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WCW 2001 - Saving the Dream


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WCW 2001 - Saving the dream?

"January 1st 2001. World Championship Wrestling had gone from being the number one wrestling promotion in the world, to being on the verge of going out of business in just three short years. So much had gone wrong, so many fingers could be pointed. The glass ceiling, the fingerpoke of doom, Arquette as World Champion. When Vince Russo was bought in early on in 2000 the company tried to take a new direction and was believed to have one last shot at turning the company round. They failed. Most people within the industry gave WCW three to four months at most. That's where I come in. My name is Jimmy Lambrini. I'm the kind of guy you'd always see hanging around at the shows trying to get an autograph, a picture, an interview, always hounding the wrestlers and wanting to surround himself with the business desperate for a break. Well, it looked like that break had come. Ted Turner was losing his pull with AOL/Time Warner, Eric Bischoff had little power either, who exactly was running the company at this point? AOL/Time Warner had always stayed out of the running of life on screen, until now. They had gone looking for someone to steer the company to safety. They chose me. Sure, I'd heard the rumours in the back. I knew as well as the next man they only gave me the job and the power because they wanted to see this company go under and get bought out by the WWE. They wanted to cut their losses and run but this was my big opportunity. If I could just earn the respect of that locker room and start bringing in the money that would please the parent company then I would have my dream job for life. Achieving those goals would be harder said than done. If Vince Russo couldn't turn this company around how would I? I had my ideas but I needed them fast, new year's Nitro was tonight and I had to come up with something that was going to get us moving in the right direction quickly. I thought to myself "what did Russo do when he came in that was wrong". Well, first show he dropped all the current storylines and vacated all the belts. While the execution was poor perhaps the idea itself wasn't a bad one. But how do I get the fans buying into a complete overhaul of the company? Hmmm..........Dammit, no time for thinking, there's so many changes I want to implement but we have a show later on tonight. They'll have to wait. Hang on, I've got what, 8 hours until the show starts. Ok, I need to get myself some plane times and I need them fast. Hmm, I wonder??????

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Same old WCW

"dammit, where's Kev, he's supposed to be here...............

(the door opens and Kevin Nash walks into the office)

"....Ahh, I was just wondering where you were. Listen I just wanted to talk to you about some of my ideas. I know how respected you are in the back and I need the support of the guys backstage. You're crucial to this company.....

Nash: haha yeah, don't I know it

Me: look Kev, I need your support and I know I won't get that cheaply. If you want to be at the top of this company there's nothing stopping you, I want you in the main event, I want you in World title matches, I want you main eventing our biggest shows but we have to do it my way

Nash: I'm listening

Me: I need you to do something for me tonight, I want you to drop the tag belts in the main event to Luger and Bagwell

Nash: What? You're kidding right Lambrini? And if I say no?

Me: Look I'm calling the shots around here now, I'm promising you the top spot but I need you to work with me a little

Nash: Look Lambrini, why don't you go read my contract again, I suggest you check out the clause on page 19. I'm not jobbing tonight and that's the end of it.

Nash turns and leaves the room as I ponder what he's said....

"Dammit, I was really hoping he wouldn't play the creative control card. There's gonna have to be another way....."

(My assistant Sophie knocks on the door before walking into the room)

Sophie: Mr Lambrini, there's somebody here to see you, I think it's about those Japanese guys touring the US right now, something to do with tonight's show?

Me: Excellent, send them in Sophie, and can you get us some drinks?

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WCW Nitro

Monday 1st January 2001

Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, Dusty Rhodes

This is a hugely anticipated Nitro, well, when we say huge we are talking huge in the terms of a company whose last buy rate was 0.11. While most of the fans didn't know of the backstage changes there was a certain air of expectation as the show kicked off backstage in the Magnificent Seven locker room

-Flair's rallying the troops-

We see all of the Seven, plus Midajah in the locker room. Luger and Bagwell are oiling each others chests, Steiner is stood facing Midajah who is leaning back against the wall, Animal is stood in the corner with his arms folded, Rick Steiner is sat down on the bench while Jarrett follows Flair's frantic pacing up and down the room. "Men, it's time for stepping up to the plate. Scott, you've got the gold brother and it's staying that way. Now how about the rest of you start pulling your weight around here. (Flair goes over to Luger and slaps him on the chest as he speaks) Luger, you're a former World Champion, Bagwell how many times have you held those tag team titles? It's your night tonight, GET IT DONE! I want those tag belts tonight pal. Animal, Rick, Scott has something he needs for you guys to do tonight and you'd better do it right"


-Tenay and the new announce team welcome us to Nitro-

Tenay Fans welcome to Nitro, I'm Mike Tenay joined tonight by Bobby the Brain Heenan, and the American Dream Dusty Rhodes and Bobby, Dusty, it's a pleasure to welcome you both onto the Nitro announce team and have you back here calling the action.

Heenan Oh trust me Tenay, the pleasure is all yours

Rhodes It's good to beeee back Iron Mike, I'm talking the numba one show in wrestling tooooday if you know what ah mean

Tenay Without question, now, lets talk about tonight what a main event we have. Kevin Nash, Diamond Dallas Page, the World Tag Team Champions defending against, yes you heard it in the backstage footage just now, Buff Bagwell, Lex Luger, Totally Buff!

Heenan That's right, and I'm telling you Tenay I've known Ric Flair for so many years, I know how he thinks, he's always got things going on, always scheming. I can't see Page and Nash walking out with the tag titles tonight

Rhodes Yeah, really, you got it spot on Brain when ya said schemin, dirtiest player in the game if ya wheeel! Luger and Bagwell aint no slouches if ya catch mah drift and with Flair callin the shots tonight they could be in trouble

Tenay But never count out two of the biggest stars in WCW history. Kevin Nash, 5 time WCW World Champion, Diamond Dallas Page, 3 time WCW World Champion, they've proved time and time again they can get it done and tonight could be no exception

-Japanese superstar makes his debut-

Jun Akiyama d. Crowbar w/Daffney

Mike Tenay pushed Akiyama as one of the top stars in Japanese wrestling. Quite why he would be wrestling an opening match on Nitro against Crowbar, who knows. Akiyama controlled the match and hit Crowbar with some beautifully stiff suplexes before hitting what Mike Tenay called the "Blue Thunder" for the win.

Overall: 58%

Crowd: 47%

Match: 69%

-Filthy Animals staying strong-

Rey Mysterio Jr, Billy Kidman, Konnan and Tygress are walking backstage as Mysterio tells the others he's going to grab a drink and he'll meet them out the back. As Mysterio gets to the drinks machine he is jumped by first Elix Skipper, then Kid Romeo. They slam him into the drinks machine before putting the boots into him. Skipper and Romeo look up and see Kidman and Konnan running towards them. Skipper and Romeo shoot as Konnan and Kidman kneel over Rey to see if he's ok

Heenan I hate to see them doing that, I've always been a fan of Mexican midget wrestling

Tenay Will you stop!


-American heroes have had their day-

Reno d. Jim Duggan

This was everything you'd expect from a match between Reno and Jim Duggan. Awful. Duggan was back to waving a stars and stripes, the bookers seemingly forgetting that he'd turned on the US just months previously. Reno scored the win in an uneventful match hitting the Roll the Dice on Duggan. The move came off really badly as Duggan struggled to sell it properly.

Overall: 56%

Crowd: 60%

Match: 49%

-Who's arriving in style?-

A limo is shown pulling up outside the arena, stopping outside the front entrance. The windows are blacked out and nobody steps out as it comes to a halt.

Rhodes Whooahh, somebody knows how ta travel, don't ya think Brain?

Heenan Oh sure, they took a car, it usually works


-The Funker's still going strong-

WCW Hardcore Title: Terry Funk d. Brian Knobbs

Funk looked his usual awful self in this one despite giving it his all. Knobbs didn't help matters much either. The match resorted to both men hitting each other with ridiculous objects in the ring and around the ringside area with no decent spots at all. Funk ended up getting the win as he came off the top rope and hit Knobbs with the kitchen sink.

Overall: 56%

Crowd: 59%

Match: 50%

-Goldberg sent to the hospital, Magnificent Seven style-

Goldberg is shown going outside the front door to the arena, he approaches the limousine shown earlier and tries to peer in the blacked out window. As he does he's jumped from behind by Scott Steiner. Goldberg tries to fight him off but Animal and Rick Steiner wade in and hold him back as Steiner crashes the World title belt into Goldberg's head. The three men pummel Goldberg on the ground busting him open as he is completely defenceless. Donuts Dillinger comes running from the arena with tons of WCW security. None of them seem keen to get close to Steiner, Animal, or Rick Steiner though and back off until the Magnificent Seven members leave of their own accord, Poppa Pump taking a long look at the limo before they leave. As they left Dillinger could be heard saying "Somebody get me an ambulance, he's bleeding pretty bad"


-The Genetically j-j-j-j-j-j-jacked athletes look strong-

Jindrak & O'Haire w/Mike Sanders d. 3 Count

Mike Sanders joined the announce team at ringside to call the match. The two teams put in a really good effort compared to everything else so far but their styles, and size differences meant it lacked continuity. There was an excellent spot on the outside as Helms went out over the top rope onto Jindrak, who caught him and drove him down onto the floor with a spinebuster. Back in the ring O'Haire hit the Shawnton Bomb over Moore. After the bell Sanders got up and into the ring. Moore and Helms had already taken a beating but Sanders seemed intent on sending a statement and insisted that the hesitant Jindrak powerbomb Helms in the middle of the ring onto the beaten Moore.

Overall: 69%

Crowd: 65%

Match: 74%

Tenay There's no need for that, they've won the match. Sanders get those men out of there

Heenan Pah, it's just desserts for having us listen to that awful record for months

Rhodes begins to lisp his way through singing the sounds of 3 count as Tenay and Heenan look at him surprised

Rhodes What?

-Insiders not planning on dropping the belts any time soon-

Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page are waiting with Scott Hudson to give an interview before their match with Totally Buff

Hudson Big Sexy Kevin Nash, Diamond Dallas Page, after what we've seen here tonight I've got to ask you one question, do you guys know who is in that limo?

Nash Ya know what Scott, I aint got a clue. Frankly, I don't care. It's probably that dumb old man Flair trying to set something up. Ya know what Naitch? Bring whatever you've got because there's no chance in hell that those two goons you've got coming out to face us are going to get the belts off of me and Dallas tonight, aint that right?

Page Good Godddd! After everything that you've seen us do over the years is that the best you can do? Ya know what, I don't care whether there's anything going on or not, we're walking in with the belts, and we're walking out with them. It's that simple. Hey ya know what Scott?

Page DDP?

Hudson Let me join up the dots for ya... (Page lifts one hand, extends a finger, and then does the same with the other one before joining them together in a diamond shape)....... BANNGGGGGG!


-Insiders keep the belts but a new battle begins-

WCW Tag Team Titles: The Insiders dq. Totally Buff

The fans were really into this match from start to finish. The inclusion of DDP, and Bagwell who seemed to be having one of his good nights saved the match from being too bad as well. Ric Flair came out with Totally Buff but referee Nick Patrick refused to start the match until he went backstage. The Insiders dominated early on with Nash's power coming into play. Bagwell and Luger managed to battle back and eventually turned the match into a free for all as all four men piled into the ring. As Nash clotheslined Luger to the outside he followed him out. Without warning Jun Akiyama from earlier on tonight leapt the barrier at ringside from the fans and hit Nash with a stiff forearm shot before hitting an awesome t bone suplex on the big man that left Nash crumpled in a heap by the barrier. On the other side of the ring another Japanese wrestler, who Tenay insisted was Satoshi Kojima came out of the crowd and slid into the ring. He hit DDP with what looked like a carbon copy of the Diamond Cutter as Nick Patrick called for the bell, disqualifying Totally Buff. Patrick was quickly tossed to the outside though as Akiyama joined Kojima in the ring. Luger and Bagwell made a sharp exit, seemingly confused at what was happening.

Overall: 71%

Crowd: 80%

Match: 52%

-Look who's back?-

As Luger and Bagwell slip backstage a third man steps out from behind the curtain, it's Hulk Hogan. He's wearing a variation on his hollywood outfit as he walks to the ring. Akiyama goes to the outside and rolls Nash into the ring under the bottom rope as Kojima puts a couple of boots into DDP. Hogan steps through the ropes as the crowd goes wild. Hogan calls for a mic before addressing the fans..... "Ya know brutha, the last time I was here some snotty nosed little punk from Brooklyn told you all you'd never be seeing Hulk Hogan again. Well ya know that little man's not here anymore. He couldn't quite cut it in the ring, or in the courtroom and now I'm back. Ya see, ya gotta move with the times, ya gotta change yaself dude. That's what Hulk Hogan's done. I've gone out and I've found myself the best wrestling talent in the world. I've gone out and I've myself these two men right here..... (Akiyama and Kojima both look at Hogan and bow their heads).... hahahaha, that's right Mr Akiyama, you know it's true brutha. I went over to Japan, ya know, Hulk Hogan has contacts all around the world. When you're the Hulkster the whole planet knows who you are brutha/ Did you really think that was it? That Hulk Hogan was going to go out like that dude? Well ya know it's not about running wild, it's not about Hulkamania, it's about getting my revenge on this stinking company. That's it, get that man up.... (Hogan motions for Kojima to lift DDP up and hold him as Hogan hits him with a cheap roundhouse right)..... For months I sat at home watching this company destroy itself and I just knew the Hulkster had to get him some of that brutha. With these two men by my side there's nothing that can stop us. We're taking over, whatCHA GONNA DO? WHATCHA GONNA DO? (Hogan starts to stomp around the ring flexing his muscles as Kojima and Akiyama applaud him)


Tenay What? WHAT? That's Hulk Hogan, HULK HOGAN IS HERE!

Rhodes NO, What is he doing here, what the hell is he doin here!

Heenan Looks like he's directing some Japanese traffic to me!

Overall Show Rating: 74%

TV Rating: 5.07

Attendance: 4041

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Wildside deal goes through

Sophie walks into my office, telling me that Arn Anderson is outside. I tell her to bring him in.

Me: Arn, thanks for coming in here today. I don't know how aware you were about the attempts to begin a working relationship with NWA Wildside over the past couple of months, well I've just got news in that we've nailed them down to a deal as out developmental territory. It's excellent news for the company.

Double A: Sure, I guess it is. Listen I aint gonna play around Jimmy, I know you hear what gets said backstage about ya, and around this company. You're gonna have to learn and learn quickly and I just want you to know that if you ever need any advice, or there's anything I can do to help then I'm here for ya.

Me: Thanks, that means a lot, as it happens there is something you could do for me. As I was saying, we've just tied down NWA Wildside to become out developmental territory. In addition there's a couple of their talents that we've signed onto WCW developmental contracts, plus a couple of guys that we've just picked up and sent down there to get themselves ready too.

Anderson: Ok, so where do I come in?

Me: I need someone to go down there and show them the ropes. I can't think of anybody in this business better qualified to develop these guys than you

Anderson: If it's what ya need from me then I'll give it my best shot Jimmy. Who we got down there?

Me: Couple of Cruiserweights, AJ Styles and Air Paris, a former football player you may have heard of, Monty Brown, a guy who's just moved to the US from Puerto Rico, Gran Apolo and some guys that just got their WWF developmental contracts cut, Leviathan and the Island Boys

Anderson: Ok, give me a few days to clear things up here and I'll get down there

Me: Thanks Arn, see Sophie if you need anything booked, accomodation, plane tickets, that kinda thing.

Double A offered me a handshake as he left the room, leaving me thinking over and over "what a class act"

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WCW Thunder

Thursday 4th January 2001

Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, Dusty Rhodes

News had been floating around the internet all week surrounding the possible debut of more new talent with a major ECW star believed to be debuting on the show. Following Nitro on Monday all the talk right now was about the return of Hulk Hogan though and everybody seemed eager to see how that would develop on the show. Well, they were in for a treat as when the show came on the air Kevin Nash was already in the ring in jeans and a basketball top and wearing a bandana.

-Nash gets his wish tonight-

"I'll tell you what I want RIGHT NOW. You all saw what happened on Monday night and I want Hogan out here.....NOW! Come on Terry, get out here!"

Hogan made his way out from the back and onto the stage alone. He has on a white bandana with a read circle in the centre.

HoganWhoah whoah whoah whoah brutha you gotta realise I'm only out here because I want to be. You won't demand anything from the Hulkster dude! Now, "Big Kev" (Hogan gives the quote mark signs with his hands as he speaks) lets cut right the chase, Monday night you couldn't handle what I had to offer. I guess some things never change huh?

Nash Hahaha, ya know what, you're right, some things never do change. Looks to me like you're the same old Hogan you always were, so how about you and me tonight, just for old time's sake?

Hogan pauses as the crowd go wild

Hogan Ya know what brutha, if you want some of Hulk Hogan tonight you only have to ask brutha!


Tenay Fans I'm Mike Tenay, we're live, welcome to Thunder. I'm joined tonight by Bobby the Brain Heenan and the American Dream Dusty Rhodes, and Dusty you just saw it, we've got Hogan and Nash right here tonight.

Rhodes Aint that for shooah Iron Mike. I still remember the last time we saw those two in the ring though and I can guarantee ya there aint gonna be no laying down tonight, what ya gotta say Brain?

Heenan Believe me, I've never like Hogan, I've never liked the man but when it's time to step up to the plate he's always get himself ready. He's alwas been prepared for the big one, like nobody else in this business. I think you're gonna see Kevin Nash get beat tonight, simple as that.

-Vito beats the pink freak-

Big Vito d. Kwee Wee w/Paisley

Kwee Wee got angry early on in the match and began stomping around the ring and trying to flip out. Vito proceeded to cut that off with a quick kick to the stomach and the spinning DDT for the win.

Overall: 59%

Crowd: 55%

Match: 64%

-An uneasy Flair needs some space-

The Magnificent Seven are in their cocktail lounge backstage. Luger and Bagwell look like they are sharing Miss Elizabeth. Scott Steiner's flexing his muscles while Midajah feels them. Rick Steiner and Animal are in the corner looking vacant and Jeff Jarrett is getting Ric Flair a drink as Flair stomps around the room. "All of you sat right here last week and you let Hulk Hogan walk in and steal the show, steal my THUNDER? (turns to Bagwell and Luger) Hey, HEY! (Luger and Bagwell turn around to face him slightly startled) you lost the chance to take the tag team titles from Nash and Page and you blew it. You let two Japanese nobodies walk in and STEAL YOUR CHANCE! You know what? I'm the Boss around here, I'M IN CHARGE!" Flair storms out of the room leaving the Seven all stood around staring at each other wondering what's up.


Tenay The Nature Boy Ric Flair, certainly seems to have a lot on his mind tonight

Rhodes Oh for shoowah, I tell ya Iron Mike, there be evil intentions in that ol brain of his, evil intentions!

-Japan takes out the troops-

Kojima & Akiyama d. Sgt A-Wall & Cpl Cajun w/Major Gunns

Kojima & Akiyama looked impressive once again. The match was good even if the crowd never really got into it. Major Gunns played no part on the outside but Tenay spent the match really pushing the history of Kojima & Akiyama in Japan in their former promotions. Kojima pinned Cpl Cajun after hitting the Kojima Cutter.

Overall: 63%

Crowd: 51%

Match: 75

-Coz this is Thrilla.....Thrilla Night!-

Some of the Natural Born Thrillaz are backstage, Chuck Palumbo, Shawn Stasiak, Sean O'Haire and Mark Jindrak are stood around talking when Mike Sanders walks into the room...."You know what I'm looking at guys? I'm looking at the most gifted athletes in WCW today. It's our time to shine" (everyone else together) "Yeah!"... "It's our time to stand out"..(everyone else together) "Yeah!"...."It's our time to get some gold around here and tonight I don't care how I have to do it I'm gonna get myself a match"


-Chavo defending the belt Mexican style-

WCW Cruiserweight Title: Chavo Guerrero Jr d. Evan Karagias

The fans were so not into this one. Whether it's because both guys are heels, or because Karagias sucks it was hard to tell. The action wasn't too bad as Guerrero carried Karagias to en entertaining, if uneventful match. Chavo got the straightforward win with the Tornado DDT

Overall: 54%

Crowd: 34%

Match: 75%

Heenan Ya know what Tenay, I've always liked Mexican's

Tenay Oh?

Heenan Sure, nothing like a good burrito!

-Sanders stepping up to the Magnificent Seven Plate-

Ric Flair comes out to the ring alone, he's wearing a grey suit as he steps through the ropes with a mic. He's getting some great heat from the fans as he sends out a challenge to the back... "Ya know what I'm out here for? I'm out here to remind the world just who I am. I'm the limo riding, jet flying son of a gun. Ya see, I'm different from the rest of the guys in the back. Just take a look at this suit, just take a loot at this watch (holds his arm up in the air) then look at what the guys in the back don't have. There's nobody here that's fit to lace up the..Nature Boyyy's boots! And on Monday night I'm going to prove it to the whole world once again, just like I always have. So if there's anybody in the back who wants some of the Whooooh! World's Greatest Athlete then come on down pal!"

The Thrillaz music hits and Mike Sanders steps out from the back, alone

"Ric, Little Naitch, I can call you that right? I'm sick of hearing you whine on about what you've achieved in this business. Yeah yeah yeah, we all remember those great matches you had twenty years ago but now I want, the world wants you to get off of our screens, I'll see you Monday night and we'll see who's lacing up whose boots. If you're seriously delusional about being the world's greatest athlete and I guess you could say it's the world's GREATEST athlete versus the world's most GENETICALLY J-J-J-J-J-J-J-JACKED athlete!"

"Show some respect Sanders, I'll see you Monday night boy, WHOOOOH!"


-A little revenge for Rey Jr-

Konnan w/Tygress d. Kid Romeo

After the attack on Rey Jr on Nitro Konnan was out for revenge in this one and he got it. Romeo mounted small spurts of offence but for the most part it was Konnan taking him back to school with some unique submission moves. Konnan scored the submission win in the end with the Tequila Sunrise

Overall: 65%

Crowd: 59%

Match: 71%

-Taking it to the Extreme, or rather taking the Extreme to WCW-

Booker T comes out to the ring after the match and tells the world that he has a friend he'd like to introduce to everyone, someone he's known in the business for years and someone who he promises will go right to the top of World Championship Wrestling. Some generic heavy metal music starts and Rob Van Dam steps out from behind the curtain. Booker and RVD shake hands in the ring as the crowd give both men a pretty huge pop. RVD goes on to tell the fans that he's here to put on five star matches and win World titles


-Debut of "the Greatest chatshow in America" rudely interrupted-

A cheap looking graphic shows on the screen as the camera cuts to "the Greatest chatshow in America". The Cat is sat behind a desk, with Miss Jones sat beside him as he welcomes onto the set the World Champion Scott Steiner. Steiner comes out alone with the World title belt over his shoulder. He looks Miss Jones up and down before sitting down. The Cat doesn't get very far into the interview when Goldberg rushes the set and hit's Steiner with a spear right through the wall of the set. As Goldberg turns around though he's jumped by Animal and Rick Steiner who begin to pummel him and beat him down. Scott Steiner wearily gets back to his feet and joins the others in attacked Goldberg as the Cat says over the mic..."This is the greatest chatshow in America, I'm talking ratings baby"


Tenay That's two shows in a row that they've taken Goldberg out, if it wasn't for the numbers game I don't think Scott Steiner has what it takes to keep the title away from Goldberg

Rhodes Yeah, really Mike, no doubt about it. We're talkin Goldberg, the most dominatin man in wrasslin, if you wheeeel!

-Hogan outsmarts Big Sexy again-

Kevin Nash dq. Hulk Hogan

Both men came out along for this match. Hogan still had on his Japanese flag bandana. The crowd seemed really into what was about to happen as Nash and Hogan circled each other in the ring, preparing to lock up. The atmosphere was great. Hogan waited until he was facing the back, with Nash facing into the crowd before the two men finally locker up, collar and elbow. Nash began to back Hogan up as the crowd went berserk only for someone to come running out from the back wearing shorts and a pair of blue ultimate fight style gloves. Tenay screamed that it was "Don Frye, that's DON FRYE!" although the fans didn't seem to have a clue who he was as he stepped into the ring and pushed the referee aside. Frye spun Nash around and hit him with a devastating punch to the chest that sent Nash crashing to the mat in agony. The referee called for the bell, disqualifying Hogan but only got tossed out over the top by Hogan for his efforts. Hogan pulled Nash up and Frye his him with a combination of punches in the mid section before laying him out with another huge left hand into the chest. DDP came running out from the back to try and make the save and began to fight both men off briefly before Akiyama and Kojima came out behind him and Kojima hit him with the Kojima Cutter for the second show in a row. Hogan prowled around the ring pointing and laughing at the Insiders on the mat as the show ended.

Overall: 73%

Crowd: 89%

Match: 39%

Overall Show Rating: 76%

TV Rating: 4.29

Attendance: 4029

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WCW Saturday Night

Saturday 6th January 2001

Scott Hudson, Larry Zbysko

-Flair and Sanders this Monday night-

The show opens up with Hudson & Zbysko taking us through a video of Mike Sanders and Ric Flair from Thunder agreeing to wrestle on this Monday's Nitro. Zbysko insists that..."when you venture into the mind of the Nature Boy, you usually get burnt and that's exactly what I expect for Mike Sanders on Nitro"


-The MIA score a win-

Sgt A-Wall w/ Major Gunns d. Alex Wright

This was a pretty easy win for A-Wall as Wright offered little in the way of offence against the big man. A-Wall hit the chokeslam for the win.

Overall: 63%

Crowd: 57%

Match: 69%


Hudson & Zbysko talk through another video from Thunder, this time showing the entrance of Rob Van Dam. Zbysko does a horrible job of putting him over, saying he didn't know who he was and didn't care where he'd come from


-Match of the night, MATCH OF THE NIGHT!-

Shane Helms w/Shannon Moore d. Jamie Noble w/Evan Karagias

Both men were accompanied to the ring by their tag team partners. Karagias tried at times to get involved from the outside but that threat was equalised by Moore. The in ring action was excellent with some awesome spots, including a Noble tombstone from the top rope which Helms somehow kicked out of. In the end it was the Nightmare on Helm Street that scored Helms the win.

Overall: 74%

Crowd: 57%

Match: 92%

-Bam Bam takes exception to the bald ponytail-

After the match Reno is backstage being interviewed by Mark Madden. Bam Bam Bigelow interrupts the interview and says he's...."I'm sick and tired of having to listen to jabronies like you comin out here and trying to make your names while somebody who's won titles all over the world like Bam Bam has to sit in the back". Reno gets in his face and Bigelow tells him to come and prove himself in the ring


Bam Bam Bigelow d. Reno

Reno really hurt this match by totally underselling a lot of Bam Bam's moves. He really didn't look like he wanted to put much effort into the match so it was nice to see Bigelow go over hitting a Greetings from Asbury Park for the win.

Overall: 59%

Crowd: 59%

Match: 60%

-Goldberg and Steiner on a collision course-

Another video package airs showing Goldberg getting taken out on Nitro by Animal and the Steiners. It then goes on to show Goldberg hitting the spear through the set on Thunder before Animal and the Steiners beat him down three on one. Hudson says that "Goldberg refuses to be stopped, it's about more than the World title, it's personal" as the package comes to a close.


-Kronik with another dominating win-

Kronik d. Jim Duggan & Van Hammer

Kronik dominate this one from start to finish. Duggan thankfully spends most of the match on the apron, although he does get a few U-S-A chants going from teh crowd. It's about as involved as they've got all night. Now that they've ignored the fact that Duggan was a Canadian turncoat a few weeks back maybe they'll treat us to a Japanese Hogan versus American Duggan feud. Kronik scored the win with the High Time on Van Hammer.

Overall: 61%

Crowd: 61%

Match: 62%

Overall Show Rating: 63%

TV Rating: 1.16

Attendance: 4530

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Sin Rocked by Injury Problems

So, I look up and see Sophie entering my office. That's never a bad thing althought right now I could do with as little distraction as possible

Sophie: I've got some bad news

Me: Great, that's all I need, what is it?

Sophie: Well, you know how you wanted to have Lance Storm going after the US title at Sin? That's not going to happen. He's picked up a shoulder injury in a house show last night. We've just got word from the Dr's, he's going to have to rest it until after the Pay Per View

Me: Damn, what am I going to do? I really wanted to push that world cup match with Mexico, Canada and US all in the match. Nobody else from Team Canada can step into that slot, they're not even Canadian, it'll look ridiculous. Listen, Soph, thanks for letting me know but can you leave me alone right now, I need to think. Hold all my calls for a couple of hours.

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WCW Nitro

Monday 8th January 2001

Mike Tenay, Dusty Rhodes, Bobby Heenan

Going into this week's Nitro Ric Flair and Mike Sanders match up was billed as the main event. With Hogan's reapparance over the past week fans seemed equally eager to see what would develop with his group of workers from Japan. The situation between Scott Steiner and Goldberg was also heating up and this promised to be an exciting show.

-A million good reasons why Dibiase's running the show-

The show starts in the ring where Johnny Ace is waiting with a microphone. Tenay mentions on the announce team that Ace is a member of the WCW Championship committee but the fans seem confused as to why he is out there. Ace tells the world that WCW needs someone right now that can take charge and make the big decisions that need to be made, he says that WCW have found their man, none other than Ted Dibiase. Dibiase comes out to the ring as the confused crowd still don't seem to know what to make of it..... "Thanks Johnny, I wanted to come out here to address you, the fans, and discuss two things with you. The World Title picture, which I will get to in a minute, but firstly my agenda in coming here. When WCW's championship committee came to me to discuss the possibility of making me WCW commissioner I didn't know what to think. They told me they needed someone who could call things down the middle, someone with a level head who could stand up to the wrestlers and call the shots. Well, once I heard that I knew it was me, mwahahahahahaa! I can't always promise that I'll make the calls that you, the fans will want me to, but I can promise that I will make what I feel are the right and fair ones. Now, onto my first real point of business, the WCW World Title. You see, with Sin just a few weeks away and Scott Steiner the current champion it seemed only fitting to give a World Title shot to the man that I know all of you fans want to see wrestle for it. That man is GoldBERG! (Fans go wild with excitement and begin a small Goldberg chant)....But there is a condition. Scott Steiner after what you've been doing in recent weeks with the help of all your cronies if you, or anyone else in the Magnificent Seven lays so much as a finger on Goldberg betwen now and Sin you will forfeit your World Title. (the crowd give out another cheer). Wait a minute, wait a minute, that works both ways. Goldberg, if you touch Scott Steiner between now and Sin you will lose your World Title shot. Now, to prove to me that both of you can do this you WILL be in this ring later tonight to put your signatures on the contract that I have right here (Dibiase holds up a piece of paper). Goldberg, Steiner, I'll see you in this ring later tonight


Tenay Whoah, you heard it, it's going to be WCW World Champion Scott Steiner and Goldberg, one on one, January 28th at Sin. I'm Mike Tenay, joined once again by Bobby the Brain Heenan and the American Dream Dusty Rhodes, we're live for NITRO! And Brian, what about that stipulation added by new Commissioner Ted Dibiase, neither man can lay a finger on the other one until Sin.

Heenan Dibiase's been around the business for years, high profile matches as a wrestler and as a manager, he knows what it takes to get to the top and he's putting it all on the line between Steiner and Goldberg!

Rhodes Tha bottom line eees this, Dibiase's come in with a direction, a game plan if you wheeeel. He might be just what this company needs right now if ya know what I'm talkin about.

-3 Count get the, err, 3 count!-

3 count d. Evan Karagias & Jamie Noble

A decent enough match between these two teams although not as good as the one Helms and Noble had on Saturday Night. Karagias looked overmatched as usual. Despite some good in ring action the match didn't come across well on tv though as Moore got the win for his team with a backslide.

Overall: 64%

Crowd: 60%

Match: 84%

-Mr Monday Night answers the call-

Chris Kanyon comes out to the ring with a microphone in his simple blue tights. Kanyon tells the fans that he's sick of not getting any respect around here, that he deserves to be in bigger matches. He says that he was promised a spot months back and that WCW had never come through on those promises, after all.... "Who betta than Kanyon?........" Before he could give an answer Rob Van Dam's metallic music began to blare out of the sound system and he came out onto the stage answering the question.... "Rob....Van.....Dam! and tonight I want the chance to prove it. It's Monday night and I just love being involved in big matches on a Monday so Kanyon, why don't you chill out for a bit and then bring yourself to the ring. Just face it, you're not Rob Van Dam, it's ok, I understand that's hard but hey, only I'm this good. I'm R...V..." Kanyon interrupts and tells Van Dam that he can have his main even match tonight but he'd better not expect to be winning.


Tenay Rob Van Dam in action tonight? I tell you what, if you've not had the chance to see Rob Van Dam before tonight they you're in for a real treat

Rhodes Oh yeeah, no doubt about it Iron Mike, I'm hollering to see some of Van Dam right here tonight!

-The Funker has his Hardcore title stolen Disco style-

WCW Hardcore Title: Disco Inferno d. Terry Funk

Once again what actually went on in the ring and in the arena did not translate well onto tv. The production on this week's show seemed to be well below par. Disco spent much of the match behaving like a coward before sneaking in a swift broomstick shot between Funk's legs that allowed him to hit a chairshot to Funk's head for the win. Disco ran backstage jumping around excitedly with his new title belt after the bell.

Overall: 58%

Crowd: 65%

Match: 66%

-Hogan, talking Japanese? I really think so!-

After the match Tenay sends it backstage to Pamela Paulshock who is waiting with Hulk Hogan and his troops for an interview. Hogan is wearing the Japanese bandana and this time Kojima, who is stood besides Akiyama at the back, is holding a Japanese flag. Don Frye is standing next to Hogan snarling as Paulshock asks Hogan what he plans to do in WCW. "Ya see Pammy, the real talent in the industry has always been in Japan. The Hulkster's always known it but like everything else in life it's all about the Benjamin's! I'd have worked my whole career over there if the money was right but now with my financial backing these guys are going to take over this stinking company!" Frye continues to snarl and flare his nostrils as Hogan sends him to the ring to beat up poor Norman Smiley.


-Nash introduces the Predator to his boot!-

Don Frye d. Norman Smiley

This match barely got started before Frye had his first win in WCW. Smiley seemed really affraid of Frye and backed off, refusing to lock up with him begging not to be hit. Frye paused briefly looking like he was going to back away before turning and raining in a combination of punches on Smiley that sent him back across the ring. As Smiley bounced back off the ropes Frye caught him with a stiff punch to the chest for the win. Tenay kept referring to Frye as "the Predator" throughout the match. As the bell rang the fans to the left of the ring appeared to turn as Kevin Nash came running through the fans and stepped over the barrier at ringside. He climbed into the ring and caught Frye running at him with a big boot that knocked him back and out of the ring through the ropes.

Overall: 54%

Crowd: 50%

Match: 71%

Heenan Nash just turned Frye inside out, hitting him with that Mexican sidewhip legsnapple!

Rhodes Mexican side??? what are you talkin about?

-Romeo and Primetime think they are the best the Cruiserweight division has to offer-

Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo are interviewed by Pamela Paulshock. They insist that they are the best Cruiserweight's in WCW. Skipper goes on... "I don't care if Chavo Guerrero Jr is the Champion, he aint never faced either of us, and ya know what else I'm sick of? Hearing week in week out that Rey Mysterio Jr and Billy Kidman deserve shots at Chavo's belt. If you want to see the cream of the crop in the Cruiserweight Division you need to be lookin at Romeo and Primetime!"


-Heat building between the Magnificent Seven and the Natural Born Thrillers-

Ric Flair d. Mike Sanders

Flair came to the ring accompanied by two random beauties in short tight dresses. He pointed out on the mic that Sanders could never get women like that. The heat in this one was immense. Simply standing up to Flair on Thunder seemed to have worked wonders in getting Sanders over and I really can' tremember seeing this kind of crowd involvement in a match in WCW in years. The two put on a really old school style match which made a change from everything else on the show and was pretty entertaining. It was Flair who got the win but only after Jeff Jarrett had made his way to ringside after referee Scott Dickinson had got crushed in the corner. Jarrett levelled Sanders with a guitar before rolling Flair on top of him as he woke up Dickinson to make the three count. Sean O'Haire came rushing to the ring after the bell and chased Flair and Jarrett off with a chair. As Flair and Jarrett backed away up the aisle Flair could be heard on camera saying, "you've made a big mistake pal!"

Overall: 81%

Crowd: 99%

Match: 73%

-Disco's not sticking around to enjoy his win-

The camera went straight backstage after the match where Terry Funk was walking around with a branding iron... "Disco, DISCO, where are ya Disco, I've got something right here for ya!".....as Funk opened door after door trying to find him. Suddenly Funk turned and heard something from down the corridor. As the camera panned around you could just see Disco Inferno, Hardcore title belt in hand, running through the back doors and out of the arena


Heenan Ya think Funk wanted to take him for a celebratory drink?

Rhodes Oh yeah, he had summin for heem alright but I tell ya what Brain, it aint no drink!

-Who betta than Kanyon? R....V......D!-

Rob Van Dam d. Chris Kanyon

These two put on an excellent match. The fans still seemed so pumped up from the Sanders Flair one from earlier though. Right throughout this one you could still hear chants of "Above Average" which really took away from RVD's debut. Kanyon pushed RVD all the way but in the end it was a huge frog splash, which Tenay called as "worthy of Five Stars" that earnt Van Dam an impressive debut win.

Overall: 62%

Crowd: 60%

Match: 79%

-The contract is signed and no bodily contact in sight-

Ted Dibiase is waiting in the ring with a table set up and a contract on it. Dibiase tells the crowd that it's time to make the match of the year official. Does he realise the year's only a week old? Anyway, Scott Steiner makes his way out to the ring first and puts his signature on the contract before Goldberg makes his entrance. Steiner has just Midajah by his side as the pyros go off and the drum starts to beat for Goldberg's entrance. When he eventually gets into the ring he cuts Steiner a glare before walking over to the table and signing the contract, much to Dibiase's delight. Steiner looks as if he's about to jump Goldberg from behind but instead looks to whisper something to him. Goldberg turns around slowly getting right into his face and as Dibiase puts a mic in between them Goldberg simply proclaims... "You're NEXT!"


Overall Show Rating: 68%

TV Rating: 5.07

Attendance: 4009

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A moment to reflect

"So I'm sitting in the back watching the house show on the monitor. Rey Mysterio Jr and Elix Skipper are putting on a really great match and I'm thinking that it might be a nice one to add to Nitro this week when Rey lands badly on a bump to the outside, damn, he's landed really badly. I soon realised he wasn't just selling an ankle injury, he actually had an ankle injury. I'd already lost Lance Storm for the next month, the last thing I needed was another of the most talented midcarders getting ruled out as well. Rey, ever the professional limped his way painfully through the finish of the match but I could see something was seriously wrong. I suppose I should have been thankful when the medical team told me that he was only going to be out for about 2 months. Another match I was planning for Sin scrapped though. I was really banking on a stellar performance from Rey and Kidman at Sin. This is getting harder all the time"

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WCW Thunder

Thursday 11th January 2001

Mike Tenay, Dusty Rhodes, Bobby Heenan

With the possibility of a smart fans dream match between DDP and Jun Akiyama having been banded about on the internet all week Thunder was viewed with a great deal of excitement by the more savvy fans. Thunder looked set in trying to appeal to a wider audience and begin to win back not only casual fans, but the smarter fans that had really turned against the product over the past couple of years.

Tenay Fans welcome, we're live for THUNDER! I'm Mike Tenay, joined again tonight by Bobby the Brain Heenan and the American Dream Dusty Rhodes and Dusty we have to talk about what happened on Nitro, what's your take on the situation developing between Mike Sanders and the Natural Born Thrillers and Ric Flair and the Magnificent Seven?

Rhodes Yeeah, really Iron Mike, the bottom line is this. You have the ever scheming, dirtiest player in the game if you wheeel, Ahhm talking about the Nature Boy Ric Flair and the new kids on the block in the Natural Born Thrillers. Flair has always dictated that it aint his time ta go but ya gotta feel that the threat of the Thrillers might just prove too much.

Heenan Pah, I've known Flair so many years, he's not going anywhere. So what have the Natural Born Thrillers ever done? Flair's done more in one day in this business than they've done in their careers.

-Someone's earning a shot at the US title tonight-

General Rection bursts into Commissioner Dibiase's office backstage with the United States title belt over his shoulder. Rection asks why being the United States champion hasn't got him any matches recently, "I'm the United States Champion, I'm Hugh G Rection, I need a challenge!". Dibiase tells him that he'll get exactly that because tonight there's going to be a ten man battle royal with the winner getting a shot at his belt at Sin. Rection seemed happy enough with that and left the office. Dibiase carried Rection through this segment and made it watchable.


-Konnan's always getting revenge on these two, poor little guys!-

Billy Kidman & Konnan w/Tygress d. Kid Romeo & Elix Skipper

A pretty entertaining opening match the was beginning to draw the fans in as it came to its conclusion. Konnan works well with the Cruisers for a guy his size, which incidentally seems to be increasing all the time. Tenay made reference to the recent house show in which Skipper injured Rey Mysterio Jr. It was Kidman's shooting star press that won his team the match as he hit Skipper with it for the win.

Overall: 69%

Crowd: 61%

Match: 78%

-Flair has a job for the Road Warrior-

The Magnificent Seven are backstage with Elizabeth and Midajah. Jarrett's tuning his guitar, although I wasn't aware he ever actually played the thing. Scott Steiner's letting Midajah feel up his muscles while Bagwell and Luger are doing similar things with Elizabeth. Ric Flair walks over to Animal and insists that..."hey, big man, I've got a job for you tonight, it's about time you guys started pulling your weight around here" as Animal grunts back at him in recognition


Rhodes There's bad intentions goin on right theyah, I tell ya, Bad intentions Brain

Heenan Nah, couldn't you see? Elizabeth and Bagwell were a safe distance apart

Rhodes What are you talkin about?

-Thrillers throw the last punch once again-

Sean O'Haire dq. Kaz Hayashi

What many people expected to be too much of a clash of styles actually turned out to be a pretty entertaining match. O'Haire looked dominant for the most part though until Animal came running out from the back shoving aside the referee and beginning to pummel O'Haire with stiff forearm shots. The ref called for the bell as Chuck Palumbo came out behind Animal and fought off the big man, clotheslining him out over the top tope.

Overall: 70%

Crowd: 63%

Match: 77%

-RVD's his own man-

Backstage Booker T heads into the locker room to find Rob Van Dam. Booker congratulates him on his win on Nitro and says that if he ever needs someone to watch his back, he can count on Booker T. Van Dam thanks him but insists that... "thanks man, but like, I can totally do this on my own. Ya know why? Coz i'm Rob.....Van.....Dam". Booker offers RVD a high five and as they slap hands proclaims that..."Now I can dig that brutha!"


-Disco steals another one-

WCW Hardcore Title: Disco Inferno d. Bam Bam Bigelow

Usual Hardcore title fodder here, lots of ridiculous weapons and no real psychology. Token good spot of the match would have been when Bam Bam cracked a disco glitterball over the Inferno's head. It was Disco who sneaked out another win though using the distraction of referee Charles Robinson's bump in the corner to hit Bigelow from behind in the head with frying pan for the 1..2..3. After the bell Disco didn't stick around, grabbing his belt and running backstage with it.

Overall: 69%

Crowd: 65%

Match: 73%

Tenay Disco connects with the frying pan!

Heenan He's turning Bigelow into an omelete Tenay

-DDP wants to kick some Japanese butt and he wants to kick it now!-

Diamond Dallas Page comes out to the ring in a pair of blue leather trousers and matching waist jacket. Page grabbed the mic..."Hollywood SCUM Hogan! You can bring your boys in from Japan and think that you can walk around WCW doing what you like. You think you're going to walk over D...D..P like that? I don't care who you send out from the back but I want one of your boys now!".... There is a brief pause before some typically Oriental sounding music plays and Jun Akiyama comes out waving the Japanese flag. He comes to the ring alone seemingly ready to accept Page's open challenge


Jun Akiyama d. Diamond Dallas Page

This match struggled to live up the hype it had received all week on the internet. Page is certainly past his best and doesn't put on the kind of matches he used to. Perhaps the fact that these two had had little time to get to know each other's different styles played a part to. As has become customary in WCW matches somebody ran out from the back, it was Satoshi Kojima and he hit yet another Kojima cutter on DDP to allow Akiyama to get the win. As the bell rang Kojima went to get the Japanese flag to take into the ring but Kevin Nash came charging out from the back and stepped into the ring. Kojima and Akiyama made a hasty exit as Nash helped his partner up.

Overall: 67%

Crowd: 62%

Match: 72%

Rhodes They's wanting no part of Big Kevin Nash. Getting hit once agayan with his own move aint gonna sit well with Page if ya know what I mean

Tenay There's no doubt that Kevin Nash looks like a man on a mission right now but you have to look at the facts, once again Hogan's men come out on top

-WCW World Title, Scott Steiner, Goldberg, Sin-

A video package plays highlighting the problems between Scott Steiner and Goldberg over recent weeks. It shows clips from some of their matches back in 2000, and shows Goldberg giving Midajah the Jackhammer. It goes on through to show Goldberg on numerous occasions the subject of outnumbering attacks before showing Goldberg spear Steiner through the set on the Cat's chatshow. It ends with the contract signing and shows Goldberg getting into Steiner's face and telling him, "You're next!" before the voiceover proclaims that..."Sunday, January 28th, a match so intense, a rivalry so fierce, In one corner the Heavyweight Champion of the World Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner, in the other the most dominating man in the history of wrestling, Goldberg. The scene is set, just one question remains... Who's Next!"


-The Greatest Chatshow in America and the Greatest Wrestler in the world-

The Cat is sat behind a desk as the camera pans around and a cheap graphic fades from the screen saying, "The World's Greatest Chatshow". Miss Jones brings out the Cat's guest, none other than Hulk Hogan. Hogan takes a seat as the Cat begins his questioning.. "So Hollywood, Hulk, whatever ya name is these days what's new brutha?".... Hogan laughs before replying.."Ya know what Cat dude, it's funny you should mention that. I'm not the same Hogan that called himself Hulk, I'm not the same Hogan that took over Hollywood brutha. Ya know what Cat dude? From now on you can call me, Japanese Hogan, HaHaHaHaHaaa!". The Cat laughs with him before telling Hogan that he thinks it's fitting that his guest tonight is the biggest star in the business when this is of course the biggest chatshow in the world, Hogan responds...."I'm impressed Cat dude, but what you gotta realise is that Japanese Hogan is bigger than this show, Japanese Hogan is bigger than WCW, ya know what Cat dude? Japanese Hogan is bigger than this whole stinking business and if the world needs reminding, well Japanese Hogan's here to do just that brutha!"


-An Awesome opponent lines up for General Rection-

Number One Contendership for the United States Title Match. Winner: Mike Awesome

An uneventful and for the most part really dull battle royal produced very little to talk about. Big Vito was the first man eliminated as A-Wall chokeslammed him over the top rope to the outside. A-Wall was next to go as Kronik hit a double clothesline on him from behind that sent him out over the top. Crowbar then decided to eliminate himself by hitting a plancha over the top onto A-Wall. Bryan Clarke, Johnny the Bull, Brian Adams and Chris Kanyon all followed suit in quick succession until we were left with Jim Duggan, Mike Awesome and Dustin Rhodes. Duggan made a sharp exit as he charged at Mike Awesome and was tossed over the top to the outside. Awesome ran out the winner clotheslining Rhodes over the top to the outside. Awesome celebrated his victory as the show went off the air, motioning to his waist and gesturing that it would soon have a belt around it.

Overall: 61%

Crowd: 65%

Match: 52%

Overall Show Rating: 71%

TV Rating: 4.00

Attendance: 4011

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WCW Saturday Night

Saturday 13th January 2001

Scott Hudson, Larry Zbysko

-The Natural Born Thrillers and the Magnificent Seven set to collide-

The shows kicks off with Hudson and Zbysko talking over a video of the problems with the Natural Born Thrillers and the Magnificent Seven. It shows clips from the Flair, Sanders match from Nitro, as well as O'Haire's match with Hayashi on Thunder. Hudson says that.. "You have to say Mike Sanders, the new Ric Flair, and that won't sit well with the Nature Boy"


-3 Count beat the big men-

3 Count d. Harris Boys

Helms and Moore carried the useless big men to a reasonable match as Moore hit a splash off the top rope on Don for the win.

Overall: 59%

Crowd: 56%

Match: 76%

-Hogan and his Japanese Invasion-

Another video package plays highlighting the return of "Japanese" Hogan to WCW. It shows through some of the matches and interviews that the group have had so far, particularly highlighting the problems between Diamond Dallas Page and Satoshi Kojima, and also Don Frye and Kevin Nash as Zbyko points out.."Hulk Hogan is scum, always has been and always will be. He's no real man having to hide behind those other guys"


-He used to be the future of the business, what went wrong?-

Lex Luger d. Damien Steele

Luger's a former World Champion and was once predicted to be the future of the wrestling business. Now he's wrestling some unknown guy called Damien Steel on Saturday Night. Basic squash match here as Luger got Steele up in the rack for the win.

Overall: 49%

Crowd: 57%

Match: 53%

-Jim Duggan's old, out of shape, and useless, well said Kanyon!-

The camera goes backstage where Mark Madden is waiting to interview Chris Kanyon before his match later on with Jim Duggan. Kanyon insists that..."Jim Duggan's an old man, he aint gonna be able to beat me. He's out of shape, past his sell by date. So what, the guy has big fists and a 2 x 4? I've got the most innovative offence in wrestling today. Like I always say Mark, whooo betta than Kanyon? Nobody!"


-Crowbar gets the win as the women get involved-

Crowbar w/Daffney d. Chris Candido w/Tammy Sytch

These two put on an excellent match but as always on Saturday Night the crowd was pretty dead. Tammy looked smacked out of her face and far from attractive but that was pretty usual these days as she tried to get involved in the match and blew a spot where she was supposed to trip Crowbar from the outside. Daffney went around the ring and screamed at her while Crowbr hit the Mindbender in the ring for the win.

Overall: 61%

Crowd: 54%

Match: 83%

-Smell the intensity-

A recap video is played showing Steiner and Goldberg's recent altercations. It's the same package that they played on Thunder to hype the upcoming match at Sin


-Jim Duggan, just another guy that's not better than Kanyon!-

Chris Kanyon d. Jim Duggan

Pretty nasty match but the crowd seemed to get quite into it. Kanyon worked well and tried hard to pull something decent out of Duggan but Duggan didn't really seem to even know how to take Kanyon's moves. Kanyon scored the win in a match which thankfully didn't last too long.

Overall: 55%

Crowd: 70%

Match: 46%

Overall Show Rating: 61%

TV Rating: 1.18

Attendance: 4511

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The Real Deal? No chance in hell!

So I'm sat in my office waiting, pacing the floor waiting for Damien Steele to come in here. You try to give someone a break in the business and this is what happens. I have enough problems on this roster to deal with from the big stars, I'm not about to start taking it from some nobody that I bring in to work a show on Saturday Night and a few house shows. And to think I was even thinking about giving this kid a win over Luger and turning him into the Upset Kid. At least I saw sense in that one. Ah.... here we go

Me: GET IN HERE, NOW! Don't you dare bother sitting down, what the hell happened backstage in Michigan last night?

Damien: I, I, well, see Kidman got......

Me: Ya know what, I don't care what you have to say. I only called you in here to let you know that you will NEVER work another show for World Championship Wrestling. I'm not about to start taking this crap from the likes of you

Damien: But I ju......

Me: But nothing. Billy Kidman is one of the most respected guys in the back, what motive does he have to pick a fight with a nobody like you? Because that's exactly what you are, nobody. You'll never ammount to anything in this business, you've just blown your big opportunity son!

Damien: Ya know what, I don't have to take this either, sorry pal but you can stick it

Me: Get your sorry ass out of my sight now, you're finished Steele. Get the hell out of my office and back into obscurity

Damien left the office angrily and I felt an enormous sense of wellbeing. Now if only I could learn to stick up to Nash and Goldberg like that

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WCW Nitro

Monday 15th January 2001

Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, Dusty Rhodes

With Sin just under two weeks away this was expected to be a big show. No major headlining matches for Nitro had been announced this week but most of WCW's major stars were expected to be in attendance and fans were hoping to see more matches added to the upcoming Sin Pay Per View.

Tenay Fan, we're LIVE! Welcome to Nitro, I'm Mike Tenay joined once again by Bobby the Brain Heenan and the American Dream Dusty Rhodes. So much to talk about tonight but I have to start with the situation right now involving WCW World Champion Scott Steiner and the man who will be challenging him in less than two weeks at Sin, Goldberg!

Heenan Ya see, it's a very interesting situation. You've got Steiner and Goldberg desperate to tear each other to pieces and now thanks to Dibiase they can't touch each other until Sin. Not only that but nobody else can touch Goldberg either

Rhodes That's right Brain, coz ya see Ted Dibiase, Million Dolla commissioner if you wheel, he's raising the bar to a new level. I'm talkin about putting the guys that we all want to see get it on into this situation, this main event at Sin

Tenay I think you hit the nail on the head Dusty when you s..... wait a minute, what's this....

-Scott Steiner WILL be wrestling tonight-

Scott Steiner makes his way out to the ring accompanied by Midajah, who appears to be dressed like a transsexual hooker. Steiner gets some pretty reasonable heat although it doesn't seem quite the anti reception he was getting a few weeks back. Big Poppa Pump begins calling Goldberg a coward, prompting Goldberg chants from the crowd but he doesn't get too far before he's interrupted by Sean O'Haire coming out from the back onto the stage... "Steiner, I'm tired of the Magnificent Seven, I'm tired of Ric Flair, and I'm tired of you! I'm man enough to watch my own back and if you're man enough to meet me tonight I'll prove it!"... Steiner pauses, playing to the crowd before stuttering his way through telling O'Haire that he's done nothing to earn a title shot. "Title shot? SCREW YOUR TITLE, I could care less, if you don't have the guts to put it on the line that's fine, I just want a shot at YOU!"..... Steiner agrees to the non title match and insists....."You'll get me just fine tonight, you'll get the gen.... the genetic freak O'Haire!"


-Awesome has the US title in his sights-

Mike Awesome d. Dustin Rhodes

This was an excellent opening match for Nitro with both men really showing a lot. The talent of these two has often been played down but both men really have a lot going for them when they put in the effort. It was Awesome who got the clean win after hitting a sitout Awesome bomb for the 3 count.

Overall: 79%

Crowd: 73%

Match: 85%

Heenan Rection's in big trouble, Awesome's awesome!

Rhodes That's why they call him it Brain, ya knucklehead

-Disco wants no piece of the Funker-

Disco Inferno is shown walking into the men's room backstage. Kaz Hayashi is in there washing his hands as a voice is heard from the corridor outside..."Disco, where are ya, ya stinking son of a bitch, come and give me my title boy!". Disco Inferno panics, realising it's Terry Funk. He climbs up onto the roof of one of the cubicles and looks towards Kaz, motioning for him to keep quiet. The door bursts open and Terry Funk walks in, asking Hayashi if he's seen Disco Inferno. Hayashi just looks at him blankly before saying something in Japanese. Terry Funk opens the door to the first cubicle and sees nothing. Then he walks over to the one that Disco's on top of and slams the door open, bursting inside. As he does so Disco takes his opportunity and jumps down off the cubicle past Funk and runs out of the door as Funk turns and slowly stalks out of the room after him


-The Thrillers and Flair's Seven turn up the heat-

Animal & Rick Steiner d. Mike Sanders & Chuck Palumbo

The crowd, who had been red hot all night, were right into this one as the Magnificent Seven combination of Animal and Steiner came out with the win. That only came after interference from Jeff Jarrett and Ric Flair, taking advantage of referee Scott Dickinson's bump in the corner (something that's becoming particularly regular in matches involving Dickinson) to attack Sanders and hit him with Jarrett's guitar. As the referee counted the three and gave the match to Animal & Steiner, Shawn Stasiak and Mark Jindrak ran to the ring to chase Flair and Jarrett off.

Overall: 78%

Crowd: 86%

Match: 62%

-It's time for Chavo's Challenge-

Chavo Guerrero Jr comes out to the ring with the Cruiserweight title belt and talks about how he's beaten off every challenger for his Cruiserweight title... "there's a Pay Per View coming up and Chavo's got no opponent. I've beaten all the Cruiserweight's in the back so here's what I'm going to do. On Thunder I want all you other leetle Cruiserweight's to bring yourselves to the ring and have a match to decide who I get to beat at Sin". The crowd really don't seem too interested in what Chavo has to say as he leaves backstage.


Heenan Dusty, what do you call six midget Mexican's in a squared circle Dusty?

Rhodes What Brain?

Heenan How the hell am I supposed to know but that's what you're going to see on Thursday

-Booker T saves RVD from some Kronik pain......-

Rob Van Dam d. Bryan Clarke w/Brian Adams

Another reasonably good match in what had been a decent show in terms of workrate so far. Adams was always a factor on the outside as he helped Clarke significantly. That would however also end up being Kronik's downfall as Van Dam's speed to get out of the way left Clarke on the receiving end of a Brian Adams double axe handle. RVD came off the top with the five star frog splash for the win. After the bell Adams and Clarke cornered RVD and began thundering in rights and lefts when Booker T came running from the back and into the ring, fighting both Kronik members off.

Overall: 70%

Crowd: 69%

Match: 71%

-....but RVD's not entirely grateful-

As Booker T helped RVD up Van Dam pushed him away and made his way backstage. Booker tried to follow up and get a word with him but RVD just ignored him and kept on walking until Pamela Paulshock caught up with both men with a microphone..."Look, Booker, you want to know what's wrong? I can take care of myself, I want to do this on my own man, I don't need you coming out there like that". Booker tries to put an arm on RVD's shoulder but Van Dam shoves it off before leaving Booker and Pamela standing.


Tenay] What's that all about? Booker T was just trying to help him out of a two on one beat down from Kronik!

RhodesI tell ya Iron Mike, it's all about the eeego's that exist in the mahnds of those two men, I'm talkin about Rob Van Dam, and Booker T

-The Insiders beat the useless big men-

WCW Tag Team Titles: The Insiders d. The Harris Boys

Even these four guys managed to pull out a decent match, certainly much better than peope would have expected. Page and Nash are getting better as a team all the time. Largely because Nash is letting Page spend most of the time in the ring I guess. Anyway, The Harris Boys didn't last all that long as Nash hit the Jack Knife on Don for the win.

Overall: 68%

Crowd: 72%

Match: 61%

-Page takes the Cutter, part IV-

DDP and Nash make their way back up the aisle with the title belts. As they get onto the stage they turn and raise their belts into the air, saluting the crowd but Hulk Hogan steps out from the curtain behind them, followed by his Japanese troops. Nash and Page turn around but as they do Frye throws the Japanese flag at Nash, taking his attention away, as the Predator hits a clubbing left hand into his chest that sends him crashing to the floor. Page charges Akiyama but as he tries to fight him off Kojima grabs him from behind, spins him around and hits the Kojima Cutter leaving the Insiders down as Japanese Hogan laughs above them


Heenan Kojima Cutter, Kojima Cutter, that's it Satoshi, show the world what a fraud he is stealing that move off of you and making a career out of it

Rhodes What are you talkin about? Page aint no fraud Brain, he aint the one out there waving a Japanese flag about in his American arms if ya know what I mean

-Dibiase's taking the Magnificent Seven, and the Natural Born Thrillers and he's putting them in!-

WCW Commissioner Ted Dibiase comes out to the ring to greet the fans getting a decent enough reception in the process. He's wearing a black suit as usual as he tells the world he has an announcement regarding Sin..."I'd been thinking this over all week and after what we've seen tonight from Ric Flair's henchmen and the Natural Born Thrillers it's just made my decision that bit easier to make. On Sunday 28th January I'm putting a 15 foot high steel cage all the way around the ring at the Sin Pay Per View. I'm taking the Natural Born Thrillers, I'm taking the Magnificent Seven and I'm putting them inside that steel cage. I won't tolerate them running over the show's in WCW so at Sin, they beat the hell out of each other in that cage until one man manages to climb out and win it for his team!"


Tenay Whoooahh! The Natural Born Thrillers and the Magnificent Seven in a cage! And, you heard the stipulation from Commissioner Dibiase, there won't be pinfalls, there won't be submissions, one of the men in that match has to climb out over the top of that cage for his team to win!

Rhodes Dibiase's creatin this sityooayshun, this devilish sityooayshun if you wheeel to put an end to this once and for all!

Heenan Yeah but you know the man Dusty, he's been in wars like this before. Nobody gets prepared for the big one like that man Ric Flair

-The Seven realise the implications of no finger being layed on Goldberg!-

Sean O'Haire d. Scott Steiner w/Midajah

The crowd seemed to really get behind O'Haire in this one. Whether it was a genuine pop for him, or whether it was simply because they dislike Steiner so much was hard to tell. Either way O'Haire certainly didn't look out of place in the main event. In terms of the actual wrestling the match was nothing special but it certainly told a story well enough and kept the fans attention throughout, particularly when O'Haire came close to winning the match with a spinebuster. With Midajah's distraction at ringside enough to give the World champion the chance to hit a low blow the match looked over as Steiner got ready to lock on the Steiner Recliner. The was until the drum started to beat and Goldberg's music began to play. The crowd went wild as he stepped out from the back and walked slowly to the ring. Steiner leaned out over the ropes pointing his finger and shouting at the number one contender. Goldberg leapt up onto the apron in Steiner's face but didn't lay a finger on him. An angry Steiner turned around but walked straight into a Sean O'Haire superkick that gave O'Haire the win. After the bell Jeff Jarrett, Rick Steiner and Buff Bagwell came running out from the back to get to Goldberg. Bagwell looked set to take a pop at him when Scott Steiner grabbed his arm from behind, spinning him round and reminding him what would happen if he touched Goldberg. Goldberg walked slowly backstage as the show ended with the Seven arguing amongst themselves.

Overall: 75%

Crowd: 81%

Match: 63%

Overall Show Rating: 73%

TV Rating: 5.02

Attendance: 4045

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Problems, Problems, Problems!

"Another brief moment to sit and reflect, just told Sophie to hold all my calls, finally I get 5 minutes peace. Well what a day. I'm still wondering whether I did the right thing about Bobby. I've idolised the Brain since I was a kid but his voicebox just can't take two hour shows anymore. He seemed ok with it I guess and I hate to say it but I think that Callis might actually improve the product at this point in time anyway. Hmmm, I'm still trying to get my head around what happened with Sid though. I'm really not sure he's going to do the job tonight. I don't know, maybe I'm just getting paranoid but it took so much persuasion to get him onside and I just felt like he was hiding something away somewhere. I really don't know what to do, but I aint about to scrap another match ending just to please some big star around here. I'm fed up with it. Hell, what can he do. He could walk out live on tv or something, so what. It'd probably only get people talking about us a bit more anyway. God I'm buzzing today, so much going on in my head. The meetings with TBS are starting to get more frustrating but I'm not going to compromise the quality and style of the product just to suit them on Saturday's. Besides, we've never made any money on that show anyway, if they do pull the plug on it and we lose it maybe it wouldn't hurt us as much as they think it would. Right, reckon you're about ready to get back and face the world again? Yep, reckon it's about time..."

Me: "Sophie, could you come in here a moment please....."

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WCW Thunder

Thursday 18th January 2001

Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, Dusty Rhodes

With Nitro proving to be such an eventful show Thunder was generally expected to be a much more low key affair this week as things moved towards the Pay Per View. The main event of Rob Van Dam & Booker T against Kronik had people relatively interested and Chavo's open Cruiserweight challenge should be a spotfest.

-O'Haire beat the World Champion-

As the camera's start rolling we're taken through a black and white replay of highlights from Nitro's main event. It goes through the key points in the match with Steiner hitting the low blow and then getting ready for the Recliner. It shows Goldberg's music playing and him making his entrance before jumping up onto the apron and distracting Steiner. It moves on to O'Haire hitting the superkick before getting the win. The guys come out from the back and Bagwell is shown about to hit Goldberg as the video ends with the Magnificent Seven members arguing amongst themselves as Goldberg backs away with a smile on his face


Tenay That's right, if you were with us Monday night for Nitro you saw Sean O'Haire get a very controversial win over the World Champion, Scott Steiner. There is no question that Goldberg played a huge part in that loss for Big Poppa Pump but the question I have to ask Bobby, is how will that loss sit with Steiner as we move towards Steiner

Heenan Well it won't, you know Steiner the man's wound up tighter than Bischoff's wallet but if there's one man that can stand up to the Scott Steiner powerplays then I guess it's that man, Bill Goldberg

Rhodes Yeah, really Brain, that's exactly how it is. Ya got ya Scott Steiner on the one hand. Nahw ya know that he aint go'ne be sittin back and letting Goldberg get in his face like that agayan but what can he do? what caaan he do? Dibiase's got it setup perfectly and it's awlll go've be comin out at Sin!

-Does Hogan get more than he bargained for?-

The fairly generic Oriental music begins to play and Japanese Hogan, waving a Japanese flag with a charicature of himself on it, leads Jun Akiyama to the ring. Hogan grabs the mic and begins to tell the world that...."Ya know ever since I came back the whole world's been wanting to see more of the Invasion dude, they've been wanting to see the hottest commodities in wrestling but I've tried and I've tried and I just can't get these guys involved in matches. Nobody wants to fight this man right here. (Hogan looks to Akiyama who gives him a knowing glance right back) That's right Mr Akiyama, you know what I'm talking about. So why doesn't somebody in the back brings themselves out here to get beat brutha?". There is a pause as Hogan and Akiyama wait before Sid steps out from behind the curtain, the crowd give him a really good reception as they've not seen him in a while as he makes his way to the ring with an intense look on his face. Hogan begins to look worried as he beckons Sid to come and face Akiyama


-Apparently not-

Jun Akiyama d. Sid

A slightly confusing, and not very good match at all. Hogan played his part on the outside but mostly Akiyama managed to hold his own in the ring. He looked to have the match won as he hit a move that Tenay called "Blue Thunder". Sid kicked out at two though and stood straight up completely no selling the move. Hogan, Akiyama, and referee Nick Patrick all looked at each other confused as Sid just stood there pointing at Akiyama. Akiyama charged towards the big man, ducked a right hand and grabbed him in a stranglehold, forcing him down to the mat before locking him in what looked like an incredibly painful arm submission. Sid didn't seem to want to stay there though and certainly nobody saw him tap out as Nick Patrick called for the bell and ruled a submission win for Akiyama.

Overall: 45%

Crowd: 54%

Match: 42%

Tenay Well, err, it would appear that Sid's just tapped out, what a big win for Akiyama, umm, yeah!

Rhodes Ya know what Iron Mike, I aint shooah that we just seen the most professional performance from big Sid if ya know what I mean

-Sanders has a whole lot to say-

Mike Sanders and the rest of the Natural Born Thrillers are backstage with Pamela Paulshock ready to give an interview. Sanders gives Paulshock a quick look up and down as she asks him about the problems with the Magnificent Seven....."You want answers Pammy? Well maybe we've got our own questions. How about this one. Why is this man right here (turns and slaps O'Haire in the chest) not getting a World Title shot at Sin when he beat the World Champion Monday night? Why haven't the Natural Born Thrillers been given a shot at the tag team titles in months? Why are the most genetically j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-jacked athletes in World Championship Wrestling not running the show? No, you don't have to answer any of that for us Pamela coz we know the answer. Ric Flair. Flair you're 10 years past your sell by date and you're starting to stink. We'll see your boys in the cage, and Naitch, you can guarantee that I'm going to be going straight after you!"


-The Hardcore Coward, haven't we seen this somewhere before?-

WCW Hardcore Title: Disco Inferno d. Big Vito

A very entertaining match pulled out here and the crowd seemed to enjoy it well enough but that didn't quite translate in the way it came across on tv. As usual Disco ran away and tried not to get into a fight with Vito, who proceeded to beat Disco up with numerous weapons much to the crowd's delight. Disco pulled out another win though, using his favourite move, the low blow. After the bell Disco grabbed his belt and ran backstage as Vito got up angry.

Overall: 66%

Crowd: 65%

Match: 83%

-WCW World Tag Team Champions - The Insiders-

A fairly average video package plays hyping the Insiders as the World Tag Team Champions. It doesn't actually show much of them as a tag team, after all they've not been together in WCW that long. It mostly focuses on them as individuals highlighting most of their usual moves and high spots. Nothing special or out of the ordinary here at all


-The Predator and the Beast go to war-

Don "the Predator" Frye d. Bam Bam Bigelow

Frye comes out alone for this match dressed in his usual ultimate fight style outfit. Tenay really pushes the Japanese careers of both of these guys and constantly refers to Frye as "the Predator". The crowd don't get into the match all that well and it doesn't come off that well on tv but the in ring action is stiff and solid. Frye ends up getting the win as a stiff combination of punches sets up a Cross Arm Breaker submission that has Bigelow tapping out.

Overall: 54%

Crowd: 51%

Match: 69%

Tenay Bigelow tapped out, the Beast tapped out, the Predator claims another huge scalp

Heenan Scalp? Did I miss something? Bigelow's always been bald hasn't he?

-The Greatest chatshow in the World: The Commissioner!-

As usual the Cat is behind his desk as the graphic fades and Miss Jones brings in WCW Commissioner Ted Dibiase... "Hell, I was supposed to be interviewing James Brown tonight but you aint James Brown, you can't dance. what's goin on in here?"... Miss Jones leans over whispering into the Cat's ear. Apparently James Brown couldn't make it and he called ahead to let the Cat know so as Dibiase insisted he had something to say Miss Jones bought him on..."Well, I guess you'll have to go, now what ya gotta say to the world Dibiase?".....Dibiase goes on to talk about the Hardcore Title. He says that Disco Inferno seems keen to avoid the former Champion Terry Funk, but that at Sin there'll be no more running as it will be Disco Inferno defending the Hardcore title against Terry Funk.


-Chavo's 8 man invitational challenge-

Billy Kidman d. Yang, Jamie Noble, Shane Helms, Kaz Hayashi, Kid Romeo, Shannon Moore and Elix Skipper

Surprisingly the fans didn't much get into this match. They'd been pretty dead all night by all account. It was everything you would have expected from it though. A spotfest with little psychology. All the usual highspots were there as the men involved eliminated each other pretty quickly. All 8 competitors started off in the ring and could be eliminated by pinfall or submission. The eliminations went as follows....

Billy Kidman pinned Yang

Kid Romeo pinned Jamie Noble

Kid Romeo pinned Shane Helms

Shannon Moore pinned Kaz Hayashi

Billy Kidman pinned Kid Romeo

Elix Skipper pinned Shannon Moore....

So we were just left with Billy Kidman and Elix Skipper. The match picked up a bit once the ring had cleared and these two gave it their all with Kidman coming out on top after a number of near falls hitting the Shooting Star Press for the win.

Overall: 61%

Crowd: 59%

Match: 77%

-Flair will name his 5 on Nitro!-

Following the match Pamela Paulshock is joined backstage by Ric Flair. Flair struts into shot with his black suit on as Paulshock asks him about the upcoming cage match at Sin...."Look blondie, why don't you just hand over the microphone and let the real talent around here do the talking..(Flair snatches the mic away from Paulshock)...Now Mike Sanders, you've been running your mouth boy and I don't think you realise what you're getting into. We're talking about a huge steel structure with five of your guys in it, and five of mine. Ya know what, that reminds the Nature Boy of something else, little match called War Games. You know why they created that match Sanders? Me, the Nature Boy.. whoooh! because I'm the dirtiest player in the game. Now the way I see it with five of you going into that match I'm gonna have to pick who I want going into that cage so on Nitro I might have some answers for ya. And by God Sanders, WHOOOH!, if there's one person who won't be climbing out of that cage it's you. WHOOOOH!... Sanders, YOU! WHOOOOOOH! (Flair starts to dance as he struts offscreen)


Tenay So it'll be Monday night, we'll get to hear which five members of the Magnificent Seven are going to be in the match. Ya know thinking about it Dusty, Ric Flair might not even be in this match

Rhodes Ohhh yeah, if Flair's the same old coward that we all know he is, that he's always been for as many years as I can remember then he won't even step into that cage Iron Mike

-High Times for Rob Van Dam-

Kronik d. Rob Van Dam & Booker T

Booker T and Rob Van Dam made separate entrances for this one, with Van Dam in particular not looking overly happy to be in the match in the first place. Kronik's entrance was stunning as ever, the music and lasers work really well. Once the match got going Van Dam and Booker seemed to work well together as the crowd started to get behind them. That was until a mistake from Booker T cost his team the win. Booker tried to his Bryan Clarke with a standing sidekick but Clarke ducked and Booker hit Van Dam. Kronik quickly bundled Booker out of the ring and took up Van Dam for the High Times for the win. After the match Booker tried to help Van Dam up to his feet but the two men began to argue as the show went off the air.

Overall: 66%

Crowd: 73%

Match: 76%

Overall Show Rating: 71%

TV Rating: 4.54

Attendance: 4042

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WCW Saturday Night

Saturday 20th January 2001

Scott Hudson, Larry Zbysko

-O'Haire beat the World Champion-

The show starts with the same video that Thunder did on Thursday, highlighting Sean O'Haire's win over Scott Steiner back on Nitro. Hudson pushes the win as a huge upset as Zbysko tells the world that...... "O'Haire just got lucky, Goldberg was playing the mind games and getting involved when he had no place being out there"


-Natural Born Thrillers on the up -

Mark Jindrak d. Reno

Not the best of matches here at all. Reno looked pretty poor and didn't seem like he wanted to be in the match at all, barely bothering to sell anything. Jindrak got the win following a superkick.

Overall: 49%

Crowd: 57%

Match: 53%

-Just 8 days away from Sin-

A video package airs hyping the upcoming Sin Pay Per View. It highlights some of the matches on the card, mostly the 10 man cage match and the World Title match. The voiceover plays....... "Sunday, 28th January 2001, a new dawn is rising in World Championship Wrestling but as the superstars approach their day of reckoning will all their sins be forgiven or will they be made to pay for their actions?"


-It's squashomania baby!-

Jeff Jarrett d. "Cowboy" Lance Cade

Not a bad match for making Jarrett look good. He went over "the Cowboy" with few problems in a basic squash match, hitting the Stroke to get the win.

Overall: 54%

Crowd: 52%

Match: 70%

-Booker and RVD simply cannot co-exist-

Another video package plays recapping the problems existing between Booker T and Rob Van Dam. It starts back on Nitro when RVD made his debut before going through the various times over the past weeks that Booker and Van Dam have struggled to be on the same page


-Konnan takes out the German 187 style!-

Konnan w/Tygress d. Alex Wright

This was actually a really good match between the two as their styles worked well together. The crowd seemed to like it too but it didn't come across so well on tv. The production was once again poor for Saturday Night and it's been rumoured that TBS may be dropping the show in the near future. Konnan picked up the win hitting the 187 for the win.

Overall: 65%

Crowd: 68%

Match: 78%

-Japanese Hogan puts out a challenge for Sin-

The camera goes backstage where tubby little Mark Madden is looking his usual awful self. He's stood surrounded by Jun Akiyama, Satoshi Kojima and the snarling Don Frye as Japanese Hogan walks into shot with his Japanese bandana on. Madden asks Hogan what he has planned for Sin......"Well ya see Madden, what you gotta realise brutha is that Japanese Hogan is all about the gold. I said when I came back here that I wanted to take over this stinking promotion and make them pay for the way they treated me well it starts at Sin. I'm putting out the challenge to Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page to face Mr Akiyama and Mr Kojima here for their belts. Now, you go out there and win us another match brutha!"... Japanese hogan sends Frye on his way to the ring


-Huge win for the Predator-

Don Frye d. Dustin Rhodes

Frye came out for this match alone and judging by his performance certainly didn't need any help out there. It wasn't a bad match by any stretch of the imagination and the crowd's seem to be getting a bit more used to Frye's stiff brawling style. Frye got what has to be considered a big upset win as he locked Rhodes up on the mat and forced him to tap with the Cross Armbreaker. After the bell Frye refused to release the hold at first, and even when he did let go he waited for Rhodes to get up and knocked him out cold with a savage right hand to the jaw.

Overall: 57%

Crowd: 61%

Match: 68%

Overall Show Rating: 63%

TV Rating: 1.18

Attendance: 4541

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No more Saturday Night

"I'm sitting in my office hoping that the call I've been waiting for won't come in. They said they'd have a decision by 4pm, it's now 5.30 and still no word...... Ahh, that must be them now."

Me: Yes Sophie?

Sophie: I've got Mr Young from TBS on line one for you.

Me: Ok, pop him through.......(Click)..... Hi, Mr Young?

Young: Yes, it's me, look Jimmy I'm affraid I've got some bad news. We've been discussing it all afternoon and we've come to the conclusion that you've really left us with no option but to pull Saturday Night off of television, effective immediately.

Me: I can understand your decision, but please understand where I cam coming from. I will not compromise on the quality and content of our programming. I can't have two different styles of product under the same banner, it just wouldn't work.

Young: Yes, quite, well ensure that you understand our position too. We cannot have such risky programming airing on our network at that time of the evening. Now, the contract runs until the end of the month so you will still receive a small payment from the network but as stated in the contract we can, and now have, pulled the show off the air with immediate effect.

Me: Well I'm sorry you've come to that decision but there's obviously nothing I can do to change your mind. Thanks for letting me know.

Young: Have a good evening Mr Lambrini.

"Hmm, not that I wanted to let that pompous old fool know it but they've just done me a huge favour. That show was costing us money and our reputation because of the poor production. Now we can concentrate on getting our main shows challenging again. Thank you very much Mr Young!"

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WCW Nitro

Monday 22nd January 2001

Mike Tenay, Don Callis, Dusty Rhodes

With Sin just under a week away this is expected to be a massive Nitro. A huge hype job needs to be done for the Pay Per View and this is going to have to be the show to do it. The main event of Goldberg and Meng isn't exactly exciting but there should be plenty else on the show to get the crowd involved.

-A rude interruption at the announce desk-

The show starts at the announce desk but Mike Tenay has barely got beyond introducing new colour guy, Don Callis, when Terry Funk comes flying out of nowhere and lands on their desk. They all leap back as Johnny the Bull comes rushing over, beating Funk around the ringside area before going under the ring and pulling out a ladder. JTB tosses Funk back onto the announce desk before setting up the ladder. He climbs to the top and comes crashing off of it with an elbowdrop through Funk and the announce desk


Tenay What in the hell? Now what are we supposed to do, somebody get the EMT's out here. Terry Funk's in trouble just days before he has to wrestle Disco Inferno for the Hardcore title

Callis I love it Tenay, what an introduction to World Championship Wrestling. I'm sure Johnny the Bull wanted to impress me once he heard I was coming. I love seeing that crippled old man Terry Funk take a beating like that

Rhodes Ah just don't know what Johnny the Bull was doin out here attacking Terry Funk in the first place. Somethin smells off right here and I don't think it's your Tenay, if ya know what ah mean!

-Is it a rematch, or a replay?-

Don Frye d. Dustin Rhodes

Tenay pushed this one as being a rematch requested by Rhodes after the beating he took from Frye on Saturday night. Tenay, Callis and Rhodes were all stood up to call the match and it looked like they'd be that way for the rest of the show. They put on a pretty reasonable brawl but again it was Frye who scored the win, this time hitting an incredibly stiff looking right hand that seemed to knock Rhodes out for the win.

Overall: 60%

Crowd: 57%

Match: 63%

Callis Frye's an animal Mike Tenay, Hogan's really put something together that can't be stopped

Tenay There's no questioning the ability or the fight in the Predator, he's looked mightily impressive so far

-Mr Pay Per View wants to book his Pay Per View debut-

Rob Van Dam bursts into Commissioner Dibiase's office, startling him in the process. Van Dam says that he wants a match at Sin because...."I'm Mr Pay Per View, I came here to work the big five star matches and everybody knows that the pay per view is the place to be. Hey, it's ok Dibiase, you may not have all of what I've got but I'm Rob.... Van..... Dam". Dibiase says he will be happy to give him a match at Sin, against Booker T! Van Dam has an interested look on his face, it's hard to work out whether he is unhappy, or excited at the prospect of facing his friend Booker T at Sin as he leaves the office


-Chavo tries to pick his shots as Sin approaches-

Billy Kidman w/Tygress d. Yang w/Leia Meow

The two Cruiserweights put on an excellent match which really showcased just how talented Yang is. The girls at ringside were barely a factor, thankfully, as the two men in the ring struggled to draw a reaction out of the crowd. There were a number of near falls and impressively they didn't go over the top with the high spots either. It was Kidman who came out on top hitting the shooting star press for the win. After the bell Chavo Guerrero Jr ran out to the ring, trying to get a shot at Kidman but Billy fought him off, backing him up with a series of punches before dropkicking him to the outside through the ropes.

Overall: 71%

Crowd: 49%

Match: 94%

Tenay That's right, that's what you're going to see less than one week from now, Chavo Guerrero Jr and Billy Kidman one on one for the Cruiserweight title

Rhodes Yeah Iron Mike, Chavo's trying ta kick it off early if ya know what ah mean but I don't think think he can beat Kidman at Sin on Sunday night

-Hogan wants an answer tonight as Akiyama & Kojima get ready to go into battle-

Japanese Hogan is waiting backstage where Pamela Paulshock is ready to interview him. Akiyama and Kojima are to the left of him and they both have Japanese flags wrapped around them and over their shoulders. Paulshock asks Hogan about their match tonight but Hogan has other things on his mind..."Ya see the thing you gotta realise Pammy is that when you're Japanese Hogan, you could care less about nobody's like Jim Duggan and Norman Smiley. They're small fish compared to Japanese Hogan brutha, I'm the big shark that comes and eats them whole. Now my two Japanese associates here are going to get the win tonight but there's more important business at hand. Ya see, on Saturday Night in front of the whole world we made a challenge to those stinking Insiders, Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page. Now Japanese Hogan wants an answer dudes, and he wants it tonight so you two stop running scared and accept our challenge, (Hogan starts to flex his muscles) whatcha gonna do? WHATCHA GONNA DO!!!!!


Jun Akiyama & Satoshi Kojima w/Japanese Hogan d. Jim Duggan & Norman Smiley

Hogan led his men to the ring and continued to wave the Japanese flag throughout the course of the match. The crowd tried to get behind Duggan with their chants of U-S-A but it had little effect. Kojima & Akiyama looked impressive in what was a pretty poor match. In the middle of the match they showed a split screen image of Nash and Page watching the match in the back on a monitor. Duggan barely sold a thing so it was nice to see him take a stiff German Suplex from Akiyama to lose the match.

Overall: 58%

Crowd: 59%

Match: 56%

-Insiders accept, and promise a big win for Sin-

As Japanese Hogan steps into the ring to celebrate the victory the Insiders music hits and they make their way onto the stage. Hogan looks happy to see them as Nash tells Hogan that they'll accept the challenge, he insists that they can't wait to get their hands on the little Japanese guys. Page goes on..."Japanese SCUM Hogan, I'll make this real simple for you, at Sin, your boys...... will feel......the BANG!!!!"


Callis Hahahahaha, I love it Mike Tenay, the Insiders don't have a hope in hell of walking out of Sin with those tag team titles now

Tenay I wouldn't count them out just yet, they're the champions and after everything they've been through to get those belts they aren't about to give them up without a fight

-If Awesome does that again at Sin, he'll be the United States Champion-

Mike Awesome, Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo w/Major Gunns d. General Rection, Sgt A-Wall & Corporal Cajun

The crowd, who hadn't got excited about much in terms of in ring action tonight, were once again quite muted in this one. The action in the ring was pretty good though with all six men looking impressive. The focus of the match was Awesome and Rection, something which Tenay and the announce team really pushed going into Sin. Awesome was made to look like a monster as he hit Cajun with a powerbomb over the top rope to the outside. A-Wall tried to stop him but only got taken out of the ring with a flying clothesline before Rection and Awesome went at it. It was Awesome who came out on top though hitting a release German suplex before setting Rection up for a sitout Awesome bomb for the 1-2-3.

Overall: 65%

Crowd: 57%

Match: 74%

Rhodes I tell ya what Iron Mike, If Mike Awesome hits with those sorta devilish moves at Sin then really, Rection aint gonna be walking outta their with the United States title

Tenay No doubt about it, as you quite rightly say Dusty, Mike Awesome could be ready to walk out of Sin as the United States champion

-The Nature Boy names his 5 for the cage, but is he in there?-

The camera shows a locker room backstage. The Magnificent Seven members, invluding Midajah and Elizabeth are lined up, almost as if somebody is about to do a roll call. The camera pans round to show Ric Flair walking up and down the line looking at each of them in turn. Flair says that he is about to decide which 5 members are going into the cage at Sin. He pulls out Jeff Jarrett first who has a big smile on his face. Then he pulls Totally Buff out and tells them they are in the match too. Next Flair gets up close to Midajah and looks set to put her in before changing his mind at the last minute and hauling Rick Steiner out too. With just one spot left Flair turns away, as if he is going to pick himself before turning back towards Road Warrior Animal and giving him the last place on the team


-Goldberg's on top form to take the World Title-

Goldberg d. Meng

This wasn't as bad a match as most expected with Meng and Goldberg slugging it out in a fairly brutal, if slightly short match. The crowd were as always right behind Goldberg as he began to take Meng apart. Goldberg didn't seem keen to sell much of Meng's offence completely shaking off a headbutt at one point which led into the finish where Golderg came off the ropes with the spear before hitting the Jackhammer as the show ended and cut into a video package.

Overall: 66%

Crowd: 69%

Match: 61%

-Less than a week from Sin!-

As the show came to a close a video package rolled talking through each of the matches at Sin on Sunday and showed the card match by match...... WCW Hardcore Title: Disco Inferno Vs Terry Funk...... Friend Vs Friend, Booker T Vs Rob Van Dam....... WCW United States Title: General Rection Vs Mike Awesome...... WCW Cruiserweight Title: Chavo Guerrero Jr Vs Billy Kidman........ Steel Cage Hell, Natural Born Thrillers (Mike Sanders, Chuck Palumbo, Shawn Stasiak, Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire) Vs Magnificent Seven (Jeff Jarrett, Rick Steiner, Road Warrior Animal, Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell)..........WCW Tag Team Titles: The Insiders Vs Jun Akiyama & Satoshi Kojima..........WCW World Title: Scott Steiner Vs Goldberg


Overall Show Rating: 75%

TV Rating: 5.06

Attendance: 4047

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As I'm doing a WCW 2001 diary myself I was intrigued to see what you were up to with the company and I'm enjoying this a little. But I have got some points I'd like to raise.

1) If you're using the same scenario that I am though then you're starting with $0 and hiring people like Hogan - who would demand $300,000 a show on a PPA or a month on a written deal - as well as Don Frye, Kojima, Akiyama etc. wouldn't really sit well with the financiers.

2) Did you actually cancel all the storylines? I didn't find anything about that after the BS, which has caused a couple of the same mistakes I made in mine with the M7.

3) When I read an ECW star was meant to be jumping ship I knew instinctively it'd be RVD. I would have liked someone a little different.

4) I can't help but think that a couple of the matches on the Sin card have been rushed. I know you need big matches but the Booker/RVD situation has been rushed far too much. There isn't even a face/heel structure there yet that I can see and the M7/NBT match has hardly got any motivation and they're meeting in a cage? Just feel you're going for ratings right off the bat with shock tactics which I don't like.

5) I DO NOT like the re-hiring of Hulk Hogan. Even though you're taking him in a different direction than ever before WCW needed new stars at this time, not Hogan to come back and take the spotlight.

Still having said that the shows are decent and easy to read. Keep it up and I'll check in again. :thumbsup:

Edited by ADGray
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thanks for the feedback, you make lots of really valid points. some of the things though will become more clear as we go on....

1. Hiring Hogan at 300000 a show was a huge gamble, but financially in the game it is paying off. As for Akiyama, Frye and Kojima they were all cheap as chips in the game. I know some of this doesn't make for realism but if the game tells me that I can sign Akiyama for 47000 a month then why wouldn't I do it?

2. I haven't so much cancelled all the storylines, I've just chosed to drop some and not continue them. It certainly wasn't a fresh start on a Russo sort of level but there were a number of stories going on at the time that had been dropped.

3. The reason I signed RVD was because most of the other ECW stars I was never a big fan of. I thought they were overachieving in ECW (a promotion which always made average guys look great) and I don't want them in my promotion. The main factor though was simply the fact that had WCW stayed in business they looked almost certain to sign RVD. I know everyone always signs Rhyno or RVD when they play this scenario but seeing as RVD was most likely on his way, and he was the sort of star I wanted in the promotion I wanted to sign him.

4. I wouldn't suggest that Booker T and RVD has been rushed, when you see it in the context of the storyline, which you may find out later on isn't supposed to be a big one. If it was meant to become a huge major feud then having them in another tag match on the ppv and having more problems with each other would have made more sense but it's not meant to become anything major. As for the cage on the Seven Vs NBT match I totally agree, this is meant to be building to be a huge storyline, so something like that at the end of it would make perfect sense, having it so early on is a waste.

5. I understand you don't like Hogan, and that's fair point, but he draws and at this point WCW needed to draw. Plus, he is actually creating new stars out of Akiyama, Frye and Kojima, who can get over much easier with Hogan by their side than without them. Hogan isn't wrestilng, he's not in main events in any capacity other than as a manager, so I'm not sure he's stealing the limelight really.

Again thanks for the comments, it's pointed out some flaws that I need to work on which I probably wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

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