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Gah this is where I come across as really really old but did anyone ever watch the cartoon series M.A.S.K Crusaders as a kid? It would have been around until the late 80s and had the coolest toys that you could buy.

It was about a bunch of good guys called MASK, and a bunch of bad guys called VENOM who fought eachother but of course never killed eachother.

They all have vehicles that transformed (like Transformers) and they wore helmets than had powers (such as to lift stuff, or make them fly or blow things up)

Anyone watch the series or come across the action figures, comics etc...

Nothing else has ever been so good and the toys were well made...


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I've just been looking on ebay at the toys and stuff.

I've got some in my parents loft I believe. I had like 12 of the vehicles and more people, I wouldn't sell 'em (unless my folks have secretly already given them away like they did with my transformers!) but if you have the box you can charge like £40 for a vehicle with character + mask....Quids in!

I feel all retro...They were selling a Mask DVD in Music Zone for £2.99, I'm gonna buy it.

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CSAMH, the more time I spend on this board, the more I realize you and I have far too much in common. We should either be best of friends, or immoral enemies. I'm happy with either.

I do remember MASK very well, but what I remember most about their toys was the Boulder Mountain Base set... which made me howl because after all the cool mask effects... if push came to shove, MASK could always roll a fucking boulder at Venom! That toy always struck me as a money grab.

Now, I don't recall who made MASK, but in retrospect, I'm thinking it was done in response (by a rival company) to the popularity of G.I. Joe. Think about it. COBRA vs. VENOM. Elite Masked Transforming vehicles vs. Military Surplus from the end of the Cold War...

Just something to think about...

But yes, MASK rocked...

But nothing compares to my all time favourite cartoon...


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Guest Ringmaster

I have a bunch of action figures still to this day. However, I don't remember anyone or anything from the cartoon. Only cartoons I really remember well is C.O.P.S. and GI Joe. C.O.P.S. action figures > *.

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I watched it. I also had an issue or two of the mini-series put out by DC Comics, some action figure set that came with a Matt Trakker figure, a grapple line and a green helmet, and the Condor motorcycle\helicopter with figure (Brad...Hawks, I think was his last name?).

With all this nostalgia for 80's stuff, like G.I. Joe, Transformers and Thundercats all being back in comics (and G.I. Joe and Transformers toylines running strong), I wish they'd do a new M.A.S.K. cartoon or comic.

The thing about M.A.S.K. was, I thought the bad guys had the better vehicles (with the Condor being the exception), but the heroes had the better helmets.

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They still show it on Fox Kids. I use to love that programme. I watch it if I can catch it whenever it's on. I think it's on like between 12am and 2am.

I never had any of the toys though. :(

Btw, the MASK theme song is better than all others.

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There were two different trucks: Rhino, which was M.A.S.K.'s vehicle and had smoke stacks that turned into machine guns, and Outlaw, which was a tanker truck that turned into a mobile hq with a big cannon.

I'm telling you, they could make a fortune if M.A.S.K. was revived today. They could do upgraded versions of all the vehicles, and some brand new ones.

I'd like to see what they'd do with an H2 Hummer or one of those motor-trikes with the huge wheels and engines.

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Mask Crusaders working all the time, fighting crime, fighting crime!

Beeker...I too had Boulder Hill and it was coolios....Between us myself and my mate had like 20-odd different vehicles and characters so we used to play with them all the time in the garden!

The problem was neither of us had the coolest of Venom's vehicles - Switchblade with Miles Mayhem or Dagger's truck thing...

The coolest characters were Calhoun Burns in the black racey-car saloon thing, Buddy Hawks and Condor and I had a truck that came from the racing series, Boris Bushkin drove it, a bald Russian with M tattooed on the top of his head.

I text my folks and they're still in the loft so when I go down to see them at Christmas I'm bringing them back home with me. My wife is aghast! mwahahaha

Centurions (in my sig) was also amazing.

Transformers was very cool but MASK and Centurions were better.

Other great cartoons I used to watch were:

Pole Position

Wacky Races

Mr Benn

Cities Of Gold (aaaaaaaooooaaaaaaaaaah someday we will find the cities of gold!)

Round The World In 80 Days With Willie Fogg

Dogtanian And The Three Muskahounds


I agree, 80s childhood > *

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The one I liked Miles Mayhem driving the most was the helicopter.

I used to watch Ghostbusters the most though. I was fully decked out. I had the trap, the proton pack, both Ecto1 and Ecto2, plus the Firehouse.

Ah....I love those shows.

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Guest Bluesman

The 80's kicked ass to be a kid. You had all these great cartoons and shows on, as well as toys. At the same time you had Nintendo as well. What's sad is the best toys/shows today are just rehashes of the ones from the 80's-early 90's, and aren't even that good. He-Man is a perfect example, as the show and toys were nowhere near as cool as they were back in the day. On top of these sorts of things, in the States you had the "crime show explosion", where you had tons of shows like The A-Team, Knight Rider, Dukes of Hazzard, Hardcastle and McCormick, etc.

I pity the fool stuck playing with and watching today's crap excuses for child entertainment.

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