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More GTA:SA info

MalaCloudy Black

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Apparently, R* updated the GTA: San Andreas website recently and have put up a new trailer along with new information about the game on the official website.

Here's the news courtesy of gta-sanandreas.com;

Well surely it was about time that Rockstar tried to release lots of new information all at once to make up for their complete lack of material over the last two weeks. The San Andreas Official Site has been updated with some new content and a new trailer (wow, this is insane... Not) which you can feel free to check out if you're still hyped about this game after the boring last two weeks, however Psy is not... At all, and won't be updating this site with any of the new information for a good few hours. One overdue site update does not make up for two weeks of NOTHING, and he'd rather be playing real games, than getting hyped over one that's not coming out for another month.

Head over to GTA:San Andreas.com where you'll find the new San Fierro information. If you care that is.

CREDIT: gta-sanandreas.com/ImaPhatPimp

I can't get the trailer to work right now, but from what I hear you finally get to hear CJ, Smoke, & Ryder talk and the background music for the trailer is "Welcome To The Jungle".

http://www.rockstargames.com/sanandreas/ See if you guys can find the trailer there, the website is still loading for me.

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Who the fuck wrote that blurb? What an asshole.

omg I haven't seen anything new about Grand Theft Auto in over six minutes, maybe I should, you know... go outside. But wait, what if they release something while I'm gone. Nope, best I wait here in front of my monitor tapping F5 until something happens.

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Dude, they're all fucking assholes at the gta-sanandreas.com forums. OH NOES NO NEW INFO FOR TWO WEEKS :cry: Someone (Rorschach I think his name was) even pointed out how childish it was and one of the admins told him to fuck off. It's really fucking stupid, It's like what my friend said when I PMed him over there;

I'm wading through the stupidity this board seems to attract and picking out the good points.
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