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The American Wrestling Association 1986


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"There's no wrestlers in wrestling…there used to be a thousand-I-don't-know-how-many wrestlers out there. There were 26 booking offices at one time in America and everybody had a job. Now there's only two big companies, and that's it."

-- Past Comments From AWA Promoter Verne Gagne

" I don't know what the rules are in wrestling today. We had certain rules -- over the top rope was a disqualification, if you threw someone over the top rope, if you ran them into a ring post, you were out of there. Now they bring in tables, chairs, and slam them on there. And they let it go. There's nothing that makes it a sport of any sort. ... It's kind of pathetic…"

--  AWA Promoter, Verne Gagne

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We join Wrestling during a time where territorial wrestling still existed, Feb 1986. Despite seeing former a AWA rookie, Hulk Hogan, lead the WWF to national acclaim, Verne Gagne was still determined to make the AWA the #1 wrestling promotion in the world. Gagne spent years building relationships with the other promoters, by working with them to run several inter-promotional cards. These cards, at many times, ran in WWF territory, with one of the most significant ones occurring during last December’s second night of the ‘Night Of Champions’, at the Meadowlands, in NJ. This is when All Japan’s Stan Hansen defeated Rick Martel to win the AWA World Title.

This relationship, however, would ultimately lead to the AWA title being stripped from Stan Hansen in early ’86. When he was told that he was to drop the Title to AWA veteran, Nick Bowinkle, Hansen refused, retreating to All Japan. He continued to defend the AWA title in All Japan, until he was forced to legally stop. The “title” was awarded to Bowinkle, in June, making it the 2nd time the AWA title was ‘handed’ over to Bockwinkle. Fans grew resentful of Bowinkle being 'handed' over the title, AGAIN, and this did nothing but damage the reputation of the 4 time AWA World Champion, and the promotion, as a whole

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Pffft, at least AWA had a decent roster in 86'!

Hopefully, reading your AWA will make me re-focus on mine. I wasn't around for WWF 92', but read some of it in a re-post. With you, my curiosities will lie in who you choose to push that was never pushed heavily in real life, always the fun part in retro diaries.

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1986 At A Glance….

World Wrestling Federation Vince McMahon Top 5

1. Hulk Hogan – Babyface (WWF Champion)

2. Randy Savage – Villain (WWF Intercontinental Champion)

3. Andre The Giant w/ Bobby Heenan - Villain

4. Ricky Steamboat - Babyface

5. Terry Funk – Villain

National Wrestling Alliance Jim Crockett Top 5

1. Ric Flair – Villain (NWA Heavyweight Champion)

2. Arn Anderson – Villain (NWA TV Champion)

3. Magnum TA – Babyface (NWA US Champion)

4. Tully Blanchard w/ JJ Dillon – Villain (NWA National Champion)

5. Dusty Rhodes - Babyface

American Wrestling Association – Verne Gagne Minneapolis, MN - Top 5

1. Curt Hennig - Villian(AWA Tag Team Champion w/ Scott Hall)

2. Masked Superstar – Babyface (Team w/ Krusher Kruchev)

3. Nick Bockwinkle – Babyface (3-Time AWA World Champion)

4. Stan Hansen – Villian (AWA World Champion)

5. Sgt. Slaughter – Babyface

World Class Wrestling Association Fritz Von Erich Texas - Top 5

1. Kerry Von Erich – Babyface (Heavyweight Champion)

2. Rick Rude - Villian

3. Michael PS Hayes – Villain (WCCW Tag Team Champion; Fabulous Freebirds w/ Terry Gordy

4. Terry Gordy - Villain (WCCW Tag Team Champion; Fabulous Freebirds w/ Michael PS Hayes

5. Buddy Roberts – Villain (The Fabulous Freebirds)

United Wrestling Federation – Bill Watts Top 5

1. Rick Steiner – Babyface (UWF Champion)

2. Steve Williams – Villain (UWF Tag Team Champion w/ Ted Dibiase)

3. Ted Dibiase – Villain (UWF Tag Team Champion w/ Steve Williams)

4. Jim Duggan – Babyface (The Hacksaws w/ Butch Reed)

5. Butch Reed – Babyface (The Hacksaws w/ Jim Duggan)

Championship Wrestling Association Jerry Jarrett Memphis - Top 5

1. Jerry Lawler – Babyface (Champion)

2. Stan Lane – Villain w/ Paul E. Dangerously (CWA Tag Team Champions 1/2 Fabulous Ones w/ Steve Kiern

3. Steve Kiern - Villain w/ Paul E. Dangerously (CWA Tag Team Champions 1/2 Fabulous Ones w/ Stan Lane

4. Paul E. Dangerously – Villian (Manager)

5. Jos Leduc - Villain

Championship Wrestling Florida Blackjack Mulligan/Eddie Graham - Top 5

1. Lex Luger – Babyface (Champion)

2. Barry Windham – Babyface

3. Blackjack Mulligan - Babyface

4. The Fallen Angel – Villain (Valet)

5. Mike Graham - Babyface

Stamped Wrestling Stu Hart - Top 5

1. Bruce Hart - Babyface (Champion)

2. Stu Hart - Babyface

3. Bad News Allen - Villain

4. Canadian Earthquake - Villain

5. Brian Pillman - Babyface

Pacific Northwest Wrestling Don Owen Portland - Top 5

1. Rip Oliver - Babyface (Champion)

2. Billy Jack Haynes - Babyface

3. Bobby Jaggers - Villian

4. Col. Debeers - Villian

5. Tom Zenk - Babyface

World Wrestling Council Carlos Colon Puerto Rico – Top 5

1. Carlos Colon – Babyface

2. Abdullah The Butcher - Villain

3. Fidel Sierra - Babyface

4. TNT - Villain

5. Jose Gonzales – Babyface

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

PO Box 1228, CA – April 12th, 1986


Stan Hansen Stripped Of AWA World Title

     It was announced this past week, on AWA’s All Star Wrestling, that AWA President Stanley Blackburn had stripped Stan Hansen of the AWA title, just about 7 months after winning it from Rick Martel, in the Meadowlands. According to several sources, this decision  came after Hansen was told by AWA Promoter Verne Gagne, that he would be dropping the title to Nick Bockwinkle in June’s Super Clash title match. Hansen apparently left a house show early after a heated argument with Gagne, and had not been heard for the rest of the week. He was then reported to have returned to All Japan, with the AWA World Title.

     According to the TV announcement however, Hansen didn't show up for a title defense during a show in Chicago, Illinois, which is partially true -- After all, he was in Japan by then. Blackburn announced that, there will be a two day tournament held to crown a new AWA Heavyweight Champion. The first show,  (June 1st), will be held at the Jeff Gasche Arena, in Dallas, Texas, while the 2nd show (June 6th) will be held at Illinois State University, in Chicago, Illinois. As expected, many Southern & Texas-based wrestlers are part of the card, including former WCCW Champion, Kerry Von Erich & UWF's Ted Dibiase.  Gagne is said to be working closely with promoter Fritz Von Erich in booking the card.

     Among the names announced for this tournament, perhaps the surprising and eyebrow raising is that of Ted Dibiase. Dibiase, who won the All Japan Real Tag Team Tournament, with partner Hansen, last year, has also been making a name for himself in Bill Watts’ UWF promotion. Aside from AWA regulars (Bockwinkle, Sgt. Slaugther, G. Gagne, Hennig) and WCCW Champion Kerry Von Erich, Dibiase could bring in a huge number of fans, for this show. And that’s exactly what the AWA needs, right now; A big show. With the WWF & NWA quickly expanding, V. Gagne has to have a successful round of June shows to keep up with the big two.

     It is also rumoured that this card will be headlined by a tournament gimmick match between Nick Bockwinkle & Larry Zbysco; two favourites to win the tournament.

    We are expecting the full card to be announced within a month.


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To Crown A New A.W.A. Champion


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user posted imageuser posted image


(1/2 AWA Tag Team Champions w/ Scott Hall)










Live, from the

'Jeff Gasche Arena', Dallas, TX

Bell Time - 7pm

On Pay Per View!

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With hennig and dibiase both in this diary i'll be keeping a close eye on it. I was always curious to see how a feud between those two would turn out( since to my knowledge one never took place ), hopefully we can see that with you taking over AWA. Who knows....you might even defeat the then still some what small empire that was Vince McMahon's recreation of his father's promotion. And some notes on how you could probably do that....

1.)Hire Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, Rick Rude, Paul E. Dangerously, Barry Windham, Brian Pillman.

2.)Push Curt

3.)Give Dibiase a actual respectful World title reign.

4.)Stick heyman with steamboat and have him feud with flair.

5.)Stay far, FAR away from hiring hogan and all his buddies.

Or ya know....you could do it your way. :P Though one thing you MUST do is push steven regal....or i'll be sending the hamster mafia after you. :shifty:

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The Major League Of Professional Wrestling Presents The Night Of Champions Day 1

Network: PPV

June 1rd, 1986

TV Announcers : Larry Nelson, Lee Marshall, & Verne Gagne

Referees: Al DeRusha, George Eakin, Mike Enos, Wilf Caron, Scott LeDoux, Nick Patrick

-by Dave Schmeltzer

After an hour of dark matches, the first of two, “Night Of Champions”, put together by Verne Gagne, Fritz Von Erich, and a few other local promoters, opened up for broadcast, with a quick opening sequencing, followed by Larry Neslon hyping the card, noting the sellout crowd at the Joe Gashe Arena.

Larry Nelson: “ Hello Wrestling Fans, and welcome to…it’s the night we’ve all been waiting for, Night Of The Champions! Are you ready, Texas!? [*Crowd Cheers. Lee Marshall joins Nelson*] Are you ready for day one of [*holds up the ‘peace’ symbol*] two spectacular nights of professional wrestling! And, here he is…Lee Marshall. Lee, we don’t have much time, but what an amazing couple of days we are in for! A new AWA Champion will be decided in a 10-man single elimination tournament!

Lee Marshall: “ That’s right, Larry! The AWA World Title was stripped from Stan Hansen, after he was not present to defend it against Nick Bockwinkle, a few months ago, at Rage In The Cage! President Stan Blackburn stripped Hansen of the title, and ordered this 10 man-tournament that’s going to begin, right here, at Night Of The Champions!

Neslon: “ And how about the biggest tournament match of them all – just one!! That’s right, just one of the many tournament matches we have tonight –The ‘Living Legend’ Larry Zbysco will take on the legendary Nick Bockwinkle in a lumberjack match!

Marshall: “ Well, there’s no love loss between these two, Larry, and the only way to keep these two in the ring, is to surround’em with some lumberjacks!

Neslon: “ That’s right. If Larry or Bockwinkle were to be thrown, or try to escape to the outside, they would be thrown right back in by the Lumberjacks!

Marshall: “ That’s going to be a great one! What a night!

Neslon: “ There are wrestlers from all over the country here tonight, and, Lee…I’ll let you get to doing the play by play, with Ray ‘The Crippler’ Stevens, as we get set for our first contest! Let’s take it up to Gary Michael Cappetta!

1. “Modern Day Warrior” Kerry Von Erich d. Wayne Bloom in 9:48 of a Round 1 AWA Title Tournament Match

Gary Cappetta ran through the usual announcements of, associated promoters, athletic organizations, referees, and medical staff before introducing the wrestlers. Erich got a really nice pop, as they’ve been hyping his entry into the AWA Title Tournament for quite some time, now. Marshall & Stevens mentioned, several times, that Von Erich recently lost the WCCW title to Rick Rude. Looks to be an indication that Erich might be doing more AWA shows. Of course, this leads many wrestling pundits to speculate as to whether Gagne brought Erich in to win the title. Erich dominated the first half of the match, with Bloom putting him over in power spot after power spot. Bloom finally got some offense at 4:55 when he caught Erich with a knee to the face, countering an overhead toss. Bloom followed up with a few snap mares, finishing up with a long chinlock submission spot. Marshall got over the idea well, that Bloom needed to keep that chin-lock on, as it may have been the only way to keep the ‘powerful’ Erich down. With the help of the fans, Erich began to power up, giving Bloom an irish whip into the rope, culminating with a flying clothesline. Erich gave Bloom a discus (spinning) punch for a near fall. After a turnbuckle 10-spot, Erich nailed Bloom with another discus punch for the victory. Erich had got a nice reaction. The announcers mentioned that Erich would be facing the winner of the Main Event in round 2. **3/4

Overall: 64

Crowd: 60

Match: 68

Lee Marshall caught Von Erich at ringside for a quick interview. Marshall noted Von Erich’s popularity with the Texas fans, and asked him if he thought that he could make it through the competition for the AWA belt.

Von Erich: “ I know I can take on the competition, Lee Marshall. I already beat the best! I beat the best already, right here in Texas – [*crowd cheers*] and now that’s why I’m here in the AWA Heavyweight Tournament! Because I need more competition! Wha..whaddoyado when tired’o something? You try to make it harder! Tougher! I’m ready, AWA! I don’t care who it is – Curt Hennig, Larry Zybsco – it don’t matter! You are all gonna fall to the Modern Day Warrior Kerry Von Erich!!

Marshall sent it back to Nelson, who was backstage with Ted Dibiase’s round 1 opponent, The AWA’s “Nasty” Brian Knobbs.

Neslon: “ I’m here with “Nasty” Brian Knobbs, and Knobbs, in just a few moments, you will meet up with a really talented wrestler – Ted Dibiase!

Knobbs: “ Who!? Who!? I ain’t heard of no Ted Deeb-a-saw, and I--

Neslon: “ That’s Dibiase.

Knobbs: “ Dee-ba-see, whateva!! It don’t matta! Cos’ what this Dee-ba-saw guy is gonna find out, is that I can get really nasty! And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do, all the way to the AWA title, baby! Bring it on, Dee-ba-saw!!” 77%

2. Ted Dibiase d. “Nasty” Brian Knobbs in 12:06 of a round 1 AWA Title Tournament match

Dibiase wrestled as a babyface, which was a change from his UWF role. Knobbs took several breaks in the match to insult fans, which dragged the match on a bit, but this helped get the crowd to support Dibiase.. Crowd got into the match, a bit more than the opener, mostly due to the constant slugging between these two. At 7:24, Dibiase went for an elbow drop of the second rope, but Knobbs moved out of the way. Knobbs began to put the boots to Dibiase, before tossing him through the ropes, outside the ring. Announcers pushed how ‘mean’, and ‘nasty’, Knobbs was, after he body slammed Dibiase on the outside, twice. Knobbs tried to face mash Dibiase’s head into the apron, but Dibiase blocked it, elbowed Knobbs, and gave him a face smash. Crowd started to get behind Dibiase, as he began wailing Knobbs with some right hands, knocking him all over the outside. Knobbs sold the punches huge, staggering wildly all over ringside. Dibiase gave Knobbs a running clothesline before rolling back into the ring. However, as soon as he landed in the ring, referee Mike Enos, called for the bell. Marshall & Nelson appeared confused on commentary, so Marshall decided to head to the ring to see what was going on. Finally, it was announced that both men were counted out, resulting in a double elimination. A few moments later, Marshall approached a groggy Brian Knobbs, as he was finally coming to his senses. Knobbs insisted that he had the match won, despite him being pummeled in the latter stages of the match. When Nelson mentioned that, Knobbs got angry, and promised to find “that punk, Dee-ba-saw! I’m gonna pound him until he goes back to wheva he came from!”. **

Overall: 69

Crowd: 70

Match: 68

Larry Nelson was backstage with the young ‘rocker’ tag team, Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels – The Midnight Rockers. Nelson brought up the ongoing storyline of the Midnight Rockers being scouted by Sherri Martel.

Michaels: “ Well, Larry, we made it very clear that we want, nothing to do with that woman! She’s a, bad, bad woman. And besides, she can’t party with us! She can’t rock, wit the Midnight Rockers! [*laughs*] Ain’t that right, Marty!?

Jannetty: “ Sherri! You’ve been hanging around all of our matches! Coming to our neighborhood, following us outside, sending us mail – well it’s gotta stop! We want nothing to do with you – we’re fine on our own!

Michaels: “ That’s right…and tonight, we’re going to take care of Randy Rhodes and Eric Embry on our own!

Jannetty & Michaels : “ YEAH!

3. The Mightnight Rockers d. Randy Rose & ‘Leaping Lanny Poffo in 14:11

I wonder if anyone caught Michaels calling Randy Rose, ‘Randy Rhodes’. Rose came out with partner, ‘Leaping’ Lanny Poffo, who replaced Embry, who was injured. Embry apparently missed his ride to the Arena. Poffo began the match full of energy opening the match with some rapid take downs and reversals with Michaels. After a few lockups, Poffo & Michaels traded getting each other with well timed dropkicks. Each time Poffo got an offense move on he did jumping jacks, getting some booes from the fans. Poffo tagged out to Rose, who ‘dared’ Jannetty to get in there. As Michaels turned around to make the tag, Rose quickly hit Michaels from behind, before he made it to Janetty. Rose nailed Michaels with a couple of suplexes, for near falls before tagging back out to Poffo. After a few arm twisters, Michaels was able to get Poffo with a springboard foot toss, after laying on his back from a leap-frog. He than tagged out to Jannetty, who unleashed a dropkick fury on Rose & Poffo. Michaels soon joined in, soon nailing both Poffo & Rose with double dropkicks. Poffo & Rose regrouped outside of the ring for a while. Marshall &Stevens put over Poffo’s family wrestling line, mentioning WWF wrestler Randy ‘Poffo’ Savage & Angelo Poffo. Final moments of the match came at 12:22; After Poffo nailed Jannetty with a flying bodypress, he pulled his arrogantly pulled his head up after a two count. Marshall pushed the idea that Poffo had Jannetty beat. Poffo jawed to the crowd a bit, and kept pointing to his head, getting over how smart he is. He then went onto the top turnbuckle for another flying body press – except this time he missed. Jannetty quickly tagged out to Michaels, and they nailed Poffo with a double dropkick for the victory. **3/4

Overall: 74

Crowd: 69

Match: 80

- Big Bam & Big Van – The Bigelows w/ ‘The Guiding Light’ Lou Albano

During Marshall’s post match interview with The Midnight Rockers, Sherri Martell came out, upset. She started yelling about how she was hurt by the Midnight Rockers ‘rejecting’ here. God, her voice was annoying. Out of nowhere, the Midnight Express were attacked from behind, by two huge men. One of which was Bam Bam Bigelow, and the other Leon White, wearing Bigelow’s attire. Closely following behind was, to add to the surprise, Lou Albano. Crowd went nuts booing as the two big men threw both Rockers into the ringposts, head first. Sherri was laughing, (and screaming at the Rockers) along with Albano, as several jobbers poured out from the back to save the Rockers.

Marshall: “ Sherri Martel!?! Lou Albano!?!? What is—These men! What they just did to the Midnight Rockers…

Albano: “ What they just did to the Midnight Rockers?! Oh no! Oh no, baby! Let’s talk about what the Rockers did to this beautiful princess right here, baby! They don’t know how to treat a lady!! But I do! We do, baby! That’s right baby! I’m talkin’ about these two big men who will stand by you Sherri, and will give you the respect you deserve! [*Sherri grins & laughs*] They’ll protect you from no-good scoundrels like those Midnight Rockers, baby! These are The Big Bad Bigelow’s, Marshall! You’ve got the The bull, Big Bam Bigelow!! Then you’ve got the other big bull, Big Van Bigelow! And these are, without a doubt gonna be the toughest men in the tag teams, here in the AWA, Marshall! Haha, that’s right, baby! Yea, baby!! And just like we show’d them Rockers, we’re ready to show the whole AWA! And Marshall, you know me! I’m the ‘guiding light’ of Pro-Wrestling, baby! I’ve managed all of the great tag teams, in this sport, and this one is the greatest yet, baby!

Marshall: “ Seems like a couple of Bullies to me!

Martel: “ Shutup Lee! Rockers! You dare insult me! Well, now, my BIG BULLS are here, and just showed you what happens when I don’t get what I want! We’re gonna go to the top of the AWA tag team division, and we’re gonna have fun going through you!!! Yaaaah!

Albano was pumped as ever, but lost the crowd, with his usual rambling. For some reason Sherri’s voice was more annoying than usual, but The Bulls, or the Bigelows, or whatever they decide to call them, got over well. 63%

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

Lou Albano & The Big Bulls; Big Bam & Van Bigelow

4. Greg Gagne d. Bad News Allen in 9:58 by DQ

Before the match, Nelson was standing by with Greg Gagne, and asked him if he was ready for the Canadian brawler, Bad News Allen. “ Yea, well I heard that this Bad News Allen doesn’t like to play by the rules…well lemme tell you something, you ain’t gonna pull nothing on me! ‘Cos I got one thing on my mind…and that’s the AWA World Title! The AWA World Title that has past through so many great hands! My father, the 10 time Champion, Frtiz Von Erich, Dick The Bruiser, Nick Bockwinkle, the list goes on and on. And I’m gonna continue the tradition, beginning right here, in Dallas Texas!

Match started off slow with a few lockups. The stalling ended after Allen gave Gagne a chest chop after backing him into the turnbuckle. Referee Nick Patrick was animated in yelling at Allen for breaking the rules. Allen kept it up with the rulebreaking by constantly raking the eyes, choking, and numerous rope chokes. Allen refused to break some 5-counts a few times, each time yelling at referee George Eakin. Midway through the match, Allen came off the ropes and missed a running elbow drop, leading to comeback from Gagne. Gagne showed signs of blading, as his head was cut open. The announcers sold it as though he got it from a knee-drop by Allen. At 8:12, Gagne caught Allen off the ropes with the sleeper. Allen sold it until the ref counted his hand down twice – He then backed Gagne, hard, into the turnbuckle. After a couple of near falls, Allen got frustrated, and tossed Gagne over the top rope, to the outside. The referee instantly disqualified Allen. After the match, Gagne said that you had to wrestle by the rules, to get far in the sport, and promised that the world title would be around his waist. He ended the interview, considerably out of breath, saying, “One down! Many more to go!” *3/4

Overall: 65

Crowd: 68

Match: 61

Greg Gagne gained 1 point of overness from this match.

5. Curt Hennig d. Sgt. Slaughter in 13:06 of a round 1 AWA Title Tournament match

Hennig, was accompanied by his tag team partner, Scott Hall, which gave him the unfair advantage for most of the match. Hennig wrestled dirty, for the entire match. Hall would distract the referee, allowing Hennig to use brass knux several times during the match. Referee Al DaRusha began to catch on, at one point, and they did a spot where DaRusha patted down Hennig. But, unbeknownst to DaRusha, Hennig had tossed his brass knux to Hall, lurking on the outside. Slaughter sold the knux by blading hardway. At 7:39 Slaughter caught a crouching Hennig (for an overhead toss) with a surprise bulldog, popping the fans at a near fall. Slaughter nailed Hennig with a legdrop of the ropes, for another near fall. Crowd started to really get behind Slaughter, as he connected with a big boot, that sent Hennig through the ropes and to the outside. The camera caught Hall shoving the brass knux back into the hand of Hennig, was was disoriented. Slaughter quickly chased Hennig to the outside, giving he and Hall a double running clothesline. Slaughter gave a salute before tossing Hennig back in the ring. Slaughter gave the ‘finisher’ sign, and slowly crept behind Hennig who was beginning to get up. However, just as Slaughter went to apply his finisher, the Cobra Clutch, Hennig shot a quick right hand to Slaughter’s head, quickly concealing the knux. He quickly covered him, while shoving them to the outside to Hall, as the ref made the count. Slaughter was bleeding heavily at this point, and didn’t get up from the 3 count.

Lee Marshall interviewed Hennig & Hall, as Slaughter was being helped out of the ring. Marshall attributed Hennig’s win to Hall’s interference, and the use of an illegal weapon.

Hennig: “ I don’t know what you’re talking about, or what television set you’re watching, Marshall! But I won that match, fair and square! 1! 2! 3! I beat the [*mockingly*] ‘All American’, just like I’m gonna beat Greg Gagne, Kerry Von Erich, Nick Bockwinkle – whoever else stands in my way! You saw what we—I mean, I did to Slaughter! Hahaha!! Not only am I gonna hold the AWA World Tag Team Title with my partner, Scott Hall – But I’m also gonna prove that I am the best single wrestler, as well! Ha! Ha! ” Hennig will meet Gagne in round 2 of the tournament. **1/4

Overall: 70

Crowd: 73

Match: 65

They went to the back, where Larry Nelson was standing by with former AWA Heavyweight Champion, Nick Bockwinkle. He mentioned how it must’ve been disappointed for Hansen not to show up, when he was to defend it against Bockwinkle. He then asked if Bockwinkle saw Larry Zbysco as a huge challenge, for a round 1 matchup. Bockwinkle said that he knew that Zbysco would be trying to hurt him, than just try to win the match. He saw this as an advantage, motivating him to wrestle harder and tougher than he’s ever wrestled before. They ended the interview awkwardly, as Nelson had to cut Bockwinkle off in mid sentence to go back to ringside.

Lee Marshall interviewed Verne Gagne on the house mic, as the lumberjacks made their way to the ring. Naturally, Lumberjacks John Nord & Ken Norton were in the front of the line. Gagne thanked a host of promoters & officials for making the two day event w possible. He hyped this as the ‘most important card’ in wrestling history.

They went back to Nelson who was with Larry Zbysco. Zbysco said that he wanted to end Bockwinkle’s career once and for all, and that the wrestling world was tired of seeing Bockwinkle’s “old tail pollute the ring.” Zbysco added that, he would be the first AWA Champion that the AWA can be proud to have as their champ.

6. Larry Zbysco d. Nick Bockwinkle 15:06 of a round 1 AWA Title Tournament Lumberjack Match

The two jawed back and forth a few times, after locking up for the first few minutes of the match. Big early pop for Bockwinkle came at 3:20, when he reversed an irish whip, and caught Zbysco with an towering overhead toss. Zbysco retreated to the outside to devise a new game plan, but was quickly grabbed and shoved back in the ring. Bowinkle laid in the punches on Zbysco, before landing an atomic drop to Zbysco. Zbysco sold it huge, running into a body slam, for a near fall. During the slow parts of the match, Marshall & Stevens kept repeating about what an amazing night it’s been, and how loud the fans have been. Bockwinkle had Zbysco in a lengthily headlock, until Zbysco was able to power him into a back drop, for a near fall. Zbysco continued on with giving Bockwinkle with constant knee-drops, and falling punches. The two traded some armbar spots. Some faint ‘boring’ chants made it on TV, until they began throwing each other to the lumberjacks. At 8:44, Zbysco started to work on the legs, via a Figured Four. Each time Bockwinkle got to close to the ropes, to force Bockwinkle to release the hold, Zbysco would yank Bockwinkle away, putting more pressure on the legs. Some fans started to get behind Bockwinkle, as he slapped onto the matt, trying to get a chant from the fans. He slowly reversed the hold, holding Zbysco in an inverted Figured Four. Zbysco was selling it big time, screaming in pain at the top of his lungs. Zbysco was soon able to get to he ropes. He tried to continue to the outside to get a rest, but the lumberjacks threw him right back into the waiting hands of Bockwinkle. After a couple of bodyslams, Bockwinkle gave Zbysco a hip toss, followed by a side suplex. After a near fall, he threw Zbysco outside of the ring, only to be thrown back in thing, again. Bockwinkle got up, and began to lay the boots to Zbysco, who was soon begging in the corner for mercy. Of course, it was all a trick, and Zbysco used Bockwinkle’s tights to yank him head first into the turnbuckle. Bockwinkle looked alright, but he blew up after the figured four spot. Zbysco eventually threw Bockwinkle to the outside a few times, so that he could be thrown right back. At 12:11 Bockwinkle and Zbysco traded hammerlocks, teasing submission, until Zbysco got thrown into the ropes. Bockwinkle went to for a clothesline – But not only did Zbysco duck, he schoolboyed Bockwinkle for the victory. **1/4

Overall: 68

Crowd: 69

Match: 66

Zbysco celebrated by leaping almost uncontrollably in the ring, as he was showered with booes. After his name was announced, Zbysco was still celebrating, until he turned around into a giant roundhouse punch by Bockwinkle. Crowd popped as Bockwinkle chased Zbysco to the back.

Commentary Aftermath:

Neslon: “ Wow! Whew! What a night! And we’ve only just begun, Lee!

Marshall: “ That’s right. What a night we had tonight…the first round of the AWA Title Tournament – The quarter, semi, and final matches will be decided this Thursday, live from Illinois State University…it’s the Night Of Champions, Day 2!!!

Neslon: “ That’s right, and they’ll be another title on the line, as Curt Hennig & Scott Hall defend the titles against Masked Superstar #1 & Masked Superstar #2!

Marshall: “ I cannot wait, to see who wins that match! I can’t wait to who wins the tournament!

Neslon: “ Verne Gagne is there anything else that you’d like to say?

Gagne: “ Well, I just wanted to thank all the promoters, once again, for making this event possible, and I’m looking forward to this Thursday!

Neslon: “ Until Thursday, for Lee Marshall, Verne Gagne, I’m Larry Nelson. So long everybody!!

Thumbs up 66%

Thumbs down 8%

Thumbs in the middle 26%

Best Match

Larry Zbysco vs. Nick Bockwinkle 49 %

Midnight Rockers vs. Lanny Poffo & Randy Rose 37%

Curt Hennig vs. Sgt. Slaughter 14%

Worst Match

Greg Gagne vs. Bad News Allen 77%

Larry Zbysco vs. Nick Bockwinkle 18%

Kerry Von Eric vs. Wayne Bloom 5%

user posted image

Next Card:

Night Of Champions #2

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Nice. Looks like history has ALREADY been modified with one show. If this stays for as long as 1992 did, we could very well be seeing six years worth of modifications. The Big Bad Bigelows will work well methinks, and the two of them are a tag team I've used in many scenarios. Even the names rock.

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Good first show. Like the bigalows team, should be very interesting how that goes into effect along the road. Liked Dibiase as a face. Never thought of him like that, but hey, its your diary...Also, thought the whole concept of the 2 Nights of Champions was pretty interesting. Hope it works out the way I think its going to...... Dibiase all the way!!!!!

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Or ya know....you could do it your way.  Though one thing you MUST do is push steven regal....or i'll be sending the hamster mafia after you.

If I am not mistaken, it's a totally different guy than the current William Regal.

Edited by Javert
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DAY 2!

To Crown A New A.W.A. Champion


user posted imageuser posted image


Chicago Street Fight

user posted imageuser posted image



AWA Tournament Semi-Finals!





Plus! A Mixed Six Person Tag Match!







Live, from

Illonois State University, in Chicago, Illinois

Bell Time - 8pm

On Pay Per View!

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