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100 Women + that whole list thing =


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Because the boredom of fall continues to flow in me, I've decided to create another list this time consisting of women. The last list of this type we had never got finished, so...I'm stealing the idea. :devil:

Nominate ten of those women you really like, preferrably in order. (And I won't let Ms. Bellucci sway you vote....that much :pervert: )

Also, give me a good list name.

Deadline: Friday, October 8, 2004, 5:15 PM CST

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Lindsay Lohan

Britney Spears

Brooke Bruke

Ashlee Simpson

"Summer" from the O.C.

The Black Eye Peas chick (Fergie?)

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Tara Reid

Denise Richards

Rachel Hunter

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Guest Wrestling_Man

1. Stacy Keibler

2. Drew Barrymore

3. Lindsay Lohan

4. Torrie Wilson

5. Avril Lavigne

6. Jessica Simpson

7. Jenna Jameson

8. Hilary Duff

9. Beyonce

10. Trish Stratus

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A big UGH out to all the Duff and Lohan listings. This topic is for Top 100 WOMEN, Hillary Duff has JUST turned 17, and Lohan 18, neither are particularly attractive (lohan especially, hello new plastic tits), but come guys, WOMEN, not teens :P

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You seemed to have missed the mention of Jo Jo, who (if its the same person; as in 'Leave Right Now') is 13.

Wow. I've lost all hope for humanity. 13? Jesus.

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