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Magic: The Gathering


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Just checking to see if there is anyone else who plays Magic: The Gathering around here on EWB. For those of you who don't know, MTG is a collectible card game that's been going strong for 10 years and involves mythical creatures along with artifacts and spells as you test out your strategies in duels.

Also, does anyone play it online? If so I am usually on everyday and my username is Kreblon.

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Bah. If there's one thing I don't like, it's Magic Cards. They're pretty much the running joke of our grade/ school, as all the "nerds" (I use the term loosely, as I go to a Selective School, thus we're all technically "smart") play it. And they all play it in one part of the school as well, which is pretty much void of any other human life form.

So, no, I don't like it. I'm not into "tapping mana". :P

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Here packs are cheaper than what you guys say. $4.25 - $4.95 for a booster, depending on which set it is. And theme decks and tournament packs are $12.95 each. This is all in Canadian dollar.

I played about 5 years ago, then quit, and lost all my cards. I'm getting back into it though, currently working on building a new blue deck. I'm also thinking of making a Samurai deck using the new Champions of Kamigawa set. Man those shrine cards in that set are nasty. But of course making new decks will be hard as I spend almost all my money on Warhammer.

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I always like the idea of trying to find new strategies in the game and it's something that all my friends and I can get together and enjoy. Mind you there are some heated debates between us if there is a rule disagreement, but it's all in fun and games.

Champions of Kamigawa is pretty cool I think, I made a Snake Shaman deck that gets out a lot of mana by turn 3(about 8 available) and the samurai deck which has a lot of beefy powerful creatures.

Kou-There may be a way for you to play for free. All it involves is you downloading the software and me "trading" you a lot of my cards :shifty:

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