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Wolverine getting his own movie

Your Mom

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X MARKS THE SPIN-OFF: Twentieth Century Fox is giving Hugh Jackman's X-Men character, Wolverine, his own movie. The studio has tapped Troy scribe David Benioff to pen the spin-off, which will likely explore the steel-clawed hero's pre-mutant days, Variety reports. In addition to Wolverine, Fox is also prepping a third X-Men.

Credit: Tvguide.com

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David didn't impress me with Troy, but he more than wowed me with his book The 25th Hour. I think the reason that they panned out so differently on screen breaks down to directing. 25th Hour became Spike Lee's baby, and with the help of Ed Norton came off brilliantly whereas Wolfgang and Pitt failed to deliver with troy.

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Sabretooth was played by Tyler Mane, who wrestled as Big Sky in WCW, I believe.

I'm not a huge fan of Wolverine, but I'd be interested in seeing a movie about him, especially if it means that Whedon focuses more on non-Wolverine characters in X3.

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I heard that they are having a Wolverine movie, AND an X3, tho I dont know which will come first.

Apparently, the only people who havent signed on for X3 are Magneto (waiting to see the script), Prof. X (waiting to see the script), Wolverine (waiting to see the script), and Rogue (waiting to see if Jackman agrees to the script). Everyone else has already signed on for X3 (INCLUDING COLOSSUS!!!!), so I believe that Wolvie will have his own movie. But who knows.

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