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Channel 4's Music Hall Of Fame

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Anyone else in the UK see this?

Idea is every week the case is put forward for 10 groups from the 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s and we phone in to decide which one of those ten from each decade joins The Beatles, Elvis, Bob Marley, U2 and Madonna (I think) in the hall of fame.

This week, the 90s...and the ten nominees are:



Robbie Williams


Dr Dre

Spice Girls

The Prodigy


Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Missy Elliot (?!?!)

I think the list is shocking and some they mentioned that aren't in the top ten (Chemical Brothers, Pulp, The Pixies etc) are far more influential in the 90s...

And it's the UK hall of fame and Missy wasn't even around performing in the UK in the 90s! Most of her clips were from 2000s!!!


Anyway for me the most important out of those are:

Radiohead: Intelligent music. Went against the trend, always reinventing. The thinking man's music.

Blur: Created Britpop, Cool Britannia, played it out then went off and cracked the US with Song 2...Before evolving again...An amazing group.

Prodigy: Took illegal rave music into the charts. Genuinely scared old people and children alike and got to number one with Firestarter....THe charts have never been the same since.

How bout you guys?

Apart from that, for me, the list is disappointing...

Yeah yeah you gotta have Spice Girls and Oasis from the UK and I'm sure Nirvana belong there...

But for me the 90s can be summed up in three musical types:

Rave dance (Prodigy, Chems, Underworld)

Britpop (Blur, Pulp, Suede, Oasis)

Girl Groups (All Saints, Spice Girls, Eternal)

I am right of course.

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Oasis: Of the 90's, great. Now...meh.

Nirvana: Never saw the appeal.

Robbie Williams: Can be good sometimes

Blur: Alright.

Dr Dre: I don't do rap.

Spice Girls: Great...if you were an 8 year old girl in 1996.

The Prodigy: Meh

Radiohead: Boring.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Tolerable...Under The Bridge is a great song...the only song I know is Californication...it's lyrically good.

Missy Elliot (?!?!): Fat and again...I don't do rap.

I'll probably more enjoy the next one more than I did that one. But I know I will always dissagree with some of the people they put up....but such is music.

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I'd assume at least some of them will be Jookie, but Queen will probably be under the 70's. Band of the 90's: The Super Furry Animals, on so many levels if you try to analyse it. Boundary pushing, consistently excellent, visually superb and a decent sense of humour to boot.

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Hate them all you want but Spice Girls were huge in the 90's so I cant even argue with them being on the list, although hopefully they don't actually get into the hall of fame. I love Oasis so cant argue there either, not sure about hall of fame material. Then again it's channel four so it's expected to turn out to be shite like most of there other lists. At least they have Madonna in the hall of fame, someday they might actually add Michael Jackon to it.

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Oasis - I think they'll win. Definately Maybe is still one of my favourite albums. The new stuff isn't up to much, but they really changed things around and Liam Gallagher is comedy genius,

Nirvana - Meh. UK Hall of Fame. I liked In Utero though.

Robbie Williams - Oh get to fuck.

Blur - A potential winner, and one of my favourite bands.

Dr Dre - Average rapper, great producer. Not a winner.

Spice Girls - Fuck off. Fuck off. Fuck off. They'll probably win.

The Prodigy - My favourite band of all time, behind Nine Inch Nails. Don't think they'll win and the new album blew hard - but still...

Radiohead - Deserve to win, the most sucessful British band in America etc. I liked Kid A and OK Computer and they are really good live.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - I can see it. I like Mother's Milk, the Abbey Road EP, One Hot Minute and Bloodsugarsexmagic - not too keen on the new stuff. Hillel Slovak was way too important to be considered as an afterthought by the show.

Missy Elliot - Fuck off you fat bitch. Taking up space for a good artist - say a Chemical Brothers.

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