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After what was considered another failed stint on the WWE writing team, Paul Heyman was relocated in the company and was now sitting at home basically just collecting a paycheck. Heyman, who was now horribly frustrated, called up Vince McMahon to discuss possibly leaving the company. Much to his surprise, McMahon agreed that it was the best thing possible and allowed Heyman out of his contract early.

The following week Paul Heyman called up a few friends of his and told them of his plans to form a new promotion. The only problem was that he is an idea man and not a great business man. So, one of his friends (name withheld) gave him the contact information of Chris Albrecht, the head of HBO. Heyman contacted Mr. Albrecht and talked with him about the possibility of starting a new wrestling promotion and airing the shows on his network. After numerous months of negotiating, Heyman and the HBO network came to an agreement. The new promotion would air on the network but only if they receive a majority interest in the company.

Heyman, knowing that this was a great opportunity, jumped at the idea and thus Pro Wrestling on the Edge was formed. The first event would be non-televised and would be held live in Philadelphia, PA.

Pro Wrestling on the Edge presents “The Lethal Conception”.

January 29th, 2005

Philadelphia, PA

Before the opening contest, Pro Wrestling on the Edge Executive Producer Paul Heyman came out to greet the fans. Heyman stepped up into the ring and had this to say:

Paul Heyman: “Welcome to Paul Heyman’s Pro Wrestling on the Edge! (Crowd Cheers) Tonight you are going to see the best that professional wrestling has to offer. There’s a new era dawning and it begins tonight! (Crowd begins PWE chant) Also, starting on Tuesday, February 15th, 2005 - Pro Wrestling on the Edge will be seen live each and every week on the HBO network for an hour and a half of nonstop, brutal action! (Crowd chants PWE again) Thank you fans for making this dream a reality and enjoy the show.”

Chris Chetti vs. Jason Cross

In the opening contest of the night and the first ever match in Pro Wrestling on the Edge history, Chris Chetti pinned Jason Cross when he hit his finisher “The Amityville Horror” for the win.

Chris Candido vs. Danny Daniels

Chris Candido has gotten himself into great condition and has went on record as saying that he will do whatever it takes to once again regain the popularity he once had. Chris Candido scored the pinfall against Danny Daniels after nailing a huge flying headbutt off the top rope.

Christopher Daniels made his way out to the ring and he was closely followed by Mikey Whipwreck and Julio. Daniels poses for the crowd and then steps in the ring and asks for a microphone.

Christopher Daniels: “It’s time for a revolution in the sport of professional wrestling. It’s time for a prophecy to be told. It’s time for a man like myself to take control and skyrocket a promotion straight to the top. (Crowd Boos) That is why I have secured the services of both Mikey Whipwreck and Julio to watch my back while I fulfill a prophecy. I, the Fallen Angel will lead the PWE to unparalleled heights and I will start by claiming the biggest prize in this company - the World Heavyweight Championship.

Just then, The King of Old School Steve Corino’s music hit over the loudspeakers and out he walked with a microphone in hand. He stopped in the aisle and said:

Steve Corino: “Christopher Daniels, I’ll hand it to you, you’re a great athlete. (Crowd Boos) But do you really think that you’re world champion material? I am the King of Old School, I am a former NWA and ECW World Champion. If anyone deserves the belt, it’s me! (Crowd Cheers)”

Paul Heyman then made his way out to the ring from the announcer’s table. He said:

Paul Heyman: “Okay, I’m tired of listening to you two all ready. The PWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament hasn’t even been fully set up yet and it’s not going to be tonight. But, let me assure you both that you’re in. But, since you two have pissed me off, you can fight each other tonight in the main event! (Crowd Cheers)”

Christopher Daniels started throwing a fit in the ring yelling that he didn’t want to fight tonight while Corino just smiled and shook his head.

Jerry Lynn vs. Michael Von Payton

Jerry Lynn made his entrance to a nice pop from the crowd. As he stood in the ring, a familiar theme music hit. It was “Walk” by Pantera. The crowd cheered loudly but out from the back walked a guy in an airbrushed singlet with his hair tied back but it wasn’t who the crowd was hoping for. It was a man that goes by the name of Michael Von Payton. Once the crowd saw him, they started booing heavily and chanting “bullshit”. Payton stopped in the aisle way and motioned to himself with his thumbs and said “M.. V.. P” to an even larger jeer from the crowd. The match began and Lynn was in control for almost the entire match sans a few spinning heel kicks from MVP. Lynn scored the pinfall with the cradle piledriver.

After the match, Lynn grabbed a microphone from the ring announcer.

Jerry Lynn: “Hey kid, you remind me of someone else. (Crowd Laughs) Hey, don’t laugh, this kid gave me a better fight then that has-been Rob Van Dam ever did! (Crowd Boos)”

Jerry Lynn dropped the microphone and gave an “up yours” motion to the crowd while they chanted “Fuck You Jerry”. Lynn has an attitude problem!

Roadkill & Danny Doring vs. Canadian Connection (Johnny Devine & Bobby Roode)

Former ECW World Tag Team Champions Doring and Roadkill came out to a huge pop from the crowd. Their opponents tonight were former TNA wrestler Johnny Devine and Bobby Roode who are now known as the Canadian Connection. Back and forth action between these two teams but the Canadian Connection came up with the win after Roode rolled up Doring and used a handful of tights to score a cheap win. Doring was not happy and hit the referee with Wham Bam Thank Ya Maam after the match.

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Sexxxy Eddy

Two young talents faced off against each other in this match. They started off with a little chain wrestling but once Eddy got the upper hand some music hit over the loudspeakers. It was “Natural Born Killaz” by Dr. Dre & Ice Cube. Out walked New Jack! He came out with his garbage can full of weapons and threw it into the ring. It was now a three-way dance. New Jack killed both men with numerous shots to their heads with various weapons. Jacobs got thrown out of the ring and then Jack hit Eddy over the head with a guitar that shattered into a million pieces. He covered him and scored the pin.

“Perfect Strangers” hit and out walked Shane Douglas to huge jeers from the crowd. The Franchise stepped into the ring and got a microphone.

Shane Douglas: “Cut the fucking music! (Music Cuts - Crowd Boos) So, Philadelphia are you ready for the Franchise? Are you ready for the Franchise to come out here and kick ass only like a Franchise can do? (Crowd Boos) It’s been far too long since I’ve stepped foot inside a wrestling ring as an active wrestler. So tonight, before you Philly Trash (Crowd Boos), I want someone in the back to come out here and get their ass franchised!”

Just then, the lights went out in the building. When they came back on, Mick Foley was standing right in front of Shane Douglas! But this wasn’t Mick Foley, this was the return of Cactus Jack!

Shane Douglas vs. Cactus Jack

Douglas was in awe of what he was seeing. Cactus Jack has returned and started punching Douglas with a fury. Douglas rolled to the outside to regroup as the crowd popped more then they ever had and chanted “Welcome Back” to Cactus Jack. When Douglas got in the ring, he used some underhanded moves to secure the upper hand. Douglas looked to be going for a belly-to-belly suplex but it was blocked. Jack then kicked Douglas in the stomach and hit a double-arm DDT! He was too beat up to go for the pin but from out of the back came Justin Credible and Barry (Bull) Buchanan! Credible got on the apron and the referee went over to throw him off but while the ref was being distracted, Buchanan went into the ring on the other side. Barry grabbed Cactus Jack and nailed him with a chokeslam. He then laid Douglas overtop of Jack and left the ring. The referee turned around in time to make the pinfall and awarded Shane Douglas the match.

After the bell rang, Credible and Buchanan jumped into the ring and started giving Cactus Jack the beat down of a lifetime. Shane Douglas went and grabbed a microphone.

Shane Douglas: “What you’re looking at right here is the start of something great. The start of something that will lead Pro Wrestling on the Edge to superstardom. What you’re looking at is the new Triple Threat!”

Shane Douglas threw down the microphone as all three men posed in the middle of the ring. After that, they began to beat on Jack some more. Just then, the legend Terry Funk came down to the ring with a chair in hand! He got in the ring and ran off the new Triple Threat! Terry Funk has came to the aid of the fallen Cactus Jack!

After Funk helped Cactus Jack out of the ring, the ring announcer got in the ring and announced that the next match was the main event of the evening.

Steve Corino vs. Christopher Daniels

After each man made their entrance, they locked up and Corino took the upper hand. He knocked down Daniels with a clothesline and followed it up with a bodyslam. Daniels ran out of the ring and got some words of encouragement from his followers Julio and Mikey Whipwreck. Daniels got back in the ring and went to lock up again with Corino but kneed him in the gut and took over from there. Daniels worked on Corino’s neck for the entire match looking to set up for the Last Rites. Daniels went for the Angel’s Wings but Corino reversed it and took him down with a double leg takedown. Both men were down but Daniels wasn’t as hurt and got up and started laying in the kicks onto Corino’s neck. He picked up Corino and hit him with the Angel’s Wings this time but only got a two count. Daniels was getting frustrated. He went to pick up Corino again and hooked him the Last Rites. He spun but Corino got out of it by holding onto the ropes. Both men were down again. Whipwreck jumped up onto the apron to distract the referee. Julio came in and picked up Corino and tried to give him a DDT but it was blocked and Julio was sent out of the ring. Corino turned around and by this time Daniels has gotten to his feet. He kicked Corino in the gut and nailed him with the Last Rites. The referee turned around and made the pinfall.

Daniels rolled out of the ring and left with his followers. He might’ve gotten the pinfall but it was only with a little help from Whipwreck and Julio. Join us on February 15, 2005 at 8:30 PM - Live only on HBO!

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Pro Wrestling on the Edge & HBO Present...


February 15th, 2005

In the Main Event, you will see "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels along with his Prophecy taking on Jerry Lynn.

We will also hear from Cactus Jack after the brutal beating he received from Shane Douglas, Barry Buchanan & Justin Credible - The Triple Threat.

Michael Von Payton (MVP) will be in action as he faces off against the debuting Ace Steel.

Paul Heyman will announce the participants in the tournament to crown the first ever Pro Wrestling on the Edge World Heavyweight Champion!

All this and much, much more!

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Pro Wrestling on the Edge & HBO present “Edge TV #1”.

February 15, 2005

Philadelphia, PA

The opening video package is shown with Rage Against the Machine’s “Bombtrack” as the theme song. Once that was finished we go to a live shot of the crowd. The video camera then went to the ring where Jerry Lynn was standing with a microphone in hand.

Jerry Lynn: “Ya know I’m sick and tired of how I’m treated in this company already. I came into this company to prove how great I am and what happens? I get put with a Rob Van Dam clone. Do you not get it? ECW is over. It’s not coming back. The RVD vs. Lynn feud is gone and it’s not coming back. RVD is a has-been and gets jobbed out every Thursday night on Smackdown! I am here for one reason and that’s to prove the greatness of Jerry Lynn and to win the World Heavyweight Title. So Heyman, you better give me a shot or things are going to get fucked up around here!”

Jerry Lynn threw down the microphone and exited the ringside area. We go to a shot of Paul Heyman in the announcer’s booth. He starts to talk.

Paul Heyman: “Okay Jerry, you want a shot at the gold huh? Well, I’m just the man to give it to you. But it won’t be easy as I have here in my hand a list of eight wrestlers that want the same thing as you. Starting tonight and ending at our first Pay Per View ‘Authority Sux’ there will be a tournament to crown the first ever PWE World Heavyweight Champion. The names on this list are: Jerry Lynn, Steve Corino, Shane Douglas, Christopher Daniels, Justin Credible, Mike Awesome, Terry Funk and Cactus Jack! Tonight, Jerry Lynn you will start the tournament off by facing Christopher Daniels in the main event, good luck!”

Michael Von Payton (MVP) vs. Ace Steel

The first match of the night began as MVP took on the debuting Ace Steel. Payton tried to use his arsenal of kicks and strikes to wear down Steel but he was basically just out wrestled. Steel went to hit a neck breaker on MVP but it was reversed and Payton hit one of his own. Just then, Jerry Lynn came running down to the ring with a steel chair in hand! He got in the ring and nailed MVP over the head with it. He then laid into Ace Steel as well. The referee called for the bell and a no-contest. Lynn picked up Steel and threw him out of the ring. He then laid down the steel chair on the mat and picked up MVP. He hooked him in the cradle piledriver and dropped his head right down on the chair! Jerry Lynn is a mad man.

A video is shown. It’s for Perry Saturn. He’s in a ring fighting with some random masked wrestlers and dominating. He hits one of the masked men with the Death Valley Driver and then looks at the camera. He says “Total Elimination” and then gets back to beating on the guys as the video fades.

Jimmy Jacobs is shown sitting in his dressing room with bandages on his head. He said,

Jimmy Jacobs: “I’m not hardcore. I don’t want to be hardcore. I’m not here to be bashed in the head with a chair, I’m here to wrestle. Hardcore is so 1995, wake up! It’s 2005 and Jimmy Jacobs wrestles!”

John Walters vs. Tracey Smothers

The second match of the night was between two very different style of wrestlers. Smothers is an older veteran and has more of a southern style and Walters is a hard-hitting submission style wrestler. Walters pretty much dominated the entire match aside from a few comebacks by Smothers that were quickly cut off. Walters finished off Smothers when he hit a Spinning Back Suplex for the win.

Backstage, Chris Chetti is walking around trying to get to his dressing room when from out of nowhere he gets blindsided by Barry Buchanan! Barry grabbed Chetti from behind and then rammed his forehead into the wall. He then grabbed him around the neck and nailed him with a chokeslam right on the concrete floor! Buchanan then left the scene as paramedics rushed in to check on Chetti.

A video is shown of a bar. The camera pans around showing everyone having fun and mingling. In the corner we see a man with his head down with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He lifts his head to reveal that he’s none other than The Sandman! He takes a hit off his cigarette and then a big gulp of his beer. Sandman then starts to bash the can repeatedly over his head. He now has a trickle of blood running out of his forehead. He then puts his head back down as the camera fades.

The Canadian Connection (Johnny Devine & Bobby Roode) vs. Jonny Storm & Jason Cross

Hot off an upset win (albeit by cheating) over Danny Doring & Roadkill, The Canadian Connection faced off against the make ship team of England’s Jonny Storm and Jason Cross. For being the first time that they have teamed, Cross & Storm did very well and worked like a solid team. That wasn’t enough to conquer the Canadian Connection however as they fell prey to the Mapleleaf Drop (Combination Powerbomb/Legdrop off the top rope) and were covered for the pin. The Canadians are now 2-0 in Pro Wrestling on the Edge.

We go backstage once again as Cactus Jack is standing by in front of a huge PWE banner. He begins to talk,

Cactus Jack: “You must be a sad man Franchise because it has to take a sad man to beat up a broke down old time wrestler by the name of Cactus Jack. It takes a weak man to need the help of two other men to do what one man should be able to do. But I guess I should point out that I’ve never met that one man! You see Shane, although I’m younger than you, you are still in better shape then I’ll ever be. You see Shane, I might be broke down but you still can’t get the better of me by yourself. My best friend Terry Funk was there to see that I can fight another day because three-on-one will never favor Cactus Jack. One day Shane, you and I will meet up face to face and you won’t have your help. One day Shane, your ass will be mine. One day Shane, this broke down man will leave you lying in a pool of your own blood!”

Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn

Earlier in the night, Paul Heyman announced a tournament to crown the first ever PWE World Heavyweight Champion. These two men were put against each other in the first round. Christopher Daniels and Jerry Lynn put on a great match that started out with a lot of chain wrestling. Neither man was shown up and received a huge round of applause from the crowd. Lynn took the upper hand after a blatant cheap shot right in front of the referee. The ref gave him a warning and let the match continue. Lynn worked on the neck of Daniels with various chinlocks and neckbreaker moves. He went for the cover after hitting a swinging neckbreaker but only got a two count. He started to get mad that he couldn’t put away the Fallen Angel. Lynn hooked Daniels for the Last Rites but since it’s his own move he knew how to reverse it and hit a move of his own. Both men were down. Daniels got to his feet first and started a comeback. He garnered enough strength to hit Lynn with the Angel’s Wings but it wasn’t enough. Just then from out of the back came Steve Corino who jumped up on the apron and distracted Daniels. He then jumped off the apron and motioned for Daniels to come and get him. Daniels jumped out of the ring and chased after Corino. The referee had no choice but to put in a ten count. He reached the count of eight when Daniels finally figured out what was going on and started to run back to the ring. He made it to the apron as soon as the referee hit ten but it was too late. The ref called for the bell and awarded the victory to Jerry Lynn.

After the match, Steve Corino came back out and stood in the entrance way. Daniels turned around to see Corino laughing at the Fallen Angel. He has outsmarted Daniels and screwed him out of championship gold. This was all the time that we had, join us next week for more Edge TV!

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Pro Wrestling on the Edge & HBO Present...


February 22nd, 2005

Last week on the debut edition of Edge TV on HBO, the eight men who will compete to determine a World Champion were named. One man, by the name of Christopher Daniels, was eliminated after Steve Corino lured him out of the ring and caused a countout. Jerry Lynn moved on in the tournament but Daniels is looking for revenge. This week on Edge TV, Steve Corino will face off against Justin Credible in the main event and the winner will move on in the tournament. Steve Corino better be on the lookout for the Fallen Angel and his Prophecy.

Jimmy Jacobs said that he was here to wrestle and not get involved in any hardcore matches like his debut at "The Lethal Conception". This week he will face off against the debuting "The Next" Alex Shelley in what should be fantastic wrestling match.

Shane Douglas has requested some interview time to reply to Cactus Jack's words last week. So, we will be hearing from The Franchise this week.

"Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen will be making his debut in PWE as he takes on another debuting superstar - Osamu Nishimura! Fans have been waiting for the debut of Nishimura and will get it this week on Edge TV!

All this and much more!

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Pro Wrestling on the Edge & HBO present “Edge TV #2”.

February 22, 2005

New York, NY

The show opens with Shane Douglas sitting in his dressing room. He’s all alone and begins to speak,

Shane Douglas: ”Cactus Jack, Mick Foley, whatever you want to call yourself this week. Let me tell you something, The Franchise needs no man on this earth to help him. However, the Franchise isn’t stupid. I surround myself with the Triple Threat for one reason and one reason only – backup. Don’t think for one second that I couldn’t snap you in half Jack. I am the mother fucking Franchise! Next week, I have to step in the ring with the has-been Terry Funk. He isn’t a legend, he’s just old. Don’t make the mistake of getting involved Jack or else your ass will be Franchised!”

After the shot faded out, the opening video is shown. The crowd is shown after that as they chant “PWE” and we go to the ring where the ring announcer is set to announce the first match of the evening.

Austin Aries vs. Danny Doring

They locked up and chain wrestled for a little bit as Aries got the upper hand. Aries then whipped Doring off the ropes and missed a clothesline but was hit with shoulder tackle. Doring hit the ropes and jumped over Aries. Aries tried for a hiptoss but it was blocked and he was nailed with one and then an armdrag and then a dropkick. Aries then powdered to the outside. Once Aries got back in the ring they went to lock up but a rake of the eyes stopped Doring’s momentum. Aries took over and worked on Doring’s arm for almost the entire match. He had Doring down in a Fujiwara Armbar but Doring refused to quit. He got to the ropes and Aries had to break. He continued to work on the arm until Doring tried to make a comeback. Aries whipped Doring into the corner and came charging in but Doring moved and Aries hit the turnbuckle. He came out of the corner and was met with a vicious kick to the gut and then Doring hit a DDT to have both men down. Just then, The Canadian Connection came running down to the ring. Devine got on the apron and distracted the referee while Roode got in the ring behind the ref’s back. Roode picked up Doring and nailed him with a powerbomb. Aries didn’t see a thing but when he rolled over he saw that Doring was down. He quickly got on top and the ref turned around to count the pinfall.

The Canadian Connection then got in the ring and started laying the boots into Doring. Finally, Roadkill came running down to the ring and ran both of them off. Doring struggled to get to his feet and then asked for a microphone.

Danny Doring: ”You two think you’re clever don’t you? Well, you won’t think so after we get done with you. March 20th – You two clowns versus us. How’s about it, bitch?!”

The Canadians mouthed the words “You’re On” from the entrance. It looks as if we have our first match for Authority Sux on March 20th, 2005!

A shot of Paul Heyman in the announce booth as he starts to plug Authority Sux. He gets about half-way into his sentence when Chris Chetti comes barging in. He tells Heyman that…

Chris Chetti: ”Heyman, I’m done being everyone around here’s bitch. I’m tired of shit that goes on and I’m tired of not getting a chance. So, I’m going to have to make a chance for myself. Heyman, you’re the man around here and so I’m demanding you make a match for the next pay per view. I want that big bald-headed asshole Barry Buchanan in the middle of the ring. Do it Heyman, DO IT!”

Paul Heyman looks at Chetti and smiles before saying “You got it”.

A video is shown. A silhouette of a man kickboxing is shown. It never shows the man’s face or who it is. The screen goes black and then a bloody “He’s Coming” appears on the screen.

Osamu Nishimura vs. Kevin Steen

Nishimura tries to show the so-called “Mr. Wrestling” some respect by bowing to him but this only allows Steen to sneak attack Osamu. Steen takes the upper hand and works on the back of Nishimura. He hits him with a few back breakers and sidewalk slams and tries for the pin. Osamu kicks out at two. Steen continued to work on the back and hooked Osamu in a surfboard type maneuver. He let him out and then continued to knee him in the lower back area. He picked up Nishimura and whipped him towards the ropes, Steen went for a clothesline but it was ducked. He tried to throw another one and it was ducked as well. Nishimura hit the other side of the ropes and bounced off with a flying bodypress. Nishimura now had the upper hand. He sent Steen into the ropes and hit a flying forearm. He picked up Steen and sent him across again and nailed him with a huge roaring elbow. Steen was now down! Nishimura picked him up and went for a suplex but it was blocked. Steen tried for a suplex of his own but Nishimura flipped out of it then rolled Steen up in a cradle pin and got the quick three count.

Christopher Daniels was backstage in front of a big PWE banner. He began to talk,

Christopher Daniels: ”Steve Corino, the Fallen Angel wants to know exactly who you think you are. Sure, you’re a former World Champion but what right do you have to interfere in my matches? Steve Corino, while God forgives those who ask for forgiveness, I do not. I do not forgive you for ruining my chances at immortality. You see Steve, the day you crossed Christopher Daniels – the Fallen Angel, was the day you sealed your death certificate. I’m not a man to be messed with and I now declare war on you. Be afraid Corino for this is the gospel according to the Fallen Angel.”

Alex Shelley vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Jacobs was furious after “The Lethal Conception” as he required six stitches in his forehead to close a wound given to him by New Jack. He claimed last week that he was here to wrestle and that Hardcore was “so 1995”. He got the opportunity to prove his claims as he faced off against the debuting Alex Shelley who claims he is “the Next”. They locked up and did some chain wrestling in which Shelley made Jacobs look bad. Jacobs had enough and rolled out of the ring. He got back in and locked up once again and the same result happened. Jacobs was furious. He charged at Shelley but was hit with a drop toe hold and then rolled up in a pinning predicament. Shelly only got a two count but this just angered Jacobs more. Jimmy had to use underhanded moves to get in control of the match. He continued on by cheating as much as he could. He would pull the hair and choke Shelley anytime he could without the referee seeing. Shelley tried to make a comeback but it was cut off by Jacobs who hit him with a low blow. Jacobs went for the pin but was rolled up in a small package but the referee only counted to two. Jacobs then put the boots to Shelley some more. All of a sudden New Jack’s theme hit over the loudspeakers and distracted Jimmy. He got a scared look on his face and walked away from Shelley. He stood very still at the ropes but New Jack didn’t come out. The music stopped and Jacobs turned around. By this time, Shelley had gotten to his feet. He kicked Jacobs in the stomach and hit him with a fisherman’s suplex for a quick three count.

Shelly rolled out of the ring and celebrated his victory as the referee held up his hand. Jacobs started throwing a tantrum in the middle of the ring. New Jack’s theme music hit again and this time Jacobs didn’t stay around and quickly ran out of the building through the crowd.

We go backstage as Michael Von Payton is shown lying face down in a pool of his own blood. No one was around; paramedics came rushing in to check on MVP. They loaded him onto a stretcher and rushed him out of the building. Who could’ve done this horrific attack?

A video is shown of a country setting. Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “They Call Me the Breeze” is playing in the background. A man in a cowboy hat came walking into the shot. He tips his hat to the camera as we notice its Joey Matthews. He then takes off his cowboy hat and throws it down. He says to the camera:

Joey Matthews: ”It’s no doubt that I’m nothing but a country boy. But I’ll be damned if I’m some corn bred hick. My daddy once told me son, you gotta keep with the times and not live in the past. Well PWE, Joey Matthews is the future and the future begins next week!”

Joey Matthews then kicks the cowboy hat to the side and walks away as the camera fades out.

Steve Corino vs. Justin Credible

The Main Event is between two former ECW World Heavyweight Champions. These two men are no stranger to each other. This match was also a first round match in the PWE World Championship Tournament. Before the lock up both men are talking loads of crap to each other. They go to lock up but stop and then start punching each other as hard as they could. Corino got the upper hand and knocked down Credible. Corino shot Credible into the corner and it propelled him over the top rope to the outside. Corino followed and the two men brawled on the outside. They went all over the arena and into the upper deck. Credible tried to throw Corino off but he stopped himself and nailed Credible in the gut. They finally worked their way down to the ringside area and into the ring. Once in the ring, both men stood up and were a bloody mess. They exchanged punches once again but this time both men were knocked down. The referee put in the ten count as Christopher Daniels slowly made his way out to the ring. Corino made it up at the count of eight so the count was broken. Corino picked up Credible and hooked him in the Old School Expulsion but looked over and saw Daniels standing on the outside. Daniels jumped onto the apron and that caused Corino to drop Credible and go over to the Fallen Angel. The referee tried to stop him but he grabbed a hold of Daniels’ collar. While this was happening, Julio and Whipwreck came through the crowd and got into the ring and started laying the boots into Credible. Daniels then started yelling at the referee to turn around. He turned around to see Credible beating beat down and then called for the bell disqualifying Steve Corino. Daniels then jumped down off the apron as Corino ran off both Julio and Whipwreck.

The final shot of the night shows Christopher Daniels laughing in the entrance way and mouthing the words “I told you I’d get revenge”. This was the end of the show, join us next week for more Edge TV!

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Pro Wrestling on the Edge & HBO present “Edge TV #3”.

March 1, 2005

Boston, MA

The show opens with a video package with highlights from last week. The Canadian Connection are shown helping Austin Aries defeat Danny Doring. Jimmy Jacobs is shown standing in fear when New Jack’s music hit during his match with Alex Shelley. Finally, Christopher Daniels is shown outsmarting Steve Corino and costing him his shot at the World Championship.

We go to a live shot of the crowd as Paul Heyman welcomes us to another edition of Edge TV. The first match was ready to go so we were sent to the ring.

COLT CABANA def. BOBBY ROODE in 5:31 after Danny Doring came down to the ring and distracted the referee, out from the crowd came Roadkill who hit Roode with a sidewalk slam. He then rolled out of the ring which allowed Cabana to make the pin and score the win.

A video is shown once again of just a man in shadows doing some form of karate. He kicks toward the camera and a bloody message on the screen says “Coming in 19 Days”.

Joey Matthews’ music hit and out he walked. He got in the ring and grabbed a microphone.

Joey Matthews: “The future is now. Joey Matthews is here and ready to show you inbred morons what greatness really is. You see, as I look out into this crowd, I see the most unwashed group of ugly bastards this side of the Mississippi. You people really should learn how to take a shower ‘cause it stinks in here. You see, Joey Matthews is a role model. Hell, I’m your role model. I am everything that you people strive to be. I am young, good looking and I made more money this week then you people do in a year. You don’t even deserve to be in the same arena as myself. You are wor…”

Just then he was cut off by “Enter Sandman” by Metallica and out walked the one and only Sandman! He did his usual routine of walking around the ring drinking beer and giving some to the fans and then finally stepped into the ring with his Singapore cane in one hand and his cigarette in the other. Sandman asked for a microphone from the ring announcer and began to speak.

The Sandman: “Yo Joey, why don’t you just shut your trap right now before I have to get violent. I know you come out here and think that your shit don’t stink but let me tell you this. You’re in Boston, Massachusetts… home of the World Series Champion Red Sox and you’re also right, these people don’t deserve to be in the same arena as you. They don’t deserve to be in an arena where a nobody like you is performing.”

Sandman popped open another beer and chugged in down as Joey Matthews charged at him. Sandman side stepped him and Matthews hit the corner. He came out and was nailed with a shot from the Singapore Cane. Matthews rolled out of the ring while Sandman’s music hit and the crowed cheered.

Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs is in his dressing room throwing around chairs and other various objects. He starts to talk.

Jimmy Jacobs: “New Jack, I’m tired of this. I want no part of you. But I have to prove something. I have to prove that I am a man and that I can defeat you. So, at the next pay per view, I want you one on one. There, I said it. I’m a man. I can do it!”

MIKEY WHIPWRECK def. JASON CROSS in 4:17 after hitting the Whipper Snapper in a one sided contest. After the match, Whipwreck began to lay in the boots to Cross and then carried him to the backstage area. What does he have in store for this kid?

A video is shown of Alex Shelley in very nice, expensive clothes shopping down the boulevard of Beverly Hills. He goes and gets a manicure and a haircut and then hops into a limousine. Before he shuts the door, he looks at the camera and says “It’s great to be me”.

CHRIS CHETTI def. JONNY STORM in 2:48 after making him submit to a rear naked chokehold in what was pretty much considered a squash match. Chris Chetti seems to be very focused now and has his eyes set on his match with Barry Buchanan at Authority Sux 2005.

Jerry Lynn is shown sitting in his dressing room. He begins to talk.

Jerry Lynn: “I requested this time to speak basically because Jerry Lynn is getting the shaft around here. I am not getting the TV time that I deserve. I have been in this business longer than some of these nobodies have been walking. I am still on the top of my game and I should be treated like it. Jerry Lynn is on a mission. A mission to prove that no man can defeat me one on one. And come March 20th, I will prove it when I become World Champion.”

CHRISTOPHER DANIELS def. NATE WEBB in 8:26 when he hit the Angel’s Wings. Nate Webb kept up with the Fallen Angel and almost even had the match won after a beautiful moonsault from the top rope. After the match, Steve Corino came out and stood in the entrance way and just stared at Daniels. The Fallen Angel motioned for Corino to come to the ring but instead he just calmly walked to the back.

A video was shown to hype the debut of a former ECW World Tag Team Champion. That man is none other than former Eliminator Perry Saturn!

SHANE DOUGLAS def. TERRY FUNK in 12:19 when he pulled a chain out of his tights and hit Funk over the head with it. He then rolled him up, pulled the tights and put his feet on the ropes for leverage to get the win. After the match, Justin Credible and Barry Buchanan came out and all three members of the Triple Threat put the boots to Funk. A chair is thrown into the ring by Justin Credible as Shane Douglas repeatedly bashes Funk in the back and head with it. The Triple Threat then posed overtop of Funk’s badly beaten body. Where is Cactus Jack and why hasn’t he came out to make the save for his friend and mentor?

That was all of the time we had for this week, join us next week for more Edge TV!

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Pro Wrestling on the Edge & HBO present “Edge TV #4”.

March 8, 2005

Asbury Park, NJ

The show opens up with a brief look back at the feud between Cactus Jack and Shane Douglas finishing off with last week’s beating of Terry Funk. After that, it is announce that tonight Cactus Jack will be in action against Mike Awesome as the first round of the PWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament concludes.

We then go to a live shot of the crowd and in the middle of the ring stands the Hardcore Legend himself, Terry Funk. He has a microphone in hand and is ready to speak.

Terry Funk: “There comes a time in a man’s life where he has to look back and reflect. He has to look back and see if it all was worth it. And this isn’t the first time that I have done this. As of March 5th, 2005… Terry Funk, the wrestler, is no more. It’s time to once again hang up the boots and this time it’s for good. Last week, I received one of the most brutal beatings that I have ever had to take. I can go no longer. Thank you fans, from the bottom of my heart. Thanks!”

The crowd then gave Terry Funk a standing ovation. The Hardcore Legend is no more.

We go backstage as the Canadian Connection is standing by. Johnny Devine begins to speak.

Johnny Devine: “Danny Doring, Roadkill… in 12 days you two will step into the ring with the best that Canada has to offer, myself and Bobby Roode. Week after week, you two have been thorns in our sides and it will end come the pay per view. But tonight, Roadkill, you may be bigger than I am but you will go down just like everyone else.”

AUSTIN ARIES def. MICHAEL VON PAYTON in 3:27 when Jerry Lynn came down to the ring and nailed MVP with a Cradle Piledriver behind the referee’s back. Austin Aries then took the advantage and made the pin and got the win. After the match, Jerry Lynn continued beating on MVP until the lights went off in the arena. When they came back on, Lynn was laying face down in the middle of the ring. Someone has taken out Jerry Lynn!

A video is shown of a dark room that is lit by only two candles. A figure walks into the room and sits down in front of the candles. He has his head down and looks to be praying. He slowly lifts his head to reveal none other than Vampiro!

CHRIS CHETTI def. NATE WEBB in 1:48 after making Webb tap out to his version of the Tazmission. Chris Chetti after the match picked up Webb and nailed him with a head and arm suplex. Chetti then looked into the camera and pointed to it and did the cutting motion across his throat.

Cactus Jack is shown sitting backstage in his dressing room with his head down and a towel over it. He slowly begins to speak.

Cactus Jack: “All week, the only thing I have heard is ‘Where were you when Terry Funk, your best friend, was getting beaten’. Truth is, I was backstage. I was watching. I just couldn’t bring myself to come out and help. It’s not that I wanted you to hurt Terry; it’s not that I wanted you to end his career which I guess you have successfully done. I sat back there watching and watching and watching, just getting angrier, angrier and even angrier! Shane Douglas, you have crossed the line! You don’t know what you have done. Be afraid Franchise for I will not wait until we are scheduled in a sanctioned match. I will hunt you down and get revenge. Trust me, you are not safe anywhere.”

THE GREAT MIYAMOTO def. ARIK CANNON in 7:11 after hitting a moonsault from the top rope ala his mentor The Great Muta. This match went back and forth and showcased the newer talent here in PWE. During the match, Miyamoto sprayed the poison green mist into Cannon’s eyes which allowed him to set up for the finish.

Another video is shown of Alex Shelley. This time he is shown walking into an airport and being hounded by many fans asking for autographs. He just continues to walk by saying that he has a flight to catch. He walks through a door and to the outside where a luxury jet is awaiting. He walks up the stairs to board the jet and gets half way before stopping and turning to the camera and saying once again “It’s great to be me”. He then continues up and into the jet as the camera fades out.

ROADKILL def. JOHNNY DEVINE in 8:10 after a failed run in by Bobby Roode which led to Roadkill knocking him off the apron and then ducking a clothesline by Devine and catching him with a spinning side slam. He covered Devine and got the pin. Afterwards, Doring ran out and got in the ring and both members of the Canadian Connection fled the ringside area.

A video package is shown of New Jack standing in the streets of New York. He kicks a bottle across the street and then starts to talk about hard it was for him to survive in the hood. He then says that he’s going to take the “pretty boy” and show him just why he has three justifiable homicides and why he is the most dangerous man in all of pro wrestling.

CACTUS JACK def. MIKE AWESOME in 10:48 when Shane Douglas came out and actually helped Jack get the win by throwing some kind of powder into the eyes of Awesome while both the ref and Cactus Jack weren’t looking which blinded him enough to where Cactus could grab him and hit the double arm DDT. After the match, Cactus Jack spotted Douglas standing in the entrance way laughing. Shane Douglas will now face Cactus Jack at Authority Sux!

The camera then faded out and the show was over. Join us next week for more Edge TV.

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Pro Wrestling on the Edge & HBO present “Edge TV #5”.

March 15, 2005

Philadelphia, PA

The opening video package is shown for Edge TV and then highlights from last week are shown including Terry Funk’s retirement speech, Jerry Lynn attacking MVP and then the lights went out and Jerry Lynn was down, Roadkill defeating Johnny Devine and Shane Douglas helping Cactus Jack win his match.

After the video, Shane Douglas is shown sitting in his dressing room.

Shane Douglas: “Mick Foley, I want you to take what I did last week as a favor. I helped you win your match just so you can live on. Yes, Mick, live on… to face me at Authority Sux. I’m tired of you and I want to get rid of you for good and who better to do it than myself? You are a has-been Foley; you’re not even Cactus Jack anymore. After Authority Sux, you are going to be joining your good buddy Terry Funk at the social security center trying to collect a paycheck to survive. You aren’t wanted or needed in this business anymore Mick. So prepare yourself, prepare to get your ass franchised!”

After the Shane Douglas interview we go to a shot of Paul Heyman standing in front of a huge PWE banner where he does the announcing for the show. He says that due to last week’s statement, Terry Funk is no longer a member of the PWE wrestling roster, but that doesn’t mean it’s the last we’ll see of the Hardcore Legend. Paul Heyman then introduces everyone to his new color commentary partner – Terry Funk! He welcomes him to the show and they then throw it to the ring for the first match.

DONOVAN MORGAN def. JASON CROSS in 5:21 after hitting a move he likes to call the Golden Gate Spin. Jason Cross walked slowly out to the ring to begin his match and had his head down and black circles underneath his eyes. He didn’t even look at the fans, what did Mikey Whipwreck do to him two weeks ago? After the match, Mikey Whipwreck came out and grabbed Cross and made him follow him to the back.

Paul Heyman and Terry Funk hype “Authority Sux” and announce the newest match added, it’ll be a six man tag team challenge. On one side will be the team of Alex Shelley, Austin Aries & Donovan Morgan and they will be facing the team of Osamu Nishimura, The Great Miyamoto and the debuting Jushin “Thunder” Lyger!

A video is shown to hype Alex Shelley. He is shown this time sipping champagne on a Yacht. He is surrounded by numerous bikini-clad women. He says that on March 20th when he comes back to Pro Wrestling on the Edge, he will show everyone what exactly high society really is.

JOEY MATTHEWS def. ‘SEXXXY’ EDDY PARKS in 4:19 when he used a chain that he pulled out his tights to nail Eddy over the head. After the match, Matthews continued to hammer on Parks and even bloodied him. Then from out of the back came The Sandman with a Singapore cane and ran him off. Eddy Parks had to receive medical attention after the match.

A video is shown of a cemetery. A dark figure walks across the tops of the headstones and then calmly jumps off. As some eerie music plays, he then lies down in front of a headstone that reads “Ian Hodgkison” as we now can see that it’s none other than Vampiro! The camera zooms in on his face and his eyes are closed. He lays there for a second and then opens his eyes really fast as the camera cuts off.

Paul Heyman and Terry Funk are shown once again as they hype tonight’s main event. In the main event tonight you will see a tag team match. Cactus Jack will be teaming up with Jerry Lynn to take on Shane Douglas and Justin Credible. All four men are left in the PWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament and will be facing each other at Authority Sux.

We quickly go backstage as officials are breaking up a fight between Chris Chetti and Barry Buchanan. Buchanan has a cut across his forehead and his bleeding pretty badly. These two will face off at Authority Sux but it looks as if Chetti has the upper hand going into the match.

KEVIN STEEN def. TRACEY SMOTHERS in 7:33 after hitting the package piledriver. Steen, after the match, got on the microphone and claimed to be “Mr. Wrestling” and said that he cannot be beaten by any man one-on-one.

A recap video is shown of the feud between Christopher Daniels and Steve Corino which started at our first show when Daniels kept claiming that he should be the PWE champion. Steve Corino came out and said he deserved the belt which led to Paul Heyman making a match between the two. They fought in the main event of that show and Daniels won after help from his Prophecy of Julio and Whipwreck. Then on the first episode of Edge TV, Steve Corino is shown screwing Christopher Daniels out of the tournament by making him get counted out. On the second Edge TV, Corino is shown getting screwed out of his shot at the title in the tournament when the Prophecy attacked his opponent Justin Credible which made the ref call for a DQ. Two weeks ago after Christopher Daniels defeated Nate Webb; Steve Corino came out and stood in the entrance way while Daniels motioned for him to fight him in the ring. Corino calmly walked away. These two men will face off at Authority Sux who will come out on top of their feud?

SHANE DOUGLAS & JUSTIN CREDIBLE def. JERRY LYNN & CACTUS JACK in 12:45 when Jack went to tag in Lynn. Jerry accepted the tag and then came in and turned on his partner. All three men then triple teamed on Cactus Jack and hurt him badly. Terry Funk threw his headset down and made his way towards the ring. He got about half-way and as the crowd begged him to get in the ring and stop the violence; he just turned his back and left. Shane Douglas covered Cactus Jack after hitting him with the franchiser to get the win for his team.

That was all for this week’s edition of Edge TV, join us in 5 days for Pro Wrestling on the Edge “Authority Sux” 2004 live from Dayton, OH!

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Pro Wrestling on the Edge “Authority Sux” 2005

March 20, 2005

Dayton, OH

The show begins with a live shot of the crowd as Paul Heyman and Terry Funk welcome everyone to “Authority Sux 2005” live from Dayton, OH. It then cuts to a video package highlighting the past few weeks on Edge TV and runs down the card for tonight.

COLT CABANA & ACE STEEL def. KEVIN STEEN & EDDY PARKS in 10:41 when Colt Cabana hit “Sexxxy” Eddy with Colt 45 after a miscommunication between Steen and Parks. After the match, Steen got on the microphone and started to berate Parks about the loss; he then grabbed him and hit him with a Package Piledriver before leaving the ring.

CHRIS CANDIDO def. TRACEY SMOTHERS in 8:19 after hitting a flying headbutt off the top rope. Candido and Smothers shook hands after the match but Smothers sucker punched Candido and ran away.

We cut to the parking lot as Shane Douglas and the Triple Threat pull up to the arena in a limousine. They all step out and Douglas makes an offhanded comment about how bad Ohio stinks.

Tonight’s backstage interviewer Nate Webb was standing by with his guests Donovan Morgan, Austin Aries and Alex Shelley. He starts to talk to Shelley

Nate Webb: “Tonight Alex, you have a huge match ahead of you against the Asian guys. What type of Kung-Fu do you plan on busting out to get the win?”

Alex Shelley: “Nate Webb, when you speak to me, you call me Mr. Shelley. And to answer your asinine question, I don’t need any ‘kung-fu’ to get the win tonight ‘cause you see, I’m Alex Shelley. I am everything that Ric Flair was 20 years ago. I get all the ladies, I travel first class and I’m the star of the party. Tonight, I will single handedly defeat each and every one of those foreigners. Mark my words Nate Webb, Alex Shelley will be champion by the end of 2005.”

Alex Shelley and his team then headed to the ring for their six-man tag team match.

ALEX SHELLEY, AUSTIN ARIES & DONOVAN MORGAN def. THE GREAT MIYAMOTO, JUSHIN LYGER & OSAMU NISHIMURA in 14:09 after Lyger looked to have the match won when he hit Austin Aries with a Lyger Bomb. He went for the pin but the referee was pulled out of the ring by Donovan Morgan. Behind both Lyger and the referee’s back, Shelley pulled out some brass knuckles from his trunks and hit Lyger in the back of the head. He threw the foreign object out of the ring and covered Lyger. The referee came back in the ring and made the pinfall.

A video is shown to hype Chris Chetti. It shows how aggressive he has been the past few weeks after being attacked by Barry Buchanan. After it shows some random kid getting choked out, it flashed across the screen the words “Survive if HE lets you”.

CHRIS CHETTI def. BARRY BUCHANAN in 2:14 after making him tap out to the Tazmission. Chris Chetti dominated the entire two minute match and made Buchanan look weak.

Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs is shown running around yelling “huss” and throwing random objects. His match with New Jack is up next.

NEW JACK def. JIMMY JACOBS in 7:55 after hitting numerous brutal shots to Jacobs’ forehead with a guitar causing a huge gash that needed stitches after the match. After the match, New Jack continued to lay the shots into Jacobs until PWE officials came out and forcefully removed him from the building.

Justin Credible is shown sitting in his dressing room. He begins to talk.

Justin Credible: “Jerry Lynn, you and I are no strangers. We fought for many years in ECW. Hell, we had the feud of the year in 1998 that made both of us championship material. Tonight Jerry Lynn, we both have the chance to prove that we can make it back to the top and become World Champion again. The thing is who wants it more? Do you still have what it takes Jerry Lynn? You’re 40 years old; you are almost 15 years older than I am. I am still in my prime Jerry; do you really think you can hang with me still? Tonight after I hit you with That’s Incredible, I will only be one more step away from gold. Now that’s not just the coolest, that’s not just the best, that my friends… is Justin Credible!”

JERRY LYNN def. JUSTIN CREDIBLE in 14:48 after Lynn hit the Cradle Piledriver in a match that saw back and forth action. At one point, Credible thought he had the match won when he hit That’s Incredible but Lynn somehow got his foot on the ropes. Lynn made a huge comeback late in the match and finally finished him off with a Cradle Piledriver. He will now move on to the main event to fight for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Nate Webb came running up to Jerry Lynn after he exited the ring and asked him about his win.

Jerry Lynn: “Tonight Jerry Lynn is becoming champion even if I have to go through both Cactus Jack and Shane Douglas. I don’t care who it is that I face because I just proved that even at 40 years old I still am the rightful champion!”

A video is shown of some kind of rave party. Strobe lights are flashing and everyone seems to be wearing fluorescent colors. The camera moves all around the party and stops on a corner where a man is sitting at a table with his head down and no one is around. He sits there for a minute and then looks up and opens his mouth showing that he has fangs. It’s none other than Vampiro!

Cactus Jack is backstage along with interviewer Nate Webb. Webb asked him about his match in a few short minutes and what his plan of attack was.

Cactus Jack: “Cactus Jack’s doesn’t need plans; he doesn’t need to attack a certain body party because frankly, everything is at danger. Shane Douglas, I’m not going to go out there and work an arm or a leg. I’m coming out there to destroy every fiber of being that you have. I sat back and watched you dismantle my best friend Terry Funk. I also have been on the wrong end of a fight with you and your cronies. But tonight it’s all different. Tonight I get my revenge, Tonight Shane Douglas it isn’t about titles to me. It’s about getting revenge for crimes against humanity. Bang Bang!”

SHANE DOUGLAS drew CACTUS JACK in 20:00 after Cactus Jack hit a double arm DDT and went for the cover. The referee slid down to make his count and got to 2 ½ count before the bell rang and the timekeeper announced that the time limit had expired. Both men were visibly beaten and worn out after a grueling 20 minutes of nonstop hard hitting action that saw tables and chairs being used. After the match, Cactus Jack attacked Shane Douglas again and continued their fight all the way backstage.

Nate Webb was standing by in the backstage area with Bobby Roode and Johnny Devine – The Canadian Connection. He asked them about their upcoming match against Doring and Roadkill.

Johnny Devine: “Nate Webb, tonight, the Canadian Connection has a trick up our sleeves. One way or another, we will go home tonight victorious.

As Devine and Roode left to go to the ring, Shane Douglas and Cactus Jack were shown still fighting backstage. Cactus Jack somehow found a shovel and hit the Franchise over the head with it. PWE officials finally made their way onto the scene and broke up the fight.

CANADIAN CONNECTION def. DANNY DORING & ROADKILL in 12:22 after Petey Williams made a surprise debut and came out with a steel chair. Devine whipped Doring into the ropes and he got caught in the back of the head with the chair while the referee was focused on breaking up Roadkill and Roode on the outside. The referee turned around from that fight and saw that Devine had Doring covered. He made the three count and awarded the victory to the Canadians as they all celebrated together by singing the Canadian National Anthem.

Jerry Lynn’s music hit and out he came to fight in the main event for the PWE World Heavyweight Championship but who was his opponent? He got in the ring and took a microphone and called out Paul Heyman. Heyman walked towards the ring and also had a microphone in his hand.

Jerry Lynn: “This is bullshit Paul. I know what you’re going to do. You’re going to make the main event some bullshit three way dance just like you did in ECW. I’m tired of your crap Heyman, award me the belt right now and end this pay per view in style!”

Paul Heyman: “First of all asshole, I’m the boss and you don’t tell me what to do! And you’re wrong Jerry, both Mick and Shane are eliminated from this tournament. But, I am not going to just hand over the belt. You have to earn it. So, I went to the back and got you an opponent.”

The music of Michael Von Payton hit over the loudspeakers and out walked MVP to laughter from the crowd. He got about half-way to the ring and the lights went off. When they came back on, in the middle of the ring stood none other than ROB VAN DAM himself! He spin kicked Jerry Lynn and as Lynn powdered out of the ring, RVD received a huge ovation from the crowd. Tonight’s main event is Jerry Lynn versus Rob Van Dam for the belt!

ROB VAN DAM def. JERRY LYNN in 23:37 to win the PWE World Heavyweight Championship after he nailed Lynn with not one but two Van Daminators. Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn put on another classic match that was fought all around the building. At one point in the match, RVD placed Lynn on top of a table and did a Five Star Frog Splash off of a balcony but missed. RVD also kicked out of the Cradle Piledriver which pissed off Jerry Lynn. After the match, RVD celebrated his win in the middle of the ring as Jerry Lynn slowly walked to the back and looked to be on the verge of tears.

The last scene we see is of RVD holding up the belt and doing his thumb points. That was all for Authority Sux 2005, join us on Tuesday for Edge TV on HBO!

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March 21, 2005 - Today, a mutual decision between Pro Wrestling on the Edge (PWE) Owner Paul Heyman and Home Box Office (HBO) Chairman and CEO Chris Albrecht was made to take "Edge TV" off the air immediately due to not only low ratings but also do to Mr. Heyman's wish to take his company in another direction. PWE will now be running "bi-weekly" events starting on April 9th, 2005. The door is still open for an HBO return.

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PWE “The 3-Way Dance”

April 9, 2005

Manhattan, New York

The show began with Jerry Lynn coming down to ringside. He got into the ring and grabbed a microphone. He started to talk.

Jerry Lynn: “I was screwed out of the title last month at Authority Sux. I was supposed to wrestle against the winner of Shane Douglas versus Cactus Jack and since it was a draw, I should have won by default. But no, Paul Heyman had to pull this shit and bring in RVD! I wasn’t ready! I can beat you Rob, you and I both know I can! So, tonight I want a rematch. I want to prove that I am the rightful champion and that I can beat you RVD.”

Just then, the entrance music of Alex Shelley hit over the loudspeakers and out walked the young superstar.

Alex Shelley: “Jerry, just give it up man. You’re a has-been. You’re nothing in this business anymore. Just step aside and let pure greatness have the shot. I am now officially putting my name in the hat to fight RVD tonight for the belt.”

Shelley paused as Lynn put the microphone back up to his mouth.

Jerry Lynn: “Kid, take your no-dues-paying ass back to the back and grab me a cup of coffee. Once you get passed the jock-sniffing phase then maybe you can tell me what I am in this business. Heyman, I want my rematch and I want it now!”

Paul Heyman walked out towards the ring and stopped about half-way in between both Shelley and Lynn.

Paul Heyman: “Jerry Lynn, Alex Shelley both of you need to shut the fuck up right now. I’m tired of listening to both of you whine and complain. Jerry, you deserve a rematch tonight and I’m going to give it to you. But, just because you pissed me off, I’m going to make it a three-way dance. So tonight, it’s going to be RVD versus Jerry Lynn versus… Alex Shelley for the belt.”

Paul Heyman then walked away as both men seemed to be somewhat upset and also somewhat happy at the boss’ decision.

Austin Aries vs. “Sexxxy” Eddy Parks

As Parks went to irish-whip Aries into the ropes, it was reversed and Parks was hit with a huge spinebuster. Austin Aries then quickly got to his feet and went up to the top rope. He stood there for a second before coming off with a beautiful 450 splash. He hooked Parks’ leg and the referee counted the pinfall. Austin Aries is your winner.

Petey Williams vs. Danny Doring

Doring looked to have the match won as he hooked Williams in the Bareback. But from the corner of his eye he saw Bobby Roode making his way towards the ring. He let go of Williams and went over to prevent Roode from interfering. While this was happening, Williams reached into his tights and pulled out a bag of powder. He emptied it into his hand and then went over to Doring. As Roode distracted the referee, Williams turned Doring around and threw the powder into his eyes. He then covered him and pulled the tights to get the win.

Bonus DVD Material

Justin Credible and Shane Douglas are shown in their dressing room. Shane Douglas begins to talk about Cactus Jack and also the Triple Threat.

Shane Douglas: “Foley, you cost me my shot at the World Title because you just wouldn’t give up. You son of a bitch, you should’ve just given up. How hard is it to do that? You know that you don’t have what it takes anymore. So do everyone a favor and quit the business. Quit the business before I have to take you out of it for good. Now onto other issues, Barry Buchanan is no longer a member of the Triple Threat. Hell, he even was fired from the company all together. So, we had to go out and find a new third member. But we’re not going to let the secret out of the bag tonight. The new member will be revealed on May 14th. After this man joins, we will be stronger than ever. And Foley, that means that you just have another man to watch out for.”

Shane Douglas and Justin Credible start to laugh as the camera fades out.

Donovan Morgan vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Ace Steel vs. Jonny Storm

The match was fought under eliminated rules. Jonny Storm was the first gone as he fell victim to a powerbomb delivered by Donovan Morgan. Next out was Jimmy Jacobs as he was hit with a fisherman’s buster also by Morgan to be eliminated. It was now down to Morgan and Steel. Morgan picked up Steel and hit him with a STO but it was only good enough for a two count. He then hit him with a belly-to-belly suplex and covered him. It only got him another two count. He looked to be pissed off and started yelling at the fans to shut up. He turned around to Ace and was quickly rolled up in a small package. The referee got into position and made the pinfall. Ace Steel is your winner.

Joey Matthews vs. The Sandman

Matthews had Sandman dazed after hitting him over the head with a chair while the referee was down. Matthews grabbed the Singapore cane from the corner and waited for Sandman to get to his feet. He then hit him with not one, not two but three shots to the head. The Sandman was now down. The referee started to recover and Matthews went over to Sandman and pinned him with his feet on the ropes. The referee then made a slow three count and awarded the match to Joey Matthews.

Jushin Lyger vs. John Walters

After a brilliant match, Lyger grabbed Walters and hit him with a suplex. He went to the top and tried to hit a shooting star press but Walters moved out of the way. Both men were down and as they began to get up they exchanged forearms back and forth. Lyger got the upper hand and kicked Walters in the gut. He then picked him up and delivered the Lyger Bomb! Lyger covered Walters and the referee counted the pinfall. Jushin Lyger is your winner.

Bonus DVD Material

Cactus Jack was shown walking towards the ring. Out from nowhere comes Shane Douglas with a steel folding chair! He nailed Jack over the back with it and then began to hit him over and over again! Douglas then Jack’s ankle right up to a vending machine and swung the chair as hard as he could! Shane Douglas has broken Cactus Jack’s ankle! Security ran in and removed Douglas from the building as paramedics checked on Jack.

Balls Mahoney vs. BJ Whitmer

Whitmer and Mahoney traded punches back and forth late into the match. Whitmer nailed Mahoney across the face with a stiff shot and then went off the ropes and tried to hit a move but was caught by a hard clothesline. Mahoney then picked Whitmer up and nailed him with the Nutcracker Suite. He covered him for the easy one-two-three.

Bonus DVD Material

Christopher Daniels and his Prophecy (Mikey Whipwreck & new member Jason Cross) were shown standing by in their dressing room.

Christopher Daniels: “Steve Corino, you and I are not finished. We have one last score to settle. So, come April 23rd, I want you in the ring one last time one-on-one. I’ll leave my boys in the back and we can settle this finally. And trust me Steve, one of us will not be walking out. And that’s the gospel according to the Fallen Angel.”

Whipwreck then says something about having a match and left to go to the ring.

Mikey Whipwreck vs. Perry Saturn

As Mikey awaited his opponent, the lights went out and when they came back on Perry Saturn was in the middle of the ring making his debut in PWE. This match was basically one sided as Saturn took control from the opening bell. He hit many different suplexes and then finished Whipwreck off with the Death Valley Driver to get the win.

PWE World Championship: Rob Van Dam © vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Alex Shelley

Three-way elimination style match for the title as RVD eliminates Shelley first after hitting him with a split-legged moonsault. It was now down to the match everyone wanted to see RVD versus Lynn one-on-one. They traded blows back and forth and Lynn uses some underhanded moves to get the upper hand. Lynn started to wear down the champ with a chinlock but somehow RVD managed to make his way to his feet and fight back. RVD ran off the ropes but was caught by Lynn who hooked on a sleeper hold. RVD was in trouble now as the referee picked up his arm and it dropped twice. One more and the match would be over. The referee picked it up but it did not drop this time. RVD fought up and went for a kick but Lynn caught it. RVD then did a turn in mid move and hit Lynn in the face with a spin kick. Both men were now down. The referee put in his count and once he got to eight both men were up. RVD blocked a few punches thrown by Lynn and connected with his own. He then hit him with a DDT that put Lynn down. RVD then scaled the ropes and came off with a beautiful Five Star Frog Splash. The referee went down for the pin and made the three count. RVD is still your PWE World Champion!

Join us on April 23rd, 2005 as we bring you “Tag Team Supremacy” where we will crown the first ever PWE Tag Team Champions. Also on the card will be Steve Corino versus Christopher Daniels one last time!

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like your concept im trying to do sorta the same concept in my diary but everything looks good so far i look forward to the following chapters keep up the good work

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PWE “Tag Team Supremacy”

April 23, 2005

Philadelphia, PA

Bonus DVD Material

Jerry Lynn is shown sitting in his dressing room before the show he reaches over and takes a sip of coffee from his cup.

Jerry Lynn: “Over and over again, Rob Van Dam continues to cheat. If it isn’t one thing then it’s another. RVD, I’ve had it with you and your bullshit. I should be World Champion – not you. I deserve to be the champion. Get one thing through your head Van Dam; I will not let you stand in my way. I have accomplished more in this business then you will ever know. I am the only rightful holder of the piece of gold you have around your waist right now. Trust me RVD, it will be mine.”

The actual show began when the ring announcer made his way towards the ring and announced that tonight the first ever PWE Tag Team Champions would be crowned. He then introduced the first match of the night.

Ace Steel & Colt Cabana vs. Mike Mondo & Danny Daniels

Chris Chetti came out after Cabana and Steel made their entrance and announced that he is entering a team into the tournament. He said he found two top Indy prospects and they are now his protégés. He then announced the new “Team Chetti” Mike Mondo & Danny Daniels. This match went back and forth and the new team actually looked to have it wrapped up but then Cabana got the hot tag and came in and cleared house. He picked up Mondo and hit him with Colt 45 for the win.

Canadian Connection vs. Chris Candido & Nate Webb

The Connection pretty much just dominated Nate Webb for the entire match. He finally made a small comeback and tagged in Candido. Candido came in and took down both Roode and Devine. He started to go up to the top rope but for some reason Webb made the tag and came in and was caught by a Yakuza kick from Roode. Devine then climbed the ropes and came off with a beautiful flying elbow drop. Roode then knocked Candido off the apron as Devine pinned Webb and got the win. After the match, Candido looked pissed off and got in the ring and started yelling at Webb calling him a moron. He even pushed him back to the ground after he got up. Candido then flipped him off and headed to the back.

Jason Cross made his way to the ring followed closely by Mikey Whipwreck. Before he even got to the ring, the lights went out in the arena. When they came back on Vampiro was standing right in front of them very still. He just stood there staring at both of them for a second or two. Cross started to get closer and then Vampiro puts his fingers up to his throat and sprays green mist in his eyes! Vampiro then threw Cross into the ring and the bell rang.

Vampiro vs. Jason Cross

Vampiro dominated the entire match. It didn’t last very long as Vampiro grabbed Cross and nailed him with the Nail in the Coffin to get the win. Afterwards, Whipwreck jumped into the ring but then Vampiro quickly turned towards him and Whipwreck hopped off the ring and walked away leaving Cross in the ring.

Bonus DVD Material

Steve Corino is shown standing in the back in front of a huge PWE logo. He starts to talk about his match later tonight against Daniels.

Steve Corino: “Christopher Daniels, tonight you and I hook it up once again and this time there will be no outside interference. You’ve relied on your boys for too long and tonight I will get revenge. We were supposed to wrestle at Authority Sux but for some reason you decided not to show. Well tonight I know you’re here and tonight you will feel the Old School Expulsion. Daniels, you and I not only have a history here in PWE but if I recall, back in Ring of Honor I used to kick your ass all of the time. But for some bullshit reason, bullshit politics, I was pushed out of ROH and not allowed to claim what was rightfully mine. Well, I’m not going to let that happen here Daniels. After I get through with you tonight, win or loss, it’s over. I have bigger and better things to do with my life then to waste time on you. Tonight Daniels, it’s over. You’re over.”

A video hyping Petey Williams was shown. In the video, he is shown throwing his Canadian tights into a trashcan and then setting the trashcan on fire. He then looks at the camera and says “Fuck Canadian Pride”. He then walks away as his gear burns away.

Danny Doring & Eddy Parks vs. Alex Shelley & Tracey Smothers

The odd pairing of Smothers and Shelley didn’t work as half-way into the match, Smothers went to get the tag to his partner but for some reason Shelley just jumped down off the apron and started yelling at him saying he wasn’t a tag wrestler and that the tag belts meant nothing to him. So, Smothers was left alone and couldn’t overcome both Parks and Doring. Doring hit Smothers with the Danaconda Leg drop and got the win for his team.

Mike Awesome and Kevin Steen, the biggest team in PWE, came to the ring and announced they were forming a team and winning the belts tonight. Paul Heyman came out and said that he had a brand new legends team that they will face. He then introduced the team of Ricky Morton and Marty Jannetty!

Kevin Steen & Mike Awesome vs. Marty Jannetty & Ricky Morton

The biggest team in all of PWE, Awesome and Steen, seemed to have total control of their opponents. But they got cocky and didn’t make the pinfall when they had the chance. Morton got the tag to his partner and Jannetty came in and cleared house. He then rolled up Kevin Steen and got a quick three count and eliminated Steen and Awesome from the tournament! The quickly rolled out of the ring and got out of harm, this was a huge upset!

Bonus DVD Material

A video hyping Donovan Morgan is shown. It shows clips of his past matches and how well he delivers moves. At the end of the video a black screen is shown with the words “Technical Excellence” on it.

Cactus Jack came out to the ring on crutches. He slowly got into the ring and the ring announcer handed him a microphone.

Cactus Jack: “Two weeks ago, I suffered an injury to my ankle from an attack by Shane Douglas. My ankle is shattered and is going to take a while to heal. I cannot wrestle for you fans tonight and I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get back into the ring.”

Just then, “Perfect Strangers” by Deep Purple hit and out walked The Franchise Shane Douglas. He had a microphone in hand as well.

Shane Douglas: “Foley, just admit that you are done and that I retired you. Just admit to all of these fans that you don’t have it anymore and that you’re going home for good!”

Cactus Jack looked on the verge of tears in the ring. He put the microphone back up to his mouth.

Cactus Jack: “Shane, you’re right. I’m finished.”

Cactus Jack then threw down his microphone and got out of the ring. He then walked, on crutches, right towards Shane Douglas. He stopped for a second and looked him in the eye. He then just continued to walk past him and didn’t say a word. Shane Douglas was smiling but then it turned to a frown and he looked ashamed of himself. Douglas then walked to the back as well with his head down.

Ace Steel & Colt Cabana vs. Danny Doring & Eddy Parks

In the second round of the tournament, Steel and Cabana put away the team of Parks and Doring quite easily after Cabana hit Parks with Colt 45. Afterwards, all four men shook hands in the middle of the ring. Doring and Parks then wished them luck in the finals.

Canadian Connection vs. Ricky Morton & Marty Jannetty

The upset team of Morton and Jannetty once again came through and defeated the Canadian Connection after Devine went to hit a leg drop off the top rope but Morton moved out of the way. He then got the tag to Jannetty who came in, just like the first round, and cleared house. Roode then cut him off and went to hit a piledriver but when he picked him up, he somehow slipped out and then grabbed Roode in a small package and got the quick pinfall!

Bonus DVD Material

A video hyping Austin Aries is shown. He is shown playing basketball with Rip Hamilton from the Detroit Pistons. He crosses him over and makes a basket. He is then shown on a football field with Randy Moss and he out runs him in a 40-yard dash. He is then shown in a training facility wrestling around with an unknown guy. He hits him with a fisherman’s suplex and the referee makes a three count. He then gets up and looks at the camera, points to himself and says “Sheer Perfection”.

Christopher Daniels vs. Steve Corino

This match was billed as the final encounter between these two. Daniels and Corino put on an excellent match that seemed like it wouldn’t ever end. Both men countered each other’s finishers and then hit them with their own. Corino hit the Last Rites but didn’t get the pinfall. Daniels hit the Old School Expulsion but couldn’t keep Corino down. The crowd was really hot and into the match. Corino hooked Daniels in the Old School Expulsion and finally hit it and went for the pinfall. But as soon as he covered him, the ref went down for the count, the bell then rang and everyone looked confused. The 30-Minute Time Limit had expired. The match would end in a draw! The crowd chanted for five more minutes but it was not granted. Daniels offered a handshake to Corino to signify the end of their feud. Corino looked at him for a second and then just walked away.

Bonus DVD Material

Jerry Lynn is shown grabbing a camera man and telling him to follow him. He goes towards a door and then busts through and inside sits Rob Van Dam! He attacks him and starts hitting him with fists on top of his head. Lynn is just horribly beating on RVD. He then takes a chair and folds it up and starts to lay in the chair shots. Jerry Lynn then throws down the chair and grabs the PWE World Heavyweight Title belt and says to Van Dam “I told you it would be mine”. Lynn then left with the belt, he has stolen the PWE title!

PWE Tag Team Championship: Colt Cabana & Ace Steel vs. Ricky Morton & Marty Jannetty

The finals of the tournament to crown first ever Tag Team Champions came down to these two teams. Back and forth action made for a dramatic ending as Morton got the hot tag and came in and tried to roll Steel up quickly but he kicked out. The fans thought they were going to see another upset win from the legend team but it did not happen as Cabana picked up Morton and hit him with Colt 45. He covered the tag legend and got the three count and his team has now been crowned the first ever PWE Tag Team Champions.

After the match, Morton and Jannetty extended their hands and congratulated the new champions. Cabana and Steel celebrated their win in the middle of the ring to end the show.

Our next show will be on May 14th, 2005 and will be entitled “The Battle Gauntlet” as 15 men will enter the ring in an over the top rope battle royal. Once it’s down to the final two entrants, a coin toss will be held. The loser of the coin toss will get the first shot at Rob Van Dam for the PWE World Heavyweight Title. The winner of that match will then face off against the other finalist for the belt.

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PWE "The Battle Gauntlet"

May 14th, 2005

The Battle Gauntlet match will take place as 15 of the best PWE superstars step in the ring for an over the top battle royal. The final two wrestlers left will then flip a coin, the loser of the coin toss will have to face Rob Van Dam first for the title. The winner will then get to wait and face the winner of the first match for the title.

Those 15 superstars include: Alex Shelley, Austin Aries, Chris Candido, Chris Chetti, Christopher Daniels, Jimmy Jacobs, Jerry Lynn, Joey Matthews, Jushin Lyger, Justin Credible, Mike Awesome, Perry Saturn, Petey Williams, Shane Douglas and Steve Corino.

Also on the card you will see:

PWE Tag Team Championship

Ace Steel & Colt Cabana © vs. Mikey Whipwreck & Jason Cross

Chris Candido vs. Nate Webb

Perry Saturn vs. Mike Mondo

All this and much more!

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PWE “The Battle Gauntlet”

May 14, 2005

Louisville, Kentucky

Shane Douglas and Justin Credible open the show by coming out to the ring. Douglas has a huge smile on his face as he enters the ring and demands a microphone. “Ladies and Gentlemen, let me be the first to introduce you all to the newest member of the Triple Threat.” Douglas then laughed and said “His name is Chris Chetti!” Out walked the newest member and then all three posed before heading to the back.

Donovan Morgan vs. Frankie the Face

After dominating the entire match, Donovan Morgan hit Face with a Bubba-Bomb like maneuver and then hooked him in a reverse full nelson on the mat. Frankie had no other option but to submit. Afterwards, Morgan kept laying in the boots and shouting that he was “Technical Excellence”.

Perry Saturn vs. Mike Mondo

Saturn didn’t have much problem with Team Chetti member Mondo. He hit him with a T-Bone Suplex and then picked him up once again and nailed him with the Death Valley Driver to get the win.

Bonus DVD Material: Austin Aries is standing in the back in front of a huge PWE logo. He says “I cannot begin to tell each and every one of you how great and perfect I really am” he continues on and says “Not a day goes by that I don’t look in the mirror and realize how lucky I am to be nothing like anyone in the PWE”. He stops and smirks, “Because frankly I am sheer perfection and there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about it!”

Jimmy Jacobs vs. BJ Whitmer vs. The Great Miyamoto

In a great fast paced three way dance, Jimmy Jacobs came away with the victory after he knocked Miyamoto out of the ring with a flying forearm and then hit the Contra Code onto BJ Whitmer to get the pinfall.

Chris Candido vs. Nate Webb

These two men teamed up in the Tag Team Title tournament last month and lost when Webb made a tag at the wrong time and was hit by a Yakuza kick from Bobby Roode. Candido was pissed and assaulted him afterwards. Tonight they faced off and it went back and forth until Candido pulled out something from his tights and poured it into his hands. He then threw the powdery substance into Webb’s eyes and kicked him in the gut. He then picked him up and nailed him with a Fisherman’s Buster (a.k.a. Pittsburgh Plunge) and got the win.

PWE Tag Team Championship: Ace Steel & Colt Cabana © vs. Mikey Whipwreck & Jason Cross

The Prophecy got their Tag Team Title shot tonight and even though they looked good, they could not come up with the victory. Steel and Cabana held onto their titles after Cabana nailed Jason Cross with Colt 45 to secure his team the victory. After the match, Kevin Steen & Mike Awesome came out and challenged the champions to a match next month and it was accepted.

Bonus DVD Material: Jerry Lynn is shown sitting in his dressing room on a nice leather chair holding the PWE Championship. He looks down at the belt and rubs it a little, “It’s great to finally get what I deserve. It’s great to be the rightful champion. I will never let this belt go and tonight I’m going to successfully defend my gold in that Battle Gauntlet thing they have going on.” He then looked up at the camera, “RVD, how do you like ME now?”

The Battle Gauntlet Match

Fifteen superstars entered the Battle Gauntlet match but only two survived. The match went for almost 45 minutes as all the men in the match were visibly worn out. The final two men in the ring were none other than Jerry Lynn and the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. Both men shook hands after the match and the referee came into the ring for the coin toss. Jerry Lynn called for ‘heads’ and ended up losing the toss and would have to face RVD in the first match up next.

PWE Heavyweight Championship: Rob Van Dam © vs. Jerry Lynn

No matter how many times these two men face each other they seem to find something new to show us. RVD was on fire as he was fresh and hadn’t been through the Battle Gauntlet. He came in and went to town on the man who had stolen his belt. RVD went for a split-legged moonsault but Lynn got out of the way and then began to capitalize on RVD’s mistake. He started working over the neck of Van Dam and almost got the victory after a Tornado DDT from the middle rope. He then picked up RVD and went to hit him with another DDT but he escaped and started to make his comeback. Lynn cut him off however and nailed him with a neckbreaker. It didn’t look very good for the champ as Lynn went to hit the Cradle Piledriver. He hooked him and went to pick him up but somehow RVD flipped out of it. He then rolled up Lynn and pinned him with a school boy! RVD has kept his title in the first match!

Lynn looked pissed off and starting throwing a chair at ringside. Referees and Security had to escort him out of the building.

PWE Heavyweight Championship: Rob Van Dam © vs. Christopher Daniels

Just as soon as Lynn was taken out, Daniels hit the ring and attacked Van Dam from behind. He started laying in blows to his neck as he had been watching the match from ringside and saw what Lynn was doing. He grabbed RVD and hit him with Last Rites and then pinned him but he kicked out! Daniels didn’t get frustrated and kept on with business as he picked him up and hit him with Angel’s Wings and got the one-two-three! Christopher Daniels is your new PWE Heavyweight Champion!

Bonus DVD Material: Christopher Daniels is shown with his Prophecy in his dressing room and is holding the belt while champagne is being poured over him. Daniels said, “I told you all that I would be the champion from day one. You should have listened as now I reign supreme over everyone here in PWE and I will continue too from this day forward and that’s the Gospel according to the Fallen Angel”. The Prophecy then continued celebrating as the video faded to black.

Join us for our next show which will mark out first trip out of the country as we head to the Land of the Rising Sun – Tokyo, Japan for an event we are calling the “Rising Sun Showdown” on May 28th, 2005.

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PWE “Rising Sun Showdown”

May 28, 2005

Tokyo, Japan

Austin Aries vs. Josh Abercrombie

The debuting Josh Abercrombie is recently off a stint of working with IWA:Mid South and tonight faced off against Austin Aries and was dominated from the beginning. Aries finished Abercrombie off with a Fisherman’s Suplex. After the match, Aries got on the top rope and celebrated and motioned that he hadn’t even broke a sweat.

BJ Whitmer vs. Tracy Smothers

Smothers was putting the boots to the much younger Whitmer and also kept nailing him with his trademark forearms. He picked up Whitmer and sent him into the ropes but Whitmer ducked under and hooked Smothers in the Exploder ’98, he picked him up and drove him into the mat. He covered him and the referee made the three count.

The Great Miyamoto vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Bobby Bambino vs. Frankie the Face

In a four corner’s match, the hometown boy Miyamoto got the win after he knocked Face out of the ring with a dropkick, misted the eyes of Jimmy Jacobs and then hit a moonsault ala The Great Muta onto Bambino. He covered Bambino and got the win.

Cactus Jack, Mick Foley, came out to ringside on crutches. He slowly got into the ring and received a nice welcome from the respectful Japanese fans. “With a heavy heart, I have to relay this message”. He looked as if he were about to cry, “I no longer can wrestle in this great sport and I wanted to come here to Tokyo, Japan to announce that I am hereby retired from professional wrestling”. Just then, The Franchise’s music hit and out walked The Triple Threat. Douglas almost ran to the ring with a microphone in hand. He got into the ring and right in the face of Foley “Foley, I guess you finally realized what I’ve been saying since day one of PWE – you’re a has-been. You are worthless and you need to get out of my ring right now before I take out your other leg!” Chris Chetti then got in between the two and told Douglas to hold on and to show some respect to the legend of Mick Foley. Chetti got right up into Douglas’ face. Just then Chris Candido came sliding into the ring and nailed Chetti right in the head and began to lay in the punches. Douglas then attacked the now retired Mick Foley! Candido then grabbed the microphone and said “You’re looking at the real Triple Threat Chetti; you are just some lame ass kid who thought he had a spot. As far as I’m concerned you can join Foley on the retired list as well!” Douglas, Candido and Credible then stood together and threw up the Triple Threat pose.

Just as the Triple Threat was leaving the ring, Chetti grabbed a microphone, “Douglas you are a spineless asshole and tonight I want you in the ring, you motherfucker!” Chetti threw down the microphone as Douglas laughed in the aisle way and mouthed ‘you got it kid’.

Donovan Morgan vs. Bobby Eaton

The tag team legend Bobby Eaton has now joined the PWE roster and faced off against “Technical Excellence” Donovan Morgan tonight. Eaton was the biggest challenge that Morgan has faced thus-far but he somehow came out on top and finished off Eaton with a Swan-Dive Splash off the top rope which he likes to call the “Excellent Execution”.

Chris Chetti came back out to the ring and stood in the middle and demanded that Douglas get out here right now and face him. It didn’t take long until Douglas came out but he was also accompanied by the Triple Threat.

Chris Chetti vs. Shane Douglas

Even though Chetti was full of fire and hit Douglas with a few suplexes, he couldn’t overcome the numbers game. Chetti hit a head-and-arm suplex and went for the cover, but Justin Credible jumped up onto the apron and distracted the referee. Chetti went over to knock Credible off the apron but from behind Candido snuck in the ring and hit Chetti over the back with a steel folding chair! Chetti fell back and was rolled up by Douglas who pulled the tights. The referee turned around and made the pinfall.

Bonus DVD Material: Jushin “Thunder” Lyger was shown warming up for his match later on tonight. Christopher Daniels comes running in and attacks Lyger! He lays in some fists to the top of his head. He then starts to pull on the mask! He almost has it all the way off but luckily Steve Corino came in and ran him off.

Petey Williams vs. The Sandman

Williams is now sporting new gear which includes purple trunks, a sparkly jacket and sunglasses. On the back of both the tights and jacket it says “Hollywood”. Williams tried to outwrestle The Sandman but it was countered by straight brawling. Sandman opened up Petey’s forehead and he started bleeding buckets. Sandman went to grab the Singapore Cane but was caught with a low blow. Williams then picked up the cane and swung it and hit Sandman not once, not twice but three times over the head. He then covered Sandman and put his feet on the ropes and scored the upset victory.

Steve Corino vs. Alex Shelley

In what could be the sleeper match of the night, Corino faced off against the up and coming Alex Shelley. Shelley went to hit the “It Came from Japan” but Corino reversed it and knocked Shelley down with a clothesline. Both men were down, they got up at an eight count and Corino made his comeback. He knocked Shelley down three times with punches and then hit him with a spinebuster. He covered him and only got a two count. Corino then signaled for the end. He hooked Shelley with the Old School Expulsion but he slipped out and swung at Corino. He ducked and then hooked him and hit the Northern Lights Bomb to get the one-two-three!

Christopher Daniels then ran out and attacked Corino. Both he and Shelley started putting the boots to him. Jushin Lyger then ran out and ran both men off.

PWE Tag Team Championship: Ace Steel & Colt Cabana © vs. Kevin Steen & Mike Awesome

Awesome looked to have everything wrapped up for his team after hitting the Awesome-Bomb on Ace Steel but for some reason Kevin Steen tagged himself in and went for the pin. Awesome got mad and pulled him off and the two started having a shouting match at each other. Steen pushed Awesome and then was met with a kick to the stomach. Awesome then picked up Steen and hit him with an Awesome-Bomb! Cabana came in and made the pin and the ref made the count.

Bonus DVD Material: Rob Van Dam is shown walking into his dressing room after coming from the catering room. He has a cup in hand and walks through the door. The room is a complete mess and it looks as if his bag has come up missing. Van Dam threw his cup down and ran out of the room.

PWE Heavyweight Championship: Christopher Daniels © vs. Jushin Lyger

The Main Event lasted nearly 40 minutes and could quite possibly be the best match in the history of PWE. Christopher Daniels went to hit the Best Moonsault Ever but missed. Lyger then got on the top rope and hit a beautiful Shooting Star Press. He hooked the leg and the ref made the count but he only got two. Lyger picked up Daniels and hooked him for the Lyger Bomb but he countered and hit a STO. Daniels went for the pinfall but only could get a two count. Daniels started to get frustrated. He sent Lyger off the ropes and threw a clothesline but it was ducked and he was met with a flying forearm from Lyger. Lyger picked him up and then hit the Lyger Bomb! Out from the back came Whipwreck and Cross, they got on the ring apron and distracted both the ref and Lyger. Daniels took this opportunity to get up and nail Lyger across the back of the head and then he turned him around and hit him with Angel’s Wings. He covered Lyger and got the three count and has held onto his title.

After the match, Daniels got a microphone, “Let me be the first to introduce you all to the first ever PWE WORLD Champion!” Daniels then threw down the microphone and started laying in the boots to Lyger. He continued his assault until Steve Corino came running down and ran the Prophecy off.

Our next show will be held on June 24th, 2005 from Kyoto, Japan and will be called “The Last Rites”. Mike Awesome will face off with now former partner Kevin Steen. Austin Aries will take on British Sensation Jonny Storm. Christopher Daniels will be in attendance as well but will he have to defend his title?

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PWE “The Last Rites”

June 24th, 2005

Kyoto, Japan

Steve Corino came to the ring, he had a microphone in hand “Christopher Daniels, tonight I want you in this ring for the World Heavyweight Title”. He went on to say, “You tried to humiliate and disrespect a Japanese Legend in Jushin Lyger and I will not tolerate that”. Corino looked to be getting furious at this point, “So Daniels you get your ass out here right now so I can hurt you and take your title!” Steve Corino waited for a few seconds but there was no answer. “Alright fine, I should’ve expected this from a coward like you. If you won’t come to me, I’ll just have to come to you”. Corino then dropped the microphone and left to the back.

(1) “Technical Excellence” Donovan Morgan defeated Josh Abercrombie

Abercrombie hit a lionsault off the middle rope and looked to have the pin but Morgan kicked out. Abercrombie picked up Morgan and went for a DDT but he held onto the ropes and Josh hit hard. Morgan then picked him up and hit a Northern Lights Suplex for the win.

(2) Garuda defeated “Spyder” Nate Webb

The premier understudy of Hayabusa made his debut and picked up the victory against Nate Webb when he hit a 450 splash. The crowd gave him a warm reception after his amazing performance.

Bonus DVD Material: Rob Van Dam is shown walking around the backstage area as he walks into a bathroom where Jerry Lynn is standing washing his hands. Rob Van Dam attacks and the two brawl in the bathroom until security runs in and separates them. Rob Van Dam kept yelling that this wasn’t over.

(3) Joey Matthews defeated The Great Miyamoto and Jason Cross in a 3-Way Dance

Miyamoto had the match won as he hit a moonsault onto Cross but Matthews came in and threw him out of the ring and covered Cross himself and used the ropes to his advantage to pick up the win.

(4) Ace Steel and Colt Cabana defeated Danny Doring and “Sexxxy” Eddy Parks to retain the PWE World Tag Team Championship.

Doring and Parks made their comeback and Doring hit the Danaconda Legdrop onto Cabana but then tagged out instead of getting the pinfall. Parks came in and picked up Cabana but he was caught with a boot to the gut. Colt then hooked Parks and hit him with Colt 45. Steel came in and knocked Doring off the ring apron. Cabana covered Parks and got the three count to retain the titles.

(5) “No Gimmicks Needed” Chris Candido defeated Bobby Bambino

After what was basically a squash match, Chris Candido got the victory after hitting a flying headbutt off the top rope. After the match, Chris Chetti came down to the ring and the two men brawled out of the arena.

The World Heavyweight Champion, Christopher Daniels, finally made his way out to the ring. He held his belt proudly and jumped up into the ring and gave a smirk to the crowd. He stepped in and demanded a microphone, “Steve Corino, what makes you think that you are worthy of my belt? What makes you think that I’d give you a shot? Who do you think you are? Steve Corino, tonight I will face you in this ring but it won’t be for the gold.” The crowd booed as Daniels seemed to laugh, “Maybe someday you’ll be big enough to hold my jock and you might just get a title shot but until then – it’s going to be Non-Title for you”. Daniels dropped the microphone and posed with his belt before leaving the ring.

(6) “Sheer Perfection” Austin Aries defeated Jonny Storm

In a great back and forth match, Aries came away with the victory after Storm missed a moonsault off the top rope. Both men got to their feet at the same time and Storm tried to run at Aries but he sidestepped him and he hit the turnbuckle. Storm stumbled out and was hooked in the Aries-Plex. The referee went down and made the three count.

(7) Mike Awesome defeated “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen

Last month these two were a team and had some problems and it ended up with Awesome delivering the Awesome-Bomb onto Steen. Tonight was much in the same as Awesome picked up the victory when he hit the Awesome-Bomb but this time it was off the top rope. Awesome stood above Steen after the match and yelled that he wasn’t in his league and to go back to Canada.

(8) Jushin “Thunder” Lyger defeated Alex Shelley

In what could be called the match of the night, Lyger defeated Alex Shelley when he hit him with the Lyger Bomb. This match saw lots of near falls and reversals and both men received a standing ovation after the match. Lyger extended his hand for a handshake but Shelley just blew him off and left the ring and headed to the back.

Bonus DVD Material: A hype video was shown of a new tag team coming to PWE. The team is of Perry Saturn and John Walters. They say they are coming after the tag belts and nothing will stand in their way.

(9) “The King of Old School” Steve Corino defeated “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels in a Non-Title Match.

In the Main Event of the night, Steve Corino defeated PWE World Heavyweight Champion Christopher Daniels after Samoa Joe shockingly debuted and helped him to get the pin. Joe came down while the referee was down, Daniels was going for some powder in his trunks but then Joe knocked it out of his hands and it flew back into his face. Corino then hit him with his version of Daniels’ finisher the Angel’s Wings to get the win.

After the match, Daniels started throwing chairs at ringside. He pushed down the ring announcer and took his microphone, “Corino you got lucky! You had to have help from that overgrown buffoon standing right next to you”. Samoa Joe sat on the ropes and opened them up giving Daniels an invitation to step into the ring. “Oh, you’d like that wouldn’t you Joe? Two on one, that’s your kind of game. Well, let me tell you what, tomorrow night you two have a match. I’ll go out and find a partner and then we’ll see how even the odds are. And Steve, as far as I’m concerned, you’re never going to get a shot at this belt and that’s the gospel according to the Fallen Angel”. Daniels dropped his microphone and left while Joe and Corino played to the fans.

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PWE “Nagasaki Nightmare

June 25h, 2005

Nagasaki, Japan

Jimmy Jacobs defeated Arik Cannon

In the opening contest of the night, Jacobs defeated the challenge of Arik Cannon. Jacobs got the win after hitting Cannon with the Contra Code.

Chris Chetti came out to ringside followed by Team Chetti. He got into the ring, “Chris Candido you son of a bitch, get your ass out here right now so I can make you tap”. He didn’t have to wait too long as “Back in Black” by ACDC hit and out walked Chris Candido. He walked slowly to the ring and got in, Chetti attacked! The two brawled for a little while until security came in and broke it up.

Paul Heyman then came to ringside, “Okay you two want each other so bad, well I’m going to let you have each other, but not right now. I will not have you disrupting my show. Later on tonight, you two can go at it all you want” Heyman then left as security escorted both men to the back.

The Canadian Connection (Bobby Roode & Johnny Devine) defeated Balls Mahoney and The Sandman

Everything looked to be going well for the team of Mahoney and Sandman but just then the referee got knocked out by a misplaced sidekick. Mahoney then picked up Devine and nailed him with the Nutcracker Suite. He went for the pin but there wasn’t any ref to count. He got up and tried to revive the referee but when he turned around, he was met with a huge chairshot from Bobby Roode. Roode then put Devine on top of Mahoney and knocked The Sandman off the apron and into the guardrail. The referee turned over and made the pinfall giving the Canadians the upset win.

BJ Whitmer defeated Garuda

Both men put on a brilliant performance but Whitmer was the better man tonight. Garuda went for his 450 Splash to finish off BJ but he moved out of the way. Garuda then got caught with the Exploder ’98 and pinned for a three count. Both men shook hands after the match as a show of respect.

Justin Credible defeated Jason Cross

Triple Threat member Justin Credible didn’t have much of a problem with Jason Cross as the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion easily put him away after hitting him with That’s Incredible. After the match, Credible picked up a microphone and said that he was tired of being looked over and is going to prove why he deserves to be a champion.

Jerry Lynn came down the ring and looked pissed off. He snatched the microphone away from the ring announcer. “Rob Van Dam, you fucking asshole, I’m tired of your shit. How many times do I have to prove that I’m better than you?” The crowd booed and then RVD’s music hit and out he came running. He slid into the ring and the fight was on! Security once again had to come out and separate the two.

Paul Heyman came out again as well, “I’m sick of this. Do you think that you run this place? I’m the man in charge here! I can see that you two can’t be confined to wrestle only in the ring. So, here’s what I’m going to do, at our next show it’s going to be Rob Van Dam versus Jerry Lynn. Falls Count Anywhere!”

The crowd cheered as Heyman walked back to the announcer booth to a chant of “PWE”. Rob Van Dam posed for the crowd as Lynn was hauled back by security.

“Hollywood” Petey Williams defeated “Spyder” Nate Webb

Two months ago when Petey debuted his new look, he defeated the challenge of The Sandman. He made his record 2-0 tonight under the new persona as he defeated Nate Webb with the move formerly known as the Canadian Destroyer. It is now called the La-La-Land Driver. After the match, Petey put his sunglasses back on and picked up a cell phone that he had in his jacket and started making calls.

Chris Chetti defeated “No Gimmicks Needed” Chris Candido

This was a brutal contest and it proved the critics wrong about Chris Chetti. He wrestled an outstanding match and picked up the win after Candido missed the flying headbutt. Candido got up and was stumbling around and holding his face that he had just hit on the mat. He walked right into Chetti who locked in a rear-naked chokehold that made Candido tap out.

Bonus DVD Material: A video was shown to hype the debut of a new tag team here in PWE – John Walters and Perry Saturn. Saturn says in the video that at the next show, they will be there and will be coming after the gold.

Jushin “Thunder” Lyger defeated Jonny Storm

This was a very fast paced match with back and forth action that the fans loved. Storm hit Lyger with a brain buster and almost had the upset win. He picked up Lyger and hit him another brain buster but somehow he got out of it again. Storm looked to be furious as he went to the top rope. He set up for a moonsault but he took too long and Lyger got to his feet and pushed him. Storm crotched himself on the top rope and fell back into the ring. Lyger then got on the top rope and came down with a beautiful Shooting Star Press. After the match, Lyger extended his hand to Storm and it was accepted, but then Storm pulled him in and hit him with a huge clothesline! What has gotten into Jonny Storm?

Paul Heyman came to the ring, “I’m sick and tired of having to come out here tonight but I can’t let the boys run the place. I’m the man in charge and I have to make decisions. There has to be some kind of order around here. So, right now I’m going to make a match. A four-corner’s match and the winner will be the new number one contender to the World Title.” The crowd applauded as Heyman told the ring announcer to make the introductions.

Alex Shelley defeated Austin Aries, Shane Douglas and Rob Van Dam in a Four-Corner’s Elimination Match to become the new Number One Contender

Rob Van Dam was the first man in the match to be eliminated after Jerry Lynn came out to the ring and lured him to the back and he got himself counted out. Surprisingly, Shane Douglas was the next to go as he was quickly rolled up by Austin Aries. It was now down to the two young superstars. Aries and Shelley went back and forth with stiff, brutal shots. Aries went to the ropes and tried for a clothesline but it was ducked and he was met with a huge Yakuza kick! Shelley pinned Aries and the ref made the count to give him the match and award him the new number one contender!

Samoa Joe and Steve Corino made their entrance and posed for the crowd before PWE World Heavyweight Champion Christopher Daniels came out. Daniels stopped in the aisle and had a microphone, “I’ve spent all days making phone calls, trying to find the perfect partner. I called all of the boys up in Stamford but none of them had the guts to come to PWE. Then, a light bulb popped in my head and I realized who the perfect partner was.” He paused for a second, “Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to my partner – Kevin Sullivan!”

“Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and Kevin Sullivan defeated “King of Old School” Steve Corino and Samoa Joe

The Main Event tag team match saw a huge clash as both teams would not go down. Sullivan hit the double stomp onto Corino but only got a two count. Corino then made a comeback and got the tag to Joe. He came in and cleared house. Joe then mistakenly hit his own partner with a huge forearm. Joe then went to check on Corino and was hit from behind by Daniels. He turned him around and kicked him below the waist and hit the Last Rites! Daniels then covered Joe and got the win.

Sullivan and Daniels got out of the ring fast as they had gotten a cheap victory. Samoa Joe and Steve Corino both looked pissed off. Corino made the mistake of pushing Joe. That was not a good idea as Joe started laying in the forearms! Joe and Corino brawled all around the ring as Sullivan and Daniels stood in the aisle laughing.

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Guest JustJoe2k5

I am really liking this diary. Seems like something a little different and the detail is enough that you feel informed but not too much that you get tired of reading it. I would make one suggestion, and that is maybe add a little bit more detail on to your bigger shows because that is the only thing I can find wrong with this. Is this Garuda guy truly the understudy of Hayabusa? I've never heard of him.

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I'm just going by what the guys from RaveX put on his TEW profile.

"Premiere understudy of Hayabusa, Garuda is only starting to show what he is capable of. Slightly less talented but more supported than his mentor was at the same stage of his career, Garuda will get a chance to improve and make it to the bigs."

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