOH! BAD JOKE! Anyway, Gabe pretty much handed Az some more punishment much like before, and to  the crowd's delight. Gabriel was a little overconfident at times, usually playing to the crowd  before a move to add that extra edge to every hit.

Of course, Az is no fool and he didn't take these opportunities for granted, and once he got the  chance, a leg sweep came Gabriel's way, followed by a few drops here and there and the ocassional  high flying move which was odd, but logical due to both men being extremely winded from their  aerial act before.

Ending: Gabriel regained a tiny bit of momentum from a missed standing senton from Azrael, but  eventually Gabriel slipped up with a furious swing at the jaw of Azrael and Az made the most of it  by slamming Gabriel with the Old Testament to pick up the victory. Az looked down at his former  comrade and spit on his carcass as he walked out with a smug look.

Winner: Azrael

Match Reaction = 27.4%

Match Quality = 60.4%

Overall Rating = 29.0%

Taylor: Let me tell ya, Niemi. That was one hell of a spectacle there.

Niemi: No kidding! Great moves! Great match! And the right man went  over. It's simple mathematics, Doc.

Taylor: Not quite, but I'll give it to you anyway. Up next, Eddie  Guerrero stepped out to the ring to give his take on getting screwed out of the title when Barton  used a pair of brass knuckles to pin him at Four Corners Of Hell. Check it out...

The Challenge Is Set

"LATINO MACHISMO" is heard by a female voice and then Eddie's music plays as he struts his way  out to the hallway leading to the ring. Eddie pointed out at the crowd and took a complete one  eighty turn to get to the whole crowd. He signaled for them to get pump up the volume and that  they did as the crowd of a few thousand stood up and gave a deafening cheer for Eddie as he  finished making his way into the ring. He took the mic out of his pocket and waited for the crowd  to be a bit quieter.

Eddie: OH-RA-LE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd goes nuts once more.


The crowd explodes even more as Eddie laughs to himself.

Eddie: Yeah, man, it feels good to be here. But, there's something that  didn't feel good last month. Yeah, let me tell you about it. See, we have this "champion", right?  And he's a... well... he's a pretty big guy. I've seen him destroy people and pick them apart here  before, and I figured, "Hey, if he were to face me, he'd try the same." Oh, and notice how I said  try. ANYWAY! See, this "champion" decided that Eddie Guerrero was TOO GOOD FOR HIM! THAT'S RIGHT!  I, EDDIE GUERRERO, WAS TOO GOOD FOR "THE THREAT"!

Suddenly a screech is heard around the arena and the generic slow rock tones of Mike Barton's  music hit. He stepped out to a chorus of resounding jeers as he snarled his way to the ring. He  stepped in and immediately got in Guerrero's face. Eddie looked angry, but then smirked and backed  off as Barton continued to glare at him.

Eddie: It's okay, man. It's okay. I don't want to start anything with  you... yet. I first want to present you with something.

Barton kept a furious expression on his face, but his eyes turned in such a way in which some  confusion would set in.

Eddie: It's a video, Mike. A video that is fully about you. Do you  remember a few years back when you were working IWA: Mid-South?

Barton's facial expression turns more as if he were to be deep in thought and much less angry,  still staring intently at Guerrero.

Eddie: You remember, right? It was around the time that I was entering  into the company and it was towards the end of yours. And if I remember right, it was some kind  of... tournament.

Barton is immediately taken a-back. His eyes widen as if he were fearing something and he  immediately looked around at the crowd.

Eddie: Does anybody remember what I'm talking about? I mean, I don't  want to ruin anything, but... it must've been quite embarassing to have...

All of a sudden Eddie drops like a ton of bricks when the LSW Heavyweight Title is smashed into  the back of his skull by Mike Barton. Barton screamed out something about that footage is never  going to be shown again and that Eddie was on anytime, anywhere. He then quoted, "FEAR THE THREAT!  FEAR IT!" when he stepped out of the ring and waved the title in Eddie's face while he was still  out. Barton's music played again and he began to walk out when Eddie awoke and gave a big grin.


Taylor: Do you have any idea what footage Eddie was gonna show? And can  you believe the intensity and hatred Mike Barton has for Eddie?

Niemi: That a no and a yes, respectively, Doc. But then again, Barton  hates everyone.

Taylor: Well, that is a fact. I have a feeling that when this match  happens, it's going to be HUGE.

Niemi: If you want my take on it, I would say it's happening at our One  Year Anniversary show on December the 18th in Houston.

Taylor: That's if they can even wait that long.

Niemi: Oh, they will. I got money banking on this deal.

Taylor: Ron, it's illegal to gamble in an event taking place within  your workplace.

Niemi: Then you didn't hear nothin'.

Taylor: So, you wanna introduce us to what's next?

Niemi: ALRIGHT! Up next, we got the young upstart from the Georgia area  in Jimmy Rave taking on the SoCal Manila Thrilla, Billy Kim in an excellent match. Have a looksy!

Jimmy Rave vs Billy Kim

Kim was out first to a bad reaction from the crowd as they don't take too kindly to him. He played  the crowd a bit, but gets cut off by Jimmy Rave who makes yet another quick entrance to leap on  his opponent right at the start as he's been doing the past couple of shows.

Rave, showing a more aggressive nature in LSW begins tearing into Kim on the outside tossing him  around with quick paced moves everywhere like a rag doll. Rave finally rolls Kim into the ring,  but before Kim can even stand Rave leaps up and over the ropes with a springboard dropkick on Kim  for a two count already as the bell finally takes its toll.

Rave picks him up by the hair only to get a stomach full of fists and an elbow to the jaw giving  Kim the momentum. A few chops in the corner and Kim quickly matches Rave's previous speed with  moves just as crisp, clean, and quick. Kim came up with some great hard hitting moves with  everything from a DDT to a beautiful Enziguri.

However, Rave wasn't going to be put down so easily, and he quickly regained the momentum when was  able to slip out of a suplex predicament and change it into a neckbreaker. Rave quickly stood back  up and DELIVERED THE PAIN~! with more pure aggression that he has never shown before. He must be  extremely intent on making a name for himself here in LSW.

From here the match turned into a free for all brawl with both men just fighting to save their  life, and referee Mark Johnson had to interrupt them a few times due to illegalities in the five  second punch rules and such.

Ending: Kim got up and tried to spear Rave on the last time they were seperated, but Rave jumped  up over him and rolled on his back landing on his feet and making him slam into the corner post.  Kim was in a bit of pain for a few seconds before stumbling back straight into a Dragon Suplex  from Rave and the pin for the three.

Winner: Jimmy Rave

Match Reaction = 36.4%

Match Quality = 70.8%

Overall Rating = 55.5%

Taylor: PHEW! What a match!

Niemi: Yeah, you said it!

Taylor: Rave told me himself that he wanted to become the star of LSW,  no matter what it takes. And as you can see in his attitude, he's holding himself to that.

Niemi: Man, I just feel bad for the victims in his way...

Taylor: No kidding. Well, up next we have the debut of what we call " outsiders" in LSW. Onyx, a native New Yorker, is not from the south like John Walters and Tony  Kozina, whom both are residents of the northern United States. Onyx is extremely talented and LSW  is lucky to have him. But don't take my word for it, watch his debut against The Natural, Andy  Douglas.

Onyx vs Andy Douglas

The video went straight to when Onyx was already in the ring and on the top rope raising his arms  at the crowd. Andy Douglas' music hit and the crowd immediately knew what they wanted to do, and  that was boo the hell out of the Tennessee native. Suddenly, it seemed as if everyone and their  mother was behind Onyx on this one.

Douglas stepped into the ring and the first thing he did was jaw off at Onyx, which caused Onyx to  rush The Natural and spear him onto the mat following it with a rain of punches to the face.  Douglas got up begging for Onyx to stop, but his thick and highly stereotypical New Yorkan  attitude wouldn't let him and Onyx stayed on Douglas like white on rice.

Douglas was able to recover however when he literally gave Onyx a swift kick to the balls. He  followed the illegal show with a few elbows to the face and finally a clothesline to take the very  built man down. Douglas gave Onyx some fast paced moves to counter his strong style and really  began to immobilize his legs with various kicks to the shins.

Onyx then used some ungodly strength in his arms to tear into Douglas due to his inability of  using his legs and suffered as he gave Douglas several suplexes. Everytime he'd try a slam or a  toss, it'd hit, but he'd quickly crumble to the mat in pain holding his legs. Which is why he  resorted mostly to fists and clotheslines to wear out Douglas completely.

Of course, Douglas soon caught on and eventually ducked a clothesline and caught Onyx from behind  in a crucifix position. Onyx tried to hold him up, but quickly fell to his knees as Douglas  wrenched at his arms in what seems to be a submission move now as Johnson kept asking Onyx if he  was going to give up and Douglas was shouting for him to do it. Onyx would not give in and fought  through the pain, like a true man.

Eventually, Onyx was able to finally get back onto his feet and jump back into a hellacious Samoan  Drop that had both men out until the ref's count of eight. Onyx now was relegated to using his  shoulders with various shoulder blocks to The Natural's stomach, and in each shot it seemed he  would get worn out even more.

Ending: Douglas was able to get up from one faster than Onyx himself and with a knee to the face  and a standing Tornado DDT, which he thought had finally finished Onyx, but only got a two count  from it. Douglas angrily pinned Onyx again, this time with the tights, to finally get the three  count.

Winner: Andy Douglas

Match Reaction = 28.4%

Match Quality = 66.7%

Overall Rating = 48.8%

Taylor: That Onyx is one tough beast! It took Andy so much time to get  him on the floor and he still need the tights for leverage to finally tame the beast.

Niemi: He didn't NEED to, Doc! He used it as a pro wrestling match  enhancer, or what I call PWME.

Taylor: When was this term introduced?

Niemi: Ten seconds ago, give or take.

Taylor: You can't just make up wrestling terms, Niemi!

Niemi: I have every right to do so, thank you very much. I know my  freakin' rights...

Taylor: Right... Well, anyway! Up next we have a technical dream match  between SoCal native, Joey Ryan, taking on the Midwest LSW Outsider, Danny Daniels. Should be fun!

Joey Ryan vs Danny Daniels

Ryan pumped up the crowd with his fan friendly entrance of slapping everyone's hands on the way to  the ring. He stepped in and kept on pointing at fans and raising his thumbs at them until DD's  music hit and the crowd became disappointed that he just HAD to ruin everything. He got boo'ed all  the way to the ring, and once he slid in Ryan began by...

...STOMPING THE HELL OUT OF HIM! I guess Ryan doesn't like his entrance getting disrupted. He  picked up DD and whipped him straight into a slingshot belly to belly suplex. Ryan immediately  began the stompfest once again to keep DD down.

DD however used some great ring presence to hook his legs to the ropes when Ryan tried another  belly to belly, and he fell on Ryan putting the ball in DD's court. DD's first offensive move was  that of a headlock quickly trying to immobilize Ryan by blocking the blood from reaching his head.

Ryan didn't last long in it and soon DD's first move, became his last for the moment as a snapmare  was in order and a nice stretch of the arms came for DD when Ryan planted his knee right into his  back and wrenched at his arms. Slowly Ryan lifted DD up and swiftly moved into a full nelson  falling foward to give him Jericho's old move, and a quick two count.

A battle of crisp suplexes between the two followed this as the crowd went absolutely nuts for  this as they are crazy for this style of wrestling. Each one tried desperately to keep the other  down on the mat no matter what tactics or suplexes it took. As long as it looks like it hurts, it  was probably used.

Ending: After both men had worn each other out to the point where it was hard to lift each other,  Ryan mustered up all his strengths to corner DD, lift him up onto the turnbuckle and come back  with a HARD Superplex that gave him the three count from Mark Johnson.

Winner: Joey Ryan

Match Reaction = 31.2%

Match Quality = 64.9%

Overall Rating = 43.7%

Niemi: Man, Daniels looke EXHAUSTED!

Taylor: Can you blame him? I mean, you hav to expect this from Joey  Ryan. He's always going to fight long and hard to keep you down and worn out. That's what he knows  how to do best. So, when you get in the ring with him, you have to bring your "A Game" to the  table, or you'll just fall apart.

Niemi: What are you trying to say? That Daniels didn't bring his "A  Game"?

Taylor: I'm not saying that at all. I'm just trying to make a point.

Niemi: Suuure, Doc, sure you were...

Taylor: Why don't you believe me?!

Niemi: Hey, it's time for some STRAIGHT UP LEGITIMATE ACTION from Adam  Pearce and "Legit" Orlando Jordan! Check it out!

"Legit" Orlando Jordan vs "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce

Mr. Pearce was out first sporting a great cocky smile as he struts his way to the ring. He's not  shy to let everyone know how he feels about them by jawing about how much greater he is than they.  The jeers seemed to be endless until the adrenaline pumping sounds of OJ's music was heard. The  crowd thew themselves into a frenzy as Pearce stripped off his ring jacket much to his own  delight.

Jordan ran into the ring and immediately gave the overly confident Pearce a nice clothesline to  remember. Jordan continued to pummel Pearce with boxing style punches once he bounced back up  after the first blow. A drop toe hold would continue Jordan's momentum as he continued to brawl  Pearce to the ground.

Noticeably, this wasn't Pearce's strongest area of skill, but naturally he's good enough to  realize how to eventually counter this attack. He did so when Jordan broke away from the punches  and kicks and tried a suplex. Pearce wrapped his legs around the waste of Jordan on the haul up  and rolled him into an arm-bar that would immediately begin to make him lose strength in that one  arm. He has it locked in for well over two minutes when Jordan finally picks up enough strength to  roll up and poke Pearce in the eyes with his remaining hand. Pearce lets go and Jordan rolls  around in pain, but Pearce seems to be playing possum and immediately goes on the assault with a  few suplexes to wear down Jordan leading to another arm-bar to the other arm!

OJ wouldn't stand for it and immediately lunged his legs towards one of the ropes to get out of  the hold, but Pearce left it in for a four count making it do some damage. Pearce rolled up and  played to the crowd extremely arrogantly to much jeer. Of course, this was a rookie mistake that  was expected more of OJ than Pearce, and Pearce found himself in another brawl assault from  Jordan, who used both his legs and his one semi-good arm. It looked like OJ got in a really good  shot as after a knee to the gut, Pearce seemed to have some internal bleeding as he coughed up a  bit of blood.

Never the less, Pearce still got back into it and soon they both ended up tearing each other apart  bit by bit with whatever they had left. For every slam that Pearce tried, it seemed Jordan would  get the better of him by hitting twice as hard.

Ending: Pearce got so frustrated that he clotheslined Jordan in the middle of a chopping contest  and locked him up in one more arm-bar on his good arm. Jordan reached the ropes, but Pearce  wouldn't let go! Mark Johnson had no choice but to call for the bell in favor of Orlando Jordan  via disqualification. Pearce yelled at the top of his lungs as he wrenched on OJ's arm and it took  two security guards working the show to finally get him off. Pearce left steamed after spitting on  Jordan who was grabbing his arm in agony.

Winner: Orlando Jordan (DQ)

Match Reaction = 29.1%

Match Quality = 68.3%

Overall Rating = 54.3%

Taylor: You know, it's always hard seeing a great competitor go down  with an injury of that matter. Especially when someone gets so frustrated when they are almost on  the losing end of a match. Adam Pearce is better than that.

Niemi: In Pearce's defense, Jordan DID make him bleed first, you know?

Taylor: That is no reason to cause damage through physically aggrivated  assault like Pearce performed here.

Niemi: It's a freakin' wrestling match, Doc. He didn't assault him in a  back alley or anything!

Taylor: Either way, it was very much uncalled for, and I'm sure that at  next month's show there's going to be hell to pay on the part of The Scrap Iron.

Niemi: You're taking this waaaaay too far, Doc. Let me just introduce  the next match. It's a doozy, folks! Watch as Masada's spot in the Top Four Contenders is in  jeapordy when the "King Of The Outsiders" as I like to call him, John Walters, challenges him for  the spot.

Top 4 Contenders Spot: John Walters vs Masada ©

Walters came out first to a resounding amount of appreciation as he slapped hands with the fans on  his way to the ring. He climbed the turnbuckle and had them start chanting "Top 4" as a guide to  tell them that's his aim tonight. Masada pretty much stopped the fans in their tracks when they  started going with it as his music hit and he stepped out. They boo'ed him all the way down the  aisle and even when he got in the ring and in Walters' face.

After Masada jawed off to Walters, he got his "jaw knocked off" by a slap to the face and a quick  hip toss into a surfboard variaton mixed in with a type of abdominal stretch. Masada pounds on the  mat with the heel of his feet and works his way up. Masada is able to turn around while still  having his arms locked in by Walters, but Walters knees him in the gut making him slouch down.  Walters then hoists him up to try and go for the Tiger Driver, but...

Masada hooks his legs and reverses it into a rana! Walters rolls up quickly, but dizzyly, and  falls back down due to a wheel kick and a one count shortly follows. Masada doesn't let Walters  gather up his marbles and is quickly on him with forearms to the head. A few slams and suplexes  here and there get Masada some close falls, but nothing to write home about.

Eventually, Walter reverses what is already a great contest going in his favor and puts on a  technical exhibition that is actually TOO GOOD to write home about. He keeps Masada grounded with  various locks and plexes also getting various close falls throughout.

The match evens out in the latter parts as it actually speeds up more and the intensity level  rises with each passing move that follows. The crowd really got into it here, but it seems like it  was too late. I mean they enjoyed the first parts, but now it's late into the match and they seem  to have finally woken up in a bigger way.

Ending: The match ends much too quickly for the crowd as Masada gets ready to finish this off. He  lifts Walters up onto his shoulders ready for the Masadamizer, but Walters wriggles out and plants  his feet on the top rope. He then revolves one hundred eighty degrees while holding Masada's head  and hits the Hurricane DDT to win the Top 4 Contender spot! The crowd began yelling "Top 4", but  there were also a lot of scattered "5 More Mi-Nutes" chants signaling the crowd wanted some more.

Winner And NEW Top 4 Contender Holder: John Walters

Match Reaction = 48.2%

Match Quality = 68.6%

Overall Rating = 36.0%

Niemi: Hey, I wouldn't have minded five more minutes of that action!

Taylor: Me neither! And it looks like we have a shift in the top of the  company as Walters breaks into the Top 4 Contenders spot and Masada falls off. Can he stick to the  spot, though?

Niemi: We may have many, many, many talented guys here, but I think  Walters is gonna hold on to that spot for a while.

Taylor: I get the same feeling, Ron. And I also get the feeling that  we're in for another big big high paced match-up when Tony Kozina challenges Petey Williams. Let's  get to it!

Tony Kozina vs Petey Williams

The Canadian National Anthem is heard and out steps Petey Williams to a wave of jeers among the  crowd. Williams takes a while in the aisle as he threatens a few fans, but that's soon brought to  an end when Kozina pops out of the crowd out of nowhere and hits a flying clothesline off the  rail.

Kozina has much hatred for Williams when Williams saw it fit to knock him out of the match last  month. Kozina continued to punch Williams the rest of the way down the aisle, not hesitating to  toss Williams onto the rail or onto the ring steps on the way there much to the crowds delight. He  rolls Williams into the ring and slingshots up and over with a leg drop to the back of Petey's  head and a one count results. Kozina whips Petey to the corner and Williams stumbles forward.  Kozina sets up and tries for a springboard crossbody off the top turnbuckle.

Petey dodged it and once Kozina popped back up, an armdrag took him down, and then another... and  another. Williams then hit a quick slingshot suplex for the quick one count. A few more slams here  and there and then Petey used quick skills to keep Kozina off the turnbuckles thanks to his  technical prowess aside from quick, high flying maneuvers.

But don't count Kozina out yet. He may have a more solidly defined style in high flying, but he's  no stranger to the game. The veteran is able to find his way out of a german suplex with great  ring awareness through a backflip and landing on his feet. Petey shot up and was taken down with a  couple of punches and then spinning arm breaker for the two count. Kozina used some quick kicks to  soften up Petey, but...

Petey was able to block the fourth in a row and leg sweep Kozina down. The match got extremely  quick here as neither man had a definitive advantage due to the sheer velocity of each others  attacks. The pace had the crowd in a frenzy, but the same aspect in the last match became a factor  in the match ending way too fast.

Ending: Petey had worn down Kozina enough to whip him to the ropes and have him fall straight onto  Petey's knee setting him up for the VERY devastating Canadian Destroyer and the victory on Petey's  part. He played the crowd a bit as the crowd just plain out boo'ed him and the match length with  another "5 More Mi-Nutes" chants spreading around the arena.

Winner: Petey Williams

Match Reaction = 34.1%

Match Quality = 71.7%

Overall Rating = 50.1%

Taylor: And Petey comes up with a hard fought victory in this one,  however, I don't see this one as over yet.

Niemi: Yeah, me neither. If you saw the look of Kozina's face after that  match you'll see that this definitely is not over... at least for him.

Taylor: We'll have to see what happens next month, now won't we? In the  meantime, I think it's that time once again, Ron.

Niemi: You meaaaan....?

Taylor: That's right! It's Main Event time!

Niemi: Finally! It's time for the LSW Heavyweight Title Match between  Jason Cross and the champion himself, "The Threat" Mike Barton. And after what happened earlier I  don't think Cross is too excited to be in the same ring as him.

Taylor: While I don't envy him, he's got more guts than anyone to still  go for it. Let's see how he does...

LSW Heavyweight Championship: Jason Cross vs "The Threat" Mike Barton ©

Jason Cross was out first making a cross symbol for the crowd the whole way down the aisle to a  good ovation. He stepped into the ring and jumped around a bit, warming up with a look of  determination, but a bit of fear and unsureness as well. Then the screeching was heard around the  arena and the lump in his throat went up high and down low. The slow rock riffs echo through the  arena as the ever-angry, one-gloved champion makes his way out. He stomps into the ring as the  boo's pour down like rain all over him.

The begin to walk circles glaring at each other for a few seconds when Cross gathers his guts and  immediately tries to assault Barton with a barrage of punches. Barton isn't like a cold machine or  anything so they hurt and it shows, but it's not enough to knock the big guy down. Cross ran the  ropes and tried for some rebound forearms, but they only hurt him more and got him angrier and  angrier.

Cross got desperate and tried to go to the well one more time going for the punches, but  immediately goes down with a football tackle. Barton yells at him and begins tossing Cross around  the ring in a bad way. Barton hoists Cross down and brings him back down like a ton of bricks with  a stalled suplex. Barton sneers at the crowd who respond in a resoundingly bad tone. He yells at  them to "FEAR THE THREAT" and goes back to work on Jason Cross. Some slugging on the part of  Barton and a rough neckbreaker keep him going as Cross seems desperate to find anything that'll  work on this maniac.

Sure enough, after some more punishment he finds himself with a resource to get back in the game.  If there's a problem that Barton may have is that he lets the crowd get to him. He consistently  yells back at the crowd when they start jeering at him and it costs him, like right here. He had  the momentum going for him, he already had Cross down for a few close falls, but now he turns away  and Cross is able to gather his marbles. Once he turns around, a dropkick to the jaw finally  brings him down for the first time. Cross doesn't waste any time and goes to slug away once again  in a smart move. Cross whips Barton and hits yet another dropkick to Barton to wear the champ  down. Cross goes up top and hits a hurricarana once Barton gets up, making Barton retreat to the  outside to catch a breath. Barton yells at a kid who keeps yelling at him and once he turns around  falls victim to an over-the-top senton to the floor by Jason Cross. Cross continues to hit the  high pace, high flying moves that seem to be working when he hops on the guard rail and comes off  with a moonsault on Barton when he gets up one more time. He then drags Barton back into the ring  for a two count.

Cross continues wearing down Barton with what seems to be his weakness until a crossbody (man,  we've had a lot of those tonight) turns back to bite Cross when he falls victim to a Fallaway Slam  after getting caught by The Threat. Barton once again got the momentum going in his favor. A few stomps kept Cross slightly out of it, and eventually Cross caught himself on the receiving end of more high stakes moves like that of a Reverse Suplex DDT that ended in another close fall. Barton was getting steamed, oh so steamed as the resilient Cross was putting all his mind, body, and soul into this match. And that's when Barton began to lose focus.

Cross was able to get in a few elbows to the gut from a headlock that Barton applied, and an unassisted enziguiri to the head knocked both men out for a while as Johnson got to the eight count. Both men groggily stood up, and it was now a battle of who had the most strength left. Obviously the enziguiri knocked Barton silly and the beginning of the match didn't fare too well with him, and Cross has been flying around everywhere, so it was even game. Each man came in with right hands. One after the other it seemed that the blows would get bigger. Each man would fall to a knee due to the force behind each fist.

Cross gained a bit more momentum when he ducked a solid right hand coming his way from Barton and used a nice kick routine to get Barton down to his knees. He ran back and hit a nice shining wizard style variation which again knocked out both men. Slowly, but surely, Cross made his way to the bleeding Barton and got a two count after draping his arm over the fallen champion.

Ending: The crowd was on their feet chanting for Cross to get up. Both men had to use the ropes to get up, and somehow, someway, Barton got up first. He unstrapped his glove and tossed it away then raised his fist in the air calling for the finish. Cross got up, turned around, and again ducked another punch attempt by Barton to the crowd's approval. Cross tried fighting back with fists and a big right hand knocked the big guy down. Cross climbed the turnbuckle to set up the finish, but was keeping his eye off Barton, not realizing that Barton would get up quicker than predicted. As Cross leaped up Barton landed his left fist straight onto the heart area of Cross's chest for the DEVASTATING Heart Punch that has finished most if not all of Barton's opponents lately. Needless to say, Cross was out COLD. The kid wasn't even moving! Barton sneered as the mood in the arena dimmed to hear the three count from Johnson. Barton rubbed his hand on his forehead and planted it on the Cross's fallen carcass to mark the blood prints as he yells for him to "FEAR THE THREAT!". However, the crowd doesn't stay silent for long as the cheers begin to eminate all over the building. Barton looks around angrily at the crowd yelling for them to shut their mouths when all of a sudden he is knocked out by the freight train they call an LSW Heavyweight Title Assisted Eddie Guerrero. Eddie plays to the crowd and tosses the belt on the fallen Barton as he makes his way to the back celebrating the whole way. The final shot of Barton is shown knocked on the ground, furiously glaring at Eddie while belly down on the canvas before we cut to the final shot of the LSW studio with Taylor/Niemi.

Winner And STILL LSW Heavyweight Champion: "The Threat" Mike Barton

Match Reaction = 53.2%

Match Quality = 70.6%

Overall Rating = 63.2%

Niemi: Looks like Eddie got the last laugh there!

Taylor: You're telling me, and good God what a match that was.

Niemi: You know, deep down inside, a TINY LITTLE BITTY part of me thought that Cross might, just MIGHT have come out of that match the champion.

Taylor: The kid sure did put up a great fight, but it just wasn't enough and it goes to show you why Barton is the champion.

Niemi: He's been dominating for months now, I won't be surprised if he continues on a few more, to be honest.

Taylor: Well, again we're going to have to find out when we come back to you next month, from Austin, Texas! For Ron Niemi, I'm Terry Taylor! See ya next month!

Show Rating: 51.4%

Attendance: 4,441

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LSW News And Notes On DVD's, Adam Pearce, And More

By: Mike Johnson

- LSW, as usual, has been working fast to shell out their DVD's and just two weeks off A Hero Rises, the DVD is already on sale in our shop here. Also available is the package set of the first six months of LSW included every show from Gen-Tex to The Unstoppable. A similar package is in the works already for the next half starting with Four Corners Of Hell and now including A Hero Rises. And finally, the One Year Anniversary Package will be available in March of 2006 with every show highlighted, plus more. More news on that to arrive in the coming months.

- Speaking of the One Year Anniversary. It has been definitely confirmed (at least the city) that the show will take place in San Antonio on (the unofficial date) January 22, 2006. The first ever show to be held on a Sunday by LSW. The reason being that they want to hold a fan festival the day before where you can get some autographs and such at different booths. It'll be a great weekend and tickets will go on sale Saturday, November 12.

- A status update on Adam Pearce is finally available as it seems he has finally healed from his problems with internal bleeding due to his match with Orlando Jordan two weeks ago. If you haven't read already, Jordan mistakingly hit him legit in the stomach with his knee and cause Pearce to literally cough up blood. He's fine now and is ready to resume independent bookings, including his PWG booking this upcoming Friday.

- Eddie Guerrero will be signing autographs back in his hometown of El Paso outside Virgin Mega Store in Lakeland Mall. Click here for details.

- The Austin Press ran a small story on LSW about it's upcoming event there on the 24th of this month. They said it was to be called "Heat Of The Moment", so you can say that now we know the name of the next DVD to hit the shelves. It also pushed Mike Barton pretty well. Check it out here.

- Returning for the event will be Dallas, The Steeles, and Mikey Batts. I've heard of no one new being brought in at this time.


Poll Of The Day

Today we're asking....

- PWInsider.com

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---------------LSW NEWSLETTER---------------


A Hero Rises saw Eddie Guerrero get the upper hand on "The Threat" Mike Barton at the end of the night when he blasted him with some of his own medicine! The challenge has been set, but when?! When will we get to see what is already being spoken about as the biggest match to date in all of a pro wrestling. Eddie Guerrero, a man that started LSW and has chosen to fight his way to the top, and Mike Barton, a man who was never given a chance, so he took it with raw strength and prowess. Will we get an answer when we hit Austin on September 24th?! We'll have to see when both men appear on the show and we see the returns of Roderick Strong, Dallas, Mike Batts, The Steeles, and Quicksilver/Phoenix Star! The matches will see...

THE STEELES vs QUICKSILVER & PHOENIX STAR - Both teams return to action this night in what will surely be a terrific tag bout. The Steeles have pretty much finished off Gabriel with the help of Azrael, but Gabriel has stated that he wasn't done yet. Will he be involved anywhere here? We'll have to see.

ONYX vs ANDY DOUGLAS - The return match is set. Douglas cheated to win the match by lifting the tights for a height advantage when he got overly frustrated that Onyx would not stay down. Onyx issued a rematch and was granted the luxury. Can Onyx even out the win/loss record here?

"STRAIGHT UP" MIKEY BATTS vs "SCRAP IRON" ADAM PEARCE - Pearce put Orlando Jordan out of action for a while last month. OJ has been sitting at home after a severe dislocation of his arm was in order due to the fearce tenacity from the Scrap Iron. Pearce did have some internal bleeding, but nothing came close to what he did to OJ. Now, Mikey Batts has been called to defend OJ's honor in a match against Pearce. Should Batts be honored... or fearing for his life?

JOHN WALTERS vs AZRAEL - Tonight we will see the newest member of the Top 4 Contenders club take on a man who was victorious against his former partner. Azrael has entered the company with two things on his mind, destory Gabriel, and conquer LSW. We'll see what level he truly is at when he takes on The Tornado.

DALLAS vs JIMMY RAVE - The big guy, Dallas, returns to LSW as he takes on the ferocious, young upstart Jimmy Rave. Despite being the Home State Favorite, Dallas is not liked at all by the fans, while Rave has quite the cult following behind him. Will this give Rave THE POWA~! to overcome the strength of Dallas?

PETEY WILLIAMS vs RODERICK STRONG - And in tonight's Main Event, Petey requested for this match to be a Top 4 Contenders Spot Match, but it was not granted to him. However, if he could beat Strong in this match then he will have another shot at getting in next month. Will Petey finally step up and shoot for the top? Or will Strong, the first LSW Champion, show him what a true champ is made of and show him how exclusive the Top 4 Contenders is to get into?


Bell Time - 8:00 PM, Suggested Attendance Time - 7:00 PM

Tickets are $10 for Adults and $8 for Teens. Children are free, but be aware, some of the content on the show is not suitable for those under the age of thirteen (13). Children under said age are not admitted unless accompanied by an adult of eighteen (18) years or older with written consent from the parental guardian.


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Great start, LL. I usually am not one to read created feds (and I wouldn't have if you didn't shove this in my face on MSN), but I'm glad I did. The booking for the first show was rock solid, and I'm impressed how quickly you were able to set up the whole ambience of your fed.

I'm looking forward to the potential Mike Barton vs. Eddie feud, and also the revelation of what IS on tha tape.

You've got a reader in me.....


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  • 1 month later...

First it was GTA, and lately it's just been a constant battle of emotions for me with some things happening. But I'm back and have typed up this show. Bear with me please.


Rainman def. Jason Cross via The Spinesplitta (55.1%)

Gabriel and Joey Ryan def. David Babylon and Danny Daniels via Gabriel Tornado DDT on Babylon (56.9%)

Sedrick Strong def. Shawn Daivari via Diamond Dust (49.7%)

Todd Sexton Over Billy Fives via Roll-Up With Tights (51.3%)

user posted image

Once again, we pan into the backstage area where Terry Taylor and Ron Niemi are sitting on stools next to a television set with the LSW Logo on it.

Niemi: HEY, FOLKS!

Taylor: Hello, again, LSW Fans as we bring to you yet another excellent show from Lonestar State Wrestling. Why don't you tell them what we can see on this DVD, Ron?

Niemi: Sure, Doc! Tonight, we've got plenty of matches to fit your fancy when you see Onyx versus Douglas PART DEUX, DA TORNADAH John Walters taking on the Oh So Gothic Azrael, and Mr. Canada Petey Williams, TRUE KING OF THE OUTSIDERS, taking on DA FORMER ONE TIME LSW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPEEN, Roderick Strong!

Taylor: Nice way of putting that extra "oomph" in there, Mr. Niemi.

Niemi: Thanks! I try.

Taylor: Well, what do you say we dive right in to some tag action shall we?

Niemi: Let's shall!

Phoenix Star & Quicksilver vs The Steeles (Bruce Steele & Jared Steele)

The Southern California stars came out first to a resounding ovation as the slapped hands all the way down to the ring. They began yelling things at each other to get each other pumped up and stretched a bit before the positive sounds in the audience grew very negative quickly as the slow riffs of the theme song for the Steeles came on the PA. They strutted to the ring cocky like with matching ring vests and all. They slowly take them off to a nice ring of boo's as the two teams begin to exchange words.

We kick off our opening bouth with Bruce Steele and Quicksilver. A quick tie-up would end up giving Steele the advantage due to his more ground-based area of work. Steele wrenches back the arm and pounds on it with his elbow a bit, before using it as a propeller type for an armdrag leading into an arm-bar.

Quicksilver uses his quick mentality to quickly wriggle out of the hold and begins using his quickpaced moves to immediately wear out the Florida native, Bruce Steele. Soon enough, Silver is able to tag out to Star and Star continues the quickpaced onslaught trying to keep Steele away from his corner as much as possible. Each time that Steele would try to crawl to his corner, it was either Star or Silver that was on his case once again using some great teamwork.

Eventually, a mistake would be made and Bruce was able to overcome a rana attempt from Silver, and reversed it into a desperation powerbomb. Both men were worn out due to the fast nature of Silver's attack and Bruce being at the receiving end of said attack. Each man slowly, but surely got up and began to pound on each other with fists. Suddenly, they both hit each other at the same time making them stumble back to their respective corners. The partners tag themselves in and Jared runs in only to fall to a springboard leg lariat from Phoenix Star. Jared quickly shoots up and clotheslines the seemingly smaller competitor and the struggle for momentum continued with many counters coming in between both men.

Soon enough, Jared overpowered Star and the extended momentum on the Steeles part began with many powerhouse moves putting Star to the test of just trying to stay alive. The Steeles, after Bruce recovered, used every chance they could to either cheat their way through the match or use various double-team tactics to overpower the seemingly breathless Phoenix Star. Even worse, it seemed that everytime Quicksilver tried to get in the match, he was stopped once more by Mark Johnson.

Ending: It seemed The Steeles had this one in the bag when they yelled for the Double Flapjack. As they set up, out of nowhere, while Johnson attended to a fallen Quicksilver, Gabriel pulled Bruce to the outside and dropkicked him onto the rail. He then leaped onto the apron and springboarded off with a crossbody once Jared turned around to see what's going on. After landing HARD on Jared, he ran off into the crowd as Star slowly arose to the top rope and came off with an amazing Phoenix Splash just in time to get the three count and the victory!

Winners: Phoenix Star and Quicksilver

Match Reaction = 35.4%

Match Quality = 60.7%

Overall Rating = 48.5%

Taylor: Ron, let me tell you. What an amazing phsyical match-up that was right there!

Niemi: Yeah, Doc. I mean, look at me. I'm sweating over here!

Taylor: When aren't you? Ha ha ha!

Niemi: You know there's just three of us in this room and the cameraman isn't laughing?

Taylor: Clearing his throat. I am well aware.

Niemi: Right... Well, anyway. It's time for some hot, one-on-one action!

Taylor: That's right! We got the return of the indestructible, Dallas, as he takes on the LSW prodigy, Jimmy Rave! Let's get it on!

Jimmy Rave vs Dallas

Dallas came out first to a resounding disapproval by the whole crowd. Looking much like Test in his earlier leather pants days, he had the sunglasses and t-shirt for his entrance. He stops at the mouth of the hallway just a few feet from the ring, takes his glasses off, and begins to glare at the crowd. He steps in, up and over the top rope. He raises his fists in the air and proceeds to take off his shirt while his theme is replaced by that of Rave's. Who, of course, makes his quick ring entrance, this time doing a spectacular move right at the start!

Rave jumped on the top rope and spingboarded off with a hurricarana and a quick one count immediately. Rave began punching away at a seemingly angry Dallas to keep his mean streak going. A few more moves would be the only thing Rave would hit for a while.

Coming off with a Double Axe Handle, Dallas caught the pest with his huge hand and in one swift motion hit a chokeslam once Rave's feet hit the ground. Powerhouse moves would be the next resort for the homestate villain. Rave was being dismantled with everything from suplexes to powerbombs onto the turnbuckles. Mostly resulting in a bunch of two counts.

Eventually, Rave would turn on the backburners and began to violently pummel Dallas after a missed Big Boot. Rave bounced around the ring coming off the top rope with every move he had to wear down Dallas then began to work his knees to knock the big man down to size.

This, of course, only made Dallas angrier and soon he was all over Rave once again, only limping. It seemed pretty even here as for every hit that Dallas made, Rave would just come back and tear him with two more.

Ending: Dallas was able to hit a powerful clothesline on Rave, but both men were so winded that none made a move to cover the other. In an amazing effort, Rave woke up before Dallas and began to run circles around him. Dallas stood up and like King Kong trying to catch a jet, couldn't grab him. Rave hit a springboard Diamond Cutter on Dallas (using Dallas's shoulders as a catapult) and got the pin for three! Rave raised his arms in victory immediately while on the second rope and escaped the ring while a VERY frustrated Dallas began to curse like a sailor in the ring.

Winner: Jimmy Rave

Match Reaction = 38.0%

Match Quality = 63.2%

Overall Rating = 45.3%

Taylor: WOW! Can you believe that Jimmy Rave pulled out such an upset victory?

Niemi: Hey, it's all in the attitude. The new 'tude seems to be working for him, and I wouldn't doubt he'd get a win like that.

Taylor: You are absolutely right, Ron. Great insight, buddy.

Niemi: Shouldn't doubt me either, Doc.

Taylor: Wait, what? I wasn't ---

Niemi: Ha ha! Hey man, I was just messing with you. ANYWAY! Let's get into our next match shall we? We got the man who put Orlando Jordan out of action in "The Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce taking on Florida native, Mikey Batts. Batts is here to show Pearce that what he did last month was a mistake. LET'S GET IT OOOON!

Mikey Batts vs "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce

A pumped up Mike Batts stepped out first to a nice pop as he slapped fans on both sides of the pathway to the ring. He slid in and hopped on the second rope getting the crowd pumped up, as well. However, the glitter began to fall and the old school-esque music began to play over the PA. Pearce began his slow strut down the hallway as he took in all the boo's. He wiped off his ring jacket once a fan touched it and told them to buzz off. He stepped into the ring and slowly took off his jacket, then pointed at Batts and began to jaw off to him.

Batts took offense and immediately tried to assault Pearce, but a drop toe hold told him that was a bad move. Pearce gave him a nice elbow drop to the back of the head and locked him in a headlock to try and tire him out early.

Batts wouldn't have it as a jawbreaker while in the headlock position gave Pearce quite the wind of the clock and spinning wheel kick knocked him off his feet. Batts began to use his quick-witted moves to tear down the Iron Wall, so to speak with various arm drags and such. Batts ran around like a speeding bullet hardly ever letting Pearce get his composure and mostly keeping him grounded down on the cold mat.

Pearce finally had enough and when Batts tried a jumping enziguiri kick, Pearce ducked and once Batts landed on his knees and stood up fell right into a Northern Lights Suplex onto the turnbuckles! Batts rolled around for a bit in pain, but Pearce just hoisted him up by the hair and planted him with a MEAN LOOKING German Suplex for a two count. Pearce continued to pick apart Batts here as the crowd continued to get on his case.

A few turnbuckle smashes later and it looked like Batts was out of it... until Pearce let the crowd weaken him. He began to taunt them to no end by saying that's he's gonna destroy Batts just like he did OJ. Meanwhile, Batts is finally recovering from the severe beating he has been on the receiving end of lately and crawls his way up with assistance from the ropes. Batts saw what was going on and immediately ran the ropes opposite of where Pearce was standing landing a bulldog that would make Pearce go throat first onto the top rope and quickly falling behind Pearce for the roll-up and NEAR three count!

Ending: Pearce was coughing all over the place while Batts was trying to get his about fifth wind of the match. Pearce finally stands above Batts after recovering and stomps away. Nearly yanking out his hair, he hoists him up and ends the torture with the Rackbomb II getting him the three count. Pearce, however, wasn't finished. He threatened a fan to hand over the chair he was sitting on when he left the ring and grabbed it from him. He then set it up in the corner and did the same exact move he did earlier with the Northern Lights Suplex onto the turnbuckles. Batts collapses on the mat like a bag of potatoes and begins to get attended to by a hoist of medical personnel as Pearce walked up the hallway towards the back with a big smile on his face.

Winner: Adam Pearce

Match Reaction = 35.0%

Match Quality = 70.5%

Overall Rating = 51.1%

Voice Of Taylor: It wasn't over with just yet. In a surprise appearance, Orlando Jordan peeked out his head!

OJ Challenges Pearce

Pearce was walking towards the back, but suddenly a look of fear came across his face and he began to step backwards. Orlando Jordan came out with one arm in a sling and a microphone on the other.

Jordan: Heeeeey, Adam! Good to see you, buddy! You like this? HUH?! You like what you see here?! LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID!

OJ continues to take steps forward as Pearce continued to retreat. He tripped on a wire lifted up a bit from the ground as OJ stepped over him.

Jordan: Don't worry, man. I ain't gonna hurt you. I just wanted to say that I'mma be back at next month's show and I'll be meeting you again in that ring, no matter what the match. Just wanted to give you that message up front.

OJ drops the mic and lifts his fist like he's about to punch and Pearce goes to block, but he just ends up slapping him once on the cheek. OJ walks off to his music leaving an angry Pearce glaring at the curtain.


Taylor: So, there we have it. We know our first match, somewhat, for next month.

Niemi: Yep, in any type of match that is decided, Orlando Jordan will meet Adam Pearce. We'll just have to wait and see what it is, right Doc?

Taylor: You are correct, sir.

Niemi: So, what else is new? Let me tell you! This next match sure isn't! It's a re-match from last month!

Taylor: Right, again! Onyx made his big, but unsuccessful debut. And to his defense, it wasn't his fault.

Niemi: Here we go with the Andy Douglas being a cheater bit. It was a MATCH ENHANCER!

Taylor: Don't give me that junk again, Ron. Let's just go to the match.

Onyx vs Andy Douglas

Douglas was out first looking over his shoulder the whole way. A bit of worry was expressed on his face as he slowly paced to the ring and rolled in. He stretched  a bit, but still looked around. Then all of a sudden some rap music plays and out comes the New Age Brooklyn Brawler, Onyx. He quickly paced to the ring and slid in.

However, he couldn't stand as the first thing Douglas did was stomp away and pound at his back. It was all a sheer move of desperation to keep the overly strong brute in Onyx. The fear in The Natural's face was a sight for sore eyes, as you can tell he really wasn't thinking of what he was doing and fighting on instinct knowing the big man was going to tear him apart if he caught him.

He was right... Onyx pushed himself up and tackled Douglas to the ground then began pounding away at him, as well, until the referee pulled him off. Douglas stood up stumbling a bit and the first thing that Onyx does is spear him straight onto the turnbuckles and begin to practice on his new "punching bag" with some boxing jabs. Douglas struggles to breathe and Onyx hoists him up for a DEVASTATING suplex. Onyx covered, but broke the count himself to continue the punishment. At this point, the crowd was REALLY into the match itself. They were chanting Onyx's name BIG TIME. Onyx yelled and continued the beating until he threw Douglas to the outside. Onyx played the crowd yelling something about it being his time.

Ending: Unfortunately, Douglas decided to cut the match short. Douglas grabbed a chair from the outside and came in and once Onyx turned around, LAYED the chair into him with one hard (unprotected) blow to the head! Onyx staggered a bit, but was not knocked down to the ground. Andy's eyes widened and he tried again, to a similar, but great effect and by this time the bell had rang for the disqualification of Douglas. Once more causes Onyx to fall to a knee and start shaking out the cobwebs! THIS MAN IS A MONSTER! Douglas gets a final shot in to finally knock him to the ground. He makes a break for it shaking his head and yelling something about it being over.

Winner: Onyx by DQ

Match Reaction = 32.1%

Match Quality = 74.0%

Overall Rating = 53.7%

Taylor: I don't get it. I really don't... What the hell is wrong with Andy Douglas?

Niemi: He obviously feels he is much too important to waste his time on a rookie like Onyx.

Taylor: Onyx is anything BUT a rookie. I don't understand how you can defend him at all.

Niemi: He is a valuable player in LSW. How can I NOT back him up?

Taylor: Right now he just looks like a scared little boy. However, the man that is coming out now is the total opposite. He fears noone, and has his own agenda. It's our Heayvweight Champion, Mike Barton.

A Challenge To Step-Up

The familiar screech was heard throughout the building followed by the slow riffs of the guitar that could only lead to the one and only Mike Barton. The crowd, of course, gets on his back immediately and some trash is even thrown at his direction. He doesn't even look at them, however, and just focuses on the ring. He steps in and takes a microphone out of the belt strap which was holding it.

Barton: I'm gonna get straight to business. There is absolutely no one that can defeat me for this title. That's a fact! But just because I don't take any crap anymore doesn't mean I don't give people a chance to try and prove me wrong. There was a man that competed for the title on the first show and slowly fell from grace at the top of the card. He is a relative of the man who won that title, that night. Sedrick Strong won a match earlier tonight, and I feel he deserves a shot at the title once more against a TRUE champion. Yes, I am giving him the chance, but in the end... he'll just fear the threat.

Barton drops the mic and signals towards the entrance as Sedrick Strong's music plays.


Voice Of Niemi: And what followed would be a Heavyweight Title match, jack!

LSW Heavyweight Championship: Sedrick Strong vs. "The Threat" Mike Barton ©

Out stepped Sedrick Strong with an unsure look on his face. He didn't keep his eye off the champ and likewise could've been said for his opponent. In fact, they glared each other for quite the while. Even when both were in the ring the tension could be cut with a knife.

The first motion was sudden and it was like if both guys were thinking the same thing. They lunged at each other and a test of strength began. First, Strong fell to his knee, then Barton, and Barton pushed him to the corner almost immediately then began to pound his stomach with knees. He shoved Strong face first to the mat and began to stomp away at him. A few power moves later and that would be pretty much it for his momentum early on.

Sedrick came out looking strong following the previous unfortunate events when he got a nice legsweep on Barton. He then pretended he was a shoot fighter by mounting Barton and slamming fist after fist on him. Soon the ref told him that would be enough, and Strong took a page out of Barton's book and began stomping away at him. He picked up the champ and slammed his head into the turnbuckle making him stumble back into a reverse neckbreaker for a one count. A few moves later would be the end of Strong's first run at the driver's seat.

Barton immediately began to suplex Strong all over the ring after a missed superkick. You name it and Barton probably broke Strong in half with it. A T-Bone Suplex finally made Barton decide to go for the pin, but Strong showed great resiliency and actually kicked out! Barton was all kinds of mad and it didn't fare will for our young quasi-hero. Barton's offense was upgraded from fierce to BRUTALLY TENACIOUS when he began hitting moves that would make the common fan and even the smarter fans cringe. A clothesline looked like it nearly beheaded the lesser known Strong "brother".

However, Strong is a, excuse the pun, strong competitor and handled himself well as he took the punishment only to deliver some intense wrestling himself. Some great suplexes on his part and more speedy movement would daze, confuse, and wear out the feared champion. A few moves of this nature only aggrivated him more, though, and the ending would not be pretty.

Ending: Strong went for a dropkick, but Barton dodge and when Strong shot up, fell victim to another thunderous clothesline. Barton slammed Strong more on the mat then came the precursor of death. Barton raised his left arm and strapped off his glove. He pointed at the fallen strong, but instead of just pulling him up and hitting him he waited for Strong to get up to Irish Whip him. And once he did he hit the HUGE Heart Punch straight to the... well... heart. Strong wasn't hesistant to collapse down to the mat upon impact and was swiftly pinned thereafter. However, Barton's music didn't play. The next sound to be heard were the words "LATINO MACHIIIIIIIIIISMOOOOOOOOO". This, of course, prompted Eddie Guerrero to step out from the curtain, with a tape in hand.

Winner and still Heavyweight Champion: Mike Barton ©

Match Reaction = 51.0%

Match Quality = 64.8%

Overall Rating = 57.0%

Voice Of Taylor: What would happen next would define the future of the LSW Heavyweight Championship in a big way, but also showed that Eddie had more guts than brains...

A Main Event Level Challenge

Eddie slapped hands with fans on the way out as Barton just kept glaring at him. Eddie stood outside the ring and took out a mic that was halfway in his pocket.

Eddie: HEEEEEY, HOLMES! HOW'S IT GOING?! Wait, you know what, man? Let me address some better people first... O-RA-LE!!!! WHAT'S UP AUSTIN?! The crowd explodes with various cheers for their hometown. That's good to know, good to know. Now, Mike. I got a bone to pick with you, man. See... I may have gotten the last hit on you last month, but that wasn't enough. I'm really anxious to finally have our match, and I think I know the perfect place to do it.

Barton gives a puzzled look and tells him that he already wrestled tonight.

Eddie: No, esse. Not tonight. I think a better time would be... NEXT MONTH! AT THE NEXT SHOW!

Barton is taken a-back at how early Eddie has stated that he wanted the match, but didn't break the serious expression on his face.

Eddie: Hey, man. You agreed that it would be anytime... anywhere. Oh, and some crap about fearing the threat, whatever the hell that means. So, how about it, holmes? You up for it.

Barton signaled for a microphone and was promptly given one.

Barton: Eddie, under one condition will you get that title shot. You have to agree that if I win... you don't show that tape.

Eddie nods on the outside and mouths off "promise".

Barton: Alright, but as much as I would love to say yes to you. I'm gonna have to think about it.

The crowd was boo'ing earlier about not being able to have the match there, but now were in a frenzy of boo's finding out that the match won't be happening next month. Barton steps out of the ring and gets in an angry Eddie's face then leaves the arena leaving Eddie to play the crowd.


Taylor: Now, wait just a second. Barton said anytime, any place! He can't just go back on his word like that!

Niemi: He's just going to think about it. Doesn't mean he hasn't accepted.

Taylor: He shouldn't have to think about it! He's our Heavyweight Champion! Take on all challengers!

Niemi: You're obviously just jealous of the power he wields.

Taylor: You couldn't be more wrong... Up next, the latest member into Club Top Contenders 4, John Walters, takes on hot new LSW prodigy, Azrael. It is NOT for a spot in the Top 4 Condenders Club, but it can very well propel Azrael to that status if he wins.

Azrael vs John Walters

Azrael came out first running to the ring, thus, getting less boo's do to the shorter entrance that another heel would get. When the sounds of Walters' music hit the crowd changed their mood and really popped loud and long as Walters made his very fan friendly entrance. However, once he got in the ring the smiles stopped and it was all business.

The first thing the two did was a lock-up in the ring, with neither getting the definitive advantage. Some cruiserweight style mat work was then presented for the crowd's approval as it was shown that both men can be very flexible and move very quickly around the mat. Still, no one had a clear advantage as it seemed they were both trying to figure out their boundaries on what they can do.

Finally, Walters was able to get the heads up on the Gothic Prince and with a swift german suplex was in the running with a one count. He kept the crisp suplexes flowing throughout as everytime Az would try and fight back he found himself eating ring with some type of suplex, slam, or takedown. It seemed that Az would be easy pickings for Walters in this match...

...or would he? Az went for a quick kick to the gut, but was caught and about to be leg whipped when he came off with a desperation enziguiri. He then used his own knowledge of quick paced, high flying moves to wear and tear the newest T4CC member. The stamina he had was great, but it paled in comparison to the resiliency that Walters showed every night.

Walters proved why he earned that spot by eventually coming back and continuing the beating he was giving Az before. A few close falls came everytime Walters tried a variation of a suplex. He even got some near submissions with spectacular holds, especially old school holds such as the Texas Cloverleaf. Az wouldn't give up, however. He was truly trying to prove himself to the LSW Brass. Both men were.

Ending: Az was able to fight back for a little bit. He was actually on his way to gaining momentum once again, but his former friend decided to pop up. No one expected it to be over between the two, and they were right. Gabriel got up on the apron long enough to distract Az. And once he came down Walters attacked him from behind and ended planting him with the Hurricane DDT for the pin! Gabriel slid in and spit on Azrael's face making a true statement.

Winner: John Walters

Match Reaction = 36.1%

Match Quality = 74.0%

Overall Rating = 61.1%

Taylor: And Walters gets the win, thanks in part to a bit of help from Gabriel.

Niemi: Why aren't you getting on this guy's back for winning under the assistance of another man's interference?

Taylor: He didn't even plan it.

Niemi: How do you know?

Taylor: That's not the type of person he is!

Niemi: You misjudge others way too easily.

Taylor: Well, that's your opinion. But I don't think I'm misjudging the next two as two tremendous talents in LSW.

Niemi: That's something I agree with you on, Doc. It's Main Event time!

Taylor: Roderick Strong is holding firm to his spot as a Top 4 Contender. A spot he so deservedly received, especially being a the former, but first ever LSW Heavyweight Champion. Petey Williams has torn through the LSW ranks since he came into the company. He must win tonight if he wants a shot to get into the Top 4 Contenders Club. Let's get to our Main Event!

Roderick Strong vs Petey Williams

The Canadian National Anthem floods the arena, and as do boo's as the Canadian Phenom, Petey Williams, makes his way down towards the ring. He mouths off to the fans all the way into the ring getting him the most heat aside from Mike Barton from the crowd. Of course, the crowd was delighted when they heard the theme music of Roderick Strong. He made his way down the ring a bit quick and...

Immediately begins to punch away at Petey. A knee to the gut would be followed by a reverse DDT backbreaker for the one count. Strong is starting off fast here as he quickly picks apart Petey with bunches of quick snap suplexes. A few minutes into the match and Strong has already hit four different variations of the backbreaker, getting a few close counts with each, but nothing too big.

Eventually, we saw a slow shift in momentum when Petey began the struggle back into the match. He pretty much took whatever Strong gave him and dished it out himself after ducking a clothesline and coming back with a beautiful superkick. Showing just how technically sound he can be, he used just as many suplexes to even up the odds between him and Strong.

The technical prowess was so high in the match that soon they were actually trading off wrestling moves left and right. If Williams hit a suplex, Strong would come back with a slam. The pace of the match really quickened here as both men were really going at it at this point. You can tell that both men really wanted it and tasted the victory.

Strong used his experience as a former champ at this point and began turning the tide towards him. A more fierce side of Strong came out as he finally realized he may have met his match and knew he wasn't facing just anyone here. The match pace was very fast now and it seemed that neither man gave each other a chance to breathe. Strong was really on him like rye on bread.

Petey wasn't about to let him finish him off like that, though. He wasn't stupid. He got just as fierce and the intensity really was chalked up to another level as hard hitting action filled the mat and the crowd was at it's peak right there. Petey was taking Strong to school.

Suddenly, it turned into another episode in which both men tried to one-up each other. The pace would start slowing down a bit as both men had been worn out to big extremities. However, the pace was still pretty fast and it showed right there at the end of the match.

Ending: Both men had been at each others' thoats. Strong signaled for a big backbreaker, but was kicked in the gut and Petey flipped over him in the motion of the Canadian Destroyer, but Strong landed on his feet and flipped Petey over him out of the ring. Strong dove through the middle ropes at him and a huge brawl began. Eventually both men were counted out as it seems that these two just can't seem to beat each other. They had to be seperated by a host of wrestlers. Lots of words were flung around between both competitors would finally end the show with tons of people filling up the aisle. Then the final scene of the LSW Studio is shown.

Winner: DRAW

Match Reaction = 48.0%

Match Quality = 73.3%

Overall Rating = 64.9%

Taylor: It seems that things are slowly getting out of control in LSW.

Niemi: Slowly? This thing is growing at a rapid pace! These two nearly killed each other out there! They didn't even care about the match anymore!

Taylor: These two will meet again, and hopefully we get an end to the match the next time.

Niemi: I wouldn't mind it. These two can go at it all they want. At least I'll enjoy it.

Taylor: Both men are very talented and I'm sure they won't disappoint the next time. Speaking of which, we'll have to see you then as our time here is up! For Ron Niemi, I'm Terry Taylor. See ya next month!

Show Rating: 56.4% (+3.0)

Attendance: 4,628 (+187)

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This diary has got loads of very nice points about it. Again i don't normaly ready Created Promotion diarys either but this one grabbed my attention. The storylines look good and it's nice to see you use guys other people don't, Mike Barton as Heavyweight Champion? Has that actually been done in the dome before? Also liked Jason Cross in the main event of the first show you put up, but whats with the disrespect to the Master of the Crossfire? main event one show, dark match the next show.

But of course the real reason to read this diary? The use of our gothic wrestling god Azrael! Go Az! Future LSW Heavyweight Champion, i can see it now.

Keep it up man

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Mike Barton > Eddie. Barton shouldn't have to defend his title against that bum. Mike Barton is a full blooded Texan!


Anyways Legend.. You knnow I enjoy all your diaries and this is no exception. Now all you need to do is get bought out by the NWA and this will be one of your top diaries :shifty:

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Thanks for the kind words guys. Az, I'm sure someone out there must've given him the big title at least once. If not, I'd be pretty proud of myself. And there's no disrespect for Cross going on, he's got plans down the line. As far as NWA buying me out, doubt it, md. :P

LSW News And Notes On Possible New Signee, Mike Barton, Plans To Open Training Camp, And More

By: Mike Johnson

- First off, the newest LSW DVD is available at our shop here. It is from their latest show entitled Heat Of The Moment and Main Evented by Roderick Strong and Petey Williams.

- LSW is discussing plans to bring in someone at their next show who is said to be "well-known". He is a native Texan and a legend in the sports. That's all we know. If we get any further news you'll be able to hear it here on PWInsider.

- Everyone backstage has said that Mike Barton has really changed for the better since starting his career in the United States again with Lonestar State Wrestling. He's a much nicer more laid back guy, or rather a complete opposite person to the character he plays. It's good to see someone rekindle their love for the business.

- LSW has been looking for buildings in Texas in Florida to house a new training camp for young, and uprising stars in both hotbeds of wrestling. Most recently they have sent out the application to lease the building that housed NWA:Florida trainees for years. Again, if more news is available it'll be revealed as soon as possible.

- The Amarillo Times has a blurb on their website about LSW coming to town this month. They mainly put over the possible Eddie Guerrero/Mike Barton match. Also mentioned is former LSW Champion, Roderick Strong. Check it out here.

- Returning for the event will be Tony Kozina, Shawn Daivari, and David Babylon.


Poll Of The Day

Today we're asking....

- PWInsider.com

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I sometimes try to click my own fake links also. :P

October 3rd, 2005

I laid back on my chair, feet on the desk. I looked over my office here in El Paso *cheap pop*, and felt very happy for the first time really in ages. My family adapted to the move rather quickly... mainly because we have been here nearly a year already and everyone is doing great. Rick still flies in from time to time and even comes to shows. He's ecstatic that he gets the DVDs for free. In a matter of two months I've adjusted pretty well to my new environment. My company is slowly creeping up on TNA and IWA:Mid-South as a solid third contender, and I'm living my dream. As I finally finished the perfect "what a life"/"this rest is feeling good" pose by folding my hands behind my head, a cloud of smoke began to fill the room. Now, I'm worried that Eddie had gone and brought in RVD for an interview, but it turned out to be an old friend. As I shot up and stared at the door a figure began to emerge from the smoke and suddenly a white flash overcame and the man in the suit was back. It was... my muse.

Muse: Hello, Sean.

Walker: Hey, Muse.

Muse: I see you've warmed up to me.

Walker: I never knew this could happen to me... I owe you a big one. But... you aren't sending me back are you?

Muse: There is no back, Sean. You still don't fully understand it do you? When you came here you decided that this would be your reality. You made this your past, present, and future. This IS your life! Months ago you MOVED HERE. There is no going back. If you go back you'll just do the same things you've done until now. I changed your future to make you happy. Are you?... Are you happy?


I stood up and walked over to him to try and give him a hug, but I just went through him.

Muse: Sorry, I'm not solid, but I appreciate the gesture.

Walker: Oh, that's alright.

Muse: Well, I'm glad to hear you changed your life for the better. Is the family doing good?

Walker: They love it here. Muse, I'd really like to thank you. I've felt that this whole experience has finally matured me into the man I should be. Into the man I want to to be. You have made my divine life possible. You, my friend, are the MAN!

Muse: Well, you only have yourself to thank. You took the ball and rolled with it. You...

Suddenly, Muse snaps his head facing the door.

Muse: I'm running out of time! I'll visit you again one day!

Walker: W-WAIT!

The Muse disappears into another cloud of smoke. Reality zooms back and my door is suddenly flung open apparently waking me up from my short slumber. At the door frame stood Ms. Ross once again.

Walker: Ms. Ross... Must you always bumrush my door?

Ross: Sorry, sir. It seems that every news I get is urgent.

Walker: It's alright, Ms. Ross. You're a great wake-up call.

She smiles warmly as she steps in to hand me a file.

Ross: It is all the information needed to know about our new possible signing.

Walker: Ahh, very good. Thank you, Ms. Ross. Great work, as always.

Ross: Thank you, sir.

Walker: Oh, and can you please send me the scouting directors, Mr. Darren Lewis and Mr. Ed Cohen. I have another talent in mind.

Ross: Right away, sir. I'll phone them immediately.

Walker: Thank you, very much.

She whispers a "you're welcome" on her way out the door as another nice smile comes across my face. I'm lovin' it...

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---------------LSW NEWSLETTER---------------


Last month, Mike Barton and Eddie Guerrero confronted each other about facing off here in Amarillo, Texas, home of the Funk Ranch. However, Barton just gave him an I'll think about it, disapproved by the fans in the arena. Meaning that tonight, Saturday, October 15, we shall see a decision being made! With so many hot rivalries brewing and just a couple of months away from the Anniversary Show, heads are gonna roll as we bring you some Unreasonable Thinking!

GABRIEL & PHOENIX STAR & QUICKSILVER vs AZRAEL & BRUCE STEELE & JARED STEELE - With the roles of Joey Ryan and Orlando Jordan being replaced by the very fluent team of the Silver Stars this six-man tag action is going to be burning from how hot it is. Gabriel and Azrael have not finished with each other, and neither have the other teams so this will just be another notch in their hatred.

JIMMY RAVE vs DAVID BABYLON - Babylon returns to see if he can stop Rave's streak in LSW. The mean streak is in full force even with an upset victory over the monster that is Dallas last month.

"SCRAP IRON" ADAM PEARCE vs "LEGIT" ORLANDO JORDAN - The re-match of epic proportions comes to head tonight. Pearce dislocated Jordan's arm through sheer anger. Jordan is looking for revenge with sheer anger. It is going down tonight. Will we see Pearce finally fall from his high horse?

TONY KOZINA vs SHAWN DAIVARI - Tony Kozina is back after his loss to Petey Williams and is looking to get back on track against the returning Shawn Daivari. We'll see who takes the next step up the LSW ladder.

ONYX vs ANDY DOUGLAS - Another confrontation between the two. We saw Douglas get a fluke win two months ago... We see him weasel out of another match by disqualifying himself. Onyx gets one more chance to destroy Andy Douglas. Onyx will most certainly be steaming, and Douglas will most certainly be at his highest defense.

RODERICK STRONG vs PETEY WILLIAMS vs JOHN WALTERS - Petey Williams held his own against Strong, but didn't win. However, he didn't lose either. He's getting another chance to prove that he can in fact be in the Top 4 Contenders Club. He will face off against two of those four. If he can win he'll finally get a shot at being in the club. If not, he starts at the bottom of the ladder to work his way up once again.

???EDDIE GUERRERO vs "THE THREAT" MIKE BARTON??? - And will we see these two finally meet? Barton has said he would think about it. It's very possible we will finally see this epic encounter occur.

ALSO, a the debut of a Texas Legend. We have no idea who this is or what they're doing here, but they will debut for the company in some capacity.

Bell Time - 8:00 PM, Suggested Attendance Time - 7:00 PM

Tickets are $10 for Adults and $8 for Teens. Children are free, but be aware, some of the content on the show is not suitable for those under the age of thirteen (13). Children under said age are not admitted unless accompanied by an adult of eighteen (18) years or older with written consent from the parental guardian.


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  • 1 month later...


Joey Ryan def. Danny Daniels via The Amnesiac

Mikey Batts def. Rod Steel via 450 Splash

Rainman def. Sedrick Strong via Low Blow Roll-Up

Jason Cross Over Todd Sexton via The Idolizer

user posted image

We open up again at the backstage studio where your hosts Terry Taylor and Ron Niemi are sitting on stools next to a television set with the LSW Logo on it and "Wait" playing. As the sound turns off our announcers begin speaking.

Taylor: Hello once again from LSW Headquarters. I'm everyone's favorite physician, Terry Taylor.

Niemi: And I'm everyone's favorite everything, Ron Niemi.

Taylor: And welcome to Lonestar State Wrestling's October 15, 2005 event entitled Unreasonable Thinking. We come to you from Amarillo, Texas this time.

Niemi: Funk country?

Taylor: That is correct. A hot crowd of over four thousand eight hundred are in attendance to watch what may possibly be the biggest Main Event in LSW History... if it happens.

Niemi: If Barton says it won't happen then it won't... but if it does... it's going to be amazing.

Taylor: Well, we'll have to see what he's made of then.

Niemi: That's really some unfair judgment, Doc.

Taylor: Well, I judge on action.

Niemi: That's real cold... but speaking of action. Let's get into this thing with some six man tag action!

Azrael & The Steeles vs Gabriel & The Silver Stars

Gabriel's music hit the PA and the crowd began cheering as Gabriel stepped out and began slapping hands with the fans. Following him were Phoenix Star and Quicksilver each mimicing their partner's gestures. They all step/roll into the ring and play to the crowd. The crowd was completely hot for the team until Azrael's music was heard across the arena. The crowd were clearly against the terrible threesome as all three in Bruce Steele and Jared Steele, led by Azrael stepped out. They stopped before the ring and discussed some strategy.

Suddenly, they all slid into the ring and a battle between all six began the match. Each man stood their ground by picking a person and sticking with them. Phoenix Star and Jared Steele were so much into it that they eventually flew up and over the top rope STILL fighting. They hit the ground and were still beating the tar out of each other. Bruce Steele had Quicksilver in a corner and was slapping the hell out of his chest, but Quicksilver was able to fight back when he grabbed Steele's head and turned 180 degrees slamming his back on the turnbuckles and slapping his chest right back. And, of course, the most heated of the three rivals Gabriel and Azrael were still very evened out trying to punch each other down. Each man continued to stand the ground, until Gabriel was able to duck a fist and tackle Azrael. They began pounding each other,but were soon broken up by the ref and solidified at their corners.

This meant that Bruce Steele and Quicksilver were now the official men in the match. Quicksilver was still in control from earlier and just hit a suplex for a one count. A quick leg drop would keep Steele down, but that's not what Silver wanted. He lifted him up and began a whole aerial assault on him. It seemed that Star and Jared were finally broken up on the outside because soon Silver tagged out to his tag partner, they irish whipped Bruce, and hit a double spinning wheel kick followed by a leg drop/senton splash from a standing position combo for a two count. Star picked up where Silver left off, but not for long.

Azrael decided to make his presence felt by rushing in and dropkicking Phoenix Star in the back of the head during a chinlock. The ref sends him back to his corner, but now Bruce Steele is able to use this to his advantage and keep the momentum going for his team. Steele slams Star around the ring a bit, and eventually tags out to his "brother". Jared pounds away a bit at Star.

But he doesn't notice that he has driven Star straight into his corner and Gabriel tags himself in hitting a springboard clothesline on the bigger of the brother tag team. He worked Jared over like a man possessed. He hit hgih risk move after high risk move tearing Jared down to his size. Soon, Gabriel made a tag to the fresher Quicksilver and the punishment wouldn't stop. The momentum was completely one-sided right here.

However, Azrael would find his way back into the match when he grabbed Quicksilver from behind by his mask and yanked him down tagging himself in right after. Az worked Quicksilver over and even knocked Gabriel and Phoenix Star off the apron a few times allowing the triple team to occur many times when the angry teammates would try to get in the match.

Ending: Soon, the match turned into a huge brawl much like the beginning with everyone in the ring. The ref was so overwhelmed that he even forgot who was legal. Jared Steele and Quicksilver ended up brawling up the hallway into the back and Azrael and Phoenix Star threw each other over the ropes leaving Gabriel inside with Bruce Steele. Gabriel flung up to the tope rope and came off with an amazing Hurricarana which the referee just gave up and decided to count as a victory to the team. Gabriel and Phoenix Star went up the hallway laughing at Azrael who was left steaming in the ring next to a fallen Bruce Steele.

Winners: Gabriel & The Silver Stars

Match Reaction = 35.8%

Match Quality = 63.4%

Overall Rating = 47.3%

Taylor: And it looks like Gabriel got a little measure of revenge on his former partner.

Niemi: That's horrible! They weren't even the legal men! I demand that this match get reviewed and a re-match take place right now.

Taylor: Yeah, well, too bad you would have to wait till next month.

Niemi: We need some authority here!

Taylor: Well, not much we can do but go on to the next match as we have an exhibition match for all of you in the Tornado Tony Kozina taking on the very outspoken Shawn Daivari. Let's get to it!

Shawn Diavari vs Tony Kozina

Tony Kozina was out first as energetic as ever. He slapped hands with a few fans, but was all business and slid into the ring to warm up a bit as the crowd cheered him on. The sounds of Daivari's music was heard and the crowd didn't like what they were hearing so they, of course, boo'ed like all hell. Davari came out with a rolled up carpet yelling at the fans. He places the carpet in a corner and then rolls into the ring immediately getting in Kozina's face. Kozina stared up a bit, but not much as both men are relatively small.

They locked up and tried to one up each other in strength, but it seemed like they both had matching force. They tried again and got each other to a knee, but that would be all. They were about to go one more time, but Daviari poked Kozina in the eyes as he lunged at him and then began to laugh away.

The referee warned him, but he didn't care and began pounding away at Kozina with punches, kicks, and knees. He was being quite aggressive here again Kozina. He whipped him in the ropes and just NAILED him with a HARD knee to the gut that caused Kozina to roll on the mat in pain. A few stomps later and Daivari would use some technical skills here with some good slams and plexes.

Kozina would soon comeback as he always does: in an angry manner. Kozina threw fist after first at Daivari bringing him down to his knees to try and block it all. Kozina picked him up and dropped him down with a nice looking dropkick and that would start the very quick offense from the Oregon Tornado. Daivari may expertise the top rope in his own way, but he won't ever match what the veteran in Kozina brings to that, let's say "genre", of wrestling.

But veteran expertise wears out when Davari finds away to counter the onslaught due to the experience he has in the style of wrestling. Kozina tried a twisting rana off the top rope, but Daivari held on tight to the top ropes, making Kozina fall to the mat without a target opponent going down with him.

Ending: While Kozina was in pain, Daivari quickly reached down and grabbed the carpet. He signaled to the crowd, and they knew what was coming next as the boo's began to pour in. Daivari leaped off for the Magic Carpet Ride, but Kozina rolled out of the way! Daivari shot back up holding his sternum while Kozina leaped off the middle rope and flew back towards Daivari with a huge Tornado DDT that got him the three count from referee Johnson! Kozina raised his arms in the air and held his head all the way to the back. It seems he may have landed hard on his head with the failed attempt at a twisting rana.

Winner: Tony Kozina

Match Reaction = 33.6%

Match Quality = 70.3%

Overall Rating = 55.9%

Taylor: A hard fought victory by Tony Kozina.

Niemi: Here's the only thing I don't like about Shawn Daivari. He's a great competitor. A smart guy. But that just shows why he needs more experience. You don't need a carpet just to make the Frog Splash effective. Ask Eddie Guerrero!

Taylor: Good observation, colleague. If it wasn't for that carpet he might have just gotten the victory there.

Niemi: I'm gonna have to teach that kid a thing or two.

Taylor: I'm sure he wouldn't mind a little tutoring.

Niemi: He could also take lessons from Jimmy Rave on how to get a winning streak going, cause this kid is going nuts in LSW.

Taylor: I can't say I envy David Babylon going into this match, but hey maybe he'll pull off a victory here. He IS a strong competitor. This should be good.

David Babylon vs Jimmy Rave

David Babylon was out first getting a few resounding boo's from the crowd meanwhile playing off them with a totally cocky attitude. He enters the ring and raises up on a turnbuckle still playing to the crowd. He gets down and begins an argument with a man in the front row whilst still in the ring by the post. The sounds of Jimmy Rave's music blares through the PA and Rave sprints down and slides into the ring.

He spots Babylon across the ring by the post and the first thing he does is begin to rush at him. Babylon turns around slowly to see a flying Jimmy Rave heading right towards him. He tries to protect himself but a splash in the corner ala the Stinger hit full force. Babylon stumbles forward and turns around to fall victim to a springboard after effect style neckbreaker for a very early two count. Rave works through Babylon like a wrecking ball. He uses some great mat techniques as well as high flying to tear up Babylon.

Babylon found a hole in Rave's offense after a missed enziguiri and began to put the phenom in his place. Babylon used a lot of ground techniques to work through Rave and to keep him grounded from doing his fast paced moves. Babylon came out looking very skilled here in the match as it seemed finally someone has been able to keep Rave down.

But all good things come to an end and soon Babylon found himself at the other end of the beating once again. Rave pummeled away with pure fierceness showing that his new attitude is just somerthing you don't mess with.

Ending: Babylon tried anything to counter Rave once more, but everything seemed futile. A hit would only phase Rave in what seemed to be just pure adrenaline keeping the man up. Soon, a back suplex would spell the end for Babylon as when he groggily got up he went back down when Rave got him from behind with a beautiful Dragon Suplex for the three count. Rave ran to the nearest turnbuckle and raised his fists in the air, then went into the crowd and celebrated with them, leaving through the back.

Winner: Jimmy Rave

Match Reaction = 39.6%

Match Quality = 68.8%

Overall Rating = 56.2%

Taylor: Chalk up yet another win for Jimmy Rave.

Niemi: The kid is good, but he better not get his head in clouds because the second he does, he'll be down and out for the count.

Taylor: Very much agreed, my friend. Now, what do you think of the situation between Onyx and Andy Douglas?

Niemi: I don't deny The Natural's talent. He's a great in-ring competitor, and is, in fact, a natural. He just seriously needs to reconsider being afraid of Onyx and be thinking about fighting back because all this is just frustrating the New York LSW Outsider, and if you think he pounds hard in a match, imagine when he's angry.

Taylor: Great observation, Ron. Let's get to the second re-match between Onyx and Andy Douglas.

Onyx vs Andy Douglas

The Natural's music was played first and Douglas rushed out. He kept looking over his shoulder and ran down the little path to the ring. Douglas ran halfway across the outside of the ring looking around. His music stopped and the crowd was heard boo'ing and were confused as to what was going on. Suddenly, the crowd begins to go insane. His eyes widen and he begins to look off in the distance.

However, he soon falls flat on the outside when Onyx, who seems to have come from the crowd, just clotheslines him to the back of the head with huge impact. Douglas holds his head and staggers up. He tries to run away, but Onyx grabs him by the the hair and tosses him back first onto the ring post. Onyx grabbed his head again and slammed it on top of the ring steps, gave him a knee to the gut, and a huge forearm to the back knocked Douglas back down. From here on out he just completely dismantled Douglas around the outside of the ring.

Douglas was able to fight back a bit, but it hardly phased Onyx. Douglas would actually take him down, though. Which I guess would be progress considering the state he's been through.

Ending: Eventually, Onyx rolled Douglas into the ring and slid in. He stomped Douglas a few times, then dragged him up by the hair. Douglas looked like he was completely out of it. Onyx locked him in a Tazzlock style submission and Douglas DROPPED. Ref Johnson lifted his arms three times and it looked like Douglas had passed out. Onyx let him go, AND DOUGLAS GETS UP AND RUNS OUT OF THE RING! Douglas looks back and yell something at Onyx. He began to yell something about it being over leaving Onyx STEAMING in the ring.

Match Reaction = 33.1%

Match Quality = 71.6%

Overall Rating = 55.0%

Taylor: I can't believe this! Douglas was playing possum!

Niemi: He still took quite the beating, look at him. He's struggling to even walk upright.

Taylor: Serves him right. I KNOW that Onyx is still waiting for his chance at a true match. He will stop at nothing to get Douglas. This isn't over...

Niemi: You're speaking for Onyx now?

Taylor: No, it just isn't right.

Niemi: Well, come on. Lay back and enjoy as we see the appearance of a Texas Legend before our very eyes.

Not Who You Expected

The crowd was waiting in anticipation to see who would be the one to come out through the curtains next. "LATINO MACHIIISMO" is heard and the crowd goes absolutely nuts as their "hero", Eddie Guerrero makes his way out. He has a big smile on his face and begins slapping hands with all the fans on either side of the hallway. He rolled into the ring and waited for everyone to quiet to start speaking.


The crowd goes nuts, even though probably half of them don't know what that even means.

Eddie: I'm sure that all of you are anxious to see just who our guest legend is here tonight. I gotta tell you, so am I, cause I don't even know who it is. I do have to apologize, though. I tried to get Terry Funk to come, but the ECWA are a bunch of bastards and won't let him even do one appearance.

The crowd boo's with some major disapproval at the absence of the hometown hero, but accepted it and let Eddie continue.

Eddie: While they do make their way out, I do have a bone to pick with someone back there. That is Mike Barton. He said he would think about it in the cheapest of ways, and I just can't accept that, holmes. Listen, esse, I'm gonna need an answer from you right now because if you don't man... you won't know what loco is until I finally get my hands on you. There's also the added incentive... you know...

Eddie pulls up his shirt a bit to reveal a tape placed in his tights. He gives a nice smile and continues.

Eddie: I know, that you know what's on this tape, vato. And I know you don't want me to show them what happened to you no matter how much they want to see it, holmes. You either defend that title, or you know what's headed your way. So, tell me your...

"LATINO MACHIIIIISMO" is suddenly heard from the PA and Eddie suddenly gets a look on his face showing a mix of confusion and frustration. The camera stays on him as he steps towards the ropes.

Eddie: 'ey... What's going on, man? I'm not done... Quit playing my music, holmes! I said I'm not do--

Suddenly, Eddie has a surprised look on his face followed by a big smile as the crowd begins to cheer pretty loud here. The camera pans over to the entranceway as we see Chavo Guerrero, Sr. making his way down to the ring. He starts slapping some hands on his way down then steps into the ring. He raises open hands up to get some more reaction from the crowd, and it works. He then looks over to Eddie, smiles, and they embrace.

Eddie: ORALE, CHAVO! Hey, man! What are you doing here?!

Chavo: Well, Eddie, it's simple. I'm your older brother, am I right?

Eddie nods his head, and Chavo continues.

Chavo: And older brothers are supposed to protect their smaller siblings... right?

Eddie looks a bit confused, but still nods.

Chavo: Then, I have to tell you to stop.

Now, Eddie is truly confused. He gives him a real weird look then gets on the mic.

Eddie: Stop... what?

Chavo: This! This whole thing you're doing right now!

Eddie: What's all this, man?! What are you talking about?!

Chavo: All these mind games with Mike Barton.

Eddie has a shocked look on his face and then starts shaking his head in a way like if he were saying "this guy has got to be kidding".

Chavo: I'm serious, Eddie. You're playing a dangerous game. There's no reason to continually try and confuse or anger Barton. He's an idiot! Come on, man. You're gonna get him so angry that he's gonna do something that even HE'S gonna regret.

Eddie: You worry too much, man! I've got this under control. There is no possible way that Mike Barton can beat me. No... possible... wa---

Suddenly the siren is heard and the slow rock music is played. Barton comes out with an angry look on his face, as per usual. He steps into the ring rather quickly and immediately gets in Eddie's face. Chavo then seperates both and begins to mouth off a bit at Barton. Barton shoves him out of the way and Eddie is about to attack when Barton signals for him to stop. Barton takes out a mic and glares at Eddie.

Barton: Hold it, you Mexican son of a bitch!

Eddie's eyes flare open and he's about to attack once more, when Chavo lunges at him and holds him back from doing anything.

Barton: I've had enough of you and your silly little mouth. Tonight you and me ARE having a match!

Eddie smiles and begins to yell something at him as the crowd goes nuts.

Barton: But we won't be alone... No, you see, I'm thinking it should be a tag match. Since your brother seems to be around for now, and he wants to "protect" you, then we'll see if he can still go. Can ya still go old timer?

Chavo gives him an angry look and Barton returns the favor still holding his record of not smiling EVER in LSW.

Barton: So, how 'bout it? You and Eddie against me and a partner of my choosing.

Eddie looks at Chavo, and Chavo looks at both men. Chavo then sticks out his palm and signals for Barton to bring it getting a nice crowd pop. Barton just nods and his music plays leaving the ring and walking to the back. Eddie and Chavo begin to stare at each other before we pan back into the studio.

Overall Rating = 57.3%

Niemi: Well, we're at least getting Guerrero and Barton in the Main Event.

Taylor: Not the ideal Main Event that everyone wanted to see, but at least we get Chavo Guerrero in action once again.

Niemi: Yeah, he's from way back in your day, huh?

Taylor: That would be correct. In fact, we're pretty good friends.

Niemi: Oh yeah?

Taylor: Yes, indeed.

Niemi: So, how didn't you know he was going to be the veteran coming into the show?

Taylor: Uhh, gee, I wonder who's going to be Barton's partner. Niemi is about to speak, but Taylor cuts him off. Up next! We got a re-match from a few shows ago. A fierce Orlando Jordan returns to the ring after Pearce seperated his shoulder. The two are going to collide head on, right now!

"Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce vs "Legit" Orlando Jordan

The beat of OJ's music was played and the crowd began to cheer like mad. He began jumping out through the curtain as if he were warming up while making his way out. The very familiar old school music blurs through the arena. Some glitter begins to fall in the curtain area and out pops Adam Pearce strutting down the hall and wiping off some glitter from his beautiful ring jacket. He steps into the ring and slides off the jacket.

Pearce glares over to Orlando Jordan, who is busy shadow boxing a bit, all the meanwhile still looking at Pearce. Pearce gets a smug look and immediately rushes over to OJ. Jordan side steps, but Pearce is able to put on the brakes. Pearce turns around right into a right hook. Pearce stumbled to the side a bit, but came back for more and got a nice left hook. Pearce stumbled back now a bit dazed and a haymaker right would finally plant him on the mat. Pearce rolls out of the ring constantly checking for any blood that is possibly coming out of his mouth. He yells out something and Orlando Jordan and tries to get in the ring real quick, but OJ begins stomping away at him. Jordan lifts him up and continues the streak using some nice wrestling techniques.

However, that would prove to be a fatal error as that is Pearce's strong suit. So, it ends up being a shorter momentum streak than it could've been. A suplex attempt was thwarted when Pearce used his ring presence to hang on to one of the ropes with his leg. Another attempt proves the same futile fate. Pearce uses a lot of his strength to then begin lifting Jordan for a suplex, but once he is at a parallel level from the mat, Pearce drops him flat on his stomach. Pearce takes it from here really working hard to keep Jordan off his guard as long as possible.

A few moves later and both men are once again at the same level of energy. A full on brawl begins, showing how far and how true this hatred runs. It was like a full on fist-fight there for a second as well. It seemed that the two just wanted to really and truly destroy each other and the crowd was eating it up.

Jordan picked up some momentum on the way with a few close falls, the first being when Pearce tried to ram his shoulder into Jordan while Jordan was laying on the turnbuckles, and he was able to dodge it and come from behind with a roll-up. Jordan began to get frustrated and it turns out that wouldn't work for him quite as well as he'd hoped.

Ending: Pearce took advantage and while laying on the ropes, he dropped down pulling the ropes while OJ was rushing at him making Jordan flip over and out of the ring. An angry Scrap Iron slid out of the ring and began to pound away at Jordan. The referee began the count and Pearce wouldn't let out. By the time the five count had hit, OJ was bleeding from his forehead from being smashed onto the guardrail multiple times. At the count of eight, Pearce literally threw Jordan against the ring steps knocking the guy out COLD. Pearce rolled into the ring and raised his arms as the ref finished the count and Jordan was left down and out on the outside.

Winner: Adam Pearce

Match Reaction = 45.2%

Match Quality = 68.0%

Overall Rating = 62.4%

Niemi: Looks like Pearce picks up another victory over his archrival, eh doc?

Taylor: Both men have such an intense hatred for each other, that they just toss each other around with wreckless abandon!

Niemi: It was a simple question.. geez...

Taylor: Calm your jets, Niemi! It's time for the three way dance! Can Petey Williams win another shot at facing a Top 4 Contender to finally get in the club? Let's see him compete against TWO club members!

Petey Williams vs Roderick Strong vs John Walters

The Canadian Anthem was heard and the chorus of boo's seemed to be overwhelming. Petey Williams sped walked down the hall, jawing off at the fans, and finally sliding into the ring continuing to play to them. The music of John Walters is heard and the crowd begins to cheer like mad in a complete overturn to their previous mood. The newest Top 4 Contenders member makes his way down to the ring and gets in, pointing at Williams and yelling something at him. The cheering would then get even louder when former Heavyweight Champion, Roderick Strong made his way out and slid into the ring.

Strong immediately lunged at Williams again to get the first initiative. Walters stayed behind to try and find his spot, but it seemed Strong and Petey just wanted to destroy each other and finish what was started on the last show. Walters paced around the ring all the while Petey and Strong were killing each other.

Petey tossed Strong out of the ring after some nice, long, wild brawling and Walters finally found his spot. As Petey began to step through the ropes to go out, Walters came from behind with a forearm and dragged him back in the ring. The match got some technical skills after some rough brawling as Walters began to dominate a startled and rather winded Petey Williams. He tossed him around a bit, and soon Roderick Strong got into the action.

They began to double team the Canadian Phenom, but somewhere someone knew that this team wouldn't last too long. As soon as they got Petey out of the way, Walters clotheslined Strong down and out... at least for a little bit before he shot back up. A huge technical display by these two dominated at least seven minutes of the match from here on in.

Sooner than later it became unclear who had the advantage. You would see Roderick Strong hitting one of his patented backbreakers one second and Walters hitting a mean German the next. As both men shed at least two elements of blood, sweat, and tears, Petey Williams was still recovering a bit, but seemed to be milking it playing the role of John Walters and waiting for the right time to get in.

Strong broke out of the level momentum and began pounding away at Walters. An irish whip would lead him straight into a sidewalk slam and a close two count. Strong didn't let up, and showed why he was the first LSW Champion by being able to keep the momentum going in his favor. A huge array of suplexes would cause some major pain to the newest member of the Top 4 Contenders club.

The momentum, of course, didn't remain the same. No, Walters wouldn't let that happen. He showed him that he truly deserved the spot he took from Masada. Walters came off looking very impressive here as the crowd really started getting into the match. A little late, but better late than never.

Ending: It seemed to be the end for Roderick Strong when he was hit by an Overdrive-like maneuver from Walters and was out cold. Out of nowhere, Williams came in with a huge spear into the turnbuckles. A dropkick in the corner would make him stumble forward, and a quick toss to the outside would mark the end of the match. Once Walters hit the mat, and layed still for a while before trying to struggle his way up, Petey turned his attention to the Master Of The Backbreaker. Petey called for it and as soon as the man got up, he was planted right down and out with the Canadian Destroyer getting him the easy three count. All Walters could do was grab to the bottom rope from the outside and look on in disbelief as Williams celebrated.

Winner: Petey Williams

Match Reaction = 48.1%

Match Quality = 77.9%

Overall Rating = 35.8%

Taylor: Petey Williams gets another shot at getting into the club in what I must say... is a very lucky victory.

Niemi: Luck?! Luck nothing! The man formulated a plan and stuck to it. Admit it! He used some great strategy.

Taylor: I guess you could say that.

Niemi: I won't only say it, I'll mean it.

Taylor: Well, see, my take on it is that Petey was in the right place, at the right time, and got lucky to be able to pick his spot correctly. Hard fought match all around, however. I won't take that away from them.

Niemi: I just can't wait to see Petey's name at the top of those LSW Rankings.

Taylor: And it looks like he might get it sooner than later. Up next, we witnessed a very odd and strange occurence at the show before the Main Event. A silhoutte appeared on a big screen and well, I won't waste time explaining it... Just have a look...

New Authority In Town

A silhoutte did appear on the screen in what seemed to be an office background. He didn't waste any time in getting right to work.

Figure: Hello, all. I hope you've enjoyed the show tonight. Before we get to the Main Event Tag Team match, I would like to announce a few things.

I am sitting here in the LSW Offices in El Paso. Why you may ask? Because I am the man that was voted the new LSW Commissioner from the Board Of Directors. It is said that in a majority vote, I won in a landslide. I am glad to accept this honor on behalf of all LSW and assure you that order will be set in LSW.

For the better part of the year it seems that LSW has been run like an insane asylum with no moral order to be found in any corner you looked. That is all about to change. You may ask who I am... and you all will know in due time, but right now it's all business.

I would like to settle a few things for the Anniversary Show that is to be held in San Antonio. First off, Onyx and Andy Douglas will have one more confrontation on this show. Since Andy is so intent on running away from a fight rather than sticking through it, it will be the first ever LSW Brooklyn Street Fight. It isn't anything against Douglas, it's just that Onyx deserves better than what he has been getting.

Also, Eddie Guerrero and Mike Barton will finally face off for the Heavyweight Title on the show. That's right. Everyone must follow a higher up. I have to follow the board of directors and the wrestlers must follow me... EVEN the champion. That's right, Barton. You don't rule that ring anymore... I do.

It's about time law and order was brought, and this is just a start. Expect another announcement at the next show. Enjoy the Main Event...

Overall Rating = 58.5%

Taylor: Can you believe it, Ron?! We're going to get to see Eddie and Barton battle it out in January!

Niemi: I can hardly contain myself, Doc! ... But uh... Who was that?

Taylor: The Board Of Directors must want to keep it a real secret as I don't even know who it is.

Niemi: Man, I can't wait to see this guy in action, he seems like a take no sh...

Taylor: IIIIII uhhh I think it's time for the Main Event, Ron.

Niemi: Oh, right, right! Eddie is returning to the LSW ring... and Chavo is returning to A ring. Who is Barton's partner... Let's find out!

Eddie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero, Sr. vs LSW Heavyweight Champion, Mike Barton & Dallas

"LATINO MACHIIIIIIISMO" roars through the arena and the crowd goes absolutely insane as the LSW Hero makes his way out followed by his older brother. They step into the ring and pick a corner each to play to the crowd. The exact opposite reaction  came when the sirens were heard and the steady rock riffs blared through the PA. A shower of boo's came when an EXTREMELY angry Mike Barton stomped out through the curtains. He stops in the middle of the hall and screams over to the curtains causing Dallas to step out. The crowd boo's even more and Barton rushes over to the ring. He drops the belt and immediately gets in Eddie's face screaming something about the announcement that was just made. Eddie tried to tell him that he had nothing to do with it, but Barton insisted he did.

So, of course, Barton shoved Eddie, but Eddie shoved him right back. Barton's nostrils flared and he pushed Eddie even harder, but like a rubber band Eddie came right back with the same intensity. Barton shoved Eddie once more, but Eddie hit a STIFF punch to the face. Barton checked for blood, and was so angry... So angry that he... tagged out?

That's right. Barton just tagged out to Dallas and Dallas gave him a puzzled look. Barton yelled at him to get in, and that he did after a shrug. Eddie tried rushing at him, but fell victim to a mean elbow to the face and Dallas truly began the match with the momentum after that nice hit. He tossed around the obviously smaller Guerrero for quite a few minutes.

Eddie is a resilient competitor, though. That's a well-known fact. So, once Dallas' cocky side began to take over, Eddie immediately took advantage and began working on his legs. He was able to catch him showboating and a dropkick to the back of the knee quickly stopped that. Eddie used fists, elbows, led drops, and practically anything you can think off to just throw off that right knee. Eddie has also always been known to be very smart in the ring.

Barton suddenly rushed in and slammed Eddie's head onto the turnbuckle causing a shift in the momentum. Dallas sweeped Eddie down and began to pound away at his face as much as possible while the ref was trying to get Barton to his corner. Barton went to the corner right when Chavo was trying to save Eddie. So, Johnson now tries to get Chavo back to his corner. This allows Dallas to hold Eddie in a camel clutch and have Barton berate him with slaps and punches. Chavo is finally getting back to his corner so Barton now rushes over to his. The referee turns around to see Eddie passed out in the camel clutch. He raises his arm once... and it drops. Twice and it gets the same result...

A third time and he begins to fight out of it! He struggles to get up and begins elbowing Dallas in the gut while on his knees.

Once he gets to his feet, though, he goes back down when Dallas wraps his hand around his chin and pulls back to drop him on the back of his head. Dallas limps to his corner and tags out to Barton. HA! You thought Eddie was gonna make a comeback! Barton continues to pound away on a beat and battered Eddie with the brawling techniques he knows all too well. Chavo is shown in the corner just BEGGING Eddie to wake up and tag him. Eddie wouldn't budge from his current state, though. Barton was pretty much toying with him as the crowd tried to get behind Eddie to wake him up. Barton and Dallas tagged out a few times as the match dragged on just picking the guy apart.

Eddie, just wouldn't stay down. Soon the crowd was so responsive that his second wind came back and he began to fight back against both men. He would knock down both men and then look over to the corner to see Chavo begging for the tag. He would refuse to bring his brother in, though. It was, of course, for safety reasons.

Soon, it was down to Eddie and Dallas in the ring. Dallas used whatever was left of his leg strength to kick Eddie's face off with a huge big boot causing the big man to collapse right next to his victim. They each crawled to their corners because they had no other choice, but to tag out. Once Eddie reached his corner he was a bit reluctant. He glanced over to see Dallas about to tag in Barton, shook his head, and just made the tag.

Barton ran in and fell to a straight punch from Chavo. Showing he can still go he actually gave Barton a run for his money. He used more brawling than anything, but still used some slams and suplexes to get his point across.

The fresher Barton wouldn't really take the punishment, and soon Chavo found himself in a bad way against him. The momentum pretty much lasted a short time for him also.

It turned into a brawl, and really made Chavo look like he actually could go with the best of them. The Guerrero lineage is a strong one, as Barton can see now. With every punch you can tell he was getting more and more frustrated.

Ending: It continued on like that for a few minutes until they ended up striking each other with such force that they stumbled back to their corners, and each of their partners tagged themselves in. A major brawl erupted between Eddie and Dallas like if it was the start of the match, and it turned into a wild free for all. Chavo was tossed out by Dallas, but he turned around  into a HARD punch... but not by Eddie. See, Eddie was busy with Barton and Barton had taken off his glove. So, he was going for the heart punch on Eddie, Eddie dodged and added extra force into the punch by pushing the first right into Dallas' chest. Eddie then knee'd Barton and made him join his brother outside. Eddie jumped up to the top rope and came off with a beautiful Frog Splash on Dallas! He pinned and Barton tried to get in, but Chavo stopped him with a forearm to the back. The bell took it's toll and Barton stumbled over to grab his title in frustration and just plain out leave without even saying a word. Chavo rolled in and embraced Eddie, raising his hand to the air right after to end the show.

Winners: Eddie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero, Sr.

Match Reaction = 54.9%

Match Quality = 63.4%

Overall Rating = 58.8%

Taylor: And The Guerreros pick up the victory to end an awesome show!

Niemi: I'm surprised that Chavo Senior actually put up quite the fight here.

Taylor: The man still has great wrestling ability in his blood and he's not afraid to use it.

Niemi: I can see that!

Taylor: Oh, boy! What a night! And there's more to come next month. Until then, we'll see you here again next time. I'm Dr. Feel Good, Terry Taylor.

Niemi: And I'm Ron "The Stud" Niemi!

Taylor: See you, next month from L...S...W!

Show Rating: 54.1% (-2.3)

Attendance: 4,806(+178)

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LSW News And Notes On Chavo Sr., Mystery Commish, Possible TV Deal, Masada, And More

By: Mike Johnson

- To begin, we got the latest LSW DVD in our shop. It is titled "Unreasonable Thinking" and headlined by Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero, Sr. against Mike Barton and Dallas. You can purchase it here.

- Speaking of Chavo, I have heard that he signed a limited contract of a few months. So, chances are he'll be gone pretty soon, but for now, he's part of the roster.

- House Show attendance may not be at an extreme, with only a few hundred attending, but every company is experiencing extremely low House Show turn-outs recently. However, signs of change are occuring as crowd are rising with every month.

- The Mystery Commissioner that appeared on the show is unknown, even to us. It is said that the only ones to know are the LSW Brass. Rumor has it he's not very well known.

- An update on the Developmental Territories shows that the lease to the Florida complex was denied to LSW. However, in a smart move Eddie and Co. have decided to scourge the Pennsylvania area and has contact both former IWC and ROH training complexes. It is very much known that some of the best workers come out of that area and it will really help future LSW talent with possible trainers such as Eddie Guerrero, and to another extent they can give Chavo Senior the training job. More news as we get it.

- With the one year Anniversary show coming closer and closer, LSW have not only branched out into trying for training schools, but are in the beginning stages of looking for television networks interested in the product. At this stage it is hard to even know if they're actually going to go through with it, but are in planning.

- Many have e-mailed me asking if Masada was released from LSW. Well, I can tell you that he is still with the company, but word is he is getting retooled. He should be back in LSW soon.

- The Ft. Worth Express is running a story on the upcoming LSW Event coming to town in a few weeks. It puts over Eddie Guerrero very heavily for bringing wrestling back to Ft. Worth as they haven't had a big show come to town in five years. Also mentioned is LSW Champion, Mike Barton. Click here to see it.

- Returning for the event will be Joey Ryan. That's the only name I've heard.


Poll Of The Day

Today we're asking....

- PWInsider.com

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---------------LSW NEWSLETTER---------------


LSW comes to you LIVE from Ft. Worth, Texas, on November 19th, 2005. After the surprise appearance by Chavo Guerrero, Sr., and a tag match involving Eddie Guerrero and Mike Barton, LSW tore the house down at the Town Of Funk, Amarillo. Now,  LSW is set to do similar damage when we roll into Ft. Worth.

BRUCE STEELE vs QUICKSILVER - In tag action these two are fairly equal. However, these coast-to-coast rivals will now be tested in singles action.

JIMMY RAVE vs AZRAEL - Two of the hottest competitors in LSW will face off right here as Rave continues his hot streak and Azrael still pushes to be the top honcho. However, Gabriel has said he's still not done with him.

"SCRAP IRON" ADAM PEARCE vs ONYX - Onyx gets his first match against someone other than Andy Douglas. He will be facing Andy Douglas once again in two months, but now he must face the SoCal Old School Competitor, Adam Pearce.

JOEY RYAN vs DALLAS - Dallas may have been pinned in the Main Event last month, but he does not plan to lose momentum when he takes on the returning Joey Ryan.

PETEY WILLIAMS vs RODERICK STRONG - Petey Williams gets another shot at entering the Top 4 Contenders here when he takes on the former LSW Champion once again after pinning him in the Three Way Dance last month. Will Petey finally recognize his spot in the Club?

ANDY DOUGLAS vs JOHN WALTERS - And our Main Event will see the newest Top 4 Contenders Club member take on the seemingly ever-retreating and cunning, Andy Douglas. Walters is set to, well, sett Douglas straight.

ALSO, Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Sr., Mike Barton, and more will be in the house!

Bell Time - 8:00 PM, Suggested Attendance Time - 7:00 PM

Tickets are $10 for Adults and $8 for Teens. Children are free, but be aware, some of the content on the show is not suitable for those under the age of thirteen (13). Children under said age are not admitted unless accompanied by an adult of eighteen (18) years or older with written consent from the parental guardian.


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  • 2 weeks later...


Billy Fives def. Billy Kim via The Lulaby - 56.2%

Tony Kozina def. David Babylon via Tornado DDT - 58.6%

Sedrick Strong def. Rainman via Shoulder Breaker - 56.5%

Jason Cross def. Rod Steel via The Idolizer - 56.3%r

user posted image

We open up again at the backstage studio where your hosts Terry Taylor and Ron Niemi are sitting on stools next to a television set with the LSW Logo on it and "Wait" playing. As the sound turns off our announcers begin speaking.

Taylor: Another months brings more, OH SO HOT Lonestar State Wrestling action! Hello, everybody, I'm "The Doc", Terry Taylor, and with me as always is...


Taylor: Nice to be in the studio again, 'ey Ron?

Niemi: You know that it's always YOUR pleasure, when we're here.

Taylor: You're quite the egotist, Ron. So much so, that I'll stroke your ego and let you say what's on for tonight.

Niemi: Quit it, Terry... Let's leave this PG-13.

Taylor: That's what I me---

Niemi: BUT SURE! I'll introduce the stuff like only I can! Tonight... oooh tonight, folks! If you're missing this show, you're foolish! But, I guess, since you're missing it... then... you're not hearing what I say... Either way, it's still effective! We have a nice compilation of great matches we just can't wait to show you, including Onyx versus Adam Pearce, Jimmy Rave versus Azrael, Joey Ryan returning against Dallas, and our HOT Main Event, John Walters versus Andy Douglas. PLUUUUS MORE! You've just gotta check it out... HELL! Let's start the show!

Bruce Steele w/Jared Steele vs Quicksilver w/Phoenix Star

The crowd got started with some mild heat for both competitors, but it got the ball rolling. The Silver Stars came out first and got a nice reception from the crowd in attendance. They slapped hands with the fans and Silver slid into the ring as Star clapped on the outside trying to get the crowd to give him more heat. Before there could be any heat to be had the sounds of the music of the Steeles played and the crowd began to boo away at them. They placed their heads together before the ring and spoke a few words, high-fived each other, then Bruce rolled in.

Quicksilver got on the early offense here pounding away at Bruce as he tried to get up from rolling in. Silver whipped him and hit a quick knee to the gut causing Steele to flip on over. Silver continued to long streak of offense for a few minutes, not really hitting many notable moves as he was aiming to go through with quick offense, but nothing that will tire him out so fast.

Maybe if he did use some of those big moves the following wouldn't have happened, as Steele was able to overcome a "10 Punch In The Corner", at five when he grabbed Silver's waist and hit a DEVASTATING spinebuster on him. A quick elbow drop follow-up keeps Silver down long enough for Steele to get a bit of breath and help him continue to make a comeback. Steele uses a more power-based offense here to wear out Silver.

To set-up the ending, both men were really getting at it after Steele had his momentum in the spotlight. It seemed that both men were so tired from the respective punishment they took, that all they could do was try and knock each other off their feet. Nothing really to name here as both men would just hit each other feircely, but nothing huge.

Ending: The ending was the best part of the match, not in the sad way. The crowd was fired up to see some high intensity that these guys bring in their tag matches. Mainly because their partners got involved. A wild clothesline ended up slamming referee Johnson down on the mat and pure chaos erupted. First, Jared slid in and the double team of Quicksilver began, but didn't last very long at all as Phoenix Star joined in the fray. Star was fought off, and The Steeles were able to cream Silver with a Spike Powerbomb. Bruce covered for the pin, but Johnson was still out. Bruce got up and began to shove the referee to wake up. Jared began to sneak back into the ring, but Star burst out of nowhere and speared Jared out of the ring through the middle rope with such force that he took himself down there as well. Quicksilver groggily got up and once Bruce turned around he was layed out with a superkick. Silver slowly crawled up to the turnbuckle and came off with the Silver Bullet giving him the three count despite Jared trying to crawl into the ring to save his "brother".

Winner: Quicksilver

Match Reaction = 40.8%

Match Quality = 61.2%

Overall Rating = 51.1%

Taylor: And Quicksilver picks up the victory over Bruce Steele.

Niemi: That match was NUTS in the end! It's incredible how much these two teams just don't like each other.

Taylor: I agree whole-heartedly, and I also agree that it's a relief to see the very talented Joey Ryan back in our ring.

Niemi: You said it, Doc! He'll be facing the big man... the "unofficial" partner of Mike Barton... DALLAS!

Dallas vs Joey Ryan

Out first was everyone's least favorite big man, Dallas, to a resounding amount of boo's. Next out was a Ryan who got a nice pop mostly due to his return. He met the big man in the ring and they began to exchange words.

Dallas immediately began to pound away at Ryan beginning this relatively short match. He used his size to his advantage keeping Ryan down with slow, but hard hitting and methodical moves that can wear anyone down real quick. Ryan was no exception to this because well, he's a human. Dallas tossed him around a bit getting some heat from the crowd.

Positive heat set in when the tough Joey Ryan began to fight back against the big man. He used some excellent wrestling moves to take the match to a nice new notch. He took the ball and ran with it and actually showed he is pretty strong when he needs to be. Now, he's pretty quick, not as fast as a few others on the roster, but compared to Dallas, he's the second coming of Speedy Gonzales.

Ending: Dallas seemed to get frustrated as he continued to get pummeled by the SoCal native, and finally just EXPLODED with a MASSIVE clothesline that nearly beheaded Ryan and actually echoed throughtout the arena. Both men struggled to get up and after about forty-five seconds both were on their feet. Ryan, however, ended up back on the mat when Dallas nearly took his head off agrain with a Big Boot getting him the quick victory.

Winner: Dallas

Match Reaction = 43.0%

Match Quality = 65.8%

Overall Rating = 52.0%

Taylor: WOW! Dallas just MAULED Ryan at the end of that match!

Niemi: See? That's what I love about Dallas. When you see him motivated, the man is a Weapon Of Devastation.

Taylor: Can't disagree with you there, but you know who is also a weapon ready to explode?

Niemi: Whooooo?

Taylor: The New York Bad-Boy, Onyx! The match that is coming up is pretty much a huge clash of styles as we have full on brawling against old school tecnicality. I can't wait to see this... Onyx, Pearce, now!

Onyx vs "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce

These two got by far the biggest reactions of the night thus far. The glitter fell and the classic music began to play. The crowd knowing what was coming began boo'ing even before he could step out. Pearce stepped through the curtain, his hands stretched out a bit as if he were catching the glitter. He gave a pose to the crowd and then game them a wrongful gesture. He gave his quasi-famous strut down the hall. The crowd suddenly began cheering. His eyes opened wide a bit and he began smiling at the crowd.

He began to wave at them and then dropped like a ton of bricks. Orlando Jordan had just clotheslined him! He picked Pearce up and slammed his head on the barricade then began using boxing punches all over Pearce's mid-section. OJ ripped of Pearce's jacket and chopped him in the chest three times consecutively then made his stomach eat knee. However, Jordan didn't let him fall. Instead he followed that up with a knee to the face making Pearce collapse on the hallway. OJ picked him up and roleld the heaving SoCal worker into the ring. Jordan left seemingly satisfied.

The crowd went nuts when Onyx's music hit the PA and the man finally made his way out. Onyx stepped into the ring and glared over at Pearce, trying to catch his breath in one of the corners. Onyx signals to the crowd asking them if he should let Pearce take a little break. The crowd, of course, responds negatively, but Onyx decides to just wait instead... NOT! Onyx does stand down and Pearce thanks him, but it's only for a second before Onyx then rushes over and rams his knee in the face of Pearce. Pearce rolls out of the ring in agony yelling at Onyx. Onyx screams at him to get back in the ring and Pearce motions as if he were to be leaving.

Onyx turns around obviously disappointed and the crafty Pearce rolls back in, blindsiding him. Pearce begins to work him over, but the effects of the earlier attack have torn into him and he isn't running on a full gas tank so it has hindered his mobility throughout the attacks.

This is his true downfall, as Onyx is able to pretty easily get back into the match after a short string of a few moves. Pearce tried going for a suplex, but his chest gave in due to the punches from earlier and he was forced to release Onyx. Onyx used a quick paced style of brawling to get right back in on this. Pearce ends up on the receiving end of a grade A beating from a man who has been hungry for action for months now.

Pearce, somehow, finds his way back to the match through ring presence a nice bit of experience, but it doesn't last too long as he has taken too much of a beating and is too far gone to properly regain control of the match.

Ending: Pearce went for a German Suplex, but Onyx held his ground and put down Pearce with a neckbreaker variation of the Diamond Cutter. He then started signaling to the crowd as they got on their feet, pumped up. Pearce slowly got up right into the Blaq Out giving Onyx the victory.

Winner: Onyx

Match Reaction = 44.0%

Match Quality = 67.4%

Overall Rating = 61.6%

Taylor: And Onyx finally get's a proper... well, semi-proper, match out of an opponent here!

Niemi: Don't you dare give this win solely to Onyx, Taylor. If it wasn't for Orlando Jordan, then Pearce would've put up more of a fight.

Taylor: I don't doubt it, Ron. Jordan made his presence felt and I think Pearce realizes that the man labeled "Legit" is not done with him just yet.

Niemi: He needs self-control...

Taylor: You would never say the same thing if Pearce did it.

Niemi: Well, after this, Pearce has every right to do it!

Taylor: Whatever you say, Ron... Next up, we have a high-stakes challenge for our champion, Mike Barton...

Tape vs Title

The scene cuts backstage where we catch Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero, Jr. discussing something.

Chavo: See, Eddie? This is what I'm talking about. You're coming into this match too wrecklessly!

Eddie: Orale, man! You may be my older brother, but I know what's good for me, more than you do!

Chavo: Oh yeah? Well, watch this!

Eddie, who is holding the Barton tape in his hand, is forced to relinquish it when Chavo takes it from him. He rushes out onto the stage and power walks down the hall into the ring for a pretty nice pop. Eddie follows him out, a bit slower, getting an IMMENSE pop from the crowd. He tries to focus his attention on Chavo, but the crowd's reaction whips him into a frenzy and he begins to play to them all. Chavo grabs a mic while in the ring.

Chavo: Barton! I challenge you!

The words echo'ed through the arena. Eddie stopped in his tracks and in astonishment turned his head slowly to the ring. Chavo stood his ground straight-up, and Eddie rushed in there and began yelling at Chavo.

Chavo: E-Eddie! Eddie! CALM DOWN, EDDIE! Eddie, just like you can make your own decisions, as can I. I am challenging you, Barton! I am challenging you to a match, here, tonight, in Ft. Worth! If you accept, please step out.

There was a moment of silence throughout the arena. A fan was even audible when he yelled "YOU CRAZY!". Eddie was shaking his head whilst looking at the ground feeling sorry for what was to overcome his brother if the challenge was accepted. Low and behold the sirens screamed through the arena. The boo's were overpowering and Eddie was just going berzerk that Barton had the gaul to accept the challenge. Barton came out once the slow rock music played and he stepped down the hall and into the ring, never once taking his eyes off Chavo. He got right in Chavo's face. Eddie immediately got in between and pushed Barton away and got in his face. They got in an argument, but Chavo broke it up.


Eddie and Barton glare at each other, but don't make any moves at each other as Chavo continues.

Chavo: Barton... I'm challenging you to a match tonight for that title...

Barton turns his head over to Chavo and immediately begins to deny him the time of day.

Chavo: I know it gives you everything to lose, but I'm willing to put this on the line.

Chavo waves the tape at Barton and Barton's face shows signs of reconsidering and questioning. Eddie begins to go crazy yelling at Chavo.

Chavo: If... If... STOP EDDIE! If you are willing to put that title on the line tonight, I will put this tape on the line. You win, you can have it. I win I get the title.

Eddie continues to scream at Chavo, and Barton takes the mic.

Barton: Accepted.

Barton glares over at Eddie and yells out "FEAR THE THREAT" and then steps out of the ring and through the curtains to the back. Eddie yells a bit at Barton then begins yelling at Chavo again as we cut back to the studio.

Overall Rating = 53.0%

Taylor: Looks like we have a new match for tonight! Chavo against Barton in a Tape versus Title match!

Niemi: And Eddie seems none to happy about it either.

Taylor: Well, I'm sure he doesn't want to face his brother at the Anniversary Show if he were to win.

Niemi: He also risks the tape, one of the prime ways that Eddie can get into Barton's head.

Taylor: It'll hurt Eddie, but Eddie is tough. He can still beat him even if the tape is lost.

Niemi: I dunno', Doc. It might be too tough...

Taylor: Well, we'll have to see. Speaking of tough, we got Jimmy Rave up next!

Niemi: That's a fact. We got Jimmy Rave against Azrael!

Jimmy Rave vs Azrael

The sounds of Rave's music hit and out he ran sliding into the ring while the crowd gave him a pretty nice reception. He jumped around a bit in the ring anxiously awaiting his opponent. He came out not too soon after. As he walked down to the ring with a bit a boo's, not too much, not too little he was met with a rude awakening.

Instead of being able to enter the ring, he fell flat on his back because of a flying body press on the part of Jimmy Rave. Rave tossed around Azrael all over the outside like if the match had actually begun. I think Rave has just lost it.

After tearing Az a new hole, Az fought back after a low blow to do the same exact thing right back to Rave. Az, however, was smart enough to actually bring the fight into the ring to finally have the bell take its toll and have pin falls count.

It seemed that it only took those few seconds of rolling Rave in for Rave to reawaken the beast and begin pounding away at Az, but this time he was able to use the ring to his advantage using the ropes and turnbuckles as often as possible.

Az got right back into it and practically began mimicking Rave's style to wear into Rave. It actually did seem to work! Rave was finally feeling the effects of heavy offense.

Of course, Rave never goes down without a fight and once again mounted a big comeback. Rave used some bigger "name" moves here with a hurricarana and Reverse Tornado DDT and the like.

Ending: In a match where momentum was short, but effective, these two men obviously came in for a fight and to prove that they aren't just "some wrestlers". Rave ended it when Azrael tried for a spin kick, Rave ducked it, and came from behind with a Dragon Suplex for the victory. As Rave's music played, Gabriel was standing at the stage area glaring over at a fallen Azrael and clapping for Jimmy Rave. Az looked up for a second and stared angrily at Gabriel.

Winner: Jimmy Rave

Match Reaction = 38.2%

Match Quality = 64.8%

Overall Rating = 55.3%

Taylor: Another victory is notched under Rave's belt as he beats the up-and-coming Azrael.

Niemi: I'm making a prediction. Alright... Here it is... Keep this for the record, Doc.... By this time next year, Jimmy Rave will be in the Top 4 Contenders Club. Cout on it!

Taylor: You might be on to something there. The way that this kis is impressing, there's no telling how fortunate his future is or how much he'll impress next. He may even have the Heavyweight Title by this time next year. Who knows?

Niemi: Well, I know one thing. It's time for a T4CC Qualifier match. Roderick Strong defends his spot against Petey Williams once again!

Roderick Strong vs "Canadian Phenom" Petey Williams

Now we have the hottest crowd thus far with these two. Roderick Strong came out to a nice pop that actually lasted until he finally reached the ring. That is when the Canadian National Anthem took over the PA. Petey drew the most heat of all the heels that appeared tonight thus far and it really showed. He rolled into the ring and both competitors began to jaw off at each other.

A shoving contest ensued that ended up in both men trading blows. The first few minutes of the match was pretty evened out between these two awesome talents. Say, a two move set was hit by Strong, Petey would then come back with that and then some. It worked both ways and the crowd was starting to pick up steam after the level exchange.

The straw that broke the constant shift in momentum came with a beautiful enziguiri to the face of Strong on the part of the Canadian Phenom. He kept Strong at ease with various plexes and submission holds.

His momentum didn't last too long as during a Boston Crab, Strong reached the ropes and began climbing his way up. The sudden reach for the top rope immediately caused Petey to fall forward on his face and it had the crowd laughing. Petey shot back up and began to yell at the crowd to shut up, but went down after a bulldog attempt. Strong fiercely began to boot away at Petey's back, which then became the focus of Strong's attack. During this rather long-ish run with the momentum he hit a total of three backbreaker variations and continued to just wrench at Petey's back. A very smart move as this would pretty much hinder Petey throughout the rest of the match.

However, it didn't hold him down. Petey was able to get out of another backbreaker attempt and hit a leg sweep to take down Strong. Petey hit a hip toss once Strong got up and came off the second ropes with a Tornado DDT and the close fall right after that.

After a few more moves it became total carnage in the ring. Both guys just started going at it just like in their past two confrontations and earlier in the match. The deseperation of Petey began to show as he would get frustrated after every pin attempt. He even tried pinning Strong three times in a row with no moves to be had in between.

Ending: Petey was able to get Strong with a HARD gutwrench to keep him on the mat for a while. Petey slid to the outside and grabbed a chair. He slid in and threatened to hit Strong. Johnson took the chair and warned Petey as Strong began to get up. Johnson began to put the chair back while Petey grabbed the Canadian flag from the corner and BROKE it over Strong's head! He disgracefully threw his own flag out and and pinned Strong. Johnson immediately slid in to make the three count! Petey beats Strong and is now in the Top 4 Contenders Club! Petey begins to jump for joy as the crowd boo's him on. He rolls out and grabs his precious flag saying "sorry" to it and seemingly petting it. We go back to the studio where Petey is still celebrating on the monitor.

Winner: Petey Williams

Match Reaction = 48.2%

Match Quality = 73.4%

Overall Rating = 66.0%

Taylor: Oh my gosh! I can't believe this! He disgraced his own flag to win a spot in the club!

Niemi: Sometimes you gotta make sacrifices, Doc.

Taylor: Well, I don't like this one bit... In fact I'll go on record in saying...


Taylor: What the? Let's go back to the arena for a second here...

More Anniversary Matches

As we head back to the arena, Petey looks a bit confused and looks over to the ring to see Strong still getting attended to, so it isn't him calling out his name. Suddenly, the same silhoutte from last month appears on the big screen.

Figure: Petey, congratulations. I'd like to congratulate you on two things. The first, of course, is winning the match. Great job... The second being... FOR PISSING ME OFF! Petey, you may have won, but you are NOT. I repeat... NOT in the Top 4 Contender's Club.

Back in the hallway, Petey is livid yelling obscenities at the big screen.

Figure: Fact is, I've enjoyed your matches with Strong, Petey. It also seems that he and I aren't the only men you've pissed off. John Walters was mighty pissed off after losing the Three Way Dance last month. Since we can't get an official declaration of the winners between you and Strong, I decided to make the next rematch for two months from now. That's right at the Anniversary Show you and Strong will once again face off... with John Walters as the special enforcer. Only pin falls and submissions can win you the match, as well. However, if you use a weapon or anything illegal you are barred from ever competing for the Top 4 Contenders Club again. I'm not taking a chance at all with this, Petey. We WILL have an official and CLEAN winner! As far as next month... you have John Walters in a match.

Petey is as disgruntled as ever. He storms through the curtain and all that is shown now is the silhoutte.

Figure: As far as other matches go. We will see Adam Pearce and Orlando Jordan face off once again to finally resolve those issues and have Azrael and Gabriel vent out their frustrations as well. Thank you. See you all next month.

Overall Rating = 48.6%

Taylor: WOW! Three more excellent matches set for the Anniversary show and we're still two months away!

Niemi: This new commish has his ups and downs, but I really like his ups. He's constructing a quality card on just his first few shows!

Taylor: He seems to have a great mindset for the job. You have to give him his kudos on that.

Niemi: And I am! But right now we gotta watch a match that he didn't book! Barton defends his title, and Chavo defend's his brother's tape. Let's do it!

LSW Heavyweight Championship: Chavo Guerrero, Sr. w/Eddie Guerrero vs "The Threat" Mike Barton ©

"LATINO MACHIIIISMO" is heard the crowd goes nuts as the Guerreros step out. Chavo is ahead of Eddie, carrying the tape in his hands. Eddie looks bummed, but still cheerful for his brother in this match. Chavo handed the timekeeper the tape and then rolled into the ring. He warmed up a bit as Eddie stood on the outside clapping. The massive boo's came in when the sirens once again filled the arena and the slow rock played. Barton walked down the ramp with a determined and angry look on his face, as per usual. He steps into the ring, points at Eddie, yells something at him, then hands over the title to the referee.

Chavo stepped up to Barton and offered a handshake. Barton goes to shake it, but fakes him out and slams a fist right to the face of Chavo. Barton began by playing around with Chavo. He basically tossed Chavo around like if he was just another light-weight. You could also tell he was enjoying it because he wasn't as angry as usual. He was angry, but not as angry.

He seemed to have underestimated Chavo's prowess as when the crowd pushed to get him back in the match, Chavo delivered. At least, for a bit. He showed Barton what a true veteran of the ring can do. He actually was able to gather enough strength to take down Barton with some nice suplexes.

Now Barton was angry. He realized that he had just been duped into believing that Chavo didn't have much left in him due to a rather poor performance in the tag match last month. Barton really tore into Chavo now, even popping him open with a wild right hand to the forehead. Eddie got on the apron and began yelling at Barton. Barton turns and sticks Eddie right in the face knocking him off the apron. The punishment continued for another while before Eddie tried to get in and the referee had to stop him.

Ending: While Johnson was distracted, Chavo got up and hit a low blow on Barton from behind getting a nice pop from the crowd and he followed it with a bulldog. Chavo had a fierce look in his eyes as he told Barton to get up. While Barton was on the floor he was taking off his left glove. He slowly got up and the second he turned around swung and hit the right target with a HARD Heart Punch. Johnson turned once he heard the loud thud of Chavo falling and counted the three count. Eddie got the tape and began to walk away. Barton saw this and furiously grabbed a microphone.

Winner and STILL Heavyweight Champion: Mike Barton ©

Match Reaction = 51.4%

Match Quality = 52.4%

Overall Rating = 50.5%

Taylor: Eddie is leaving with the tape! He doesn't want to relinquish it to Barton!

Niemi: That's not fair! The stipulations were set, he can't just back out of the deal now!

Eddie Gives In

Eddie was walking slowly up the hallway and Barton began to scream into the mic. The camera panned over to the ring to see Barton holding a bloody and unconscious Chavo in a chinlock.


Eddie turns around to see what Barton was talking about and his eyes widen.


Eddie looks at the crowd and then at Barton. He looks down and sighs then begins to march back to the ring.

Barton: That's right. I knew you'd give in. You're just a big softy aren't you, boy?

Eddie angrily looks at Barton and slides the tape at his direction. Barton looks at the tape, then at Eddie, then down at Chavo. He slams the mic on Chavo's head causing Eddie to slide in, but Barton quickly grabs the tape and slides out. He continues to yell at Eddie to "FEAR THE THREAT" as Eddie attends to his brother and Barton's music plays him out.

Overall Rating = 66.2%

Taylor]: And Eddie was forced to give up the tape so that his brother wouldn't be hurt anymore then Barton takes a cheap shot. That was horrible...

Niemi: Eddie PROVOKED him to do it! He was about to just leave like if it was right to do so.

Taylor: Eddie did what was asked of him! He delivered and Barton took a cheap shot! That's all there is to it!

Niemi: The way I see it, the action was justified.

Taylor: That's a sickening thought, Ron. How could you think like that?

Niemi: My thoughts are fine, Doc! And you know what else is fine! The Main Event, baby! We have Andy Douglas and John Walters... NEXT!!!

John Walters vs "The Natural" Andy Douglas

This would be the best match of the night. The crowd was pretty much sucked dry though from the previous match, but they still had their ups and downs in this excellent display of wrestling. Andy Douglas was out first to a significant amount of boo's from the crowd, but he shook it off. He rolled into the ring and still raised his fists in the air despite the negative reaction of the crowd, then laughed and told them to "F' Off". The crowd did begin to cheer much greater for John Walters, though, when his music hit. He slapped hands with the fans on the way down to the ring.

He slid in and fell victim to an immediate elbow drop from Andy Douglas. Douglas was stuck on him like white on rice for the first few minutes of the bout, actually using the Boston Native's technical style of wrestling.

The downfall would come when he tried to do a Tornado DDT. You don't just do a Tornado DDT on a man that has a nickname of The Hurricane. Douglas did the one eighty degree turn but ended up landing on his feet and with some great strength Walters lifted him up and over into a beautiful Northern Lights Suplex. Now, Walters had the longer run of the momentum here by just really punishing Douglas for his cowardess recently. He hit a nice string of various suplexes going from vertical to belly to back, keeping Douglas grounded for most of the time.

Douglas wasn't about to just give up, though. An attempted Belly To Belly was foiled when Douglas had his right arm loose and he was able to hang on tight to the top rope. Walters struggled a bit to get him up, but a headbutt would cause him to fall back HARD on one of the attempts as it mixed his own momentum in trying to lift Douglas back and the impact of which the head hit. Needless to say, he was a bit dazed after the blow and Douglas took full on advantage of the situation. He began using a more quick paced high flying style in this part of the match to keep Walters from literally getting two breaths.

A rana attempt ended badly for Douglas as in a sort of desperation Walters came down fast with a sit-out powerbomb. Both men layed down for a while, but got up eventually and began to trade fists. Walters grabbed one of the arms and took him down in a type of arm-bar, but Douglas slid through and was able to lock a variation leg lock on him. Walters rolled through there and then locked Andy's ankle. Douglas reached the ropes and now each man tried to one up each other in suplexes and slams.

Neither would claim the advantage until the previously failed Belly To Belly came into effect and Douglas was taken down with it. Another great technical display on the part of Walters was seen here and the crowd finally began to get into the match.

It was weird, but the climax came right here towards the end. The reason being that both men really began to shift momentums here and move real quickly. A neckbreaker attempt saw Douglas regain momentum as he stood his ground and let Walters fall following it with another elbow drop, but this time to the chest. He used some quick moves here, but eventually had to relinquish momentum again.

He tried to use a slingshot cross body, but Walters ducked it and kicked Douglas right in the teeth with a MEAN soccer kick.  This caused the crowd to "OOOOOOOOOH" and Walters took it in stride by doing it AGAIN! It got a louder reaction and now he got back to tossing Douglas around like salad. He became a bit more fierce and it helped propel the crowd to begin standing.

Ending: They somehow felt the ending was getting close, and it sure was. Walters pretty much had this match in the bag as he came off the top with a BIG Superplex. Suddenly, DALLAS of all people got in the ring and hit Walters with a HUGE Big Boot! The referee called for the bell and Douglas was DQ'ed, but Dallas continued to slam rights and lefts into the fallen carcass of Walters. Douglas got up and yelled at Dallas to REALLY pound into him. This lasted for about thirty seconds when Onyx ran in with a chain wrapped around his hand. He slid in and Douglas with Dallas scattered. They yelled at Onyx, but Onyx isn't one of those guys that like to stay in the ring after coming for a save. The crazy bastard actually got out of the ring and chase the two through the curtain while swinging the chain around.

Winner: John Walters by DQ

Match Reaction = 37.7%

Match Quality = 78.6%

Overall Rating = 55.6%

Taylor: Why would Dallas interfere in the match?!

Niemi: That's not important right now! Onyx could be killing those men with that chain!

Taylor: Are we seeing an alliance between Andy Douglas and Dallas?

Niemi: The chain, Doc! The chain!

Taylor: I saw the chain, Ron! Folks, another wild show brought to you by LSW! I'm Terry Taylor, that's Ron Niemi, see you next month, right here!

Show Rating: 56.0% (+1.9%)

Attendance: 5,265 (+459)

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Hot, Hot Show. I'm looking forward to the Anniversary show. Excellent build up. As for the mystery commissioner, makes me wonder who it is.

Mike Barton is easily becoming my favorite heel in this diary. The whole threatening Eddie with Chavo's life was great stuff. Keep up the good work.

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LSW News And Notes On Training Camp, Possible New Referees, MANY TV Spots, and More

By: Mike Johnson

- First of all, the new LSW DVD is in stock. It is entitled Family Affair and is one of the better LSW shows to date headlined by one of the better LSW matches pitting John Walters against Andy Douglas. Purchase it here.

- LSW has finally found their home when it comes to Training Camps. It looked grim at the beginning of the month as both former territories in the north that used to house the ROH and IWC Training Camps denied them the lease. However, they then looked on over to the former TNA Training Camp in Tennesse. Chavo added some of his own money to the offer that LSW was giving, and they got the lease! Now, Chavo's contract is in the negotiation process and should be renewed with him becoming head trainer and owner of the newly renamed "Man Of War (Guerrero) Academy". Tennesse has always been a huge hotbed for talent, and I'm sure many impressive young wrestlers will come out of it.

- An update on the mystery commissioner reveals pretty much nothing. The word making the rounds is that he's Canadian and is pretty much an unknown in the U.S. It is said that they are trying to build his character before anyone judges him on appearance, which is a pretty smart move on the part of the company. Petey Williams was said to be the link to him getting the job.

- Negotiations for new referees have begun and LSW has contacted Rudy Charles, the former TNA referee, and Charles "Little Naitch" Robinson, the former IWA: Mid-South referee. Mark Johnson has done an excellent job, but LSW feel they'll need a variety of refs to cover more work soon. They will probably not be working until the Annivesary show if they do come to deals.

- Three men in the LSW roster are going to be very busy in the upcoming weeks with a total of NINE television spots. First, Eddie Guerrero is on Jimmy Kimmel Live on November 30th. December 3rd will see Mike Barton appear on Last Call with Carson Daly. The next night, December 4th, Eddie Guerrero will be doing a segment on MADtv. LIVE With Regis and Kelly will have Petey Williams on the show two days after on December 6th. Mike Barton will then make another appearance, this time on the Late Late Show wtih Craig Kilborn on December 9th. Eddie Guerrero will make his third tv spot a tough one when he goes on Real Time with Bill Maher on December 17th, the day of the LSW show. Tough traveling for him that day.  LIVE with Regis and Kelly will be getting another LSW guest when Mike Barton makes a stop on December 19th. That will be followed by another Late Late Show appearance, this time with Eddie Guerrero on December 22nd. Finally, Petey Williams will tape a segment for MADtv on December 23rd that will air the next night on Christmas Eve, December 24th. That is an amazing amount of press for LSW that has been extremely popular in the DVD market. When they do get a TV deal I see them becoming huge very fast.

- Speaking of which, the negotiations will begin in January. That's right, once January rolls around LSW is going to start negotiations with TV networks to see if they're interested in adopting their product for television. It would be an excellent move as the only company on television right now is NWA:TNA.

- LSW is coming to Houston on December 17th and the Houston Enquirer ran a story on it. It talked mainly about Mike Barton and his return to American wrestling the past year. It's an interesting read. You can check it out right here.

- Returning for the event will be Billy Fives.


Poll Of The Day

Today we're asking....

- PWInsider.com

Eddie Guerrero On Jimmy Kimmel Live! Report

By: Mike Johnson

Josh Mancini sent this one... Eddie Guerrero appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. He came off real well and joked around with Jimmy a whole lot. Most of the interview was pretty much about jokes on the road. Towards the end Eddie got to talk about LSW, how they really want to bring in Terry Funk, but can't, and plugged the Anniversary show. Eddie came off as a very laid back and funny guy.

Mike Barton On Last Call Report

By: Mike Johnson

Az Rael sent this one... Mike Barton was on Last Call with Carson Daly last night. Most of the interview was a joke with Carson telling how scared he was of Barton because he is a big man. Barton made threatful jokes, but the interview came off alright. Barton plugged the Anniversary show and the interview was over. Barton seemed kinda nervous.

Eddie Guerrero On MADtv Report

By: Mike Johnson

Craig sent this one... Eddie Guerero did a funny segment for MADtv last night inolving a Mexican West Side Story skit. It was about Mexican Gangsters in a Gang War with sing-a-longs. It was quite funny and Eddie was pure gold.

Petey Williams On LIVE With Regis And Kelly Report

By: Mike Johnson

Thu G. Anomic sent in this one... This morning I turned on LIVE With Regis and Kelly and caught it right on time to see Petey Williams on the show. He talked about how important wrestling is in Canada. He came off very knowledgeable on many things he would say and was very laid back. They showed clips of the Canadian Destroyer and Regis quickly backed out of the werstling session where Regis was "supposed" to take the Canadian Destroyer. Petey joked that he made the right choice. Petey came out pretty good and was able to talk about the Anniversary show also.

Mike Barton On The Late Late Show Report, Backstage Fight At TNA Action

By: Mike Johnson

Jimmy J. Johansenn, Jr. sent this one in... I looked around the site and saw no reports, so I figured I'd send one. Mike Barton was on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn two nights ago. The interview came off okay at best as Kilborn didn't seem to really know what he was talking about, and Barton seemed rather nervous throughout as he really couldn't play off of Craig. They talked about wrestling in Japan and how different it is from American wrestling. He got to plug the Annivesary show and that was that.

Apparently, in one of the most humorous stories I've heard all year, Sean Waltman and Leon "Vader" White actually got in a scuffle after the Main Event, which saw Waltman lose to Jericho when Vader interfered, when Waltman accused White of being late to interfere. Vader took offense and threatened Waltman, but Waltman stood his ground and tried to shove Vader. Vader kept his ground and he pushed Waltman back onto some trash cans nearby. Officials then seperated both men before anything else could happen. No word on what the reprecussions of the fight may be.

Eddie Guerrero On Real Time With Bill Maher Report

By: Mike Johnson

William Swirldagger sent this one... Last night, Eddie Guerrero was interviewed by Bill Maher on his show "Real Time". Guerrero came off amazing in the interview actually making Maher speechless after relentlessly mocking wrestling. Eddie kept his composure and used his vast experience to really wow Maher and Maher actually gave him credit for Eddie. Eddie also came out very witty and when Maher said there was no future in wrestling Eddie quipped that Maher should check out work from Joe Higuchi, a pioneer of Japanese Wrestling, and what he and a bunch of wrestlers did to establish wrestling in Japan and how he just recently retired from working in the office of NOAH. Excellent interview.

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