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Anyone else catch the video for the newest Cradle of Filth single, Nymphetamine?

Personally, I think it's their best video...err...it's their best video that's allowed on TV, anyways.

I first heard the song on the Resident Evil 2 Soundtrack, and I'm thinking about picking up the new album, also titled Nymphetamine.

Anyways...the point of this was to ask what the rest of you (those of you who've seen/heard it) think about the new single. I'm interested, because every time they release a CD, the sound changes, and it worries me...but they've yet to disappoint me.

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I personally love the album, its really fast paced and aggressive, but, i wouldnt get it if you were expecting all the songs to be like nymphetamine, as that is teh only track thats remotely melodic. The rest of the album is solid, with my personal favourite being gilded cunt, but yeah, i like it, and think its a pretty kick ass cd.

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Yeah...usually when they release a single, it really isn't symbolic of the album as a whole.

I don't mind that the rest of the album won't be as melodic as the song Nymphetamine is...but I really hope that they don't regress their sound back to the thrash metal that Filth was in the early days.

Don't get me wrong, I loved that, but their more recent stuff has absolutely blown that out of the water, and a regression of sound would not be good for the band.

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