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From the highly-acclaimed director of EAST IS EAST and the producers of box office smash hit BILLY ELLIOT comes a unique story of two unlikely friends who choose to take life head-on in the face of difficult circumstances.

Michael Connolly's [steven Robertson] life is passing him by until one day he meets the irrepressible Rory O'Shea [James McAvoy], who has a plan that will change their lives forever. Outsmarting the system, the unlikely pair manage to leave Carrigmore Home for the Disabled and land their very own flat. They employ the headstrong but inexperienced Siobhan [Romola Garai] to take care of their every need. Her arrival brings unexpected revelations; Michael experiences emotions he has never felt before and the straight-talking Rory realises he has finally met his match. With their newfound friendship and independence, life is theirs for the taking.

Michael's story

Michael Connolly's bored. Frustrated by those around him he's tired of playing by petty rules and is immune to patronising smiles. At twenty-four, he's a man in the prime of his life, but the Carrigmore Home for the Disabled is not exactly the place to be. He knows that he's got to break out; all he needs is a little help. When Rory O'Shea lands in the room next door, Michael's prayers are answered. Michael has cerebral palsy and his speech is difficult to understand, but Rory gets every word. With an interpreter by his side, Michael's fully loaded and ready for action.

Rory's story

Rory O'Shea's the man with the plan and there's no messing around with him. He's the one who makes the rules. His sharp tongue can get him into trouble but he doesn't care about the consequences. Duchenne muscular dystrophy has halved his life expectancy and consequently Rory has to live life twice as large as anybody else. Love him or hate him, there's no escaping his overpowering charm. Rory does the quick talking while his comrade Michael does the quick thinking. As a duo they're dangerous.

Siobhan's story

Siobhan's not a girl to be crossed, but under that tough facade is a beautiful heart. Always in control, you are sure to know where the boundaries lie. At first not sure about Rory and Michael, she fast becomes a full-time fixture in their lives, introducing them to new emotions and experiences. She may take no nonsense, but Siobhan's tender persona helps to guide them both to freedom.

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No the actors are not handicapped.

Be honest with me here, do you not think the film will be good because it's about the disabled?

I, along with everyone else I assume, think that the fact that it is about the disabled is completely irrelevant.

Not quite, as the fact that they're disabled will be the true selling point of the film. It won't be "Let's go see that movie about the people living in an apartment". It'll be "Let's go see that movie about the handicapped people living in an apartment". It's the sad truth, but without the aspect of the two characters being handicapped, no one would even know about this flick. The entire premise reeks of schmaltzy crap that suckers in people based on their ability to feel sorry for the handicapped.

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the fact that it's about handicap people has no effect on wether it's a good movie or not. Sure like caucasianheat said, it's the selling point of the movie, but it has no bearing on the quality of it.

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I'd go and see it because it's obviously a focal selling point, but it's not the ONLY reason to see the film. Like I said, if I wasn't a film regular I might not choose to see it, but I am so I'll see it and judge it. The story is what the film is judged on, and if that sucks, then I'll say so, I don't care once I'm in the theatre, if they happen to be handicapped or not, if they make a point of drawing my attention to it, I'll judge it around that part of the storyline along with the rest.

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