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Ja Rule gets love for "New York"

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Guest BacknBlackHoez

NEW YORK — In the words of Irv Gotti, "Everybody from New York is sticking their chests out." The Giants are surprising and surpassing the competition with a winning record, the Yankees are in the playoffs, mopping the floor with the Red Sox, and Ja Rule has given the city a new anthem.

"I got a hundred guns, a hundred clips, I'm from Neeeeeeew Yorrrrrrrrrrk!" sang the swarm of kids who joined Ja, Fat Joe and Jadakiss as they lined the streets right around the corner from the Bronx's famous Grand Concourse.

Ja and company have felt the energy from their collaboration "New York," not just on the streets, but in the clubs and from the DJs who put out mixtapes. So their mission was simple: quickly turn around a video to make the song even more colossal.

"We're shooting the New York anthem, we've got three monsters on the record, so we're having a good time," Ja said in his trailer while Fat Joe shot his solo scene outside amongst the kids, just home from school after the three o'clock bell. "I expected people to come out. Whenever you're doing a video in the 'hood, with any artist, it's crazy. But right now it's crazy crazy. It's love.

On the set of "New York" video shoot

"I was up since like six or seven," Rule continued as the playback machine blasting the track outside was drowned out by kids yelling "Beeeeeeeee X! Beeeeeeeee X!" and crossing their arms to make the letter X. "The first shots were in Queens. I live in Jersey now, so I got caught in a little bit of the early morning rush-hour traffic. We had to sneak [some shots] over in Baisley. Now we up here in the Bronx, man, it's crazy. We about to hit Harlem after this. We're shooting Jada's part — the money shot for Jada."

Earlier, the full team shoot seemed to be on the money, with the kids spilling into the streets from the sidewalk, giving the cameras unrelenting energy.

"If y'all start making all that noise — 'aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!' — they gonna shut it down and we gonna have to move the video somewhere else," Fat Joe, surrounded by fans, told the crowd before the cameras started rolling. "I'm asking you to be calm so we could shoot the video in the Bronx. At least we can get that look. That cop over there doesn't understand y'all just having fun. Please calm each other down. If y'all don't, they gonna make us move. Stay out the streets, have fun, but don't wild out."

Meanwhile, Irv Gotti was across the street, feeling the heat as the minutes passed by with no action.

"Hit play! Hit play! Hit ... f---ing ... play!" he commanded.

Finally, with the troops rounded up, the production got back under way, with Joe, Jada and Ja all rapping their verses in the middle of the street. Of course the kids didn't abide by the directions to stay on the sidewalk, but they did wait a whole 2.7 seconds before they jumped into the street. There was no reckless mayhem, however, just the community expressing thanks to the three stars who decided to pop up in their 'hood.

"Anytime you show love to the streets of New York, you get it back," explained Styles P, who showed up for a cameo. "They love to see somebody getting money, successful, step on the concrete and give the love back."

"It's always love when you could do big things with other big stars and have a good time," Jada jumped in. "A lot of rappers can't do this. You see me, I don't got no security. I'm just happy to be here. I'm grateful to be able to do this. It's always fun when you can make songs with big stars and make a video out of the thing."

Throughout the day, different members of the Terror Squad, the Inc. and the Ruff Ryders, such as Black Child, Remy Ma, producers Cool & Dre, and Caddillac Tah showed up to offer support.

The video for "New York" should air next week. Ja's R.U.L.E. hits stores on November 9 (see "Ja Rule Nearly Extended His R.U.L.E.").

—Shaheem Reid

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I'm surprised Ja was smart enough to make an anthem for New York.

Kiss the city's ass and try to become good again? Well, at least he's popular again - his music still isn't all that great IMO.

I'm still waiting for a Boston anthem. And not craptastic knockoffs of "If it wasn't for the Bronx..."

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