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Anyone still playing SD - HCTP?


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I'm trying to find the following CAWs. I posted over at Neoseeker, but never got a decent reply.

AJ Styles (`The X-Styles' t-shirt outfit)

Akira Hokuto

Alexis Laree

Curry Man


Hayabusa as `H' (I've seen plenty of CAWs for Hayabusa and Darkside of Hayabusa, but none for H)

Kensuke Sasake

Lollipop (NWA-TNA dancer)

Major Gunns

Masato Tanaka

Psicosis (his unmasked, short-haired look)

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Thanks for the links, Doc. :)

(I already knew about Smackology. Downloaded some CAWs from there earlier today, in fact)

I've been mainly using Just Bring It World, Hacking Hideout, and Neoseeker for getting CAWs. (Neoseeker has the same FAQs posted as Gamefaqs, and the people on the message board aren't jerks)

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