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Bst. Deal. Evar.


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So there is this movie/music store near me and they always have MEGA deals. Now they are closing so they have promised to have the greatest deal over.

Buy 2 DVD's, get a free CD


Buy 2 CD's, get a free DVD.

I also had a $20 gift certificate from a friend.

PLUS when you bought two certain DVDs together, you got a deal.

Plus you get to pick a ball out of a box and if you get a red ball, you get 10% off.

So I first bought:

The Butterfly Effect DVD

Paycheck DVD

Everlast- White Trash Beautiful CD

TOTAL: $49.36

Then I got:

Kill Bill Vol. 1

Kill Bill Vol. 2

Good Charlotte- The Chronicles of Life and Death

Total: $39.39

BECAUSE when you bought both Kill Bill DVDs, instead of 24 dollars, they were $19.

TOTAL: $88.75

Minus $20 gift certifcate.

PLUS I pulled a red ball out of a box which gave me another 10% off.

FINAL: $61.97 for 4 DVDs and 2 CDs. Amazon.ca has both Kill Bill's for this price.

I'm happy. :D

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I found a cool deal like that in HMV here. I ended up getting Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Platoon, Caddyshack, Dogma and Donnie Darko for 45 euros. That was pretty sweet.

If only I had known about the HMV offers before I blew nearly 200 in Virgin on DVD's. Damn me and my reckless abandon.

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