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This may be my last post.


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Because tommorrow I'm going to be slap bang in the middle of a sweaty, loud, ultra-violent mosh-pit-orgy of pain in the form of Slipknot/Slayer/Hatebreed/Mastodon and I don't know if I'm gonna make it out alive.


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I think the lineup sounds like shit, but then again im not a huge hard rock fan. Since you like that stuff i guess, You'll most likely have a good time. Try not to get killed in the 'pits :)

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I thought Slayer sucked live. An hour and a half of the same sound.

Slipknot SUCKS live, but their actual show is good. The sound is usually bad.

Hatebreed is amazing live, especially if the crowd is into it. Usually, they can get a NICE circle pit going. And watch out for the M. Bison kids, they inevitably will show up during a Hatebreed show.

Mastodon is supposedly very good live. Never seen 'em, though.

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after last night, I submit to you that there are three undenyable truths.

1. Slayer are the greatest band in the world.

2. Steel toe caps are the worlds greatest invention.

3. All Slayer fans look like Tank Abbot.

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Awesome. Completely awesome. But after Slayer, it was a tiny tiny tiny bit anti climatic.

They still rock fucking hard though.

Edit: It was so hot, I kept trying to do a Hulk Hogan on my T-shirt, and rip it down the front, but I couldn't break the neck line; so now it's just really stretched :(

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