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World Wrestling Entertainment 2004


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It was Wednesday 20th October 2004, and Vince McMahon looked around his office with a great feeling of unease. It was a time of great upheavel in the back office of the WWE. His long time friend Pat Patterson had handed in his notice just over two weeks ago, and had finished with the company last night. Could Pat have a point about Paul? No, no he couldn't have. Paul had a great mind for the business, and he would know to put the company first.

Then, this morning Gerwitz had come to the office and proposed an angle where Vince would develop a crush on Eric Bischoff of all people! He had to go after that. Now, Steph was lobbying for a brand unification so Paul could become the Undisputed Champion, whereas Bischoff and Heyman wanted more input into the booking. But this was his company dammit! He made the decisions round here, no-one else.

He gazed out of his window and looked across the cityscape before him. Last night's Taboo Tuesday event hadn't drawn the interest he had hoped it would, and the show had been roundly panned by guys like Meltzer and Keller. He looked at the booking sheet from last night's event. Was it really that bad?

- Triple H retains the World Title over Shawn Michaels after Batista interference

- Randy Orton defeats Ric Flair in a Steel Cage Match

- Kane destroyed Gene Snitsky in a Steel Chair Weapon Of Choice match, before chokeslamming Lita to re-affirm his heel status (Snitsky will be returned to OVW to continue development)

- La Resistance defeated Edge & Chris Benoit by disqualification after Edge hit Conway with one of the Tag Team Titles

- Trish Stratus retained the Womens Title in a School Girl Fufill Your Fantasy Battle Royal

- Eugene defeated Eric Bischoff in a Loser Becomes The Winners Servant match

- Chris Jericho defeated Batista to retain the Intercontinental Title

The card was fine. Wasn't it?

For the first time in years, Vince wasn't so sure. Maybe it was time for an impartial opinion - someone not on-screen, or involved with someone on-screen. Someone for whom personal glory wouldn't be an option. That's the kind of opinion the WWE needed right now. Just an opinion mind though - he didn't want some outsider running the whole damn show. Besides, Steph, Paul and John would all still be part of the booking team - hell, even Heyman could have some input if he wanted. Every decision would still have to be ratified by the boss anyway. And that boss would always be Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

He pressed the button on his intercom.

"Andrea, get hold of Briscoe and tell him to find Paul Maloney and try and set up a meeting"

It was a risk, but sometimes you had to take a chance.


A couple of weeks had passed, and it was approaching Halloween. Paul Maloney sat at his brand new desk, in his newly appointed role of WWE Creative Supervisor. What’s a creative supervisor you ask? Well, it’s a step up from the writers, but he still reported to Vince, and to a lesser extent Steph. He’d been tasked to try and re-invigourate the stale product, but with no Russo-esque restarts.

He was quietly confident he could do it. After all, he’d helped shape WCW in the mid-90’s, and was a good friend of Eric Bischoff. He’d even had a short spell in the WWF between 2000 and 2001, before leaving to spend more time with the wife.

Of course, now she’d run off with the handyman, so I needed something to fill the gap. Be it destiny or chance, he’d received a phone call from Jerry Briscoe asking if he’d be willing to come and have a meeting with Vince.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, he looked at the documents Vince had left him. He only had two weeks until the Survivor Series, which meant he only had two Raws and two Smackdowns to start introducing the subtle changes he had thought of. The problem being that some matches had already been booked for Survivor Series, so he was going to have to book around them as best he could.

The main event looked set to pit The Undertaker against JBL for the WWE Title one more time.

Then, Triple H will be defending the World Title against Randy Orton, with the stipulation that if Orton loses, he never gets another shot at the World Title whilst Trips is champion.

And lastly, the first traditional Survivor Series match has been announced, as Eddie Guerrero, The Big Show, Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio will team to face The Honour Society – Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak and their “new member”, who is yet to be announced (original plans were for it to be Heidenreich, but his complete burial by The Undertaker on the past Smackdown changed those plans ever so slightly).

He chuckled to himself. These things are sent to try us.

Time to get working.

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Monday 1st November 2004

Live from the Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas

Attendance: 11,607 (Capacity 20,662)

Sunday Night Heat Taping:

Rhyno pinned Chuck Palumbo after the Gore

William Regal defeated Rodney Mack with the Regal Stretch

Trish Stratus defeated Nidia with a Chick Kick to retain the WWE Women's Title

The opening credits ended, and the camera pans around the Alamodome (nicely papered so as to hide the fact that it's nearly 50% empty) as the pyros go off and the crowd cheer

Jim Ross: Good evening everybody, and welcome to Monday Night Raw! I'm Jim Ross, alongside Jerry "The King" Lawler, and boy do we have a slobberknocker in the making tonight!

Jerry Lawler: You're not kidding JR! My sources tell me that Eric Bischoff has signed a massive tag team match for tonight, pitting Batista & Ric Flair against Edge & Chris Benoit!

Jim Ross: Will the Nature Boy and the Animal of Evolution be able to contain the Wolverine Wrestling Machine and the master of the Spear? We'll find out ton... (TEW Rating: 73.6)

"Evolution" hits the speakers, and the crowd rises to their feet as Triple H leads Ric Flair and Batista to the ring. All three are dressed in their designer suits, with confident smirks on their faces. Triple H takes the microphone from Lillian Garcia.

Triple H: I guess all you people thought it was funny when Randy Orton attacked me from behind last week huh? Well laugh it up whilst you can, because in 13 days at Survivor Series, I am going to destroy him. I am going to take his career and stop it before it gets started. I am going to walk into Cleveland as World Champion, and I am going to walk out of Cleveland as World Champion, because I am the Game, and I am that damn good. And Randy, remember what that will mean. When I defeat Randy Orton at Survivor Series, it will mean that Randy Orton will never get another World Title shot whilst I am World Heavyweight Champion - which, let's face it, might as well mean that Orton will never get another World Title shot again.

The crowd boos as Flair and Batista laugh and applaud in the background.

Triple H: And for anyone expecting Orton to blindside me again this week, think again. You see, I had a quiet word with Eric Bischoff, and he agreed with me that Orton needed some time to cool down. So, Randy Orton will not be at Raw this week, and if he tries to get into the building, Randy Orton will be indefinitely suspended

The crowd boos this even more.

Triple H: So, I guess what that means is that I've got the night off..... (TEW Rating: 75.0)

Before he can finish his sentence, "Sexy Boy" hits the P.A. system, and the crowd erupts as Shawn Michaels comes out. He plays to the fans for a few seconds, then lifts the microphone he's brought with him.

Shawn Michaels: Hunter, Hunter, Hunter. Do you ever get the feeling of deja vu? It seems every Monday night you come out here and run your mouth for twenty minutes, doing the whole "I AM THE GAME-UH, I AM THAT DAMN GOOD-UH" thing, and bore everyone to tears.

Triple H: Shawn, do you have a point in all this, or are you just out here to catch up on old times?

Shawn Michaels: Oh I have a point Trips. You see, in case you hadn't noticed, we are in San Antonio (the crowd gives the usual cheap pop). And if my memory serves me correctly, San Antonio is the hometown of a little someone called.............The Heartbreak Kid (a second cheap pop in short succession). Now you can't have Raw in San Antonio without the Show-stoppah in the main event now can you? So Hunter, how about it? You and me, tonight!

The crowd cheer in anticipation, as Triple H consults with Flair & Batista

Triple H: Well Shawn, I've thought about you request, and consulted with my associates here...........and the answer's no. I've got no reason to fight you tonight Shawn. I mean, I beat you a couple of weeks ago at Taboo Tuesday. There's just no fun in beating you anymore Shawn.

Triple H laughs along with the rest of Evolution as Shawn smirks on the stage.

Shawn Michaels: Well I'm glad you're smiling Hunter, because I think maybe you might have misunderstood me. I wasn't asking you for a match tonight. I was telling you you've got a match tonight. You see, I called Vinnie-Mac up last night, and he agreed that it would be great TV and great business in general for ole' HBK to get a World Title shot in his hometown. So Hunter - shine up that title real nice for me, because tonight, the Heartbreak Kid is going to be the new World Heavyweight Champion!

The crowd cheer whilst Evolution go crazy in the ring, and we cut to a commercial break. (TEW Rating: 88.0)

******Commercial Break*******

The Hurricane & Rosey vs. Christian & Tyson Tomko

We return from commercial to see Christian and Tyson Tomko headed to the ring, with The Hurricane and Rosey already in the ring. The match starts with Christian & The Hurricane, but as soon as Hurricane gets the better of Christian, he scurries to the corner and tags in Tomko. Tomko strides into the ring, but Hurricane tags Rosey in, and the two big men slug it out. Rosey knocks Tomko off balance, then knocks him down with a shoulderblock. Rosey delivers an elbowdrop, then quickly tags The Hurricane back in. The Hurricane tries to irish whip Tomko, but Tomko reverses, and as Hurricane hits the ropes, Christian delivers a knee to the small of his back, allowing Tomko to flatten him with a clothesline. Christian and Tomko then dominate Hurricane in their corner with some generic heel offense, but Christian's attempted Unprettier is countered by Hurricane shoving him into the turnbuckle, then driving him down with the Eye Of The Hurricane. The crowd were mildly interested as Hurricane crawled to his corner and made the lukewarm tag to Rosey, and Rosey came in strong, knocking down the oncoming Tomko, then backdropping Christian. Tomko was then clotheslined over the top rope, and as Christian staggered to his feet, Rosey scooped him up and nailed him with this Superhero Slam (spin-out uranage). Referee Chad Patton began the count, but at two Tomko slid in and broke the count. This caused The Hurricane to re-enter the ring and catch Tomko with a dropkick which sent him out of the ring, before following it up with a plancha, wiping both men out. But, as Patton was distracted by this, Christian got to his knees and caught Rosey with a low blow from behind, then schoolboyed the big Samoan. Patton turned around and counted the three, giving Christian and his "Problem Solver" the tainted win.

Winners: Christian & Tyson Tomko by pinfall in 05:13

Match Rating: **3/4

TEW Ratings: 52.6 / 66.2 / 52.4

As Christian & Tomko stagger backwards down the aisle, we cut backstage where Stacy Keibler is chatting to one of the make-up ladies. As they are talking, A-Train enters the scene.

A-Train: Er.......Stacy, could I talk to you for a second?

Stacy Keibler: I guess so. I'll catch you later Marie.

She waves goodbye to the make-up lady, then turns to A-Train

Stacy Keibler: What's up

A-Train: Well you know, I've been watching you the past few weeks, and you've really caught my eye. So I was thinking, how about you and me get together, and you let me show you what A-Train can do when he's full speed ahead?

Stacy stifles the laughter from the awful pick-up line

Stacy Keibler: Sorry Train, you're just not my kind of guy. I'm not into the bald, pierced, hairy and overweight type I'm afraid. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go.

Stacy turns and walks off camera, and you can her laughing as she walks off, whilst A-Train just stands there and looks confused (TEW Rating: 54.0)

As he stands there, a hand taps him on the shoulder. The camera turns, and reveals that the hand belongs to Simon Dean.

Simon Dean: Are you tired of girls rejecting you because you're unattractive and overweight?

A-Train: What?

Simon Dean: Are you sick of being ignored by the cuties just because you've got a little excess body hair?

A-Train I...I....I guess...

Simon Dean: Then let me, Simon Dean, help you. With my patented Simon System, I can get the ladies queing up for a ride on the A-Train.

A-Train: Really?

Simon Dean: Yes, really! In fact, I'm going to make you a once in a lifetime offer - I will not only be your personal trainer, but I will develop your very own personalized Simon System to become a slim, trim, mean, lean love machine.

A-Train: Whoah, whoah, whoah - where's the catch?

Simon Dean: No catch my furry friend, all I ask is that you do everything I tell you, and no slacking off. It's not everyday Simon Dean offers to personally train someone. Now don't waste this once in a lifetime opportunity

Dean extends his hand. A-Train looks at it, just as two attractive women walk past and laugh at him. A-Train turns back to Dean and firmly shakes his hand

A-Train: You're on

Simon Dean: Welcome to the Simon System my friend. (TEW Rating: 44.3)

Stevie Richards vs. Shelton Benjamin

We return to the ring as Stevie Richards makes his way to ring, apparently in heel mode this week. The crowd come alive when the hip-hop music of Shelton Benjamin starts to play, and the young superstar heads to the ring. Shelton starts the match by taking Stevie down with two armdrags, followed by a dropkick. The match seems to be more of a showcase for Benjamin, as Richards just gets token offense in. The end sees Richards catch Benjamin’s foot as he tries to kick him, only for Benjamin to spin round, quick as lighting, and catch him with a Dragon Whip to the temple. Richards staggers backwards into the turnbuckle, where Benjamin follows him in with the Shell Shocka, crushing Richards against the buckles. A dazed Richards steps forwards groggily, and Benjamin hooks him up, then throws him over his head with the Exploder Powerslam. Benjamin makes the cover, and gets the academic three count.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin by pinfall in 04:26

Match Rating: ***

TEW Ratings: 57.2 / 74.7 / 71.8

As Benjamin celebrates, we cut backstage to see Edge getting ready. Chris Benoit enters the room.

Chris Benoit: Hey Edge. You ready for tonight?

Edge: You know I am Chris.

Benoit walks closer to Edge, looking him in the eye

Chris Benoit: No, I mean are you ready? Do you remember Taboo Tuesday? When you lost your temper and cost us the Tag Team Titles?

Edge: What are you trying to say Chris?

Chris Benoit: All I’m saying is that Flair & Batista will be doing everything in their power to push your buttons and make you lose your temper again. And if you do…

Edge: What Chris? What will happen if I do?

Edge leans in towards Benoit, so they are nose to nose

Edge: All you need to worry about is yourself Chris. Tonight, I promise you, I am going to change the face of Evolution forever. Now let’s get out there and get this thing started.

Edge stares at Benoit for a few more moments, then heads out of the room, with Benoit’s stare following him. (TEW Rating: 83.8)

******Commercial Break*******

Edge & Chris Benoit vs. Ric Flair & Batista

We return from commercial, and “Evolution” fills the arena, as Batista & Ric Flair make their way to the ring. “You Think You Know Me” hits the speakers, and the crowd half cheer and half boo as Edge makes his way to the ring, looking perturbed at the reaction he was getting. The mixture reception turned to a huge ovation as “Whatever” started up, and Chris Benoit came to the ring to thunderous cheers. Benoit and Edge seemed to disagree over who would start, but in the end Benoit started off with Flair. The two men lock up, and tussle towards the corner, where they exchange vicious knife-edge chops (the crowd “Whooo”-ing along with every one), with Benoit getting the advantage. Benoit then exchanges tags with Edge to keep the advantage, but Flair catches Edge with a thumb to the eye to break the momentum. Flair manages to tag in Batista, who tries to level Edge with the Knock Out Lariat, only for Edge to duck. Batista turns round, and Edge rolls to his corner and tags Benoit in. Benoit looks perplexed, but enters the ring as Edge proceeds to be distracted by a fan at ringside. Benoit attempts an irish whip, but Batista reverses it. Benoit comes off the ropes, ducks Batista's flailing arm, and crashes into Edge, who is still on the middle of the apron, sending Edge crashing to the mat. Edge clutches his shoulder, screaming in pain, as Benoit turns round into a huge spinebuster from Batista. Benoit kicks out of the cover at two, as two other referee's come to ringside to tend to Edge. As Edge is led back to the locker-room, Batista and Flair expertly double team Benoit in the ring. Soon enough, Flair works over the knees of Benoit, with a kneebreaker, a clip and several elbows to the kneejoint. With Benoit down, Flair goes for the Figure Four. He gets in cinched in, but the crowd rally behind Benoit. He screams in agony, but is somehow able to turn the hold over, applying the pressure to Flair instead. Batista quickly comes in and breaks the hold, before dragging Flair to his corner to make the tag. Batista picks Benoit up, looking for the Batista Bomb, when suddenly Benoit hits a double leg takedown, and goes for the Sharpshooter! He fights to turn the hold over, but Batista is too strong, and kicks Benoit off. Batista gets straight up and tries to level Benoit, but Benoit ducks and drills him with a release German Suplex! Ric Flair comes in and gets the same treatment, before Benoit does the cut-throat motion and heads to the top. The flashbulbs go off in unison as Benoit flies from the turnbuckle and connects with the Swandive Headbutt on Batista, but at the count of two the cover is broken by Flair. Referee Mike Chioda tries to get Flair out of the ring, as Batista gets back to his feet, stalking Benoit, who is only up to one knee, Suddenly the crowd come alive, and we see Edge running down the aisle!! He slides in the ring and hits the Spear............on Benoit!!!! The crowd's cheers turn to boos instantly, but all Edge can do is smile, before motioning to Batista. Batista picks Benoit up, then drives him to the canvas with the Batista Bomb! Batista makes the cover, and Chioda makes the count - one..........two............three!!! The bell rings, and the crowd boo in disgust as Edge raises the hands of Batista and Flair. As Lawler and Ross speculate that Edge has joined Evolution, the three begin assaulting Benoit, putting the boots to him as Flair applies the Figure Four Leglock again. A small cheer soon turns into a loud one, as Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin hit the ring, but Batista, Flair and Edge quickly bail. Benjamin and Jericho tend to Benoit as Evolution's seemingly newest member celebrates with Flair and Batista in the aisle

Winners: Flair & Batista by pinfall in 11:13

Match Rating: ***

TEW Ratings: 82.0 / 71.9 / 88.8

The show cuts to a promo video for Survivor Series, focusing on the Triple H vs Randy Orton match, and the stipulation that if Orton loses, he never gets another title shot whilst Triple H is champion. (TEW Rating: 85.2)

As the package ends, we see Shawn Michaels walking down the corridor. We can hear the crowd's cheers as Michaels knocks on a door marked "General Manager". Michaels enters the room, and we see Eric Bischoff slumped in a chair, head in hands, whilst Eugene is happily playing with a Rubix Cube, with an intent look on his face.

Shawn Michaels: Hey, Eugene!! How's it going pal!

Eugene: HBK!!

Eugene goes over to Michaels and gives him a hug

Shawn Michaels: So, how's it going little buddy?

Eugene Great! Uncle Eric is mah servant now! I can make him get me a soda............or a cookie...........or a soda........or a...

Shawn Michaels: Whoah, whoah, whoah! Slow down little fella. Now, I was wondering if you could do old HBK a little favour?

Eugene gasps, then smiles broadly

Eugene: Anything!

Shawn Michaels: I was wondering if you could get your Uncle Eric to ban Evolution from ringside tonight, so my shot with Triple H is clean and fair. What do you say Uncle Eric?

Bischoff raises his head from his hands

Eric Bischoff: What? Are you out of your mind? No way, Triple H would kill me!

Shawn Michaels: What do you think Eugene? Should Uncle Eric do HBK a favour?

Eugene: Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.........Yeah!! Uncle Eric, do HBK a favour!

Bischoff looks palpably disgusted, then starts to shake his head

Eric Bischoff: Fine. Evolution will be banned from ringside for the main event. You're going to be the death of me Eugene I swear. The death of me.....

Bischoff puts his head back in his hands as Michaels smiles and Eugene claps and laughs as we cut to commercial. (TEW Rating: 84.8)

******Commercial Break*******

We return with a video package, starting off with highlights of Kane's complete destruction of Gene Snitsky at Taboo Tuesday, culminating with Kane wedging Snitsky's head in a steel chair, then jumping off the top rope and stomping on the chair, crushing Snitsky's throat. It then shows Kane turning his wrath towards Lita, chokeslamming her as she tried to hug him post match. We hear Kane's voice "All I wanted was to bring life to the world, to have a son of my own, but none of you wanted me to be happy. Now, everyone will pay. Everyone will feel my anguish.", as clips of Kane destroying The Hurricane and Maven play. The clip ends with Kane's voice hanging on "Everyone" (with lots of voice distortion at the end), as the video shows him standing above the fallen Lita. (TEW Rating: 79.7)

Kane vs. Tajiri

Tajiri stands in the ring, with a look of trepidation on his face. Then, "Slow Chemical" kicked in, and red light bathed the arena, as Kane marched to the ring with a sinister sneer on his face. As he stepped over the top rope, Tajiri went on the attack straight away, kicking Kane in the side, and sending him back to the outside. Tajiri quickly followed with a baseball slide, then tried to capitalize with some more kicks. However, Kane swatted Tajiri aside, then booted Tajiri in the face, knocking him down. Kane picked Tajiri up, then whipped him into the steel stairs, leaving the Buzzsaw in a heap. Kane tossed Tajiri in the ring, and then whipped Tajiri into the ropes, but Tajiri exploded with the Springboard Back-Elbow out of nowhere! The crowd picked up with this, and cheered as he battered Kane with a barrage of kicks, bringing Kane to his knees! Tajiri brought his hands together in prayer formation, then went for the Buzzsaw Kick, only for Kane to duck the kick, get to his feet and grab Tajiri by the throat in one swift motion! Kane lifted Tajiri high in the air, then drove him into the mat with the Choke Slam! Kane made the cover, and got the three count with ease. Kane got to his feet and started to leave the ring, but as he got to the ropes, he stopped. A sneer crossed his face as he turned back to Tajiri, clasped his hand around his throat once more and dragged him back to his feet. He lifted him back into the air, and drove him back down with a second Choke Slam. The crowd booed as Kane looked at Tajiri with contempt, then reached down once more. The cheer of the crowd got his attention though, and he turned round to see Rhyno charging at him, striking him with furious rights hands. Rhyno whipped Kane into the ropes, but Kane reversed it. As Rhyno came back, Kane caught him by the throat, picked him up, and gave him the Choke Slam, onto Tajiri! Kane looked down at the fallen men, and a slight smile came across his face, before he lifted his arms in the air, then brought them down, setting off the pyros on the ringposts

Winner: Kane by pinfall in 04:25

Match Rating: ***1/4

TEW Ratings: 68.8 / 78.8 / 73.8

La Resistance's music plays, and the crowd boos as Sylvain Grenier and Robert Conway come to the ring, waving their Quebecois flags. The Tag Team Champions enter the ring, and Conway takes the mic.

Robert Conway: What I'd like from you all right now is some respect and appreciation, but since you're all Texans I doubt you understand either concept. So instead, why don't you all shut up whilst Sylvain sings the Canadian National Anthem

The crowd boos heavily as Grenier takes the microphone

Sylvain Grenier: O Canada, terre de nos aïeux, Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux. Car ton bras sait porter l'épée, Il sait porter la croix......

Before he can finish, "Hello Ladies............." comes across the speakers, and the crowd cheer as Val Venis comes out with Maven, ready for their upcoming match. (TEW Rating: 52.4)

World Tag Team Title Match

Val Venis & Maven vs. La Resistance ©

Venis and Maven slide into the ring and begin brawling with Grenier and Conway straight away. Jack Doan manages to restore some sort of order, and we have Venis and Conway in the ring. Venis catches Conway with a backdrop and a clothesline, and tags in Maven. Maven clotheslines Conway, who scurries back to his corner and tags in Grenier. Grenier is met with a dropkick, and Maven is in control. However, Maven was blindsided by Conway as he ran the ropes, allowing Grenier to take him down with a suplex. Grenier kipped-up, and the crowd booed his arrogance. He and Conway exchanged tags to control Maven, but an attempted double clothesline backfired as Maven ducked and scored one of his own on the return. Maven got to his corner and tagged in Val Venis, and Venis levelled both Grenier and Conway. Soon, Grenier is clotheslined over the top rope, and Conway is caught with a spinebuster. Venis plays to the crowd, then climbs to the top rope, looking for the Money Shot. However, as he is up there, Grenier gets back on the apron and shoves his ankle, crotching Venis on the turnbuckle. Grenier runs across and decks Maven, before he helps Conway haul Venis off the top rope, and they deliver the Au Revoir to him. Grenier makes the cover, and La Resistance retain the Tag Titles.

Winners: La Resistance by pinfall in 03:52

Match Rating: **3/4

TEW Ratings: 50.0 / 67.2 / 56.7

As La Resistance celebrate, the shot changes to show them celebrating on the monitor. We pan out to see Eric Bischoff, looking despondent, and standing beside him is Eugene, who is jumping up and down and clapping, and William Regal, who is smiling.

Eugene: Uncle Eric, Uncle Eric!

Bischoff spins round angrily

Eric Bischoff: What Eugene?!

William Regal: I think you'll find that's "Excuse me Mr. Eugene sir". You know, back in Blighty, when the staff spoke to me like that, the usual response was a clip round the ear, so I'd watch what I say if I was you sunshine.

Bischoff looks at Regal, then changes his tone

Eric Bischoff: Sorry, excuse me Mr. Eugene sir (Bischoff rolls his eyes as he says it)

Eugene: Uncle Eric, do you remember when me and William Regal beat La Resistance in England?

Eric Bischoff: As a matter of fact Eugene I do. But I think you're forgetting that Mr. Regal there used brass knuckles to get the win, and I had to restart the match in the interests of fairness.

Eugene: Well, I think I'd like another match against La Resistance

Eric Bischoff: Do you think so Eugene? Well, I'm afraid you and William Regal aren't the top contenders for Tag Team Titles, so I can't make that match.

Eugene looks sad, and Bischoff smiles. Then, Regal interjects again.

William Regal: Actually Eric, as I recall, Eugene won a match with you at Taboo Tuesday. And if my fading memory serves me correctly, I believe the loser of that match had to be the winner's servant for a month. And let me just check the calendar......oh yes, look at that - it's still under a month since that match happened. So, by my reckoning, you have to do whatever young master Eugene tells you to. So if master Eugene wants a Tag Team Title shot, I suggest you give it to him dear chap, before I take matters into my own hands.

The smile on Bischoff's face is replaced by a look of anger, and Bischoff retorts through gritted teeth.

Eric Bischoff: Fine. If that's how you want it. OK then, at Survivor Series, it will be La Resistance defending the Tag Team Titles against Eugene and William Regal

Eugene: Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!

Eugene jumps up and down, clapping his hands, whilst Regal chuckles to himself and Bischoff shakes his head in disgust. (TEW Rating: 67.3)

We cut to see Shawn Michaels walking down on a corridor, on his way to the ring for the main event, before we cut to commercial. (TEW Rating: 88.4)

******Commercial Break*******

World Heavyweight Title Match

Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H ©

As we return from the commercial, the crashing sounds of “The Game” begin to play, and Triple H makes his entrance, sans Evolution. He does his usual posturing and water spit, then gets in the ring ready for his opponent. The opening beats of “Sexy Boy” kick in, and the live crowd go wild. Shawn Michaels appears on the stage, and the crowd cheer even louder. When Michaels eventually reaches the ring and finishes his pyros, referee Earl Hebner checks both men for foreign objects, before ringing the bell to start the match. The collar and elbow tie-up sees Triple H back Michaels into a corner, before slapping him across the face when forced to break by Hebner. As Trips smirks, Michaels responds by decking him with a right hand, much to the crowd’s delight. Michaels goes on the offensive, and a few moves later (in fact, right after a backdrop) he starts tuning up the band, but Triple H bails out of the ring quickly. They do the usual routine where the face chases the heel outside the ring, but the heel ambushes the face as he gets back in, and Triple H takes control of the match. The next few minutes see Triple H working on the knee of Michaels, with various strikes and leglocks designed to restrict Michaels mobility. After wearing the knee down, Triple H gives a nod to his Evolution cohort Ric Flair by applying a figure four leglock! The crowd rally behind Michaels as he fights against the hold, and after fading twice (and having two two-counts against him as his shoulders lay on the ground), Michaels finally turned the hold over, putting the pressure on Triple H. Luckily for Trips, he was close to the ropes and grabbed the bottom rope to force the break. Triple H got back to his feet and tried to whip Michaels into the turnbuckle, but Michaels reversed the whip, and Triple H crashed into the turnbuckle, and contrived to bounce over the top rope and to the floor. When he got back to his feet, Michaels was back on his feet in the ring, limping slightly. Triple H got back in the ring and was rocked by several punches from Michaels, before being dropped by a clothesline. As the fans rallied behind Michaels, he seemed to get a second wind, and he caught Triple H with a DDT as he got to his feet. Michaels kipped up, then grabbed his leg in pain. It wasn’t enough to stop him from climbing to the top rope though, and he flew off with a elbowdrop right into Triple H’s sternum. Michaels made the cover, and Hebner counted – one……….two……….kickout! The crowd gasped as Michaels rolled over and dragged himself back to his feet. Michaels went to the corner, and began tuning up the band once more. The crowd clapped along as Michaels stomped his foot and Trips got to his feet. Michaels surged forward with Sweet Chin Music, but Triple H ducked at the last moment, and Michaels blasted Hebner with the kick instead! Michaels looked in horror at the fallen referee, which allowed Triple H to sneak up behind him and blast him with a low blow. The crowd jeered as Trips locked Michaels up for the Pedigree, but Michaels countered with a backdrop! Both men wearily got to their feet, before Trips tried to hit Michaels with a clothesline. Michaels ducked, then pasted Triple H with Sweet Chin Music!! The crowd erupted as both men collapsed to the mat. With both competitors and the referee down, there was a palpable tension in the air…..which was soon justified as a tall blond man ran to the ring, dressed in vaguely familiar attire

Jim Ross: King, is that who I think it is?

Jerry Lawler: I think it is JR, but what is he wearing?

Jim Ross: That’s definitely Garrison Cade King, but he looks to be wearing a pair of HBK’s tights for some reason!

Cade slid into the ring and stood in the corner. He began stomping his foot, a la Michaels tuning up the band, as both Michaels and Triple H get to their feet. Cade stomps faster and faster, then lunges forward and smacks Michaels with a superkick!! Triple H looks on perplexed as Cade does a Shawn Michaels pose, then runs out of the ring and back to the locker room. Seeing his chance, Triple H makes the cover, just as Hebner starts to stir. Hebner begins the count….. one…………………….two…………………..three! The boos ring throughout the building as Triple H is announced as the winner, and the rest of Evolution hit the ring to help the dazed champion to his feet. The show ends with Triple H groggily holding his World Title aloft in the aisle as Michaels comes to in the ring, wondering what had just happened.

Winner: Triple H by pinfall in 17:24

Match Rating: **1/2

TEW Ratings: 88.6 / 62.8 / 87.6

*************END SHOW*************

So, there it was. My first WWE show was in the books (excuse the pun). I’d managed to carry on the plans that Vince and the rest of the booking team had already mapped out – namely the introduction of Mike Bucci’s “Simon Dean” character to the live show, as well as Lance Cade’s gimmick change, and the turn of Edge. Fortunately, I had ideas of where to go with all three plans, so it’s workable at least.

The current Raw side of the Survivor Series card is as follows:-

World Heavyweight Title Match (If Orton Loses, He Never Gets Another Shot At Triple H)

Triple H © vs. Randy Orton

World Tag Team Title Match

La Resistance © vs. Eugene & William Regal.

I have plans for two more matches on the Raw side, with a more traditional Survivor Series feel to them. I’d like to have had more time to build them up, but what can you do. They’ll be announced / set on next week’s show.

Overall I was happy with the show. The quality of the main event wasn't as good as I’d hoped, but that’s partly my fault for putting two banged up workers in a 17 minute match. Fortunately the hot San Antonio crowd made up for the lack of work rate. Michaels himself had a strong show, with the highest ratings coming during segments he was in. I was particularly pleased with Edge’s turn. The pre-match promo and the match itself all went fantastically, and it should really help Edge’s career along. William Regal’s mic work was excellent as usual, and Shelton Benjamin impressed in the ring.

All in all, not bad for my first day. Now, let’s hope the second is just as good……

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WWE Smackdown

Thursday 4th November 2004

Live from the Centrum Center, Worcester, Massachusetts

Attendance: 7,841 (Capacity 12,239)

Velocity Taping:

The Basham Brothers defeated Shannon Moore & Funaki after the Ball & Gag

Mark Jindrak pinned Billy Gunn after the Mark Of Excellence

Johnny Stamboli defeated Spike Dudley by disqualification after The Dudleys ran in

The Smackdown credits end, and we get a pan shot of the audience. As per the standard set recently, the arena is only about half full, but the cameras do well to hide the fact.

Michael Cole: Hello, and welcome to this special live edition of Smackdown!! I’m Michael Cole, and alongside me is Tazz, and boy are we rocking the Centrum Center tonight!

Tazz: No doubt no doubt Cole. Worcester is the place to be tonight, and have we got a rocketbustah of a show for them

Michael Cole: Indeed we have. Our main event will pit Kurt Angle, leader of this newly formed Honour Society, against Mr. 619 himself, Rey Mysterio!

Tazz: These two guys will be on opposite teams at Survivor Series, so they’ll both be looking to get the psychological advantage here tonight.

Michael Cole: Not only that, but tonight sees the return to action of John Cena, as he teams with Nunzio and Hardcore Holly to take on Billy Kidman, Booker T and Carlito Caribbean Cool!

Tazz: There is some serious bad blood in this match Cole. This one could get ugly fast.

Michael Cole: But up first, the WWE Heavyweight Championship is on the line!! (TEW Rating: 70.2)

WWE Heavyweight Title Match

Scotty 2 Hotty vs. John Bradshaw Layfield © (w/ Orlando Jordan)

Scotty makes his way to the ring to a decent pop, before the Dallas-esque music of JBL starts up, and the WWE Champion makes his way to ring, with Orlando Jordan beside him. JBL stalls before the match starts, insisting on cleansing his hands first. Charles Robinson calls for the bell, and the match begins. JBL dominates the match, using his brute force style to good effect. He hits the Last Call, but doesn’t go for a cover, instead choosing to wind up the crowd. He whips Scotty into the corner, but the idiot charge in backfires as Scotty gets his feet up. JBL staggers back, and Scotty lifts himself onto the second rope before driving JBl face-first into the canvas. The crowd cheer as a mischievous look appears in Scotty’s eyes, and he begins to hop around the ring. The crowd chant along “W-O-R-M” as Scotty bounces around, then drives a chop into the throat of Bradshaw. He makes a cover, but JBL kicks out at two. Scotty whips JBL into the ropes, but JBL ducks the attempted clothesline, then absolutely murders Scotty with the Clothesline From Hell on his return. JBL covers Scotty, and Robinson makes the count – one, two, three. JBL looked angry as his music played, and he picked Scotty up, then drove him into the mat with a Power Bomb. The crowd jeered as JBL & Orlando stood in the ring celebrating

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield by pinfall in 04:03

Match Rating: **3/4

TEW Ratings: 69.3 / 67.2 / 74.9

"You Know It’s The Mack Militant" hits the speakers, and the jeers turn into boos as Theodore Long, the General Manager, comes out onto the stage.

Theodore Long: Now hold it right there playa. Don’t you be haterizing on Scotty, or I’ll be haterizing on yo’ wallet, you feel me? Now Mr. Layfield, I’ve come out here tonight to let you and all these good people know about your Survivor Series match wit’ the Undertaker. You see, as Smackdown General Manager, I’ve got to think about what the fans want, and the almighty dolla dolla bill. So, at Survivor Series, your match wit’ The Undertaker isn’t going to be a normal match. No no Mr Layfield, you see at Survivor Series, it will be you defending the WWE Heavyweight Title against The Undertaker…………in a Texas Death Match! Now do you feel me, playa?

JBL looks on in horror as the crowd cheer the announcement. Orlando Jordan grabs a mic

Orlando Jordan: Wait a minute! You can’t do that! As Mr. Layfield’s Chief Of Staff, I must protest…

Theodore Long: Stop right there playa. I haven’t finished yet. You see, I’m a fair man. Now, seeing as JBL has already wrestled this evening, it’s only fair that The Undertaker has a match tonight. I was trying to think of an opponent, and it struck me – who betta that Mr. Layfield’s Chief Of Staff! (Orlando’s face drops as the crowd cheer). So tonight, it will be Orlando Jordan against The Undertaker, one on one!! Oh, and by the way – if anyone comes to ringside during this match, they will suspended immediately, and stripped of any title they may hold. You feel me?

Long returns to the locker room as Jordan and JBL have a fit in the ring, and we cut to commercial. (TEW Rating: 81.9)

******Commercial Break*******

As we return from commercial, we are backstage, where Josh Matthews is standing with Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak, collectively known as The Honour Society.

Josh Matthews: Kurt, in 10 days at Survivor Series, it will be Eddie Guerrero, The Big Show, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio against The Honour Society in a Survivor Series Match. But the question on everyone’s mind is who is your fourth team member going to be?

Kurt Angle: You know Josh, you’re right. That is the question on everyone’s mind. Unfortunately for everyone else, only three people know the answer – Mark, Luther and myself. And I’ve decided to keep it a secret until next week. You’ll get your answers in due time Josh, but I’ll give you a clue. Our new member is going to be real familiar to one of our opponents.

Kurt smirks into the camera

Josh Matthews: Well, let’s move on to tonight then. Later on Luther Reigns is going to be facing The Big Show, whilst in the main event you will take on Rey Mysterio. Is this a chance for you to get a psychological advantage ahead of Survivor Series?

Kurt looks incredulously at Matthews

Kurt Angle: What sort of question is that? Of course it is! Tonight, Luther Reigns is going to cut The Big Bald Show down to size, and then I’m going to take that human pinball Rey Mysterio and show him what real frickin’ wrestling is all about. And then we’ll do it again at Survivor Series, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Oh it’s true, it’s damn true.

Kurt stares intently into the camera, before the three men walk off (TEW Rating: 82.1)

#1 Contenders Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles

The Dudley Boys vs. Haas & Rico (w/ Miss Jackie)

As we return to ringside, Michael Cole informs us that this match is to decide who will face Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki for the WWE Tag Team Titles at Survivor Series. “Drop The Bombshell” kicks in, signaling the arrival of The Dudleys. Bubba Ray baits some fans as they await their opponents. “You Look So Good To Me” starts to play, and the crowd cheer as Rico, Charlie Haas and a skimpily dressed Miss Jackie come to the ring. The match starts with Haas & D-Von, with Haas using his amateur experience to ground D-Von. An exchange of tags with Rico allows Rico to get his comedy spots in, including slapping D-Von’s ass and trying to ride him. However, the tide turns when Bubba Ray blindsides Rico with a hard clothesline. The Dudleys make quick tags to control the match and keep Rico in their corner, with the usual illegal tactics behind the referee’s back. Rico caught a break when the Dudleys attempted a double backdrop, and Rico kicked D-Von in the chest, then leveled Bubba Ray with a roundhouse kick. Rico made the hot tag to Haas, who came in and took on both Dudleys. A clothesline for D-Von was followed by a dropkick for Bubba. D-Von caught Haas from behind and whipped him towards the turnbuckle, only for Haas to leap up, bounce off the top rope and level D-Von with a twisting axhandle. Rico re-entered the ring to fight Bubba Ray, and all four men brawled. Suddenly, Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki hit the ring, armed with their title belts. Dupree leveled Haas as Suzuki dropped D-Von, before turning their attention to Rico & Bubba Ray respectively. Referee Jim Cordairis was forced to call for the bell, declaring the match a no contest. Suzuki & Dupree headed back to the locker room with smiles on their faces as their would-be opponents lay down in the ring.

Winners: No contest due to interference in 06:12

Match Rating: **1/2

TEW Ratings: 65.2 / 62.4 / 69.5

We see a replay of what just happened, then cut to Suzuki and Dupree walking backstage, laughing at what they had done. As they turn the corner, Theodore Long is standing in front of them.

Theodore Long: Holla playas. Now, I gotta admit, that was pretty cute. No winner to the match, so I guess that means there is no number one contender, and that means you don’t have a match at Survivor Series

Suzuki and Dupree smile broadly, with a air of smugness about them

Theodore Long: On the other hand, this is Survivor Series we’re talking about. One of the biggest pay per views of the year, and we’ve gotta think about the dolla dolla. Think about it, Raw will be defending their Tag Team Titles. We all know that Smackdown is tha place to be, but what kinda message would it send out if I gave our Tag Champs the night off? You feel me?

Suzuki & Dupree look concerned

Theodore Long: So, here’s what I’m gonna do. At Survivor Series, it will be Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree, defending the WWE Tag Team Titles, against The Dudley Boys……… and Charlie Haas & Rico! It will be a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles. Now I’ll see you playas later.

Long walks away as Suzuki and Dupree look visibly distressed at his announcement. (TEW Rating: 73.3)

Orlando Jordan vs. The Undertaker

As we return to the ring, we see Orlando Jordan nervously waiting in the ring. Then, a gong sounds and the arena lights go out, and the haunting music of The Undertaker begins to play. The Dead Man appears through the blue smoke, and the crowd go crazy. After he’s completed his ritual walk to the ring, he stares a hole through Jordan, who is visibly panicking. The bell rings, and Jordan charges towards Taker. He unleashes a flurry of rights and lefts, and Taker just stands there. Jordan realizes it’s not working, but it’s too late as Taker flattens him with an uppercut. Taker proceeds to methodically brutalize Jordan, hitting the side slam, snake eyes, big boot and even the “Old School” armwringer. With Jordan down and out, Taker signals for the end. He lifts Jordan by the throat, then almost puts him through the mat with a devastating Choke Slam. Taker makes the cover and gets the easy three count, mercifully ending the match.

Winner: The Undertaker by pinfall in 05:12

Match Rating: **1/4

TEW Ratings: 68.9 / 59.4 / 69.3

However, it seems that The Undertaker isn’t finished, as he grabs Jordan by the throat again. He delivers a second Choke Slam to JBL’s Chief Of Staff, even more vicious than the last. With a cold look of disdain, The Undertaker rolls Jordan out of the ring, then lifts him onto his shoulder and walks up to the top of the stage. Taker runs his thumb along his throat, then drives Jordan into the steel with a Tombstone. Jordan’s legs convulse as referee’s come out to stop the carnage, but Taker isn’t done. He pulls the unconscious Jordan to his feet, and slaps his hand around his neck once more. He walks Jordan to the side of the stage, then lifts him up and delivers a huge Choke Slam off the stage. Jordan crash lands through a table below, and the crowd erupts into a “Holy Shit!” chant. Taker stands on the stage and rolls his eyes into his head as EMT’s rush to the broken body of Johnson below, and we go to a commercial. (TEW Rating: 69.4)

******Commercial Break*******

We return from commercial to a Rob Van Dam “Desire” video, highlighting the in-ring skills of “Mr. Thursday Night”. (TEW Rating: 72.4)

Luther Reigns vs. The Big Show

We return to ringside as Luther Reigns is entering the ring. As he warms up in the ring, “Welllll…….It’s The Big Show” is heard throughout the arena, and Show comes out to a good ovation. The match gets underway with a collar and elbow tie-up, which sees Reigns tossed across the ring by Show. Reigns tries again, and the exact same thing happens. Third time lucky maybe? Nope, Reigns is tossed across the ring once more, much to his annoyance. He changes tactics, and runs at Show, who calmly lifts his leg and kicks Reigns in the face. Show batters Reigns in the corner with some hard slaps to the chest, before a clothesline knocks Reigns to the outside. Show gives chase, allowing Reigns to slide back into the ring and cut off Show as he tries to get back in. Reigns lays into Show, trying to keep him grounded, before resorting to a chinlock. After what seemed like an eternity (but in reality was closer to a minute and a half), Show began the face comeback, eventually getting to his knees, then standing up, with Reigns on his back, chinlock still applied. Show then dropped backwards, crushing Reigns beneath him. With both men down, some sections of the crowd tried to rally behind Show (the other section had seemingly headed to the merchandise stands). Both men got up, and Show blocked an attempted punch from Reigns, then dropped him with a headbutt. He followed up with a big bodyslam, and the Hog Log, which got a two. Show got back to his feet, and motioned for the Choke Slam. Reigns staggered to his feet, and Show grabbed him by the throat. Suddenly, Mark Jindrak was in the ring, and he drove his forearm into Show’s back. Show let go of Reigns as Brian Hebner called for the bell, and turned his attention to Jindrak. Jindrak backed off, but the distraction allowed Reigns to nail Show with a low blow. With Show momentarily stunned, Jindrak and Reigns high-tailed it out of the ring and back towards the locker room, leaving an angry Big Show in the ring.

Winner: The Big Show by disqualification in 08:24

Match Rating: **1/4

TEW Ratings: 58.5 / 55.6 / 55.4

We then see a hype video for Survivor Series, focusing on the clash between JBL & The Undertaker for the WWE Heavyweight Title. (TEW Rating: 82.4)

As the video ends, the camera is backstage with Josh Matthews, who is standing alongside the United States Champion, Carlito Caribbean Cool, who is polishing up an apple on his shirt.

Josh Matthews: Carlito, a few weeks ago there were allegations that you were involved in the attack on John Cena that put him on the injury list. This week, Cena returns to action in the upcoming 6 man Tag Match, and he’s sure to be gunning for you. Your thoughts?

Carlito Caribbean Cool: My thoughts Josh? I think that this apple looks delicious. That’s cool. I think you look like a boy band reject. That’s not cool. I think John Cena blames Carlito for his injuries. That’s not cool. But most importantly, I think that tonight, in the 6 man tag match, I’m going to beat John Cena again. And that, my friend, is most definitely………cool.

Carlito laughs to himself, then walks away, playing catch with the apple. (TEW Rating: 35.0)

******Commercial Break*******

As we return from commercial, “Basic Thuganomics” kicks in, and the Massachusetts crowd goes wild as John Cena makes his return to Smackdown after a few weeks out injured. Cena gets to the ring and takes the microphone from Tony Chimel

John Cena: Yo, yo, yo!! Cut my music!

And like that, the music stops

John Cena: Damn it’s good to be back. Worcester make some noise!!!!

The crowd cheer wildly for Cena

John Cena: Tonight the franchise is back, and he’s here to take names; But I ain’t no Triple H bitch, I don’t like playing games; First we have Kidman, and his Shooting Star Press; And his nice velvet jacket which might as well be a dress; Then his first partner, the United States champ; he must like tents, he dresses real camp; And like Mr. T, I pity the fool; I mean, what sort of name is Carlito Caribbean Cool?; And last we have Booker T, can you dig that sucka?; Probably not, he’s one dumb motha….

Cena trails off as the crowd complete the couplet for him (much to UPN’s delight I’m sure), and Nunzio’s music kicks in. (TEW Rating: 87.3)

John Cena, Nunzio & Hardcore Holly vs. Billy Kidman, Booker T & Carlito Caribbean Cool

With the faces in the ring, the heels make their respective entrances, and the match begins with Cena and Carlito, but before they lock up, Carlito tags out to Booker T. Booker & Cena lock up, and Cena gets the early advantage. A couple of clothesline later, and Booker T bails out, tagging Kidman in, whilst Cena brings in Holly. Holly bullies Kidman, laying into him with stiff forearm shots, before whipping him into the ropes and backdropping him across the ring. Holly swiftly tags Nunzio, who takes over on Kidman. Nunzio suplexes Kidman for a two count, but Kidman reverses an attempted irish-whip and hits Nunzio with a short-arm clothesline. Kidman tags Booker back in, and the heels begin to dominate. A spinebuster from Booker gets a two count, as does a standing dropkick from Kidman and a snap suplex from Carlito. After playing face in peril for a few minutes, Nunzio tries to tag in Cena after diving through Booker’s legs, but Carlito distracts referee Charles Robinson, who doesn’t see the tag made and so sends Cena out again. Finally, a desperation enzuiguri from Nunzio on Kidman allows Nunzio to make the tag to Cena, as Kidman tags in Carlito. Carlito backs off, but Cena roars in and levels him with a clothesline. Booker T runs in, and is promptly tossed over the top rope, whilst Kidman is treated to a powerslam. A shouldertackle on Carlito sets up the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, and Cena makes the cover…….one………..two……….th- the cover is broken by Booker T. The match breaks down, as all 6 men start fighting. Nunzio catches Kidman with the Arrivaderchi in the melee, but before he can get to his feet, Booker T flattens him with the Scissors Kick. Booker celebrates with a Spinarooni, but he spins up right into an Alabama Slam by Hardcore Holly!! Holly has little time to react though, as Carlito kicks him in the gut and drives him down with the C-C-T (Snap DDT). But no sooner is Carlito up and smiling, Cena is standing behind him with an even bigger smile on his face. Carlito turns round to see Cena doing the “You Can’t See Me” taunt, before hoisting Carlito onto his shoulders, then driving him down with the F-U! In the midst of all this, Charles Robinson tries to regain order, and as Cena & Carlito spill outside, he tries to eject Kidman & Holly. Nunzio is getting to his knees by the ropes, when Spike Dudley charges down to the ring. Spike smacks Nunzio in the head with the Cruiserweight Title, and Nunzio staggers back into Booker T, who rolls Nunzio up with a schoolboy. Robinson turns around, and having forgotten who the legal men are, he counts – one……….two………three. The bell rings, but the brawling doesn’t stop. Cena and Carlito are still brawling around ringside, whilst Booker T rolls out of the ring and attacks Hardcore Holly from behind. Meanwhile, Spike Dudley motions something to Billy Kidman, who nods and heads towards the top turnbuckle. Spike is holding Nunzio’s legs, keeping him in position for what looks like will be the Shooting Star Press. A wave of cheers goes up, and we see Paul London charging down the aisle! The returning London climbs onto the apron and shoves Kidman off the turnbuckle, sending him crashing to the outside. London gets in the ring, but Spike Dudley quickly scarpers, just as Booker T and Carlito are retreating up the ramp too.

Winners: Kidman, Booker & Carlito by pinfall in 09:25

Match Rating: **3/4

TEW Ratings: 56.9 / 65.3 / 58.9

But before they can get there, “Mack Militant” kicks in once more, and Theodore Long makes an appearance again.

Theodore Long: Well, well, well, it seems what we have here is a good old-fashioned thuggin’ and buggin’! Now, I was sitting back in mah office, watching this whole thing go down, when it suddenly struck me. We have Kidman, Spike, Booker and Carlito fighting with Nunzio, Paul London, Hardcore Holly and John Cena. That’s 4 guys on each side, all trying to beat tha hell outta each other. Now, I don’t know if you playas all know or not, but in 10 days we have Survivor Series, and at Survivor Series, they have this tradition of teams of four beating tha hell outta each other in a Survivor Series Match! So, let me holla at y’all. At Survivor Series, it will be Spike Dudley, Billy Kidman, Booker T & Carlito Caribbean Cool against Nunzio, Hardcore Holly, Paul London and John Cena! Now do you feel me?

The crowd cheer as the faces nod in approval, whilst the heels make threatening gestures in the aisle, and we cut to commercial. (TEW Rating: 65.0)

******Commercial Break*******

Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle (w/ Luther Reigns)

We come back from commercial, and the trumpets kick in as “Medal” begins to play, and Kurt Angle comes to the ring, being flanked by Luther Reigns. Then the familiar sounds of Rey Mysterio’s theme kick in, and the crowd give him a great ovation. The match begins with Mysterio outmaneuvering Angle, ducking under his attempts to grab him and striking him quickly. Mysterio gets a few armdrags in, then a spinning heel kick sends Angle through the ropes and too the floor, where he kicks the apron drape in frustration. Angle gets back in the ring, and this time he catches Mysterio and takes him down with an amateur style waistlock. Angle quickly shifts to a front facelock, which Mysterio twists out of, then kips up and smacks Angle with a dropkick to the chest. Angle once again falls out of the ring, but this time Mysterio follows him with a plancha, much to the crowd’s delight. Mysterio climbs back onto the apron, checks back, then jumps onto the middle rope and flies backwards with an asai moonsault. Sadly for Mysterio, Angle moves and Mysterio crashes to the mat, where he clutches his knee. Angle rolls into the ring to break the count, then rolls back out and stomps on Mysterio, before rolling him back in the ring. From there on, Angle is like a shark sensing blood, going straight for Mysterio’s knee and ankle. Angle uses the ropes to his advantage, using them almost as a third arm for wrapping Mysterio’s ankle round. After several minutes of abuse, Angle tries for the Ankle Lock, but Mysterio grabs the bottom rope instantly. Angle argues with Nick Patrick about it, allowing Mysterio to drag himself up. Angle charges at Mysterio on seeing this, but Mysterio ducks and Angle crashes into the ringpost shoulderfirst. Mysterio hobbles out of the corner and tries to irish whip Angle, but Angle puts the brakes on, then pulls Mysterio back towards him and throws him across the ring with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Angle’s cover only gets him two though, but he follows up by drilling Mysterio with three consecutive German Suplexes. He makes the cover, and Patrick counts…..one……….two….kickout at two by Mysterio! Angle looks frustrated now, and begins to stalk Mysterio who is slow to getting his feet. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but Mysterio rotates his body and drives Angle’s head to the mat with a modified tornado DDT! The crowd rally behind Mysterio as both men groggily get up, but the still limping Mysterio wins the race and catches Angle with some right hands. Angle reverses an irish whip, but Mysterio comes back with the “Rube Goldberg” bulldog, getting a two count. Another quick roll-up garners another two, but an attempted cross body misses. Angle quickly picks him up and tries again for the Angle Slam, but Mysterio slides out of the back, and as Angle turns round Mysterio takes him down with a drop toehold, and Angle lands neck-first on the second rope. The crowd roar in anticipation as Mysterio signals for the 6-1-9, but as he runs the rope Luther Reigns reaches in and trips him, torquing the ankle some more. Mysterio gets up and argues with Reigns, but the distraction is fatal, as Angle has recovered and scoots behind Mysterio. Angle picks the leg, bringing Mysterio to the mat, and applies the Ankle Lock once more. With nowhere to go Mysterio is forced to tap out, giving Angle the match. Patrick calls for the bell, but Angle won’t break the hold, and Reigns joins in by stomping on Mysterio. A loud cheer goes up, and we see Rob Van Dam and Eddie Guerrero storming the ring. Angle releases the hold and he and Reigns quickly leave the ring. The show ends with Van Dam and Guerrero tending to Mysterio, as Angle and Reigns gloat in the aisle.

Winner: Kurt Angle by submission in 15:26

Match Rating: ***3/4

TEW Ratings: 80.4 / 86.8 / 86.4

*********END SHOW************

And my first Smackdown was done too. It wasn’t as good as Raw, but the show was saved by the stellar main event and the excellent mic work of Angle and John Cena. However, the crowd didn’t like the Carlito promo at all. Maybe he’s just not popular in Massachusetts?

On the booking side of things, The Dudleys weren’t happy with what I proposed for their match, but who are the Dudleys to question me?!! So I went ahead with it anyway. I’m sure they won’t be too unhappy for too long.

I’m thankful that Vince saw fit to pull the plug on his WWE Films endeavours. Smackdown is lacking something at the moment, and losing John Cena for a prolonged period of time wouldn’t have helped at all.

Still, I have strict instructions from Vince from what he wanted to go down at Survivor Series, so I had to stick to them, but at least he gives me the freedom to write it as I choose.

With that said, here is the current Survivor Series card:

Texas Death Match for the WWE Heavyweight Title

John Bradshaw Layfield © vs. The Undertaker

World Heavyweight Title Match (If Orton Loses, He Never Gets Another Shot At Triple H)

Triple H © vs. Randy Orton

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles:

Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree © vs. Charlie Haas & Rico vs. The Dudley Boys

World Tag Team Title Match

La Resistance © vs. Eugene & William Regal.

Survivor Series Match:

The Honour Society (Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak & Mystery Partner) vs. Eddie Guerrero, The Big Show, Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio

Survivor Series Match:

John Cena, Paul London, Nunzio & Hardcore Holly vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool, Booker T, Spike Dudley & Billy Kidman.

Edited by Rabid Wolverine
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Wrestling Observer Round-Up

Posted by Dave Meltzer on Sunday 7th November 2004

This week's edition of Raw pulled in 908,622 viewers, whilst Smackdown drew 947,781. Raw was the better show, but I guess there's no accounting for taste!

In other media news, The Rock will be appearing on "Off The Record", to be screened on November 15th. On the same night, Eddie Guerrero will be making an appearance on "The Late Show", and a few days later on the 18th you will see Randy Orton appearing on "Late Night".

The effects of Pat Patterson's resignation are still being felt at the company. It is believed that Gerald Briscoe's contract will not be renewed when it expires soon. Word has it that several contracts are coming up in the next 90 days, and several workers are not going to be offered new deals. Names I've heard mentioned are Gene Snitsky (would explain the massacre he received from Kane at Taboo Tuesday), Orlando Jordan (no surprise there, given what happened on Smackdown) and perhaps more surprisingly, Jazz. There is also talk the developmental contracts of Linda Miles and Melina Perez will not be renewed either. Interestingly, it is believed that Jon Heidenreich has been offered a contract extension, but with the proviso that he spends some more time in OVW. Again, this would explain why he was decimated by the Undertaker on Smackdown in late October.

Backstage sources tell me that there was an altercation backstage at Raw this week involving The Hurricane and William Regal. The incident didn't amount to much itself, but I've been told there is definately bad feeling between the two.

As we saw on Raw this past week, it looks as though the WWE are going ahead with Garrison Cade's "H.B. Cade" gimmick. Whilst too early to pass judgement, I will say - remember fake Razor & Diesel.............?

Recent house shows suggest that both Chuck Palumbo & Val Venis will be repackaged soon. Management feel that Venis' pornstar gimmick has long past it's sell by date, and Palumbo's complete lack of any gimmick at all is killing his career. Venis has been working under the Sean Morley name at house shows, but it remains to be seen if the change will make it to television.

After impressing officials with his in-ring shape and crowd reaction during his two-shot deal before No Mercy, it appears as if the WWE has approached Dave "Gangrel" Heath with regards to a full-time return. No word on if a deal has been struck yet, nor which brand he would be placed on should he return.

Finally, both Tom Carter (formerly Reckless Youth) and Keven Martel (nephew of "The Model" Rick Martel) have been offered developmental deals by the WWE. Martel is very interested apparently, but Carter may not be so keen, and may instead favour a return to Ring Of Honour.

That's all for this week, see you same time next week

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Monday 8th November 2004

Live from the Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Attendance: 7,097 (Capacity 10,594)

International Sunday Night Heat Taping:

Gail Kim made Victoria submit to the Christo

Val Venis pinned Rodney Mack after the Money Shot

Maven defeated Stevie Richards with the Missile Dropkick

The opening montage ends, and get the usual pyro and crowd shots to open Raw.

Jim Ross: Hello everyone, and welcome to Monday Night Raw! I’m Jim Ross, and beside me is Jerry “The King” Lawler, and we are 6 days away from Survivor Series!

Jerry Lawler: I can feel it in the air JR, it’s going to be a wild night tonight!

Jim Ross: It sure is King, and bah gawd do we have a main event for you tonight! After what happened last week, a huge 6 man tag match has been signed, where Edge will team with his seemingly new friends Ric Flair and Batista to take on the trio of Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit

Jerry Lawler: Benoit was royally pissed at what happened to him last week at the hands of Edge, but now it looks as if Edge is being backed by Evolution, and the trouble could just be beginning for Benoit.

Jim Ross: Also tonight, we will see Randy Orton, 6 days away from what could be his last title shot, take on the sadistic Big Red Machine, Kane!

Jerry Lawler: And you can bet that Triple H had a hand in getting that match booked just six days before he is due to face Orton for the World Title

Jim Ross: And not only that, but we will also see Garrison Cade in action, and after what he did to Shawn Michaels last week, he’s gotta have one eye on the Showstopper.

Jerry Lawler: Well JR, my sources tell me that HBK is in the building tonight, and he isn’t in a good mood. If I were Cade, I’d watch my back….. (TEW Rating: 74.2)

Before Lawler can finish, the strains of Motorhead fill the arena as "Evolution" plays. Boos ring around the arena as Triple H leads Ric Flair and Batista to the ring, where he takes a microphone.

Triple H: Seems like every week I come out here, then someone else comes out here, tries to steal my thunder, but ends up getting his ass beaten. Though I must admit, it was a great feeling to beat Shawn Michaels in his hometown. (Crowd boos). Now, now, don’t try and blame me for what happened. It was plainly evident that Shawn screwed Shawn. I mean, he superkicked himself in the face! (Crowd boos some more as HHH laughs). But that was last week, let’s talk about this week. You see, this Sunday at Survivor Series, I’m going to defend my World Title against Randy Orton. Well, that’s assuming that Randy survives Kane tonight at any rate. But if he does somehow make it to Cleveland, let me tell you something Randy – make the most of your shot, because it’s the last one you’re gonna get. As you lay on that canvas, staring at the lights, just remember who it was that got your career started, and who it is who’s just finished it – me, The Game.

The crowd boos loudly, and a small “Randy” chant breaks out.

Triple H: Now that’s out of the way, let’s move on to something more pleasant. Last week, one man took the step from potential into greatness. One man showed he had all the skills to pass everyone else by. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the newest member of Evolutiion………………….EDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“You Think You Know Me” kicks in, and the arena fills with boos as Edge cockily walks to the ring, with a smug smile on his face. He slides into the ring and shakes hands with Batista, then with Flair, before hugging Triple H. Triple H hands Edge the microphone

Edge: You know all I’ve heard the past week is why Edge? Why did you turn your back on Chris Benoit? Why have you joined Evolution? Why? WHY?! Because I’m sick and tired of being overlooked by everyone, that’s why! Go back to Vengeance. You people were cheering for Randy Orton during my match with him. Then I go to SummerSlam in my home town of Toronto, and you people cheer for Chris Jericho instead of me! And then, just to make it worse, at Taboo Tuesday, you people voted for an over-the-hill, two faced has-been to get a title shot instead of me. I get stuck in a worthless tag match with the toothless wonder, who has the gall to accuse me of costing us the match! I’m a 10 time tag team champion, a former U.S. Champion, a former Intercontinental Champion and a former King Of The Ring. I deserve some respect! Then Triple H came to me. He knew what I could do, he knew how good I was. So when he offered me a spot in Evolution, I jumped at the chance. Chris, I warned you last week that I was going to change the face of Evolution forever. Tonight, I’m going to settle for changing your face forever. You people think you know me? You don’t know the half of it.

“Evolution” kicks in once more, and we cut to a commercial. (TEW Rating: 79.1)

******Commercial Break*******

We return from commercial to see Garrison Cade, once again dressed like Shawn Michaels, standing by with Jonathan Coachman.

Jonathan Coachman: Garrison, last week you made one hell of an impact here on Raw. Tonight, you’re up against Maven, but reports tell us that Shawn Michaels is here tonight, and he’s looking for you. Your thoughts?

Garrison Cade: Well Coach, it’s like this. Everyone knows that H.B. Cade is an icon. H.B. Cade is the main event. H.B. Cade is the show-stoppah!! And H.B.Cade isn’t scared of some punk kid from the Rockers, that’s for sure. So tonight, I’m gonna go out there and entertain all my fans, like only H.B. Cade can.

Cade walks off, and Coach hands back to JR & The King. (TEW Rating: 58.8)

Garrison “H.B.” Cade vs. Maven

Maven comes out to a mild pop, but the initial cheer that greets “Sexy Boy” soon turns into boos as Garrison Cade makes his way out. The match gets underway with Maven rocking Cade with a couple of right hands, but Cade soons gets control. A belly-to-back suplex gives Cade the chance to climb to the top rope, before he flies off with a beautiful Flying Elbowdrop. Cade lies beside Maven post-impact, then after a few seconds he kips up (much to the disgust of the crowd). Cade stands in the corner, then begins tuning up the band as Maven gets to his feet. Maven gets up, and Cade moves in and flattens him with the Superkick (or, as Lawler calls it, “Sweet Cade Music”). Cade arrogantly makes the cover, and Chris Kay makes the count – one……..two…….three.

Winner: Garrison Cade by pinfall in 03:24

Match Rating: **1/2

TEW Ratings: 52.0 / 66.2 / 60.4

Cade gets to his feet, and does a posedown in the ring. The boos of the crowd quickly turn to cheers, and Cade turns around to see Shawn Michaels haring down the aisle and to the ring. Cade bolts from the ring and vaults over the security barrier, and dashes off through the crowd, with Michaels in close pursuit. Just as it seems Michaels is about to catch him, Cade jumps in a taxi waiting outside the arena, and the taxi quickly drives off, leaving Michaels standing frustrated on the sidewalk. (TEW Rating: 70.6)

Chuck Palumbo & Stevie Richards vs. Eugene & William Regal

Back at ringside, and the faux-Rocky music of Eugene kicks in, and the crowd cheer as Eugene comes to the ring, with William Regal in tow. Palumbo & Richards are already in the ring, looking on as Eugene waves to the crowd and excitedly pulls his jacket over his head. The match gets underway, and Regal dominates Palumbo, with stiff forearm and knee strikes. A butterfly suplex convinces Palumbo to tag out, and Richards comes in. Regal takes him down to the mat, then tags in Eugene. Eugene unloads with rights and lefts on Richards, then nails an atomic drop on him. Palumbo runs in, but Eugene avoids his strike and nails him with the Stunner! Palumbo staggers backwards into William Regal, who flips him over with a half nelson suplex (and Palumbo lands quite nastily on his head). Meanwhile, Eugene lifts Richards up and spins him around with the airplane spin, then puts him down and delivers the Rock Bottom! Eugene puts Richards in position, then does the People’s Elbow!! Eugene makes the cover, and Chad Patton counts the three!

Winners: Eugene & William Regal by pinfall in 05:38

Match Rating: **3/4

TEW Ratings: 48.7 / 75.6 / 65.4

Eugene gets up and starts running round the ring, arms outstretched, as Regal tries to calm him down, when La Resistance hit the ring and start attacking. La Resistance get the advantage initially, but Grenier tries to ram Eugene’s head into the turnbuckle, and instead enrages him. As Conway is battering Regal in the corner, Eugene fights back on Grenier, rocking him with hard right hands. Regal manages to turn the tide on Conway, and knocks him out of the ring with a clothesline over the top rope. As Eugene continues to attack, Grenier reaches up and pokes him in the eye. Eugene yelps in pain and staggers back. Regal goes to him to help, but as he places his hand on Eugene’s shoulder, Eugene instinctively nails Regal with the Rock Bottom! Grenier and Conway retreat back to the locker room, laughing as Eugene realizes what he’s done and tries to tend to Regal. (TEW Rating: 57.8)

******Commercial Break*******

As we return from commercial, we are “treated” to a vignette of A-Train being trained by Simon Dean. We see A-Train doing star jumps as Dean shouts on encouragement / abuse, before A-Train sits down, seemingly exhausted, and Dean congratulates him on his excellent start to the Simon System (TEW Rating: 46.6)

A-Train vs. Rosey

Rosey is in the ring waiting, and the familiar music of A-Train begins. He is lead to the ring by Simon Dean, who hands out “Simon System” leaflets to the fans as he passes them by. The match itself is a brutal affair (in more ways than one), as the two big men slug it out. A-Train gets the upper hand, and a pump kick gets him a count of two. He tries for the Train Wreck, but Rosey proves to heavy to lift, and this enables Rosey to backdrop A-Train out of it. A-Train gets to his feet, near the turnbuckles, and Rosey charges in looking for an avalanche. A-Train avoids the contact though, and Rosey crashes sternum first into the turnbuckle. As Rosey staggers out of the corner, A-Train clasps him by the throat with both hands, then hits the Derailer! A-Train makes the cover as Dean claps at ringside, and Jack Doan counts the three! Dean enters the ring and congratulates A-Train, then points to Rosey and says something to A-Train. A-Train stomps on Rosey, which prompts The Hurricane to run to the ring. However, as he slides into the ring, Dean cuts him off and begins stomping him down too. With the superheroes being dominated, the crowd mildly cheers as Rhyno and Tajiri run down to the ring. Realising they will be outnumbered, Dean and A-Train leave the ring, leaving Tajiri and Rhyno to help the Hurricane and Rosey

Winner: A-Train by pinfall in 04:52

Match Rating: *1/4

TEW Ratings: 52.4 / 61.6 / 36.3

We then get a “Smackdown Rebound” video, which highlights last weeks Smackdown. We see Theodore Long make the JBL / Undertaker match at Survivor Series a Texas Death Match, followed by The Undertaker destroying Orlando Jordan. We get a clip of John Cena’s return, including his comment about Triple H, and the 6 man tag match, and end with highlights of Angle defeating Mysterio. (TEW Rating: 89.6)

As the video finishes, we cut backstage to see Triple H and Ric Flair watching the video on a monitor, and Triple H looking angry

Triple H: Who in the hell does that John Cena think he is? He thinks he’s gonna make a name for himself by making jokes at my expense? It’s lucky for him he’s on Smackdown, or I’d beat him within an inch of his life.

Ric Flair: Champ, don’t let it get to you. All throughout my career I had young punks trying to make a name for themselves at my expense. But look who’s still the Nature Boy. Punks like Cena come and go. Legends like you – they’re one in a million.

Triple H: You know what Naitch, you’re right. That’s why you’re the Nature Boy. I am a legend. And this is one legend that Randy Orton will never kill. Especially with you guys in my corner this Sunday.

Flair looks slightly uneasy at this.

Ric Flair: About that Hunter……... Do you really need us out there this Sunday? I mean, you’re Triple H. You’re the game. You’re the World Heavyweight Champion! You don’t need me, or Batista, or Edge. You can beat Randy Orton on your own.

The cocky smile on Triple H’s face is replaced by a stern, almost angry look

Triple H: What you saying Ric? You don’t want to be in Evolution’s corner this Sunday?

Ric Flair: All I’m saying champ is you don’t need us to beat Orton do you? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll support you all the way, but a true champion can fight his own battles.

Triple H stares at Flair as the crowd gasps at the last comment.

Triple H: Don’t you worry Naitch. I can fight my own battles. Just make sure you guys are in my corner this Sunday.

Triple H storms out of the room, as Flair looks slightly worried. (TEW Rating: 90.1)

Kane vs. Randy Orton

We return to the ring, and red light bathes the arena as “Slow Chemical” plays, and Kane makes his way to the ring. After setting off the ringpost pyro, “Take What's Mine” starts up, and the crowd cheer as Randy Orton makes his entrance. Orton slides into the ring and goes right for Kane, peppering him with right hands. Kane is rocked, but responds with an uppercut that knocks Orton down. Kane’s methodical attack dominates the match, with Orton getting short bursts of offence in. Just after five minutes, Kane whips Orton into the ropes, only for Orton to come off the ropes with a flying forear, staggering the Big Red Machine. Sensing a chance, Orton waits as Kane gets up, then hits a picture-perfect dropkick, knocking Kane down. Orton climbs to the top and comes off with a flying cross body press, only for Kane to catch him in mid-air and almost break him in half with a backbreaker. The resulting cover gets Kane a two count, and Kane intimdates referee Mike Chioda, complaining about the count. As Orton struggles back to his feet, Kane stalks him, arm in the air, signaling that the end is near. Orton turns round and Kane grabs him by the throat, but before he can do anything else Orton kicks him in the gut. Kane releases the grip, and in a flash Orton delivers another dropkick, and this one sends Kane through the ropes and to the mat. Enraged, Kane grabs a chair from ringside and slides into the ring. Chioda tells Kane to put the chair down, so Kane grabs him by the head and tosses him out of the ring. Kane waits for Orton to get up, then plasters him with a chairshot to the head, busting Orton wide open as Chioda calls for the bell. Kane looks down on the unconscious Orton and cracks a sick smile, as JR & Lawler wonder what damage Orton has sustained just six days from his match with Triple H.

Winner: Randy Orton by disqualification in 09:25

Match Rating: ***1/4

TEW Ratings: 80.6 / 75.7 / 78.8

******Commercial Break*******

As we come back from commercial, we see the set for the Hi-Lite Reel set-up in the ring, with Chris Jericho standing in the middle.

Chris Jericho Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Hi-Lite Reel!! I am your host, the Highlight of the Night, the Ayatollah of Rock-and-Rollah, the Intercontinental Champion, Y2J himself, Chris Jericho! And tonight, I have two special guests, so without further ado, let me introduce Shelton Benjamin and Chris Benoit!

“Whatever” plays, and Benoit and Benjamin come to the ring to a healthy pop

Chris Jericho: Chris, Shelton, later on tonight we are going to be facing Ric Flair, Batista and Edge. Now, Chris, I know that you in particular can’t wait to get your hands on Edge, after this happened last week

The JeriTron 5000 plays the clip of Edge spearing Benoit, and joining Evolution.

Chris Jericho: I mean, I know that Edge has been getting his panties in a bunch recently, but he must be really out of it if he wants to join up with the big dumb animal, the 300 year old and the biggest nose in wrestling today.

Chris Benoit: You know something Chris, Edge talked about why earlier tonight. But what Edge doesn’t seem to understand is that I don’t care why, or who or how. But Edge, you should care about where and when. That being where and when I catch up with you and put you in the hospital. They call me the Crippler for a reason, and when I put that Crossface on you, it’s going to take an army to get it off.

Chris Jericho: Now it’s common knowledge that Evolution think they run Raw, but I for one am sick of seeing Triple H and his goons come out here every week thinking they own the place. I know that you’re sick of it too Chris, and Shelton…..

Before he can finish, “I’m Back” hits the P.A., and Eric Bischoff marches out onto stage. (TEW Rating: 80.4)

Eric Bischoff: You know, it seems like there is an awful lot of complaining coming from that ring right now. I don’t know where you get the idea that Evolution run this show from. I am the General Manager of Raw, and I run the show. Evolution happen to be close personal friends of mine, and what you’re saying about them is borderline slander. I mean, we’ve got Jericho insulting them, Benoit threatening them, and Shelton… well Shelton looks like he’s up to something. So, after consultation with Evolution, I’ve come up with a solution, which happily also lets me take care of another situation at the same time. This Sunday, at Survivor Series, it will be an 8 man Survivor Series Match. On one side of the ring will be Garrison Cade, Batista, Edge & Ric Flair, and on the other side of the ring will be Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels!!!

The crowd cheer, and the three men in the ring look quite happy with the announcement, as Bischoff returns to the back. (TEW Rating: 80.1)

Christian (w/ Tyson Tomko) vs. Rhyno

The next match sees Rhyno take on Christian in singles action. Christian is accompanied to the ring by Tyson Tomko. Rhyno’s impact based offense allowed him to get the better of the early exchanges, with several clotheslines, shoulderblocks and a powerslam all featuring. An early Gore attempt backfired when Christian moved and Rhyno crashed into the turnbuckle, allowing Christian to take over. Christian scored near falls with a belly-to-back suplex and a diving reverse DDT, but Rhyno managed to avoid the three count on both occasions. Christian tried to whip Rhyno into the ropes, but Rhyno reversed the move, then planted Christian with a spinebuster on his return. That allowed Rhyno to catch his breath, then drill Christian with a belly-to-belly suplex. Rhyno motioned for the Gore, but Tyson Tomko leapt onto the apron. As Chris Kay argued with Tomko to get down, Christian nailed Rhyno with a low blow. Rhyno doubled over, and Christian quickly hit the Unprettier. Tomko got down from the apron, and Kay turned around to make the three count. Post match, Tomko entered the ring and assisted Christian in attacking Rhyno. Before the assault got too serious, Rosey and The Hurricane hit the ring, returning the favour from earlier. Christian and Tomko quickly backed off, as the four faces stood in the ring

Winner: Christian by pinfall in 06:35

Match Rating: ***1/4

TEW Ratings: 70.9 / 73.4 / 76.1

As this all ended, we cut back to JR and Lawler

Jim Ross: Wait a second, what’s that? I’m getting news through that Eric Bischoff has just booked another match for Survivor Series, pitting Tajiri, Rhyno, The Hurricane and Rosey against Christian, Tyson Tomko, A-Train and the in-ring debut of Simon Dean!

Jerry Lawler: Wow JR, Mr. Bischoff sure does work fast! (TEW Rating: 61.6)

******Commercial Break*******

We return from commercial to be greeted by a hype video for Survivor Series, mainly promoting the Triple H / Randy Orton match. (TEW Rating: 84.6)

Evolution (Batista, Ric Flair & Edge) vs. Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit & Shelton Benjamin

The video ends, and return to the arena, where “Evolution” blasts out from the speakers, and Batista, Flair and Edge make their entrance. Then, the three faces make their individual entrances, congregating at the bottom of the ramp, before sliding into the ring and getting the match started with a pier-six brawl. Benoit goes after Edge, Jericho heads for Flair and Benjamin takes on Batista. When Earl Hebner gets the match under control, we are left with Evolution working over Benjamin. Frequent tags allow the heels to dominate the youngster, until Flair gets cocky and taunts Shelton too much, which gives Shelton the chance to try and kick Flair. Flair catches his foot, but Benjamin instantly spins round and whacks Flair with the Dragon Whip! Flair stands stunned for a few seconds, then does the Flair Flop and lies on the canvas! Benjamin crawls to his corner, as does Flair, and both men make the tag, bringing in Batista and Benoit. Benoit runs through Batista with a double chop to the chest, then smacks Edge off the apron, and backdrops Flair for his troubles. He tries for a German Suplex on Batista, only for Edge to enter the ring and attack him from behind. From there, the match falls apart, as all six men brawl. Benjamin dumps Batista over the top rope with a clothesline, as Benoit sidesteps Edge’s attempted Spear, and Edge goes flying through the ropes. Flair realizes he’s alone in the ring, and tries pleading with his three adversaries. They are having none of it though, and attack him. Benjamin whips him into the corner, then follows in with the Shell Shocka! Flair stumbles out, then falls down in the middle of the ring, where Jericho hits him with the Lionsault! Benoit runs his thumb along his throat, then climbs to the top rope and flies off, drilling Flair with the Swandive Headbutt! As Benoit connects, Edge & Batista pull Jericho and Benjamin out of the ring, and begin brawling with them. Meanwhile in the ring, Benoit makes the cover, and Earl Hebner begins the count – one……………two……….thr- Before the count is finished, the cover is broken by Triple H! Hebner calls for the bell as Triple H pounds on Benoit

Winner: Benoit, Jericho & Benjamin by disqualification in 10:36

Match Rating: ***

TEW Ratings: 81.7 / 74.6 / 89.4

As Triple H attacks Benoit, Flair rolls out of the ring, barely conscious, and the other four men brawl through the crowd. Triple H picks Benoit up and drives him into the mat with the Pedigree, then stands triumphant over him. Suddenly, the crowd cheers as Randy Orton comes through the crowd! He hops over the barrier, slides into the ring and kneels behind the blissfully unaware Triple H. Triple H turns round, and Orton takes him out with the RKO!! The show ends with Orton holding the World Title above his head, and Triple H out on the canvas

(TEW Rating: 84.6)

************END SHOW*************

Right, so that’s the last Raw before Survivor Series. Very much a final hype show, with some seeds planted for future storylines.

Here is the updated Survivor Series Card:-

Texas Death Match for the WWE Heavyweight Title

John Bradshaw Layfield © vs. The Undertaker

World Heavyweight Title Match (If Orton Loses, He Never Gets Another Shot At Triple H)

Triple H © vs. Randy Orton

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles:

Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree © vs. Charlie Haas & Rico vs. The Dudley Boys

World Tag Team Title Match

La Resistance © vs. Eugene & William Regal.

Survivor Series Match:

The Honour Society (Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak & Mystery Partner) vs. Eddie Guerrero, The Big Show, Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio

Survivor Series Match:

Evolution (Batista, Ric Flair & Edge) & Garrison Cade vs. Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin & Shawn Michaels

Survivor Series Match:

John Cena, Paul London, Nunzio & Hardcore Holly vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool, Booker T, Spike Dudley & Billy Kidman.

Survivor Series Match:

Simon Dean, A-Train, Christian & Tyson Tomko vs. Rhyno, Tajiri, Rosey & The Hurricane

I think that’s pretty much the final card, bar any injuries or incidents.

As for this week’s show, Triple H & Ric Flair had an excellent segment. Kane & Orton surprised me with their match, and the hot end to the show will hopefully get a few more buys. On the negative side, the A-Train / Rosey match was a bit of train wreck (no pun intended), mainly due to the lack of psychology from both men. Garrison Cade is still building reaction to his new character, as is Simon Dean, so their segments aren’t always the highest rated. But overall I’m happy with both guys, as they are definitely improving and getting more over.

Edited by Rabid Wolverine
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WWE Smackdown

Thursday 11th November 2004

Taped at the Yost Ice Arena, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Attendance: 3,249 (Capacity 6,637)

Velocity Taping:

Charlie Haas defeated Shannon Moore with the Haas Of Pain

The Basham Brothers defeated Billy Gunn & Scotty 2 Hotty with the Ball And Gag

Rey Mysterio defeated Rene Dupree

The show opens, and after the usual camera shots of the arena, we go to Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside

Michael Cole: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to WWE Smackdown! I’m Michael Cole, alongside Tazz, and Tazz, we are just three days away from Survivor Series

Tazz: Y’know something Cole, I can feel it in the air, this year’s Survivor Series is gonna be off da hook. But tonight ain’t gonna be no nap at the nursery.

Michael Cole: You’re not kidding. The main event sees Eddie Guerrero team with The Big Show to face Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns, in a preview of Survivor Series!

Tazz: Both teams will be looking for the edge before the big Classic Survivor Series elimination match, but you’ve gotta know that The Honour Society have something up their sleeve for tonight.

Michael Cole: And speaking of the Honour Society, tonight we find out who their newest member, and fourth man on their Survivor Series team will be!

Tazz: I’ve been talking to Joey Numbah’s, and word on the street is that the new member will be facing Rey Mysterio here tonight!

“Medal” kicks in, and the crowd boos as Kurt Angle leads the Honour Society to the ring

Michael Cole: Well, it looks like we won’t have to wait long to find out who it is! (TEW Rating: 71.0)

Angle, Jindrak and Reigns enter the ring, with Angle giving his usual smug smirk. Angle takes the microphone

Kurt Angle: Last week I promised that I would bring out the newest member of the Honour Society this week. I warned you all that he would be someone very familiar to someone on my opponent’s Survivor Series team. You see, I have a vision of wrestling’s future. I have a vision of what a professional wrestler should be. It’s not some seven feet fat-ass. Not some “dude” who uses more than a ladder to get high, if you know what I mean. Not some midget in a mask bouncing around the ring, and certainly not someone who lies, cheats and steals his way to victory. But amongst all the crap out there, I found someone with a wrestling tradition. Someone who comes from a wrestling background. Someone who’s ability in the ring has gained him titles all over the world. Someone….who can wrestle. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you………..CHAVO GUERRERO!!

“Ooh, Chavo” hits the speakers, and Chavo Guerrero makes his return to Smackdown to a round of boos. As Chavo makes his way to the ring, we get a split screen shot that shows Eddie Guerrero going ballistic in his locker room, with Rob Van Dam and The Big Show trying to calm him down. Guerrero enters the ring and shakes hands with Angle, smiling broadly. Angle passes the microphone to Chavo

Chavo Guerrero: Well well well, look who’s back in action. You know, when I was at home hurt, I was surprised at the first call I received. It wasn’t my “good friend” Rey Mysterio. It wasn’t from R-V-D. It sure as hell wasn’t from my uncle Eddie. It was from Kurt Angle. He told me about his idea for the Honour Society, and he wanted me to be a part of it. He told me to take my time, and heal up, and there would still be a spot for me when I got back. In one phone call, Kurt showed more respect for my abilities then any of my so called friends and family have shown me all my life! So Kurt, I thank you for that, and it is an honour, and a priviledge to be part of what you are building here on Smackdown. At Survivor Series, I will show you just how much it means to me, when I help you beat my uncle Eddie’s team. And as for tonight and Rey Mysterio…what are we waiting for? Let’s do it right now!

Chavo throws the mic down, and Angle, Jindrak and Reigns step outside the ring. “Who’s That Jumping Out Tha Sky” rings through the arena, and Rey Mysterio is launched up at the entrance way, then he heads to the ring. (TEW Rating: 74.2)

Chavo Guerrero (w/ The Honour Society) vs. Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio slides into the ring and is quickly attacked by Chavo. Chavo puts the boots to Rey, but after irish-whipping him into the ropes, Rey comes out with a spinning headscissors to take Chavo down. They exchange armdrags, and Rey nails a dropkick to send Chavo to the outside. Chavo slaps the apron in frustration, then re-enters the ring slowly. A collar and elbow tie-up sees Rey backed into the corner, where Chavo surprisingly doesn’t give a clean break and drives his knee into Rey’s gut. Chavo slows the pace of the match down, and spends the next few minutes working over Rey’s back. We see a backbreaker and a bow and arrow submission amongst the moves used by Chavo, before he busts out a modified brainbuster for a close two count. Chavo argues with the referee about the count, allowing Rey to recover enough to use a rolling prawn hold for a two count. Chavo springs back to his feet, but is quickly knocked down again by a Mysterio spinning heel kick. The crowd get behind Mysterio as he steps onto the apron, then springboards off the top rope with a senton onto the now standing Chavo, getting another two count. Mysterio bounces off the ropes, then ducks underneath Chavo’s attempted clothesline. Chavo turns around into a drop toehold, guillotining his neck on the second rope. The crowd roar in anticipation as Mysterio signals for the 6-1-9, but as he runs the ropes he is tripped by Mark Jindrak. Mysterio confronts Jindrak, as Chavo gets back to his feet and stands behind Mysterio. Mysterio turns round and is met with a boot to the gut, allowing Chavo to hoist him up in position for the Gory Bomb. However, before Chavo can complete the move, Mysterio frees his arms and counters with a sunset flip / powerbomb hybrid (think Code Red). Charles Robinson counts….one………two……..th- Kickout by Chavo! Jindrak jumps up onto the apron, distracting Robinson as Luther Reigns enters the ring. Before Reigns can do anything though, Mysterio catches him with a drop-toehold, leaving him in perfect position for the 6-1-9. Mysterio runs the ropes and connects with it, sending Reigns for a loop! But as Mysterio stands on the apron, Kurt Angle rushes around the ring and yanks his ankle, sending Mysterio crashing jaw first into the apron. Angle throws Rey back into the ring, where Chavo quickly uses a La Magistral Cradle to roll Rey up. Jindrak points Robinson to the cover, and he makes the count – one………..two……..three! Chavo quickly leaves the ring, and we cut to commercial with the image of the Honour Society celebrating in the aisle.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero by pinfall in 11:42

Match Rating: ***

TEW Ratings: 68.7 / 72.6 / 72.2

******Commercial Break*******

“Longhorn” is playing as we return from commercial, and WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield is standing in the ring, dressed in a suit, cowboy hat, and WWE Title draped across his shoulder. He raises the microphone that is in his hand

John Bradshaw Layfield: Last week, it became clear to me that there is a conspiracy in the locker room against John Bradshaw Layfield. Now I know that this both shocks and sickens the millions of proud American patriots and JBL fans across this great nation, but the truth must be heard. Last week, not only did Theodore Long put me in a Texas Death Match with The Undertaker at Survivor Series this Sunday (crowd cheers), but he put my Chief Of Staff, Orlando Jordan in a match with The Undertaker, who then brutally assaulted Mr. Jordan, before throwing him from the stage! As a result, Mr. Jordan has sustained several severe injuries, and we may never see him in a wrestling ring again (crowd cheers again). Now what I want to know is how on Earth does The Undertaker deserve another shot at the title? Let’s recap. At SummerSlam, I beat The Undertaker. At No Mercy, I BEAT THE UNDERTAKER! How many times has The Undertaker beaten me? None! Zero! Never! This Sunday at Survivor Series, history will repeat itself. I will once again beat The Undertaker, I will be the last man standing, and I will walk out of the arena as your WWE Champion, and my legions of loyal fans will sleep safe in the knowledge that their hero JBL still stands tall on top of the mountain. Come on guys, let’s hear you – J-B-L! J-B-L! J-B-L!

A few fans chant along, whilst the rest start an “Un-Der-Taker” chant. The politician’s smile on JBL’s face disappears and is replaced by a fierce scowl

John Bradshaw Layfield: And Undertaker, listen up, and listen good. Dead or alive, I fear no man, especially not you. There is nothing I won’t do to keep this title. Nothing. So look deep into your black heart. Keep looking, and you’ll find the truth. You can’t beat me. I’ll see you at Survivor Series.

Layfield throws the microphone down and heads back to the locker-room, as “Longhorn” kicks in once more. (TEW Rating: 77.6)

Triple Threat Match

Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Rico vs. Kenzo Suzuki

After a short recap by Cole & Tazz, we return to the ring where Kenzo Suzuki is making his entrance, with Rico & Bubba Ray already in the ring. Cole explains that this Triple Threat Match was set-up by Theodore Long as a preview of the Tag Triple Threat at Survivor Series, and that he banned all partners and managers from ringside. The match gets underway with Bubba & Rico attacking Suzuki, knocking him from the ring and then attacking each other. Rico gets the advantage, freaking Bubba out with his homoerotic actions, then striking quickly. A back spin kick to the gut doubled Bubba up, and Rico followed up with a spinning neckbreaker for the near fall. Suzuki got back in the ring and clubbed Rico from behind, then tossed him through the ropes. Bubba was back to his feet, and Kenzo turned around to be met by some stinging jabs and a bionic elbow. Bubba missed his follow up elbowdrop, and Suzuki took the chance to take control. After wearing Bubba out in the corner, Suzuki flattened him with a short arm clothesline for a two count. By this time, Rico had re-entered the ring, and he snuck up behind the two heels, then went back to the 80’s by using a double “noggin-knocker”. Bubba & Kenzo staggered backwards, and Rico knocked both men down. A backdrop put Kenzo back down, but an attempted punch was countered by Bubba, who hooked in a full nelson, prepping for the Bubba Bomb. Before he hit the move though, Rico began gyrating his hips and smiling broadly, whilst a look of horror came across Bubba’s face, and he quickly released the hold. Rico took advantage by turning quickly and nailing Bubba with a spinning leg lariat, knocking Bubba from the ring. Rico posed for the crowd, but turned round to be greeted by Kenzo, who applied the Claw to Rico, then drove him down to the mat with the STO. Kenzo made the cover, and Jim Cordairis counted the three.

Winner: Kenzo Suzuki by pinfall in 07:25

Match Rating: **

TEW Ratings: 53.8 / 60.9 / 51.3

We then get the Raw Rebound, where we see a short recap of Monday’s Raw. Clips are shown of Shawn Michaels chasing Garrison Cade, of Eugene mistakenly giving William Regal the Rock Bottom, HHH & Flair’s minor disagreement, Bischoff booking the classic Survivor Series match, and the end of the 6 Man Tag Match where Randy Orton hit Triple H with the RKO. (TEW Rating: 75.6)

******Commercial Break*******

WWE United States Title Match

Hardcore Holly vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool ©

We return from commercial with Hardcore Holly making his way to the ring. Then, the relaxed beat of Carlito’s music kicks in, and the US Champion, makes his way to the ring, apple in hand. He gets into the ring, takes a bite of the apple and looks at Hardcore. Cool promptly spits the apple right into Holly’s face, eliciting a gasp from the crowd. Holly wipes the apple from his face as Carlito smirked, but Holly reared back and decked the youngster with a hard right hand. Holly went ballistic, putting the boots to Carlito, then picking him up and decking him again. Holly whipped Carlito into the ropes, then propelled him high into the air with a backdrop. Carlito begged off, so Holly booted him in the face, then whipped him hard into the turnbuckles. Holly rained blows down on Carlito, prompting Brian Hebner to try and pry Holly off. Hebner’s efforts led to Holly inadvertently knocking Hebner down, and as Holly was distracted by this, Carlito nailed him with a low blow, then took his legs out from under him and made the cover, with both feet on the second ropes. Hebner didn’t see this, and counted the three, allowing Carlito to retain his title. Carlito quickly grabbed his title and ran to the locker room, as a frustrated Holly berated Hebner in the ring

Winner: Carlito Caribbean Cool by pinfall in 04:03

Match Rating: **

TEW Ratings: 60.1 / 60.5 / 54.9

We cut away from the arena to a dark, open place. A light fog is swirling, and the camera pans up to reveal we are in a graveyard. We hear a noise, and the camera follows it, until we reach the figure of the Undertaker, shovel in hand, besides what looks like a freshly dug grave.

The Undertaker: Bradshaw, the hour of your destruction is nearly upon us. This Sunday, Survivor Series, the Texas Death Match. Just you and me this time. No Orlando, no Heidenreich, no-one to save you. And when it’s all said and done, not I only will I take your WWE Title, I’ll take your mortal soul. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. JBL, rest……..in……….peace.

Taker steps away, and we see a tombstone behind him, with the inscription

“John Bradshaw Layfield

WWE Champion

27.06.04 – 14.11.04” (TEW Rating: 87.2)

Paul London vs. Booker T

We return to the arena, and “Can You Dig It, Sucka?” booms across the speakers, as Booker T makes his way to the ring. Then, a generic guitar riff kicks in, and Paul London races to the ring, for his first match since No Mercy. The match gets underway with a collar and elbow tie-up, with Booker overpowering the smaller London and forcing him into the corner. Booker slaps London, who responds with a slap of his own. Booker looks at him in disbelief, and goes to punch him, but London ducks underneath and shoves Booker into the turnbuckle, before schoolboying him for a one count. Booker gets up and levels London with a hard clothesline, giving him control. Booker connects with a hard bodyslam, and follows up with a kneedrop to the chest. After getting a two count off a back elbowsmash, Booker continues his attack with a flapjack off the ropes, then spinaroonies back to his feet and measure London. London gets to his feet and Booker tries for a jumping side kick, only for London to duck, and then catch Booker with the Dropsault! London begins his comeback, nailing Booker with several forearms, then a nice leg lariat. As Booker gets up, London moves in and drops him with a beautiful running enzuiguri! With Booker down, London signals to the fans and heads to the top rope, but as he does so Billy Kidman runs to the ring. London sees Kidman coming, and leaps from the top to the outside, nailing Kidman with a crossbody press! The crowd pop for the move, but it obviously took something out of London too. London picks himself up and climbs back into the ring, but as he sticks he head through the ropes, Booker quickly hits a Scissors Kick, and London crumpled through the ropes. Booker hooked the leg, and Nick Patrick counted the three. Booker rolled out of the ring and helped Kidman up as we went to commercial.

Winner: Booker T by pinfall in 06:37

Match Rating: **3/4

TEW Ratings: 67.8 / 68.0 / 65.1

******Commercial Break*******

As we come back from commercial, we see Nunzio in his locker room, lacing up his boots. Johnny Stamboli walks into shot

Johnny Stamboli: You ready for this?

Nunzio: You know I am paisan. Tonight, I’m gonna walk out there, I’m gonna slap da taste outta Spike Dudley’s mouth, and I’m gonna become the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion. And as long as you’ve got my back, I don’t have to worry about Bubba or D-Von, right?

Johnny Stamboli: I got your back alright. Let’s do this one for the family.

Stamboli slaps Nunzio on the back, and they head out of the locker room. (TEW Rating: 54.2)

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match

Spike Dudley © (w/ The Dudley Boys) vs. Nunzio (w/ Johnny Stamboli)

Spike Dudley makes his way to the ring, flanked by Bubba Ray & D-Von. Then, Nunzio makes his entrance, with Stamboli beside him. Stamboli stares down the Dudleys, as Spike & Nunzio get the match started. Nunzio takes Spike down with a couple of armdrags, and a drop toehold, sending Spike face-first into the mat. Spike scurries out of the ring and complains to D-Von. As he does, Nunzio runs around the ring and drives a knee into D-Von’s back, sending him crashing into Spike. Nunzio tosses Spike back in the ring and hits a nice snap suplex, getting a two count. With the advantage, Nunzio runs the ropes, but Bubba trips him as he does. Stamboli races round to confront Bubba, but in the ring it allows Spike to take control. Spike hits a legdrop on Nunzio, then slaps on a rear chinlock to take control. After working the neck for a while, Spike whips Nunzio into the turnbuckle and charges in, but Nunzio gets his boot up and Spike crashes into him. Nunzio grabs Spike’s arm, and looks for the Arrivaderchi, only for Spike to throw him to the canvas. Spike climbs to the top, and jumps off, but Nunzio rolls away and Spike crashes into the mat. Nunzio gets back up and takes control of the match, with a couple more suplexes and a stiff kneelift. Nunzio catches a DDT, and makes the cover – one……………..two…………..kickout! Sensing Spike might be in trouble, D-Von jumps up onto the apron, but as Jim Cordairis admonishes him, Stamboli yanks D-Von off the apron, and the two start brawling outside. However, as this is going on, Bubba Ray slides into the ring, and nails Nunzio with the Bubba Bomb! Bubba Ray drags Spike onto Nunzio then slides out of the ring, and Cordairis turns to make the count – one………….two…………..three! Bubba Ray drags Spike out of the ring, and they are joined by D-Von in the aisle as Stamboli checks on the frustrated Nunzio.

Winner: Spike Dudley by pinfall in 08:24

Match Rating: **1/4

TEW Ratings: 56.4 / 68.1 / 56.7

As the Dudleys celebrate, we cut backstage, where Josh Matthews is standing with John Cena, who is watching a monitor

Josh Matthews: John, with Survivor Series just three days away, are you at all concerned that all three of your team members have lost tonight, against people you will be facing this Sunday?

John Cena: What, you think that gives them the edge? You think that they’re gonna beat my team this Sunday? I don’t think so Josh. See, what you’re forgetting is that I am on the team. The Franchise. The Veteran. The Doctor Of Thuganomics. Kidman, Spike, Carlito, Booker? They can’t see me! This Sunday, I’m gonna walk to that ring, beat their asses across Ohio, and walk out a Survivor. And if anyone thinks any differently, I’ve got one thing to say to you – F-U.

Cena stares into the camera, then walks out of shot. (TEW Rating: 87.5)

We then see a hype video for Survivor Series, focusing on the Texas Death Match between JBL & The Undertaker, and the Team Guerrero / Honour Society elimination match. (TEW Rating: 82.4)

******Commercial Break*******

We come back from commercial, and Josh Matthews is with Eddie Guerrero and The Big Show.

Josh Matthews: Eddie, Show, tonight you will be facing The Honour Society’s Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns, but Eddie, I’ve gotta ask you – what about your nephew Chavo?

Eddie Guerrero: What about Chavito essa? You mean, why has Chavito joined up with Kurt Angle? Why would Chavito turn his back on la familia like that? WHY WOULD CHAVITO…..

As Eddie is getting worked up, and right into Matthew’s face, The Big Show puts his arm across Eddie and pulls him back

The Big Show: Eddie, stop it. Get your head in the game. We’ve got Jindrak and Reigns tonight, and you know Kurt won’t be far away. If you’re not concentrating, they won’t think twice about taking you out.

Eddie looks at The Big Show, then takes a step back

Eddie Guerrero: You’re right homes, you’re right. I gotta focus. I gotta focus....

Eddie walks out of shot, as The Big Show looks on concerned (TEW Rating: 82.3)

Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak (w/ Kurt Angle) vs. The Big Show & Eddie Guerrero

“Medal” plays, and Kurt Angle leads his team of Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns to the ring, looking confident. As they stand in the ring, “Welllll, It’s The Big Show” resounds throughout the arena, and the 7ft, 500lb monster heads to the ring. He stares down the three men opposite him, and “Viva La Raza” kicks in, and the crowd pops as they wait for Guerrero to appear. However, there is no lowrider, and no-one comes through the entrance way. Suddenly, there is a commotion in the crowd, and Eddie jumps over the railings, slides into the ring and attacks Kurt Angle from behind! Jindrak & Reigns turn to help, but are grabbed by The Big Show and tossed across the ring. As Show brawls with them in the ring, Guerrero grabs a steel chair and pastes Angle with it outside of the ring, knocking Angle out cold. Nick Patrick hops out of the ring and orders Guerrero to drop the chair and head back to his corner, as Show bounces Jindrak across the ring with a backdrop. Show dominates Jindrak, then pushes him into the corner and tags in Guerrero. Guerrero kicks Jindrak, then pulls him out of the corner and drills him with the Three Amigos vertical suplexes. Guerrero did his Latino Heat jig, and ran the ropes as Jindrak got up, only for Reigns to pull the top rope down, sending Guerrero crashing to the mat. Jindrak occupied the ref as Reigns attacked Guerrero outside, ramming him into the ringpost then tossing him back in the ring. Jindrak and Reigns spent the next few minutes wearing Guerrero down, frequently tagging out to keep fresh. Jindrak got a near fall with a springboard clothesline, and Big Show broke a cover after a Reigns powerslam. Reigns set Guerrero up for the Reign Fall, but Guerrero twisted his body back round and countered with an inverted atomic drop, followed by a clothesline. Guerrero crawled back to his corner, and just as Jindrak tagged in, Guerrero reached Show and made the tag. Show lumbered in and levelled Jindrak with a clothesline, and gave Reigns the same treatment. A headbutt knocked Jindrak down again, before he put Reigns down with the Hog Log. Meanwhile, Kurt Angle was stirring outside. Back in the ring, Guerrero re-entered, and clotheslined Reigns out of the ring, before vaulting over the top rope to the floor. As Nick Patrick was busy trying to sort them out, Big Show had grabbed Jindrak by the neck. Angle grabbed a chair and slid in the ring, but as he got up, Show threw Jindrak down, turned round and punched the chair, knocking it back into Angle’s face! Angle stumbled out of the ring, and Show turned his attention back to Jindrak. Jindrak got back to his feet, and Show grabbed him once more, then drove him to the mat with the Choke Slam! Show made the cover, and Patrick dove back into the ring and made the academic three count. The show ended with Show and Guerrero celebrating in the ring as Tazz & Cole shilled Survivor Series.

Winner: The Big Show & Eddie Guerrero by pinfall in 12:12

Match Rating: **1/2

TEW Ratings: 64.4 / 65.8 / 64.7

*************************************END SHOW*****************************************************

And so, everything is ready for my first PPV as Creative Supervisor. Here is the final card for Survivor Series 2004.

Texas Death Match for the WWE Heavyweight Title

John Bradshaw Layfield © vs. The Undertaker

World Heavyweight Title Match (If Orton Loses, He Never Gets Another Shot At Triple H)

Triple H © vs. Randy Orton

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles:

Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree © vs. Charlie Haas & Rico vs. The Dudley Boys

World Tag Team Title Match

La Resistance © vs. Eugene & William Regal.

Survivor Series Match:

The Honour Society (Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak & Chavo Guerrero) vs. Eddie Guerrero, The Big Show, Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio

Survivor Series Match:

John Cena, Paul London, Nunzio & Hardcore Holly vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool, Booker T, Spike Dudley & Billy Kidman.

Survivor Series Match:

Evolution (Batista, Ric Flair & Edge) & Garrison Cade vs. Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin & Shawn Michaels

Survivor Series Match:

Simon Dean, A-Train, Christian & Tyson Tomko vs. Rhyno, Tajiri, Rosey & The Hurricane

Smackdown was completely average this week. Some good promos from Taker & Cena, and a good match from Chavo & Mysterio, but everything else seemed bleh. Of course, with this show being more a PPV hype show than anything, it was to be expected. After the PPV, I can start putting my own plans into action, so that’s when things will really get interesting.

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  • Admin

WWE Survivor Series 2004

Sunday 14th November 2004

Live from the Gund Arena, Cleveland, Ohio

Attendance: 20,562 (Capacity 20,562)

Dark Matches & Heat:

The Basham Brothers defeated Billy Gunn & Shannon Moore with the Ball And Gag

Kane pinned Val Venis after the Choke Slam

Survival. The ultimate aim of every man. How far would you go to survive? (footage of The Undertaker destroying Orlando Jordan) What would you do to hold on for just one moment longer? (footage of Triple H attacking Randy Orton) Would you turn away friendships? (footage of Edge turning on Chris Benoit) Would you turn against family? (footage of Chavo Guerrero joining the Honour Society)

Tonight, battles will be fought and wars will be waged. One man will risk his World Title future to attain ultimate glory (footage of Randy Orton). Another will do everything he can to destroy his dreams (footage of Triple H and Evolution). Two men will collide in a battle to the end to settle a rivalry (footage of JBL & The Undertaker). But when the dust settles and all is clear, we will find out the answer to the one key question…….

Who Will Survive?

(TEW Rating: 85.0)

Michael Cole: Hello everyone, and welcome to Survivor Series!!! I’m Michael Cole, sitting with Tazz at ringside, and Tazz, it’s going to be quite a night.

Tazz: No doubt about it Cole. Tonight, JBL defends his WWE Title against The Undertaker, and if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s going to be a Texas Death Match. Now, if you’ve never seen a Texas Death Match before, the only way to win is to beat your opponent so badly that you can not only pin them, but they then cannot answer a ten count after the pin.

Michael Cole: I tell you, that’s gonna be one hell of a match. But that’s not all. We’ve also got two classic Survivor Series matches, as Team Cena takes on Team Booker, and Team Guerrero face The Honour Society

Tazz: Survivor Series is one of my favourite events because we get to see these classic Survivor Series matches. There are a lot of scores that could be settled tonight Cole.

Michael Cole: Well, not only are we bringing you exciting Smackdown action tonight, the stars of Raw will also be in action. Let’s join our broadcast colleagues Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler!

Jim Ross: Thank you Michael, and what a night it’s going to be. In the Raw main event, Triple H, the Cerebral Assassin, will defend his World Heavyweight Title against the young stud Randy Orton, but King, if Orton doesn’t win, he will never get another shot at the World Title whilst Triple H is champion.

Jerry Lawler: It’s do or die for Randy Orton tonight JR, but the crucial factor in that match will be Evolution. Ric Flair seems reluctant to help Triple H out, but there’s always Edge & Batista

Jim Ross: And speaking of Evolution, they will be involved in a classic Survivor Series match, as they team up with Garrison Cade to face Shawn Michaels, Shelton Benjamin, the Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho, and the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit.

Jerry Lawler: There is no love lost between those guys JR, and I think that we might just be in for what you’d call a good old-fashioned slobber-knocker!

Jim Ross: But we’re going to kick things off with our first classic Survivor Series match! (TEW Rating: 74.7)

Classic Survivor Series Match

Christian, Tyson Tomko, Simon Dean & A-Train vs. Rhyno, Tajiri, Rosey & The Hurricane

“Just Open Your Eyes” plays, and Christian’s new theme brings his team to the ring. Then the lights go out, and “Stand Back, There’s A Hurricane Coming Through” plays throughout the arena, and The Hurricane leads his team to the ring. The match starts with Tomko and Rhyno, and the two trade punches in the middle of the ring, before Tomko knees him in the stomach. Tomko shoves Rhyno into the corner, then nails him with a couple of punches before stopping to shout abuse at Tajiri. Tomko goes back to Rhyno, and irish whips him to the other corner, but as he follows in Rhyno explodes out of the corner and hits the Gore!! Rhyno makes the cover, and Chris Kay makes the count – one………two……….three!

Rhyno pins Tyson Tomko at 02:16

Christian quickly enters the ring and attacks Rhyno from behind, then drives him to the mat with a diving reverse DDT. He makes the cover, but Rhyno kicks out at two. Christian whips Rhyno into the ropes, but misses a clothesline and is met by a Rhyno shouldertackle as he turns round. Rhyno tags in Rosey, as Christian staggers to his corner and tags in A-Train. The two hosses stand nose to nose in the ring, and A-Train slaps Rosey. Rosey responds with a hard right hand, then whips A-Train into the corner and crushes him with an avalanche. A-Train falls to his knees, as Simon Dean enters the ring and attacks Rosey. Rosey shrugs the attack off and lifts Dean onto his shoulders, as The Hurricane runs into the ring, and delivers a jumping neckbreaker to Dean, off Rosey’s shoulders! Kay gets the Hurricane out of the ring, but as he does A-Train nails Rosey with a low blow. Rosey doubles up in pain, and A-Train quickly hits him with the Derailer! Kay turns around to see the cover, and counts – one…………..two………..three!

A-Train pins Rosey at 04:15

As A-Train gets back to his feet, The Hurricane dives off the top rope and hits a cross-body press, taking A-Train down to the mat. Chris Kay counts two before A-Train kicks out. The Hurricane gives a thumbs up to the crowd, and as A-Train gets to his feet, The Hurricane grabs him by the throat. Before he can execute the Hurri-Chokeslam though, A-Train kicks him in the stomach, breaking the grip. A-Train quickly hoists The Hurricane up, then drops to his knees with the Train Wreck! A-Train makes the cover, and Kay begins the count – one……..two……….three.

A-Train pins The Hurricane at 04:52

A-Train leaps to his feet and celebrates eliminating a second competitor in quick succession, but as he is doing this Simon Dean is pointing behind him, trying to get A-Train’s attention. A-Train finally works out what he’s saying and turns round, only to be met by Rhyno and a Gore!! Rhyno hooks the leg, and Kay counts the three.

Rhyno pins A-Train at 05:13

The match is down to two on two now, and Christian enters the ring to take on Rhyno. Rhyno rocks Christian with a hard right hand, but Christian rakes the eyes to get the advantage. Christian hits a suplex for two, then tries to irish whip Rhyno, but Rhyno reverses, and plants Christian with a massive spinebuster as he comes off the ropes. Rhyno walks to the corner, and motions for Christian to get up, as the crowd start chanting “Gore!”. Christian staggers to his feet, and Rhyno charges across the ring, only for Christian to move at the last moment, sending Rhyno crashing into the turnbuckles. Christian quickly takes advantage, pulling Rhyno out of the corner and driving him to the mat with the Unprettier. Christian makes the cover, and gets the three count.

Christian pins Rhyno at 07:42

Tajiri quickly gets into the ring, and unleashes a barrage of kicks on Christian, knocking the cocky Canadian to the canvas. Tajiri whips Christian into the ropes, but Simon Dean makes the blind tag as he does so. Tajiri catches Christian with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Dean levels him from behind. Dean suplexes Tajiri, then hits a second rope legdrop for a near fall. He whips Tajiri into the ropes, only for Tajiri to come back with a handspring elbow. Christian sees this and comes into the ring, but Tajiri smacks him with a thrust kick to the jaw. Dean gets up, but Tajiri levels him with a spinning heel kick. He makes the cover, but it’s broken at two by Christian. Christian whips Tajiri into the turnbuckles, but his follow-up is countered into a Tarantula! Tajiri releases the hold, and Christian rolls to the outside, but as Tajiri gets back in the ring he is met by Dean, who lifts him up over his shoulder, cradles his head and drives him to the mat with a move that Jerry Lawler calls the “Systematic” (it’s an Air Raid Crash / Kryptonite Krunch). Dean makes the cover, and Chris Kay starts the count – one………….two…………three

Simon Dean pins Tajiri at 10:12

Christian gets back in the ring, and Kay raises his and Dean’s arms in victory, as they are the survivors of the match

Survivors: Christian & Simon Dean

Match Rating: **3/4

TEW Ratings: 52.8 / 66.8 / 65.7

J.R. and The King pass the commentary back over to Michael Cole and Tazz for the next match as Christian and Dean return to the locker room.

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles

The Dudley Boys vs. Haas & Rico vs. Suzuki & Dupree ©

“Drop The Bombs” starts up, and The Dudley Boys come to the ring, abusing fans along the way. Then, the boyband-esque tones of “You Look So Good To Me” play, and Charlie Haas & Rico come out, accompanied by the skimpily dressed Miss Jackie. Finally, the hybrid music of Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree plays, and the Tag Team Champions are led to the ring by Hiroko. Tazz explains that the match will be held under Tornado rules, so all six men can be in the ring at once. As you would expect, the match starts out as a mass brawl, with Kenzo fighting D-Von, Bubba facing Rico, and Haas taking on Dupree. The champs are soon dumped to the outside, allowing The Dudleys and Rico & Haas to face off. Rico misses a spin kick, and is promptly clotheslined outside by Bubba. The Dudleys double team Haas for a while, and go for a cover after a back suplex / neckbreaker combo. Brian Hebner counts – one………….two…….broken by Rene Dupree. Haas rolls out as Suzuki and Dupree attack the Dudleys. Suzuki slams D-Von to the canvas, then takes out Bubba, allowing Dupree to do the French Tickler Kneedrop. He makes the cover, but Rico breaks the pin. Dupree is levelled by Rico’s Spinning Leg Lariat, and Kenzo gets a stepover mule kick to the face. The Dudleys reappear behind Rico, and he turns into a 3-D! D-Von goes for a cover, but is pulled out of the ring by Haas, as Kenzo & Bubba tumble outside following something resembling a rugby tackle from Kenzo. Haas gets in the ring, but is met by Dupree’s right hand. Dupree rocks him into the corner, then whips him across towards the other corner, only for Haas to leap to the top rope, then springboard backwards and twist his body, nailing the oncoming Dupree with a double axehandle to the throat / face! Haas hooks Dupree’s leg, and Hebner makes the cover – one………….two…………….three!! A small pop goes up, and Rico groggily enters the ring and hugs his partner. They are joined by Miss Jackie, who kisses Charlie, and hugs Rico. They hold their newly won titles aloft as both the Dudleys and Dupree & Suzuki look on in disbelief.

Winners & New Champions: Haas & Rico by pinfall in 07:13

Match Rating: **1/4

TEW Ratings: 62.0 / 67.6 / 58.0

We cut backstage, where Josh Matthews is with John Cena

Josh Matthews: John, tonight your team takes on Booker T’s team in a classic Survivor Series match. How confident are you of winning?

John Cena: Josh, my man, you know who you’re talking to....

A voice suddenly interrupts him

Voice: Yeah, a punk

The camera turns to show Triple H enter the shot.

Triple H: I caught your little “rap” the other week. You think you’re a big shot? You think you can get over on me? Think again.

John Cena: Whoah, whoah, whoah, easy there Trips, easy. I didn’t mean no disrespect bro. Don’t get your panties in a twist

Triple H: Watch your mouth smartass, or someone might just close it for you

John Cena: Yeah? What you gonna do about it, Game? Or will you just be sending your little bitches out to do your dirty work for you as usual.

Triple H is visibly raging, and goes nose to nose with Cena

Triple H: Consider this your last warning. You won’t like me when I’m angry.

Triple H stares at him, then walks away back down the corridor. Cena turns back to Matthews.

John Cena: I won’t like him when he’s angry? I don’t like him now. Anyways, I’ve got a match to win Josh. Ohio, make some noise!

Cena grabs the mic off Matthews and heads to the ring. (TEW Rating: 82.8)

Classic Survivor Series Match

John Cena, Paul London, Hardcore Holly & Nunzio vs. Booker T, Carlito Caribbean Cool, Spike Dudley & Billy Kidman

“Basic Thuganomics” kicks in, and the crowd pops big as John Cena comes out, rapping his team to the ring. Then, Booker T leads his team out, and the eight man stare across the ring at each other. Cena starts out against Spike Dudley, and dominates the Cruiserweight Champion. Cena flattens Spike with a shouldertackle, then follows up with the Five Knuckle Shuffle, much to the crowd’s delight. Cena tags out to Nunzio, who quickly attacks. A nice snap suplex gets two, as does a back suplex. Nunzio runs the ropes, but is met by a shot to the back of the head from Carlito. Nunzio turns to confront Carlito, giving Spike the chance to schoolboy Nunzio, putting his feet on the second rope for leverage. Charles Robinson counts the three, and Nunzio is eliminated.

Spike Dudley pins Nunzio at 04:01

Hardcore Holly marches into the ring, and lumps Spike with a hard right, then forcibly tags Carlito in (slapping Spike’s hand into Carlito’s chest, then hauling Carlito over the top rope). Holly goes nuts on Carlito, stomping away on him, then clubbing him with forearms to the head. Carlito begs for mercy, but Holly just whips him into the ropes, then dropkicks him into the middle of March. Carlito lies dazed on the mat, as Holly punches Booker, Spike and Kidman off the apron. Carlito staggers up, and is met by the Alabama Slam from Holly! Holly makes the cover – one…….two…….three! The US Champ is eliminated!

Hardcore Holly pins Carlito Caribbean Cool at 06:10

Holly continues to put the boots to Carlito, unaware that Booker T has entered the ring behind him. Holly kicks Carlito out of the ring, then turns around, right into a Book End! Booker grabs a handful of tights as he makes the cover, and gets the three.

Booker T pins Hardcore Holly at 06:24

Cena comes back into the ring and hits Booker with a right hand, then propels him across the ring into the corner. He follows in, but Booker gets his foot up, and Cena’s jaw connects with it. Booker puts Cena down with thrust kick which gets two, before he tags Kidman in. Kidman stomps away on Cena, then drives him to the mat with a belly to back suplex for another two. A beautiful dropkick gets him another two, then he climbs to the top rope. However, he spends too much time taunting Paul London as he does so, and Cena recovers enough to crotch him on the turnbuckle. Kidman falls to the mat as Cena crawls to his corner and tags in London, who vaults into the ring and goes straight for Kidman. Kidman just manages to tag out to Spike before London reaches him, but Spike is quickly backdropped. London levels Spike with a heel kick, and as Kidman tries to blindside London, he is met with a Dropsault, sending Kidman to the outside. London climbs to the top rope, looks at the fallen Spike, then comes off with a lovely 450 Splash!

Charles Robinson makes the count – one…………..two……………..three!!

Paul London pins Spike Dudley at 09:00

Before London can celebrate though, Kidman is back in the ring, and armed with a steel chair. London gets to his feet, turns round, and has his cranium crushed by Kidman’s chair shot. Robinson calls for the bell immediately, but all Kidman does is smile, then walk back to the locker room.

Paul London beats Billy Kidman by DQ at 09:10

Booker T sees his chance though, and quickly gets into the ring and covers the unconscious London. Robinson makes the academic three count, and we’re down to Cena vs. Booker.

Booker T pins Paul London at 09:23

Booker chops Cena as he enters the ring, then hits a bodyslam, quickly followed by a kneedrop for a two count. Knowing he is in the ascendancy, Booker waits for Cena to get up, then pastes him with a sidekick. Another cover gets another two count, and Booker is visibly annoyed. Booker waits for Cena to get up again, and tries another sidekick, only for Cena to duck, and hit the Killswitch (the former Protoplex) out of nowhere! The crowd get behind Cena, and he beats Booker to his feet, then rocks him with several hard right hands. A spinebuster is followed by a Five Knuckle Shuffle, before Cena pumps up his trainers and heads to the top rope. He comes off, looking for an elbow, but Booker catches him with a punch to the gut. Booker runs the ropes, and goes for the Scissors Kick, but Cena moves out of the way, does his “You Can’t See Me” taunt before Booker turns round, then hoists him up and throws him to the canvas with the F-U! Cena makes the cover, and Robinson counts – one……………two……………three!

John Cena pins Booker T at 13:42

“Basic Thuganomics” plays once more, as Cena celebrates in the ring, and seems to make belt gestures around his waist, much to the crowd’s delight.

Survivor: John Cena

Match Rating: **3/4

TEW Ratings: 64.2 / 68.4 / 68.5

As Cena celebrates, Cole & Tazz hand back to Ross & Lawler, who hype up the upcoming Tag Title match. Then, La Resistance’s music plays, and the World Tag Team Champions make their way to the ring, flags waving. Conway takes the microphone

Robert Conway Could I have a second of quiet please. Sylvain is about to grace you all with a rendition of our national anthem, and I’d appreciate it if you people show a little damn respect!

The crowd boos heartily as Grenier takes the microphone

Sylvain Grenier: O Canada, terre de nos aïeux, Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux. Car ton bras sait porter l'épée, Il sait porter la croix. Ton histoire est une épopée, Des plus brillants exploits. Et ta valeur, de foi trempée, Protégera nos foyers et nos droits

Grenier & Conway proudly salute the Quebecois flag as the crowd boos. (TEW Rating: 58.8)

World Tag Team Title Match

La Resistance © vs. Eugene & Regal

As they stand in the ring, “Child’s Play” begins, and Eugene and Regal make their way to the ring, Eugene waving enthusiastically, whilst Regal tries to get him to focus on the match. Regal starts out with Conway, and the two have a nice chain wrestling sequence to start, ending with Regal having Conway in a hammerlock on the canvas. Regal works the arm a bit, then brings Conway up and armdrags him back down, keeping hold of the arm and re-applying the hammerlock. He forces Conway into the corner, and tags in Eugene. Eugene hammers the arm with a punch, then hip-tosses Conway half across the ring! Conway tags out to Grenier, who is greeted by a drop toehold from Eugene. Eugene tags out to Regal, and he drops a knee across the back of Grenier’s neck. Regal hits some stiff forearm shots, then whips Grenier into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, allowing Grenier to kick him in the chest, then clothesline him down. Grenier and Conway spend the next few minutes working Regal over, frequently tagging and hitting some nice double team moves, including the double suplex with dual kip-up. A DDT from Grenier gets a two count, but it is broken by Eugene. Finally, Conway whips Regal into the turnbuckle, but follows in too quickly and the two bump heads, leaving both men down and crawling for their corners. Conway tags in Grenier, but he’s too late to stop Regal from tagging in Eugene. Eugene enters the ring like a house on fire, peppering Grenier with rights and lefts, and backdropping the oncoming Conway. Eugene scoops up Grenier into the airplane spin, then dumps him on the canvas. Conway grabs Eugene, but Eugene spins round and hits the Stunner! As Conway falls back, he accidentally takes out Jack Doan on the way past. Meanwhile, Eugene plants Grenier with a Rock Bottom! Eugene smiles broadly, then signals for the Rock Bottom! As he does this, Conway grabs a title belt from the timekeeper and slides into the ring. He tries to hit Eugene, but Eugene ducks the attempt, and tries to grab the belt off him. The two struggle with each other, but just as Regal enters the ring to help Eugene, Conway lets go, and Eugene’s momentum causes him to spin backwards, smacking Regal in the head with the belt! Seeing this, Conway kicks Eugene low, then tosses him out of the ring. He helps Grenier up, then they deliver the Au Revoir to the dazed Regal! Grenier makes the cover, and a groggy Doan begins his count – one………..two…………….three! La Resistance quickly grab their titles and head for the back, as Eugene gets back in the ring, visibly upset and trying to help Regal up.

Winners: La Resistance by pinfall in 08:10

Match Rating: **3/4

TEW Ratings: 58.4 / 72.7 / 69.1

We go backstage, where Jonathan Coachman is with Randy Orton.

Jonathan Coachman: Randy, tonight you will be facing Triple H, in what will probably be your last ever title shot. The question I’ve gotta ask is, what are you planning on doing the rest of your career?

Coach smiles smugly

Randy Orton: Gee Coach, good to see you’re you usual unbiased self. Why don’t you shut up before I turn from Legend Killer into Coach Killer.

The smug look disappears from Coach’s face as the crowd cheer

Randy Orton: You see Coach, it’s real simple. I was the youngest World Heavyweight Champion of all time. Then Triple H came along and screwed me at Unforgiven. If he wants to put all these stipulations on the match, that’s fine by me. You say that if you win, I’ll never get another shot? It doesn’t matter, because I will win, I will become the World Heavyweight Champion. It’s my destiny. I’m Randy Orton, third generation superstar, legend killer, and your worst nightmare. You can bring Flair, you can bring Batista, you can bring Edge. But all it takes Triple H, all it takes is three letters to bring your world crashing down around you – R (he raises one finger)……….K (raises a second finger)……….O (raises a third finger).

The crowd cheer as Orton stares into the camera for a few seconds, then leaves the shot. (TEW Rating: 81.5)

Classic Survivor Series Match

The Honour Society vs. Eddie Guerrero, The Big Show, Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam

We return to ringside, and “Medal” starts to play. Kurt Angle leads the rest of The Honour Society (Mark Jindrak, Luther Reigns & Chavo Guerrero) to the ring. The crowd roar as “Viva La Raza” kicks in, and Eddie Guerrero brings his team to the ring. The match starts with Guerrero and Angle, and they quickly exchange armdrags and headlocks before Guerrero dropkicks Angle back towards his corner. Angle tags in Mark Jindrak, so Guerrero brings in Rob Van Dam. Jindrak fires off a left hand, but Van Dam deftly ducks and sweeps Jindrak’s leg away, then quickly tags in Mysterio who hits a springboard legdrop onto Jindrak. The attempt at a cover is quickly broken by Luther Reigns, so Mysterio tries a spinning heel kick. Jindrak catches Mysterio, then launches him over the top rope. Jindrak distracts the ref as the Honour Society attack Mysterio, so Eddie leads RVD & Show into the fray. Charles Robinson separates the two teams, as Angle tags in and works over Mysterio. Angle hits a crisp belly to back suplex for two, and an overhead belly to belly gets a second two count shortly after. Angle tries for an Angle Slam, but Mysterio slips out, and manages to drive Angle’s face into the mat with a facebuster. Mysterio crawls to his corner and makes the tag to The Big Show, just as Angle gets to his feet. Angle sees Show coming towards him, and a look of panic hits his face as Show clotheslines him down. Chavo rushes in and gets the same, as do Jindrak and Reigns. Show grabs Angle by the throat, then drives him to the mat with the Choke Slam! Jindrak clubs him from behind, and Guerrero, Van Dam and Mysterio enter the ring. With 7 men fighting and Angle down, Robinson tries to regain control. As he is dealing with Eddie, RVD, Mysterio, Jindrak and Reigns, Chavo sneaks outside and grabs a chair. He re-enters the ring, then drives the chair into the ankle of The Big Show, felling the giant. Chavo drives the chair into the ankle once more, checks on Angle, then dives out of the ring. Angle shakes off the cobwebs, then applies the Ankle Lock to Show. Show tries to fight the hold, but as Robinson returns to the ring, he can no longer fight it, and taps out.

Kurt Angle makes The Big Show submit at 07:24

Rey Mysterio instantly slides into the ring and dropkicks Angle. He hits a nice hurricanrana for a two count, then steps onto the apron and hits Angle with a springboard senton for a close two count. Mysterio runs the ropes and ducks under Angle’s flailing arm, leaving Angle open to a drop toe hold as he turns round. Angle falls across the second rope, and the crowd cheer as Mysterio signals to them. As he does so though, Luther Reigns tags Angle on the shoulder. Mysterio rushes in for the 6-1-9, but Reigns charges forward and levels him with a huge clothesline. Reigns quickly picks Mysterio up, puts him position, then drills him with the Reign Fall! Reigns makes the cover, and Robinson counts the three, eliminating Mysterio and making it four on two.

Luther Reigns pins Rey Mysterio at 10:21

Guerrero enters the ring and unloads on Reigns with several right hands, then whips him into the ropes and backdrops him. Reigns scurries to his corner and tags in Jindrak, who charges at Guerrero and is promptly dropped with a leg lariat. Guerrero hooks Jindrak up, then hits the Three Amigos. With Jindrak down, Guerrero tags Van Dam in, and Van Dam vaults to the top rope, then flies off and connects with the Five Star Frog Splash!! Van Dam rolls on top of Jindrak, and Robinson makes the three count, bringing it down to two on three!

Rob Van Dam pins Mark Jindrak at 12:48

Chavo Guerrero enters the ring and kicks Van Dam in the head. Guerrero pulls him up and suplexes him back down. Guerrero whips Van Dam into the corner, then drills him with a stiff Tornado DDT. Guerrero covers – one………….two……….kickout! Guerrero grabs Van Dam’s leg, then drags him to his corner and tags in Angle. Angle stomps on Van Dam, then whips him into the ropes and drills him with a fast belly to belly suplex. Angle taunts the crowd, then goes to give Van Dam a German Suplex, only for Van Dam to flip over, land on his feet, then flatten Angle with a spinning kick. Van Dam sees his opportunity, and runs the ropes, hitting Angle with Rolling Thunder. Van Dam springs to the top rope in his cat-like manner, and as Angle stands up he is met with a flying kick to the chest. Van Dam sees Angle down, then goes to the far corner of the ring, vaults up once more and flies off with the Five Star Frog Splash – but Angle moves! Van Dam crashes into the mat, and clutches at his ribs. Angle gets to his feet and stalks Van Dam, who staggers up. Angle quickly moves in and hits the Angle Slam! Angle hooks the leg and Robinson makes the count – one…………..two……………three! Van Dam is gone, leaving Guerrero on his own against Angle, Chavo and Reigns.

Kurt Angle pins Rob Van Dam at 16:28

Angle quickly tags out to Reigns as Guerrero enters the ring. Eddie cautiously scans the situation, then runs at Reigns, slides through his legs and dropkicks him in the back, sending him out of the ring. Guerrero decks Angle, then drags Chavo into the ring and begins pummelling him! Before he can get many shots in though, Reigns re-enters the ring and drags him off, then flattens him with a forearm to the back of the head. Reigns hits Eddie with a backbreaker, and follows up with several elbowdrops before applying a modified camel clutch. The crowd rally behind Guerrero as he fights out of the hold, getting to his feet and elbowing Reigns in the gut. Guerrero runs the ropes, but Reigns catches him with a knee to the gut. Reigns hooks Guerrero up for the Reign Fall, but Guerrero twists his body round and manages to hit him with an inverted atomic drop instead. Guerrero runs the ropes, then plants Reigns with a running tornado DDT! Reigns lies prone on the mat, as Guerrero knocks Chavo and Angle off the apron before climbing to the top rope, then flying off and hitting Reigns with the Frog Splash! Robinson makes the count, and Guerrero gets the three!

Eddie Guerrero pins Luther Reigns at 20:32

Eddie quickly goes outside and throws Chavo into the ring, then begins drilling him with punches. He picks Chavo up and hits the Three Amigos on him, prompting Angle to run into the ring. Guerrero boots Angle in the gut, then hits the Three Amigos on him as well, turning the third suplex into a modified brainbuster! Angle rolls out of the ring dazed, as Chavo gets up and is promptly knocked down by Eddie’s right hand! Eddie slaps his chest as Chavo staggers back up, and Eddie punches him once more, sending Chavo through the ropes and onto the apron. Eddie pulls Chavo up, and hooks him up for a suplex. As he lifts Chavo up though, Kurt Angle is back on his feet, and he pulls Guerrero’s feet, bringing Eddie to the mat with Chavo crashing down on top of him. Angle holds Eddie’s feet as Charles Robinson makes the count – one…………….two………………….three! Chavo pins Eddie!

Chavo Guerrero pins Eddie Guerrero at 24:03

Chavo rolls out of the ring quickly and heads up the aisle with Angle, as Eddie stands in disbelief in the ring, trying to explain what happened to Charles Robinson. Angle & Chavo celebrate in the aisle, and Chavo can be heard to say “I Beat You Eddie, I Beat You”.

Survivors: Kurt Angle & Chavo Guerrero

Match Rating: ***1/2

TEW Ratings: 70.6 / 70.9 / 80.0

We cut backstage to Eric Bischoff’s office, where Bischoff is lying on a couch, watching a monitor. Suddenly the door bursts open and Bischoff springs to his feet, and William Regal storms into the room

William Regal: Bischoff! Listen up and listen good sunshine. Master Eugene and myself were robbed of the Tag Titles once again, and I’m bloody well not going to stand for it! We want a rematch, and we want it tomorrow night on Raw!

Eric Bischoff: Calm down William, calm down. Now, is there any good reason why I should give you two another rematch after you’ve lost again?

William Regal: In case you’ve forgotten you little twerp, you’re still Master Eugene’s servant until Friday. If you don’t give us the match, not only will I get him to make you give us the match, I’m sure I can think of some delightful orders for him to give you.

Eric Bischoff: Fine, but on one condition. I’ll give you the match tomorrow night. I’ll even make it a No Disqualification match. But, in return, Eugene will release me from my servant duties effective immediately. What do you say?

William Regal: That’s fine by me.

Eric Bischoff: Well then Mr. Regal, I believe we have a deal. I’ll see you tomorrow night on Raw. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got the big Classic Survivor Series match to watch.

Bischoff smiles broadly and motions to the door. Regal looks at him intensely, then leaves the room as Bischoff returns to his couch, chuckling to himself. (TEW Rating: 70.2)

J.R. and Lawler hype the upcoming elimination match, and lead into a video detailing how it came about.

We start at Taboo Tuesday, with Edge & Benoit against La Resistance, with Edge getting disqualified after losing his temper and hitting Rob Conway with a Tag Title belt. We then move onto Raw a few weeks later, with Edge promising to Benoit that he would change the face of Evolution forever, and then cut to Edge running down the ramp and hitting his partner at the time Chris Benoit with the Spear, followed by the Evolution beatdown that was broken up by Jericho & Shelton. We see Shawn Michaels on the verge of defeating Triple H before the arrival of Garrison “H.B.” Cade, who flattens him with the Sweet Cade Music. The video then shows footage of the brawl that occurred at the end of last week’s Raw, with the sound changing to Bischoff announcing the elimination match, before the video ends on a shot of Benoit and Edge staring each other down. (TEW Rating: 88.7)

Classic Survivor Series Match

Evolution (Edge, Batista & Ric Flair) & Garrison Cade vs. Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels & Chris Benoit

The guitar strains of Motorhead fill the arena, and “Evolution” plays as Edge, Batista and Flair make their entrance, with Garrison Cade not far behind (dressed in full Shawn Michaels entrance attire). Cade does all of Michaels’ poses in the ring, until “Whatever” hits the speakers, and the team of Benoit, Jericho, Benjamin and Michaels run down to the ring and start laying into their opponents, getting the match started. Benoit and Edge spill outside the ring, as do Jericho and Batista. In the ring, Shawn Michaels is peppering Cade with right hands, as Benjamin trades chops with Flair. Flair rakes Benjamin’s eyes, then drops to his knees and raises his arm into Benjamin’s groin area, felling the youngster. Flair goes across to pull Michaels off, but Michaels spins and decks him with a right hand. Michaels whips Flair into the ropes, and Flair takes his scary backdrop bump and rolls out of the ring. Michaels sees Batista throwing Jericho into the stairs, walks over to the ropes, and planchas right onto Batista! Meanwhile, in the ring, Cade sees Benjamin getting up and starts “warming up the band”. Cade moves in and blasts Benjamin with the Sweet Cade Music! Cade start posing, and doesn’t see Benjamin roll out of the ring, as Shawn Michaels gets back in the other side. Michaels measures Cade up, and as Cade turns around Michaels whacks him with Sweet Chin Music! Michaels covers Cade, and Mike Chioda counts the three, eliminating Cade!

Shawn Michaels pins Garrison Cade at 04:15

Edge gets into the ring and attacks Michaels as order is finally restored to the match. Edge suplexes Michaels over, then punches him in the head. Edge whips Michaels into the ropes, but Michaels explodes out with a flying forearm, then kips-up and tags in Benoit. Benoit levels Edge with a left arm hooking clothesline, then tries to lock in the Sharpshooter, but Edge kicks him off and quickly tags out to Flair. Flair comes in and chops Benoit, so Benoit retaliates with one of his own, staggering Flair. Benoit kicks Flair in the gut, then takes him down with a snap suplex, which gets a two count. Benoit tags in Chris Jericho, and Jericho drills Flair with a belly to back suplex. Jericho plays to the crowd, then tries whipping Flair into the ropes. Flair reverses, but Jericho counters with a running Flashback, causing Flair to beg off. Jericho comes in to pick him up, but Flair pokes him in the eye, then takes him down with a knee clip. Flair gladly tags out to Batista, and Batista throws some vicious forearms into the fallen Jericho’s temple. Batista tries to slam Jericho, but Jericho slips over him, then runs the ropes, only to run straight into a massive spinebuster from Batista. Batista picks him off the canvas and sets for the Demon Bomb, but Jericho slips over him again, and this time he connects with the facebuster, leaving Batista down in the center of the ring. Jericho runs and springboards off the second rope, but Batista rolls out of the way of the Lionsault. Jericho lands on his feet, but as he gets his balance Batista runs him over with a massive Lariat. Batista makes the cover and Chioda counts – one……….two……….three!

Batista pins Chris Jericho at 09:23

Benoit re-enters the ring and quickly chops away on Batista, then kicks him in the knee to bring him down a bit. Benoit tags in Shelton Benjamin, and holds Batista’s leg as Benjamin vaults over the ropes and drives his elbow into Batista’s knee. Benjamin applies a single leg Boston Crab, but Batista powers out of the move, sending Benjamin across the ring. Benjamin gets up to see Batista charging at him, but he ducks the Lariat. He tries to kick Batista, but Batista grabs his foot, only for Benjamin to spin round with the Dragon Whip! Benjamin covers – one………….two………th- Broken by Edge! Benoit comes in and decks Edge, and Michaels takes care of Flair. Meanwhile, Benjamin climbs to the top rope and waits for Batista to get up. When he does, Benjamin comes off with an inverted bulldog, driving the back of Batista’s head into the mat! Benjamin hooks Batista’s leg, and Chioda counts – one…………..two………..three!

Shelton Benjamin pins Batista at 12:21

Seeing the fall, Edge comes into the ring and kicks Benjamin. Edge batters Benjamin with some stomps and punches, then pulls him up and tries to hook up the Downward Spiral, but Benjamin extracts his leg, then counters with the T-Bone Exploder!! Chioda counts again – one………….two……..Flair breaks the cover! Benjamin clothesline Flair over the top rope, then strikes Edge with a series of punches, chops and kicks, then whips him into the corner. Benjamin moves to the opposite corner, then signals to the crowd. He runs across the ring and launches himself with the Shell Shocka, but Edge moves and Benjamin’s sternum crashes into the turnbuckles. Benjamin staggers out of the corner, and Edge bounces off the ropes and nails him with the Spear! Edge makes the cover and gets the three count, eliminating Benjamin from the match and making it two against two.

Edge pins Shelton Benjamin at 15:02

Shawn Michaels comes back in with a clothesline on Edge, then whips him into the ropes (allowing Flair to make the blind tag) and backdrops him. Flair tries to blindside Michaels, but much like earlier he fails, and Michaels insteads whips him towards the turnbuckle, allowing Flair to do his trademark turnbuckle flip and apron walk, where Michaels plants him with Sweet Chin Music! Flair falls to the outside as Edge attacks Michaels, prompting Benoit to come into the ring and flatten Edge with a double throat thrust. As Chioda tries to get Benoit and Edge out of the ring though, Garrison Cade runs back to the ring. Michaels turns around to be met with Sweet Cade Music, knocking him straight down! Cade slides out of the ring and rolls Flair back in, and Flair drapes an arm over Michaels. Chioda sees the cover and begins to count, as Edge prevents Benoit from getting in the ring – one………….two……………three! Michaels is gone as a result of Cade’s interference!

Ric Flair pins Shawn Michaels at 19:52

Benoit finally kicks Edge off and goes straight for Flair. Benoit chops him hard, then hits a German Suplex. He goes straight for the Sharpshooter, and locks it in! Benoit pulls back on the hold, but Edge re-enters the ring, prompting Benoit to break the Sharpshooter and slap the Crippler Crossface on Edge! As Edge screams in pain, Flair gets back to his feet and stamps on Benoit’s knee several times, forcing Benoit to break the hold. Flair drags Benoit up and hits a kneebreaker, which leads straight into the Figure Four Leglock! Benoit screams in agony as Flair wrenches back on the move, and his shoulders touch the mat. Chioda counts one………..two……….Benoit lifts his shoulders, and the crowd cheer him on. Benoit uses all the energy he has to try and reverse the hold, until finally he turns onto his stomach, putting the pressure on Flair. Flair is now screaming in pain in the center of the ring. He grabs desperately for the ropes, but can’t reach them. After 30 seconds or so in the hold, Flair gives in and taps out!

Chris Benoit makes Ric Flair submit at 23:42

With Benoit hurt, Edge senses his opportunity. Benoit gets slowly to his feet, and Edge quickly whips him into the corner. He sets Benoit up for a superplex, but Benoit shoves him off. Benoit launches off the turnbuckle and hits the Swandive Headbutt! Benoit slowly drapes an arm over Edge – one……………..two…………..kickout! Benoit pulls himself back up and locks his arms around Edge’s waist – one German Suplex is followed by a second German Suplex, but the third is blocked by Edge, who counters with a go behind and a German Suplex of his own. Edge picks Benoit up, and hits the Edgecution! Edge covers – one………..two……….thr- Kickout!!! Edge screams at Chioda in disbelief, then sets Benoit up for the Spear. Benoit gets to his feet, and catches the oncoming Edge in the Crippler Crossface!! Edge screams in pain as Benoit wrenches back on the hold, but Edge won’t tap. Somehow Edge rolls out of the hold, and is to his feet first. Edge kicks Benoit in the gut, then whips him into the ropes, but as Benoit returns he takes Edge down with a schoolboy cradle! Chioda counts – one…………….two…………….three!!

Chris Benoit pins Edge at 27:36

Benoit rolls out of the ring and raises his arms in celebration as the crowd cheer, whilst Edge pounds the mat in anger in the ring.

Survivor: Chris Benoit

Match Rating: ****1/4

TEW Ratings: 80.8 / 70.3 / 90.5

As Benoit continues to celebrate, Ross & Lawler hype the World Title match, which leads us into a recap video

We start with Randy Orton winning the World Title from Chris Benoit at SummerSlam, followed by Evolution turning on him the next night. We see various exchanges between Orton & HHH leading up to Unforgiven, where the interference of Flair & Batista allowed HHH to pin Orton and win the Title. From there, we see Orton beating Flair at Taboo Tuesday, then challenging HHH. Cut to HHH accepting the challenge, with the stipulation of Orton never getting another shot if he doesn’t win. We see the clip from Raw where Flair questions why HHH needs Evolution to be in his corner, before ending with the end of Monday’s Raw, where Orton hits the R.K.O. on HHH, then stands in the ring, holding the title aloft. (TEW Rating: 85.0)

World Heavyweight Title Match

Randy Orton vs. Triple H ©

“Take What’s Mine” plays, and the crowd cheer as Randy Orton makes his entrance, with a steely determination in his eyes. He stands in the ring, focused on the entrance way, and “The Game” kicks in, signaling the arrival of the World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H comes out alone and does his usual entrance schtick. Earl Hebner takes the belt off him, then starts the match. They lock up with a collar and elbow tie-up, which Trips takes to the corner. After a clean break, Trips slaps Orton and smiles. Orton smiles in return, then drives a right hand into Helmsley’s face. The crowd cheer as Orton wails away on HHH, before whipping him into the ropes and clotheslining him down. HHH bails out of the ring and takes a break. He slowly re-enters and offers a test of strength. Orton accepts, and is promptly booted in the gut. A vertical suplex takes Orton to the canvas, before HHH slaps on a headlock to slow the match down. After a few minutes of restholds, HHH whips Orton hard into the turnbuckle. He follows in with the idiot charge, but Orton moves at the last second, and HHH crashes shoulder first into the ringpost. Orton takes advantage quickly, hammerlocking the arm, then bodyslamming Triple H onto it. Orton slaps on an armbar, throwing in a few shots to the arm for good measure, before applying a cross armbreaker. Triple H quickly grabs the ropes to break the hold, much to Orton’s dismay. Orton whips HHH into the ropes, but HHH ducks, then hits his Harley Race inspired high knee. HHH shakes his arm out, then whips Orton into the ropes and drills him with the Anderson-esque Spinebuster. HHH makes the cover, and Hebner counts – one……….two………kickout. HHH argues with Hebner, then focuses on Orton again. A kick to the stomach is followed by a DDT, which leads to another cover – one………….two…………..kickout again by Orton. HHH again argues with Hebner, even shoving him. Of course, Hebner shoves him back, right into an Orton schoolboy! Hebner counts: one…………..two……….kickout. HHH gets straight up and screams at Hebner, allowing Orton to get up. Orton spins HHH round, then rocks him with a right hand, followed by another, then leveling him with a dropkick. Orton heads to the corner and climbs to the top rope. As Triple H gets up, Orton dives off with a beautiful cross body press! Hebner counts again – one………….two………thr- kickout! Orton follows it up with the 3.0, and hooks the leg for another cover – one………..two……….kickout. The crowd cheer wildly as Orton goes down on one knee and motions for Triple H to get up. HHH gets to his feet, and Orton moves in for the R.K.O., only for HHH to shove him off, but straight into Earl Hebner, who falls through the ropes and out of the ring. HHH kicks Orton in the gut and goes for a Pedigree, but Orton counters out and hits the R.K.O! Orton makes the cover, but Hebner is outside the ring. Suddenly, boos fill the arena as Batista makes his way to the ring, but Ric Flair catches him up and stops him getting into the ring. As Batista argues with Flair, Orton stares on in confusion, allowing HHH to nail him with a low blow. HHH then goes over to the ropes and shouts at Flair and Batista (he’s heard to say “What the hell do you think you’re doing” to Flair). The distraction is costly though, as he turns around to see Orton back on his feet – and Orton drops him with a second R.K.O!! But as Flair and Batista continue to argue outside the ring, Edge suddenly vaults over the ringside barrier with a chair in hand. Edge slides into the ring, and as Orton turns round, Edge crowns him with a hard chairshot to the head. Orton falls to the mat like a stone, busted open from the chairshot. Edge grabs Triple H and drags him onto Orton, then gets out of the ring and rolls Hebner back in. Hebner groggily begins to count – one………………………..two…………………………..three!!

The crowd boo heavily as Edge grabs the World Title belt and pulls Triple H out of the ring. Edge hands Triple H the belt, as Hebner checks on the bloodied Orton in the ring.

Winner: Triple H by pinfall in 18:43

Match Rating: ***

TEW Ratings: 85.0 / 65.3 / 88.7

J.R. & The King hand back to Cole & Tazz, who hype up the next PPV, Armageddon. It will be a Smackdown show, and will be on Sunday, December 12 2004, being held at the Gwinnett Center in Atlanta, Georgia. (TEW Rating: 97.5)

Cole and Tazz then lead into a video recapping the JBL / Undertaker feud

We start at SummerSlam, where the Undertaker is disqualified for hitting JBL with the World Title, before chokeslamming him through the roof of the limo. We move on to JBL bringing in Viscera and Gangrel to help him, only for Taker to destroy them both. We see the end of the Last Ride match at No Mercy, where Heidenreich cost Taker the match. Cut to Smackdown in late October, where The Undertaker destroys Heidenreich with three Tombstones, then challenges JBL to one more match. We then go to Taker eliminating Orlando Jordan with a choke slam off the stage and through a table. The promo ends with alternating clips of both men promising the defeat the other, with the last shot a visual of the tombstone from Smackdown, proclaiming JBL’s title reign dead tonight. (TEW Rating: 83.6)

Texas Death Match for the WWE Heavyweight Title Match

John Bradshaw Layfield © vs. The Undertaker

“Longhorn” plays, and WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield makes his way to the ring, with a look of slight trepidation on his face. He stands in the ring when the gong sounds. The crowd erupts as “Graveyard Symphony” begins and the aisle fills with smoke. The imposing figure of The Undertaker makes his way through the smoke, and slowly enters the ring. Nick Patrick gives both men instruction, then the bell rings to start the match. JBL charges at Taker, but Taker just flattens him with a boot to the face. Taker lays in JBL with rights and lefts, but a second boot attempt leaves him crotched across the top rope. JBL takes advantage by hammering him with some clubbing forearms, knocking Taker out of the ring. JBL follows and a ringside brawl erupts for the next couple of minutes. JBL manages to whip Taker into the ringsteps, sending him flying over them. JBL throws Taker back in the ring and covers him, but Taker is out at two. JBL lifts Taker up, then throws him over his head with the Last Call. JBL makes another cover and Patrick counts - one…..two….kickout. JBL whips Taker into the ropes, but misses his clothesline, and Taker comes back with his trademark jumping clothesline. The crowd cheer as Taker gets to his feet, and he stings JBL with several right hands, then twists his arm and climbs the turnbuckle. The crowd chant “Old School” as Taker moves along the top rope, then leaps off and clubs JBL to the canvas. Taker runs his thumb along his throat as JBL staggers up. Taker grabs him by the throat, then drives him to the mat with a Choke Slam! Taker covers, and Patrick counts – one…….two……..three! With the pin counted, Taker stands back and Patrick begins the ten count. At 4, JBL stirs, and is back to his feet at 6. Taker grabs JBL and signals for the Last Ride, but JBL hits a desperation low blow, then bounces off the ropes and smashes Taker with the Clothesline From Hell! JBL quickly covers, and Patrick counts – one……….two……….three! JBL rolls out of the ring as Patrick starts his ten count, but at 5 Taker sits up. JBL looks shocked, and grabs a chair from the timekeeper’s table. JBL rolls into the ring, and smashes Taker with the chair. He then puts the chair on the canvas, picks Taker up, and hits a massive Powerbomb onto the chair! He makes the cover and gets the three, then Patrick begins his count. At 5, there is no sign of life from Taker….6…..nothing……..7……..nothing………8…….JBL climbs the turnbuckles celebrating…..9……….Taker sits up!! The crowd go wild as Taker gets to his feet, with JBL unaware of what’s behind him. He gets off the turnbuckle and turns around, where a look of shock permeates his face. Taker grabs JBL by the throat, then smashes him with a Chokeslam. But instead of covering, Taker picks him up again, and delivers a Tombstone! The crowd are cheering, but Taker doesn’t cover again. He picks JBL up once more, hoists him up for the Tombstone, then drives him headfirst into the chair!! Finally The Undertaker crosses JBL’s arms and makes the cover – one……………two………….three! Taker stands up and looks down on JBL as Patrick begins his ten count – one…………two………..three………..four………..five……….six………..seven…………eight……….nine………….ten!! Patrick calls for the bell as the crowd go wild. Patrick hands Taker the belt as he kneels in the middle of the ring, and that is the image that closes the show

Winner & New Champion: The Undertaker in 15:21

Match Rating: **1/2

TEW Ratings: 99.2 / 52.0 / 90.4

***********END SHOW************

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Well, if I'm being totally honest here, I'm surpised nobody's replied as of yet. I just read though, and so far it seems like a well-thought out diary, which keeps to the realism of the real WWE, but turns out a lot more logical. It is also well written, which is always a bonus, and the angles have me intrigued.

Good job so far ;)

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Wrestling Observer Round-Up

Posted by Dave Meltzer on Monday 15th November 2004

Last night’s Survivor Series PPV actually was a legit sell-out, filling the Gund Arena to capacity. Early estimates are that the show did a 0.46 buy-rate, the lowest ever for a Survivor Series (closest is the 0.57 the 1995 show did, and that was during Diesel’s reign of boredom). I didn’t think the show was bad, nor was it amazingly good. Orton & Helmsley exceeded expectations, but Raw’s main classic Survivor Series match was easily Match of the Night. Maybe the buyrate will convince McMahon that “hoss, hoss and hoss again” isn’t the way forward.

Raw pulled in 900,094 viewers this week (down 8,528 from last week), and Smackdown drew 920,502 (down 27,279 from last week). Raw was a fairly good show, with three ***+ matches in Orton / Kane, Christian / Rhyno and the 6 man main event. Smackdown on the other hand was lackluster, with only Mysterio / Guerrero breaking three stars.

In addition to The Rock & Randy Orton’s upcoming TV appearance, Kurt Angle has been booked to appear on the Tonight Show on 29/11

The WWE have signed a new sponsorship deal with AT&T. The two year deal will see AT&T advertising at all WWE shows.

It seems as though Armageddon was originally going to be headlined by an Armageddon Hell In The Cell match, but it now looks like The Undertaker will be defending his title in a singles match. Possible opponents being considered are Booker T, Kurt Angle and another match with JBL.

Chuck Palumbo suffered a minor concussion on Raw this week. He’s only going to be out for a few weeks, and is likely to be repackaged when he returns.

In contract news, Gene Snitsky’s contract expired this week, and has been released by the WWE.

Meanwhile, Doug Basham, D-Von Dudley and Paul London all signed contract extensions.

As speculated last week, Dave Heath has signed an 18 month deal with the WWE. It looks as though Heath will resume his Gangrel gimmick, and looks set to join the Smackdown roster.

And finally, three new talents have been assigned to OVW. Tom Carter, Keven Martel and Mike Mizanin will all report to Jim Cornette & Danny Davis in the coming weeks.

See you next week.

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Monday 15th November 2004

Live from the Pepsi Coliseum, Indianapolis, Indiana

Attendance: 4,359 (Capacity 8,200)

Sunday Night Heat Taping:

Batista pinned Stevie Richards with the Demon Bomb

Garrison Cade pinned Val Venis after Sweet Cade Music

Shelton Benjamin pinned Rodney Mack with the T-Bone Exploder

The opening credits end, and the pyros go off as we pan the arena.

Jim Ross: One night after a spectacular Survivor Series, we are here in Indiana for Monday Night Raw! King, I get a feeling we are going to see fireworks tonight!

Jerry Lawler: You said it J.R! After last nights events, there will be plenty of people looking to settle the score.

Jim Ross: None more so than Randy Orton, who was royally screwed by Evolution last night, and as a result will never get another shot at the World Title whilst Triple H is champion!

Jerry Lawler: Who cares about Orton J.R., the big story is what was Ric Flair thinking last night? He could have cost Triple H the title!!

Jim Ross: And that would have been a damn shame wouldn’t it King. Let’s not forget our main event, as Chris Jericho will be defending the Intercontinental Title against the man who screwed Orton last night, Edge!

Jerry Lawler: Edge caused an impact last night, and I predict that he’ll do it again tonight, and become Intercontinental Champion in the process!! (TEW Rating: 74.4)

“Evolution” kicks in, and the crowd boo as Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista and Edge come to the ring, dressed in impeccable suits and looked very pleased with themselves.

Triple H: Well well well, look who’s still the champ. Look who’s still the man. Why don’t you all take a good long look at me, and see what a real winner looks like (crowd boos) Last night I did exactly what I said I was going to do. I beat Randy Orton, in the middle of the ring, one, two, three. And now, Orton will never get another shot at this title whilst I’m champ. But it’s not all bad Randy. Maybe you could go after the Women’s Title instead? (crowd boos again as Triple H laughs).

Now, before I go any further, I’d like to take the time to thank some people for their…..moral support last night. Batista………thanks big guy. Edge……….superb work, just superb. (Triple H shakes Edge’s hand, and both men grin like chesire cats). And Ric………..what the hell were you thinking?

The crowd gasp as Triple H stares at Flair with a stern look on his face

Triple H: Well Ric? What were you thinking? You knew the plan, but you didn’t go along with it? You could have cost me the World Title!!!

Ric Flair: I’m sorry champ, I’m sorry. I thought you had the match well under control, there was no need for Batista to get involved. You’re the champ. You are the man. You don’t need our help to beat a punk like Orton.

Triple H: You know I don’t, but if you don’t follow the plan, things can go wrong. It’s lucky for you I had Edge as a backup.

Ric Flair: I know champ. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.

Triple H: It better not Naitch. But I’ll let it go this time

Triple H extends his hand, and Ric Flair shakes it enthusiastically shakes it, looking relieved.

Triple H: Now, back to my World Title………. (TEW Rating: 75.8)

Before he can finish what he’s saying, “Whatever” hits the speakers, and the crowd rises to their feet as Chris Benoit comes onto the stage, mic in hand

Chris Benoit: Your World Title Triple H? You may be the champion, but the last thing that belt is, is yours. You robbed Randy Orton last night, just like you did at Unforgiven, and now he can’t get another title shot. However, I can, and I want a shot at that title, right here tonight!

The crowd pops big in anticipation of a title match

Triple H: Just hold on one second there Benoit. I defended my title in a grueling match last night, there’s no way I’m going to defend this title tonight (crowd gives him big heat for that). And besides, what have you done to deserve a title shot?

Chris Benoit: What have I done to deserve a title shot? Well, how about last night. I seem to remember being the sole survivor against a team that featured all three of your Evolution running buddies in it. Or how about this – you’ve never beaten me in a World Title match. WrestleMania? I won. Backlash? I won. Vengeance? I won. The Iron Man Match…….I WON! So you say what have I done to deserve a title shot Triple H? I say that I am the greatest technical wrestler alive today, and I say that you cannot beat me. And I dare you to PROVE ME WRONG!

Triple H fumes in the ring as Flair & Edge hold him back. They calm him down, then he raises the mic again

Triple H: You say I can’t beat you Benoit? Is that what you think? I can beat you any time I choose too. So you want a title match, you’ll get one! (crowd cheers)………on one condition. I’m not falling for your cheap psychology attempt Chris. They call me the Cerebral Assassin for a reason. If you want a shot at my World Title, I’ll give you a shot in two weeks, when we’re in Toronto, your home country. The catch? To get the shot, you’ll have to beat Ric Flair next week on Raw! And I know he won’t let me down again. So what do you say Chris?

Chris Benoit: I’ve got four words for you Triple H. See you in Toronto.

“Whatever” plays again as the crowd cheer Benoit, who looks on from the stage as Evolution talk in the ring. (TEW Rating: 81.5)

******Commercial Break*******

Christian vs. Maven

We return from commercial to the sound of “Just Close Your Eyes”, as Christian makes his way to the ring whilst Maven is stood in the ring awaiting his opponent. The match gets underway and a fairly clean exchange of headlock takedowns occur, before Christian takes the low road and drills Maven with a right hand. A few more shots to the temple, followed by several stomps to the lower back, give Christian the advantage. He taunts the crowd, then picks Maven up and suplexes him, and covers for a two count. He controls Maven for a couple more minutes, focusing on the lower back with elbows and knees, before whipping Maven into the ropes. He puts his head down too early though, and Maven kicks him in the chest, then dropkicks the stunned Christian to the canvas. Maven pumps his fists to try and get the crowd behind him, and gets a mild reaction. He hits Christian with a vertical suplex, and follows up with a elbow from the second rope, which gets him a two count. Maven looks around the ring, then climbs to the second rope again, and waits for Christian to stand up. Christian turns around, and Maven leaps off, looking for the Halo DDT, only for Christian to catch him with a fist to gut, doubling Maven up. Christian quickly lifts Maven up and drills him with an implant DDT. Christian gets to his feet, taunts the crowd once more, and then puts Maven in a Texas Cloverleaf. Christian wrenches back, and Maven submits instantly.

Winner: Christian by submission in 08:12

Match Rating: ***

TEW Ratings: 63.8 / 69.4 / 72.5

Christian releases the hold as his hand is raised in victory. As Chris Kay helps Maven out of the ring, Christian asks for a microphone

Christian: So, this is what it’s come to? The leader of the peepulation, Captain Charisma himself, curtain jerking against Maven? We all know I deserve much better than that. I’ve held the Hardcore Title, the European Title, the Light-Heavyweight Title, the Tag Team Titles and the Intercontinental Title. I’ve been in some of the greatest matches the WWE has ever seen, and this is how I’m rewarded? Well, me and my peeps have had enough, and if you won’t give me the respect I deserve, I’m just going to have to take it.

He tosses the mic down, and “Just Close Your Eyes” plays again as he returns to the locker room. (TEW Rating: 75.8)

The cameras cut backstage, to where William Regal is warming up. Eugene enters the picture, looking very nervous and biting his thumb

Eugene: William…….

Regal turns round, and looks at Eugene sternly

William Regal: Yes Eugene?

Eugene: Erm…I….I....I just wanted to say I’m sorry for hitting you with the belt last night.

Regal continues to look at Eugene with a slight scowl, and steps towards him. Then, he breaks out into a broad smile

William Regal: Dear boy, don’t worry about it. It was just an accident. I mean, it’s not like you were trying to hit me now was it. Now, we’ve got a big match tonight, against La Resistance, no disqualifications, for the World Tag Team Titles. So you run along and get ready, and I’ll see you in bit.

Eugene: OK!

Eugene hugs Regal, who pats him on the back of the head and smiles. (TEW Rating: 66.0)

WWE Women’s Title Match

Victoria vs. Trish Stratus ©

As we come back to the arena, Trish Stratus is just entering the ring, displaying the Women’s Title proudly as Victoria looks on. Trish pie-faces Victoria to the mat, then arrogantly poses, allowing an enraged Victoria to tackle her to the mat, then rain punches down on her. Chad Patton pulls Victoria off, and Trish rolls out of the ring. Victoria gives chase, allowing Trish to ambush her as she re-enters the ring. Trish gets the upper hand with a suplex, but her irish whip is reversed. Victoria tries to clothesline her, but Trish ducks it, and smacks Victoria with a Chick Kick. Trish taunts the crowd once more, then makes a cover, but Victoria is out at two. Trish tries to hit the Stratusfaction, but Victoria counters with a belly to back suplex. Victoria goes on the offensive, catching Trish with a thrust kick to the jaw, followed by a standing moonsault for two. She gets another two count from her spin out side slam, and then motions for the end. She picks Trish up, and lifts her into position for the Widow’s Peak, but Trish manages to struggle free, then quickly rolls Victoria up, grabbing the second rope at the same time. Chad Patton counts the three, and Trish gets the win.

Winner: Trish Stratus by pinfall in 06:02

Match Rating: **1/4

TEW Ratings: 61.2 / 49.0 / 59.1

Trish stands outside of the ring laughing as Victoria complains to the ref. Victoria leaves, frustrated, as Trish grabs a mic and re-enters the ring

Trish Stratus: Phew, chalk up another win for the champ! As if there was any doubt about it anyway. I mean, come on, I’m Trish Stratus. The greatest female wrestler this company has ever seen, not to mention the hottest diva. Any-way, I’ve gotten kinda bored with all this. I mean, it’s not like I’ve got any competition for the belt is it. So, I’ve been thinking, and I know it’s going to disappoint all of my wonderful fans out there, but I’ve decided to retire from in-ring competition, and since I’m the Women’s Champion, I guess that means the title retires with me. But don’t get too downhearted, I’ll still be on Raw, giving guaranteed Stratusfaction.

Trish puts the mic down and mockingly blows a kiss to the crowd as we go to commercial. (TEW Rating: 79.1)

******Commercial Break*******

As we return from commercial, we go to “Earlier Tonight”, as we see A-Train on a running machine backstage, as Simon Dean watches with a smile on his face. A-Train comes to a rest, breathing heavily.

A-Train: Can I stop now Simon?

Simon Dean: Well, you’ve done well so far, but I think you still need to do a little more running big guy. Let’s not forget what happened last night

A-Train: What? I eliminated Rosey and The Hurricane!

Simon Dean: True, but you were also pinned by Rhyno. Whereas I survived the match, I even got the winning fall for our team. You know why? Because I’m a winner. Now, I can’t be having losers on the Simon System, so you’ve got to up the workrate Train, else I’ll have to look for a new student.

A-Train looks exasperated, but starts running again.

Simon Dean: Good. Now, keep going for half an hour. I’m going to start getting ready for our match tonight.

Dean walks off, as Train continues on the running machine. (TEW Rating: 49.2)

A-Train & Simon Dean vs. The Hurricane & Rosey

“Stand Back, There’s a Hurricane Comin’ Through” rings throughout the arena, and The Hurricane and Rosey come out to a mild pop. Simon Dean & A-Train make their entrance next, and the match gets underway with Dean & Hurricane. Hurricane takes Dean down with an armdrag, a headlock and a drop toehold, and Dean pounds the mat in frustration. Dean kicks Hurricane in the gut, then drags him to his corner, where he brings in A-Train. A-Train manhandles Hurricane, dropping him with a backbreaker and a big bodyslam, then scoring a near fall with a pump kick to the chest, with Rosey breaking the count. A-Train picks Hurricane up, and sets him up for the Train Wreck, but The Hurricane wriggles free, and manages to hit a modified Eye Of The Hurricane on the way down! Hurricane staggers to his corner and tags in Rosey. Rosey runs in and levels A-Train with a clothesline, and catches the oncoming Dean with a big Samoan Drop, sending Dean rolling out of the ring. Rosey then avalanches A-Train in the corner, then bodyslams him as he staggers out. Rosey poses for the crowd, then runs the ropes. As he does, Dean grabs his ankle from outside the ring. Rosey turns round, then grabs him and pulls him up onto the apron, before rearing back and decking him with a right hand. Rosey smiles, then turns round, where he is greeted by a Derailer from A-Train. A-Train makes the cover, and Jack Doan counts the three, giving A-Train and Dean the victory.

Winners: A-Train & Simon Dean by pinfall in 04:03

Match Rating: **

TEW Ratings: 47.4 / 65.0 / 51.9

A brief recap video plays, showing Kane destroying both Tajiri and Rhyno on Raw a fortnight ago. (TEW Rating: 79.6)

Handicap Match

Kane vs. Tajiri & Rhyno

Rhyno & Tajiri make their way to the ring, looking very determined. “Slow Chemical” kicks in, and the arena is bathed in red light as Kane marches to the ring. He goes straight on the offensive, hammering Rhyno with an uppercut, then shoving Tajiri into the corner and battering him with rights and lefts. Rhyno attacks Kane from behind, but Kane just turns, grabs him by the head and throws him out of the ring. He turns his attention back to Tajiri, and whips him into the ropes, catching him with a big boot as he comes back. Rhyno enters again, and this time clips Kane’s knee, bringing the Big Red Machine down. Rhyno clubs on Kane’s back, then Tajiri gets up, and the two take Kane down with a double suplex. As they get to their feet, Kane sits up, and Rhyno & Tajiri look at each other with worry, before laying into Kane with kicks and punches. Kane absorbs a few blows, then shoves both men across the ring. Rhyno gets leveled with a clothesline, and Tajiri runs into a powerslam. Kane slowly stalks Tajiri, and when he gets to his feet, Kane grabs Tajiri by the throat, then drives him to the mat with a huge Choke Slam. As he delivers the move, Rhyno crouches in the corner, preparing for the Gore, and when Kane turns he charges at him, only for Kane to counter with a hard kick to the head. Kane grabs Rhyno, then drives him down hard with another Choke Slam. Kane covers, and Chris Kay makes the count – one…………..two………….three. The bell rings to signal the victory, but Kane doesn’t stop the beating, as he continues to pound on the prone Rhyno. Tajiri tries to help his partner, but received a second Choke Slam for his efforts. Suddenly a cheer goes up, and we see Shelton Benjamin hit the ring. He nails Kane with a couple of right hands, then goes to kick him, only for Kane to catch his foot. Kane smiles sickly, when all of a sudden Benjamin spins round and cracks him with the Dragon Whip! Kane staggers backwards, and falls through the middle rope to the floor. He gets to his feet and scowls at Benjamin, screaming that “you’ll pay for that, you’ll pay for that dearly”.

Winner: Kane by pinfall in 07:25

Match Rating: **3/4

TEW Ratings: 66.4 / 68.7 / 68.1

We cut backstage, where Eric Bischoff is sat in his office, where he is surrounded by Victoria, Nidia, Gail Kim, Molly Holly and Jazz, who are all yelling at him.

Eric Bischoff: Ladies, ladies! Please! Look, I understand you all upset by what Trish said earlier, I don’t blame you. But, you’ve got to admit, she’s got a point. And anyway, no-one really wants to see the divas wrestle

The divas all begin yelling at him again

Eric Bischoff: OK, enough! Here’s what I’ll do. Next week, we’ll have a match. A Diva Showcase if you will. It will be Trish Stratus defending against Molly Holly, Gail Kim, Jazz, Lita & Victoria. Now, if one of you girls manage to win the match, you’ll win the title, and you can do what you like with it. However, if Trish wins the match, then she will be able to retire the title as she wants to. But, there is one catch. Whomever gets pinned in the match………..will be fired! Now, get out of my office, I’ve got a show to run

The divas look warily at each other, then slowly start to leave, arguing amongst themselves as they do. (TEW Rating: 67.2)

******Commercial Break*******

No Disqualification Match for the World Tag Team Titles

William Regal & Eugene vs. La Resistance ©

We return from commercial as La Resistance, the Tag Team Champions, make their way to the ring, proudly waving the flag of Quebec. The boos of the crowd turn to cheers as “Child’s Play” kicks in, and Eugene bounds out to the ring, with William Regal just behind him. Regal starts out with Grenier, and quickly takes him to the mat and applies a front facelock. A quick forearm shot to the back of the head precludes a quarter nelson roll up, but it only gets one. Rob Conway tries to get involved, but Eugene cuts him off with a right hand to the jaw. All four men brawl in the middle of the ring, until Conway and Grenier are rocked back, and Eugene & Regal hit stereo dropkicks, sending the champs out of the ring. When they regroup, Conway comes into the ring and distracts Regal, allowing Grenier to attack Eugene from behind. Regal turns to help, but Conway clotheslines him down from behind. Conway and Regal spill out of the ring, leaving Grenier with Eugene. Grenier hits a nice snap suplex, but stops to pose for the crowd instead of covering. As Grenier turns round, Eugene is waiting for him, and hits him with alternate left and rights, before hoisting him up and using the airplane spin! He put Grenier down, and both men were dazed, but Eugene recovered first. He climbed to the top rope as Conway threw Regal into the steps outside. Eugene comes off the top rope and hits Grenier with a double axehandle, flattening the young French-Canadian. Eugene looked at the crowd, then dragged Grenier to the middle of the ring. Eugene signalled for the People’s Elbow, and the crowd cheered, only for Conway to re-enter the ring, armed with a trash can lid, and smack Eugene with it. Conway smiled cockily, blissfully unaware that Eugene was behind him, “hulking” up. Conway rolled Grenier out of the ring, then turned around and saw Eugene looking very angry. Conway looked shocked, then charged at Eugene with the lid, but ran straight into a Rock Bottom! Grenier grabbed a chair and slid into the ring, but as he got to his feet, Eugene kicked him in the gut and hit the Stunner!! Eugene grabbed the chair and held it aloft, poised to strike Grenier with it as the crowd cheered. Regal got back into the ring and stopped Eugene. He talked to Eugene, and slapped his hand three times. Eugene nodded and handed the chair to Regal, and made the cover on Grenier instead. The crowd cheered as Chioda counted – one………………two……………….SMACK! The camera panned out, and we see Regal stood with the chair in hand, as Eugene writhes in pain on the floor. The cheers turn to loud boos as Regal looks in disdain as Eugene looks at him, confused and hurt. Regal sneers once more, then rears back and cracks Eugene across the skull with the chair. Eugene collapses back to the mat, busted wide open. Conway and Grenier look on in disbelief, but Regal motions to Conway, and Conway quickly covers. Chioda makes the academic three count, and La Resistance grab their title belts and quickly get out of the ringside area

Winners: La Resistance by pinfall in 10:46

Match Rating: ***1/4

TEW Ratings: 70.8 / 70.2 / 78.5

Meanwhile, Regal looks down on the bloodied Eugene, then pulls him to his feet. Eugene is out of it, and Regal hooks him up, then drives him onto the chair with a huge Butterfly Powerbomb. The bell rings repeatedly as Regal brings the chair down onto Eugene repeatedly, before he then locks on the Regal Stretch. Officials flood the ring to try and pull him off, and after a whole minute in the hold, they finally do. They hold Regal off as Eugene is loaded onto a stretcher by the EMT’s, and the crowd boo Regal as we see Eugene being stretchered to the back. Suddenly though, Regal runs back into shot, and he coldly knocks down the EMT’s, before tipping the stretcher, with Eugene strapped too it, over, sending Eugene crashing unprotected to the floor. The officials finally drag Regal away from Eugene, and we go to commercial with Eugene laying unconscious and bloody on the floor, as Regal looks on from the stage with a sneer on his face. (TEW Rating: 66.0)

******Commercial Break*******

WWE Intercontinental Title Match

Edge vs. Chris Jericho ©

We come back from commercial to a shot of the arena, focusing on the stage. “You Think You Know Me” resounds throughout the arena, before Edge comes out to his new entrance song, “Metallingus” by Alter Bridge. Then, the countdown begins, then the pyros go off and the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho, makes his way to the ring. The two men circle each other as we get underway. Jericho takes the upper hand early with a headlock, but Edge shoves him into the ropes to break. Jericho quickly tries for the Walls Of Jericho, but Edge slips out easily and bails out of the ring, where he complains to Earl Hebner. Back in the ring, Edge takes advantage of a collar and elbow tie-up with a knee to the gut, before hooking Jericho up for a suplex, only to dump him gut first across the top rope. Jericho stands on the apron winded, allowing Edge to shoulder tackle him, sending Jericho crashing into the security barrier. Edge follows Jericho out and rams him into the barrier twice more, then tosses him back in the ring and makes a cover, which gets two. Edge follows up with a reverse suplex, then slaps on a modified camel clutch, doing more damage to Jericho’s back. Jericho tries to fight out of the move, and the crowd come into the match some more, cheering Jericho on. Jericho fights back to his feet, and elbows Edge in the gut. Jericho runs the ropes, but misses a clothesline, and Edge quickly hits the Edge-O-Matic! Hebner counts – one……………two………….kickout! Edge argues with Hebner briefly, then picks Jericho back up and whips him into the ropes, but Jericho comes back with a flying forearm, knocking Edge down. Both men are slow to get up, but Jericho wins the race, and catches Edge with a right hand, then a chop, before whipping him into the ropes and hitting a back body drop. Edge gets back up, and Jericho runs at him, and hits a spinning Flashback. Jericho makes the cover – one……………..two…………….kickout. Jericho picks Edge up once more, but the irish whip is reversed this time. Edge tries a clothesline, but misses, and Jericho hits a running enzuiguri on him instead! Jericho makes the cover – one…………….two…………….Edge puts his foot on the bottom rope to break the count. Jericho thinks he’s won the match until Hebner tells him about Edge’s foot. Jericho turns to see Edge charging forward, looking for a Spear, but leapfrogs over Edge just in time. Edge gets back to his feet and is promptly driven face-first into the mat by a Jericho faceplant. Jericho plays to the crowd, then springboards off the ropes looking for the Lionsault, but Edge rolls out of the way and Jericho crashes into the mat! Jericho clutches his stomach as he staggers up, with Edge crouching by the ropes. Jericho turns round and Edge smashes into him with the Spear!! Edge makes the cover – one……………………………two…………………………Randy Orton hits the ring and breaks the cover!! Earl Hebner calls for the bell as Orton hammers away on Edge. Batista and Ric Flair run down to help Edge, and Orton tries fighting them off, but the 3-on-2 odds overwhelm him. A cheer suddenly goes up though, and we see Chris Benoit storming down to the ring. Benoit sees Batista coming, and hits him with a German Suplex! German Suplex for Edge as well, and Ric Flair gets the same! Evolution retreat to the ramp, just as Triple H appears on the stage. We go off the air with Triple H and Benoit staring intently at each other, as Benoit makes motions around his waist for the World Title.

Winner: Edge by disqualification in 12:53

Match Rating: ***1/2

TEW Ratings: 83.4 / 79.0 / 96.1

*********************END SHOW*********************

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Well, the match writeups aren't to my tastes, but it's obvious that you put a lot of effort into it, which is a good thing. Dunno ... maybe because it's too long. But the booking and character portrayal is excellent. Regal is a heel again, where he belongs. And you have Trish written perfectly.

I'll still skim the diary though. I'm interested to see where the Christian storyline goes.

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  • Admin

Why does everybody always link Garrison Cade with HBK?

Anywayz, good diary. I am also surprised almost nobody has replied yet  B)

Well, when I started the diary, there was a big rumour going round that Cade was going to be re-tooled as HBCade, the Michaels impersonator. I took that idea and ran with it, given that I wanted to keep in line with what Vince would do in reality to start with, and gradually make subtle changes along the way

Well, the match writeups aren't to my tastes, but it's obvious that you put a lot of effort into it, which is a good thing. Dunno ... maybe because it's too long. But the booking and character portrayal is excellent. Regal is a heel again, where he belongs. And you have Trish written perfectly.

I'll still skim the diary though. I'm interested to see where the Christian storyline goes.

Thanks for the feedback. I do wonder if the matches are too long myself when I'm writing. Then I re-read and think they're too short and jump around too much. There's just no pleasing me!

I'm glad I peaked your interested with Christian's promo. I was hoping that by having a short, fairly vague promo, I could get people wondering. I hope I don't disappoint with where it ends up.

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Guest Prototype

Interesting read. SS was good. You have some original ideas going, like Cade and the Dean/A-Train team. I like the Edge and Regal turns. Interested to see where you go with Undertaker as champ.

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  • Admin

WWE Smackdown

Thursday 18th November 2004

Taped at the Memorial Stadium, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Attendance: 2,223 (Capacity 7,200)

Velocity Taping:

Charlie Haas defeated Rene Dupree with the Haas Of Pain

Booker T pinned Billy Gunn after the Scissors Kick

John Bradshaw Layfield defeated Scotty 2 Hotty with the Clothesline From Hell

The opening credits end, and we join Michael Cole & Tazz at ringside

Michael Cole: We are four days removed from one of the greatest Survivor Series’ in memory, and tonight Smackdown invades Indiana! Good evening everyone, I’m Michael Cole sitting with my broadcast colleague Tazz, and Tazz, we have a new WWE World Champion

Tazz: Damn straight Cole, tha’ Dead Man, tha’ Undertaker defeated JBL in a brutal Texas Death Match at Survivor Series, and he is once again da’ man on Smackdown.

Michael Cole: And you’ve gotta believe that JBL isn’t happy about that. But that’s not all. We also have new WWE Tag Team Champions, as Charlie Haas & Rico defeated both the Dudley Boys and the former champs, Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree, in a Triple Threat match.

Tazz: It was a solid performance by Smackdown’s own odd couple, and they walked away with the Tag Team Titles. But from what Joey Numbahs tells me, they are already other teams gunning for those belts.

Michael Cole: Well, moving onto tonight………

Cole is interrupted as “Longhorn” starts to play, and John Bradshaw Layfield makes his way out to the ring, looking very upset. (TEW Rating: 71.4)

John Bradshaw Layfield: Today, America is in mourning. At Survivor Series, a great injustice occurred, and your champion, John Bradshaw Layfield, was robbed of the title that rightfully belonged to him. Since the day I became champion, everyone has conspired against me, wanting me to fail, wanting me to lose. Their petty jealousy sickens me, but what sickens me more is the fact that they were able to corrupt an office of power such as the Smackdown General Manager. A position of prestige, held by esteemed people such as Stephanie McMahon, Paul Heyman and Kurt Angle. But what have we now? Theodore Long. A man who allowed corruption to influence his decisions, a man who booked me in a Texas Death Match with The Undertaker, with my title on the line. Well America, as your hero I feel that I have to take a stand against this corruption, and as of right now, I am launching the “JBL for GM” campaign! (crowd boos) I will be the man to lead Smackdown into 2005 and beyond, and I will do it fairly, honestly, and most of all, proudly. But that’s not all America. You see, as a shrewd businessmen, and author of a best-selling book, I made sure that I would have an opportunity to put right any wrongs committed against me at Survivor Series. In the contract for the match, I made sure of a rematch clause, and I will use that clause…………..next week on Smackdown!! And next week, I will once again become your WWE Champ……. (TEW Rating: 77.6)

“Basic Thuganomics” kicks in, and the crowd erupt as John Cena makes his way onto the stage

John Cena: Yo yo yo, da franchise is here! (crowd cheers). JBL, my man, why so sad? Are you still crying about The Undertaker whooping yo’ ass at Survivor Series? Nice hat by the way. (crowd laughs) Now, the way I see it, you’ve had your turn, and you blew it. Sure, you’ve got your rematch next week, but knowing you, you’ll blow that quicker than you would one of your broker buddies (more laughter as JBL goes red with rage). But now, it’s time for da Franchise to shine! I’m putting everyone on notice, John Cena is coming for the WWE Title, and no-one can stand in my way, and that includes you Bradshaw. And if you don’t like it, you can suck my………

Cena raises the microphone into the air and lets the crowd finish for him, before “Basic Thuganomics” plays again. Cena plays to the crowd as JBL stares at him, with pure rage in his eyes (TEW Rating: 88.7)

******Commercial Break*******

Mark Jindrak vs. Rob Van Dam

We return from commercial, and “One Of A Kind” kicks in, and the crowd cheer as Rob Van Dam makes his way to the ring, where Mark Jindrak is waiting for him. RVD does the thumbs pose, but is flattened from behind by Jindrak as he does so. Jindrak blasts Van Dam with repeated left hand shots, then hip tosses Van Dam across the ring, but Van Dam somehow lands on his feet, then clips Jindrak with a heel kick to the jaw. Van Dam hits a spinning legdrop, then whips Jindrak into the corner. Van Dam follows in and tries a monkey flip, but Jindrak counters by flipping Van Dam backwards. Van Dam lands on his feet again, but Jindrak mows him down with a clothesline. Jindrak poses for the crowd, then picks Van Dam up and punches him again. Jindrak hits a beautiful dropkick, and gets a two count off it. Jindrak questions Brian Hebner’s count, then turns back to RVD. He goes to kick Van Dam, but Van Dam catches the foot, then counters with a stepover heel kick. Van Dam looks around, then runs the ropes and hits Jindrak with the Rolling Thunder. The crowd cheer Van Dam on as he points to the top rope, then vaults onto it with his cat-like agility. Van Dam looks to the crowd once more, then gracefully leaps off and hits Jindrak with a picture perfect Five Star Frog Splash! Van Dam clutches his ribs, then rolls back onto Jindrak, and Hebner counts the academic three.

Winner: Rob Van Dam by pinfall in 05:28

Match Rating: **3/4

TEW Ratings: 65.9 / 73.6 / 74.7

We cut from the ring to Theodore Long’s office, where the General Manager is sat at his desk doing some paperwork. Suddenly, the door bursts open, and Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki burst in

Rene Dupree Monsieur Long, I ‘ave been ‘earing some people saying zat you are going to make an announcement about ze number one contenders to ze Tag Team Titles tonight. I trust that zhis announcement is a rematch for Kenzo and myself?

Before Long can answer, the Dudley Boys storm into the room

Bubba Ray Dudley: Hey Long, what’s this we hear about you making an announcement about the Tag Titles? It’s pretty obvious to me and D-Von that we’re the number one contenders, seeing as we weren’t the ones who got pinned at Survivor Series

Rene Dupree: You cannot be serious mon frere, ve are ze former champions, ve are obviously ze number one contenders. Any idiot can see that, even you.

Bubba Ray Dudley: Is that so Frenchy?

Bubba squares up to Rene as Kenzo & D-Von go nose to nose in the background.

Theodore Long: Whoah, whoah, whoah. Now just hold it right there playas, I don’t want no thuggin and buggin in my office, you feel me? Now, you’re both right, I do have an announcement about the number one contenders to the Tag Team Titles tonight, and you do both raise valid points, which I have been considering. But what I’ve come up with is sure to bring the dolla dolla bill to Smackdown. You see, what we’re going to do is we’re going to have a little tournament to decide who will face Charlie Haas & Rico at Armageddon. Now, since you are the former champions, Kenzo & Rene will get a bye into the semi-finals. (Rene smiles broadly as Bubba & D-Von look disgusted). And as for you Dudleys, your quarter final match is up next, so I suggest you get out to that ring, you feel me?

Bubba goes to say something, then looks at Rene and refrains from doing so. He and D-Von leave the office, and we return to ringside (TEW Rating: 66.9)

Tag Team Tournament Quarter Final

The F.B.I. vs. The Dudley Boys

The F.B.I. make their way out to an indifferent reaction, before the sounds of Powerman 5000 & “Drop The Bombshell” kicks in, and the Dudleys storm to the ring, looking seriously pissed off. They immediately attack The F.B.I., tossing Nunzio out of the ring, then double teaming Stamboli. Stamboli tries to fight back, but Bubba Ray and D-Von just pound him in the corner. Jim Cordairis tries to get one of the Dudleys out of the ring, but they just don’t listen to him, before hitting a double hotshot onto Stamboli, and Stamboli bounces on the top rope, then topples to the floor. Nunzio gets back into the ring. Bubba lamps him with a hard right hand, then tosses him across the ring with a backdrop. D-Von comes back into the ring and lifts Nunzio into a back suplex position, allowing Bubba to drill him with the 3DB neckbreaker. Instead of covering though, Bubba shoves D-Von, then yells the familiar cry of “D-VON!!! GET THE TABLES!!”. D-Von goes outside as Cordairis protests to him, but as he reaches for a table, he doesn’t see Stamboli in the ring behind Bubba. Stamboli runs forward and clubs Bubba with a clothesline to the back of the head, and Bubba stumbles towards Nunzio. Nunzio quickly cradles him with a modified small package, as Stamboli attacks D-Von outside the ring. Cordairis counts – one……….two………….three!!

Winner: The F.B.I. by pinfall in 05:36

Match Rating: **3/4

TEW Ratings: 58.6 / 73.6 / 66.5

As the bell rings, Bubba gets straight to his feet and stares at Cordairis in disbelief. He claims it was a two count, but when Cordairis says it was a three, Bubba decks him. Nunzio groggily gets back to his feet, but Bubba picks him up and drives him to the mat with a samoan drop. Bubba rolls out of the ring and helps D-Von, attacking Stamboli, then driving his head into the ringpost. Bubba rolls Stamboli back into the ring as D-Von grabs a table and sets it up by the turnbuckle. Bubba rolls Stamboli onto the table, then lifts himself onto the second rope. D-Von picks Nunzio up, drags him to the the corner, then passes him up to Bubba Ray. Bubba Ray stands up, then jumps off the turnbuckle, driving Nunzio into Stamboli, and in turn through the table, with a Super Bomb!! EMT’s quickly hit the ring as Bubba Ray spits on the fallen FBI as the crowd boos (though a portion of the crowd are chanting “ECW, ECW”) (TEW Rating: 59.2)

As the ring is cleared, we cut backstage to see Kurt Angle standing outside a door marked “General Manager”. Angle knocks on the door, and hears a “Come In”, before opening the door and entering the office. Theodore Long looks up from his desk.

Theodore Long: Ah, Kurt. Good to see you playa. What can I do for you on this fine day?

Kurt Angle: Well, Teddy – do you mind if I call you Teddy

Theodore Long: Try Mr. Long playa

Kurt Angle: Pfft. Fine. Mr. Long, as you are well aware, this past Sunday at Survivor Series, my team defeated Eddie Guerrero’s team, and I was a survivor in the match.

Theodore Long: I saw, it was impressive.

Kurt Angle: Well, I was thinking, since it was such an impressive effort and all, I think I deserve a reward

Theodore Long: Is that so? What did you have in mind?

Kurt Angle: I was thinking along the lines of………….a shot at the WWE Title!

Theodore Long brings his hand to his chin and thinks about the proposal for a second.

Theodore Long: Well Kurt, I’ll tell you what. I’m a fair man, and you did put in an impressive showing at Survivor Series, so you’re on. You will get a shot at the WWE Title at Armageddon, against whomever the WWE Champion is after next week’s JBL – Undertaker match!

Kurt Angle: Thank you Teddy….er….I mean Mr. Long! You won’t regret it.

Kurt gleefully leaves the room, as Long smiles and returns to his paperwork. (TEW Rating: 85.3)

******Commercial Break*******

We come back from commercial as Hardcore Holly is coming to the ring. As he makes his entrance, we get a short recap video, showing Holly being robbed by Carlito Caribbean Cool in their match on Smackdown last week, followed by Holly pinning Carlito during the Classic Survivor Match at Survivor Series. (TEW Rating: 60.7)

WWE United States Title Match

Hardcore Holly vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool ©

The south pacific beats begin to play, and Carlito makes his way to the ring, with his US Title over his shoulder. He goes to take a bite of his apple, but before he can Holly decks him with a right hand, and the match gets started. Holly mounts Carlito and rains punches on him, until Charles Robinson pulls him off. Carlito leaves the ring as Holly argues with Robinson, so Holly gives chase. Holly bounces Carlito’s head off the security barrier, and smacks him with a couple more right hands, then tries to irish whip him into the stairs, only for Carlito to reverse, sending Holly crashing into them. Carlito rolls back into the ring to catch a breath, then attacks Holly as he gets back in the ring. Carlito hooks Holly up, then drives him to the mat with a suplex, but only gets a one off the count. Carlito drops an elbow on Holly, then slaps on a chinlock. Carlito keeps the hold on for 30 seconds or so, then Holly gets back to his feet and breaks the hold with an elbow to the ribs. Carlito quickly kicks Holly in the gut, then tries an irish whip, but Holly reverses, then smashes Carlito with a beautiful standing dropkick as he comes back. Holly makes the cover – one………..two……..kickout! Holly picks Carlito up and drills him with a hanging vertical suplex, which gets him another two count. Carlito staggers to his feet, and Holly bends down and scoops him up in position for the Alabama Slam, but Carlito quickly grabs the top rope, preventing Holly from executing the move. Holly realises this, but twists his body round, then kicks Carlito in the stomach / groin! Carlito crashes to the mat in pain as Robinson admonishes Holly, who has a wry smile on his face. Holly then climbs to the top rope and waits for Carlito to get up. Carlito does so, but sees Holly fly off with an attempted flying clothesline, and ducks, send Holly into the canvas. Both men get to their feet, but Carlito is up first, and as Holly gets up, Carlito kicks him in the gut, then hits the C-C-T (think Evenflow DDT). Carlito makes the cover, and Robinson makes the count – one………………two………………….three!!

Winner: Carlito Caribbean Cool by pinfall in 07:15

Match Rating: **1/4

TEW Ratings: 60.7 / 55.1 / 56.2

As Carlito leaves the ring, belt across his shoulder, Hardcore Holly is getting back to his feet. As he reaches a vertical base, the arena lights go out. A sound can be heard, best described as breathing put through a voice distorter, and the Titantron flickers occasionally with some weird imagery. Just as suddenly, the lights come back on, leaving Holly in the ring, looking very confused. (TEW Rating: 46.5)

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match

Funaki vs. Spike Dudley

After a short break to advertise Armageddon, we return to the ring, where Funaki is waiting. Spike Dudley makes his entrance, cocky as ever, with the Cruiserweight Title across his shoulder. The match gets underway, and is little more than a squash, as Spike runs through his spots – headbutt to the groin, stomps in the corner, diving stomp from the top rope, and finally the Dudley Dogg for the three count, and a successful title defence.

Winner: Spike Dudley by pinfall in 03:12

Match Rating: *3/4

TEW Ratings: 47.2 / 70.3 / 57.7

******Commercial Break*******

We return from commercial and join Josh Matthews backstage, and he is with Eddie Guerrero

Josh Matthews: Eddie, it’s been a rough week for you. First, finding out that your nephew, Chavo, had joined Kurt Angle’s Honour Society, before then being pinned by Chavo in the Classic Survivor Match at Survivor Series. Tonight, you will team with The Big Show to take on Chavo & Kurt Angle, and I’ve gotta ask you Eddie – is your head in the game?

Eddie Guerrero: Is my head in the game homes? Is my head in the game? IS MY HEAD IN THE GAME? Chavito chose his side essa, and I have to deal with it. Chavito is familia, but he chose to disgrace the family name and align himself with Kurt Angle. He stole a victory from me at Survivor Series, it’s Los Guerrero’s way. He beat me at my own game essa. So you ask me if my head is in the game essa? No, it’s not. But Chavito, you know that Latino Heat is most dangerous when it’s burning strongest. Chavito, Esta guerra acaba de comenzar.

Guerrero walks out of shot as Matthews looks slightly puzzled. (TEW Rating: 86.9)

Luther Reigns vs. John Cena

We come to the ring, as Luther Reigns makes his way out, surprisingly unaccompanied. “Basic Thuganomics” kicks in, and the crowd erupt as John Cena comes out. Cena gets in the ring, and Reigns tries to attack him before the bell, but Cena sees it coming and fires in a right hand of his own. Cena whips Reigns into the ropes, but Reigns comes back with a clothesline, knocking Cena down. Reigns picks Cena up, then hits a big gutwrench suplex, but only gets a one off the cover. Reigns waits till Cena gets up, then flattens him with a shoulderblock, followed by an elbowdrop. Reigns picks Cena up once more, and sets him for the Reign Fall. He spends too much time promoting the fact though, and Cena spins out, and hits an inverted atomic drop, then runs the ropes and takes Reigns down with a jumping shoulderblock. With Reigns down, Cena “pumps it up”, then hits the ropes before hitting the Five Knuckle Shuffle! Cena plays to the crowd once more, and as Reigns gets up, Cena does his “You Can’t See Me” gesture, kicks Reigns in the gut, then lifts him into position for the F-U. However, before he can hit the move, he is struck from behind by John Bradshaw Layfield. Cena drops Reigns and staggers forward, allowing JBL to bounce off the ropes and hit the Clothesline From Hell! JBL talks trash to the fallen Cena as referees come out to stop any further assault. JBL returns to the locker room with a broad smile on his face as Cena groggily gets to his feet in the ring.

Winner: John Cena by disqualification in 05:12

Match Rating: **3/4

TEW Ratings: 63.1 / 62.6 / 66.6

As Cena return to the locker room, we cut to Cole & Tazz, who discuss what just happened, until they are interrupted by the music of Billy Kidman, and the cocky cruiserweight makes his way to the ring

Billy Kidman: Look, I know what you’re all thinking, in fact, what you’ve all been thinking. You think that I’m somehow scared of Paul London, that I’m ducking him. Well tonight, I’m gonna prove that you’re all wrong. Paul London, I’m calling you out, right here, right now!

The crowd cheer at this, and Kidman stands in the ring, smiling. A few moments pass, and there is no sign of London. Kidman taps his wrist impatiently. After a while longer, Kidman speaks again

Billy Kidman: Well, it looks like we know who’s scared of who now, doesn’t it

He puts the mic down, and starts to head towards the ropes, until “Mack Militant” kicks in, and Theodore Long appears on stage

Theodore Long: Hang on a second there playa, lemme holla at ya. Ya see, I know that Paul London is at home tonight, recovering from the concussion you gave him when you hit him upside the head with a chair at Survivor Series! What I also know is that you know this already, so coming out here and acting like a big shot just doesn’t fly, you feel me! So I tell you what I’m gonna do playa. You will face Paul London, but not tonight. You’ll face Paul London, one on one, at Armageddon!! (crowd cheers) But, seeing as you’re dressed for competition tonight, I thought that I may as well put you to use. So playa, you’re going to have a match, right here, right now! (Kidman looks less than pleased by this news). Let me introduce your opponent, one half of the brand new Tag Team Champions, accompanied by the bootylicious Miss Jackie……….Rico!!

“You Look So Good To Me” plays, and Rico and Jackie make their way to the ring, as Theodore Long sends a referee to get the match started (TEW Rating: 63.9)

Billy Kidman vs. Rico

The two men start in a collar and elbow tie-up, but Rico takes control with a hammerlock. Kidman counters with a hammerlock of his own, so Rico counters out by grinding his rear end into Kidman’s groin, and Kidman breaks the hold immediately, and jumps out of the ring complaining. When he comes back in, he motions for the tie-up again, but as Rico comes in he is kicked in the gut. Kidman hits a quick back suplex and makes a cover, but Rico kicks out at one. Kidman whips Rico into the ropes, and as Rico comes back Kidman greets him with a picture perfect dropkick. Kidman quickly covers, but Rico kicks out again at two. Slighty annoyed, Kidman whips Rico back into the ropes and tries another one, but this time Rico grabs the ropes, and Kidman crashes to the mat. Rico quickly takes advantage, and hits his stepover mule kick, getting a two count on Kidman. Rico whips Kidman into the ropes, and launches him with a nice backdrop. Kidman gets up, and walks straight into a spinning leg lariat from Rico. Rico covers – one……….two………kickout! Rico begins to climb the turnbuckles, looking to end the match, but as he prepares to hit the moonsault, Kidman “accidentally” shoves Brian Hebner into the ropes, causing Rico to crotch himself on the top rope, then fall backwards to the canvas. Hebner remonstrates with Kidman, but Kidman ignores him and climbs to the top. He steadies himself, then comes off with the Shooting Star Press! Hebner makes the count – one………….two………..three! Kidman quickly rolls out of the ring and celebrates as we go to commercial

Winner: Billy Kidman by pinfall in 07:26

Match Rating: **1/2

TEW Ratings: 60.2 / 58.5 / 56.9

******Commercial Break*******

Kurt Angle & Chavo Guerrero vs. The Big Show & Eddie Guerrero

We return from commercial, and “Medal” plays, signalling the entrance of Kurt Angle and Chavo Guerrero. As they stand in the ring, “Viva La Raza” plays, and the crowd erupts as Eddie Guerrero and The Big Show come out. Guerrero races to the ring and goes straight after Chavo, but Kurt pulls him off, and they start a two on one attack, until The Big Show finally hits the ring and cleans house. The tag action starts with Kurt & Eddie, and the two men trade holds until Eddie armdrags Kurt across the ring, much to his annoyance. Eddie once again goes after Chavo, and this allows Kurt to attack him from behind. Kurt drills Eddie with a belly to back suplex, then tags Chavo in. Chavo attacks Eddie’s knee, driving an elbow into it, then grapevining the leg. Chavo releases the hold and tags Kurt back in, and Kurt continues to work the leg. They exchange frequent tags, still focusing on Eddie’s leg. Kurt ups the pace a little, and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex, getting a two count on Eddie. Angle gets to his feet and pulls down the straps, stalking Eddie. Eddie limps to his feet, and Angle moves in for the Angle Slam, only for Eddie to spin out of the hold, landing awkwardly on his leg. Angle sees it and goes for the Ankle Lock, but Eddie resists with all his might, and manages to kick Angle off. Undeterred, Angle goes back to it, and manages to apply the Ankle Lock. Guerrero screams in pain as the crowd cheer him on, and just when it looks like he’s going to tap, he finds the resolve to push himself up off the mat, and back to a hopping standing position, Ankle Lock still applied! Guerrero throws a few punches at Angle, who avoids them all, laughing, until Eddie jumps up and smacks him with an enzuiguri!! Eddie crawls to his corner and tags in The Big Show, just as Kurt starts to get up again. Chavo enters the ring, but is met by a side kick to the jaw from Show, knocking him straight down. Show picks Kurt up and tosses him across the ring, then lifts him in a military press, before throwing him at Chavo, sending Chavo out of the ring. Angle slowly gets up, and Show stands behind him, arm raised in the air. Angle turns round and is grabbed by the throat, and Show drives him to the mat with the Choke Slam!! The crowd roar, but before Show can make a cover, Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns hit the ring, armed with chairs. Reigns blasts Show across the back with a chair, and Nick Patrick calls for the bell.

Winner: The Big Show & Eddie Guerrero by disqualification in 08:42

Match Rating: ***1/4

TEW Ratings: 79.4 / 74.8 / 77.1

Show falls to his knees, allowing Jindrak a shot, and he catches Show across the head with the chair, felling the giant. Eddie comes in, trying to help his partner, but Reigns just drives the chair into Eddie’s knee, then smashes him across the back with it. Chavo is pulling Angle from the ring, when the lights go out. A gong is heard, and the crowd erupt. The lights come back on, and the crowd explode as The Undertaker is standing in the ring! Jindrak turns around first, and is chokeslammed almost through the mat. Reigns tries to take Taker’s head off with a chair shot, but Taker ducks, then scoops Reigns up on his shoulder. He moves to the middle of the ring, then drives Reigns to the mat with the Tombstone!! The show comes to a close with the Undertaker kneeling in the ring, bathed in purple light, as Angle & Chavo retreat down the aisle, with concerned looks on their faces.

(TEW Rating: 73.3)

************END SHOW****************

So, as it stands, here is the current card for Armageddon

WWE Heavyweight Title Match

The Undertaker © vs. Kurt Angle

Paul London vs. Billy Kidman

WWE Tag Team Title Match

Haas & Rico © vs. Winners of the tournament

Another average show this week, but there are signs of improvement. Hopefully, as some of the lower card guys get more over, there will be a marked improvement in show quality. But until then, it’s just a process of slow and steady.

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Wrestling Observer Round-Up

Posted by Dave Meltzer on Sunday 21st November 2004

This week’s Raw pulled in 937,200 viewers this week (up 37,106 from last week), and Smackdown drew 948,704 (up 28,202 from last week). Raw was a strong show, with a solid undercard match between Maven & Christian, some good angles & storyline development, the Tag Title Match & resulting turn by Regal, and a good main event between Jericho & Edge, with only the finish stopping it reaching ****. Smackdown on the other hand was lackluster, with nothing really standing out from an in-ring standpoint. At least there was some nice storyline progession with the Guerreros, as well as some good set-up work for Armageddon.

With regards to Armageddon, from what I’ve heard it looks as though both Eddie Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero and John Cena vs John Bradshaw Layfield will also be added to the card at some stage.

Vince McMahon announced today that as of next week, the Smackdown crew will tour independently of the Raw crew. This has one big repercussion – Smackdown will become a live show as of next Thursday. It also means that house show schedules will be changed, maybe boosting the house show market a little.

There were three media appearance this week (can you say over-saturisation?). The Rock was his usual charismatic self on “Off The Record”, but he talked candidly about Vince, Austin, Triple H, Orton, Taker and JBL, as well as a cheap plug for his new film, “Be Cool”.

Eddie Guerrero’s appearance on “The Late Show” was slightly more kayfabed, but he talk about his respect for some of the sport’s legends, notably praising Killer Kowalski.

Randy Orton’s appearance on Late Night this week was remarkably well received. He put the product over, and talked about next year’s WrestleMania 21 in Los Angeles.

My sources tell me that Spike Dudley is unhappy with his push, and has been complaining to the booking team about it. Apparently this hasn’t sat well with the booking team, and the current Cruiserweight Champion could be in some hot water.

In contract news, Shelton Benjamin, Lance “Garrison” Cade, Josh Matthews & Jon Heidenreich all signed contract extensions this week. Heidenreich’s is rumoured to only be a six month deal, as they want to see if he improves enough to be brought back to the main roster.

One last rumour, but take it with a pinch of salt. Allegedly, Ted Turner has been in contact with Vince McMahon with regards to a possible purchase of the WCW name & rights. You’d think that Vince wouldn’t give it a second thought if it’s true (which is highly doubtful), but the same rumour reckons that Vince would consider selling “if the offer’s right”

That’s all for now, see you next week.

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Monday 22nd November 2004

Live from the Gonzaga Arena, Spokane, Washington

Attendance: 4,348 (Capacity 6,000)

Sunday Night Heat Taping:

Rhyno pinned Rodney Mack after the Gore

Tajiri pinned Stevie Richards after the Buzzsaw Kick

La Resistance retained the World Tag Team Titles against The Hurricane & Rosey when Conway pinned Hurricane after the Au Revoir

Pyros go off and the crowd cheer as the live show gets underway, and we cut to JR & The King at ringside

Jim Ross: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to what promises to be one hell of a Raw! I’m Jim Ross, and alongside me is Jerry “The King” Lawler, and King, what a main event we have tonight! “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit will face “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, and if Benoit wins, he gets a shot at Triple H and the World Heavyweight Title, next week in Toronto!

Jerry Lawler: Benoit has nothing to lose and everything to gain here tonight JR, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Evolution have something up their sleeve.

Jim Ross: Well Evolution will certainly be busy tonight, as Edge will team up with Batista to take on two young studs in shape of Shelton Benjamin, and “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton. King, that one’s gonna be a slobberknocker.

Jerry Lawler: And I’m going to go on record right now and predict that tonight will be Evolution’s night JR. There’s no way Orton & Benjamin can beat Edge & Batista

Jim Ross: And let’s not forget that the future of the Women’s Title hangs in the balance tonight, as we will see a Diva 6 Pack Challenge. Trish defends against Molly Holly, Gail Kim, Jazz, Victoria & Lita, and there are two important stipulations to this match. If Trish wins, she gets to retire the Women’s Title, but possibly more importantly King, whoever loses the fall will be fired!!

Jerry Lawler: Raw is going to be one Diva short after tonight JR, and that’s the worst news I’ve had all year! Less puppies on Raw? Bischoff may have crossed a line.

Jim Ross: Are you kidding me King? Someone’s career is on the line and all you think about is how many puppies are on Raw? (TEW Rating: 74.6)

Before they can carry on the argument though, “I’m Back” kicks in, and Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring, smiling broadly as the crowd boo him. He steps into the ring and takes the microphone from Lillian Garcia.

Eric Bischoff: Thank you for that wonderful ovation. I love you all, really I do. You know, as General Manager, I see a lot of WWE Superstars in action. Some are good, some are bad. Some have potential, others are a waste of my time. But every so often, one superstar does something that really catches the eye. Someone does something that needs showcasing. Someone does something that needs rewarding. And last week, someone did something special, and I want to bring them out here right now for their reward. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and give a warm welcome to William Regal!

A menacing but stately music starts to play (it’s Regal’s music from the Invasion), and William Regal comes to the ring to a crescendo of boos. He brushes his feet on the ring apron, then enters the ring and shakes Bischoff’s hand, with both men smiling like Chesire cats. Bischoff hands Regal the microphone.

William Regal: My my, I’m not sure what to say. Now, I know some of you are wondering why I attacked Mr. Bischoff’s nephew Eugene last week. Of course, I wouldn’t expect people of your intellect to have worked that out yet, but in case you hadn’t noticed, the boy was a bloody idiot! I am a man of breeding, a man of culture, a man of class. Yet, somehow I found myself stuck with a moronic imbecile whose pastimes included licking people and running around like a bloody aeroplane! I tried to tolerate him, I really did. I even tried to teach the little bugger some manners. Did it work? Well, considering he shot me in the groin with a T-Shirt gun, I’d say no. So, I tried to help him a different way. I tried to make him into someone. I trained him to wrestle and we went after the Tag Team Titles. But every time we had a chance to win them, the little toerag would cock it up! It became very clear to me that young Eugene was beyond my help, so I did the best thing for him. I took him out of the WWE, and back where he belongs. Now he can spend his time with people more like him. And let’s be honest, people more like all of you (crowd boos at the cheap shot). I’ve saved him from beating after beating after beating, and if I left him to fend for himself, someone would have taken him out sooner rather than later. So, if you think about it, I’m a bloody hero! But do I get the respect I deserve from you people? Like buggery do I. Thankfully, Mr. Bischoff here appreciates what I did.

Eric Bischoff: That I do William, that I do. As I said earlier, what you did last week deserves a reward, and I think I’ve got the perfect reward for you William. Tonight, in this very ring, it will be William Regal………against Chris Jericho, for the Intercontinental Title!

Regal acts shocked for a moment, as if he’d just won an Oscar.

William Regal: Why Mr. Bischoff, I don’t know what to say. Thank you very much for the opportunity. I promise I won’t let you down.

Eric Bischoff: I know you won’t William. I have a hunch that tonight is going to be your night.

The two men laugh as they shake hands again, and “I’m Back” plays once more as the two men return to the locker room, as J.R. talks about how Regal is “a despicable low-life of a human being”. (TEW Rating: 91.6)

Six Pack Challenge for the WWE Women’s Title

Molly Holly vs. Gail Kim vs. Lita vs. Victoria vs. Jazz vs. Trish Stratus ©

The ladies make their way out for the 6 Pack Challenge, all looking slightly nervous, with the exception of Trish, who had a confident smile on her face. The match got underway, and the six divas got into a brawl. The fighting went on for a few minutes, before Trish went for the Stratusfaction on Gail Kim, but Kim countered by tossing Trish over the ropes and to the floor! Kim shouted at Trish as she lay outside, but behind her was Molly Holly. Kim turned around, and Molly took her down with a jawbreaker. Before Molly could take advantage though, Victoria grabbed her and lifted her into position for the Widow’s Peak, before drilling Molly with the devastating move. Victoria covered – one……….two………..broken by Lita! Lita picked Victoria up, then hit the Twist Of Fate! Lita signaled to the crowd, then headed to the turnbuckle, as Trish Stratus was on the apron, distracting the attention of referee Chris Kay. She was about to start climbing, when Jazz grabbed her, span her round, then spiked her with a DDT! The crowd started making some noise, causing Jazz to pose, thinking it was for her, when the camera panned out to reveal Garrison Cade standing in the opposite corner of the ring. Jazz slowly turned round, still posing, and Cade smacked her with the Sweet Cade Music!! Cade jumped out of the ring and hid by the apron, as Trish quickly got into the ring and made the cover on the fallen Jazz. With the other divas all down, Kay began to count – one………….two…………..three!!! Trish wins the match, and retires the Womens’ Title!! Garrison Cade gets in the ring as we cut to commercial

Winner & Still Champion: Trish Stratus by pinfall in 06:10

Match Rating: *3/4

TEW Ratings: 56.0 / 48.9 / 57.9

******Commercial Break*******

We return from commercial as Cade is handing Trish a microphone

Trish Stratus: Phew, what a tough match that was. Now, before I continue, I just want to say good job girls, you gave it your best. It’s not your fault you’re not as good as me. And Jazz, sweetie, I’m sorry about pinning you. Give my love to the unemployment line (Trish waves condescendingly at Jazz, who is walking back to the locker room, head down). Now, since I am the winner of the match, and let’s face it, that’s totally not a shock, I get to do whatever I want with the Women’s Title. So, it gives me, Trish Stratus, 3 time Babe of the Year, great pleasure to announce that I am officially retiring the Women’s Title! (half the crowd boo, half the crowd cheer). Now that I am retired from in-ring competition, I know you guys are wondering how you’re going to get your Stratusfaction each week. Well don’t worry fellas, I’ll still be here in my new capacity as Raw’s premier manager! Now, as not only the best looking diva on Raw, but also the smartest woman in wrestling history, I need clients with the potential to become legends. And where better to start than with someone trained by an actual legend. Please join me in giving a big hand to my first client, the new Showstopper, the new Icon, Garrison “H.B.” Cade!!!

Garrison Cade: Thank you Trish. Now, as the man responsible for the elimination of Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series……. (TEW Rating: 66.0)

Before he can finish the sentence, “Sexy Boy” starts up, and the crowd explode. Shawn Michaels comes out on stage, microphone in hand. Trish & Cade look on as Michaels drops the mic and sprints to the ring. Cade & Trish bolt quickly, escaping through the crowd as Michaels gets to the ring. Michaels stands in the ring, and points towards the retreating Cade, who disappears through a door. (TEW Rating: 72.6)

Michaels plays to the crowd a little, then we cut backstage. We see Jonathan Coachman standing with Triple H

Jonathan Coachman: Triple H, tonight is a big night for Evolution. Later on, Batista & Edge will face the team of Shelton Benjamin & Randy Orton, two men who have caused you problems in recent months. Then, in the main event, Ric Flair will face Chris Benoit, and if Benoit wins, he’ll get a shot at your World Title next week in Toronto…

Triple H: Now just hold on one second there Coach. The key word there is if. If Chris Benoit can beat Ric Flair, he gets a shot. But you just remember, Naitch wants to make it up to me for what happened at Survivor Series, and there is no way in hell he would let me down a second time. I’ve as good as got next week off. And even if by some miracle Benoit wins, he still has to face me, The Game. They call me the Cerebral Assassin for a reason Coach, and you can rest assured that there is no way this belt is leaving my waist, be it next week, next month, or next year. And as for Orton & Benjamin, let’s just say there’s a reason we kicked Orton out of Evolution, and never offered Benjamin a spot. They’re born losers Coach, and Batista & Edge will take great pleasure in destroying them. So now, I’m going to go sit in my skybox, break out the Cristal, and have myself a party, whilst we show that Evolution………..is Raw’s solution.

Triple H smiles cockily, then saunters out of shot. (TEW Rating: 83.3)

We cut to Eric Bischoff’s office, where Bischoff is talking to William Regal. The door opens, and in walks Christian

Christian: Hey Eric, can I have a word?

Eric Bischoff: Sure Christian, what’s up?

Christian: Well, I wanted to ask for a favour

Eric Bischoff: Really? Well, what can I do for you?

Christian: Eric, you know how I am one of Raw’s top stars. I can do it all. I’ve got skills, looks, charisma…

Eric Bischoff: Yes, you are one of Raw’s premier guys

Christian: I’m glad you agree. I think that as one of Raw’s top guys, I need some gold around my waist. So I was thinking, why don’t you give me a match against Chris Jericho tonight, with the Intercontinental Title on the line!

Eric Bischoff: Uhh…. Christian, I’m sorry, but didn’t you hear my announcement earlier?

Christian: What announcement? I just got here.

Eric Bischoff: Well……… Jericho will be defending the title tonight…………but against William, not you

Christian: What? What’s Regal done to earn a shot? Beat up a retard? Anyone can do that!

Regal’s face sours, and he steps forward, besides Bischoff

Eric Bischoff: Now now Christian, just calm down. William earned this shot, so he’s going to get it. Don’t worry though, you’ll get a shot soon enough. And as for tonight, you’re booked to face Val Venis, and I believe that match is just about to get started.

Christian: You know, this is typical. The complete lack of respect this company shows me is disgusting. I’m a multiple time champion in this company, I’ve been part of some of the greatest matches in history! I should be in the main event, but I’ve got Val Venis instead? Well fine, I’ll go face Val Venis, and I’ll teach him to respect Christian.

Christian storms out of the office, as Bischoff turns to Regal, who just shrugs his shoulders (TEW Rating: 78.3)

Val Venis vs. Christian

We return to the ring, where Venis is finishing off his pre-match routine. “Just Close Your Eyes” kicks in, and Christian comes out, but instead of being his usual cocky self, he marches to the ring. Christian slides into the ring, then runs straight at Venis and tackles him down, raining punches upon his head. Jack Doan pulls Christian off and admonishes him, but Christian just moves him to one side and puts the boots to Venis. Christian dominated Venis, hitting a belly to back suplex, an overhead gutbuster and his inverted DDT into a backbreaker along the way. Christian whipped Venis chest-first into turnbuckles, and as Venis staggered out backwards, Christian hooked up his arms, then drove him into the mat with the Unprettier. Christian made the cover – one………….two………….Christian pulls Venis off the mat, with a sinister smile. Christian brings Venis to his feet, then drills him with a second Unprettier. Christian screams to the crowd that “you will respect me!”, then grabs Venis’ legs, and turns him over into a Texas Cloverleaf. Christian wrenches back on the hold, but Venis is out cold, and after a few moments Jack Doan calls for the bell. Christian refuses to release the hold, until Doan threatens to reverse the decision. Christian finally lets go, and looks down on Venis with a mixture of contempt and happiness as other referees come out to attend to him.

Winner: Christian by submission in 04:06

Match Rating: **1/2

TEW Ratings: 61.4 / 73.7 / 67.9

******Commercial Break*******

We return from commercial with the Smackdown Rebound. We see clips of Cena insulting JBL, with JBL later attacking Cena, Kurt Angle getting a title shot at Armageddon, The Big Show dominating Angle, The Honour Society attacking Show & Guerrero, and finally The Undertaker making the save. (TEW Rating: 83.6)

From there, we cut to a locker room, where Randy Orton is sat with Shelton Benjamin

Randy Orton: You ready for this?

Shelton Benjamin: Damn straight I am.

Randy Orton: Cool. Before we go though Shelton, I gotta ask ya. What were you thinking last week? Interfering in Kane’s business? That guy’s psychotic man.

Shelton Benjamin: He may be psychotic, but I can’t stand by why he hurts people for no good reason. It was something I had to do, and if I was in the same situation again, I’d do it again. Sometimes you just gotta do the right thing, you know?

Randy Orton: Well man, I hope for your sake that you know what you’re doing. Let’s do this thing.

Orton slaps Benjamin on the back, and the two men head out of the locker room. (TEW Rating: 77.8)

Edge & Batista vs. Shelton Benjamin & Randy Orton

“Evolution” fills the arena, and Edge & Batista make their way to the ring, accompanied by Ric Flair. “Take What’s Mine” starts up, and Benjamin and Orton come out together, stopping at the bottom of the ramp, then diving into the ring and attacking Batista & Edge to get the match started. The faces clean house, and Evolution retreat to ringside. After some stalling, Edge starts off with Orton, but Orton is able to get the upper hand. Orton gets a backdrop, and follows up with a nice dropkick before tagging in Benjamin. Benjamin gets some offence in, then tags back out to Orton. Orton tries to whip Edge into the ropes, but Edge reverses the whip, and Batista clubs Orton in the back of the head as he hits the ropes. Edge levels Orton with a clothesline, then tags Batista in. Batista hits Orton with some stiff forearm shots to the head, then took him down with a backbreaker for a two count. Batista & Edge exchanged tags to keep the pressure on Orton, and Edge scored a near fall with the Edge-O-Matic. Edge brought Batista back in, and the big man measured Orton, then charged at him with a lariat, but Orton ducked, then turned and took Batista down with a dropkick! Orton crawled towards his corner, and managed to tag in Benjamin as Batista tagged in Edge. Benjamin vaulted into the ring, and leveled the oncoming Edge with a spinning heel kick. Batista got up and was promptly superkicked, sending him through the ropes to the outside! Benjamin tried to kick Edge, but Edge caught his foot. Edge smiled and taunted Benjamin, but Benjamin suddenly span round and plastered him with the Dragon Whip!! Edge stumbled back into the ropes, then staggered forwards, right into the T-Bone Exploder! Benjamin made the cover, but Ric Flair jumped onto the apron, distracting Chad Patton. As Patton & Flair argued, Benjamin got up, and saw Batista on the apron. Benjamin quickly punched Batista off, but didn’t see Kane running down the aisle. Kane stood behind Benjamin with an evil smile on his face, and as Benjamin turned round, Kane grabbed him, then hit a devastating Choke Slam! Kane rolled out of the ring as a groggy Edge covered Benjamin and Flair got off the apron. Patton counted – one………….two…………..three!! Edge rolled out of the ring as Kane rolled back in and started attacking Benjamin again. Randy Orton spun Kane round and connected with a couple of punches, but Kane shrugged them off, then goozled Orton, before nailing him with the Choke Slam. Kane grabbed the fallen Benjamin and tossed him out of the ring, then followed him out. He dragged Benjamin to his feet, screamed into his face about “this is what happens when you stick your nose in my business!”, and then proceeded to deliver a Choke Slam onto the steel ramp!! With Benjamin out cold on the ramp, Kane casually backed up the ramp, laughing maniacally as EMT’s rushed out to tend to the fallen superstar.

Winners: Edge & Batista by pinfall in 08:25

Match Rating: ***1/4

TEW Ratings: 82.6 / 70.0 / 77.4

As Benjamin is helped to the back, we cut to the back, where Jonathan Coachman is with Simon Dean, and we see A-Train behind them at the buffet table, looking at the salad

Jonathan Coachman: Simon, tonight you are going to make your singles debut when you take on Maven. Are you feeling confident?

Simon Dean: Coach, I’m feeling confident. You want to know why? Well, as the creator of the Simon System, I am always in peak physical condition. I train hard, I take my vitamins, but there’s no need to say your prayers when using the Simon System, as it guarantees success within weeks. It also means that when I step into that ring, I’ll be in great condition, and will have that extra edge over my opponent.

As Simon is talking, A-Train has moved away from the salad, and is looking at the doughnuts. Train picks one up wide-eyed and licks his lips in anticipation. Simon turns round at this precise moment

Simon Dean: A-Train! What do you think you are doing?!! There are no doughnuts on the Simon System!!

A-Train puts the doughnut down and looks at the floor, like a scolded child

Simon Dean: To get results with the Simon System, you’ve got to be in the right frame of mind, and I can see you’re not quite there yet. Whilst I’m fighting Maven, I want you to run laps around the outside of the arena, OK?

A-Train: But it’s freezing out there…

Simon Dean: Do you want me to help you or not? Do as I say and run some laps!

A-Train: Yes Simon.

A-Train jogs out of picture, as Dean returns to the Coach

Simon Dean: Now if you’ll excuse me Coach, I’ve got a match to win.

Dean leaves the picture and heads towards the ring. (TEW Rating: 65.1)

Maven vs. Simon Dean

Maven makes his entrance to a great wall of indifference, and Simon Dean comes out to a little heel heat. The match itself is a just a showcase for Dean, allowing him to hit his signature moves and familiarize the crowd with them. He hits an inverted Russian legsweep, a catapult legdrop and a move best described as a powerbomb set-up, with Dean twisting mid move so he lands with an elbowdrop to Maven’s stomach / groin (christened by Lawler as the “Numb-Bells”). Dean follows up by drilling Maven with the Systematic, and makes the cover to pick up the victory, marking a successful singles debut.

Winner: Simon Dean by pinfall in 05:16

Match Rating: **

TEW Ratings: 52.2 / 70.2 / 51.9

******Commercial Break*******

WWE Intercontinental Title Match

William Regal vs. Chris Jericho ©

We return from commercial as William Regal is making his entrance, brushing off the boos of the crowd with a sneer. The boos turn to cheers as the countdown begins, and the Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho makes his way out. Jericho looks Regal in the eye as he hands Mike Chioda the belt, and the match gets underway. Regal grabs a wristlock, but Jericho rolls out of it and armdrags Regal across the ring, and follows up with two quick clothesline, forcing Regal to bail from the ring and recompose himself. Regal gets back in the ring and the two men tie up again, this time Regal goes to a hammerlock, but Jericho elbows out, then hits the ropes and drops Regal with a jumping forearm. Jericho controls the match for a couple more minutes, taking Regal down with a backdrop and a belly to back suplex, but only getting two counts off them. Jericho whips Regal into the turnbuckle, but is met by an elbow as he follows in, then dropped with a European uppercut, giving Regal the advantage. Regal breaks out his array of knee and elbow strikes to batter Jericho, then takes Jericho over with a butterfly suplex for a two count. As Jericho gets to his feet, Regal takes him down with a running knee to the temple, and makes another cover – one…………..two………….kickout. Regal briefly argues with Chioda, then applies a neck wrench on Jericho. The crowd get behind Jericho as he starts to come to life in the hold, and the noise gets louder as Jericho gets to his feet and elbows his way out of the hold. He tries to punch Regal, but Regal ducks, and then dumps Jericho with a half nelson suplex!! Regal makes the cover, and Chioda counts – one……………..two…………..th-kickout! This time, Regal angrily gets up and gets right in the face of Chioda. The time he wastes gives Jericho time to get to his feet, and when Regal turns around, Jericho smacks him with the running enzuiguri! Regal collapses to the mat, as Jericho catches his breath and Chioda begins his count. At 7, both men start to get to their feet, and Regal smacks Jericho with a left hand, then whips him into the ropes, only for Jericho to catch him with a Flashback on the return! Jericho starts to build some momentum, peppering Regal with rights and lefts, before doing a shuffle and decking him with a big right hand. Jericho quickly moves to hit the Lionsault, but Regal rolls away to avoid it. Jericho manages to land on his feet somehow, and tries to hit Regal with a spinning heel kick, but Regal ducks, and Jericho pastes Chioda with it instead! Jericho checks on Chioda as Regal reaches into his tights, pulling out some brass knuckles. Regal taps Jericho on the shoulder, and swings as Jericho turns round, only for Jericho to duck the punch, trip Regal up, and apply the Walls Of Jericho!! Regal screams in pain in the middle of the ring, and suddenly Jack Doan rushes to the ring! Doan checks on Regal, and after a few more seconds, Regal taps out!! The bell rings and Jericho releases the hold, but as he celebrates, “I’m Back” hits the speakers, and out comes Eric Bischoff

Eric Bishcoff: Whoah whoah whoah, hang on a second. Jack Doan was the not the referee assigned to this match, and I certainly didn’t send you out there to take over, so that means that any decision made by Mr. Doan is null and void.

Jericho looks on at Bischoff in disbelief

Eric Bischoff: Furthermore, it is my ruling that the match must continue, with the original referee, and it should be restarted right about…………….now

As he says that, Jericho turns back to face Regal, and is greeted by a brass knuckle assisted left hook! Jericho crumples to the mat, and Regal makes the cover. Bischoff runs to the ring and stirs Chioda, who groggily makes a count – one………………….two……………………three!! Bischoff grabs the Intercontinental Title from ringside and jumps into the ring, where he hands it to Regal, who clutches the belt to his chest and punches the air emphatically.

Winner & New Champion: William Regal by pinfall in 12:32

Match Rating: ***1/2

TEW Ratings: 79.2/ 77.7 / 85.0

We cut backstage briefly, and get a shot of Chris Benoit headed towards the ring, looking as intense as ever, as we head into the final commercial (TEW Rating: 87.9)

******Commercial Break*******

Ric Flair vs. Chris Benoit

We come back from commercial, and the drums start to play, as “Also Sprach Zarathrusta” fills the arena (along with the entire crowd going “Whooooo”), and Ric Flair makes his entrance. Then “Whatever” kicks in, and the crowd erupt as Chris Benoit makes his way to the ring. The match gets underway with a collar and elbow tie-up, and the two men go through a wristlock – hammerlock – headlock takedown – leg scissors reversal sequence, then get back to their feet. Flair chops Benoit (“Whooo”), so Benoit responds in kind (“Whooo”). They trade chops, until Benoit gets the upper hand. He whips Flair into the ropes and backdrops him, before trying for an early Sharpshooter, which Flair blocks. Benoit raises Flair up, and takes him over with a crisp snap suplex, which gets him a two count. Benoit takes Flair down with a pendulum backbreaker, then climbs to the top rope and looks for the Swandive Headbutt, only for Flair to roll away, causing Benoit to crash into the canvas. Flair shakes off the cobwebs, then goes to work on Benoit. He goes straight for Benoit’s knee, and we see a chopblock, a kneebreaker, several stomps to the knee, and even ramming Benoit’s knee into the ringpost. In between all this, Flair gets two counts from a delayed vertical suplex and a swinging neckbreaker. Flair whips Benoit towards the turnbuckle, but Benoit somehow reverses it and Flair does his trademark “Flair Flip” into corner and onto the apron, where he is clotheslined down by a limping Benoit. Benoit pulls Flair into the ring and picks him up, before hitting a German Suplex. Benoit holds on and tries a second, but Flair blocks it, then counters with a mule kick, causing Benoit to collapse to the mat. Earl Hebner admonishes Flair, but Flair protests his innocence, then turns around and plays to the crowd before slapping on the Figure Four Leglock! Benoit yells out in anguish as Flair wrenches back on the hold. Benoit’s shoulders are on the canvas, so Hebner counts – one……..two………Benoit lifts his shoulder and fights the hold. The crowd cheer Benoit on as he struggles to turn the hold over, with Flair resisting with all his might. Finally, Benoit manages to turn the hold over, putting the pressure on Flair, but Flair is close to the ropes and grabs them, forcing the break. Flair gets up and chops Benoit, but Benoit fires one back, knocking Flair down. Flair gets up and goes at Benoit, but Benoit hotshots him onto the turnbuckle. Flair walks around with a glazed look in his eyes, then does the Flair Flop to the canvas. Benoit gets back to his feet, still limping, and drags Flair up, then slowly hits him with the rolling German Suplexes! Benoit shakes some more feeling back into his leg, then slaps the Sharpshooter onto Flair! The crowd roar as Flair screams in agony, but Batista & Edge run down to the ring. Edge gets on the apron, getting Hebner’s attention, as Batista gets in the ring, measuring Benoit. Batista charges at Benoit, but Benoit releases the hold on Flair and avoids Batista’s clothesline, then clotheslines him over the top rope. Benoit moves across and punches Edge off the apron, as Flair gets to his feet behind him. Flair tries to sucker punch Benoit, but Benoit counters into the Crippler Crossface!! Benoit pulls back on the hold, and Flair quickly taps out, giving Chris Benoit a shot at the World Title next week in Toronto! The show ends with Benoit standing in the ring, pointing at the Skybox, where we can see Triple H looking down on the ring angrily.

Winner: Chris Benoit by submission in 16:15

Match Rating: ***1/4

TEW Ratings: 78.6 / 69.8 / 79.2

***************END SHOW***********************

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OOC: I’m trying out a new style of match writing for the TV shows, as it’s taking me forever to do a show in the old style. I’ll see how it goes, and make a decision on which format to stick with after the next few shows.


WWE Smackdown

Thursday 25th November 2004

Live from the University Center, Hammond, Louisiana

Attendance: 5,038 (Capacity 7,500)

Velocity Taping:

Billy Kidman pinned Funaki with the Shooting Star Press

Haas & Rico retained the WWE Tag Team Titles against Scotty 2 Hotty & Shannon Moore when Haas made Moore submit to the Haas Of Pain

Booker T pinned Billy Gunn with the Book End

The opening credits end, and the pyros go off as we cut to Cole & Tazz at ringside.

Michael Cole: Good evening everyone, and welcome to a new era of Smackdown! I’m Michael Cole, and sitting beside me is Tazz, and we are live in Louisiana tonight!

Tazz: Louisiana is buzzing tonight Cole, as Smackdown goes live. Tonight is gonna be off da hook, I can feel it

Michael Cole: And what a way to christen the new era of Smackdown – The Undertaker will defend the WWE Heavyweight Title against the former champion, John Bradshaw Layfield

Tazz: These two have had some rocketbustah’s over the past few months Cole, including a Last Ride match and a Texas Death match, but I expect this final match between the two to be the most brutal yet.

Michael Cole: We’ll also see the continuation of the tournament to determine the number one contenders to the Tag Team Titles, and get this Tazz, we will also see uncle versus nephew, as Eddie Guerrero goes one on one with his nephew Chavo.

Tazz: Los Guerreros have always had a fiery relationship, but the recent tension between the two is off da charts. We could see an all out war here tonight Cole. (TEW Rating: 72.3)

Rene Dupree vs. John Cena

Dupree enters first, then Cena comes out to a great pop, and goes after Dupree from the start. After an initial period of dominance, Dupree turns the match in his favour by countering a backdrop with a kick, then a clothesline. Dupree hits the standard midcard heel offence (a mixture of strikes and restholds), then bodyslams Cena, setting up the French Tickler. Dupree does his dance, then bounces off the ropes and goes for the kneedrop, but Cena rolls away, and Dupree slams his knee into the canvas. Cena begins the comeback, and hits his signature spots – shouldertackle, Throwback, Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena plays to the crowd, then hits Dupree with the F-U and makes the cover to get the three count, much to the delight of the crowd.

Winner: John Cena by pinfall in 08:25

Match Rating: **3/4

TEW Ratings: 72.9 / 68.8 / 76.9

As Cena celebrates, he asks for the microphone

John Cena Let’s kick this thing. JBL, last week you jumped me from behind, like I was one of your shower buddies. This week, da Franchise is gonna return the favour and kick your ass all over Louisiana!! I’m gonna apologise to tha Deadman right now, coz there ain’t no way you’re gonna make it to your match tonight. You start something with this thug, and this thug is gonna finish something with you. Word-life.

Cena throws his hands up in the “Word-Life” gesture, and the crowd cheer as Cena returns to the locker room, and we go to a commercial break. (TEW Rating: 87.5)

******Commercial Break*******

We return from commercial to see John Cena walking backstage, when we hear a voice in the background

Theodore Long: Whoah whoah whoah, hang on there playa. I need to talk with you. Now I heard what you said out there, and I’ve gotta say John, I agree with you. He jumped you last week, so he’s got payback due to him fo’ sure. But as Smackdown General Manager, I gotta think of the bigger picture. Now you know tonight is our big night, our first night live, and we need a big title match for the main event playa. So what I need from you John is for you to leave JBL alone for this week.

John Cena: Are you for real Teddy? There ain’t no way JBL is making it to that match in one piece whilst I’m in the building.

Theodore Long: Well I’m afraid you leave me no option then John. I’m gonna have to ask you to leave the arena right now.

John Cena: And what if I feel like staying?

Theodore Long: Then some of Louisiana’s finest will be on hand to help you with your departure, you feel me?

Cena looks around, frustrated.

John Cena: Fine, I’ll go. But I’m warning you, next week it’s hunting season, I’m coming straight for JBL.

Theodore Long: I look forward to it playa. I’ll see you in seven days.

Cena looks at Long once more, then heads out of shot. (TEW Rating: 81.0)

Tag Team Tournament Quarter Final

Billy Gunn & Hardcore Holly vs. The Basham Brothers

There wasn’t much reaction for either team upon their entrance, and it didn’t improve during the match. The match itself was a standard tag team affair, with Gunn & Holly starting strong, followed by a heat segment on Holly before he managed to make the lukewarm tag to Gunn. Gunn bounds into the ring and drops both Danny and Doug with right hands. Gunn slams Doug down with a military press, then boots Danny in the gut and tries for the FameAsser, but Danny moves and avoids contact. Gunn quickly gets up, but turns straight into the waiting Danny, who hits him with the Brain Damage. Danny makes the cover as Doug prevents Holly from helping, and The Bashams get the three count to move on to the semi-finals.

Winners: The Basham Brothers by pinfall in 06:20

Match Rating: **1/2

TEW Ratings: 59.7 / 64.4 / 66.5

The Bashams leave, celebrating their victory, as Holly tends to Gunn in the ring. Suddenly the lights go out, just like last week. The Titantron flickers with what is best described as satanic images, as we hear the same distorted breathing we heard last week. This time though, the screen flashes “Holly” as the breathing changes to the word “Soon”, before it all stops and the arena lights come back on, leaving an angry and confused Hardcore Holly in the ring. (TEW Rating: 46.5)

From there, we go backstage, where we see The Big Show entering Theodore Long’s office.

The Big Show: Hey Teddy

Theodore Long: Ah, Show, my man! Come on in playa!

The Big Show: I heard you wanted to see me?

Theodore Long: I did Show I did. You see, I was watching you last week on Smackdown, and the way you just dominated Kurt Angle like that really impressed me.

The Big Show: Well, thanks I guess. Is that why you wanted to see me?

Theodore Long: In a way playa, in a way. You see, as you know, last week I agreed to give Kurt Angle a World Title shot because of his impressive performance at Survivor Series. Now, since you impressed me, against the man who impressed me enough to earn a title shot, I think you deserve something too, ya feel me?

The Big Show: Not really Teddy. What are you trying to say?

Theodore Long: What I’m saying playa, is that at Armageddon, it will the WWE Heavywight Champion defending against Kurt Angle……….and The Big Show, in a Triple Threat Match! Holla holla!

Show smiles broadly

The Big Show: You know Teddy, I like the way you think.

Theodore Long: I thought you would my man. Now go out there tonight and show me that I’m making a good decision

The Big Show: You got it Teddy. Thanks a lot.

Show leaves the room as Long smiles and crosses his arms (TEW Rating: 75.0)

We cut to Josh Matthews, who is standing with John Bradshaw Layfield

Josh Matthews: JBL, tonight you get your rematch from Survivor Series, as you take on the Deadman, The Undertaker, for the WWE Heavyweight Title. Are you confident?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Josh, of course I am. I’m John Bradshaw Layfield, American Hero. Our corrupt GM Theodore Long may have screwed me out of the title at Survivor Series, but thanks to our justice system, tonight I get my contractually obligated rematch, with no stipulations that favour The Undertaker. And well all know that in a straight up one on one fight, the Undertaker can’t beat me. And when I win the title, the first person I want to see congratulating me is Theodore Long.

Josh Matthews: Well, assuming you do win the match, what do you think about Armageddon? As WWE Champion, you would be making your first defence against Kurt Angle and The Big Show in a Triple Threat Match – surely that would be bad news for you?

John Bradshaw Layfield: There’s no doubt it would be tough Josh. Kurt Angle is an Olympic gold medallist, and The Big Show is over 7ft tall and weighs over 500lbs. But can’t you see behind it all? Long knows that I am going to beat The Undertaker tonight, and he wants to stack the deck against me already. But I am equal to the challenge Josh, and when I beat The Undertaker tonight, I’ll walk into Armageddon and beat both Kurt Angle and The Big Show too.

Josh Matthews: Let me ask you one more question JBL – what about John Cena?

JBL doesn’t look pleased at the mention of Cena, and leans in towards Matthews.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Son, you listen up real good. John Cena is nothing but a foul-mouthed punk with an attitude problem. He shot his mouth off last week and paid the price. He says he’s coming for me next week? I’ll be waiting. Me, and my brand new WWE Heavyweight Title.

JBL flashes his politician’s smile, then walks out of shot. (TEW Rating: 75.0)

******Commercial Break*******

The Big Show vs. Kenzo Suzuki

We return from commercial to the sounds of “Welllllllllllll, it’s The Big Show”, as the 7ft giant makes his way to the ring, looking determined. The ceremonial drums play as Kenzo Suzuki comes to the ring, with Hiroko at his side. Suzuki tries charging Show, but is promptly clubbed down by a big forearm. Show dominates Suzuki, hurling him across the ring like a rag doll for a minute or so, before grabbing Suzuki by the throat, hoisting him high into the air, then driving him to the canvas with a one-armed Choke Slam! Show covers Suzuki, and Charles Robinson counts an academic three, giving Big Show a quick and impressive win.

Winner: The Big Show by pinfall in 03:01

Match Rating: **1/4

TEW Ratings: 56.8 / 71.0 / 64.7

As The Big Show celebrates, we cut backstage where Kurt Angle is watching on a monitor. Josh Matthews approaches him, mic in hand

Josh Matthews: Kurt, earlier tonight General Manager Theodore Long announced that The Big Show would join you in challenging the WWE Champion at Armageddon. After the way he dominated you last week, are you concerned about what this could do to your chances of becoming champion?

Kurt Angle: Whoah whoah whoah, hang on a second Josh. The Big Show did not “dominate” me last week. The Big Show sucker punched me and jumped me from behind. I’m Kurt fricking Angle, no-one dominates me. If anyone should be concerned at their chances of becoming champion, I’d say it was The Big Show, because when I get my hands on him, I’m damn sure gonna make him tap out. It’s true Josh, oh it’s true.

Josh Matthews: Well, how about tonight’s main event, do you have any preference as to who walks into Armageddon as champion?

Kurt Angle: Pffft. I don’t care who wins tonight Josh. Be it JBL, The Undertaker, Bruno Sammartino or Lou Thesz himself – whoever walks into Armageddon as champion will just be keeping it warm for me.

Angle turns his attention back to the monitor as Josh shrugs and walks away. (TEW Rating: 88.3)

We get the Raw Rebound next, as we see clips of Trish retiring the Women’s Title and aligning with Garrison Cade, William Regal explaining his attack on Eugene, then beating Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Title, and finally Chris Benoit beating Ric Flair to earn a title shot against Triple H next week. (TEW Rating: 86.9)

We see Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley in their locker room, talking

Bubba Ray Dudley: ...........and then BAM, I put him straight through the damn table. Ain’t no stinking Italian getting the better of us.

D-Von Dudley: Testify my brother, testify. They may have beaten us last week, but the F.B.I. sure didn’t look like winners to me.

Bubba Ray Dudley: I tell you something D-Von. I’ll be damned if those two punks make it all the way to Armageddon and get a shot at the Tag Titles which should be ours.

D-Von Dudley: It’s like we used to say in the day – thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal - and thou shalt not mess with the Dudley Boys.

They laugh as we cut to commercial. (TEW Rating: 65.9)

******Commercial Break*******

Tag Team Tournament Quarter Final

Jindrak & Reigns vs. Van Dam & Mysterio

Reigns & Jindrak came out first, followed by the ever-popular team of Van Dam & Mysterio. The opening of the match saw Van Dam & Mysterio have the upper hand on Jindrak, before Reigns nailed Mysterio with a cheap shot to turn the tide. Jindrak & Reigns double teamed the much smaller Mysterio, keeping him in their corner, and cheating wherever possible. They tried a double backdrop, but Mysterio somehow managed to counter it into a double DDT! Mysterio crawled across the ring and made the hot tag to Van Dam, who flip-flopped into action, taking out both Jindrak and Reigns with an assortment of kicks, before drilling Jindrak with the Rolling Thunder, which got a two count before Reigns broke the cover. Reigns got a few shots in on Van Dam, until Mysterio re-entered the ring and dropkicked him in the back, sending him from the ring. Jindrak tried to rush Mysterio, but ran into a drop-toehold instead, guillotining himself on the second rope. Rey saw this, and immediately dialled it up as the crowd cheered. Mysterio hit the ropes, then swung round with the 6-1-9, smacking Jindrak square in the face and propelling him backwards as Van Dam vaulted to the top rope. Van Dam looked around as the fans cheered him on, then he leapt off the top rope, and crashed down onto Jindrak with the Five Star Frog Splash! Jim Kordairis began the count – one……….two………….three! The crowd popped for the pin, as Van Dam & Mysterio celebrate their victory in the ring

Winner: Van Dam & Mysterio by pinfall in 08:38

Match Rating: **3/4

TEW Ratings: 64.0 / 68.6 / 67.1

Josh Matthews enters the ring, mic in hand, and approaches Van Dam & Mysterio

Josh Matthews: Rey, Rob, congratulations on your win tonight. Now you go on to face The Basham Brothers in the semi-finals. Are you confident of progressing to the final

Rey Mysterio: Well Josh...

Before he can begin, the soft pacific beat of Carlito Caribbean Cool fills the arena, and the US Champion comes to the ring, shining an apple on his shirt. (TEW Rating: 64.1)

Carlito Caribbean Cool: So, you guys won your match eh? That’s cool.

Rob Van Dam: Dude, everything’s cool when your (does the double thumb point as the crowd chant along) Rob……..Van……….Dam

Carlito Caribbean Cool: Ha ha, I can respect that. You are cool. Unlike your little midget friend over there

Rey Mysterio: Excuse me? If you’ve got something to say to me, why don’t you say it to my face

Carlito Caribbean Cool: Ey little man, calm down. Don’t get angry, that’s not cool. Not like Carlito and Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam: Dude, I don’t know what you’ve been smoking, but Rey is my partner, and my friend. You diss him, you diss me. You and me? We’re not tight. We’re not cool. Rey and Me? That’s cool dude.

Rey Mysterio: So why don’t you just head back to the locker room and keep your nose out of our business.

Carlito looks Rey up and down, then smiles. He looks at his apple, takes a bite and chews a couple of times as Rey looks on warily. Carlito then just smiles and turns around to leave the ring, causing Rey to put his guard down. Carlito quickly spins round, and spits the apple into Mysterio’s face! Mysterio stands shocked for a moment as Carlito laughs, before Mysterio dives at Carlito, and the two men brawl on the mat. Van Dam pulls Mysterio off Carlito as officials arrive on the scene, and Carlito and Rey trade insults (in Spanish) across the ring as we go to commercial. (TEW Rating: 61.2)

******Commercial Break*******

Chavo Guerrero vs. Eddie Guerrero

As we return from commercial, Chavo Guerrero is making his way into the ring. “Viva La Raza” hits, and the crowd cheer as Eddie Guerrero makes his entrance. The two men circle each other, and the bell rings to start the match. They tie up, and Chavo grabs a headlock, which begins a nice little lucha-esque reversal sequence, which ends up with Eddie armdragging Chavo across the ring. The crowd applaud the sequence, and they tie-up again, with Chavo once again grabbing the headlock, but this time Guerrero counters by pushing him into the ropes, and sending him across the ring. As Chavo comes back, Eddie leapfrogs him, but as he lands he clutches his knee and falls to the mat. Chavo looks on perplexed as Eddie screams for the referee. Charles Robinson checks on him and flashes the X sign as Chavo asks what’s going on. Brian Hebner and Jim Kordairis come to the ring, and we hear Eddie saying “I felt it go essa”. Chavo looks a little concerned now, as Hebner and Kordairis help Eddie up, and begin to help him out of the ring. They reach the ropes as Chavo is talking to Robinson, when Eddie suddenly springs free of the referee’s, sneaks up behind Chavo and schoolboys him! Robinson looks confused at first, then begins to count – one…………….two…………….three!! Eddie quickly bolts from the ring and taunts Chavo, much to the delight of the crowd, as Chavo is apoplectic with rage in the ring, kicking the ropes and grabbing Charles Robinson by the collar and screaming at him.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero by pinfall in 04:03

Match Rating: **

TEW Ratings: 79.8 / 74.2 / 76.1

As Chavo is calmed and escorted from the ring, we get a video package highlighting the history of The Undertaker & John Bradshaw Layfield, starting at SummerSlam and ending with the brutal Texas Death Match at Survivor Series. (TEW Rating: 82.8)

WWE Heavyweight Title Match

John Bradshaw Layfield vs. The Undertaker ©

“Longhorn” plays, and JBL makes his way to the ring to some decent heat. The gong sounds, and the crowd erupt as “Graveyard Symphony” plays and the arena is bathed in blue light, signalling the entrance of the WWE Champion, The Undertaker. After completing his ceremonial entrance, The Undertaker stares across the ring at JBL as Patrick checks him for foreign objects. The match starts slowly, with both men trading punches, with Taker winning that battle. Taker methodically beats JBL for a few minutes, but an attempted irish whip is reversed, and JBL catches Taker with a knee to the gut, then boots him out of the ring, giving JBL time to recover. JBL follows Taker out, and clubs him with some forearms, before using the ringside furniture to gain an advantage, ramming Taker into the ring apron, then irish whipping him knees first into the stairs. JBL rolls Taker back into the ring and covers, but only gets a two. JBL drops a couple of elbows, then picks Taker up and suplexes him for another two count. JBL argues with Patrick over the count, before applying a mat-based bearhug on Taker. Taker begins to power his way out of the hold, getting to his feet and elbowing out, but he runs the ropes and straight into a Last Call from JBL! JBL makes the cover – one…………..two………….kickout! Once again, JBL argues with Patrick, but as he does………Taker sits up! The crowd cheer as Taker stands behind JBL, who turns round into a throat thrust which knocks him backwards into turnbuckle. Taker peppers him with rights and lefts to the head and body, then wrings JBL’s arm and climbs the turnbuckles, before jumping off and connecting with the Old School! JBL begs off, but Taker is having none of it, and he whips JBL across the ring and into the opposite turnbuckle. Taker charges in, but JBL moves and Taker crashes into the turnbuckle, as JBL builds up a head of steam by bouncing off the ropes. JBL looks for the Clothesline From Hell, but Taker ducks and JBL hits air! JBL turns round and is grabbed by the throat, and the crowd roar with approval as Taker drives JBL to the mat with a Choke Slam! Instead of covering, Taker runs his thumb along his throat to the crowd’s delight. Taker picks JBL up, then hoists him over his shoulder, walks to the middle of the ring, and plants him with the Tombstone! Taker crosses JBL’s arms, and Patrick makes the cover – one………………two………………three!! Patrick hands Taker the belt, and the show ends with Taker kneeling in the ring, bathed in blue light, with the WWE Title laid before him.

Winner: The Undertaker by pinfall in 13:42

Match Rating: ***1/4

TEW Ratings: 79.4 / 74.8 / 77.1

************END SHOW****************

This is the current card for Armageddon

WWE Heavyweight Title Match

The Undertaker © vs. Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show

Paul London vs. Billy Kidman

WWE Tag Team Title Match

Haas & Rico © vs. Winners of the tournament

Edited by Rabid Wolverine
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Wrestling Observer Round-Up

Posted by Dave Meltzer on Sunday 28th November 2004

After last week’s improvement, both Raw and Smackdown saw a drop in the ratings this week. Raw pulled in 906,270 viewers this week (down 30,930 from last week), and Smackdown drew 905,683 (down 43,021 from last week). I enjoyed Raw this week. Regal’s promo was strong and explained his heel turn well, and the retiring of the Women’s Title is no loss to the WWE, let’s face it they were never going to get to Joshi levels. Trish should also be a good addition to Garrison Cade, but I’m not sold on him being anything more than a career midcarder. There were also three strong matches, with Edge & Batista / Orton & Shelton, Regal / Jericho and Benoit / Flair all breaking three stars.

Smackdown began it’s new live era with an average show, with little in the way of in-ring action, and a more story driven show. John Cena did some nice build up work for what looks like a match against JBL in the near future, the mystery video from last week played again, and it seems it is focused towards Hardcore Holly (sources suggest that the videos are hyping a OVW guy – most likely Mark Magnus or Matt Morgan), and we also got The Big Show added to the Armageddon main event (looks like they need someone to take the fall). Eddie / Chavo was more an angle than a match, and the main event was a surprisingly good brawl, with Taker & JBL both looking motivated, and hitting the *** - ***1/4 mark.

As it stands, the Armageddon card has The Undertaker defending against Kurt Angle & The Big Show in a Triple Threat, Paul London versus Billy Kidman, and Haas & Rico defending the tag titles against the tournament winners (rumoured to be Rey & RVD at this stage). Look for JBL / Cena, Chavo / Eddie and Holly / Mystery Video Stalker to be added too, and probable defences from Carlito Caribbean Cool and Spike Dudley.

Speaking of Spike Dudley, after last week’s reports of his disagreements with the creative team, it seems as though contract negotiations between the two parties have broken down. With Spike’s contract due to expire in January, it’ll be interesting to see how they deal with the current Cruiserweight Champion in the coming weeks.

In happier contract news for Vince, both Maven & John Cena signed 2 year extensions this week.

In business news, Vince also announced new sponsorship deals with Microsoft and THQ, which should swell the WWE coffers even more.

On the PR front, WWE front office has confirmed that Chris Benoit will be appearing on “Off The Record” on December 6th, whilst JBL will be part of a charity edition of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” on December 11th.

Look for some new faces to appear on TV soon, as the general feeling in creative is that they could do with some extra guys on both brands. Most of these will likely be OVW call-ups, but there may be one or two “old” faces returning as well.

And finally, last week we reported that Ted Turner was trying to buy back the WCW trademark from Vince McMahon. Well, if you thought that was strange, get a load of this. The story is in fact genuine, and who is the man who Turner wants to run the company should he succeed? Why none other than Kevin Nash. I wonder if it’s possible to kill the same thing twice………

That’s all for now, see you next week.

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Argh, why does no one reply in this diary? This is great man, you've really got everyone's personalities down pat, but I don't like where you're going with Trish. Everyone knows she can't cut a good promo to save her life. :P

As for Christian, I like where you're going with him. Keep up the good work but.


Push Cade, but just not Trish <_<

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Monday 29th November 2004

Live from the RICOH Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Attendance: 10,000 (Capacity: 10,000 – Sell Out)

Sunday Night Heat Taping:

La Resistance retained the World Tag Team Titles against The Hurricane & Rosey when Conway pinned Hurricane after the Slingshot Neckbreaker

Maven pinned Chuck Palumbo after the Halo DDT

Edge made Stevie Richards submit to the Edgeucator

We get a short video package showing Chris Benoit challenging Triple H two weeks ago, with HHH putting Ric Flair in Benoit’s path. We see clips of the Benoit / Flair match, culminating with Flair tapping out to the Crossface, and Ross shilling the big match between HHH & Benoit that will take place tonight. The opening credits roll, the pyros go off, and we join Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at the commentary desk

Jim Ross: Welcome to Monday Night Raw! I’m Jim Ross, alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler, and we are live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada!

Jerry Lawler: More’s the pity JR. You know I can’t stand Canadians. Except for Pamela Anderson of course.

Jim Ross: Well, regardless of how you feel about it, we have a massive show tonight, with a huge main event, as the Cerebral Assassin, Triple H, defends the World Heavyweight Title against Canada’s own Chris Benoit

Jerry Lawler: Last week the Rabid Wolverine may have made Ric Flair tap out, but I guarantee that tonight, the Game will walk away victorious and still World Heavyweight champion

Jim Ross: I don’t know about that King, I have a feeling in my gut that tonight is going to be Chris Benoit’s night

Jerry Lawler: Well J.R., I have a feeling that Evolution may have something to say about that

Jim Ross: You may be right King, you may be right. Also tonight, Randy Orton goes one on one with the big red.. (TEW Rating: 74.7)

As J.R. is talking, “Line In The Sand” starts to play, and the Canadian crowd erupts in boos as Evolution, led by Triple H, head to the ring, dressed in their designer suits and looking smug as usual. Triple H drapes the World Heavyweight Title over his shoulder, then takes a mic from Lillian Garcia.

Triple H: So, here we are in the Great White North. Home of Chris Benoit, the man who faces me for my World Heavyweight Title tonight. What do you guys think of the place?

Batista: Man, I gotta say, this place is the pits. (crowd falls for the cheap bait and boos)

Edge: Tell me about it big man. This is where I was born, but the people of this town are so inherently stupid and ungrateful that when I came back here as Intercontinental Champion, they actually had the gall to boo me! I’ll tell you something guys, I’m glad I moved down to sunny Florida! (crowd boos once more)

Triple H: I couldn’t agree more guys. This place really does suck. But, never fear, we’ll be back in the good old United States soon enough. Batista is going to destroy Tajiri later on, and then in main event, I will prove to the world once and for all that I am better than Chris Benoit! Bring everything you’ve got tonight Benoit, because when I beat you in the middle of this very ring, I don’t want to hear any excuses from you afterwards. When you play this Game, one way or another, you are always destined to lose. Now, before I go back and get ready for my match, there’s one other thing I want to address. Naitch, last week I asked you to take care of Benoit for me so I could have the week off and avoid coming to this hellhole, and you let me down again. Now I’ve got no problem with facing Benoit, hell I could beat his ass twice tonight if I wanted, but Ric, I’ve gotta know – where’s you head at?

Ric Flair: Champ, what can I say, I’m sorry. Benoit’s one hell of a wrestler, and he beat me fair and square. Another day, another time, it would have been the other way round, but last week, I lost. If there’s anything thing I can do to make it up to you, just say the words man, and I’m there.

Triple H: Well it’s funny you should say that Ric. You see, I’m a little concerned that you might be, how shall I put this……….past it. (crowd gasps in shock) So, I went to Bischoff earlier today, and I got him to book you in a match tonight, just to see if you still had what it takes to be in Evolution.

Ric Flair: What? I’m a 16 time World Champion, and you’re questioning if I have what it takes?!

Triple H: Calm down Naitch, I’m sure you’ll do just fine. In fact, your match is up right now, so me and the boys are going to head to the back, and your opponent is gonna be out here any second. Good luck Naitch.

Triple H puts the mic down and leaves with Batista & Edge, as Flair removes his suit jacket and tie, and awaits his opponent. As Evolution pass through the curtain, a bestial roar is heard throughout the arena, and there is a small pop as Rhyno makes his way to the ring. (TEW Rating: 87.6)

Ric Flair vs. Rhyno

Rhyno charges to the ring and goes straight for Flair, landing several right hands and a backdrop. He pushes Flair into the corner, then rips Flair’s shirt off before lacing him with some chops, before Flair reverses the situation and lays into Rhyno with some chops of his own. Flair catches a right hand to the jaw, then takes Rhyno down with a back suplex, allowing him to begin work on the knee, using a standing kneebar and several elbows and stomps to the knee joint. Flair then gets the kneebreaker, and goes for the Figure Four, but Rhyno counters by kicking Flair off, sending Flair face first into the turnbuckle. Flair stumbles out, then does his trademark Flair Flop to leave both men down. They get up at the same time, with Rhyno limping slightly, and the two men trade punches, with Rhyno getting the advantage. Rhyno whips Flair into the ropes, and drills him with a huge spinebuster as he comes back. Rhyno makes the cover, and Jack Doan counts – one…………..two……………kickout! Rhyno asks Doan if he was sure about the cover, then headed to the corner and signaled for the Gore. Flair got to his feet, and Rhyno charged in, only for Flair to drop to his knees and drive his elbow into Rhyno’s knee, felling Rhyno. Flair quickly moved in and applied the Figure Four, and Rhyno quickly tapped out to give the Nature Boy the submission win.

Winner: Ric Flair by submission in 08:46

Match Rating: ***1/4

TEW Ratings: 72.3 / 78.6 / 78.5

******Commercial Break*******

We come back from commercial to see Eric Bischoff with his feet up in his office, watching a monitor. Suddenly the door bursts open and Chris Jericho storms into the room.

Chris Jericho: Bischoff! I want a word with you, you self serving son of a bitch. You screwed me out of the Intercontinental Title last week, and you think I’m just going to sit back and take it?

Bischoff stands up from his chair, looking a little concerned

Eric Bischoff: Now Chris, just calm down, I can explain…

Chris Jericho: I don’t want to hear your pathetic excuses Bischoff. I want a rematch with Regal, and I want it now.

Eric Bischoff: Well, I’m afraid that’s just not going to happen Chris. If you’d bothered to check, William already has a scheduled title defence for tonight, against an opponent of his choosing. However, since you seem so desperate for a match tonight, I have a little something for you. Tonight, it will be Chris Jericho going against…….. Simon Dean and A-Train, in a two on one handicap match. Now why don’t you think about that next time you decide to come barging into my office. Now I suggest you leave before I have security escort you out.

Jericho stares a hole through Bischoff, then shakes his head and smiles, before leaving the room. (TEW Rating: 84.0)

From there, we return to the ring, where William Regal is making his entrance. The Intercontinental Champion takes a microphone.

William Regal: Now tonight, you fellows are going to see a truly great matchup, as Mr. Bischoff has kindly allowed me to select my opponent for my title defence tonight. As a fighting champion, I will only defend the title against the very best, and my opponent tonight is a very talented competitor, as well as a former Intercontinental champion himself. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my opponent on this fine evening………..from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 250lbs………Val Venis!

“Hello Ladies” plays, and Val Venis comes out on stage, his body heavily taped after last week’s vicious assault by Christian. Venis grimaces in obvious pain with every step, but reaches the ring and gets ready for the match. (TEW Rating: 83.6)

WWE Intercontinental Title Match

Val Venis vs. William Regal ©

The bell rings, and the two men lock up. Venis gets a headlock, but Regal throws a forearm shot straight to his kidneys to break it, and Venis collapses to the mat in pain. Regal then begins to systematically destroy Venis, with vicious forearms, knee strikes and stiff kicks to the back. Regal hits a butterfly suplex and makes the cover, but at the two count Regal raises Venis’ shoulder off the mat with an evil smile. Regal picks Venis up and whips him into the turnbuckle, and as Venis staggers out, Regal grabs him, then dumps him with a brutal half nelson suplex. Regal then quickly locks in the Regal Stretch, and Venis taps out immediately. Regal leaves the hold locked in for a few more seconds, before releasing it and taking his title belt from Chris Kay. Regal leaves the ring with a smile on his face as some more officials come out to check on Venis

Winner: William Regal by submission in 05:00

Match Rating: **1/2

TEW Ratings: 62.9 / 83.5 / 80.1

We cut backstage to see Shawn Michaels walking down a corridor. He turns a corner, and we see Trish Stratus standing in his way

Trish Stratus: Hey Shawn. My, you’re looking good tonight. Have you been working out?

Shawn looks puzzled

Shawn Michaels: Excuse me? I thought you were Cade’s new manager?

Trish Stratus: I am, but is there anything wrong with a girl wanting to sample the original Heartbreak Kid? (she moves in closer to him and runs her finger down his chest) I promise 100% Stratusfaction………

Shawn Michaels: Trish, thanks, but no thanks. I’m a happily married man, I don’t need to stray for a cheap fling with, let’s face it, a cheap slut.

Trish gasps in horror, then rears back and slaps Michaels across the face. Michaels holds his cheek and goes to speak, but before he can he is blindsided by Garrison Cade. Cade rams Michaels’ head into the wall, then lays into him with several stomps. As Michaels lays on the ground, Trish pulls Cade away, and speaks once more

Trish Stratus: Poor, deluded Shawn. Why would you think a girl like me would ever be interested in an over the hill has been like you, especially when I’ve got the new and improved Heartbreak Kid. Never mind sweetie, we’ll see you later. Bye bye.

Trish waves mockingly at Shawn, then blows an insincere kiss to him as Cade looks on with a smile. (TEW Rating: 75.6)

The scene changes, and we are now backstage with Jonathan Coachman, who is standing with Chris Benoit.

Jonathan Coachman: Chris, tonight you challenge for the World Heavyweight Title, here in your own country. But let me remind you of something. The last time you were in Toronto for a World Title match, you lost the World Heavyweight Title to Randy Orton. What makes you think you can beat Triple H here tonight?

Chris Benoit: What makes me think I can win Coach? What makes me think I can win? Triple H tapping out at WrestleMania 20 makes me think I can win. Shawn Michaels tapping out as Triple H looked on helplessly at Backlash makes me think I can win. Triple H’s shoulders being down on the mat for the one, two, three at Vengeance makes me think I can win. Triple H losing by 4 falls to 3 in an Iron Man match makes me think I can win. You see, I have Triple H’s number, and he knows it. He tried to stop me getting my shot by putting the great Ric Flair in my way, but what happened? Flair tapped out. Now, Triple H has nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide, and tonight, right here in my home country, I will become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

The crowd cheers as Benoit walks off-screen and we cut to commercial. (TEW Rating: 81.5)

******Commercial Break*******

Tajiri vs. Batista

Tajiri is making his entrance as we return from the break, with a slight look of trepidation on his face. “Unleashed Rage” kicks in, and Batista makes his entrance. Batista gets into the ring, and Chad Patton gets the match started. Tajiri charges Batista, and unleashes a flurry of kicks, knocking the big man back. Tajiri whips Batista into the ropes, but Batista returns with a hellacious clothesline, flattening Tajiri. Batista jogs around the ring, waiting for Tajiri to get up, then drills him with an impressive spinebuster, popping straight back up as he hits the canvas. Batista screams “It’s Over!”, then pulls Tajiri up, positions him, then almost puts him through the mat with the Batista Bomb. He makes the cover, and gets the easy three count.

Winners: Batista by pinfall in 02:13

Match Rating: **3/4

TEW Ratings: 68.8 / 82.0 / 75.5

Next we get the Smackdown Rebound. We see clips showing The Big Show being added to the Armageddon Main Event, John Cena promising to get JBL next week, Eddie pinning Chavo after feigning injury, and the Undertaker retaining the WWE Title by defeating JBL in a wild brawl. (TEW Rating: 92.3)

2 on 1 Handicap Match

Simon Dean & A-Train vs. Chris Jericho

Simon Dean leads A-Train to ring, accompanied by his cheesy infomercial entrance music. The countdown then begins, and the crowd pop as Chris Jericho makes his entrance. He does his trademark crucifix pose, then turns and charges to the ring, getting the jump on his opponents as he knocks A-Train from the ring and begins to attack Dean. Jericho nails Dean with a flying forearm, then quickly applies the Walls Of Jericho. A-Train gets back into the ring and quickly breaks the hold though, then drives Jericho into the mat with a delayed butterfly suplex. Dean & Train then double team Jericho, as Ross explains that both men are allowed in the ring at the same time, as per Eric Bischoff’s directive. Dean lets A-Train do most of the work, then makes the cover where he can, but Jericho keeps kicking out. They whip him into the ropes and go for a double backdrop, but Jericho kicks Train in the face, then throws Dean from the ring. Train tries to club Jericho, but Jericho counters with the Flashback, which gets him a two count. A spinning heel kick gets the same result, but a second attempt at a Walls Of Jericho allows Dean back in, and he suplexes Jericho. Dean motions to A-Train, then goes to whip Jericho into the turnbuckle, only for Jericho to reverse, sending Dean into the buckles. A-Train sees this, and runs towards Jericho, but Jericho sidesteps, causing A-Train to crash into Dean in the corner! Jericho bounces off the ropes and drives A-Train to the mat with a faceplant, as Dean collapses in the corner. Jericho hits the ropes and springs off with the Lionsault onto A-Train! Chad Patton makes the count – one……………two………….three! Jericho quickly rolls out of the ring and celebrates as we go to a commercial break

Winner: Chris Jericho by pinfall in 07:25

Match Rating: **1/2

TEW Ratings: 64.4 / 71.0 / 70.6

******Commercial Break*******

As we come back from the break, J.R. & The King introduce a short recap video, showing Kane’s brutal attack on Shelton Benjamin last week. J.R. tells us that Benjamin is at home recovering from the attack, and then we see Kane also gave Randy Orton a Choke Slam during the same attack, which we are told has led to the next match. (TEW Rating: 78.7)

Kane vs. Randy Orton

The pyros go off, and “Slow Chemical” plays, signalling the arrival of Kane. Kane looks back towards the entranceway as he stands in the ring, just as “Take What’s Mine” kicks in and Orton makes his entrance. Orton stops just before reaching the ring as Kane beckons him in, then dives into the ring and starts throwing punches. Kane reels as Orton hits the ropes and nails a running punch. Orton tries again, but this time hits a jumping clothesline, knocking Kane backwards through the ropes and to the outside. Orton poses in the ring as Kane bangs the table in frustration, then gets back in the ring. Kane offers a test of strength, which Orton accepts, allowing Kane to kick him, then drop him with a throat thrust. Kane dominates the next few minutes of the match, keeping the pace slow and methodical. A one-armed sidewalk slam picked up a two count for him, before he moved to a bearhug. Orton broke free by biting Kane’s forehead, then ran the ropes, only to run straight into Kane’s boot. Kane headed to the top rope and waited for Orton to stand. Kane leapt off, looking for the flying clothesline, but Orton countered with a beautiful dropkick, catching Kane, mid-air by now, in the jaw! Orton recomposed himself, then climbed to the top himself, hitting Kane with a nice crossbody press for a two count. Orton caught Kane with a couple of right hands and a European uppercut, followed by another dropkick to knock Kane down. Orton got to his feet and gave the signal for the R.K.O as Kane got to one knee. Orton moved in, but Kane pushed him off and into the ropes, goozling him as he came back. Kane smiled and taunted Orton, when Orton quickly kicked Kane in the gut, then hit a quick R.K.O! The crowd cheered Orton on as he made the cover and Mike Chioda counted – one…………………………..two………………………the cover is broken by Edge! Chioda calls for the bell as Batista joins Edge in the ring and they both begin attacking Orton.

Winner: Randy Orton by disqualification in 11:10

Match Rating: ***1/4

TEW Ratings: 80.4 / 76.4 / 83.8

Edge & Batista begin to lay into Orton, and are joined by an irate Kane. Kane whips Orton into Batista, who drills him with a big spinebuster. Kane grabs Orton by the throat, drags him to his feet, then drives him back to the mat with a Choke Slam. Edge points to Batista, who picks Orton up once more, then brings him crashing back down with a Batista Bomb. Edge himself then locks in the Edgecator, and Batista taunts Orton as he screams in pain. Finally, officials flood the ring and pull Evolution & Kane away from Orton. Orton is tended to by the officials and medics as Batista & Edge return to the back, smiling at a mission accomplished it seems. (TEW Rating: 85.3)

We return backstage, where Eric Bischoff is walking down a corridor. We see him walk past Christian, who calls after him

Christian: Hey Eric, wait up!

Eric Bischoff: Christian, I’m sorry, but I can’t talk now, I’m really busy

Christian: I just want a second

Bischoff glances at his watch

Eric Bischoff: Fine. Go ahead.

Christian: I just wanted to know why you haven’t booked me tonight. No match, no interview, nothing. I mean, c’mon, I’m Captain Charisma, I’m pure ratings!

Eric Bischoff: Look Christian, I’m sorry, I have to go. I’ve got a really big World Title match, and it’s up next. I’ll talk to you later

Bischoff briskly walks out of shot, as Christian looks on exasperated. (TEW Rating: 82.4)

******Commercial Break*******

World Heavyweight Title Match

Chris Benoit vs. Triple H ©

We return from commercial, and “Whatever” kicks in, and the crowd erupts as Chris Benoit makes his way to the ring. “The Game” starts up, and Triple H makes his usual entrance, then holds the World Title in front of Benoit, but Benoit’s eyes don’t move from Triple H. Earl Hebner got the match underway, and the two locked up. Benoit got a hammerlock, and fired in a stiff forearm to HHH’s back. Triple H backed off, then went for the tie-up again, and this time Benoit armdragged him across the ring. Triple H got up and charged at Benoit, but Benoit sidestepped him, then turned and laid into him with some hard knife-edge chops. He whipped HHH into the ropes, then backdropped him, and Triple H quickly bailed to the outside. He tried to take a walk, but Benoit followed him out and they began fighting in the aisle. They fought back towards the ring, where Trips caught Benoit with a knee, then whipped him into the steel steps. Triple H rolled Benoit back into the ring and made a cover, but Benoit was out at one. Triple H then suplexed Benoit, and followed up with a kneedrop to the forehead. He picked Benoit up and whipped him into the ropes, but missed his clothesline, and Benoit hit him with a German suplex! Benoit kept the waistlock on, and went for a second German, but Triple H elbowed out, then flattened Benoit with a hard clothesline. Triple H laid into Benoit, raining punches down onto his head, before applying a chinlock with a body scissors. Triple H kept the hold applied for a while, then Benoit managed to separate Triple H’s legs to break the body scissors, allowing him to get back to a vertical base and break the chinlock with an elbow to the gut. Benoit hit another, then ran the ropes, only for Triple H to follow in with his high knee. Triple H covered – one………..two………kickout. Triple H argued with Hebner, before whipping Benoit into the ropes again, then drilling him with an Anderson-esque spinebuster. He hooked the leg and made another cover – one…………….two……………kickout! Triple H got right into Hebner’s face, insisting it was three as Benoit used the ropes to get up. Triple H shoved Hebner, so Hebner shoved Triple H right back, and Triple H stumbled right into a Benoit German Suplex! The Toronto crowd cheered Benoit on as he got back to his feet. Triple H was met by a barrage of chops, then felt a hard snap suplex. Triple H wildly swung at Benoit, but Benoit ducked and hit another German. He kept his grip, pulled Triple H up, and delivered a second German! He then dragged him up once more and hit a third one, releasing the grip this time. The crowd roared him on as he made the cut-throat gesture, then climbed to the top rope. He flew off and smashed Triple H with a swandive headbutt! Benoit briefly held his head, then made the cover – one………..two…………….thr-kickout!! The crowd gasped, thinking the match was over. Benoit looked at Hebner in disbelief, then saw that Triple H had rolled onto his stomach. Quickly, Benoit hopped over Triple H and applied the Crippler Crossface! The crowd were screaming in anticipation as Triple H’s hand hovered over the mat, but Triple H managed to move his body back enough to put his foot on the bottom rope. Hebner made Benoit break the hold, and Triple H rolled across the ring. Benoit pulls himself up on the ropes as Triple H does the same. Benoit moves across and kicks Triple H, then whips him into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, only for Triple H to counter with a facebuster! Triple H kicks Benoit in the gut, then hooks up the arms for the Pedigree. The crowd are audibly dismayed, when Benoit frees his arms and trips Triple H up. The crowd explode as Benoit crosses Triple H’s legs over, then turns him over into the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring!! Triple H screams in agony as Hebner asks him if he quits. Triple H’s hand comes off the mat……………just as Edge hits the ring and levels Benoit! The crowd erupt into a “Bullshit” chant as Earl Hebner calls for the bell. Batista joins Edge in the ring, and they beat the weary Benoit down. Triple H goes and grabs a steel chair from ringside, and instructs Edge & Batista to hold Benoit in position. Triple H taunts Benoit and raises the chair above his head, about to strike………….and the chair is removed from his hands. The camera pans out, and we see Ric Flair holding the chair! Triple H screams “What are you doing?!” at him, as Benoit pulls Edge & Batista towards each other, knocking their heads together. Benoit then smacks Triple H with a forearm to the neck, sending Triple H into Flair and the steel chair! Flair falls from the ring as Triple H stumbles back into Benoit, who drills him with a German Suplex! Triple H rolls from the ring as Benoit throws Batista through the ropes, then clotheslines Edge over the top and to the floor. The show ends with Benoit grabbing the World Title and holding it above his head, to the delight of the crowd, as Triple H looks on in fury.

Winner: Chris Benoit by disqualification in 17:25

Match Rating: ****

TEW Ratings: 84.9 / 91.9 / 91.8

*******************END SHOW**************************

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Ohio Valley Wrestling - November Report

As part of the recent restructuring, OVW has been on hiatus for about 6 weeks. It made it's return to action with "No Escape", an event designed to promote the new "OVW Weekly" show, to be broadcast in the Louisiana area from December 1st.

Here are the results from the show

- Seth Skyfire defeated Jerome Crony

- Passion beat Melina Perez

- Matt Morgan & Mike Mondo defeated Chris Masters & Mac Johnson

- Joey Matthews & Tom Carter defeated Matt Cappotelli & Johnny Jeter

- Keven Martel pinned Morris

- Ivory & Alexis Laree beat Linda Miles & Takako Inoue

- Ultimo Dragon pinned Heidenreich

- John Hennigan beat Akio

Reports from OVW suggest that Akio, Ultimo Dragon, Matt Morgan, Mordecai, Chris Masters, Mark Magnus & John Hennigan could all be called to the main roster in the coming months. Also, Matt Hardy, Mark Henry & Test have all reported to OVW as they continue to recover from their injuries.

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This has been really good, so far. I'll be interested to see where Christian goes, and I'm liking the stuff with Simon Dean and A-Train, and also the stuff between Ric Flair and Triple H. Good work.

For those of us that haven't played TEW, can you explain the ratings, please?

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  • Admin

This has been really good, so far.  I'll be interested to see where Christian goes, and I'm liking the stuff with Simon Dean and A-Train, and also the stuff between Ric Flair and Triple H.  Good work.

For those of us that hav'nt played TEW, can you explain the ratings, please?

No problem.

If the rating was "TEW Ratings: 84.9 / 91.9 / 91.8", then it would mean:

Match (read: Crowd) reaction: 84.9

Match Quality: 91.9

Overall Match Rating: 91.8

Thanks for the feedback.

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