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Goldie Lookin Chain


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Absoloutely fucking hilarious!

Anyone here heard them at all?

They are a combination of So Solid Crew, The Streets and Hardcore Porn and all dress in tracksuits.

They have only had one single released officialy, but have 6 albums made, all of which they made theirselves on a 8-track, gave to mates and told them to copy them and hand them out to anyone.... and thats how they got started and word spread.. The first album was done in 2001 and the latest last year, their first ever gig was last November and this year they are the first act on the Main Stage at this years Reading Festival....

So.... who knows of the GLC?

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I hate them. With a passion. They're just.....bleh. I've only heard two tracks, but they weren't catchy, they weren't funny and they weren't worth listening to. (in my opinion, before people start a flame war)

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Fair enough mate, I think theyre the type of band you either love or hate completely.

Then again their songs are my level of humour and maturity (and Im 25 before any asks) and Ive allways quite liked cheesey songs.... but if you dont like them then yeah thats your opinion and fair play to you :)

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Wll apparently if the rumours are true they are playing in my home town in July as part of the Downhill Classic Skateboarding Tournament :)

Oh and the boys from Dirty Sanchez will be at it too, though they were meant to be banned from the area because of what they done last year.... but dont know if thats true and what they did anyway

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Guest Booker T & The MG's

They're playing first on the main stage at T In The Park on Sunday too.

I liked "Half Man/Half Machine", but time will tell to see if they're act stands up long term, or if it's just a flash in the pan. I hope they don't go through with the cover of "Walk This Way" with The Darkness.

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To be honest "Half Man/Half Machine" is one of the worse songs in my opinion.. though its still good.

The lyrics of some of the others are just fucking brilliant

"I first met Benny Blanco, he sold me the blow

After being barred from the community disco

He fingered two mingers

And made two girls sniff his fingers

Smokes bongs and drinks Strongbow

Went for a drive and shagged a mongo

Hes been bad from the day he was born

And hes got a huge collection of dog porn"

things like that

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They're terrible. As I said in the Carling Weekends Thread, they are 1 of the 4/5 acts who I am going to take an extended piss break during at Leeds. They're just not funny at all. And I also dislike the Streets, other than one song, but i've forgotten what that song is.

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You knows it, clart!

Downloaded all the free stuff off the website, got Half Man/Half Machine, going to see em the free Middlesbrough Music Live festival on the 31st, and I'm waiting to get a T-shirt in my size.

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